Transcribed by Kathy Mahmens

The * indicates a real estate owner.  This text has been transcribed "as is".  The town of Walcott is misspelled
as well as several surnames.  The city indicates where the person received their mail. 

Earhart Philip                                 farmer                          Davenport
*Earhart Wilbur                                farmer                          Davenport
Eberhard John                                  miner                           Buffalo
Eberhardt Chas E                               Eberhardt & Beenck              Blue Grass
Eberhardt & Beenck (Chas Eberhardt & Chas Beencpainters & paper hangers        Blue Grass
*Eckermann Gustav                              saloon                          Davenport
Eckermann Henry                                farmer                          Balluff
Eckermann John                                 lab                             New Liberty
Eckermann Peter                                farmer                          Balluff
Eckhardt R A                                   lab                             Gambril
Eckman Albert                                  lab                             Davenport
Eckman Claus                                                                   Davenport
*Eckman Claus                                  shoemkr                         Davenport
Eckman Marquis                                 lab                             Long Grove
*Eckstein John                                 farmer                          Davenport
Eddie Abagail C (wid)                                                          Davenport
*Edins John                                    farmer                          Davenport
Edwards F A                                    carp                            LeClaire
*Edwards R A (Van Sant & Edwards)              justice of the peace LeClaire TwLeClaire
Egger Catharine                                domestic                        Amity
Egger John                                     lab                             Amity
*Egger Mathias                                 cooper                          Buffalo
Egger Wm                                       lab                             Amity
*Egger Zachariah                               farmer                          Amity
Eggers Heinrich                                farmer                          Davenport
Eggers Henry                                   gardener                        Davenport
Eggers Henry                                   lab                             Eldridge
Eggers Mathias                                 farmer                          Long Grove
Eggers Peter                                                                   Buffalo
Eggert Wm                                      lab                             McCausland
Ehlers Annie                                   domestic                        Wolcott
Ehlers Chas                                    farmer                          Mount Joy
Ehlers Claus                                   carp                            Pleasant Valley
Ehlers Claus                                   lab                             Davenport
*Ehlers Hans                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Ehlers Hans                                    lab                             Davenport
Ehlers Heinrich                                farmer                          Durant
*Ehlers Joseph P                               farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Ehlers Paul                                    farmer                          Balluff
Ehlers Wm                                      lab                             Eldridge
Ehlert Louis                                   lab                             Blue Grass
*Eichner Clau                                  farmer                          Dixon
*Eichner Jurgen                                farmer                          Plain View
*Einfeldt Christ                               farmer                          Davenport
*Elder Joseph                                                                  Long Grove
Elers Henry                                    farmer                          Amity
Ellermann Jacob                                farmer                          Plain View
Elliot Frank                                   lab                             Gilbert
*Elliot John                                   shoemkr                         LeClaire
*Elmer D J                                     farmer                          Big Rock
Elmer Walter D                                                                 Big Rock
Elmer W D                                      gen'l store  (Cadda Station)    Noel
Elmer Wm D                                                                     Big Rock
Elmergreen Edward                              farmer                          Long Grove
Elmergreen Ivan                                lab                             Long Grove
*Ely James                                     grain merchant                  Davenport
Emegreen Edward                                farmer                          Davenport
*Emies Chas M                                  farmer                          Mount Joy
Emler Chas F                                   tel opr                         Wolcott
Engel Gustav                                   harness & saddles               Dixon
*Engelbach Diedrich                            farmer                          Davenport
Engelberg Henry                                farmer                          Davenport
Engelberg Herman                               lab                             Davenport
Engelberg Johan                                farmer                          Davenport
England Juergen                                lab                             New Liberty
Englehardt Fred                                farmer                          Donahue
Engler Christ                                                                  Donahue
*Engler Ulrich                                 farmer                          Donahue
English David                                  farmer                          Dixon
English Robt                                   lab                             Dixon
Engram Etter Mrs                                                               Davenport
*Ennis John                                    farmer                          Noel
*Epp Henry                                     painter                         Buffalo
*Epping Theodore                               gardener                        Davenport
Erling John                                    lab                             Princeton
*Erling Mathias                                farmer                          Princeton
Erskine James S                                                                Princeton
Erwin Samuel H                                 farmer                          LeClaire
Erwold Henry                                   farmer                          Balluff
Esebe Alexander                                lab                             Wolcott
Eseke Ella Miss                                teacher                         Wolcott
