Diary of M. Edith Raff

(as transcribed by Elaine Rathmann, Granddaughter)




Friday, September 1, 1911

            Mr. Roland, Principal of Jackson School died at 11 A. M. His death was very sudden; he was down town Wed.


Saturday, September 2, 1911

            Gen’l Teachers Meeting at 4 P. M. held at High School. Service held at Roland’s before taking body to Bloomfield for burial. O.W.M. and Ice-Cream after banking hours.


Labor Day--Monday, September 4, 1911

            Went down town with Mrs. Bond and children to view parade which consisted mainly of Button Workers, 2000 strong. (Men and women.)

            Spent the afternoon and evening working for my school. Hard storm in the afternoon, which delayed but did not prevent the balloon ascension at the Fair Grounds.


Tuesday, September 5, 1911

            School again. Holding the Fort at Jackson with 58 strong. Seating capacity 54. Attended Association Meeting at church in evening. Heard Dr. Roland in a very dry discourse. Dr. and Mrs. Roland our guests during Meetings.


Wednesday, September 6, 1911

            Rain and wind storm spoiled attendance at meeting this evening.


Thursday, September 7, 1911

            Transferred 10 youngsters to Washington. Dr. and Mrs. Roland left for Davenport this evening.


Saturday, September 9, 1911

            Mrs. Bond and I went driving. Dandy behaves beautifully.[1] Fine day. O.W.M. and I talk on the subject of “Friendship.”[2]


Friday, September 15, 1911

            Carl died at 7:45 this morning, after an 18 months illness.[3] His brave fight for life was of no avail and he too has joined the “caravan” which moves to that mysterious realm where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of Death.


Saturday, September 16, 1911

            “The sun rose bright o’erhead. Nothing in Nature’s aspect intimated, That a noble soul was dead.”


Sunday, September 17, 1911

            Drove with Mrs. Moynahan to Illinois City where Carl’s funeral services were conducted and burial made in the Illinois City Cemetary. Many went from here. Floral offerings beautiful. Shall never forget the crude services in this little country church, for the one who was such a tried and true friend these many years. “But oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still.”

            Warm for this time of year.


Thursday, September 19, 1911

            Mrs. Reeder took me for a delightful ride in their new auto. From 3:45 to 5:15.


Friday, September 22, 1911

            Mrs. Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Whipple of Nabrara Neb. here for supper.


Saturday, September 23, 1911

            Bought new fall coat (blue) and also dress. O. W. here for short time this evening. A year ago tonight (Friday) Carl spent the evening bringing Bunte’s and gum. Dear old C. J. He never appeared on the scenes without some kind of an offering.


Sunday, September 24, 1911

            B.Y.P.U. meeting took the form of a Memorial Service for Carl.[4] Mr. Horst told of his conversion and subsequent Christian life, Matthew Westrate spoke of him as a business man, Miss Shoemaker of his social life closing with the words “I am proud to be called a friend of Carl’s.” Mr. Smith a tribute to his exemplary Christian life in the church and outside. A number of others expressed their high opinion of him as a friend and Christian gentleman.

            Carl well never again be seen in the church he loved so well, but his cheery smile, kind word and handclasp will not soon be forgotten.


Monday, September 25, 1911

            Home Coming Week. Parker Carnival Co. in town Lincoln Beechy of Chicago renown makes two flights in his Aeroplane Tues. and Wed. Many visitors form surrounding small towns.


Friday, September 29, 1911

            Went with the Stockers to the Commercial Club rooms where we had a fine view of the shows on the Haymarket. Could see every performance of the Aerial show. Later went to the Muscatine Bank where we watched the people on the “Merry-go-round” and “Ferris Wheel.”


Saturday, October 14,1911

            General Teachers Meeting at the High School. Dr. H. L. Husted gave a talk on contagious diseases, Jessie Stinen sang and Sadie Gaines had a piano solo. From 10:15 to 11 each department held its own meeting. Miss Braunwarth in charge of the Primary.


Tuesday, October 17, 1911

            Went to Altiora and made invitations for Mothers Day to be held Oct. 20 at school. Invites are tinted autumn leaves and quite pretty.


Wednesday, October 18, 1911

            Went with bunch of girls to the A.-Muse-U. “Two Orphans” and the “Star” scene.


Friday, October 20, 1911

            “Mothers Day” at school. Had about 3 dozen visitors in my room. At 4 o’clock a program was given in Miss Foley’s room lasting an hour. Dr. Little spoke and there were several musical numbers.

            In the evening went to Miss Barker’s where I met a few of the new High School teachers who were invited to spend the evening at a Kensington. Ice-Cream and frou-frous.


Saturday, October 21, 1911

            Went to the A-Muse-U in the P.M. with the Bonds. In the evening went to see Mrs. Kern.


Tuesday, October 24, 1911

            Miss Hale entertained the Geneva Club.[5] 14 present. Spent very pleasant evening. Won 1st prize in guessing contest. Delicious refreshments.


Wednesday, October 25, 1911

            Went to the A-Muse-U with Jessie Kopp.[6]


Tuesday, October 31, 1911

            Went to Halloween M. E. Social with Edna Francis. Spooks of all kinds and costumes. Had fortune told by a gypsy who said I would be married in 2 years to someone I have never met. Wish he would soon appear. I’m curious. Fine program and all Halloween stunts, with apples and pop corn as refreshments!


Wednesday, November 1, 1911

            Went to the A-Muse-U with Jessie. Good pictures.


Thursday, November 9, 1911

            Started at 6:30 in the rain for Des Moines to attend State Teachers Convention. Reached there at 12, enrolled at Savery Hotel-Hdqts-and then to Cargill Hotel where Jessie Althaus, Anna P. and self had engaged room.[7] In P.M. ate dinner at Pure Food Restaurant. Attended Primary Round Table at Plymouth Church. In the evening heard Henry’s Band at the Coliseum.


Friday, November 10, 1911

            Pleasant and cold. Breakfast at the Dairy Lunch Room-then to Coliseum. In the P.M. we shopped at Younker’s and Anna P. and I went to call on Mrs. Drucker. She seemed very glad to see us. Met Helen Warren at her office and we 4 had supper at Olsons. In the evening heard the Messiah at the Coliseum—400 trained voices-4 soloists and St. Paul Orchestra.


Saturday, November 11, 1911

            Heard Prof. Barnes of Philadelphia on “Training the Lower Nerve Centers.” Then Sarah Louise Arnold on “Jane and her teachers.” At 11:20 Booker T. Washington began his address. Could not wait for this as our train left at 12. Reached home at 6:30 and found a young blizzard in charge of affairs here. Mama had arrived on the Firefly from Davenport and had a good fire when I arrived.


“I cannot find a truer word

Nor fonder to caress you.

No song or poem I have heard

Is sweeter than “God bless you.”


Monday, November 13, 1911

            Farther Lights[8] annual supper at the church. Very good supper. Miss Wren, one of the H.S. teachers went with me.


Wednesday, November 15, 1911

            Mrs. Link entertained D.A.’s for Mary Brown who leaves Friday for Davenport to live.[9] About 40 present. Very pleasant time.


Friday, November 17, 1911 

            Rainy, snowy, blowy and generally disagreeable. Anna Scott gave me a Harrison Fisher girl, framed.[10] Mabel sent dandy Birthday letter.[11] Mama: pink and white chrysanthemums, comb and brush and a fine Birthday supper including Birthday cake. She gave me also a Birthday Book.


Saturday, November 18, 1911

            Teachers meeting at the High School. In the P.M. shopped with Anna Scott.

I. S. Pepper spoke on “Law Making at Washington.” Miss Critz sang and Mrs. St. John, also. In the P.M. shopped with Anna Scott. Stores are showing Xmas goods.


Monday, November 27, 1911

            Attended concert at H. Schmidt’s. Misses Ruth Benkert and Maud Marshall contributed numbers; the former has a very fine mezzo-soprano voice, the latter is a popular reader. There were new numbers on the pianola, also.


Thursday, November 30, 1911

            Thanksgiving Day. Attended church in the A.M., preaching by Rev. Grigsby in the Congregational church. Miss Wren here for dinner. Goose, escalloped oysters, mashed potatoes, salad, dressing, gravy, pumpkin pie, fruit. Flowers-yellow and white chrysanthemums given me at school by Nanna Oliver. Beautiful day.


