Submitted by Elaine Rathmann
By early 1862 the Union Army had suffered tremendous losses, so it became
necessary to recruit more men. However, a problem arose when those who did
enlist joined new regiments and companies being formed instead of filling
the vacancies in the old ones, such as the 16th or the 8th Iowa, which had
suffered heavy losses at Shiloh.

Unfortunately, Gov. Kirkwood's call for volunteers in July 1862 didn't get
the needed results because many men were working on their farms getting
ready for harvest.  Also, after Shiloh and Corinth, and the events in the
East, it became obvious that it wasn't going to be a short war and the war
was much worse that anyone had anticipated. Some of that initial patriotic
fervor was weakened, and the country wasn't as naive as it had been.

Ultimately, Lincoln decided on a draft and passed it into law in August,
1862. The actual drafting of the men was the responsibility of the states,
which usually used a lottery system. When the government issued a call for
more troops, each state would be given a quota to fill based on its
population. The number of volunteers would be subtracted from the quota and
the difference would be drafted.

In this era, being drafted was considered humiliating. The prevailing
attitude was that able-bodied men should want to fight for their country,
and only cowards would not enlist. In August of 1862, shortly after the
draft law was passed, the Daily Gazette published a list of the names of
hundreds of men who were eligible draftees, perhaps in an attempt to
embarrass some of them into enlisting. This list is alphabetized and grouped
according to Ward.

The Daily Gazette
City of Davenport
August 29, 1862

LIST of Persons Subject to DRAFT!
In Davenport City and Township


Allerman, George            Asmus, August
Arndt, G. G.                Angrt, Hartman
Ahrens, Ludwig A. T. F.     Abbott, Benjamin
Anthon, Frederick W.        Abel Heinrick
Ayres, John                 Aerns Call

Berger, Augst               Beck, Louis
Brodersen                   Brasch, Henrich
Brady, Gue                  Boldt, Jurgen
Balluff, John               Bornhoeft, Heinrich
Bushnow, Hinrich            Bremer, Henry
Bolz, Marx                  Bruan, Anton
Burrows, E.                 Beterley, Jacob
Behrens, Heinrich           Behrens, Hans
Bahr Johann Ferdinand       Buntzen, Jurgen
Bieber, Adam                Batolskowsky, Franz
Beyer, Herman               Bruhholz, Nicolaus
Busse, John                 Bishop, Jerry
Buffington, H. E.           Blessington, Michael
Belding, C. B.              Burby, G. H.
Behun, John                 Bakmann, Peter
Burmeister, Carl W. L.      Brokmann, Hans
Balschsnider, Hermann       Barrens, Martin
Bennett, Will O.            Burns, Frederick
Blum, R.                    Briggs, Charles H.
Beierly, Cht.               Blumer, Fritz
Bruka, John                 Beeklum, Wilhelm
Bebenrec, Charles           Barrens, Thomas
Blunk, Detlef               Beater, E. P.
Brockmann, Carl             Brammer, Detlef
Boland, Thomas              Birke, Thomas
Burmeister, John            Birke, William
Burk, Cichael               Busch, John
Belkmann, Adam              Beek Adolph
Bruhn, Ernst                Baumgartner, Jacob
Bardscher, Jacob            Blumer, Samuel
Buck, August                Bier, George
Briceland, Hugh

Cornelius, Chr.             Collins, Cherry
Canada, B.                  Caten, Mih
Carstens, Peter             Caway, John
Craemer, Henrich            Coats, J. C.
Conwell, John               Coats, I. P.
Clausen, George H. W. F.    Corran, John
Cannova, John               Cemann, Johann
Carty, William              Compere, Peter
Cartwell, Abraham           Castella, John
Cartwell, Henry             Curran, John
Clow, H. A.

Dittmer, Chr.               Dau, Johann
Dinger, Henrich             Dupre, Antoni
Decker, Charles             Daily, Lorenz
Dittmer, James              Doering, Heinrich
Delfs, Henrich              Dose, Heinrich
Dillmann, Johann            Dibbon, Jacob
Dunning, Patrick            Deloughery, Patrick
Deloughery, Thomas

Eckhard, Charles            Ehlers, Fritz
Einfeld, Peter              Erich, Arnold von
Ehlers, Wilhelm             Eishorst, Herrmann
Ewold, Hans                 Ehlers, Carsten
Ehmke, Michael              Evers, Heinrich
Elkmann, Claus              Ewold, Joachim
Evers, Frederick            Eggers, John
Ehlers, Ohr Marx            Evers, Ferdinand
Emse, Carl                  Edgington, Paul

Ficke, Fritz                Felkert, Carl
Finger, Bernhard            Foley, Dan
Frank, Thies                Foley, Peter
Fitzer, Chr.                Foley, Timothy
Fitzer, Heinrich            Frank, Charles
Franz, Johan                Friz, Chr.
Foster, Casper              Falk, John
Felger, Jacot               Floyd, O. W. N.
Farmoy, Michael             Filavoth, Franz
Folkers, Phillip            Friedrich, John
Flahave, John

Goldner, John               Gerstein, Tom
Geiger, Bernhard            Glaspell, Bartou
Geigor, Fritz               Goldes, A. B.
Gaehler, Ch.                Goosberry
Gabathuler, Matthias        Gardient, Jacob
Grapengeter, Fritz          Goldfridrich, Moritz
Graves, Dennis, M.          Giesler, Anton
Grimm, Joachim Fridrich     Gray, John
Goos, Henrich               Gottschalk, Charles
Gottsch, Claus Henrich      Groth, Caston
Grotegut, Fritz             Garwey, John
Gogh, Wilhelm               Garway, Michael
Gerstein, Tim               Garway, Symon
Geerdts, Heinrich           Gelken, Claus
Grevesmald, Heinrich        Gros, Henry

Hargert, Claus              Henrichs, Wilhelm
Henning, Friedrick          Heuermann, John
Halk, Jens                  Hering, Theodore
Hulbert, Ainhous            Harler, Nicolaus
Hoffman, Conrad             Hickman, Amos
Herrmann, Gearg             Hilliker, John
Hoeck, Claus, Henrich       Hoffman, Henrich
Hamann, Johann              Heiden, Detlef
Holub, Wenzel               Helbe, Joseph
Hamann, Heinrich            Horsler, Heemich
Hennisle, Patrick           Hemos, Thomas J.
Haegard, John               Helden, Fredierich
Hop, Joseph                 Houghton, James
Huus, Hans                  Homes, Charles
Heinz, Benuente             Hartman, Hans
Hanemann, Chr.              Hoehn, John
Harder, Hans C.             Hunter, Roberts
Hortsmann, Hans, Chr.       Heinzmann, Mathias
Heesch, Friedrich           Hass, Kay
Haase, Wilhelm              Hirschel, Clemens
Hagen, Heinrich             Heesh, Asmus
Hardt, Jacot                Huesing, August
Himrichs, Garhard Heinrich  Hamann, Heinrich
Hensler, George             Hess, Michael
Halstein, Arnold            Hempel, Heinrich
Hebing, Arnold              Hansen, Friedrich
Hasset, Patrick             Hoffman, John C.
Haslie, Fidelle             Haase, Heinrich

Inzce, Francis

Jansen, August              Johnson, Washington H.-2d
Janfsen, Detlef             Junge, Claus
Jehring, John               Josinger, George
Jenssen, Ch. N.             Josinger, Henry
Jager, Jurgen               Japp, Henrich
Jetter, John                Jacobsen, Peter N.
Jennings, Edward            Janssen Herman
Jurgens, Chr.               Kuhn, Joseph
Jacobs, Fredrick            Jacobsen, Jacob
Jennings, John              Jacobsen, Friedrich
Johnson, Washington H. 1st

Kruse, Fritz                Koenig, Heinrich
Koop, John                  Kniphals, Henrich
Knudsen, Heinrich           Kann, Fritz
Kelly, Patrick              Kulper, Fritz
Koht, John                  Kaar, William
Kelly, Jmaes                Kulper, Chr.
Kusel, Chr.                 Kuhn, Joseph
Koester, Barnhard Clemence  Kurtum, Claus
Koos, Peter                 Klindt, Claus
Klingenberg, Heinrich       Kistenmacher, August
Krause, John                Kennedy, Patrick
Koehn, Friedrich            Kennedy, Michael
Kayner, Erhard              Kowath, Francis
Kurz, Franz Ignazi          Krelly, Fritz
Kellerstrass, Hans          Kiel, Wilhelm
Kessler, Frank              Kahl, Ernst
Kessler, John R.            Kramer, Fritz
Klindt, Peter               Kupper, William
Kahl, Johann                Koep, Chr.
Kahl, Claus                 Koch, John George
Kursmann                    Kops, Johann
Kort, Thomas                Klindt, Henrich
Kelley, Patrick             Kroeger, Fritz
Kiebach, Friedrich          Kieffer, Peter
Kurt, Charles               Kimball, John W.
Keho, Michael               Krohn, Johannes
Krebs, Conrad               Kane, James
Kahl, Hans Henrich          Keker, Badenhall
Kulper, Henrich             Kohn, Ernst
Krohnig, Joachim            Kuhl, Joachim
Kamp, Wilhelm               Kelley, Patrick
Kneppel, Henrich            Kuhn, Ernst

Langmann, John              Lorenz, Fredrich
Lamp, Claus                 Lebuhn, Diedrich
Lupplen, Charles            Liebahl, Joseph
Lorenzen, Hen               Lavroy, William
Lage, Joachim               Lage, O. H.
Loft, Peter                 Lyman, John
Lutt, John                  Leamer, H.
Locht, Jurgen               Lafranz, C. H.
Laufev, Heinrich            Langpach, Heinrich
Lorenzen, Heinrich          Louer, Janzer
Luschen, John D.            Levy, Samuel
Langbehn, John              Lamp, Claus
Lang, Samuel                Lutt, John
Lage, Bernhard              Luppian, John

Meisick, Gottlieb           McMahan, Sam
Martie Fridelin             Marnen, Juis
Messer, Marx                Marnen, Michael
McNerney, Michael           McLaughlin, Michael
Martin, Reger               Meyer, Franz
McMahen, Thomas             Murphy, Patrick
Melon, John                 Miller, John
Melon, Sidney               Martens, John
Mevins, Charles             Meyer, Heinrich
Meyer, Christoph            Mehrians, Heinrich
Malgow, Jacob               Meenjanns, John Gottleib
Moller, August              Mattinsen, Mathias
McGarve, Daniel             Matthes, George M.
Malzahn, Fritz              Meier, Carl
Matther, Carl               Matthes, C.
Marwitz, Robert             Moore, Edwin
Meadley, J. B.              Murphy, Michael
Moore, Saml                 Mulhoefer, Peter
Moore, Charles S.           Maus, Nicholas
Mau, Johann                 Moller, Edward Carl
Moll, John                  Macavoy, Owen
Mundt, Henrich              McAllister, Clark
Martens, Heinrich           Melone, Patrick
Meyer, Franz                Muller, Claus
Moss, Bernhard H.           Mehr, Franz
McLaughlin, William         Moller, John C. F.
Maloney, John               Myenburg, Fritz
Marnen, Sam'l               McCarty, Thos.
Marnen, Pat                 McGee, H.