*Evans David C                                 farmer                          Princeton
Evans John                                                                     Gilbert
*Evans John                                    farmer                          Long Grove
Evers Christ                                   farmer                          Eldridge
Evers John                                     hotel & saloon                  Donahue
Evers Wm                                       farmer                          Pleasant Valley
*Everts Carl                                   mechanis                        Dixon
Ewold Hans                                     farmer                          Round Grove
Ewold Theodore                                 carp                            Davenport
Ewoldt Fred                                    farmer                          Davenport
*Ewoldt Hans P                                 carp                            Eldridge
Ewoldt Herman                                  lab                             Long Grove

*Fagan James                                   gardener                        Davenport
Falk John                                      ditcher                         LeClaire
Fanning John                                   blksmith                        Princeton
Farber Henry                                   farmer                          McClausland
Farber H W                                     farmer                          McClausland
*Farber Moses                                  farmer                          Davenport
Farber Moses jr                                farmer                          Davenport
Farenkrog Theodore                             lab                             Noel
Farrel John T                                  blksmith & wagon mkr            Gambril
Farren John                                    farmer                          Long Grove
Farren Patrick                                 farmer                          Long Grove
Fashion Robert E                               farmer                          Davenport
Fassler Edward                                 lab                             Princeton
Fassler Jacob                                  farmer                          Princeton
*Fearing Geo W                                 farmer                          Davenport
Fearing Wm                                     lab                             Davenport
Feeney James                                   farmer                          Donahue
*Fehan John                                    teamster                        LeClaire
Fehan Thomas                                   lab                             LeClaire
*Feilke Fred                                   farmer                          Blue Grass
Fejewary Nicholas                                                              Davenport
*Feldhahn Martin                                                               Fulton
Felstrow Louis                                 farmer                          Fulton
Fendt Chas                                     farmer                          Long Grove
Fendt Chas jr                                  lab                             Long Grove
*Fenno Edward                                  farmer                          Gilbert
*Fenno H H                                                                     Gilbert
Fenton Francis                                 carp                            Davenport
Ferdner Geo                                    farmer                          Donahue
Fernald Louis P                                livery & feed stable            LeClaire
Feuerbach Maria (wid)                                                          Wolcott
Fey Gusta                                      domestic                        Amity
Fey Mary (wid)                                                                 Amity
Fey Wm                                         farmer                          Donahue
Fichner Otto                                   farmer                          Davenport
Fichner Wm                                                                     Davenport
*Fitchter Ferdinand                            lab                             Buffalo
*Fick Henry                                    lab                             Wolcott
Fick John                                      lab                             Donahue
*Fidler Matthew                                mason                           Buffalo
*Figley Josiah                                 farmer                          Dixon
*Finck Henry                                   farmer                          Round Grove
Finck Peter                                    farmer                          Round Grove
Finifield Edward                               farmer                          Davenport
Finke Claus                                                                    New Liberty
*Finke Heinrich                                farmer                          Fulton
Finke Henry                                    blksmith                        Davenport
Finley John                                    lab                             Gambril
Finnigan Sarah (wid James)                                                     Buffalo
Fischer Henry                                  farmer                          Davenport
*Fischwild Henry                               painter                         Buffalo
Fischwild Max                                  lab                             Buffalo
Fish Lewis                                     farmer                          Gambril
Fish Lewis jr                                  lab                             Gambril
Fish W P                                       farmer                          Gambril
Fisher Adams                                   lab                             Balluff
*Fisher Balis                                  farmer                          Big Rock
Fisher Edward                                  farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Fisher George                                  lab                             Balluff
Fisher Martin                                  farmer                          Davenport
Fisher Wm H                                    farmer                          Balluff
Flaherty Wm                                    section boss                    Buffalo
Fleming James R                                farmer                          Davenport
Flentje August                                 blksmith                        Dixon
Fletcher Alexander                             farmer                          Davenport
Fletcher James                                 farmer                          Princeton
Fletcher Robt F                                farmer                          Princeton
Fletcher Wm                                    farmer                          LeClaire
Flexner Jacob                                  farmer                          Davenport
*Flexner Leopold                               merchant                        Davenport
*Flick Henry J                                 agt C M & St P Ry               Dixon
Flick J H                                      Ketelsen & Flick                Dixon
