LeClaire "Town Gossip"


Davenport Weekly Gazette; Davenport, Scott, Iowa; February 23, 1881

LeClaire--End of the Scarlet Fever Scourge--Postmaster Dawley--Business and Social Items.
LeClaire, Feb. 22, 1881

    The favorable prediction made in my notes of two weeks ago that scarlet fever had run its course in our community, and was rapidly on the decrease, we are most happy to say has been fully realized. No new cases has developed in the past ten days, and at present there is not a case of scarlet fever in LeClaire town, township.
    A change of postmaster in our town takes place soon. Mr. Laycock, for ten years an efficient, accommodating and attentive public servant, gives place to Capt. D.V. Dowley, an old citizen and retired business man and one of ability and integrity, in every way acceptable to our people. A more appropriate selection could not be made.
    Work on the boats in our boat yards is being pushed with energy as the weather moderates. Capt. S.R. VanSant has a number of men on the Fisk and Evansville landing to have them thoroughly overhauled and put in superb order for next season's operations, which, from all reports from above and the pineries, will be a busy one.
    Mr. Straubien has made a contract with W. ?ike of Princeton, to rebuild his saw mill, the work to be entered upon as soon as the weather permits.
    Rev. Mr. Hayes has been engaged by the Presbyterian congregations of Le Claire and Princeton to occupy their pulpits and has entered upon his duties.
    Messrs. Kyler & Jones continue active in the stock business. From three to five carloads is their weekly shipment. Five to five and a half is the current rates for good hogs.

Davenport Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
April 27, 1900


     LeClaire, Ia., April 25-C.S. Simpson has just returned from a trip in
western Iowa...Mrs. M. Arlingdale visited relatives and friends in Moline
last Wednesday...Not long since Mrs. Grant Hulet, while driving through the
street narrowly escaped being thrown from the buggy, the horse became
frightened and ran for some distance but fortunately no great damage was
done, the horse being caught by some railroad men at the lower end of
town...Mrs. Grace Day is making a short visit with friends in Clinton...It
is reported that Mrs. A.L. Day is quite sick with diptheria at her home in
Clinton...Henry Abel, Jr. was in town yesterday looking after the interests
of LeClaire Stone company...Elmer Suiter of Clinton is spending a few days
at home this week...James Ryan has moved his home from the old Thompson
place at the lower end of town to the property he recently purchased on
Jones street...Mrs. H.L. Stafford came up from Davenport this week to spend
a few days with relatives and friends...Boyd Miller was on the street
yesterday after being confined to the house for several months.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
June 1, 1900

LeClaire, Ia., May 29-Miss Grace Cutling has returned home after spending
several weeks with Mrs. Marion Miller near Argo...Orvie Coe was a Davenport
visitor the first of the week...Ed Stevens spent Sunday with relatives in
our city...Mrs. Hilbourn and Mrs.Goodlough took the afternoon train Monday
for Spokane, Wash where both will make an extended visit with relatives at
that place and their many friends in LeClaire wish them a safe and pleasant
journey...Remember the commencement exercises which will take place on
Friday evening, June 1st! W.D. Wells of Davenoprt will deliver a short
address...Mrs. George H. Davis has returned home after several days visit
with her daughter, Mrs.Bragonier, near Princeton...Ben Litcher made a
business trip to Davenport Monday afternoon...Miss Hilda Rathmann spent
Sunday in Davenport with her friend, Miss Clara Lambach...H.L. Stafford was
a LeClaire visitor yesterday...Dr. Campbell delivered the memorial address
last Sunday evening to a large and appreciative audience; and to him much
credit is due for the appropriate remarks made...Miss Muntz of Davenport
spent Sunday with Miss Rose Bichel of this place.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
June 14, 1900

Le Claire, Ia., June 14- Mrs. Wm. Paxton left the first of the week for
Philadelphia, where she will make her future home...Alva McDonald, editor of
the Advance, returned from a business trip to Chicago... A large delegation
of old soldiers and others took the morning train yesterday to attend the
soldiers' encampment which is being held at that place...Mrs. Adolph
Rathmann, accompanied by Miss Rose Bickel, spent several days of this week
visiting relatives and friends in Davenport...