Saturday, December 2, 1911

            Miss Wren comes here to room. Pleasant card from Mrs. Schmidt saying Anna N. quite ill.


Monday, December 4, 1911

            Jessie Kopp and I went to the A-Muse-U “An Old Sweetheart of Mine.” Series of pictures quite good.


Tuesday, December 5, 1911

            Attended County Fair at Hershey Bank given by M. E. Young People. Moving Pictures good. Also Carnival Show. Sounds quite like street carnival.


Wednesday, December 6, 1911

            Anna K’s birthday gift--black silk hose—arrived today. The Quartette met at Anna Prosser’s and pretended to read the “Cricket on the Hearth” but did not get very far.[12]  


Saturday, December 9, 1911

            Jessie Kopp and I attended Nerrel’s sale. Bought Toilet Set and Mesh Purse at great bargain. Lots of fun. Rainy and warm.


Monday, December 11, 1911

            Miss Wren and I attended Farther Lights Meeting at Mrs. Oscar Brandts. Beautiful weather.


Wednesday, December 13, 1911

            The Quartette met here. Kensington’s Musical and Social Session combined. Dix is chosen Mascot.[13] Name not yet selected. Served candy.


Thursday, December 21, 1911

            Elected Treas. Of  B.Y.P.U.


Friday, December 22, 1911

            Xmas tree and treat for school children. Helped fill candy boxes at Samuels in evening. Mama’s Birthday.


Saturday, December 23, 1911

            Went up to Hanley’s with a Xmas package. The pkg. was given I. H. N. “In His Name” who a year ago was making many glad with gifts given from a heart filled with the Xmas spirit. I suppose he is very happy at this Xmas tide but there are lonely hearts here who grieve over the “vacant chair.”


Sunday, December 24, 1911

            Beautiful warm weather. In the afternoon Mama and I took a walk. In the evening we went to our church where the Xmas service was colored stereopticon pictures and music from the Baraca Victrola.[14] Very nice. Attended a Midnight Service at the Episcopal church with Ed and Ellen Stocker. Did not get home until 2 A. M. “Oh little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie…”


Monday, Christmas Day, 1911

            Beautiful weather. Went to the P.O. and White’s in the morning and to Stockers in the afternoon. Mama and I had a quiet Xmas dinner and chatted gaily or tried to across the lovely pink roses Ed Stocker sent, each trying to make the other enjoy the spread. List of things received:

Crocked bag (white) from Jr.

Silk scarf (lavender and white)—Anna Kern.

Jabot—Anna Scott.

Book—Anna Prosser.

2 Nighties--Mama

2 Calendars

3 Handkerchiefs

Frill and collar (lace)

Ribbon Holder

Dressing Jacket—Jessie A.

2 Books


Tuesday, December 26, 1911

            What a Mosaic our lives are. No one sees the pattern but God himself. To us how jumbled the colors, how puzzling the figures. What a combination of light and dark, sunshine and shadow. Only He has the key to the riddle and will someday show us the pattern of our lives worked out-no two alike. Every day adds a fresh bit, now a splash of crimson, here dull gray, again the delicate lavender and pink of some kindness rec’d or given. We ourselves largely determine what the day’s picture will be.


Wednesday, December 27, 1911

            Miss Wren and I went to the Presbyterian Church. They held their Xmas entertainment tonight and it was very good. Cold and snowy.


Thursday, December 28, 1911

            Anna Prosser, Jo and Mildred Stirlen called on Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre. Bliss Perry says speaking of poetry: “Here is the gateway to the house beautiful. Close your eyes and recall some lines you have learned. Immediately, the iron gates are open and the  pipes of Pan are playing.”




Sunday, January 7, 1912

            First Sunday of 1912. “Each day is a white page to be written. Write it beautifully and the book of the year will be beautiful.” Attended church A. M. and P. M. also B.Y.P.U. Wrote lengthy letter to A.B.N.

20 degrees below. 


Tuesday,  January 9, 1912

            Farther Lights Meeting at Hattie Link’s.


Wednesday, January 10, 1912

            Concert at U. B. church. “Song of the Soul” and several other selections very pleasing.


“Old Winter’s a gay Musician.

His music’s very shrill.

He whistles o’er the moorland,

He pipes upon the hill.”




Thursday, January 11, 1912

            Annual church meeting. Chicken supper. Not many present on account of cold weather. Coldest day of year. 24 degrees below zero.[15]


Tuesday, January 16, 1912

            Altiora Meeting. Plans made for cake and bread sale, Jan. 27th.


Wednesday January 17, 1912

            Black Scarf Club met with Edna Francis.[16] Session very nice. Musical-selections from Victrola and Pianola, also from Quartette. Refreshments of apples, stuffed dates and cheese. Mascot-Dix. Flower-violets. Song-Barnyard Rag. All members rec’d belated Xmas presents. Mine is book, “Beauty and the Beast.”


Friday, January 19, 1912

            End of Semester. Does not seem possible year is half over. Will rejoice when other half is gone! Went to hear Kaffri Boys Choir with Edna Francis. 5 boys and lady-an interesting talker-comprise the company. The boys are wonderfully well trained and have beautiful voices, especially one-a Hottentot-who gives promise of being a remarkable singer.


Saturday, January 20, 1912

            Went to Basket Ball game with crowd of girls. M.H.S. played Abington H.S. Walk away for Muscatine. Score 98-24.


Sunday, January 21, 1912

            “And so the shadows fall apart

            And so the west winds play.

            And all the windows of my heart

            I open to the day.”


            Went calling on East Hill with Anna Scott.


Saturday, January 27, 1912

            Altiora Cake Sale at Neidigs Book Store. Cleared about $10. Cold. Victrola from Hirts with some very pretty records.


Monday, January 27, 1912

            Helped serve at Baraca Oyster supper. Saw some pretty colored slides of the Holy Land shown by Rev. Smith after supper.


Tuesday, January 30, 1912

            Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Spangler here to listen to Victrola. Mrs. S. leaves Thurs. for Fort Wm. Canada.


Saturday, February 3, 1912

            Dorothy Bond had Birthday Party. Helped entertain children-12 present. Very cold.


Friday, February 9, 1912

            Mrs. Bond, kids and I went to A-Muse-U and then to the Lyric. Cold.


Monday, February 12, 1912

            Lincoln’s Birthday. Attended stereopticon lecture by Rev. Smith on “Abraham Lincoln.”


Tuesday, February 13, 1912

            Farther Lights Meeting at Smiths. Colored People and their Education was subject. Read paper on Booker Washington. Helped serve--chocolate, sandwiches, cocoanut kisses. Snowy-consequently small attendance.


Friday, February 26, 1912

            Heard Florence Nyens new Pianola. Warm, like spring.


“Every year hath its winter.

Every year hath its rain.

But a day is always coming,

When the birds go north again.”


Saturday, February 17, 1912

            Mr. Parchert, Carl’s father, died today. He has been in poor health for some time. Beautiful day. A-Muse-U in evening with Jessie K.


Monday, February 19, 1912

            High School Class play, “An American Citizen.” Fine. Went with “Black Scarf” members.


Thursday, February 22, 1912

            George’s Birthday. Big “blow out” at school in his honor. 88 visitors at Jackson. Mothers Meeting afterward addressed by Rev. Smith.


Friday, February 23, 1912

            Basket Ball Game at “Y”. Burlington and M.H.S. Black Scarf club had Ice-cream at Len’s afterward.


Saturday, February 24, 1912

            Called on Bessie Coyner and Hawleys’. Warm, but bad walking.


Monday, February 26, 1912

            Heard lecture at “Y” by Nat Brigham on “Grand Canyon” Ariz. Beautiful colored slides. No school on acct. of blizzard.


Wednesday, February 28, 1912

            Black Scarf Club attended Helen Tappe’s Recital at Presbyterian Church. She was assisted by the Will sisters, pianist and violinist. Everyone pleased with Recital.


Friday, March 1, 1912

            Reception at Y. W. for February members. Program and refreshments. Nice time. Another snow storm.