Nahrgang, Stephen           Nolen, James
Neurohe, Conrad             Nagel, Thies
Nitz, George                Nagel, John
Nebendahl, Matthias         Niermann, Anton
Nealen, Tim                 Neimann, Wilhelm
Newdardt                    Neumann, Heinrich
Neenan, John

O'Brian, Jim--2d            O'Brian, John
O'Brian, Jim--1st           O'Neil, John
O'Brian, Michael--2d        Ott, Carl
O'Laughlin, Tom             Ott, Detlef
O'Brian, Martin--2d         Oldenberg, Hans, Jochin
Otto, John                  O'Brian, Thomas
Ott, Wilhelm                Ode, John
Ott, Heinrich               Ott, Fritz
Ort, Wilhelm                Otto, Wilhelm
O'Brian, Michael--1st       O'Brian, Cunningham
Otts, Peter                 O'Brian, Martin
O'Brian, Martin--1st

Peters P.                   Putzler, Carl
Precas, Chr.                Putzler, Fritz
Perry, A.                   Putzler, Joachim
Porpky, William             Parch, Chr.
Plath, Herrmann             Powers, John
Pague, Jacob                Powars, Muizael
Plogh, Peter                Paustian, Claus
Paustian, John              Paustain, Hans
Puls, Chr                   Pohlmann, Bernhard
Peters, Jacob Henry         Plogmann, Claus
Peterson, Fritz             Paash, Detlef
Pappe, Jurzen               Pahl, Heinrich
Plambeck, Claus Henrich     Pehming, Edward
Putzier, John

Ruesen, Henrich             Reffran, James
Reese, John F.              Ranzow, Carl F.
Runge, Martin               Rabeling, John
Reder, Detlef               Ruge, Willard
Reimers, Friedrich Louis    Ruge, George
Reimers, Adolph Johann      Ruge, Ernst
Rassmussen, John Th.        Rohwerder Johann
Rathjen, Friedrich          Rieck, Friedrick
Rierdon, Dennis             Rouse, Franklin
Raabe                       Rosburg, Heinrich
Ranzau, John                Rothweiler, George
Reupke, Phillip             Regenittor, Heinrich
Roschmann, Ch. Friedrich    Rohrn, David
Rosy, Otte                  Rahrberg, John
Rohe, Hinrich               Rasmussen, Chr.
Ruge, August                Ryon, Thomas
Recorder, Timothy

Sitz, William               Stoltenberg, Claus
Schafer, Heinrich           Staub, Claus
Singer, Heinrich            Spatmann, Joachim
Schlegel, Louis             Spatmann, August
Schroepfer, Casper          Shottler, Michael
Schroepfer, Matthias        Stuhr, David
Streicher, Zagarias         Siebcke, Hans
Scheerar, Anton             Steinhilber, Conrad
Stender, Julius             Scott, Thomas
Schultz, John               Sulan, Henry
Steffen, Heinrich           Stratman, William
Stultenbecker, Theodore     Seidler, Friedrick
Stolting                    Schuhmacker, Heinrich
Sihellen, John              Siever, Hans
Schol, Friedrich            Sauer, Gottleib
Schlichting, Heinrich       Schroder, Carl
Sieghardner, John Adam      Siemers, William
Sieghardner, Leonard        Soll, Peter
Schafer, Peter              Schminck, Gerhard
Schroeder, H. F.            Strasser, Jacob
Stollei, Claus              Schroeder, Heinrich
Strelker, Chr.              Seliken, Wilhelm
Schmidt, hans               Schroeder, Friedrick
Schultz, Carl               Soltan, Asmus
Stroh, Fritz                Schmitz, W. H.
Stems, Carl                 Summer, Heinrich
Schmidt, Heinrich           Schopper, Marin
Schueider, Chr.             Schnetzer, Michael
Stieger, Fritz              Schueler, Jacob
Siebike, Heinrich           Schlagter, Heinrich
Schuttner, Chr.             Schmidt, John H.
Sigginger, Joseph           Sturm, August
Stoeteran, Peter            Stuhr, Marx
Schuhlmeister, George       Siheller, Christoph
Schwarz, John Hennel        Schoel, Hans
Severien, John              Stoltenberg, Henry
Schulte, John Bernhard      Smith H.
Sulte, Theodore Henrich     Stussi, Andrew
Shields, Richard            Schmidt, Joseph
Scheel, Hans                Shiley, Henry
Schlemer, Bernhard          Scheel, Hans
Smith, M.                   Schutz, Carl
Snyder, Thomas              Sievert, August Adolph
Stuedle, An                 Schluther, Peter
Schaumburg, Emiel           Surtleff, M.
Schultz, John               Schelier, Chr.

Thiedemann, John            Toht, Claus
Thiedemann, Ludolph         Tangen, Gerhard
Thede, John                 Thomas, Abot
Thiesen, Paul               Torner, George
Tirwaieck, John             Torner, John
Taede, Hans                 Thuenen,W.
Timmermann, Heinrich        Tegrunde, Diedrick
Thoeming, Joachim           True, J. H.
Tilken, Benhard H.          Traven, Thomas
Talty, Simon                Tichenor, E.
Talty, George               Tichenor, John D.
Talty, John                 Test, Fred
Teague, James               Tuey, Jeremiah
Trainert, Edward

Voss, John                  Vogler, Johann
Van Every, Cornelius        Vermillion, George W.
Volkmann, Friedrich

Welhs, Robert               Wolff, Hinrich
Wilckers, Fritz             Westendorf, Ulrich
Wiese, Paul                 Warrer, E. S.
Walter, Anton               Wehling, Friedrich
Witt, Claus                 Wustenberg, August
Wahlig, John                Westpahl, Fridrich
Winkelmann, John            Williams, Herman
Wenett, John Fried          Weinert, Herman, Gustav
Winter, John                Weinert, Rudolph
Witt, August                Westphal, Wilhelm
Witt, William               Weingartner, Alex
Wenk, Wilhelm               Whitaker, William
Wideman, Wilhelm            Woeber, George
Williamson, John E.         Wendt, Fritz
Warnebold, August           Willi, Nicholas
Weldner, Wilhelm            Wagner, Ferdinand
Wilson, Bill                Weeks, James

Zeug, Carl                  Zoring, Heinrich

Ahrens, John             Armil, Henry
Allen, James--1st        Armil, Jesse
Allen, James--2d         Armil, Thomas
Alex A. Her              Aneroths, Dav
Altman, Charles          Ayers, Richard
Ankerson, G. P.

Backus, George           Boerm, Hans
Bautrow, Andrew          Bois, Michael
Bartens, Henry           Bomhardt, Charles
Baurose, Louis           Boolzen, Chr.
Baustran W.              Braw, Henry
Beck, George             Brehmer, Martin
Behnke, J.               Brogmann, Joseph
Bergemeier, Alex         Brophy, Wm.
Berth, John              Brown, Wm.
Biller, Leon             Buigar, Patr
Birkel, John             Burns, Charles
Billet, Jos.             Ball, Michael
Blocker, Chris           Brown, James
Blockmann, Hans

Carlin, Thom.            Ciemens, Charles
Carsen, Alex             Drost, Francis
Carter, Jos.             Crampton, Johnson W.
Cassens, Fried           Creselius, G. P.
Claus, Detlef            Curtis, E. T.
Claussen, Ernst          Casteel, Henry
Classen, Joh. Ludes      Cowdery, J. F.
Clauer, Michael          Curtis, John

Dail, Charles            Dott, John
Dalzell, Wm.             Drost, Francis
Davenport, J. L.         Dulee, John
Delfs, Claus             Dulee, Bernh.
Delfs, Henry             Dunn, J. M.
Donneger, Wilh.          Donnelson, Fried.
Dickman, Henry           Dewey, John
Dillig, Christ           Dricks, Jacob
Dittel, Jos.             Davis, John N.
Doescher, J.             Davis, James, N.
Dose, Friedr.            Davis, James B.

Eckhardt, Christ         Ehrig, Fritz
Eckhardt, Ditrich        Eikorn, John
Eddinger, Edward         Eberbeck, H.
Ehlers, A. F.            Eversen, Jesse
Ehlert, Louis            Everson, Thomas

Fears, Freder.           Fost, Hans
Fechtenstein, Louis      Frahm, Jurgen
Fleming, Hans            Fitzpatrick, Benj.

