Transcribed by Kathy Mahmens 
The * indicates a real estate owner. This text has been transcribed "as is". The town of Walcott
is misspelled as well as several surnames. The city indicates where the person received their mail.

Hass John                                      hardware                        Dixon
Hach Jens                                      assessor Cleona Tp              Round Grove
Hach Theodore                                  constable                       Round Grove
*Hacker Christ                                 farmer                          Mount Joy
*Hagan Jacob                                   farmer                          Davenport
Hagedorn Carl                                  farmer                          Wolcott
Hagedorn Christiana (wid)                                                      New Liberty
Hagedorn Fred                                  farmer                          Amity
Hagedorn Fred                                  farmer                          New Liberty
*Hagedorn Joachim                              farmer                          Eldridge
*Hagedorn Peter                                trustee Sheridan Tp             Eldridge
Hagen Johannes                                 farmer                          Amity
*Hagge Adolph                                  farmer                          McCausland
Hagge Adolph                                   farmer                          New Liberty
Hagge Adolph jr                                farmer                          McCausland
*Hagge Hans                                    farmer                          Davenport
Haghman Peter                                  farmer                          Davenport
Haghman Henry                                  lab                             Davenport
Hahn Emma                                                                      Donahue
Hahn Gurtz                                     farmer                          Davenport
Hahn Henrietta                                 farmer                          Donahue
*Hahn Henry                                    hotel                           Amity
*Hahn Wulf                                     farmer                          Davenport
Haies George                                   farmer                          McCausland
Hale Chas F                                    shoemkr                         LeClaire
Hale H L                                       merchant                        LeClaire
Halgren Nels P                                 lumber dealer                   Big Rock
*Hall Chas A                                   agent                           Davenport
*Hall Clark                                    farmer                          Davenport
Hall James                                                                     Gilbert
*Haller Chas                                                                   Davenport
Hamann Alfred                                  lab                             Davenport
Hamann Chas                                    farmer                          Amity
Hamann Chas                                    farmer                          Wolcott
Hamann Chas                                    lab                             Amity
Hamann Chas                                    lab                             LeClaire
Hamann Hans                                    farmer                          Balluff
*Hamann Hans H                                 farmer                          Mount Joy
Hamann Henry                                   blksmith                        Dixon
Hamann Henry A                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hamann John                                    farmer                          Amity
*Hamann John E J                               farmer                          Davenport
*Hamann John H                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hamann Louis C                                                                 Davenport
Hamann Wm                                      farmer                          Davenport
Hamilton Grant                                 farmer                          LeClaire
Hamilton Jane (wid)                                                            Princeton
Hamilton Lee                                   farmer                          LeClaire
Hamilton Rob't C                               lab                             Princeton
Hamman Adolph                                  farmer                          Wolcott
Hamman Chas                                    farmer                          Wolcott
Hammond Ira                                    farmer                          Mount Joy
Hammond Josiah L Rev                                                           Princeton
Hammond Luther                                 barber                          Princeton
*Hamp Joachim                                  lab                             Davenport
Hanchett Henry                                 lab                             Buffalo
Hand George                                    lab                             LeClaire
Hanks David                                    teacher                         Long Grove
Hanks Franklin                                 express                         Princeton
Hanks Samuel S                                 pilot                           Princeton
*Hanley Daniel                                 mechanic                        LeClaire
*Hanley Thos B                                 lawyer                          LeClaire
*Hanna Henry                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Hannay Jessie Miss                                                             Davenport
Hannay John F                                  farmer                          Davenport
Hanne Henry                                    trustee Pleasant Valley Tp      Pleasant Valley
*Henneman Louis                                farmer                          Davenport
Hannemann Gustave                              lab                             Davenport
*Hannemann Henry                               farmer                          Davenport
Hannemann Hermann                              farmer                          Davenport
Hannemann John                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hannsen Claus                                  lab                             Wolcott
Hannsen John                                   lab                             Wolcott
Hannsen Peter J                                farmer                          Davenport
*Hansen Andrew L                               lab                             Gilbert
*Hansen Carsten                                farmer                          Dixon
Hansen Claus                                   blksmith                        Round Grove
Hansen Claus                                   lab                             Donahue
Hansen George                                  lab                             LeClaire
Hansen Hans                                    farmer                          Fulton
Hansen Harold                                  carp                            Davenport
