The Davenport Daily Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
September 20, 1864

     THE DRAFT - The draft began yesterday morning and was an occasion long to be remembered, not for any disturbance, but for the quiet and orderly manner in which the people submitted to the severest test of patriotism. As the hour for drawing approached, the people began to collect in the office of the Provost Marshal, in Metropolitan Hall. The arrangements made by Capt. Philo E. Hall, the District Provost Marshal, were admirable, and were systematically carried out by his corps of able assistants, General Baker, Major Duncan, Capt. Davis, the officers of the Board of Enrollment and other military gentlemen were present. 
At 9 o'clock Capt. Hall read the order of the Provost Marshal General, directing the draft, and announced that the deficiency of Davenport township, Scott county, would be first drafted. The names of those returned on the enrollment lists were written singly on small pieces of paper, and after they had been verified and the box examined by Messrs. D.N. Richardson and A.F. Luse, appointed for that purpose from the bystanders, they were placed in the box by the Provost Marshal; the whole number being 498. The wheel was then turned by C.H. Eldridge, Deputy Provost Marshal, and the names were drawn out one by one by Wallace Parker, a young lad blindfolded. After each drawing the wheel was revolved twice. Each ticket was handed to L.H. Washburn, Secretary of the Board of Enrollment, who announced the name aloud which was recorded. In addition to the deficiency of thirty, there were also drafted thirty others who in their order will be called upon to take the place of any of the first class who may be entitled to exemption. All the names in the box were taken out singly in the same manner as the others were, to show that the whole number had been placed in it.
     Below we give the names of those who were drafted. The proceedings occupied about an hour, and at its conclusion Captain Hall announced that the further drafting would be postponed until this morning.
     But few comments were made by the spectators, and the whole scene was impressive. Whoever witnessed this the first draft in Iowa cannot but be satisfied of the willingness and determination of the people to sustain the government. Our enemies rest a hope on the presumption that the North will not submit to the enforcement of the conscript act.- Every good citizen will assist in showing to the world that we are a law abiding people.
     It cannot be known for two or three days how many of the second class will be called upon. Some of them will be. One of the first thirty has a wooden leg, another is deaf, a third is reported dead, and others may be exempted for physical disability. Due notice will be given to those drafted of the time and place of rendezvous. In the meantime they will be permitted to furnish substitutes, if they wish. Some of the drafted men have expressed their determination to go without making an effort to get substitutes. They know their families will be provided for, and many cannot afford to pay the price demanded.
1. Daniel C. Stewart 
2. James Tracy
3. James Barner
4. Peter Lamp
5. Lawrence Doyle
6. John A. Eastman
7. Hans Bauderop
8. Charles Moses
9. Adolphus Herrick
10. John Beald
11. Henry Boldt
12. Wm. McMannigill
13. Henry Parmelee
14. Hans Heiss
15. George Rohlf
16. Thomas J. McHarg
17 Henry Mundt
18. C.L. Lund
19. William Rusch
20. Henry Stoltenberg
21. William J. Carroll
22. Martin B. Wallace
23. J.P. Lower
24. Thos. Martindale
25. Ralph Heath
26. Martin Conner
27. Peter B. Harding
28. _____ Lands.
29. Thos Rattigan
30. Dudley Peterson.
31. Joseph Campbell
32. Samuel Thomas
33. George Fry
34. Thomas Robeson
35. George Remer
36. Dr. Rudolph Schriber
37. Chas. Wanneboldt
38. Claus Weiser
39. Peter Hurtz
40. Henry Shoemaker
41. Henry Tilden
42. George Winfield
43. Detliff Grote
44. Daniel Schnur
45. George James
46. H. Rammersberg
47. Samuel Heath
48. Andreas Daugler
49. Ferdinand Haack
50. Godfried Bentien
51. Claus Peterson
52. William Murry
53. John Sullivan
54. Nicholas Federson
55. Michael McCarn
56. Theodore Kroeger
57. Henry Taylor
58. William Schieldt
59. John W. Alter
60. John T. Carroll

The Davenport Daily Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
September 21, 1864