Monday, March 4, 1912

            Election Day. Snowy. Socialists defeated except in 4th Ward. Citizens ticket a howling success.


Tuesday, March 5, 1912

            Prepared article on Karl Witte for reading at Teacher’s Meeting March 9th.


Wednesday, March 6, 1912

            B. S. Club instead of meeting with A. P. filed into the A-Muse-U at 9:15 and were entertained by John Bunny and others until 10:15.


Friday, March 8, 1912

            Went with Jessie Kopp to A-Muse-U and Lyric.


Saturday, March 9, 1912

            Hurray! The Gen’l Teachers Meeting is over for another month! Also my article on Karl Witte. Could crow, I’m so relieved! This world is a place of peace once more.


Monday, March 11, 1912

            Went to A-Muse-U with Jessie Kopp.


Tuesday, March 12, 1912

            Baptist Y. P. Rally held here. Supper at church. Dr. Earl delivered address and Rev. Smith gave illustrated lecture on Holy Land. Last Sunday Rev. Smith resigned to accept pastorate at Waterloo.


Friday, March 15, 1912

            Another blizzard last night. Visited schools yesterday—Miss Althaus in forenoon and Miss Erb in afternoon.

            Jessie Stirlen died at 2 P.M. today of Typhoid Fever. Had been sick only one week.


Monday, March 18, 1912

            Jessie’s funeral service at Baptist church. Many turned away. Beautiful flowers. Helen Tappe sang. All teachers attended. School dismissed for P.M.


Saturday, March 22, 1912

            Jessie Kopp and I went to Davenport to shop. Bought white serge coat and 2 dresses, also a string of gold beads which has been pet wish of mine for some time. Had supper at Schaeffer’s Café. Home at 9 P.M.


Friday, March 29, 9812

            Musical Union Concert at Opera House. Mama and I went. Helen Tappe assisted. Good concert. Beautiful night.


Monday, April 1, 1912

            First day of vacation. Hurray! No April Fool about this fact. Went with Mrs. Bina, Mrs. Elson and Jessie Kopp to the A-Muse-U and Lyric in the evening.


Wednesday, April 3, 1912

            Went to Post-Nuptial shower given for Ella Altenbernd at their new home on East Hill. About 35 present—some very pretty presents.


Thursday, April 4, 1912

            Shopped and A-Muse-U with Mrs. Bond and Jessie. Went to Y. W. for supper in honor of the Write girls and only Geneva crowd of 1911 present. Heard Miss Inga Peterson returned. Japanese missionary at our church in evening.


Friday, April 5, 1912

            Called on Nell Hanley who is spending a couple of days of her vacation on the hill. Nell is as jolly and full of fun as ever.


Saturday, April 6, 1912

            This entry should be decorated with black crepe in commemoration of Dix, dearly beloved bright eyed Dixie who had to be chloroformed this A. M. She had been sick for two days and rather than see her suffer I sent her to the Happy Hunting Ground. I think of all her dear loving ways. I can’t keep from crying, for Dix and I were the best of pals.

            School election last night. Mr. McIntyre elected city Supt. Miss Braunwarth Prin. Of Jackson to fill his place. Great surprise.


Tuesday, April 9, 1912

            Delta Alpha Meeting at Hazel Reynolds’ on East Hill.


Wednesday, April 10, 1912

            Concert at church. Helen Tappe, Maud Marshall and Orchestra. Good.


Saturday, April 13, 1912

            Gen’l Teachers Meeting at Library. Spent P. M. down town with Jessie Kopp. Henry Geisler gave very interesting talk on “The Road to Thrift”.


Friday, April 19, 1912

            Mother’s Day. Three visitors in room I. Rev. Carroll talked at 3 o’clock to a very slim attendance.


Saturday, April 20, 1912

            Mrs. Bond, Inez and self went to Davenport. Bought pretty white serge coat and white slippers. Inez had picture taken. Went to Elite and then to Shaffer’s Café for supper. Asparagus on toast, escalloped potatoes, and egg sandwich. Tasted good to me.


Saturday, April 27, 1912

            Went calling on High School teachers. Leola See’s father died April 14, so the Black Scarf Club has disbanded.


Saturday, May 4, 1912

            School Election last Eve. All teachers given a raise of $50. All including High School force re-elected. Jesse and I went driving starting at 1:30 and going up river road. Down town bumming in evening. Grand weather.


Sunday, May 5, 1912

            Jessie and I took walk in P.M. Beautiful day.


Tuesday, May 6, 1912

            Beautiful day. Mrs. Bond and I went driving after supper.


Wednesday, May 7, 1912

            Half Holiday. Schools, stores and banks closed at noon for the Ball Game—opening of Ball Season. Jessie and I went! After game went to Weed Park for supper. Mama and Miss Wren went out at 4.


Thursday, May 8, 1912

            Mrs. Bond, Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U to see first pictures of Titanic disaster.


Friday, May 9, 1912

            Jessie and I went to Launch Club “Old Curiosity Shop.”


Saturday, May 10, 1912

            Last Gen’l Teachers’ Meeting of the year at H. S. Music by Mrs. St. John and Mrs. Einhausen. Also violin solo by Carl Schmidt. Address by Rev. Graves of Congregational Church.


Sunday, May 12, 1912

            Mothers Day. I am very glad the color of carnations for me was  pink! Went to Congregational church in evening.


Monday, May 13, 1912

            U. B. Young Peoples Meeting with Jessie on Oak St.


Wednesday, May 15, 1912

            First B.Y.P.U. Meet. of year at Weed Park. Fine supper and games, Good time. Although quite cold, there was a good crowd. Fire in Club House.


Sunday, May 19, 1912

            Very lonesome for C.J. Just one year ago today I had a letter from him asking me to go driving in his new buggy.[17]


Tuesday, May 21, 1912

            Golden Anniversary Concert (Schmidts) at Opera House. We (Kopps and Raffs) sat in Gallery. Wore new white coat, new hat, net dress and white slippers. Beautiful evening.


Thursday, May 30, 1912

            Decoration Day. Took school children to parade on 3rd St. Afterwards Jessie and I

Had car ride went to A-Muse-U and Basts.


Friday, May 31, 1912

            Senior Class Play entitled “Esmeralda” at Opera House. Good play and crowded house. J. K. and I went together. Esmeralda a dreadful “stiff.” Old Rogers (Leroy Houdek) fine.


Monday, June 3, 1912

            Carnival Week. Went with Mrs. Bond.


Tuesday, June 4, 1912

            Altiora picnic. Indoor picnic at “Y” instead of Slough as planned (because of rain.) Carnival afterward. Frances’ German Cousin great fun.


Thursday, June 6, 1912

            Mrs. Amlong entertains teachers at spread. Ice-cream, cake, salted almonds and lemonade.

            Alumni Reception at M.H.S. Beautiful evening and good crowd. Good program.


Friday, June 7, 1912

            School closed at noon. Beautiful weather this Spring for teaching.


Friday, June 28, 1912

            Mama and I had lovely drive—around Five Mile Drive and then about town. Dandy is a “beauty and a joy forever.”


Saturday, June 29, 1912

            Food Sale at Butz’s by Tennis Club. Had charge from 1 to 5 P.M. Dr. Chaffer from Chicago to be entertainment.


Tuesday, July 2, 1912

            Went to see Anna Kern who came from Los Angeles. Anna very thin and not at all well.


Thursday, July 4, 1912

            Went to see Anna K. in A.M. then celebrated with Jessie K. with fire crackers and snakes. In the P.M., J. and I took supper to Weed Park. In evening took walk. Hottest of season thus far.


Wednesday, July 10, 1912

            Went to Trinity Excursion with J. K. and Helen Berntheisel. Were at boat landing at 8 A.M. but boat did not come until 2:00 P.M. owing to storm of night before. Had dinner at Ahlfs and then fooled around until boat arrived. Delightful ride to Davenport. Reached there at 7 P.M. and left at 8. Had supper at Newport Café. Home at 11:30.


Monday, July 15, 1912

A.B.K. and O.W.M. in Davenport. Went up on boat, returned on train. O.W.M. good “sport” from reports. Black Hawk and Shutzen  Parks. J.M.K. and I went driving. Beautiful evening.