Hansen Henry                                   blksmith                        Mount Joy
*Hansen Henry                                  farmer                          Davenport
Hansen Henry                                   lab                             Davenport
Hansen John                                    blksmith                        Mount Joy
Hansen John                                    farmer                          Dixon
Hansen John                                    farmer                          Fulton
Hansen John                                    farmer                          Mount Joy
Hansen John                                    lab                             Eldridge
Hansen John                                    lab                             Long Grove
Hansen Nelson                                  farmer                          LeClaire
Hansen Peter                                   lab                             Davenport
Hansen Peter                                   lab                             Donahue
*Hansen Peter                                  stone mason                     Mount Joy
Hansen Tillie Miss                             domestic                        Davenport
*Hansen Wm                                     farmer                          Davenport
Harder Caroline Miss                                                           Wolcott
Harder Christ                                  farmer                          Long Grove
Harder Claus                                   farmer                          Donahue
Harder Claus                                   farmer                          Durant
Harder Henry                                   lab                             Eldridge
*Harder James                                  farmer and carp                 Long Grove
Harder John                                    farmer                          Eldridge
Harder John                                    lab                             Long Grove
Harder John D                                  lab                             Wolcott
*Harder Marx                                   farmer                          Wolcott
Hardie Thos                                    farmer                          Long Grove
Harges P                                       lab                             Buffalo
*Harms John                                    gardener                        Davenport
Harris B F                                     lab                             LeClaire
Harsch Anna Miss                               farmer                          Buffalo
Harsch Christ                                  farmer                          Buffalo
Hart Leedon (col'd)                            lab                             Balluff
*Hartman Henry                                 farmer                          Gilbert
Hartwell Elmer E                               lab                             Blue Grass
*Hartwell Theodore                             farmer                          Blue Grass
Hartz Anna (wid)                                                               Davenport
*Hartz Henry                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Harvey Suel                                    farmer                          Wolcott
Harz Joachim                                   lab                             Dixon
*Hasenmuler Joseph                             shoemkr                         Allen's Grove
*Hass Detlef                                   farmer                          Davenport
*Hass Hans J                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Hass Henry                                     farmer                          Buena Vista
Hass Henry                                     farmer                          Eldridge
Hass Henry                                     lab                             Amity
Hass Henry                                     lab                             LeClaire
*Hass John                                     merchant                        Dixon
Hass Philip                                    lab                             Wolcott
*Hasse Henry                                   teamster                        Davenport
*Hasse Wm                                      farmer                          Davenport
Hasse Wm                                       teamster                        Davenport
Hassen Henry                                   lab                             Davenport
Hassenmuller James                             shoemkr                         Allen's Grove
Hauer Fred                                     farmer                          Davenport
*Hauer Gottfred                                carp                            Gilbert
*Hauschild Amos                                teamster                        Princeton
Havens George                                  lab                             Davenport
*Havil Henry                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
*Haviland Adam                                 tile mnfr and farmer            Pleasant Valley
Haviland Benjamin                              lab                             Pleasant Valley
Havill Henry C                                 farmer                          Buffalo
Hawley Annie (wid)                                                             Pleasant Valley
Hawley L A                                     constable                       Pleasant Valley
Hawthorn David                                                                 LeClaire
Hawthorn John                                  lab                             LeClaire
Hawthorn J W                                   pilot                           LeClaire
*Hayden Detlef                                 blksmith                        Wolcott
*Hays James S                                  teamster                        Davenport
Hays Wm J                                      farmer                          LeClaire
*Headley W P                                   merchant                        LeClaire
Hebbel Chas                                    blksmith                        Davenport
Hebbel Hans                                    lab                             Princeton
Hebinck Bernhard                               farmer                          Davenport
Hebinck Bernhard                               lab                             Wolcott
Hebing Franz                                   lab                             Wolcott
Heckle Mary (wid Sebastian)                                                    Buffalo
Hedley W P                                     general store                   LeClaire
Heesch Doris (wid)                                                             Plain View
Heesch Herman                                  farmer                          LeClaire
Heesch Wm                                      farmer                          Plain View
Heeter August                                  farmer and miner                Buffalo
Heeter Caroline (wid)                          farmer                          Buffalo
Heeter Louis                                   farmer                          Buffalo