Flinker Henry                                  farmer                          Big Rock
*Flinker John                                  farmer                          Dixon
Flinker John jr                                farmer                          Dixon
Flourney James H (col'd)                       lab                             Balluff
*Fluke Newton K                                fruit grower                    Davenport
*Fluke Thomas K                                farmer                          Davenport
*Flynn Michael                                 farmer                          Dixon
Flynn Michael jr                               lab                             Dixon
Flynn Patrick                                  farmer                          Allen's Grove
Flynn Samuel                                   lab                             Dixon
Foellmer Emie                                  farmer                          Mount Joy
Foelner Wm                                     farmer                          Mount Joy
Foley D E                                      section boss                    Gambril
Follett Charles                                engineer                        LeClaire
*Follett Frank                                 farmer                          Big Rock
Follmer Fritz                                  farmer                          Durant
*Follmer Henry                                 farmer                          Mount Joy
Folmer Samuel                                  lab                             LeClaire
Fortner Charles                                lab                             Pleasant Valley
Fortum Geo                                     lab                             Davenport
Fortum Magdelena Mrs                           farmer                          Davenport
Fory Gurdon C                                  lab                             Allen's Grove
Foster Benjamin W                              farmer                          Donahue
Foster Mary                                    teacher                         Donahue
*Foster Thos                                   farmer                          Donahue
Fosz Augusta                                   domestic                        Wolcott
*Fowler E                                      painter                         LeClaire
Fowler Wm E                                    piano tuner                     LeClaire
*Frahm George                                  carp                            Davenport
Frahm Henry                                    farmer                          Davenport
Frahm Joachim                                  farmer & gardener               Davenport
*Frahm John                                    dairyman                        Davenport
Frahm Julius                                                                   Davenport
*Frahm Wilhelm                                 lab                             Wolcott
Frame Claus                                    lab                             Plain View
Frank Aug                                      brakeman                        Buffalo
Frank Chas                                     carp                            Buffalo
*Frank F Joseph                                carpentar                       Buffalo
Frank Henry                                    lab                             Buffalo
Frank Henry                                    lab                             Wolcott
Frank Hermann                                  farmer                          LeClaire
Frankland Benj                                 farmer                          Davenport
Franklin Perry                                 lab                             Princeton
Franks George S                                farmer                          LeClaire
*Franz August                                  farmer                          Wolcott
Franz Robert                                   lab                             Wolcott
Franzen Heinrich                               lab                             Amity
Franzen Otto                                   lab                             Wolcott
Franzen Peter                                  farmer                          Durant
Fraser Alexander                               farmer                          Blue Grass
Fraser Ann (wid)                                                               Blue Grass
*Fraser James                                  farmer                          Blue Grass
Fraser Jessie                                  domestic                        Blue Grass
*Frauen Christ                                 farmer                          Wolcott
Frauen John                                    lab                             Wolcott
Fraunen Geo                                    farmer                          Wolcott
*Fredericks Gustav                             farmer                          Gilbert
Freeman Jacob                                  lab                             Eldridge
Freeman John                                   merchant                        LeClaire
Frennel Archie                                 farmer                          Davenport
Frennel Peter                                  farmer                          Davenport
*Freund George A                               farmer                          Davenport
Freund Geo K                                   farmer                          Mount Joy
Freund John T                                  lab                             Davenport
Frey Chas                                      farmer                          Gilbert
Frey Margaret (wid)                                                            Gilbert
Frey Wm                                        farmer                          Amity
*Frick Christ                                  farmer                          Eldridge
*Frick Heinrich                                farmer                          Durant
*Frick John                                    farmer                          Wolcott
*Fricke Fritz                                  lab                             Buffalo
*Fricke Henry                                  mason                           Buffalo
Friday Chas                                                                    Davenport
*Friday John J                                 farmer                          Davenport
*Friday John M                                 farmer                          Davenport
Friday John M jr                                                               Davenport
Friday Sarah Miss                                                              Davenport
Fridley Herman                                                                 Buffalo
*Fridley Jacob                                 farmer                          Buffalo
Fridley Lincoln                                                                Buffalo
*Fridley Wm                                    farmer                          Buffalo
Friedrichs Gus                                 farmer                          Amity
Friederich Henry                               farmer                          Wolcott
Friedrichs Wm                                  farmer                          Amity
