No. 78 N. Range No.4 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Butler Township, on the South by Davenport & Pleasant Valley, on the East by LeClaire and Princeton Townships, on the West by Sheridan Township.


(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. For whatever reason the Lincoln Township maps are missing sections 1, 12,13,24,25,36. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf


SECTION 1                    SECTION 2                       SECTION 3
Missing                      Wm Speer                        Claus Schroeder
                             Charles Bennett                 Hans Schneckloth
                             James Henry                     August & Pauline Schmidt
                             Claus Horst                     Hans Miller
                             Detlef Arp
                             James Long

SECTION 4                    SECTION 5                       SECTION 6
Hans Miller                  August Greenwald                C A F Priester
John E Mackett               Nic Dinklau                     Christoph Hacker
James Wiese                  Amalie Klindt                   Sarah Thompson
Peter Klindt Est             F.A. Rochau                     J Baustian
F. A. Rochau                 Jochim Schneckloth              Edward Dougherty
Jochim Schneckloth           Thomas Schneckloth              Fredk Baustian
George Amhoff                Christoph Hacker                Jacob Hoselton

SECTION 7                    SECTION 8                       SECTION 9
Detlef Holst                 Israel Barr                     Jochim Schneckloth
Israel Barr                  Claus Horst                     George Amhoff
John Hughes                  Lemuel Stanley                  Henry Stutt
Hiram Goodwin                Wm A Stanley                    John Kepler
Claus Schneckloth            Ch Knutzen                      Rudolph Rach
                                                             Henry Schaeffer
                                                             Christ Geertz

SECTION 10                   SECTION 11                      SECTION 12

Edward K Dougherty           James & Real Hirt               Missing
William Dougherty            William A Hosford Est
Hans Schneckloth             George Martin
John  Buettel                James Ralston
Joel Jamison                 Joel Jamison
Robert Boyd                  James E Jamison
Thomas Toot                  Margt Ralston
Mary Toot

SECTION 13                   SECTION 14                      SECTION 15
Missing                      S. Garns                        Valentine Vogt
                             James Burney                    John Nuzum Est
                             J.Fletcher                      B.F. Bennett
                             Mary A Duncan                   Henry C Gast
                             Fritz Stroh                     J. H Daughenbaugh
                             Wm H Jones                      Benjamin Criswell

SECTION 16                   SECTION 17                      SECTION 18
Claus Schneckloth            Henry Stutt                     Hiram Goodwin
Chas Miller                  George Staffee                  Patrick Guinan Est
Henry P Highley              Wm Miller                       Thomas Guinan
James Wiese                  Jochim Schneckloth              Henry Wallendorf
Henry Gast                                                   John D Krabbenhoeft
J.O. Jameson
SECTION 19                   SECTION 20                      SECTION 21
Claus Meyer                  Ferd Miller                     Miles Collins
John H Mohr                  Christian Hagedorn              Wm Yocum
Henry Moeller                Jochim Schneckloth              John Kepler
John Gaghagen                Henry Gertz                     Samuel B McDowell
                             August Gruenwaldt               Joseph Moore

SECTION 22                   SECTION 23                      SECTION 24
John Drenter                 Wm H Jones                      Missing
Claus John                   Benjamin Criswell
John Thompson                Thomas Criswell
John Barr                    John Port Sen
J.H. Daughenbaugh            James Porter
Benjamin Criswell            Richard Proudfoot
John Kepler

SECTION 25                   SECTION 26                      SECTION 27
Missing                      David T Wilson                  Claus John
                             James H Wilson                  Valentine Vogt
                             Robert M Dixon                  John Thompson
                             John Port Sen                   Peter Horst
                             James Porter                    Claus Klindt
                             Richard Proudfoot               Henry Ott
                                                             Luc Collin
                                                             John Port Jr
                                                             William Barr

SECTION 28                   SECTION 29                      SECTION 30
Henry Gertz                  John Gaghagen                   Heinrich Fellner
J. C. Yocum                  Henry Gertz                     John Gaghagen
Benjamin Criswell            Claus Schlapkohl                Rudolph Koch
James Yocum                  Peter N. Lau                    Wm B Murray
B.Frank Moore                Hans Ploogman                   John Baustian
Edw Newbold
A.S. Criswell
Claus Klindt
J. Dopp
SECTION 31                   SECTION 32                      SECTION 33
Wm Murray                    Hans Ploogman                   Michael Gittens
George Murray                Christian Schwartz              Adam Black
John Ade                     Ad S Black                      Allen J Green
John Baustian                Peter Schneckloth               Claus Schroeder
Peter N Lau                  Michael Gittens                 John Dopp
John B Wagner                Adam Black                      John Alexander
Hy Ade                       Hans Doerscher
Henry Wiese                  Aug Burmeister

SECTION 34                   SECTION 35                      SECTION 36
Luc Collins                  Wm Barr                         Missing
Sanford Dixon                David T Wilson
John Alexander               James H Wilson
Wm Scandrett                 John Ravenhill
Henry Schnutter              Henry Schutter
                             Fritz Petersen
                             George Hyde