Tuesday, July 16, 1912

            Spent P.M. with A.B.K. In the evening went to Schoemakers (Ed’s) to picnic. Good time.


Wednesday, July 24, 1912

            Hot. Buffalo Bill in town. J. M. K. and I went to see the show in P.M. Had dinner at Bonds.


Thursday, July 25, 1912

            Baptist Excursion to Davenport on W.G. Hill. About 700 on board. Fine day. Went to Aunt Frank’s [Francis Raff] after shopping awhile. Aunt F. and Elizabeth (Francis’ daughter) accompanied us home.


Friday, July 26, 1912

            Took our suppers to Weed Park. Helen Berntheisel was also invited.


Saturday, July 27, 1912

            Helen, Elizabeth, Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U then across Bridge and then to Basts for Ice-cream. Aunt Frank and Elizabeth left for Davenport on evening train.


Monday, July 29, 1912

            Went to Trinity Excursion with M.D. Beautiful evening. Home at 12. Stopped at Ahlfs for Ice-cream.


Thursday, August 8, 1912

            Went to Davenport on Firefly.[18] Mama, who came yesterday, met me at depot. Went to Aunt Frank’s.


Friday, August 9, 1912

            Herbert Snyder took me to Central Park in Helen’s electric. Shopped. Bought dress at Petersens. Home on Firefly.


Monday, August 12, 1912

            Committee Meeting at Altenbernds. Arranged for B.Y.P.U. rally. Watermelon. Rode home with Mac Schoemaker. August Altenbernd—Captain of Blues. Edie Raff—Captain of Reds.[19]


Thursday, August 15, 1912

            Went to Davenport at 1:30 on the Interurban. Reached Davenport at 3:00. Shopped, had lunch at Krells. Home at 7:30 in time for P.M. Fine Time. Grand day.


Wednesday, August 21, 1912

            Beautiful weather this month. J.K. and I went to A-Muse-U. In the evening attended Shower for Stella Grau, given by May Kent and Hattie Link at the latter’s. House decorated in red hearts and cupids. Stella rec’d many pretty things. Delicious refreshments. Home at 11.


Thursday, August 22, 1912

Anna Prosser had party of girl friends for Flossie Marks, her college roommate. Kensington. Fine refreshments.


Saturday, August 24, 1912

            Went to Davenport again on Interurban. Ice Cream at Mayers. Bought shoes and pink beads. Home at 7:30.


Wednesday, August 28, 1912

            S. S. picnic at park. Went out for supper. Good crowd and fine time. Many new members of the Reds promised.


Saturday, August 31, 1912

            First Teachers’ Meet of year at H.S. Old friends greet one another. Many new ones enrolled. Scorcher.


Sunday, September 8, 1912

            A scorcher. Rev. Meigs 1st Sunday in Muscy. Warm welcome. Anna K’s last Sunday in town. Spent P.M. with her. B.Y.P.U.--Grand Membership Contest ended. Reds won out by 200 points. The Capt. feels hilarious.[20] Spread Tuesday night.


Monday, September 9, 1912

            Dismissed school this P.M.- too warm for kiddies.


Tuesday, September 10, 1912

            Watermelon spread at Club House. Blues good losers. Toasts afterward, then games. A.K.[21] a satellite.


Sunday, September 15, 1912

            Anna K. left on Interurban for California. Went out to tracks with Mrs. Schmidt, George N. and W.E.M. at 10 A.M. Anna not a bit well this summer, in fact not for past year.


Monday, September 16, 1912

            Farther Lights Meet. here. Anna Prosser, Mrs. Samuels and self entertained. 24 present. Ice Cream and cake. A.P. and I entertained with music.[22] Miss Roach and Marjory Meerdink led.


Tuesday, October 8, 1912

            Altiora Masquerade Party. George and Martha Washington, Spanish Gypsy, Old Ladies, Two Gentlemen, Bridget, Black Dinah, etc. Games, refreshments etc.


Monday, October 15th through Wednesday, October 17th, 1912

            No school in P.M. Home Growers week in Muscy. Champ Clark spoke in tent erected on Haymarket Square Tues. P.M. Fine exhibit of farm produce on Avenue. (Steins.) Prizes awarded best productions.


Friday, October 18, 1912

            Went to see “Officer 666”, “One of the best and most enjoyable dramatic attractions offered the play-going public of Muscatine” was the presentation of the melodramatic farce.


Wednesday, October 30, 1912

            Halloween party at Jessie’s. Dressed as Gent. Many ghosts and maskers. Grand march and then unmasking. Games and refreshments.


Friday, November 1, 1912

            Party of B.Y.P.U. went to Weyerhauser’s near Flat Iron Point. Went in 2 hay racks. About 80 there. Spooks galore. Games, refreshments home at 12:30 A.K. thawed out until past 1:00.


Monday, November 11, 1912

            A.K.  and I talk “Friendship” on front porch. Beautiful weather, very warm for this time of year.


Sunday, November 17, 1912

            My Birthday. Beautiful day. K.K. and I called on Mrs. Roland and Miss Hicok  in P.M.

            Mama gave me bedroom slippers and pink cake. Mabel a Birthday letter. Anna Scott, chrysanthemums. A.K. and I took walk after church.


Thursday, November 21, 1912

            Visited schools in Davenport with Anna Fern Shinnabarger and Anna Pinser. Took 7:30 Interurban reached Davenport about 9:00. Took Central Park car and visited Madison School all morning. Dinner at Peterson’s, then visited Grant School until 3. Shopped and had supper at Restaurant and came home on 6 o’clock Interurban reaching here at 7:30. Dandy time. Beautiful weather.


Friday, December 6, 1912

            $50,000 fire. Roach and Musser Lumber Shed burns. Fire alarm at 6 P.M. Very spectacular. Light from fire seen in all towns near. Jess and I went down about 8. Big crowd. Burned for several days. Took in Monte Christo at A-Muse-U later.


Monday, December 9 to 15th, 1912

            Drum meeting in progress here. Things begin to look Christmassy. 14th Perfectly lovely weather. Afternoon call from A.K.


Tuesday, December 17, 1912

            B.Y.P.U. Business Meeting at church. Re-elected Treasurer.


Friday, December 20, 1912

            Christmas program at school. Word came from Supt. About 11 o’clock to dismiss in P.M. for the Christmas Holidays. This meant a very hurried getting ready decorating tree etc. Everything went off beautifully and there were about 18 visitors. In the evening 4 of us went to Orpheum to see Sarah Bernhardt in Moving Pictures as Queen Elizabeth.


Thursday, December 19, 1912

            Julia B. married at 11 A. M. by congregational Minister. Colors—green and white. They will live in Davenport where Mr. Ohlson works. Congratulations and best wishes.


Saturday, December 21, 1912

            Muscatiners rec’d notice of Z. W. Hutchinson’s death in California where he had gone for his health.


Wednesday, December 25, 1912

            Perfectly grand weather. California weather everyone says. Delivered several packages in A.M. In the afternoon Mama and I went up to Prossers. In the evening Jessie K. and I went to Christmas entertainment at church. Call from A.K. about 6:30, also photo as Christmas gift.


Thursday, December 26, 1912

            Mr. Hutchinson funeral from church this P.M. Beautiful flowers. Church crowded. Teachers attended in body.


Saturday, December 28, 1912

            2nd Annual Altiora Banquet at Y.W. Rooms. Decorations of red and green carnations and hand painted place cards. Personnel: 1. Anna Prosser, 2. Mary and 3. Helen Martin, 4. Verna Misch, 5. Frances B., 6. Ethelyn Salisbury, 7. Minnie Kuhn, 8. Anna Fern, 9. Helen Otto, 10. Ida Weaver, 11. Marie Reynolds, 12. Irma M. 13, Mildred Stirlen, 14. Edna Laflin, 15. Jessie K. and 16. self.


Monday, December 30, 1912

            Princess and A-Muse-U. “Perhaps it’s well we cannot see, What in the future lies, When knowledge may bring misery, Tis folly to be wise.”


Tuesday, December 31, 1912

            Watch Night Service at church. Supper at 6 (Oysters) Program from 9-10 and service of prayer and talk by Rev. Meigs after. Cannon booming, pistols and bells proclaimed the new year 1913.