     THE DRAFT - The draft was resumed yesterday morning at the Provost Marshal's office and conducted in the same manner as on the day previous, with the exception of Deputy Provost Marshal H.S. Compton of Muscatine taking the place of C.H. Eldridge at the wheel. We should have described this yesterday. It is a circular mahogany box about twenty inches in diameter, fixed in a small table and turned in the same manner as a grindstone. In the narrow side is an opening sufficiently large to admit the entrance of the hand and closed by means of a slide. The First Ward in the city of Davenport received the first attention of the Provost Marshal. The tickets were verified by Thos. Scott and Harry S. Altman, and then placed in a box. The deficit was 57, but the number drawn to supply the places of those who may be exempted made 114, the drawing then proceeded with the following result:
1. Carl Thiel
2. Henrich Meyer
3. James Tack
4. Christ Stoelting
5. Frederick Langlas
6. Fritz Frick.
7. _______ Stoertenbecker
8. Matthias F. Schultz
9. Henry Ruesen [or Rueseu]
10. Michael Schudler
11. Fritz Putzier
12. Fredelin Blumer
13. Rudolph Weinert
14. Peter Soll
15. Henrich Wolf
16. Detliff Kahl
17. Frederick Grotegut
18. Bernhardt Sage
19. Amandus Woeber
20. Wilhelm Stratman
21. B. Heinz
22. Michael Burke
23. Carl Kohler
24. Michael McNerney
25. George Cornelius
26. Detlef Blunck
27. Johann Jetter
28. Gerhardt Merians
29. Charles Mevius
30. Matthew Gabathuler
31. Adam Puls
32. William Ohrt
33. Edward S. Warren
34. Hemrich Hagen
35. Henry Catlin
36. Geoleib Sauer
37. Hans Schoel
38. H. E. Buffington
39. Henry Josinger
40. William Burke
41. John Balluff
42. Jacob Malchow
43. Johann Luett
44. Heinrich Koehler
45. Johann Brandt
46. Michael Paul
47. Fritz Petersen
48. Claus Wustenberg.
49. Thomas Snyder
50. Michael Emke
51. Johann Buss
52. Thomas Reyen
53. Heinrich Dinger
54. Christian Schneider
55. Thomas S. Moore
56. Henry Lorenzen
57. August Sturm
58. Herman Sass
59. William Lamphere
60. Johann Kahl
61. Luther Plumer
62. Patrick Hassett
63. Carl Hein
64. Martin Rogert
65. Frederick Volkmann
66. John J Neuhause
67. Aug Kistenmacher
68. Mars Boltz
69. Frederick Hamann
70. Hans Huss
71. Andrew Stuese
72. Claus H. Plambeck
73. Christoph Scheller
74. Frank Melk
75. J.W. Green
76. Wilhelm Schlumme
77. Johann Vasen
78. August Witt
79. Thomas Hubert
80. Patrick Delogry
81. Daniel Wheeler
82. Thomas Garstang
83. Ferdinand Westphal
84. Detlef Jansen
85. Heinrich Merian
86. Franz Schoebler
87. Steven Norgand
88. Charles Frank
89. Frederick Kolk
90. Paul Edinger
91. John Fred Dace
92. Hermann Steffen
93. August Asmuss
94. Jochim Retzier
95. James Lindley
96. Frederick Ehlers
97. Thomas McMahan.
98. Frederick Marwitz
99. Nicholas Maus
100. Wm. H Whittaker
101 John Conway
102 Fred Bresenicker
103 Geo B Sibley
104 August Kruse
105 Wilhelm Schallert
106 B F Vaullon
107. Heinrich Martens
108. Michael Folley
109. Peter Anderson
110. Wilhelm Sits
111 Christian Cornelius
112. Heinrich Brasch
113 W Hudenruich
104 Jacob Ferger

     Immediately afterwards and in the same manner, the tickets first being verified by B. Peters and E.S. Moore, the draft for a deficit of twenty-three men in the Second Ward of the city was then drawn. Whole number in the box 298; to be drawn, total first and second class 46, with the following result:
1. James Francis
2 Claus J Thier
3 Christ Suehok
4 Christ Lois
5 Hans Plagmann
6 Ohra Sargent
7 Gerhard Regenitter
8 Edward Moeller
9 John Elholm
10 Theodore Hering
11 John Dawe
12 Gottfrey Plehn
13 Robert Gray
14 Claus Hass
15 Marz Haller
16 John Piening
17 Joseph Hoefer
18 Barney Leonard
19 Edward A Lynde
20 Philip Crawford
21 George W. Smiley
22 Asmus Woelkh
23 Henrich Boettcher

24 Joakim Grimm
25 Franz Drost
26 Martin Kunkel
27 Claus H Detless
28 Ignatius Sauer
29 Henry Hinkle
30 W. G. Richie
31 Franz Mehr
32 Theodore Oelkers
33 Nicholaus A Matzen
34 August Kistenmacher
35 Louis A. Baurose
36 August Volguardsen
37 William O Hiskey
38 Willis Clark
39 J. J. Powell
40 Henry Riessen
41 Heinrich Strohbehn
42 Claus Hagen
43 Charles Heuer
44 Christian Berger
45 Jacob Heinrich
46 Frederick Horn
     This completed the morning work.
    In the afternoon the draft proceeded, beginning with Pleasant Valley. The number of enrolled men was 111; deficit 8; drawn 16. The following is the result:
1 Wm B. Scandrett
2 William Posten
3 John N Blackman
4 Oilbert E. Guinon
5 Isaac Scandrett
6 Anthony F Case
7 Jackson Cramer
8 Charles Fenno