Galligan, John           Graf, G.
Geissler, Emil           Gray, Robert
Glassman, Wm.            Grevsmuhl, Fritz
Gobert, Saml.            Groth, George
Goetze, Hermann          Gutzow, John
Goldner, Jac             Grumich, Aug.
Groth, Wilhelm

Hens, Henry              Heiser, John
Hayek, Thom.             Heinrich, Detlef
Hagebuch, Gustav         Hendrichs, Gustav
Hagebuch, John           Hents, John
Hamann, H. A.            Hermann, Charles
Harner, Emanuel          Herzog, This.
Hass, Carl               High, Wm. R.
Hass, Fred               Hiller, John
Hass, George             Hinzberger, Peter
Hass, Henri              Hofer, Jos.
Hansen, Gottfried        Hogencamp, Bernhin
Harder, Mark             Holm, Henri
Hardley, Edward          Horn, Fred
Hauswald, August         Hueifer, Cari
Helden, Christ           Haerling, Gustav
Heidenhelmer, M. H.      Horony, Victor
Heidenreich, Wm.

Iberson, Thorn

Jacke, Hermann           Juns, John
Jammor, John             Jess, John
Jesthe, Herm John        Johansen, Jacob
Jones, Geo. I.

Kaston, Wm.              Koch, Peter T.
Kellermann, Alex         Koehler, Otto
Kennel, John             Koehler Fried.
Kissel, A. S.            Kaley, Fried.
Kissel, John G.          Krabbenhoft, Fred
Kissler, John            Kuehl, Peter
Kiampp, Jac.             Kuehl, Peter
Knocke, Wilb.            Kurmeier, Heinrich
Koch, Fred Wilh.         Kurtz, Friedr.

Lage, Frank              Leiten, John
Lage, Peter              Logan, Saml. Jr.
Lamp, Hans Asm           Lorenzen, Ignaz
Lunger, Heim             Lorenzen, Ludwig
Langmack, Henri          Loba, David
Lasch, Law.              Luke, Martin
See, George              Lynd, Edw.
Leisner, Josias

Moore, Thom.             Meyer, Fram.
Myers, Abraham           Meyer, Fritz
Myers, Wm.               Miller, Alfred
Manin, Patrick           Miller, George
Martens, Detlef          Miller, Henry
Martens, Jasper          Miller, John
Martens, Louis           Miller, Severin
Mathews, Robbert         Miller, Martin
Manger, Clement          Millison, Wm.
Max, Louis               Moore, Hans
McGhee, Henri            Moore, Math.
McGuire, James           Muhs, J. H.
McKay, Charles           Mills, R. T.
McKown, Wm.              McGuire, Patrick
Meisner, F. A.           Mennig, George
Melis, Thom.             Mennig, John
Meyer, Charles

Nauhof, Peter            Nixon, Jac.
Nieland, Henri

O'Brien, Michael         Oelkers, J.
O'Donnell, Jas.          Oliver, Harrison
Oelkers, John            Oliver, Warren

Paddok, Philander        Petersen, Asmus
Parker, Orsan            Poppenbruck, Henry
Peter, Bleik             Power, Jas. J.
Peters, Christ           Pratt, Thom.
Peters, Pet.             Petera, Hans Dedrich

Quitt, Thom.

Rals, Jurgen             Regen, Martin
Raphael, Jac.            Reipka, F.
Rassman, G. G.           Rodler, Ferd
Rave, Hans               Rodler, Frangott
Rayan, James (Ryan)      Ruch, B.
Rodiger, Herman          Ruch, John
Rodiger, Ferd'n          Ruckner, Henri
Ready, Mart.             Ruge, Charles
Regeniter, Barchard      Ruthenbeck, William
Rafee, Hans Jacob        Rowe, Hans
Regeniter, Dettrich      Ruge, Theodor
Regenitor, Gerhardt      Raible, Frans Joseph

Schmidt, Wm.             Snoe, Endrew
Searf, Wm. W.            Smallfield, Henry
Schebler, Joh.           Smallfield, Wm.
Sauer, Ignos             Smith, H. A.
Schebler, John O.        Smith, Otto
Schafer, Adam            Spink, Henry
Schafer, Carl            Sprinborn, Charles
Schick, John             Spring, Ferd
Schilling, Herm          Stebbens, Henry F.
Schlottfeld, Joh.        Steen, Henry
Schluthe, Claus Detlef   Sterling, W. W.
Schmidt, Joh.            Sternberg, Fritz
Schnecklot, Pat.         Stier, Theod.
Schrieber, Aug.          Stoelker, Theod.
Schroepter, Yost         Stoltenberg, Henry
Sieble, G. B.            Suhl, August
Siemers, Fredic.         Sager, Peter
Sirk, Khrest             Sibley, Albert H.
Smallfield, A.

Tany, Christ             Tidemann, H. H.
Tany, George             Toll, Carl
Thiel, Craus             Trede Carl (Chas.)
Thoming, Aug.            Tank, Christ
Thoming, Wilh.

Valkwartzen, Aug.        Volgt, Henry
Vesti, Jos.              Votlstadt, Friedr.
Vieths, Nini

Wahte, L.                Whisler, Marten
Walters, M. B.           Whisler, J.
Wehlk, Charles           Witt, Hans
Wehlk, Henri             Walter, Henri
Wiese, Hans              Wiesemann, Fr.

Zinsen, Theod.           Zilkor, Jac.

Altman, Jas. S.         Allard, David
Arnold, Arthur          Annable, John
Albright, Henry         Albreacht, O*te, H. A.
Aults, Joseph           August, Claus
Asoherman, Ferd         Aaron, Herman
Allen, Theodore

Brandt, Wm.             Brunner, Fred
Bard, G. K.             Blair, James
Berward                 Blair, Rufus
Blum, John              Blair, John
Bayeradorfer, Robt.     Brophy, Mathew
Bilz, Frank             Borlock, F. F.
Bleienback, Jacob       Brandt, Henry
Brown, Ira              Brugman, John
Brainard, Francis       Braunlich, H.
Bliger, Benj.           Boces, M.
Brockman, Th.           Baker, Edwin W.
Birgfield, Fred         Bremer, Edward
Bremer, Henry           Bruhn, John
Baltz, Johan            Benners, Isaac
Bennet, James           Blum, Hans Jurgen

Canby, Andrew E.        Carmichel, Henry
Claussen, Hans          Clymer, Peter
Claussen, William       Corbin, Austin
Chatterton, Aaron       Carroll, John
Cone, P. L.             Conklin, Jerry C.
Chatfield, Chas.        Cook, John F.
Cameron, John           Clinefether, Wm.

Dezotell, Lewis F.      Dolen, John
Ditzen, Henry           Decker, W. H.
Donahue, John           Davis, George
Deisenberg, M.          Davis, Lodwick S.
Dunkhorst, Wm.          Deitz, E. F.
Dowell, John            Dority, Conrad

Elbert, Adam            Earle, G. B.
Ernst, Edward           Ebling, Frank
Eggers, Anthony         Ehrichsen, Marx
Evenger, J. H.          Evers, Frederick
Early, J. H.            Eckerman, Gustav

Feder, Alleck           Farrand, James F.
Folger, I. S.           Fisher, James
Flanker, John           Fuller - 13th & Ripley
Fasen, John             Fleishman, Isaac
Fabrieins, Robt.        Frahm, Matthias
Freese, Henry           French, Geo. H.
Frauke, James           Foley, Michael

Goos, Hans              Garrett, James
Garrett, Hugh           Grim, Chris
Green, E. S.            Gibbons, Owen
Goldsmith, Peter        Gian (on Locust at w. Har)
Gottsch, Henrich        Griggs, F. H.
Gerck, George           Gildea, John
Groove, George          Goff, Geo. H.
Garath, Adam            Gorman, Thomas
Gardner, Robert         Grevesmuhl, John
Geiss, F.               Garland, James

Hawthorn, William       Hanly, John
Hempel, Detlef          Huff, A. D.
Harner, Casteen         Hannehan, Michael
Heise, E.               Hill, Nelson
Haymaker, David         Hallecy, James
Hiller, Jacob           Hartwick, Jack
Haller, Louis           Hood, Richard
Hansen, Hans            Hand, Stephen
Haller, Chas.           Hass, D.
Haak, L. A.             Hopfner, Charles
Holley, Harry           Hoering, Jacob H.
Halk, Hans              Holm, Theo.
Haak, Henry             Hart, John

Jensen, Henry           Jamison, J. W.
Jipp, Christian

Klindt, Peter           Kirk, Franklin
Kerchner, Claus         Kinselle, Tyler
Kehrman, John           Kirkner, Jonathan
Kaufman, Christian      Krohn, Barnard
Krause, R.              Knepner, F. C.
Kistenmacker, William   Kennedy, W. W.
Krohn, Gustav           Kahn, H.
Kniphais, Hans          Kohrs, Henry
Kizer, George           Koch, K. A.
Knapp, Solomon          Kennedy, Alex.
Killian, James          Knocke, Wm.

Lahrman, B. H.          Loux, Valentine
Lavitt, L. S.           Littlefield, John H.
Leisner, Hans           Liggett, J. M.
Luett, Hinrich          Lischer, H.
Leonard, Chs. Harvey    Luders, Wm.
Leonard, N.