Wednesday, January 1, 1913

            Finished writing Christmas letters, took walk with J.K. from 4:30 to 5:30. New Year’s Party at Ethelyn Salisbury’s, in honor of her birthday. Guessing games, and charades. Home at 11. Beautiful weather.


Tuesday, January 7, 1913

            Great change. Cold and snow.


Monday, January 12, 1913

            Special Revival Services at our church. Prof. Linton leads singing. F.S.[23] afterward.


Saturday, January 25, 1913

            Winneger Bros. at Opera House. Quite good. Beautiful weather.


Friday, February 7, 1913

            Central College Glee Club at church. We entertained 2 of the boys. Carl Cade and Robt. Williams.


Tuesday, February 11, 1913

            Baraca Delta Alpha Banquet at church. Given in honor of D.A.’s by Baracas. Supper and toasts good. F.O.S. afterward.


Tuesday, February 25, 1913

            Social at church “Farewell” for Hohnes family. Games and refreshments. Good time. F.O.S. Jamesons (Mrs. and baby) visiting here.


Friday, February 28, 1913

            Concert at M.E. church given by German Cong. Church to raise money for new pipe organ.


Tuesday, March 4, 1913

            D.A. Meeting at Rice’s. 60 present. Anna Scott had charge of program ‘Easter Party.’


Sunday, March 8, 1913

            Another chapter ended. There have been so many in my life that this is nothing new. Suffice it to say that I am rather relieved. Adieu, adieu kind friend, adieu!


Wednesday, March 21, 1913

            Mrs. Barney Schmidt died at Bellvue Hospital today. Hemorrhage of the brain. Unexpected death.


Tuesday, March 25, 1913

            Was invited to the Magnus for dinner today.


Monday, March 30, 1913

            Spring Vacation begins today. Warm.


Tuesday, April 1, 1913

            B.Y.P.U. Rally at Davenport. 15 delegates from Muscy. Anna Scott and I went up on Interurban, had dinner at Petersons. Attended afternoon session at Baptist church. Had supper at church and took in evening service until 8:45 when we left to catch 9 o’clock Interurban for home. Beautiful day.


Friday, April 11, 1913

            Arbor Day. Cold. Open house until 2. Program and Mother’s meet. Following. Spring is coming. Hurrah! Slow but sure. Aunt Julia came to live with us.[24]


Sunday, April 20, 1913

            “But the tender grace of the day that is dead can never come back to me.” Words and Acts of a Past now often we would recall if possible. To think and act well in the Future is the only reparation for mistakes of the Past.


Saturday, May 3, 1913

            School Board Meet. Last night placed me in III Jackson, a vacancy left by Anna Prosser’s resignation to be married. We’ll see what happens.


Monday, May 19, 1913

            Altioras meet at Club House. Rainy night but 15 attend. 2 Course lunch served by Hostesses—Jesse Kopp, Elizabeth Cockerham, Minnie Kuhn and self.


Wednesday, June 4, 1913

            Alumni Reception at H.S.


Friday, June 6, 1913

            School out. Hurrah! First hot day.


Tuesday, June 24, 1913

            Baptist excursion to Davenport. Long delay in starting. Reached D. about 2. Started home at 8:30 reaching home about 11:30. 800 on board.


Thursday, June 26, 1913

            Chautauqua begins at Weed Park with Symphony Orchestra.


Tuesday, July 1, 1913

            Delta Alpha held picnic at Weed Park. Had dinner at Prossers. Anna and I went to Chautauqua in evening.


Wednesday, July 2, 1913

            Fred E. Baker on “The Lucky Number.” Had supper with some Methodist girls. In the evening went driving with F.S, 5 Mile Drive.


Friday, July 4, 1913

            Jess and I went to Chautauqua in afternoon and again at night. Hot. Close of Cautauqua.


Sunday, July 6, 1913

            Rev. Bauden of India at our church. “The light that shines fartherest shines brightest nearest home.” F.S. and I walk home.


Tuesday, July 8, 1913

            Went driving. River road. Beautiful evening.


Tuesday, July 15, 1913

            Driving up river road. Moon almost full. Fine evening.


Thursday, July 17, 1913

            Prospect Park overlooking Mississippi. Beautiful moon. Lectures on Chiropractics.


Sunday, July 20, 1913

            After church took walk. Goodbye, F.S. I must leave you tho’ it breaks my heart to go. Hurray! My trip is all planned.


Monday, July 21, 1913

            Farther Lights picnic supper at Manlove’s. Fine time.


Tuesday, July 22, 1913

            Started at 7:45 for Chicago. Reached there at 1:30. Mad chase from LaSalle St. Station after blue coat. Finally located on Michigan Ave. Olive Inn Café. White City in eve. Had fortune told.


Wednesday, July 23, 1913

            Seigel and Cooper. The Fair Rothschild, dinner at “The Fair” Art Institute in P.M. Supper at Olive Inn. McVickers “The Blindmen of Virtue.” Mich. Ave. beautiful at night.


Thursday, July 24, 1913

            Rothschild and Seigels. Lincoln Park and Zoo. Dinner at R’s at 2:00. P.M made rush for N. Western Depot in taxi. Reached Williams Bay at 5:30, the Camp at 6:30. Camping in Tent 62 for night. Attended Training School Graduation Exercises in Auditorium.[25]


Friday, July 25, 1913

            Rented skiff with Jess for week. Grand row. Fished for $1 bill. Had skiff on Lake 3 times. In even. Went to Auditorium to see “Helpers Stunts.”


Saturday, July 26, 1913

            Went for row in A.M. around Conference Point. Were nearly swamped. High waves and strong current. In P.M. had swim in Lake. Fine.


Sunday, July 27, 1913

            Preaching in Auditorium at 10:30 by Campbell White. In the afternoon walked to Uihliens then to William’s Bay for Ice Cream. After supper attended Vesper Service in Auditorium. Music at Headquarters. Had “call down” from Crab Apple. Reported at Headquarters that we were making racket at 5 A.M. Stuff.


Monday, July 28, 1913

            Took walk up Shore Path after breakfast. Took swim and had good row. In P.M. went to Uihleins again. Beautiful summer residence of Milwaukee Brewer. As no one is staying there explored fascinating paths. In the even. went to Holiday Home with some Camp people. Good performance by kiddies first, then by our crowd. Some forlorn looking youngsters over 80 in all. Come from tenements in Chicago.


Tuesday, July 29, 1913

            Went rowing in A.M. Miss Jones moves into Tent. She is from Chicago and very nice. Bathing in P.M. following walk to Observatory with about 75 others. Great telescope on display with largest lens in world. Used every clear night in year. Had grand row after supper. Took Miss Jones.


Wednesday, July 30, 1913

            Had a Musicale in Headquarters. Miss J. both sings and plays and fortunately had her music with her. Then we went for our final row. At 3:20 P.M. went by Launch to Williams Bay. Miss Headley accompanied us. Had supper and then went to Milwaukee Depot when at 7 we set sail for Muscy. Reached home at 11:45. Folks surprised to see me.


Thursday July 31, 1913

Good to be home again. F.S. after Prayer Meeting.


Friday, August 1, 1913

            J. K. and I visit A-Muse-U. Very good. Anything looks fine today. Home is a dandy place after all.


Sunday, August 3, 1913

            Visited Prospect Point with F.S. Beautiful evening.


Tuesday, August 5, 1913

            Mrs. Magnus entertains in “farewell” for Stella Ames. Delicious supper. Attended D. A. meeting at Weed Park afterward.


Wednesday August 6, 1913

            Went to Weed Park to Band Concert given by K.C’s. Went with F.S. Watched dancing. Walked to Kecklerville, took car in.


Saturday, August 9, 1913

            Last night of “Country Circus.” Took walk with F.S. Chocolates.


Sunday, August 10, 1913

            Mooned on porch after B.Y.P.U. Clinton and Jess drop in for short while. Cookies a la porch.


Tuesday, August 12, 1913

            Went rowing on slough with F.S. Beautiful evening with moon. Monkey shines.*


Thursday, August 14, 1913

            Went to Davenport, on Interurban. Home at 6:00. Mrs. Roland spent evening. Good by forever. All the tomorrows shall be as today.


