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Cathy LaBath and Debbie Gerischer.

  H. E. DOWNER file1.jpg (151158 bytes)

Chapter I

Refectory in Central Park file2.jpg (87105 bytes)


Lake in Central Park file3.jpg (96108 bytes)
Chapter II Mound Pottery  Collection of Davenport Academy of Sciences file4.jpg (145354 bytes)
  Mound Pottery  Collection of Davenport Academy of Sciences file5.jpg (229761 bytes)
  Mound Builders' Pipe

Carved Pipes

Mound Builders' Pipe

Collection of Davenport Academy of Sciences

file6.jpg (140352 bytes)
  Tablets I, II, and III From Davenport Mound file7.jpg (115594 bytes)
  Copper Axe and Cloth - From a Mound

Replica In Linestone of Red Cedar Post Erected at Col. George Davenport's grave by his Indian friends, soon after his murder, July 4, 1845

A Nearer View of Replica At Col. Davenport's Grave

file8.jpg (154177 bytes)


file9.jpg (121187 bytes)
Chapter IV Black Hawk Watch Tower From Rock River Dam file10.jpg (104694 bytes)
Chapter V Elk In Fejervary Park file11.jpg (143477 bytes)
  Fort Armstrong file12.jpg (51846 bytes)
Chapter VI Entrance to Oakdale Cemetery

General View of Davenport From The Rock Island Shore

Island Abutment, First Railroad Bridge

file13.jpg (144277 bytes)
  Willard Barrows file14.jpg (98853 bytes)
  Buffalo Public School

Post Office Buffalo

file15.jpg (173922 bytes)
  Along the Driveway in Fejervary Park file16.jpg (159264 bytes)
  Davenport From The Mississippi River file17.jpg (52113 bytes)
  Early Home of J. M. D. Burrows

Residence Of Dr. Barrows -Sixth and Rock Island Streets

file18.jpg (79927 bytes)
  Old Fort Armstrong When First Built file19.jpg (141745 bytes)
  North Side Of Second Street, Between Brady and Perry Streets Picture Taken in 1858 file20.jpg (149174 bytes)
  Davenport About 1862  
  Home of Col. George Davenport file31.jpg (95653 bytes)
  J. M. D. Burrows file32.jpg (75295 bytes)
  Prospect Terrace file33.jpg (89200 bytes)
  German Savings Bank

First National Bank The first to open business under National Banking Laws.  Known as the Marble Bank.

file34.jpg (85279 bytes)
  The Well - Central Park file35.jpg (206354 bytes)
  Le Claire House A Summer Resort for Southerners for Twenty Years Before the Civil War.  Building Demolished in 1910

Pennsylvania House - Third and Iowa Streets

Burtis House

Kemper Hall Davenport

file36.jpg (140370 bytes)
  Father Pelamourgues, Pioneer Priest and Teacher file37.jpg (111864 bytes)
  The Webb Home, Now the Christian Science Church

Old Methodist Church, Fifth and Brady Streets

Fourteenth Street M. E. Church, On Site of St. John's M. E. Church

Old Trinity Church , Which stood at the corner of Fifth and Rock Island Streets

file38.jpg (150955 bytes)
  Street View Of Princeton

Pleasant Valley From Pope's Bluff, Looking East

file39.jpg (107312 bytes)
  Street Scene, Le Claire


file40.jpg (76809 bytes)
  Presbyterian Church, Le Claire file51.jpg (26229 bytes)
  Main Street, Le Claire

Le Claire Depot

file52.jpg (139426 bytes)
  Long Grove

Christian Church, Long Grove

file53.jpg (123980 bytes)
  Blue Grass Savings Bank

Campbell's Hotel, Blue Grass

file54.jpg (99573 bytes)
  Keppy's Store, Donahue

Henry Klindt's Store, Maysville

file55.jpg (74481 bytes)
Chapter VII Fort Armstrong, Showing Residence of Col. George Davenport file56.jpg (146290 bytes)
  Old Davenport House, Rock Island Arsenal

Old Prison Hospital, Rock Island Arsenal

file57.jpg (129640 bytes)
  View Of Rock Island Arsenal file58.jpg (69553 bytes)
  Row Of Shops, Rock Island Arsenal

Power Plant, Rock Island Arsenal

file59.jpg (129211 bytes)
  Main Entrance To The Rock Island Arsenal

Sun Dial And Saluting Battery, Rock Island Arsenal

file60.jpg (129763 bytes)
  Old Mill, Rock Island Arsenal

Store House, Rock Island Arsenal

file61.jpg (156890 bytes)
Chapter VIII First Bridge That Spanned The Mississippi River Iowa Approach Near Federal and East River Street