Mueller, Chris          Mitchell, H. W.
Martz, Chas.            Mitchell, John
Mathews, John W.        Markwaiter, M.
Megrath, Marks          Mosler, Garret Heune
Mittelbusher, Henry     Mathews, H. B. Jr.
Moller, E.              Mathews, Thos. E.
Marchat, John           Mallet, Joseph
Mueller, Herman         Maxwell, Dr. A. S.
Mehrens, Hnas           Murphy, John S.
Metzker, H. E.          Monroe, David
McClelland, T. W.       Monroe, Robert
McCullough, Thos.       Miller, Gottlieb
McCullough, William     Miller, F. H.
Murdoch, Robt.          Metzel, Nicholas
Moore, Pat              Miller, M.
Miller, Ferd            Musfaldt, Hans

Nissen, Edward          Noe, Marsh
Norris, Canady          Nicholan, Albert
Newmeister, Ferd        Nagle, Henry

Ochener, Dominik        Ott, Jaold
O'Brian, Daniel         Oberndorfer, Isaac
Obrien, Dennis          O'Neil, Jack

Petersen, Henry         Plulmbeck, Henry
Paulsen, Peter          Plumer, Frank
Petersen, Hans          Peters, Herman
Paul, Claus             Petersen, L. W.
Pribble, Saml           Prochnits, Chris
Pool, Wm

Quickenstedt, Aug

Ronga, Chas             Rogan, Frederich
Rowe, W. F.             Ralston, Robt
Richards, A.            Richardson, Thos
Rohwelier, Henry        Reupke, Chas
Reppenhagen, James      Runge, H. A.
Rachow, Chas            Reimers, C. A.
Roum, Christof          Rutshoon, Andy

Snyder, M. D.           Stowart, James
Schmidt, Hugo           Sinclair, Jesse
Smithel, Benedict       Seliz, Fred
Scott, H.               Starkweather, W.
Squires, H. E           Skeel, Almet
Sinoder, Frank          Smallfield, Chas.
Suel, August            Sevrance, Daniel H.
Shorey, D. L.           Sevrance, John J.
Stocks, Fred            Sweeney, Jim
Stone, Jacob            Sharkness, Thomas
Starr, S. H.            Schlichting, Chris
Stewart, J. G.          Schmidt, Chris
Sweeney, Peter          Swan, George B.
Saltsman, Alex          Steffen, Charles
Sherman Rasins          Shepard, John

Timm, August            Trede, John
Trimer, Harmer          Techentin, Henry

Voltz, Joseph           Virgien, August

Watt, I. N.             Williams, Henry
Wiese, Hans             Wheeler, H. P.
Wulf, Claus             Warrick, William W.
Wagener, John C.        Watson, O. H.
Westphal, Louis         Weideman, M.
Wade, W. P.             Wunderlich, John
Waghner, Fritz          Webb, C. T.
Webber, G.

Young, Jesse            Young, Wm.

Zuber, John

Arpt, Andrew          Abt, Andrew
Alston, A. S.         Adler, John M.
Auer, Charles         Ashcraft, Thomas
Allen, E. R. N.       Alger, Frederich
Ackerman, E. A.       Armil, Jackson
Ashton, George W.     Anderson, Samuel Mc.
Allen, Theodore

Bee, G. L.            Blakeley, James
Barker, **gle         Beck, L. E.
Burwell, L. C.        Brown, Chester
Burker, John C.       Blum, R.
Bishop, Lucius        Boles, Leander
Botemyer, John        Boulding, George
Bronson, W. C.        Brewster, J. D.
Berlishmer, S.        Brown, S. E.
Bole, Gustavus        Ballard, E. S.
Brown, Henry H.       Bald, W. H.
Burk, Dennis          Beck, August
Burwell, Charles A.   Balger, John E.
Berg, Henry           Bell, Charles
Barber, Albert U.     Blackhall, Adam
Been, George          Balch, George
Beaumont, Edward      Booth, Jonathan
Beaumont, John        Baker, J. W. H.
Barbour, George       Betts, Phillip
Brach, Fred           Barten, Henry
Bryon, William        Barklay, Samuel K.
Bills, John C.        Brayton, Benj. Jun.
Bayley, Austin        Bullfin, Mr.
Bell, John H.

Cook, John P.         Church, Alonzo W.
Cook, Edw. E.         Campbell, Alex
Craig, William        Cassa, John
Cartwright, Jacob     Cumings, Jeremiah
Cotes, Benj. F. Jun.  Carrah, John
Carter, Thos. C.      Crawford, Joseph
Cope, Joseph          Curry, Richard
Cochran, M. P.        Cullom, Christopher
Calvert, D. A.        Correy, A. W.
Carly, Michael        Campbell, Augustus
Campbell, A.          Concklin, Michael
Crawford, John N.     Congdon, R. D.
Child, O. H.          Carroll, Willett
Clark, G. W.          Conley, Hugh
Cope, William R.      Challon, David
Clark, Palmer         Coney, Robert
Clark, A. H. F.       Clegg, Arthur W.
Campbell, T. C.       Clark, Charles
Crimp, Thomas         Carmane, Stephen
Cochran, Mathias M. P.Chamberlin, John
Cochran, Itnsmere L.  Carville, John
Connor, James         Carpenter, J. F.
Campbell, W. P.

Dedrick, W. H.        Degear, Benj. F.
Dow, P. S.            Donald, William
Duffin, Samuel        Dunwoody, William
Dittoe, W. T          Darrah, J. W.
Dosy, John            Dooley, James
Doolan, Patrick       Davenport, Joseph A.
Dohrman, Christian    Davenport, George A.
Davis, James          Dart, John H.
Dunings, Patrick      Davie, Phillip
Dartington, Howard    Dugan, Motie
Dodge, Stephen        Delance, J.

Eldridge, Charles H.  Eagal, T. D.
Eldridge, Theodore    Eagal, Joseph P.
Edwards, Alfred       Ehlers, Frank
Evans, H. B.          Eldridge, R.
Eddy, Sidney M.       Eldridge, J.
Elder, John

Forrest, John G.      Freeman William C.
Forrest, George W.    Frech, A.
Freeman, W. C.        Foster, Samuel H.
Fearing, Theodore     Fint, Henry
Frazier, W. M.        Fairchild, S.
Fluke, L. H.          Farner, Mathias
Freed,  Philip        Fick, Charles
Frazier, Wm.          Frank, Simeon
Fleming, W. H.        Flanegan, Thomas
Forney, David         Foster, George

Gilbert, F. A. W.     Green, E. M.
Grovenberry, W. F.    Grime, John
Griffin, George, B.   Groom, George
Gottelman, William    Gorman, Patrick
Gillete, P. J.        Goerdts, J. E. W.
Ghme, Chas. D.

Haller, Frank         Henry, John E.
Haller, Fred          Hass, Henry
Halle, John           Hedges, Clark A.
Holmes, W. F.         Helmbeck, F.
Hassard, John F.      Hoeford, William
Hard, Charles         Haman, Henry
Harris, C. C.         Hoyt, Samuel
Harrington, John      Harrah, William D.
Henke, Henry          Harris, Robert G.
Hass, Detief          Havens, Grant T.
High, James A.        Hussey, John A.
Heinty, Solomon       Haberda, Martin
Hass, John            Hager, George
Haney, T. M. D.

Judd, Albert          Johnson, Amos
Jordan, Norman        Jones, S. R.
Judd, Rev. T. E.      Jennings, J. M.
Johnston, James K.    Johnson, Samuel

Kelburg, Otte         Kelly, A. P.
Klinefelter, William  Koenig, A. J.
Kamps, Fred           Ketering, David
Kneely, S. P.         Kepner, George W.
Killburn, W. L.       Koch, Henry
Kidder, Cyrus         Kohl, Jasper
Killion, Patrick      Kruse, Ernst
Koenig, Charles       Koch, Fritz
Kelsey, George        Krause, Robert
Krambs, Fred          Koch, Julius
Killfather, James     Klug, Otto
Kelley, David         Kelly, Dennis
Kennedy, Benedict     Kinslow, M.
Kearns, William B.    Kidder, W. F.
Kirkpatrick, Ichabod  Kildan, John
Kirkpatrick, J. G.

Luse, A. P.           Lewis, C. E.
Linder, J. A.         Lavender, Edward
Lockwood, H. H.       Lowenstein, Leopold
Lamb, R. P.           Lowenstein, Lipman
Louderbeck            Lienhard, Charles
Lane, James T.        Langfeldt, Adolphus
Lillis, John M.       Lorenzen, J.
Lyter, John M.        Lillien, P.
Loomas, Thomas        Lueders, Wm.
Lee, Henry M.

Morley, J. R.         Miller, A.
Morley, E. W.         McKay, Wm.
McKenzie Jas. S.      Muller, Moses
McCall, John D.       Murry, John
McCorkendale, Lewis   Myer, Chas. A.
McCortney, James      Mossman, Albert L.
McKain, Archibald     Mantyre, Michael
Murphy, Pat           McElroy, John B.
McGuire, Hugh         Meiville, Robert, Jun.
Murarity, Daniel      McCabe, Patrick
Mahan, Andrew         Madison, J. F.
Murphy, Michael       Myer, James
Martin, Lewis         Meyer, Louis
Morse, L. H.          McCarn, G. W.
McSween, Agnes        Mara, J. P.
Metzger, John         McNeily, Francis
McClough, Joseph      Murray, James
McClough, Donet       Medley, Hiram
McClough, Dominic     Medley, William
Mayer, Abraham        Mossman, J. G.
Mayer, Lewis          Mack, William
Maxen, Julius         Mezler, John J.
Mathews, E. B.        May, James
McNeil, O. B.         McCall, James W.
Meier, Charles        More, Lemuel B.
Mitchell, S. L.       Myer, John
McGee, Michael        Myer, John D.
Marand, John          McAvey, Owen
Morris, W. O.         Malay, Thomas
Manan, Martin         McGinley, Com
Manasas, Jacob        McDowell, John
Mack, W. W.           Mellville, Robert, Sen
Mooney, James

Noel, Joseph          Nary, James
Neely Crawford        Newell, John
Newell, George C.     Newby, William D.
Noels, P. W.          Negus, Francis
Naughton, Michael     Nesbit, Wm. A.

Odiorne, Edward       Osborn, H. B.
Orr, Thomas           O'Connor, Thos.
Osborn, Robert        Ordway, B. S.
Ohl, John W.          Orendorf, Pius
Olmstead, D.          Oliver, E. A.

Pemberton, Capt.Georg Ferry, Samuel
Parker, W. W.         Power, J. C.
Prossen, James        Painter, Columbus
Pelton, Thos.         Parcell, J. W.
Puttem, F. R.         Pratt, W. H.
Porter, Wm. H.        Patterson, John P. D.
Parker, Joseph N.     Peck, John
Preston, Andrew J.    Popp, Henry
Parcell, Samuel A.    Peterson, Theodore
Powers, Horatio       Porter, William H.
Paulsen, Hnery        Pelton, William
Pope, P. V.           Parker, S. N.
Peck, Eliel           Parcell, Patrick
Prien, F. J.

Quickenstodt, Fritz   Quickenstodt, H.