Friday, August 15, 1913

            Went with Addie Washburn to attend Hazel Keath’s Recital. The latter has just returned from a year’s study in Chicago.


Saturday, August 16, 1913

            F.S. came up after supper. Short walk and chocolates.


Sunday, August 17, 1913

            Hot. A.K. came in P.M. Took short walk after B.Y.P.U. All night pour down.


Wednesday, August 20, 1913

            B.Y.P.U. picnic at Weed Park. Good supper. Games following. Home on car with F.S.


Thursday, August 21, 1913

            After P.M. F.S. and I took short walk.


Saturday, August 23, 1913

            Grand drive with Dandy around Five Mile Drive and out Ia. City road. Started at 6:00 and home at 9:30. Pop corn.


Sunday, August 24, 1913

            Walked after B.Y.P.U.


Wednesday, August 27, 1913

            S.S. Picnic at Weed Park. Beautiful day. Everyone seemed to have a terrific time. F.S. and I last to leave. Looked at scenery from “Point.”


Thursday, August 28, 1913

            F.S. after P.M. Impromptu concert. Finished at Dentist’s. Hurrah!


Saturday, August 20, 1913

            J.K. and I went to “Freckles” at Opera House. Very good! F.S. chocolates and photo in evening.


Sunday, August 31, 1913

            Went driving with Arthur K. (thru Butterville) in afternoon.[26] Jessie K. and Clinton W. called in evening and we talked picnic. Music by Quartette.


Monday, September 1, 1913

            Labor Day. The “Quartette” tried to catch 3:00 o’clock Interurban for Sherfy’s Crossing but missed it by ½ block owing to the Bass’ late arrival on scenes. The Soprano and Alto spent some time at the Princess, meeting the Bass and Tenor in time for the 4:30. Snap photo of the Bunch. Those pigs! Good supper. 7:30 Interurban home.

Data—Lecture by J.K. on the value of “Always on Time”. Sprint over 6th to see Interurban round the corner when we were within hailing distance. Pictures at Princess N.G. Ice-Cream A.G. Pigs enjoy ham sandwiches. We didn’t get a smell of them. Oh those pickles! which I left at home.


Wednesday, September 3, 1913

            D.A. meeting at Westrates. About 50 present including Elsie Hubacher who is spending her vacation here. Chance meeting with F.S. and short walk.


Saturday, September 6, 1913

            Snap shots of picnic. O ye little fishes! Sick cat expression for mine. First teachers meet of year at H.S. Edith A. Jessie and I went to A-Muse-U in evening.


Monday, September 8, 1913

            School begins. Like Grade III Jackson. 36 pupils. F.S. attends brother’s wedding Sept. 10 at Cedar Falls.


Monday Sept. 15, 1913

Farther Lights met here. Miss Bingham composer favors audience with readings and her own musical compositions chiefly children’s songs. J.C. and wafers.


Tuesday, September 16, 1913

A-Muse-U with Miss Cockerham. “Robert of Sicily” showing.


Friday, September 19, 1913

            F.S. tells of trip to Cedar Falls and then to Lansing, Ia, where his youngest brother lives. Some good views with his new camera.


Sunday, September 21, 1913

            Church in evening with F.S. (U.B.) Short service.


Tuesday, September 23, 1913

            Meeting of Officers and Teachers of S.S. at church. F.S. afterward.


Saturday, September 26, 1913

            J.K. and Dandy. Fine drive around town and out Park Lane. Beautiful afternoon.


Sunday, September 27, 1913

            M.E. church in evening with F.S.


Wednesday, October 8, 1913

            Rainy. F.S. and I played checkers.


Friday, October 10, 1913

            The “Titanic” great topic of conversation and interest. Reading circle composed of F.S. and M.E.


Sunday, October 12, 1913

            Led B.Y.P.U. Walked after church. Beautiful evening.


Tuesday, October 14, 1913

            Marshmallow Roast at Club House. Good time. Full moon and warm. Played games outside. Walked home over 4th street Bridge with F.S.


Sunday November 2, 1913

            Beautiful weather in P.M. attended services at West Hill Chapel with F.S. Rev. Sangston Chapel Car Evangelist held interesting meeting. Walked home and F.S. staid to supper. B.Y.P.U. and church in evening.         


Sunday, November 9, 1913

            Heart to heart talk with F.S.


Tuesday, November 11, 1913

            Welsh Concert at church. Fine singing.


Thursday, November 13, 1913

            Miss Kennedy and I visit schools in Davenport--Madison and Grant. Dinner at Petersons. Mushrooms. Home on 7:45 Interurban.


Saturday, November 13, 1913

            Went to church and listened to Victrola. Incidentally marked contest card. F.S. managed Victrola.


Sunday, November 16, 1913

            Celebrated Birthday with oysters. Mama gave me blue crepe kimona and goods for another.[27] Anna K. sent pearl beads. Anna Scott-2 handkerchiefs. Mabel birthday letter and Jessie very pretty tatted handkerchief. Went to Mulford Mission with F.S. in eve.


Wednesday, November 19, 1913

            West Hill Chapel with F.S. Very warm for this time of year. Doors and windows open.


Friday, November 21, 1913

            Miscellaneous Shower for Hazel Reynolds held at Mrs. Mark Coyner’s. About 65 present. Mae Kent and Dorothy Guthrie hostesses.


Sunday, November 23, 1913

            Walked over Bridge with F.S. as far as Fourth (street?) Slough Bridge and home. F.S. staid for supper and spent evening. Did not go to church or B.Y.P.U.


Tuesday, November 25, 1913

            Tom Thumb Wedding at church.[28] Very cute performance and crowded house netting Farther Lights about $38. About 50 children ranging in age from 2 ½ to 11 years.


Wednesday, November 26, 1913

            Thanksgiving Program at school. Circulating affair. F.S. here. Went to A-Muse-U.


Thursday, November 27, 1913

            Thanksgiving Day. Mama and I attended church in A. M. Chicken dinner. Mrs. Stocker here and 4 of us played Rook. Prayer Meeting in evening. F.S. and I take walk afterwards.


Tuesday, December 2, 1913

            Delta Alpha Meeting at Miss Headley’s. Christmas program.


Wednesday, December 3, 1913

            Took walk with F.S. Hear Christmas music in churches.


Friday, December 5, 1913

            A-Muse-U with F.S. Pictures quite good.


Saturday, December 6, 1913

            Xmas shopping. Gloomy and wet.


Tuesday, December 16, 1913

            Emma Steen and Miss Headley hold “Farewell” for Florence Westrate at Headley’s. Kensington.


Friday, December 19, 1913

            Xmas program at school. Santa and program quite good.


Monday, December 22, 1913

            Decoration Committee met at church and arranged snow scene for Cantata Xmas night.


Wednesday, December 24, 1913

            Finished decorating at church, also Xmas shopping. In evening F.S. and I delivered some Xmas presents. F.S. gave me beautiful LaValliere (La Valhere or La Vatliere.)  4 lb. box of Chocolates for family from same. Snowy.


Thursday, December 25, 1913

            Mrs. Wymer here for Turkey dinner. Jess K. and I went to A-Muse-U in afternoon. Xmas exercises at church in evening. F.S. afterward. Was not very pleasant. F.S. always kind and forbearing. From “Great Expectations-“ Dickens, “That’s the way you know me, Sir. Ever forgiving and ever affable.” That’s F.S.[29]

            Xmas gifts.

Jabot-Miss Franklin

Jabot-Miss Stocker

Correspondence Cards-Anna Scott.

Nightgown-Anna Kern

Apron-Jess. K.

Apron- Jess. Althaus

Apron-Anna Young

Address Book-Mrs. Jepson

Candy-Mrs. Clark

Candy-O.W. Mull


Stationary-Mildred and Jo Stirlen

Womans’ Home Com-Aunt Julia

Silk Crepe Corset Cover-Jo[31]

Rose Box-Mabel

Fancy Work Bag-Edith Althaus


Sunday, December 28, 1913

            Chas. Sheldon spoke at our church in A.M. and at Congregational in evening. Fine. In afternoon Pepper Memorial held at Methodist Church. Pepper died in Clinton Dec. 23.


Monday, December 29, 1913

            Made favors for Altiora Banquet at Cronins. Cute little baskets in red and green.