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 3, 1900

LeClaire, July 3- Fred Spear spent Sunday with his brother in Clinton...Miss
Ollie Lancaster entertained a number of her young friends at her home last
Friday evening...A large barn belonging to Finley Porter, who lives a few
miles west of Princeton, was struck by lightning last Saturday and burned to
the ground...Hugo Lambach spent Sunday with relatives and friends in our
city...Joe and Perry Davis came down on the evening train from Dubuque last
Saturday...The funeral of Mrs. Sophia Lambach was held last Saturday from
the home of her son, Dr. Frederick Lambach. The interment occurred at this
place, the funeral procession driving from Davenport...J.A. Laird made a
business trip to Davenport Monday...Adolph Rathmann met with a bad accident
yesterday while working on Mrs. Criswell's new house just west of town. He
fell from the building and broke his arm just below the shoulder. It was set
by Dr. Gamble and at this writing he is getting along as well as could be
expected...Druing the rainstorm yesterday a large house owned by George
Bagley of this city was struck by lightning...Mr. Adam McCoy of Princeton
left Monday for Menlo, Ia. to visit relatives and friends at that place.

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 16, 1900

LeClaire, July 10- C.S. Simpson and wife left Thursday for Milwaukee, Wis.
to make a short visit...Our mayor, Adolph Goldsmith, made a business trip to
Davenport yesterday...Rev. Ellis informed us that the reopening of the M.E.
church will take place Sunday, July 22. Announcement for the day will appear
later on...William Thompson left town last week for Fountain, Ill. where he
has secured a position in the government boat yard...Mrs. Fred Shur, who is
suffering from a tumor in the side was taken to St. Luke's hospital in
Davenport last Thursday, where she will undergo an operation.

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 17, 1900

LeClaire, Iowa, July 17-Milton Wright of Chicago spent Sunday with his
mother in this city...Mrs. Lizzie Nesbit is slowly recovering from her
recent illness...Miss Hilda Rathmann returned again to Davenport the first
of the week to resume her studies at the Teachers Institute which is being
held at that place...Hugo Lambach, of Davenport, spent Sunday with relatives
and friends in LeClaire.....

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1900

LeClaire, Ia., Nov. 13- John Elliott returned home the last of the week from his work on the river...Editor Henry Ames of the LeClaire Advance was a business caller in Davenport yesterday...Mrs. McCord of LaCrosse, who has been visiting with her parents here for the last few days, returned home Saturday...Engineer William Keys has been transferred to passenger engine No. 2 as fireman. A.M. Nye has taken his place on the work train...Rev. J.W. Weddell, of Davenport, will deliver a lecture at the Baptist church near Argo this (Tuesday) evening...Harry Toher is remodeling his old homestead property in the north end of town...P.G. Davis visited relatives in Davenport the first of the week...Mrs. Captain Zack Sul?er spent Saturday shopping in Davenport...Mr. and Mrs. Van Sant received a telegram last Thursday informing them that their son, Sam Van Sant, had been elected governor of Minnesota...G.M. Thompson made a business call in Davenport Saturday...Mr. J.W. Rambo spent last week with relatives in Iowa City...Capt. E.J. Lancaster and daughters Ollie and Alice, were in Davenport visiting last Saturday...Josie Rutledge was taken suddenly ill with diphtheria yesterday morning and is reported no better at this writing...L. Clements, of Princeton, was appointed foreman of a section crew here last week and is filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of C.E. Lumburg...Tate Tadam of Omaha spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rathman of this city...Z.T. Wilson was contracting business in Clinton Saturday.


Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Thursday, Nov. 22, 1900

LeClaire, Nov. 22- Jones and Kylor shipped three carload of hogs to Chicago Tuesday...W.P. Headley made a business trip to Davenport the first of the week...The Court of Honor lodge will take in eight new members at their regular meeting on Thursday evening of this week...E. Fowler was transacting business in Davenport yesterday...Mrs. W.P. Headley left on Tuesday for Colfax, Ia. for a short visit with relatives and friends...Mrs. Lois Spinsby came home yesterday afternoon after spending severla weeks with her sister at Keokuk, Ia...Charles Bickel is in Davenport on business this week...Laurel Suiter, the 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Suiter, of this city, died early yesterday morning of diphtheria. This is the third death which has occurred since the malady first begun here, the child was taken sick about a week ago; no new cases have been reported during the past few days. The funeral was held at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
January 8, 1901

LeClaire, Ia., Jan 8- J.J. Fedderson, formerly editor of the Wheatland Gazette, has severed his connections with that paper and will devote his entire time to the publication of the LeClaire Advance in the future. He will move his family into the Theleman property in the north part of town some time during the week...Clark Johnson made a business trip to Davenport yesterday...Mrs. Jennie Goodloe has just returned from a several weeks' visit among relatives in Cincinnati, O., to which place she had the sad mission of accompanying the remains of her husband some few weeks ago to its final resting place...Thomas Kennedy made a special trip to Clinton yesterday for the purpose of securing the music for the Knights of Pythias dance, which is to be given in the town hall on the evening of Jan. 18...Mrs. Malvin Arlingdah is visiting with relatives today in Moline, Ill...Prof. F.L. Clendenen of Davenport is here this week for the purpose of organizing a dancing class in our city, and anyone wishing to learn more in that direction will have opportunity to do so at this time...Orvie Cole has purchased a life scholarship at the Davenport Business college and his name was entered as a student on Monday of this week...Captain George Tromley, Jr., and Lee Gardner were Davenport visitors on Monday...Miss Hilda Rathman reopened her school at Sycamore again on Monday after a two week's vacation...Grandma Cassiley is very low at the present writing...Al Dawley and wife left on the afternoon train yesterday for their home in St. Louis after spending the holidays with relatives and friends in Le Claire...Captain Lancaster has 250 up to date chairs on the way to be placed in the Rink auditorium, which he recently purchased from Smith & Long

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
February 8, 1901

     Le Claire, Ia., Feb 7- C.S. Simpson returned Wednesday from a business trip in Newton, Ia. Mr. Simpson is the owner of some of the best bred cattle in the state at that place and reports them all in good condition...C.S. Hilbourn is in Davenport today...Will Shirk, Jr. has recovered from his recent illness, and has resumed his duties as mail clerk on the Rock Island road...Miss Lottie Graham is now a student at the Davenport Business College...Willie Blasick came home from Des Moines Wednesday evening for a short visit...Miss Bessie Smith came up from Rock Island Wednesday to attend the home talent play...Mrs. A.H. Marshall has returned from a pleasant visit with Moline friends...Dr. Campbell will preach in the Presbyterian church on next Sunday morning...Invitations have been issued for the Knights of Pythias dance to be given Friday evening, Feb. 15...Mrs. Jennie Goodloe spent several days of this week with friends in Davenport...The "mite" social was held last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Marshall...Will Davis of Valley City spent the day with his brother, George H. Davis, above town...Mrs. C.C. Hilman has just returned from a week's visit with relatives in Davenport...Next Tuesday evening is the regular meeting night of the K.L.G. P. lodge and it will meet in the city hall as usual...George Brown, Jr. was in Davenport on a business visit Tuesday...Miss Helen Dayley is home from a weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Davenport...Sam Moore's little granddaughter, who is here on a visit from Iowa City, is having an attack of scarlet fever in a mild form. The house has been properly quarantined and there seems little possibility of the disease spreading...Great interest is being manifested in the coming Spinster convention at the rink on Feb. 13.