Renahan, Mich.        Russell, Thomas F.
Reed, J. A.           Rodewig, F.
Remington, Wm.        Rosenberger, G.
Remington, Daniel     Rodewig, E.
Reger, S. R.          Rausch, Fred
Rodgers, John N.      Rice, John W.
Reed, John L.         Riley, Mather
Ross, William F.      Richter, John
Ruthrauff, Charles    Regan, James

Seamands, J.          Stein, Charles
Staunton, Ed. A.      Stass, Charles
Smith, J. S.          Smethain, Richard
Shephard, Frank       Sanger, S. J.
Shults, John P.       Spearing, W. K.
Stephenson, J. E.     Streeper, Charles S.
Surbey, J. S.         Saulsbury, Thomas
Schmiesen, George     Schafer, Charles
Stacy, Rufus R.       Stuthem, David
Sparks, John P.       Scully, George
Shnack, John          Swarbrick, John
Shorey, J. G.         Shandly, Patrick
Soll, Henry           Stephenson, D. L.
Soll Christian        Stephenson, John A. B.
Sindt, John           Stephenson, W. J.
Shultz, Lewis         Stengel, Louis
Sieg, R.              Stafford, Edward
Scheiner, Valentine   Schepper, George
Strong, E.            Schlegel, G. A. C.
Schricker, John G.    Smiley, Geo. W.
Sanders, J. H.        Selen, J. M.
Stearns, Chas.        Stoehmer, Gotleib
Stewart, R. D.        Stoermer, Fred
Schlater, Henry       Stroh, Henry
Steek, James          Steffen, A.
Stephens, Caleb       Saxton, Partick
Shephard L. H.        Smith, S. F.
Sickles, Robert       Smith, J. L.

Thiele, G.            Thode, Henry
Todd, J. C.           Tiele, Warren
Taylor (with Egbert)  Thurston, K. M.
Tyner, Michael        Timpe, August
Tegler, Charles       Torning, C.
Tiffany, A. S.        Thompson, John
Thompson, William     Townsend, David

Valentine, George     Vantuyl, Ira
Vansuits, Theodore    Van Derveer, C. G.
Vanevera, D. W.       Viele, Livy S.
Verder, Charles       Van Hosen, J. W.
Volmers, Henry

Wood, Geo. E.         White, Rollin
Wald, Andrew          Wierum, John
Walter, Varen         Wilson, Thomas
Warringer, W. c.      Whitaker, Charles
Wingar, Henry         Washburn, Jacob
White, A. M.          Westlake, M. D.
Wirts, J. C.          Worley, P. H.
Wolf, Henry           Webber, R. B.
Willard, A. Clark     Webb, E. T.
Wickoff, C. W.        Weaver, Anthony
Washburn, J. C.       Watts, R. J.
Webb, Frank           Windson, William
Washburn, Darius      Webber, Charles T.
White, D. P.          Wulberger, Frances
Walsh, Edmund         Warren, William
Watts, Robert J.      Wood, J.
Wallace, William K.   West, George R.

Young, William

Atkinson, P. Dr.            Allen, E. G.
Atkinson, Charles           Arnold, Louis
Andrew, John                Avrison, Wm.
Andrews, J. E.              Andresen, Louis M.
Adam, Annonium              Armstrong, James

Beilenberg, Reimer          Burdit, B. W.
Barney, Chester             Baldwin, Melvin
Buswenn, John               Burns, Murt
Bennet, Charles C.          Bartusch, Robert
Bennet, H. Warland          Banaclough, Levi
Burns, Patrick              Banaclough, Wm.
Bachman, Adam               Benedict, Max
Braithwait, William         Booth, John
Best, Thomas                Bishop, Joseph
Bolger, John                Berry, John
Brainner, Michael           Boynton, Sydney S.
Brown, W. H.                Burns, Patrick 2d
Bartlett, W. C.             Buck, Edward
Bryan, John                 Burns, John
Blain, A.                   Briggs, Edward
Brubaka, Albert             Burns, John
Burns, Patrick 1st          Breneman A.
Bobb, John

Congdon, R. D.              Channon, John
Cavenner, Patrick           Cook, I. N.
Clark, George W.            Craig, J.
Camp, James H.              Cole, A. H.
Considine, Steven           Coulter, Wm.
Callendine, Edward          Chadwick, George
Cunningham                  Conole, Edward
Carmichael, Wm.             Crans, Rudolph
Calren, Henry               Croy, Fritz
Cassel, Isrel               Collins, John W.
Carrol, Patrick             Clark, Lewis
Culever, Henry              Carmady, Daniel
Collins, Jesse H.           conner, Stephen
Chase, T. O.                Curry, John B.
Cleveland, Jeff             Clark, G. W.
Carroll, John               Carleton, Dudley
Conley, Francis             Center, R. M.
Craig, Richard              Cates, George E.
Carman, G. L.               Conner, John
Creagh, John                Curry, Patrick
Coffin, John L.             Cockley, E. D.
Cannon, James               Carter, Wm. H.
Coates, Geo. B.             Caligan, J. B.

Dawson, Thos. L.            Donovan, Tim
Dwire, John                 Duncan, E. C.
Dalzell, James M.           Dillon, Owen
Demmery, George             Dixon, James
Dunn, John                  Dwite, T. T.
Deutsch, Paul               Doxsee, James H.
Downs, Martin               Davis, Levi
Dishinger, Jacob            Davenport, J. L.
Dorsfy, Patrick             Davis, John W.
Dewtschame, Fredrick        Dow, Geo. S. C.
Dermody, Thos.              Doonan, Christopher
Davis, John S.              Delang, Pat
Davis, George C.            Dugan, Murtz
Davis, Peter W.             Dwire, Wm.

Egbert, Wm.                 Evans, J. Douglass
Erskine, F. P.              Elder, T. H.
Egbert, A. A.               Ennis, W. W.

Frazer, E. S.               Fowler, T. B.
Finn, Michael               Ferrington, John
Feeny, John                 Fyfe, James
Fiddlar, W. F.              Fuller, W. H.
Flanagan, Barney            Frizell, Charles O.

Goldsbury, James            Glynn, Pat
Gorman,Samuel               Greathouse, W. E.
Grace, James                Gluseny, Christian
Gannon, Christopher         Gorman, Francis
Green, John                 Grady, Patrick
Guill, J. J.                Guiteau, J. W.
Grace, Edward               Gifford, Ira M.
Grace, Martin               Galligan, John B.
Green, W. L.                Goehring, Jacob
Guiman, Patrick             Galatin, R. L.
Gillholy, Thomas            Gardner, I. N.
Green, Joseph

Hender, Walter              Huot, Adolphe
Hender, Mathew              Hughs, Robert
Huot, C.                    Harris, Robert
Hunter, W. W.               Heuer, W. R.
Hayward, Thomas             Hogue, Milton
Hooley, Thomas              Howe, J. M.
Hess, Walter                Hanson, A. P.
Hegedorn, John              Higgins, Patrick
Hobbs, Moses                Harmer, W. H.
Heighly, Henry              Hubbel, George E.
Hart, John                  Howard William
Haley, Michael              Hys, Timothy
Hanan, John                 Halligan, Patrick
Harding, Anderson S.        Howard Michael
Harner, E.                  Handly, Pat
Hume, John                  Handly, Thomas
Hoge, Milton                Hoyt, Jonathan
Haight, J. H.               Hough, James A.
Hebert, Thomas              Harrigan, Wm.
Huot, Frank

Iten, Louis

Johanson, E. P. H.          Jones, W. G.
Johnson, Thomas             Jinks, Hiram
Joice, Wm.                  Jacoby, Francis
Johnston, James             Jefferis, B. R.
Johnston, Edward T.

Killion, Lake               Kehoe, Edmond
Kynett, A. J.               Kahler, Frederick
Kirkpatrick, J.             Kayser, M. F.
Keatring, L.                Koops, Fred C.
Kivel, Patrick              Kauffman, Samuel H.
Kelsey, Geo.                Kauffman, Albert
Keating, John               Kantye, Thos.
Kivell, Pat                 Kenower, Henry H.
King, Daniel                Klugg, John
Knocker, John               Krowery, Morris
Kendall, J. B.              Kelley, Dennis
Kenall, Walter S.           Kennedy, Pat
Kehoe, Thomas               Kuhnen, Patrick
Krum, Chauncey              Kain, Michael
Keane, Thomas               Kent, C. H.
Kimball, A.

Logan, John                 Leake, J. B.
Lindley, J. J.              Lane, E. Y.
Lackey, Robert R.           Logan, Wm.
Lamp, Peter                 Lindsay, J. B.
Leonard, Thomas             Lane, John B.
Litz, John                  Lacy, Lawrence
Lusees, George              Louis, Hawkin
Lakay, Martin               Litz, John
Litzen, Jacob               Leonard, James
Lane, J. B.                 Linderman, Rufus
Lynch, John                 Lindley, James
LeClaire, Joseph A.

Murphy, Richard             Martin, George
McCarty, John               McCormick, John
Mack, F. M.                 Morgan, F. C.
McCosh, Geo. E.             McCormick, Edward
Mitchell, S. L.             Maple, Samuel
McManin, Jerry              Murphy, James
Motie, Joseph               Morgan, Thomas
Moore, Thomas               Miller, Edmond H.
Morgan, Phillip             McLeroth, T. J. D.
McGee, John                 McMannan, James
McLaughlin, Thomas          McGee, Charles P.
Martin, Mathew              McKeage, John
McConnel W. H. H.           McCarthy, Martin
Mast, A. F.                 Mousley, John
Mackint, Louis A.           Morrison, Thomas
Moore, Daniel               McEffe, John
Moore, Robert P.            Mullins, John
Melvin, George              Maher, Mat
McCullough, Abraham R.      McKown, David P.
Monath, John                Moran, Michael
McInary, Daniel             McGinley, Con.
Mathews, Matthias           McRee, Charles
McLaughlin, W. T.           McAlerney, John
Meyers, J. Jr.              Mack, Royal
Micle, John                 Means, James W.
McCartee, Martin            McLaughlin Jr., Thomas
McDonald, Wm.               McSween, Augur
Morton, Allbone             McKown, O. S.