Tuesday, December 30, 1913

            In A.M. finished baskets at Cronins. In evening the banquet held at Y.W. rooms. Decorations-red and green. Fine eats. After supper went with Stirlens to A-Muse-U. Then to Ratcliffs for “Farewell” surprise for Mrs. Westrate. Caserolls parting gift. Refreshments of ice-cream and wafers.


Wednesday, December 31, 1913

            Business Meet. at church. F.S. and I left early and watched Old Year out.




Thursday, January 1, 1914

            Stockers here in P.M. Take walk in evening. Snowy.


Friday, January 2, 1914

            F.S. takes flashlights.[32] Very good for 1st experience. One of the piano and flowers and the other of F.S. and self the former standing behind piano bench, the latter seated.


Monday, January 5, 1914

            Back in Jackson III. Good to be in harness again. Had word that Anna Kern spent Xmas in Hospital in Los Angeles. Poor Kernie has a hard time.


Friday January 9, 1914

            F.S. and I go to A-Muse-U. Read afterward.


Sunday, January 11, 1914

            F.S. and I take walk and go down to Slough where skating is fine.


Tuesday, January 13, 1914

            Altioras are entertained by Anna Prosser Young. Nice time.


Friday, January 16, 1914

            F.S. and I go driving out Iowa City Road.


Sunday, January 18, 1914

            Rev. Wilburn Clapp of Waterloo spoke at church. F.S. and I take walk in snow before B.Y.P.U. Long talk after church.


Tuesday, January 20, 1914

            Snap shot (Flash light of Contest Board at church.) Walk afterward. Like spring outside.


Thursday, January 22, 1914

            Mr. Whitcher led Prayer Meeting. F.S. comes in.


Saturday, 24, 1914

            Jessie K. and I go to Davenport on Interurban. Take in “Garden of Allah,” having fine scenery and acting. 200 people in car. Desert scenes and scenes in “Garden of Allah” beautiful. Supper at Peterson’s. Home on Interurban at 10:00. Beautiful day.


Sunday, January 25, 1914

            Walk with F.S. on East Hill. Then “jungles” across to Park Place and end of car line. Back in on car. F.S. F.S. here for supper and came from church afterward to spend evening.


Saturday, February 7, 1914

            Went to A-Muse-U in afternoon with Jess. In evening Edith Althaus and I went to Palace. Good music and pictures.


Tuesday, February 10, 1914

            Went to Palace with Jessie K.


Tuesday, February 24, 1914

            Lyman Home with F.S. Good pictures.


Tuesday, March 3, 1914

            Grand finale to D.A. Baraca Contest. Baracas served D.A.’s with fine chicken supper ending with pie-a-la-mode. D.A.’s furnished program. Toasts excellent.

Anna Scott-President

Miss Headley

Irene Woods

Miss Wren

Mr. Stirlen

Mr. Horst

Mr. Williams


Music by D.A. Quartette. Anna Young and Iva Girls. Reading—Mrs. Samuels.


Tuesday, March 10, 1914

            Edith Althaus, Jessie and I went to Davenport on Interurban. Shopped. Had dinner at Petersons. 3 hours on road returning. Car off track. Disagreeable weather.


Wednesday, March 11, 1914

            Frank (Aunt Francis) papered my room—rose bud pattern. Staid for dinner. My room all in pink. New rocker, matching curtains pictures. Very pretty.


Friday, March 13, 1914

            Went to “Peg-of-my-Heart” at Opera House. Good. Went with Edith A.


Sunday, March 15, 1914

            F.S. and I take ride to Wyoming Hill. Beautiful day. Some snapshots on top the Hill. Two weeks vacation owing to Small Pox scare. About 30 cases in all. All school children ordered vaccinated.


Wednesday, March 18, 1914

            F.S. and I play “Rook” at Altenbernds.


Wednesday, March 25, 1914

            Clinton and Jessie here for the evening. Played Rook.


Wednesday, April 1, 1914

            Penn College Glee Club at our church. Very good.


Sunday, April 5, 1914    

            Took 3 o’clock Interurban to Davenport. Arrived at 4:30. Took in “Style Show” until 5:20. Round the Loup. Supper at Newport. Home at 8:15 (start). Reached here at 10 P.M.


Sunday, May 3, 1914

            Led B.Y.P.U. Subject-Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.


Sunday, May 10, 1914

            Went to Davenport on the Interurban. Started at 1:30. Spent afternoon at Oakdale. Supper at Schaffers. Something sweet at Greeks. Home at 10 P.M.


Friday, May 8, 1914

            Driving on River Road. Moon full. Boat going North.


Friday, May 22, 1914

            Jackson School Marms entertained by Mrs. Young. Delicious refreshments. Impromptu program. Josephine Stirlen, whistled. Anna Y. played and Miss Roland recited.


Sunday, May 24, 1914

            There is no cheap way in which a man may count for good. He must be what he ought to be, he must aim to keep himself at his at his best—he must be willing to give himself unstintedly to others, sharing directly or indirectly his best with them.


Rational Living. Lowell promises “if one follows the call of duty he shall find her finally more beautiful than Pleasure and with vastly more to give.” Think good thoughts and the evil cannot stay. “One cannot think with concentrated attention of two thoughts at the same time. This is the principle of expelling the evil by the good. Character and happiness and influence all alike require self-forgetfulness as a prime condition. “The best way to live well is to work well.” “Not the size of the task but the spirit shown in the task is the measure of the man.” Be your whole self. Be completely in earnest with your intellectual sincerity, with your conscientiousness, with your love of fellowmen, with your aspiration for all that is good and you will find that a sense of God is the moving spring of the whole.


Decoration Day, Saturday, May 30, 1914

            F.S. and I gather ferns on the Bluff Road. Started about 1 P.M., home at 9:30. Pop quenches thirst nicely, also makes neat decoration on S.’s shirt. Supper enroute. Maiden hair ferns as trophies.


Sam Jones was once riding on a train in company with a man dying of consumption. Sam gave up his berth to this man who had none. All night he spent ministering to this dying man and when he was not needed went into the smoker to watch a poker game. Next day the papers printed  in large type, “Sam Jones so interested in poker game forgets to go to bed.” Moral: against passing judgment. “Judge not that ye be not judged.” [33]



Thursday, June 18, 1914

            Baptist excursion to Davenport. Arriving at D. after pleasant trip including lunch on board shared by F.S. Mama went up on hill. I shopped for awhile then met F.S. Ice-cream at Krells,, then trip to Bettendorf. Home at 7:15. Fine weather and good crowd on board. $73 clear.


Wednesday, July 1, 1914

            Moonlight drive out River Road and in from Flat Iron Point.


Saturday, July 4, 1914

            Celebrated in Davenport. F.S. and I take 10:30 Interurban, reaching D. at noon. After a “look” at the stores went to Fejervary Park where we had dinner under shade of big trees. At 2:00 Band Concert began lasting until 4:00. Then “day fireworks” followed. Went back to D. and had Ice-Cream at Krells. Took walk on bridge and 6 o’clock Interurban for home. Reached here in time to see fireworks at Olivers. Fun day.



            Cause of “slump” in American affairs according to T.C. Dem. Administration has as one platform. Tariff question. Dem. Party never been able to follow out ideas so completely before, of taking off tariff from many articles. Thinks we will not be affected in this part of country much. Banks here safe. Income tax very unpopular. Everyone having over $3,000 taxed. If Presidential Election held this year, Dem. Party would be snowed under. Hopes. Rep. And Progressives unite before next Presidential Election.


Tuesday, July 14, 1914

            Went to Davenport on 9 o’clock Interurban. Home at 6:00. Beautiful day. Shopped.


Friday, July 17, 1914

            F.S. took me to Ball Game. Keokuk vs. Muscy. Score 1:2 in favor of former. Went to Slough and rowed until after dark. Walked home. Beautiful and cool today.


Tuesday, July 21, 1914

            Went with Jessie and Edith A. to Burlington on U. B. Excursion. Nice day, nice time. Home at 11:30.


Friday, July 24, 1914

            Went driving with F.S. around Five Mile Drive.


Tuesday, July 28, 1914

            Had launch ride in Speed Away and supper at Geneva with A.B.N. and O.W.M. Ice-Cream at Chocolate Shop.