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1901

LeClaire, Ia., Feb. 18-J.A. Rolfs, now of Eldridge, came in last Saturday to spend a few days with his parents in this city...On Sunday afternoon, while a crowd of young men were boxing in the rear end of the blacksmith shop at the boat yard, Leo Vonhelm dislocated his hip. Dr. Bailey gave him medical attention...Mr. and Mrs. James Clark spent Sunday with relatives in Morrison, Ill...Hugo Lambach, jr. left today for Bozeman, Mont. for an extended visit...Miss Lillie Bandy, of Davenport, visited over Sunday in LeClaire...H.A. Horton was in Davenport Sunday visiting friends...Henry Johnson, while at work in the stone quarry last Saturday, had his hand badly smashed. He will no doubt be laid up for several weeks...Miss Minnie Moe returned last Saturday from a visit with her parents in Horicon, Wis., and expects to spend a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. C.E. Lumburg, of this place...Mr and Mrs. George L. Gast were pleasantly surprised at their home last evening by a number of young people from town. The party consisted chiefly of the members of Mrs. Gast's Sunday School class. Refreshments were served during the evening and a good time was had by all present...James Heard returned home Sunday afternoon from a six weeks visit with relatives in Sturgeon Bay, Wis...Mrs. John Johnson died last Sunday morning at her home near Argo. The funeral services were held today, Rev. Oliver, of Zion Baptist church officiating...George Derwin, of Sterling, Ill., was calling on old friends here last Sunday...Revival meetings begun here last evening at the M.E. church, and will continue during the week...Editor John Federson, of the LeClaire Advance, was in Davenport yesterday on business.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, April 17, 1906

News of LeClaire.
     LECLAIRE, Ia., April 14- E.M. Shirk and Captain Samuel Lancaster attend the Feast of Maundy Thursday in Davenport.
     Miss Louise Youngers of LeClaire, Ia., and Mr. Glenn Muzzy of Moline, Ill., were united in marriage at the parsonage of St. John's church, Davenport, Ia., Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Lemon. They were attended by Miss Lottie Thies and Mr. Charles Dorrance. Mrs. and Mrs. Muzzy will make their home in Moline, where the groom is employed as engineer at the power house at East Moline.

Davenport Democrat
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
June 27, 1906


     Assessor J.B. McLaughlin transacted business in Davenport Tuesday.
     The home of Captain and Mrs. I.H. Spinsby was the scene of a delightful birthday party Saturday arranged in honor of their daughter Thelma, who was 11 years old on that day. Those present were Moe Suiter, Leona Lancaster, Norma Rathman, Eloise McDonald, Stella Fischer and Emilia Wohler. Dainty refreshments were served and a pleasant time was spent.
     Miss Lottie Graham a trained nurse of St. Luke's hospital in Davenport, visited Sunday with her parents.
     Mrs. and Mrs. Horace McCord have gone to Waterloo to make their future home.
     Jay Smith, having resigned his position in the composing room of The Democrat office is visiting with his grandmother.
     Henry LaFrenz who recently opened a drug store in the Van Duzer building after being burned out, has sold his drug stock to Mr. Carroll of Clinton.
     A great many LeClaire people were in Rock Island Thursday to attend Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros.' show.
     Robert Hawthorne, who resigned his position in Davenport, is visiting with his uncle Bruce.
     The parents of Paul Lambach who is now in Spokane, Wash., have received letters from him stating that he was delayed on his way on account of the severe rains which washed out the tracks. He had contemplated visiting relatives in Boseman, Mont. but was delayed at St. Paul for two days.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, August 10, 1906