Newbern, John F.            Nash, D. B.
Nickolls, G. W.             Nyce, Jonathan

Oharra, Edmund              Oheara, Peter
Orendorff, Pius             O'Brian, James
Orendorff, Ed               O'Brian, Martin
O'Brien, John               Ohlds, J.
Orendorff, S. A.            O'Conner, James
Otterson, Samuel            O'Conner, Edward

Putnam, Charles E.          Parker, Geo. H.
Partidge, Andrew J.         Paxton, Joseph
Plummer, Luther             Parson, Walter S.
Plummer, Theodore           Purcell, Patrick
Porter, W. H.               Parker, Jerred C. Dr.
Parker, Fred                Phelps, Linderman R. Jr.

Quinn, Joseph               Quinn, Richard S.

Reha, William               Randall, Henry C.
Remington, W. A.            Roche, Andrew J.
Robeson, W. G.              Rust, Walter E.
Roach, Patrick              Rhods, James K.
Robinson, James             Roach, James
Riley, Thomas               Ryan, Daniel
Regan, Wm.                  Renien, Michael
Robinson, Joseph W.         Russell, George
Richardsen, J. J.           Risley, Henry
Richardson, D. N.           Rowe, James Francis
Russell, Edmund             Robinson, W. H.

Smith, Abram                Smith, John
Skinner, W. O.              Sheehy, Thomas
Sullivan, Owen              Smiley, Thomas
Summers, Patrick            Simpson, George
Smith, Daniel               Swits, John L.
Stretton, Mathew            Slade, James A.
Stevenson, Adam             Smith, Henry
Sanders, Wait H.            Speed, A. J.
Stewart, J. W.              Snyder, Webster
Seamands, James W.          Sanders, Alfred
Spencer, George K.          Simermon
Sanger, Saul J.             Singer, Charles
Shields, J.                 Spencer, Wm. Jr.
Stevens, Scott              Schricker, L.
Sullivan, James             Saxton, Patrick
Scott, Willam               Smith Geo. W.
Sindt, John                 Smith, Howard

Tomson, Dr. Johnson         Taher, Pat
Tisdale, John               Twombly, T. B.
Thompson, Wm.               Tyler, Seneca
Tillferd, Eugene            Troup, Robert
Tyner, W. T.                Thormahler, Ernst
Toher, Henry

Ulery, W. R.

Van Patton, John

Williams, Alex F.           Whitcomb, G. P.
Watson, Franklin            Wilcher, John E.
Woodward, B. B.             Wallace, J. C.
Water, Horace               Wheeler, E. W.
Woodside, William

Yapp, George W.             Young, E. W.

Alrich, Joseph       Anderson, Cornelius J.

Brannon, Lake        Bendrug, George
Burk, Edward         Bush, Henry
Burk, John           Binnek, Henry
Busch, Deidrich      Barnholdt, John
Burns, Morte         Braybrook, Stephen
Barraolough, Levi    Burgoyne, Walter
Bailey, Michael      Best, Thomas
Brockett, Thos.      Butterfield, Roger

Cahal, James         Cap, Patrick
Cane, Thomas         Carvell, John
Clark, Thomas        Commonfort, Michael
Cunningham, James    Chase
Crowley, James       Croier, Michael
Cinader, Frank       Cawley, James
Clark, Joseph        Cavinaugh, John
Cooker, Christian    Creps, Conrad
Carver, Michael      Cass, John
Cotterman, Isaac     Cronegan, Patrick
Costigan, Martin

Delaney, Dennis      Driscoll, John
Dearing, Andrew      Dial, Fielding
Daniels, William     Ditch, Frank
Dillon, Martain      Doyle, Patrick
Dolan, Patrick       Dailam, J. W.
Daly, Martin         Davenport, Isaac L.
Doad, F. B.          Davison, Abner
Dond, R. R.          Dageer, David
Dond, Volney         Driscoll, John
Donahue, John

Flambaugh, John      Fulton, Leblaire
Fearing, James       Faney, Patrick
Filtman, Henry       Field, J. D.
Frey, Andrew         Feeny, John
Frey, Fritz          Fitzpatrick, John

Grady, Michael       Gillan, Patrick 2d
Ganena, Daniel       Gilmartin, Patrick
Gillan, Martin       Gillan, Patrick 3d
Gody, Patrick        Gillan, Owan
Gillan, Patrick 1st

House, George        Hildreth, George
Habspay, Martin      Henry, Patrick
House, Fredrick      Hasz, Henry
Hefron, Bartley      Hefron, John
Horigon, Jeremiah    Hefron, Michael
Henry, Bartley       Haley, John
Hickey, Timothy      Hassett, Patrick
Hefron, Miles        Hubbs, George
Hoops, Ames          Hayward, Daniel
Haight, W. R.        Harvey, Thomas
Hromatke, John       Hildreth, Charles

Iglehart, Ezra       Ininow, Michael

James, George        Johnson, Lucian
Jennings, John M.    Jones, William
Johnson, Thomas

Kester, Frank        Keneda, Daniel H.
Kuhn, Charles        Kervon, John
Kinady, Patrick      Knostmann, Frederick
Kuffman, John H.     Knostman, George
Kivelan, Michael     Kelly, John
Kendrick, Frank      Kennedy, Thomas
Krambrick, Peter

Lambert, Caleb B.    Lindsey, J. E.
Lacey, Lawrence      Lanes, William
Logup, John

McCabe, Francies     McIntire, James
Murry, James         Murphy, William
McCrone, David       McDermott, Bryan
McCrone, John        Moore, Henry B.
McCrone, Thomas      Mulliven, Patrick
Mazer, Frank         Moore, Edwin S.
Mulford, Abram       McBride, James
Martin, Patrick      McBride, Joseph
McLaughlin, Thomas   Meredith, George
Murphy, Michael      Montgomery, William
Mararity, Daniel     Monroe, Robert
Mongoville, John     Miley, Patrick
McHart, Jacob        Murphy, Michael
Mongoville, Patrick  McFarlan, John
Mair, Thomas         Mulligan, John
Muloy, Patrick       Murphy, James

Nicholls, Wm.        Neeman, Charles
Nicholls, William B. Nason, Robert

O'Conner, Samuel     O'Meara, William
O'Conner, John       Owens, James
O'Brien, Martin      O'Brien, Christopher
O'Donnell, Robert    O'Herron, John
O'Donnell, Daniel    O'Connor, Thomas
Oaks, William        O'Brian, John
O'Connell, Daniel

Powell, Dixon        Peters, James
Peaslee, Frank       Peters, Peter
Peaslee, Noah        Parkison, George
Plummer, Chas. G.    Phillips, Thomas
Plower, Frank        Pester, Edwin
Plower, Joseph       Peterson, August
Page, Rodney         Phillips, Monroe
Peters, John         Peper, Carl

Rolen, Stephen       Rickard, W. H.
Rolphs, Henry        Reitz, Michael
Rolphs, Amos         Robertson, James
Ransel, James        Randall, David
Rellis, Patrick      Rowe, John
Ready, Michael       Russell, James
Reed, Lawrence       Renwick, William
Reed, Lawrence       Renwick, William
Rodden, John         Restoff, Henry
Rambo, Alonzo        Roed, Perry
Rickard, Henry       Rambo, Rankin

Schroder, John       Severon, Henry
Schroder, Charles    Schnickloth, Claus
Skelly, John         Schwine, August
Slopkuhl, Charles    Stanchfield, Daniel
Scott, Wellington    Schnell, Feldman
Scholt, John         Schobert, Ambrose
Schmidt, Charles     Saunders, Thomas J.
Schmidt, Conrad      Sears, I. H.
Southwick, William   Simpson, Robert
Somers, Patrick      Scott, Peter P.
Stapleton, Patrick   Smith, A. Judson
Shelly, Daniel B.    Shields, Jesse
Squirses, Charles    Shea, John
Schwine, Charles

Teterman, William    Toompkins, Jones
Thuenen, Henry       Torris, Frank
Turill Richard       Tripp, Orlando G.
Tegg, Patrick        Tucker, A. G.
Trainer, John        Tracy, Patrick
Taylor, R. W.        Tress, Frank
Taylor, R. F.

Woolf, William       Whitty, James
Whitaker, Charles    Whitty, Patrick
Whitaker, John       Widdington, Michael
Williams, John       Wowrth, S.
Wright, Michael      Weise, Henry
Weise, Jechim        Witt, Detlef
Walker, Henry        Weise, Paul
Wagner, Casper       Winkless, Thomas
Weise, Cisus         Weaver, Joseph
Wendell, George

Young David T.       Yantle, John

Davenport Township Outside the City

Ade, Henry              Archer, George
Allen, Thomas           Archer, Thomas
Arp, Henry              Archer, Richard
Arp, Nicholaus          Atwood, George
Arbuckle, Alexander     Ackerman, James
Akely, John             Ackerman, Harlow
Archer, Chas.           Allen, Theodore
Ade, William            Abel, Milton
Alter, John W.          Adams, Wm.
Alter, William W.       Alston, Albert S.
Alts, Jacob

Bird, Eugene            Barnhold, Jochim
Berl, John              Barnes, Lewis
Bren, Thomas            Baringer, Joseph
Bower, Fritz            Brockett, Elam E.
Brockman, Alfred        Baker, Robert
Brockman, Benjamin F.   Ball, Thomas
Blunts, John W.         Broderson, Jacob
Balluff, Edward         Bolin, Hans
Buckwaller, Sirus       Broders, Peter F.
Barry, Richard          Burnside, Andrew
Buckwalter, James       Burnside, Robert
Bull, John              Burnside, Hugh
Beenk, Hans             Banrose, Fritz
Beach, Herman           Boursch, Edward
Bryan, Alden P          Bolderbecker, Chas.
Boermaster, John        Bludorn, Fred
Burrows, David A.       Bludorn, Chas.
Brandt, Hans            Birch, David
Brugman, Albert         Berger, Chrisen
Belken, Charles         Baker, James
Barr, William-1st       Baker, Oliver
Barr, William-2d        Behnhosts, Yeocum
Bossler, Sam'l R.       Bonholtz, Yeocum
Burk, John              Barmby, Wm.
Borechlers, John        Barmby, Robert
Baulke, Joseph          Benson, Stephen
Barrowden, Herman       Baumeier, Geo.
Burmeister, A. H.       Benka, Franck
Bond, Edward            Bradt, Aurelius W.
Bornemann, Gust.        Bailey, Harrison
Bentien, Gottfried      Burrows, Louis
Baker, M. J.            Barr, Benjamin
Baker, G. A.            Berrian, John
Bassett, Edward E.      Barron, James
Brown, Gervose          Bendize, Claus
Bolte, Henry Jr.        Bunning, Peter

