The first permanent organization in Davenport was that of the Davenport Rifle Corps-a German Company.  They now number forty men, Capt. Haupt; First Lieutant, Scherer; Orderly Sergeant, Winegardner.

The next Company organized was an American Company - the Davenport City Artillery.  It was organized June, 1857, under the auspices of Capt. Schuyler - whose indefatigable exertions have more than anything else brought the Company to its present character.

OFFICERS. - C. N. Schuyler, Captain; W. W. Gallaer, 1st Lieutenant; 2nd do., Chas. C. Harris; 3d do., John Johns.  Forty men and two six pounders.

Davenport City Guards (German.)  The officers of this Company are mostly old soldiers from Schleswig-Holstein.  Organized Feb., 1858.  Captain, F. Unrow; 1st Lieutenant, Steward; 2nd Lieutenant, John Hempel; Orderly Sergeant, D. Hempel.  Forty men.

Davenport Sarsfield Guards, (Irish.)  Not organized fully.


The Fire Department of Davenport never assumed prominence for efficient service until the matter was taken in hand by R. M. Littler, formerly of Cincinnati.  Through his efforts a Company was organized July 26, 1856, and two of Honeyman's best Engines purchased, which arrived May, 1857.  The company organized was the "Independent Fire Engine and Hose Company, No. 1."  R. M. Littler was elected President.  In February, 1858, the Fire Department was reorganized, and in March R. M. Littler was elected Chief Engineer over O. S. McNiel by a majority of twenty.  The entire vote was two hundred and fifty-four.  Christian Mueller was unanimously elected First Assistant, and E. A. Tellibine, Second, over D. Moore.

The organization now consists of -

"Independent Fire Engine and Hose Company, No. 1." - Two Engines, two Hose Carts.  Fifteen hundred feet of Hose.  Cost $6500.  Chris. Buckholter and Issac Cummings, Foremen of Engines, and John Gundaker Foremen of Hose.  One hundred and twenty-five sets of equipments, and one hundred and twenty members.  Engine House on Brady street, near Fifth.  Cost $6,000.

"Fire King Company, No. 2." - organized 1857.  Smith's Engine, and eight hundred feet of hose.  Marsh Noe, Foreman.  House in Davenport's Block.  One hundred and nineteen men.

"Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1." - Organized December, 1857. Ninety men.  Chas. Eyser and H. La Franz, Foremen.  House on third street, near Washington Square.

"Engine Company No. 3." - House with Pioneer No. 1, Hook and Ladder - sixty-four men.  Officers to be elected 2d Monday in April.