9 Lewis W. Clemens
10 S.H. Henley
11. Henry Watkins
12 Abijah Sawyer
13 William W. Stark
14 James C Pelton
15 Benjamin Bradbury
    The tickets for Princeton township first, examined by Ex-Mayor Henry and Judge Dillon, to the number of 212, were then put in the box. Deficit 13; 26 to be drafted. The revolutions of the wheel selected the following names:

1 Edward Dockerty
2 John Porter
3 Harmon Hardt
4 Christian Meyer
5 Geo W Baird
6 John Strighter
7 Edgar A Stopher
8 Henry Hansen
9 John Robison
10 George Zimmerman
11 Thomas I Dranner
12 Jacob Bragooney
13 Charles W Pineo

14 William Dougherty
15 Orpheus J Thorington
16 B Franklin Morris
17 David Crooks
18 Henry Garber
19 William Sanderson
20 Jacob Fessler
21 Stephen Mosley
22 Edward Robinson
23 Henry Kelsey
24 Ira F Smith Jr
25 John Whiteman
26 Samuel Underwood
    Winfield township was the next in order, John McGuire and James Brownlee examined the tickets, numbering 318. Deficit 46; to be drafted, 92. The following names were then taken out in their order:

1 Reuben Green
2 John Hughes
3 Conrad Hornmann
4 William Tompane
5 Hans Daumon
6 James H Russell
7 Claus Gerken
8 Erskine Fish
9 J.B. Dunn
10 James Conner
11 Christian Bluhm
12 Joachim Kuhl
13 James Ennis
14 Henry Arp
15 Wesley Robin
16 Flavius J Quinn
17 John S Knouse
18 James Steele
19 Claus Keel
20 John Evans
22 Patrick Norton
23 Theodore H Kimmerer
24 Henry Dedrick
25 Irving W Quinn
26 John Baustion
27 Hans Piper
28 Deidrich Burmeister
29 William S. Arnold
30 James Bammer
31 William A Hansen
32 G.W. Martin
33 Alexander H. Brownlee
34 John Arp
35 James T. Tucker
36 J.R. Bates
37 Jesse Kemp
38 James Gallagher
39 Robert Lavender
40 Christian Hagadorn
41 Anderson Martin
42 George W. Clark
43 Aaron Wright (colored)
44 C.E. Rumford
45 Joseph Barnett
46 Lewis Propst

47 Henry Holkins
48 Lyman Haston
49 William Duncan
50 John McCabe
51 John Graham
52 Flavius J Quinn
53 Hezekiah Nelson
54 James Longman
55 Patrick Kehoe
56 Lemuel Dowden
57 James Malay
58 Michael Norton
59 John Broan
60 Patrick Glynn
61 Henry Myers
62 Frederick Schultz
63 George Clark
64 Thomas Schnecloth
65 Stephen Elder
66 John Schmidt
67 Samuel Clark
68 James Henthorn
69 Charles Kehoe
70 Charles Bohstedt
71 Byron D Campbell
72 John Pollock
73 Moses Rambo
74 William Wilson
75 Detliff Smith
76 Edward F Weed
77 Henry Stoltenberg
78 Heinrich Wallendorf
79 Paul Bohrnfuss
80 Claus Gillitick
81 John Smith
82 Johan Ziaszer
83 Claus Lage
84 Charles Clapp
85 James A Stevenson
86 Edward Ennis
87 John Connell
88 William Mooney
89 James H Hopkins
90 Cornelius Confoly
91 Addison Propst
92 Enoch C Jenkins
    Seventy-one tickets of the enrolled men of Allen's Grove township were then examined by ex-Mayor Henry and James Armstrong; being found correct they were put in the box. The quota was six-number drawn, twelve, as follows:

1 Hans Peterron
2 Joachim Grell
3 Barney O'Hare
4 Thomas B Thomson
5 Julius Higgins
6 William Blythe

7 J. Price
8 John F Drummond
9 Samuel F Price
10 James H King
11 John S. Moore
12 Smitte Stephens
    This completed the work for yesterday. It will be resumed this morning beginning with LeClaire township. 
    At the conclusion of each drawing the following notice was prepared and issued to be served on each man drafted yesterday:
                    PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE
                    2D DISTRICT, STATE OF IOWA
                                ____________,186 ,
SIR: You are hereby notified that you were, on the __ day of ______, 186 , legally drafted in the service of the United States for the period of one year, in accordance with the act of Congress "for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes," approved March 8, 1863, and February 24, 1864. You will accordingly report on or before the 26th day of September, 1864, at the place of rendezvous, in Davenport, Iowa, or be deemed a deserter and be subject to the penalty prescribed therefor by the Rules and Articles of War.
                    P.E. HALL
    Captain and Provost Marshal,
    21 District of Iowa