Colewell, Joseph        Campbell, William M.
Calvin, Luthr           Campbell, Byron B.
Carner, Michael         Crone, August
Caloreise, Hugh         Copeland, Joseph
Cook, Rudolph           Conner, Charles
Catt, Alfred B.         Cork, Benjamin
Christofer, Hans        Chapman, Isaac
Cahill, William         Criswell, Robert Jr.
Carroll, William        Carat, Benjamin
Calahan, Thomas         Cummings, Seth
Crane, Addison B.       Calder, Simon
Carter, Benjamin A.     Calder, James
Cavitzel, Anton         Cook, Christopher
Champion, Denison R.    Carroll, John T.
Catlin, Henry L.        Crumbig, John
Cook, William           Cowdery, Lorenzo
Crawford, James         Cahaian, Wm.
Criswell, James         Crapenher, Peter
Cumefeldt, Henry        Cole, Yeocum
Coal, Lea*              Carlin, John
Carr, David             Collins, Miles A.
Crumbey, William H.     Chapin, Francis
Coon, John B.           Criswell, Samuel
Campbell, C. C.         Clary, Michael
Clary, Daniel

Daniels, Noah           Day, John M.
Doyle, Morris           Donyer, Andrew
Doyle, Lawrence         Dura**, Harlen
Doyle, Daniel           Degroff, Albert
Doyle, Michael          Dutcher, John
Delancy, John           Davis, Ebenezer J.
Dierk, Marx             Doendorf, Alvin
Dettmer, James          Dorliz, Wm.
Dehn, Riemer            Degler, Michael
Dunn, E.                Draper, John
Dwire, H. G.            Dunlop, Patrick
Douffen, Ferd           Donelly, Hugh
Dieman, Chas.

Eldridge, Joseph        Emise, Henry
Early, Christian        Epp, Christian
Ely, James              Ehrsam, Chas.
Evans, Charles          Eastwood, John A. C.
English, James M.       Ells, C. S.
Erenst, Henry           England, John
Ehler, Jacob            Eldridge, Jacob M.

Freed, Phillip          Fop, Hans
Frick, Christian        Fitcer, Christian
Falan, Joe              Fearing, Frederick
Fedick, John            Fearing, George
Frye, H. M.             Frahm, John
Fluke, Newton H.        Feldpausch, Gabriel
Fluke, Orville S.       Farencrook, Ludwig
Fluke, Orland R.        Flanegan, Patrick
Frederick, Gust         Falnegan, Michael
Foster, J. M.           Falner, Henry
Frey, George            Falner, William
Fleming, Thomas         Furgeson, James
Farber, James           Finley, John W.
Friend, Powell

Gannen, Martin          Grews, Joseph
Gannen, Timothy         Grant, Alexander X.
Guion, W. H.            Gosch, Peter
Guttsch, John           Galeger, William
Groman, James           Galolen, A. R.
Gerathy, Michael        Golden, Charles
Gerathy, John O.        Gurgens, Jacob
Gahman, Joseph          Goetsch, H. A.
Glaspell, Isaac         Gottsch, Hans-2d
Gottsch, James          Grubbe, Ludolph
Goettsch, James         Groth, Detlef
Goettsch, Hans-1st      Gaierty, Owen
Green, Allen J.         Ginn, Alvin
Gardner, H. G.          Gilruth, James H.
Gertz, Christian        Gould, Benjamin
Gertz, Henry            Grey, Hugh
Gloss, James            Gubson, Andrew
Girm, Thomas            Guinnes, Michael

Hairthorpe, Joseph      Hennings, William
Hanman, John H.         Hess, James
Hoover, Thomas          Hauer, Gottsfried
Holslag, Henry          Hartman, Henry
Hayward, George         Honiryan, Edward
Hesley, Joseph          Hope, Robert
Hanneman, John          Heraing, Gotfired
Hall, Wilfred P.        Heplar, Jacob
Hoffman, Andrew         Harmon, Josiah
Hoffman, Charles        Harmon,Urias
Hoffman, Christopher    Hogan, Nicholas
Hibley, Frank           Huschk, Bernhard
Hunter, William         Hispi, Frantz M.
Hall, W. O.             Holfing, John
Hall, J. M.F.           Hamann, Hans
Hall, Clark M.          Hass, Detlef
Hall, Byron S.          Halm, John
Hunter, Davis           Hapner, Henry
Horst, Claus            Hapner, Henry
Horstman, John          Horst, Henry
Heath, Samuel           Hamann, John
Hibbard, Edward         Hasse, Fred
Heath, Joseph F.        Humdolf, Carl
Heinrich, Jacob         Harms, John
Hatford, Washington G.  Hentz, Bernard
H***lerath, Valentine   Hammers, Herman
Howell, Daniel W.       Harvey, John
Higgin, John            Harvey, John
Higgin, Patrick         Hibler, Frank

I**h, J. W.             Ingleburgh, Derich
I**h, A. R.

Jenk, John              Juns, Henry C.
James, Samuel L.        Japp, John
Jordon, George          Jacobson, Jacob

Kay, John               Kock, Rudolph
Klenize,Bernhardt       Krustfelt, John
Kuntzen, Henry N.       Kuhl, Henry
Kay, James              Knoger, Peter Y.
Kay, Hens               Kobe, Guste
Kay, James              Kipe, Emmon
Koester, John           Kienze, Bernhard
Koester, August         Kerhlmann, William
Killion, Michael        Khenen, Garrett
Killion, William        Kelly, Michael
Killion, Daniel         Kapy, Frederick
Kabaria, John           Kundsen, Henry
Kesner, Frederick       Kerwin, John
Kirk, Patrick           Kesa, Pete
Krogm, Claus            Kenneday, Thos.
Keller, John            Kock, John
Kurtem, James           Kroger, Herhard
Kurt John               Kinkead, John C.
Kelley, Absalom         Kurtem, Wm.

Lambert, Aaron P.       Le Claire, N. D.
Lowe, Peter             Long, Samuel
Lippold, Frederick      Lage, James
Langenberry, John       Lamp, Peter
Le Clair, A. J.         Losch, Lewis
Lorens, John            Linderman, Joseph
Lambert, William S.     Linderman, Frank
Liegy, Charles          Lindly, Stephen
Law, Peter              Lingafelt, Arthur
Lutle, Clause           Lears, Henry
Lickens, Levi           Ledos, Michael
Lorion, Samuel          Lump, Peter
Lorton, Stephen         Leonid, James
Lillienthal, Christian  Langefelt, Henry
Littig, John            Logan, Augustus R.
Lundy, L. S.            Leach, Austin
Lafrance, Henry F.      Lore, James
Lillienthal, Hans J.    Lindsay, Augustus
Le Claire, F. H.        Lillienthal, Hans J.

McCullough, Wm. S.      McMannus, Parker W.
McCullough, Howard      Matesen, Mateas
McGee, Thos. H.         Moore, Hans
Murray, George          Martindale, Thos.
Myer, Claus             May, James, M.
McCarty, Alexander      McLeary, John
Miller, John            Miller, Mor**
Moses, Charles          Morgan, John
Maston, William         More, Benjamin F.
McHarg, Thos. J.        Marks, C. *.
McHarg, Harvey          McNight, Joseph
McHarg, John            McCullough, J. L.
Moore, Richard          Morgan, Siden M.
Moore, Azarieh          Moyer, Hermann
Moore, Josiah           Meyer, Henry
McLaughlin, William     Monson, Isaac f.
Moses, John             Mason, Thomas
Mieicke, Henry          Myer, Clause
Miller, James           Morgan, S. w.
McCarhty, James         Morgan, D. W.
McKelvey, John          McNeily, Frances
McKinzie, William S.    McArthur, James
Meloner, Jacob          McCarty, John
Meyer, Hnas             McCormick, James
Martin, John            McKinad, Patrick
Miller, N. H.           McKernan, John
Morrison, Wm.           McGuire, Patrick D.
Mundt, Claus            Marks, Robert
Musgrave, Wm.           Murray, John
Mertzan, Nicholas       Molyneaux, John
Murray, John            Malchart, George
Matthews, Christopher   McGannes, Hugh
Moffatt, Erastus        McCann, Michael
McArthur, Gabriel       McQu**lon, Roger
McCormick, Michael      McArthur, James
Myer, John              Murray, W. B.

Neimans, Chas.          Nolan, Jeremiah
Nerwe, August           Nutting, James
Nisthta, Herman         Nachtigal, Frederick
Newberry, Loran         Navan, Dennis
Newbold, Edward         Nagel, James
Nichols, Osker P.       Newby, Nathan
Niblery, George         Noel, John
Neilsen, Tims           Nelson, Alexander
Nolan, Charles

O'Connnor, Patrick      Osborne, Frederick
Otterman, John          Osborn, Josiah
O'Donnell, Michael      Osborn, Sylvester
Oldenberg, Frederick    Osborn, H. B.
Ott, Peter              Osborn, James J.
Owen, John              Osborn, M. L.
Ott, Chas.              Overdeck, Gustav
Osborn, Henry           Ochs, William
Osborn, Josiah

Pitchear, Michael       Phalan, Joseph
Prenster, Chas.         Price, Patrick
Petersen, Philip        Price, Patrick
Prus, Hans M.           Parmele, Walter
Paulsen, Hans           Paremele, Edwin
Paine, Owen             Parmele, William
Plugman, Hans           Patterson, R. N.
Puck, Egbert            Patterson, Isaac
Puttman, Fred           Payne, Thomas
Peters, Claus J.        Potzler, John
Peters, John            Paul, Detlef
Parry, Joseph           Phillips, Wellerich
Pickerin, Chas.         Port, Isaac M.
Parker, N. H.