Heeter Reinhard                                farmer                          Buffalo
Hegemann Hans                                                                  New Liberty
Heidgerten Carl                                lab                             Blue Grass
*Heidt Jacob                                   constable & trustee Rockingham TDavenport
Heidt Jacob                                    farmer                          Linwood
Hein Carl                                      farmer                          Davenport
Hein Chas                                      lab                             Davenport
*Hein Hans                                     farmer                          Round Grove
Heiner Emma Miss                                                               Buffalo
Heins Doris Miss                               housekpr                        Blue Grass
Heitman G H                                    farmer                          Gilbert
Heitman John                                   farmer                          New Liberty
*Heitmann Henry N                              farmer                          Eldridge
Helberg Jacob                                  farmer                          Wolcott
*Helble Gerhardt                               farmer                          McCausland
Helble Joseph                                  farmer                          McCausland
Helble Wm                                      farmer                          McCausland
Helbrech Henry                                 lab                             Mount Joy
Held Henry                                     lab                             Dixon
Heldt Henry                                    lab                             Blue Grass
*Heldt Herman                                  blksmith                        Pleasant Valley
*Helgreen Peter                                merchant                        Big Rock
Helk Henry                                     lab                             Davenport
Helken John                                    farmer                          Long Grove
*Helkens Henry                                 farmer                          Eldridge
*Hell John                                     farmer                          Durant
*Hell John                                     farmer                          Eldridge
Heller Sophia Miss                             teacher                         Eldridge
Heller Wm                                      lab                             Davenport
Helms Carl                                     farmer                          Fulton
Hendersen George                               lab                             LeClaire
Hendersen Wm                                   teamster                        Buffalo
Henderson James                                mechanic                        LeClaire
Henderson Shadrach                             lab                             Buffalo
Henke Herman                                   lab                             Davenport
Henke John                                     lab                             Donahue
*Henke John H                                  gardener                        Davenport
*Henley Henry                                  farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Henley James                                                                   Pleasant Valley
Henneberry Michael                             farmer and miner                Buffalo
Hennegan John                                  farmer                          Davenport
Henning Chas                                                                   Linwood
*Henning Fred                                                                  Linwood
Hennings Fritz                                 lab                             Long Grove
Hennings Henry                                 merchant                        Pleasant Valley
Hennings Wm                                    farmer                          Davenport
*Henricksen Fred                               farmer                          Long Grove
Henricksen Henry                               farmer                          Long Grove
*Henry James                                   farmer                          Davenport
*Henry John                                    farmer                          Princeton
Henry John R Mrs                                                               McCausland
*Henry Joseph                                  farmer                          Princeton
Henry Robert                                   farmer                          Davenport
Henschen Detlef                                gardener                        Davenport
Hensen Heinrich                                farmer                          Plain View
Herbert Emily Miss                                                             Buffalo
Herbert M                                      farmer                          Davenport
*Herbert Valentine                             grocer and baker                Buffalo
Heremke Christ                                 farmer                          Davenport
Herman Aloes                                   farmer                          Davenport
Herman Chas                                    farmer                          Davenport
Herman Julius                                  farmer                          Davenport
Herman Leonard                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hermann August                                 farmer                          Davenport
*Hess Fred                                     farmer                          Davenport
Hess Gustav                                    farmer                          Davenport
Hess Henry                                     farmer                          Davenport
*Hess James C                                  painter                         Davenport
Hesse Andrew                                   lab                             Allen's Grove
Hesse Conrad                                   lab                             Allen's Grove
*Hesse Fred                                    farmer                          Allen's Grove
*Hetzel Chas F                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hetzel Henry                                   lab                             Davenport
Hetzel Rosina Miss                                                             Davenport
Hetzel Wilhelmina Miss                                                         Davenport
Hener Claus                                    dairyman                        Davenport
Hener Henry                                    farmer                          Davenport
*Hener Wm                                      (Hener & Westphal)              Dixon
Hener & Westphal (Wm Hener, Henry Westphal)    cigar mnfrs                     Dixon
Heyden David                                   saloon                          Wolcott
Hick Heinrich                                  lab                             Davenport
Hickson E A (wid)                              farmer                          Dixon
Hickson G W                                    lab                             Dixon