     LECLAIRE, Aug 7- Jesse Graham who resides near Princeton, had quite a narrow escape in a runaway here Sunday evening. Mr. Graham had Miss Anna Pollock with him, and was driving down Wisconsin avenue, the horses began to run opposite Dr. Bailey's office, ran down the hill which is quite steep and in trying to turn up Second street, through Mr. Graham managed them admirably, the buggy upset, throwing him and Miss Pollock out on the walk, they both received numerous cuts and bruises requiring assistance of a doctor to patch them up.
     The team was caught a few blocks up the street, put into a stable, and Mr. Graham was obliged to remain over night to repair damages, which were not great. Monday morning he made a start for home, taking with him his uncle, Chas. Bickel, to assist him. After going a short distance, the horses again became unmanageable and in spite of all that the two men could do, ran with all their might, throwing both men to the ground and making kindling wood of the buggy. The men escaped with a few minor scratches and bruises.
     The Sabbath school of LeClaire will have a union picnic at Black Hawk Watch Tower next Wednesday, Aug. 8th, going to Rock Island on the steamer Eclipse, through the generosity of Captain E.J. Lancaster, then to Black Hawk by way of electric cars.

Council Orders Engine and Complete Outfit
Will Be on Hand Within Thirty Days and Danger of Loss Will be Greatly Lessened.

     The LeClaire town council at the regular meeting last evening decided to purchase a Waterours gasoline fire engine, as protection against fire in the town in the future. The new engine with cart and 1500 feet of hose will arrive within 30 days and it is expected that then a volunteer fire company will be formed and drilled and ready to prevent disastrous losses in the future such as were incurred in the big fire there recently.
     For all fires on Second street or below, the engine will draw water from the river. Above that, it will be necessary to use water from  wells and cisterns. The new outfit is complete in every particular and is ordered from a St. Paul company.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, August 17, 1906

     LECLAIRE, Ia., Aug. 15- Quite a number took the Burlington train among the number being S.W. Kylor and J.D. Barnes of this place, Geo. Leamer and wife, Samuel Banner and wife of Argo. Several others went Monday night.
     T.B. Stone has completed preparations for putting a furnace in his house. Furnaces are becoming quite popular in LeClaire, several having been put in during the last two years, besides several in the adjoining country.
     Frank Sanders and family of Iowa City are visiting with Mr.s Sanders' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Moore.
     W.K. Johnston, after a long illness, is able to be out again.
     D. Zimmerman is getting some fences built around his property in the lower part of town. Chas. Green and Grant Hatcher are doing the work.
     Mrs. Vandeburgh is very sick at this writing.
     Lewis Gardner has returned to his farm in Sterne, S.D.
     There was an exciting runaway up at Sleepy Eye corner, the horse ran and jumped over a grade into the crack of a tree. The horse and buggy belonged to Mrs. M.R. Williams. No one was hurt.
     Lewis D. Marshall has resigned his position at Williamson store and accepted a position as traveling salesman for Henry Darts & Sons, grocers, Rock Island.
     Mrs. Edith  Brown is getting her farm buildings brightened up with a new coat of paint. Joe Walker of Princeton is doing the work.
     L.C. Stockwell is still very ill.
     Miss Nan Quick of Albany has accepted the position as pharmacist at the Cordova pharmacy.
     Mrs. Jared Sexton has been very ill but is better at this writing.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, August 28, 1906

     LECLAIRE, Ia., Aug. 24- Mrs. J.D. Barnes left this morning for Des Moines, where she will spend a week visiting with her son, Raymond Barnes and family.
     J.V. Pollock, Jr., left Thursday for Keokuk where he has accepted a position of engineer on the Silver Crescent.
     Miss Lillian Bandy, of the Soldiers Orphans Home, Davenport, is in LeClaire this week caring for her uncle, William Fowler, who has been quite ill.
     Ellsworth Bissick and Lee Suiter left Monday for Canada where they will engage in the threshing business.
     Mr.s B.P. Lancaster left Wednesday morning for Mercy hospital where she will undergo an operation.
     Mrs. Fred Stone entertained the Dorcas society Tuesday afternoon.


Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, Sept 7, 1906
     LECLAIRE, Ia., Sept 5- Mr and Mrs. W. Rathmann accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Rathmann of Davenport started Sunday morning on an extended trip through the east. Their first objective point of interest being Niagra Falls, after which they will visit New York City, Philadelphia, and other eastern points.
     J.E. Park and wife left Saturday morning for Wilton, Ia., where they will visit relatives.
     Mrs. William Long and daughter returned home Saturday evening after a week's visit with relatives at Silvis, Ill.
     Mrs. Fannie Pope and daughter returned Saturday to their home at LaCrosse, Wis., after a pleasant visit with LeClaire relatives and friends.
     Miss Anna Ney returned Friday evening to Vinton, Ia., where she is a pupil in the school for the blind.
     Miss Alice Stoker began her fall term at the quarry school Monday.
     Mrs. J.F. Fedderson has arrived home after spending some time in Chicago with her husband.
     Mrs. C.W. Bartine of Chicago is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Zach Suiter.
     Guy Stone of St. Anthony, Idaho, is in LeClaire for a visit with relatives and friends.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, Feb. 15, 1907

    LECLAIRE, Ia., Feb. 11- Mrs. Sarah Brickman, who died at Mercy hospital, Davenport, Sunday morning was a long time resident of LeClaire, having lived here for about 53 years. She was born in Gustavus, Trumble county, Ohio, Dec. 22, 1811 making her past 95 years of age at the time of her death. Abou two years ago her strength and mental faculties failed on account of old age, since which time she has remained at Mercy hospital under the direction of a guardian. Mrs. Brickman has been a remarkable woman all her life, a consistent member of the M.E. church for about 80 years, having the respect and confidence of all who knew her.
    Mrs. Ella Tesson returned home Friday evening after a pleasant visit with her daughter in Keokuk.
    Among the passengers on a southbound I & I car Saturday morning were C.F. Graham, Frank Ney, D.F. Dorrance, Mrs. Eunice Martin, Mrs. J.F. Fedderson and sons, and Miss Fannie Davison.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1907

    LECLAIRE, Ia., Feb. 21- Elmer E. Knapp was happily surprised last evening when a number of his friends gathered unannounced at his home to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary. The hours were spent in games and conversation after which a lunch was served. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the self-invited guests.
    Mesdames N.M. Smith and C.S. Simpson left Wednesday morning for Indiana where they will receive treatment for rheumatism at a sanitarium.
    Mrs. Elmer McCraney entertained the Dorcas society Tuesday night.
    Mrs. Derwin Dorrance and nephew Herschel Dorrance, went to Davenport yesterday to visit Mr Dorrance who is a patient at Mercy hospital.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, March 31, 1910


    Miss Lucy Schardler, who has taught school the past winter at Buchanan, Iowa, is at home for her Easter vacation.
    Mrs. Fred Averill entered St. Luke's hospital at Davenport Saturday and on Monday she submitted to an operation for the removal of a tumor, from when she is recovering.
    Mr. and Ms. Ed Davis who have resided at Des Moines the past winter, returned to LeClaire this week. Mr. Davis will leave shortly for Canada.
    Mr. St. Ores of Thompson, Ill., is spending a few days at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.A. Teeter.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Lambach and Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sweeney were present at a family reunion of the Albright family in the celebration of the birthday of Mrs. Emma Straw, at her home at Moline, Ill., last Sunday.
    The population of the town has been lessened this week by the number of men that have gone to their work on government works and many will leave next week.
    Mrs. W. Rathmann entertained the Dorcas ladies in a charming manner at her home Tuesday. It was a decided Easter party. In the contest the favor went to Mrs. Grace Meyer, A dainty lunch was served by the hostess.
    J.V. Pollock Jr., left Thursday to take the position of engineer on the steamer Keokuk, of the Blair packet line.
    The spirit of improvement struck at the home of Captain W.A. Shirk who is having his home painted.
    Mrs.  R.P. Lancaster's residence is receiving a new roof, paint and concrete walks, while Misses Alice and Fannie Davisson have workmen busy grading their lawn and laying concrete steps and walks.