Racke, Adam             Rohn, Deetlef
Robinson, David S.      Rann, Christian
Robinson, Thomas M.     Ravenhill, John
Robinson, W. H.         Rorke, Patrick
Remine, John W.         Roberts, John
Rolf, Augustus          Risley, Charles
Rathige, Frederich      Roeder, Mark
Rusch, William          Rohweder, Claus
Ricker, Abraham         Ross, George
Reafe, Louis            Risley, Charles
Rute,  Hans             Richmann, Ernst H.
Rediger, Herman         Rahn, Heintz
Ruick, Thomas           Rusch, N. J.
Reading, Augustus       Radt, Henry
Ridle, Robert           Radt, Henry
Riddle, Robert          Roch, August
Rogge, Lorenz           Rohlff, Frederich
Rearden, Daniel         Rolfs, Jurgen
Riley, John

Smart, James J.         Strouke, Jacob
Sneckcloth, Peter       Schrader, Chr.
Susameil, Gustav        Schrader, Henry
Slopkuhl, Claus         Schluter, Claus
Susameil, Lu**          Schluter, John
Shausuel, Theodor       Susemuhl, Gustav
Seil, Herman            Susemuhl, Ludwig
Stuhr, Max              Schausel, Theodore
Shoemaker, Paul         Steffen, A.
Schrader, Charles       Shriefer, Henry
Snack, John             Stewart, Sidney
Smith, John H.          Simpson, James
Snazor, John            Saxton, Paul
Shoup, Baptist          Stoltenberg, James
Shrooder, August        Stewart, Michael
Shoupp, John            Shoemaker, Henry
Stoltenberg, Hans       Steinberg, L. W.
Stoltenberg, Claus      Steucner, Carl
Schroeder, John         Sullivan, Samuel
Stoltenberg, John       Sissen, Senns
Sholis, John            Stoltenberg, Henry
Sheeling, John          Smidt, Egbert
Steffen, Fred           Smidt, Jurgen
Sindt, Thies            Smidt, Hans
Strouth, John           Sellers, Wm.
Shaw, Robert            Stohma, John
Steward, Daniel         Snyder, Jake
Suhl, Herman            Splain, Michael
Schlepkuhl, Claus       Seigmund, Wm.
Steward, Madison M.     Sahl, Fred
Shaw, Alexander         Shminger, Michael
Schniger, Gustavus      Semma, Wm.
Sharpe, Augustus        Spooley, I. P.
Stoltenberg, Hans

Tompsin, Wm.            Tilden, Henry
T*ke, John              T***de, Jurgen
Thompson, George W.     Thede, Hans
Thompson, James E.      Tranner, Robert
Tany, Peter             Teiterman, Theodore
Trepts, Gottleif        Thomas, Ell
Tracey, James           Teilman, Wm.
Tones, Robert           Torry, Dolfus
Taulide, John           Townsend, Robert
Tilton, Joseph          Thomas, Samuel

Vinal, George           Voss, Peter
Vanloon, B. F.          Voak, Henry
Vogt, Jurgen            Vanorman, William

Welch, James            Wesuffen, Henry
Woomer, Adam            Walker, James C.
Wiese, Claus            Walker, John
Williams, Belden        Walker, William L.
Winfield, George        Waker, William L.
Winfield, Edward        Watson, William
Wilkinson, Thomas       Watson, Isaac
Westphall, Charles F.   Watson, James
Woodbury, Daniel        Whitesell, George
Waltman, Ernst          Ware, George
Weise, Peter            Williams, James
Watson, Alexander       Wicks, Gilbert
Weise, Peter            Wolf, Temp
Whittaker, W. H.
The Daily Gazette
Davenport, Iowa
Saturday Morning
August 30, 1862

Names of Persons subject to Draft omitted in the previously published List.

First Ward

Benton, R.            Jennings, Michael
Mooney                Kohler, Henry
Kennedy, Bartholomew  Kohler, Charles

Second Ward

Muelhofer, Peter
Belken, Josh
Miller, O.

Third Ward

Carmichael, D.        Morrison, Jno. D.
Carmichael, Wm.       Lederer, Alex
Donahue, Michael      Fleming, Peter
Busch, Frank G.       Assmussen, Chs.
Farrand, Wm.          Brandt, John
Cockley               Hill, David
Watts, Wm.            Sunder, Charles
Helbing, Charles      Schwenck N.
Hass, Claus           Vogel, Henry
Haller, William       Wyman, S. B.
Melchert, Jerry       Nixon, Joseph
Riepe, William        Quickenstedt
Reimers, John H.      Dodds

Fourth Ward

Hornby, John          Lavine, John
Kerker, Peter         Shelton, D. S.
Pape, Wm.             Engal, Will
Hageboeck, Augustus   Humphrey, James
Millner, Wm.          Thorington, J. H.
Janssen, J. F.        Thorington, H. R.
Brown, J. J.          Trout, Miles
Hass, Henry           Garolomy, Wm.
Stiemer, Friedrick    Gadd, E. T.
Kuinar, Hans          Habitzen, Adrian
Hass, Dudley          Hooley, Thomas
Fisher, Jacob         Hunter, M. D.
Dessaint, M.          Harris, A. J.
Bennett, Wm. H.       McNerney, Michael
Dillon, John F.       Perry, Theodore
Gurley, W. H. F.      Powell, John D.
Burr, Joshua          Putnam, J. C.
Webb, W. H.           Railing, Henry
Birkel, John C.       Vanalst, G. T.
Tynier, Michael       Walters, H.
Washburn, Frank       Patterson, James
Orr, Wm.              Gundaker, J.
Davenport, Geo. L.    Gray, David M.
Conner, J. Smith      Hide, John
Middleton, W.         Gadd, B. F.

Fifth Ward

Dodge, H. F.          Niles Wm.
Losee, George         Convers, Charles E.
Armil, Brayton        Deutsch, Eugine
Wadsworth, W. C.      Parks, Milo K.
Cosgrove, James       Cochran, Samuel
Killian, John H.      McFarland, Wm.
Moran, Dennis         Norman, John
Cogan, Wm.            Raynor, James
Sanford, Benj. C.     McChesney, John
Hilton, Barich        Peter, Smith
Jordan, James         Tilebein, E. A.
Jordan, John          Zimmerman, Henry
True, David S.        Andrews Burr
Dalzell, M. Jr.       Andrews Orin
Weaver, C. W.         Youmans, J.
Weaver, A. A.

Sixth Ward

Philip Mooney         Ryan, John
Johnson, R.           Sogup, John
LeClaire, L. A.       Coulthart, Jas.
McClaflin, Frank

Davenport Township

Price, Henry          Osborn, Nelson
Harding, P. B.        Osborn, Alexander
Pierce, Andrew        Black, Adam
Babb, W. H.           Hein, August
Hoger, Oliver P.

Davenport City   Aliens      Phys.     Over   Und'r Firemen  Others
                             Incap     Age     Age
First Ward         13         56         9       1      32
Second Ward         4         21         2       1      20       2
Third Ward         10         25         3       1      12
Fourth Ward         8         41        18       4       9       6
Fifth Ward          8         18        19              10
Sixth Ward          5         18        14       2
Davenport Twp.     19         31         4       1       4
Pleasant Valle      5         11         1
Rockingham                     8
Allen's Grove       1          3
Hickory Grove       9         16         2
Liberty Twp.        1
Princeton                     10         1
LeClaire            4         19         3                       1
Winfield           19         20         3                       1
Blue Grass          5         20         1
Buffalo             3          9         2
Cleona                         4
Total             114        325        74      10      89      10

NOTES from Elaine:
Someone asked me a number of good questions regarding the Gazette's Civil War
conscription eligibility list. I decided to post the answers to the list in case others
might have similar questions.

I don't believe many newspapers published the names of eligible draftees, as
a rule. At the point that this list was published, the union was still
trying to avoid the very unpopular conscription by encouraging men to
enlist. All able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45 were eligible. No
exemptions were made due to family size or ages of family members. I assume
the Gazette probably took from the 1860 census, a list of all those men who
fell in the age category of 18 to 45.

Counties were assigned quotas of needed men. If a county could provide that
quota (as determined by legislature) through enlistment, they did not have
to draft men, or would only have to draft the difference. Many thought this quota system,
and conscription in general was unfair, prompting several large "Draft" riots throughout the country.

Counties offered bounties as rewards to men who enlisted. This practice was
not devoid of problems. Men would hop from county to county, signing up and
collecting the bounty money, and then skip out and head for the next county
and another bounty. From what I've seen, Scott's bounties were very good
compared to many others in the country. I'll be posting more articles
addressing these issues.

Various state rules exempted those afflicted with heart and lung disease, hemorrhoids
 or chronic diarrhea, hernia, 'loss or imperfect vision of the right eye'--presumably the
 rifle-sighting eye --loss of the front teeth and molars, or 'loss of more than one finger
of the right or more than  two fingers of the left hand.'

Regarding deferments, if one was wealthy, or could somehow scrape up $300,
he could legally buy his way out. If one could find a substitute to fight in
his place, that was also allowed. All kinds of problems arose from these
practices. Most folks could not come up with $300 and therefore, the Civil
War was considered by many to be a "poor man's war." Although mental and
physical disabilities could cause exemption,  the substitutes were often
discovered to be physically or mentally deficient, or many times they signed
up and quickly "skedaddled."

Men with occupations such as teachers, judges, telegraph operators, railroad
 engineers, skilled munitions workers in public arsenals and certain other government
 employees were exempt. Members of certain religious factions, such as Mennonites and
 Quakers, were exempt at first, but later on Congress passed a law that men of those faiths
 had to serve in non-combative roles, such as in hospitals, supply depots, etc.