Fries John F                                   carp                            LeClaire
*Fromme Louis                                  lab                             Wolcott
Fruechtenicht Martin                           clk                             Wolcott
Fry James                                      farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Fry Samuel                                                                     Blue Grass
*Fry Wm                                        ins agt                         Pleasant Valley
Frye George D                                  farmer                          Davenport
*Frye Herman                                                                   Eldridge
Fuhlendorf Hans                                lab                             Davenport
*Fuller David S                                lab                             Balluff
Fuller Fred A                                                                  Balluff
*Fuller Rufus C                                Curtis & Fuller                 Donahue
Fuller Wm B                                    carp                            Donahue
Fulmer Christena (wid)                                                         Princeton
Fulmer Dan'l                                   farmer                          Princeton
Fulmer Jacob                                   lab                             Princeton
Fulmer John                                    farmer                          Princeton
*Funk Paul                                     farmer                          Davenport

Gabatuler Henry                                farmer                          Donahue
Gabbert Emily Miss                                                             Blue Grass
*Gabbert Henry                                 farmer                          Blue Grass
Gabbert Sarah H                                teacher                         Blue Grass
*Gabel John                                    farmer                          Blue Grass
*Gable Joseph                                  mechanic                        LeClaire
Gadd Joseph R                                  physician                       Buffalo
Gahagan Frank                                  farmer                          Mount Joy
Gahagan Geo                                    farmer                          Mount Joy
*Gahagan John                                  farmer                          Mount Joy
Galiner Joseph                                 cook                            LeClaire
Gallagher Edwin                                farmer                          Dixon
Galligher John                                 farmer                          Dixon
*Gamble James                                  physician & surgeon             LeClaire
Gangler John                                   lab                             Davenport
Gankler Anton                                  lab                             Davenport
*Gankler Joseph                                farmer                          Davenport
*Ganzer Fred                                   farmer                          Dixon
Garber Annie R Miss                                                            McClausland
Garber Davis                                   farmer                          McClausland
*Garber Harry sr                               farmer                          McClausland
Garber Harry E                                 McClausland & Garber            McClausland
Garber John                                    farmer                          McClausland
*Garber Michael                                farmer                          Princeton
*Garlock Henry S                               farmer                          Blue Grass
Garlough Henry                                 lab                             LeClaire
*Garlough Jacob                                farmer                          Princeton
*Garner David S                                farmer                          Davenport
Garner Harry                                   lab                             Davenport
Garner John                                    farmer                          Davenport
Garner Lucinthia Miss                                                          Davenport
Garner Miles L                                 farmer                          Davenport
*Garner Philip                                 farmer                          Davenport
Garrad Wm                                      gardener                        Balluff
Garrett David C                                minister                        Davenport
Garside Wm                                     miner                           Buffalo
Gast George                                    farmer                          Davenport
*Gast George L                                 trustee LeClaire Twp            LeClaire
*Gast Henry C                                  farmer                          Princeton
Gast John L                                                                    Princeton
Gast Milton                                    farmer                          Davenport
*Gast Samuel                                   physician                       Princeton
*Gast Wm E                                     farmer                          Princeton
Gast Wm L                                      farmer                          Princeton
*Gates Don C                                   Gates & Shaw gen'l store        Big Rock
Gates & Shaw                                   Don C Gates & Anthony Shaw      Big Rock
Gattsch Henry                                  lab                             Wolcott
Gault David                                    clk                             LeClaire
Gault House                                    R Bard, proprietor              LeClaire
*Gault Wm                                      engineer                        LeClaire
Gaw Amelia (wid)                                                               Princeton
*Gaymon Thomas                                 trustee Davenport Twp           Davenport
Gease Henry                                                                    Davenport
Gebhard Chas                                   gardener                        Davenport
*Geese Henry                                   farmer                          Davenport
Geest Henry                                    lab                             Wolcott
*Geiger Henry                                  farmer                          Dixon
*Geisler Emie                                  merchant                        Davenport
Geoteger Fritz                                 farmer                          Noel
Gerhardt _____                                 farmer                          Linwood
*Gerkin Claus                                                                  Pleasant Valley
Gertsche Fred                                  farmer                          Davenport
*Gertz Christian                               trustee Lincoln Twp             Eldridge
*Gertz Henry                                   farmer                          Mount Joy
Gesseling Herman                               farmer                          Wolcott