Present Government Bridge

file62.jpg (136843 bytes)
  Davenport In 1856, Showing The Island And The Old Bridge From an original Painting by Waugh, executed by order of Antoine Le Claire file63.jpg (130012 bytes)
  Old Bridge In Early Days - As seen from Antoine Le Claire's Residence on the left to Old Fort Armstrong on the right. file64.jpg (83421 bytes)
Chapter IX W. L. Clark file65.jpg (87366 bytes)
  Teddy and Carrie, The Cinnamon Bears At Fejervary Park file66.jpg (182181 bytes)
Chapter X A Typical Farm Scene In Scott County file67.jpg (59693 bytes)
  Presbyterian Church, Princeton Mainstreet, Princeton file68.jpg (131798 bytes)
  St. Anne's Catholic Church Long Grove file69.jpg (145428 bytes)
  Big Rock Public School

Turner Hall Eldridge

Residence of Capt. W. L. Clark, Buffalo

file70.jpg (121095 bytes)
  New Liberty School

New Liberty

file71.jpg (86381 bytes)
  Buffalo Town Hall

Main Street Buffalo

file72.jpg (134841 bytes)
  Catholic Church Buffalo file73.jpg (30166 bytes)
Chapter XI Antoine Le Claire file74.jpg (71140 bytes)
  Antoine Le Claire Treaty Site Home As It Now Looks At 420 West Fifth Street file75.jpg (129184 bytes)
  Marguerite Le Claire file76.jpg (79481 bytes)
  Antoine Le Claire's Old Residence, First Railroad Depot West Of The Mississippi River

Third Home Of Antoine Le Claire

file77.jpg (202366 bytes)
Chapter XIII Riverview Terrace file78.jpg (128205 bytes)
Chapter XIV The Ferry "Davenport"

Davenport Waterworks and Settling Basin

file79.jpg (110895 bytes)
  A Short Line Packet

John Wilson's Ferry Showing The Old Fort Across The River

file80.jpg (159939 bytes)

file81.jpg (91238 bytes)

Chapter XV Entrance To Fejervary Park file82.jpg (109839 bytes)
Chapter XVI Pioneer Settlers Of Scott County, Taken at Forty ninth Annual Festival, August 30, 1905 file83.jpg (207100 bytes)
  View In Central Park file84.jpg (172815 bytes)
Chapter XVII From Left to Right:  JAMES THORINGTON, Mayor, Congressman, First District School Teacher, HARVEY LEONARD, Mayor and Long Time Sheriff, Dr. E. S. BARROWS - When he began to practice medicine in Scott County, the nearest physician on the south was at Burlington, on the north at Dubuque, JUDGE W. L. COOK,  Judge of the County Court in early days.  
  Green House, Central Park file86.jpg (86728 bytes)
Chapter XIX Soldiers' Orphans' Home

Soldiers' Orphans' Home

Building At Scott County Poor Farm

file87.jpg (162103 bytes)
  Central Fire Station Davenport

Scott County Jail

file88.jpg (125175 bytes)
Chapter XX St. Marguerite's Church, Grave of Antoine LeClaire in foreground file89.jpg (30262 bytes)
  St. Anthony's Church

Sacred Heart Cathedral

file90.jpg (82500 bytes)
  Trinity Cathedral

First Christian Church

First Presbyterian Church

file91.jpg (127620 bytes)
  Calvary Bapist Church

St. John's M. E. Church

  Edwards Congregational Church file93.jpg (35534 bytes)
  English Evangelical Lutheran Church Davenport file94.jpg (184197 bytes)
Chapter XXI Fountain In Central Park

Solier's Monument, Davenport

file95.jpg (171333 bytes)
  Main Building - Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home

Clarissa C. Cook Home For The Friendless

file96.jpg (129688 bytes)
Chapter XXII Rebel Prison On Rock Island, In 1864 file97.jpg (195328 bytes)
  Company B Starting For the Spanish-American War

The Armory, Davenport

file98.jpg (105912 bytes)
Chapter XXIII City Hall, Davenport file99.jpg (116423 bytes)
  Davenport Mayors (All the following are on one page)
Rodolphus Bennett, 1839
John H. Thorington, 1840
Jonathan W. Parker, 1841
Harvey Leonard, 1842
James Thorington, 1843, 44, 45, 46
James M. Bowling, 1847, 48
Johanthan Parker, 1849
James Hall, 1850
file100.jpg (168629 bytes)
  Davenport Mayors (All the following are on one page)

Charles Weston, 1851

John Jordan, 1852

John A. Boyd, 1853

James Grant, 1854

Enos Tichenor, 1855

G. C. R. Mitchell, 1856

Geo. B. Sargent, 1857

Ebenezer Cook, 1858, 59

file101.jpg (181271 bytes)
  Davenport Mayors (The following are all on one page)
Hiram Price, 1859
James B. Cladwell, 1860
Geo. H. French, 1861, 62
John E. Henry, 1863 and 1881
Robt. Lowry, 1864
John L. Davies, 1865, 66
Michael Donahue, 1867, 68
James Renwick, 1869
file102.jpg (170191 bytes)
  Davenport Mayors (The following are all on one page)
John M. Lyter, 1870
John C. Bills, 1871, 1882, 1892
A. H. Bennett, 1872
J. H. Murphy, 1873, 1879
John W. Stewart, 1874
Roderick Rose, 1876, 77
T. T. Dun, 1878
John W. Thompson, 1879, 1883
file103.jpg (159002 bytes)
  Nicholas Fefervary file104.jpg (91175 bytes)
Chapter XXIV Street Scenes:  Second Street looking west from Brady:  Main Street looking south from Fifth:  Third Street looking east from Harrison:  Brady Street looking north from Second:  Main Street looking north from Front:  Second Street looking east from Harrison.  Davenport has over 140 miles of streets, 50 miles of which are well paved with brick or asphalt. file105.jpg (164837 bytes)
  Burtis Opera House in Late '60's