Hickson Henry                                                                  Dixon
*Hickson Joseph                                farmer                          Big Rock
*Hickson Wm H                                  grocer                          Dixon
Higgins Albert                                 lab                             Allen's Grove
Higgins Alfred                                 lab                             Allen's Grove
*Higgins James                                 farmer                          Allen's Grove
Higgins Joe                                    lab                             McCausland
*Highley Jacob C                               farmer                          Davenport
*Hilbert Jacob                                 farmer                          Round Grove
*Hilburn Chas                                  clerk                           LeClaire
*Hileman Samuel                                farmer                          LeClaire
Hill Chas                                      lab                             Blue Grass
Hill Ernst                                     farmer                          Long Grove
*Hill John                                     gardener                        Davenport
*Hill Robert B                                 teamster                        Blue Grass
Hilton Edward J                                farmer                          Green Tree
*Hilton James                                  farmer                          Green Tree
Hines Patrick                                  farmer                          Davenport
Hinrich Fred W                                 farmer                          Davenport
Hinrich Henry F                                farmer                          Davenport
*Hinrichs Jacob                                carp                            Davenport
*Hinrichs Wm                                   lab                             Gilbert
*Hinrichsen Jacob                              farmer                          Long Grove
Hins Joachim                                   farmer                          Fulton
Hinsinger George                               lab                             Princeton
Hintze John                                    lab                             Davenport
Hintze John                                    farmer                          New Liberty
*Hintze John D                                 lab                             Wolcott
Hinz Bertha Miss                                                               Wolcott
*Hinz Louis                                    general store                   Wolcott
*Hinze Chas                                    farmer                          Mount Joy
Hinze Wm                                       farmer                          Mount Joy
Hire Daniel                                    farmer                          Princeton
Hire James A                                   mason                           Princeton
Hire Michael L                                 barber                          Princeton
Hirt Conde                                     farmer                          Davenport
Hirt George                                    farmer                          Amity
Hirt James                                     farmer                          Davenport
Hirt Maria                                     domestic                        Amity
*Hirt Martin                                   farmer                          Amity
Hirt Matilda                                   domestic                        Amity
Hirt Michael                                   farmer                          Davenport
Hirt Neil                                      farmer                          Davenport
Hirt Patrick                                   farmer                          Davenport
*Hitchcock S R                                 pilot                           LeClaire
Hite Rolen C                                   farmer                          Donahue
Hobbe Aug                                                                      Donahue
*Hochmuth Geo                                  farmer                          Round Grove
*Hodgson Richard                               farmer                          Gambril
Hoeper Peter                                   farmer                          Round Grove
*Hoepner Anton                                 general store                   New Liberty
Hoepner Chas                                   farmer                          Wolcott
hoepfner John                                  lab                             Fulton
*Hoff James                                    farmer                          Princeton
*Hoffbauer Chas                                saloon                          Buffalo
*Hoffbauer Hugo                                brewer and saloon               Buffalo
Hoffbauer Hugo jr                              brewer                          Buffalo
*Hoffman Andrew                                fisherman                       Davenport
*Hoffman Christ                                farmer                          Donahue
Hoffman Christ                                 gardener                        Davenport
*Hoffman Geo                                   farmer                          Donahue
Hoffman Hans                                   farmer                          Dixon
*Hoffman Henry                                 gardener                        Davenport
*Hoffman John                                  farmer                          Donahue
*Hoffman Rudolph                               lab                             Davenport
Hofmeister Adolph                              farmer                          Davenport
Hogan Euretta (wid)                                                            Blue Grass
*Hogan John                                    farmer                          Eldridge
Hogan Ozile                                    carp                            Princeton
Hogle Isaac W                                  teacher                         Davenport
Hohn Henry                                     farmer                          Allen's Grove
Holdorf Carsten                                lab                             Davenport
Holdorf Henry                                  lab                             Davenport
Holk Peter                                     Lab                             Allen's Grove
*Holland Adolph                                farmer                          Donahue
*Holland Henry                                 farmer                          Long Grove
*Holldorf Claus                                farmer                          Amity
Holsapple Dos                                  pilot                           LeClaire
*Holsapple George                              lab                             LeClaire
Holsapple E T                                  engineer                        LeClaire
*Holst Dell                                    farmer                          McCausland
*Holst Detlef                                  farmer                          Eldridge
Holst Frederick                                blksmith                        Eldridge