Gesseling Margaret                                                             Wolcott
Gesseling Theo                                 lab                             Wolcott
Gessner Caroline                                                               Davenport
Gessner Mary                                                                   Davenport
*Gessner Michael                               farmer                          Davenport
Gessner Michael jr                             lab                             Davenport
Geurick  Wm                                    farmer                          Wolcott
Gieling Gerhard                                lab                             Wolcott
Giese Peter                                                                    Davenport
*Giese Thies                                   farmer                          Wolcott
*Gies Wilhelm                                  lab                             Davenport
Gilbert Martha (wid)                                                           LeClaire
Gilbert Ward B                                 agt                             Balluff
*Gillen Dominick                               farmer                          Donahue
Gillen Francis                                 lab                             Long Grove
*Gillen Michael                                farmer                          Donahue
*Gillen Patrick                                farmer                          Long Grove
Gillett Chester                                                                Davenport
Gilliarind Thomas                              lab                             Princeton
Gilligan James W                               gardener                        Balluff
*Gilligan John                                 gardener                        Balluff
Gillis James                                   gardener                        Balluff
Gillmore Maggie Miss                                                           Allen's Grove
Gillmore R Nellie Miss                         teacher                         Allen's Grove
Gillmore Wm L                                  teacher                         Allen's Grove
Gillon Michael                                 constable                       Donahue
Gillon M V                                     trustee Winfield Tp             Donahue
Gilmore George                                                                 Davenport
Gilmore Steward                                farmer                          Allen's Grove
*Gilruth James H                               farmer                          Davenport
*Gimm Claus                                    farmer                          Round Grove
Girt______                                     farmer & miner                  Buffalo
Girtz Fred                                     farmer                          Davenport
*Gittins Michael                               farmer                          Davenport
*Glassman Wm                                                                   Davenport
Glau Nicholas                                  farmer                          Davenport
Glau Nicholas                                  farmer                          Mount Joy
Glen Christ                                    lab                             Davenport
*Glen Patrick                                  lab                             Davenport
*Glode Fritz                                   farmer                          Davenport
*Glover Jos                                    blksmith                        Donahue
Gloy Ernst                                     lab                             Davenport
Gluhm Peter                                    farmer                          Davenport
Glynn Fred                                     lab                             LeClaire
*Glynn Pat                                     farmer                          Long Grove
Glynn Rob't                                    mason                           LeClaire
*Glynn Thos J                                  farmer                          Gambril
Gobart Chas                                    miner                           Buffalo
Goedecke Henry                                 lab                             Davenport
*Goering Henry                                 farmer                          Wolcott
Goering Jennie Miss                                                            Wolcott
Goering John                                   farmer                          Wolcott
Goering Mary Miss                                                              Wolcott
Goering Theo                                   lab                             Wolcott
Goering Wilhelm                                lab                             Wolcott
Goesch Claus                                   lab                             Amity
Goetsch Hans                                   farmer                          New Liberty
*Goetsch Wm                                                                    Davenport
*Goettsch Heinrich                             farmer                          New Liberty
*Goettsch Joachim                              stone quarry                    Davenport
*Goettsch Peter                                constable                       Amity
Gold Frank                                     farmer                          Linwood
Gold John                                      lab                             Davenport
*Gold John                                     farmer                          Linwood
Gold Michael                                   farmer                          Linwood
Gold Preston                                   miner                           Buffalo
Goldsmith Frank                                engineer                        LeClaire
*Goldsmith Harry                               teamster                        LeClaire
*Goldsmith John                                teamster                        LeClaire
*Golinghorst George                            farmer                          Amity
Golinghorst Henry                              lab                             Amity
Goodwin Hiram                                  farmer                          Eldridge
Goodwin Orville                                farmer                          Eldridge
*Gorman Edward                                 saloon & restaurant             Gambril
Gosch Claus                                    farmer                          Wolcott
*Gosch Hans                                    lab                             Gilbert
*Gosch Peter                                   farmer                          McClausland
Goss Adelbert                                  lab                             Davenport
*Gotsch Henry                                  lab                             Green Tree
Gottsch Chris                                  farmer                          Davenport
Gottsch Heinrich                               farmer                          Amity
Gottsch Joachim                                farmer                          Durant
Gottsch Joachim W                              lab                             Eldridge
*Gottschalk Fred W                             carp                            Davenport