Young Men's Christian Association Building

file106.jpg (161052 bytes)
  Davenport Hotel

Davenport Hotel, Later C. P. Hotel, Built in 1836, Now Razed

Scott House

New Kimball, Hotel

file107.jpg (140241 bytes)
  Commercial Club

Elk's Building Davenport

file108.jpg (163325 bytes)
  St. Luke's Hospital, Davenport

Mercy Hospital

file109.jpg (128995 bytes)
  Fejervary Home For Old Men

Bishop Home For Old Men, Kirkwood Boulevard and Brady Street

file110.jpg (139932 bytes)
  Masonic Temple, Davenport file111.jpg (118622 bytes)
  Inn At Fejervary Park

Outing Club Inn

file112.jpg (114338 bytes)
Chapter XXV Buffalo, Fejervary Park file113.jpg (153450 bytes)
Chapter XXVI Scott County's First Courthouse, Erected 1840-41 Present Courthouse occupies same site.  Standing on the steps are Dr. E. S. BARROWS, JAMES THORINGTON, HARVEY LEONARD and JUDGE W. L. COOK

Scott County Courthouse

file114.jpg (192868 bytes)
Chapter XXVII Public Library, Davenport

Post Office, Government Building

file115.jpg (163102 bytes)
  The Reading Room Davenport Public Library file116.jpg (155479 bytes)
  The Desk, Davenport Public Library file117.jpg (90992 bytes)
  Children's Room, Davenport Public Library file118.jpg (215950 bytes)
Chapter XXVIII The Claim House - First Frame House In Iowa

Home Of John L. Davies

House Built By Dr. John Emerson, owner of Dred Scott, at No. 219 East Second Street

The Thorington Home on Site Of Public Library

Home Of Willard Barrows, Historian

Home Of  D. C. Eldridge, Where Masonic Temple Stands, First Brick House in City

file119.jpg (183191 bytes)
  Home Of Hon. Hiram Price In 1843

Homes of Hiram Price on Brady Street and Judge John F. Dillon on Seventh Street

The Ebenezer Cook Home, Fourth and Rock Island Streets

Residence Of John P. Cook, Sixth and Brady Streets

Home of James Grant

Home of John Mullen

file120.jpg (191218 bytes)
Chapter XXIX Old Turner Hall Northwest Davenport

Turner Hall, Davenport

file121.jpg (82713 bytes)
  Music Pavilion In Schuetzen Park

Schuetzen Park Club House

file122.jpg (97324 bytes)
  German Pioneers of Scott County file123.jpg (271780 bytes)
  Memorial Shaft Of The Kampfgenossen-Verein of 1870-71 In Washington Square file124.jpg (100988 bytes)
  The Free German School file125.jpg (61721 bytes)
  Memorial Of Kampfgenossen-Verein of 1848-1851 In Washington Square file126.jpg (76171 bytes)
Chapter XXX H. R. Claussen file127.jpg (57155 bytes)
Chapter XXXI Colonel George Davenport - In whose honor the city of Davenport was named file128.jpg (70261 bytes)
Chapter XXXII Hon. J. H. Murphy, Levi Humphrey, Mrs. Clinton and Miss Anna Penrose watching the high water of March 10, 1886.  From Scott House balcony file129.jpg (108653 bytes)
Chapter XXXIV Station and Elevated Tracks, Rock Island System file130.jpg (83326 bytes)
  Bridge In Central Park

The Cresent Bridge

file131.jpg (66839 bytes)
Chapter XXXV Some Public School Buildings file132.jpg (196429 bytes)
  The First Davenport High School

Davenport High School Building

file133.jpg (157769 bytes)
  Jefferson School, Sixth and Warren Streets, The oldest public school building now in Davenport file134.jpg (105336 bytes)
  Central Park, Davenport

High School, Davenport

file135.jpg (116528 bytes)
  Adams School, Number 20 - The pride of Davenport in the late 50's.  Not now in use. file136.jpg (128747 bytes)
  Academy of Science and Science Hall

St. Ambrose College

First Home of Iowa College - now residence of Oswald Schmidt, 517 West Seventh Street

Iowa College - Later Griswold College - site now occupied by Davenport High School

file137.jpg (172002 bytes)
  Academy of the Immaculate Conception

St. Katharine's Hall, Davenport

file138.jpg (140552 bytes)
  J. B. Young file139.jpg (48386 bytes)
Chapter XXXVI A View From Prospect Terrace file140.jpg (79030 bytes)