Friday, August 7, 1914

            Went on Slough with F.S. Fine evening. Moon.


Sunday, August 16, 1914

            F.S. and I start for Davenport but while waiting for Interurban are invited to take auto ride. Visited Fruitland and surrounding country.


Monday, August 17, 1914

            Farther Lights meeting at Schoemakers on Cedar. Hot evening.


Tuesday, August 18, 1914

            First day of White Way Picnic.[34] Crowd in town. Went down town morning, afternoon and evening. Hydroplane performed in afternoon. Auto parade in evening. 2nd St. looks beautiful with lights and flags.


Wednesday, August 19, 1914

            Rain. Aunt J. says I am too dependent. Let’s reform and polish up our independence from now henceforth and forever.


Tuesday, September 1, 1914

            For heaven sake keep your mouth shut. Noncommital is the word.





[1] Dandy was Grandma’s new carriage horse. 

[2] I believe O.M.W. was a would-be suitor with whom Grandma preferred to be just “friends.”  As this diary shows, Grandma had “friendship” talks with at least two other men.

[3] I believe Carl was another man whom Grandma thought very highly of, if not loved. According to a later entry in the diary, his father’s surname was Parchert, so Carl’s surname was probably Parchert too. Following is a letter found in Edith’s effects from Carl.


Illinois City Ill

July 11-11


Dear Edie:-


                I got such nice long letter last Friday and with such good report form the 4th but received a nicer letter last night I will tell you more about it when you come out. To be sure I want you to come out, I wanted to ask you in my last letter wether you coulden come for I wanted to see you pretty bad, but I was afraid I have no one in particular for you to bring you. Bring ever who you want too, try and bring some one that we can get away from a while some time during the day. I want a little visit with you alone, you know? Dear child come any day you want too but drop me a card a day before you come so you wont catch me with whiskers on my face. Mother wants you to come too she said you are welcome any time. Well D. K.[3] I am feeling about as usual lost another lb. last week, I believe it is due to hot weather. Dearie you are a Jewel, how kind of you to send me the other bill. Thanks many many times, my how I will squeeze you in thanksgiving and joy when you come. Be sure and get an early start and make as long a day as you can. I want a good long day. We had a little exitement this morning about 8 oclock a large ballon passed over our place, it was too high we coulden talk with the man. Hoping to see you soon I wont put in any amount this time but will administer them when you come Dear.[3]


Grandpa[3] Karly


Comments: According to the M. Edith Raff Diary, Carl Parchert died Sept. 15, 1911, just 4 days after writing this letter.


Notes: 1-In a previous letter, Carl had referred to Grandma as Dear Kid.

           2-I believe the “amount” he will “administer” referred to were “x’s” sometimes written at the end of letters to symbolize kisses and “o’s”, which symbolize hugs.

           3-I believe he refers to himself as “Grandpa” because he is poking fun at his own debilitated condition.


[4] B.Y.P.U. is an acronym for Baptist Young People’s Union.

[5] The Geneva Club was a country club on Mulberry St. It is possible Grandma’s references to Geneva refer to this club. Her mother also refers to events at “the club” in postcards and letters to Edith.

[6] The A-Muse-U was a movie house or theater in Muscatine at that time.

[7] Anna P. was Anna Prosser, a close friend of Grandma’s who’s married name was Young.

[8] I believe the “Farther Lights” was a club or group of people within her Baptist church which possibly met to raise funds.

[9] I don’t know what D.A. stood for.

[10] Harrison Fisher (1875-1934) was known as "The Father of A Thousand Girls.” He showed an early artistic talent and from the age of six was instructed by his father, Hugh Antoine Fisher, a landscape painter. When his family moved from New York to San Francisco, Harrison studied at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art. At the age of sixteen, Fisher had begun to make drawings for the San Francisco Call and later for the Examiner. Soon after returning to New York, Fisher became a staff artist for Puck Magazine. He became known for his ability to draw beautiful women, and his Fisher Girls became rivals to those of Gibson and Christy. The American Girl was a favorite theme for the magazine then, and Fisher did cover illustrations for most of them. Eventually he painted only portraits, including many actresses and theatrical personalities.

[11] Mabel M. Lewis was one of Grandma’s dearest friends who had grown up with Grandma her and then moved with  her mother and sister to Portland, Oregon.

[12] The “Quartette” refers to 4 of Grandma’s friends. I’m not sure who they were.

[13] Dix was Grandma’s beloved cat.

[14] Gleaned from a letter from Frank Schmidt, the Baraca class was possibly a bible study group in the Baptist church.

[15] These were hardy people. 24 below zero and they walked, or hitched up the horses and rode in the open air to church!

[16] I believe the Black Scarf Club was a group of teachers who gathered socially.

[17]The following letter, written on the German Savings Bank’s letterhead, was found in Edith’s effects.


Muscatine, Iowa

May 18-1911

Dear Edith:-

                You no doubt will be suprised at this letter, but you know strange things will happen. But I have my new buggy now and if you haven’t a date for this coming Saturday evening I would like to give you a buggy ride, Old Kid, I want you to have the first ride in it.

                If you can go be sure and let me know right away either by mail or phone me at the bank. We can talk more then even though this letter is short, I am,

Yours sincerly,



[18] The Firefly was possibly an evening train.

[19] Church committee teams (Reds and Blues) probably in charge of fund raising.

[20] Speaking of herself as captain of the “Reds.”

[21] Apparently the initials for her newest beau.

[22] Grandma must have been a singer, as far as I know she never played a musical instrument.

[23] I believe that after the death of Carl, this was Grandma’s next serious beau. His name was Frank Schmidt. His letter follows:


Muscatine Iowa

Dec. 39 1913


Miss Edith Raff


                Dear friend, I hope we shall always be friends and it is with great pleasure to acknowledge it. Knowing it is God’s will and your consent that makes it possible. Catching sight of your face through the window of the court house last evening reminded me of a letter I would write, and such as it is, here it is full of grammatical errors. Hope you are open for a date this evening. I’ll phone about six oclock. It was very late when we parted Sunday evening and am as sorry as ever to put you out so as it is not your wish.  Though the weather is cloudy and dreary it does not make our friendship tarnish, and if you will take a very small amount of advise offered without being ask for. Do not buy any stock in the “Bend City Oil Co.” It has been thoughtfully investigated and found wanting.

The Banquet at the Church last evening was fine-a debate followed the business meeting of the Baraca Class.

Hope that you will at some time in the future write a few lines. I’ll do another letter soon, as you see considerable amounts of practice is needed.

This is not all I wish to write but it is time to go, I’m so sleepy this morning and mind on case but if you’ll be patient I’ll express myself.


Remaining your Friend,


Frank Schmidt


[24] Aunt Julia was Edith’s mother’s sister.

[25] The following is the description of a postcard written to Edith on this date by her mother.

Description: Postcard with picture of Muscatine High School on the front. Postmarked Muscatine Iowa, July 25 1913. Addressed to Miss Edith Raff, Williams Bay, Wis. Y. V. M.C. A. Camp.


July 24th


Dear Edith,


                This is the nearest home view I can send you. Two cards received by me, one also by Julia  for which she sends thanks. Glad you are getting along all right. May write you Sunday although you did not ask for a letter. Julia and I took our supper at Weed park this evening the day was so fine.


With love,




[26] Could this be the elusive “A. K.”? And where is Butterville?

[27] Mama was Ella Sanders Raff.

[28] Tom Thumb weddings—young children dressed up as bride and groom with bridesmaids, attendants, groomsmen, etc and put on a mock wedding. Folks apparently enjoyed these spectacles during lulls in the “social season.”

[29] I believe that my Great Grandmother must have said something negative regarding their relationship. I don’t think she liked him, or any of Grandma’s beaus very well.

[30] Probably refers to Grandma’s brother, Fred.

[31] Grandma’s cousin, Josephine Sanders Hoge

[32] Referring to photos taken with flash.

[33] Probably a reference to Rev. Samuel Porter Jones, a popular post Civil War evangelist from Georgia.

[34] The White Way was a hotel on the corner of Hershey Ave. and Green St. I don’t know if this entry refers to the hotel.