Gottschalk John                                farmer                          Blue Grass
Goudy James                                    lab                             LeClaire
Gould George                                   miner                           Buffalo
Grace Davis                                    farmer                          Dixon
Grace James                                    lab                             Dixon
Grace Jennie Mrs                               teacher                         Dixon
*Grace Nelson                                  farmer                          Dixon
*Grace Wm                                      teacher                         Dixon
Graham Chas                                    mechanic                        LeClaire
Graham Chas F                                  hardware, stoves & tinware      LeClaire
Graham George                                  farmer                          LeClaire
Graham Henry                                   lab                             Princeton
*Graham John                                   farmer                          LeClaire
*Graham Joseph                                                                 Princeton
Graham Joseph jr                               farmer                          Princeton
Graham R B Mrs                                 fancy goods & notions           Dixon
Graham Scott                                   farmer                          LeClaire
Graham Scott                                   farmer                          Princeton
Graham Thos                                    dry goods                       Dixon
Graham Wm                                      farmer                          Princeton
Grant Alex                                     gardener                        Gilbert
*Grant D C                                     clk Pleasant Valley Tp          Gilbert
Greanwald John                                 miller                          Blue Grass
Greaser T W                                    harnessmkr                      Buffalo
Greece Frank                                   farmer                          McClausland
*Greece Hans                                   farmer                          McClausland
Greece Rudolph                                 farmer                          McClausland
Greeley John                                   lab                             Long Grove
Green Joseph                                   lab                             Linwood
*Greene Allen J                                farmer                          Davenport
Greene Wesley                                  farmer                          Davenport
Greenwald Matthew                              lab                             Davenport
Greer George                                                                   Davenport
*Greer James H                                                                 Davenport
Greibel Reimer                                 farmer                          Gambril
*Greig James                                   justice of the peace Allen's GroDixon
                                               and horse breeder
Grell Edward                                   farmer                          Allen's Grove
Grell Fred                                     lab                             Allen's Grove
Grell Henry                                    farmer                          Allen's Grove
*Grell James                                   trustee & justice of the peace  Allen's Grove
                                               Allen's Grove Tp
Grell John                                     farmer                          Allen's Grove
Grell John                                     farmer                          Donahue
Grell Julius                                   farmer                          Allen's Grove
Gremmer August                                 lab                             Wolcott
Gresmuhl Fritz                                 lab                             Durant
*Greve Adolph                                  florist                         Davenport
*Greve Gustave                                 blksmith & wagonmkr             Dixon
Greve John                                     farmer                          Dixon
Grieble John                                   farmer                          Green Tree
*Gries Mathias                                 farmer                          Amity
Gries Minnie                                                                   Amity
Gries Sophia                                                                   Amity
*Grieve Thos                                   farmer                          Long Grove
Grifing Henry                                  lab                             New Liberty
Grill Fritz                                    lab                             Amity
Grob Gertrude (wid)                                                            Buffalo
*Grobman Fritz                                 lab                             Buffalo
*Groenwaldt August                             farmer                          Mount Joy
Gromell Louis                                  teamster                        Davenport
*Gross Joseph                                  mechanic                        LeClaire
Gross Albert                                   clk                             LeClaire
Groth Adolph                                   saloon                          Big Rock
Groth John                                     farmer                          Durant
Groth John                                     lab                             Green Tree
*Groth Wm                                      farmer                          Linwood
Grubman Fred                                                                   Davenport
Grude Julius                                   clk                             Long Grove
Grueck Herman                                  lab                             Eldridge
Gruemmer Henry                                 hotel & saloon                  Wolcott
Gruenhager Peter                               farmer                          Wolcott
Grumuh Edward                                  lab                             Davenport
Grunnels Henry                                 farmer                          Mount Joy
Gubbetule Palus                                lab                             Donahue
Guelek Frank                                   lab                             Wolcott
Guelek Juergen                                 shoemkr                         Wolcott
Gueldenzopf Charlotte (wid)                                                    Davenport
*Gueltzow Joachim                              farmer                          Davenport
Guenter Louis                                  farmer                          Blue Grass
Gugelmeiser John                               farmer                          Davenport
Gulck Frank                                    lab                             Donahue
Gunian James                                   farmer                          Eldridge
*Gunian Thos                                   farmer                          Eldridge