*Holst George                                  farmer                          Dixon
Holst John                                     lab                             McCausland
*Holst John C                                  clerk Butler Twp                Princeton
Holst Juergen                                  farm implements                 Dixon
*Holst Juergen                                 farmer                          Princeton
Holt John                                      farmer                          Dixon
*Holt Joseph                                   farmer                          Dixon
Holt Wm                                        farmer                          Dixon
Holtorf Henry                                  lab                             Gilbert
*Holtorf John                                  farmer                          Davenport
Homan Fred                                     gardener                        Davenport
Homan Wm                                                                       Davenport
Homann Louis                                   assessor Sheridan Twp           Green Tree
Hood Wm                                        lab                             LeClaire
Hope Ann (wid)                                                                 Princeton
*Hopkins Samuel                                farmer                          LeClaire
*Hopkins Silas                                                                 Davenport
Hopp James                                     lab                             Buffalo
*Hopson Thomas J                               farmer                          LeClaire
*Hopson Willis                                 postmaster                      Princeton
Hortan H A                                     engineer                        LeClaire
Horst Adolph                                   farmer                          Davenport
Horst August                                   lab                             Durant
*Horst Claus                                   farmer                          Eldridge
Horst Edward                                   farmer                          Davenport
Horst Henry                                    carp and builder                Mount Joy
Horst Ida (wid)                                housekpr                        Davenport
Horst John                                     farmer                          Davenport
*Horst Peter                                   farmer                          Davenport
Hoskins E M                                                                    Big Rock
Hosse Henry                                                                    Pleasant Valley
*Hosse Reinhart                                farmer                          Pleasant Valley
*Hosselton James                               farmer                          Eldridge
Houghton Eliza (wid)                                                           Balluff
Houghton James                                 lab                             Balluff
Houghton John                                  lab                             Balluff
*House George                                  farmer                          Davenport
*House John                                    lab                             Davenport
House Wm                                       farmer                          Davenport
*Houser Isaac                                  lab                             Davenport
*Housman H J                                   solicitor & agent D H Hartwell  Davenport
Howard House                                   M Twiesel propr                 LeClaire
*Hubbard Jeremiah                              farmer                          Princeton
Hubbard Wm                                     farmer                          Princeton
Hubbell Samuel                                                                 Princeton
Huben Louis                                    lab                             Buffalo
Huebener Fritz                                 lab                             Blue Grass
Huebner A F                                    lab                             Blue Grass
Huerde Hans                                    lab                             Davenport
Huff Marion                                    lab                             LeClaire
Hufnagel Ross                                  farmer                          Blue Grass
Hughes Benj                                    cook                            LeClaire
Hughes James                                   constable                       Allen's Grove
*Hughes Thomas                                 farmer                          Eldridge
Hughes Thos                                    miner                           Buffalo
Hughs James                                    lab                             Allen's Grove
*Hughs John                                    farmer                          Allen's Grove
Hulander John                                  lab                             Davenport
Hulet Grant                                    farmer                          LeClaire
*Hulet Richard                                                                 LeClaire
Hulholts Wm                                    lab                             Princeton
*Hull Hoglan H                                 (Hull & Phillips)               Princeton
Hull & Phillips (Hoglan H Hull, Romanzo L Phillcarriages, buggies & wagons     Princeton
Hummel Albert W                                                                Davenport
Hummel Chas F                                                                  Davenport
Hummel Geo H                                   farmer                          Davenport
*Hume John                                                                     Balluff
*Hunter Robt                                   farmer                          LeClaire
*Hunter Wm                                     stonemason                      Davenport
*Huntingdon G L                                mechanic                        LeClaire
Hurat Wm                                       lab                             Long Grove
*Huschke Barnert                               farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Huschke John                                   farmer                          Gilbert
Huschle L                                      lab                             Davenport
Husen Hans                                     farmer                          Donahue
Huskamp Henry                                  farmer                          Princeton
*Husted Lyman                                  farmer                          Donahue
*Hyde Andrew                                   farmer                          Pleasant Valley
*Hyde Geo                                      farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Hyde Geo F                                     farmer                          Pleasant Valley
Hyde Wilfred P                                 (Carpenter & Hyde)              LeClaire
Hyland John                                    farmer                          Balluff