Davenport Leader; February 14, 1895

     A petition was filed in the county clerks office yesterday by Eliza Dorrence against her son John Lancaster and his wife. Mrs. Dorrence alleges in her petition that she gave her son $800 with which to purchase a piece of property in LeClaire, with the understanding that she was to have a life interest in the property purchased. It is further stated in the petition that the son purchased the property, but had the deed made out in his wife's name, and now refuses plaintiff any of her rights in the property. She asks that her rights be restored, and such other relief be granted as may be deemed necessary.

     Suit has been commenced against Charles H. Worley by G.L. McLaughlin, to secure the payment of an account, amounting to $13.50, said to be due for work done at livery stables on Fifth and Brady streets. A mechanics' lien is asked for.

     Papers have been filed in the suit of Ed. Borcherdt against Geo. K. Hoover. Judgment is asked for the sum of $118.98, amount of promissory note to be past due. A writ of attachment is also asked against property of defendant.

     The case of the city against Ben Wrange is before the circuit court this afternoon. Wrange was fined in the police magistrate's court for allowing a horse to run at large and appealed upon the deciscion.

     The slander suit brought by Carl Amend against Carl Ruebling came to an end in Justice Block's court yesterday afternoon. The plaintif was non-suited.


Davenport Leader; March 6, 1895

     The last will and testament of the late William Criswell, was filed for probate in the county clerk's office today. The property is bequeathed to the children, Mary Ann, Elisie, Charles, Robert and Oscar Criswell, share and share alike. Charles Like is appointed executor and administrator. The document is dated Jan. 25, 1895, and witnessed by H.H. Hull and Benj. Criswell.

     G. Henry Knostman has entered a confession of judgment for $47 in favor of I.H. Dewry Furniture company, amount due on account.

     A decree was granted today by Judge Waterman making permanent a temporary injunction restraining Sheriff Jones from enforcing a judgment against W.P. Carlin, obtained by John S. Davis in the district court Nov 25, 1874.

     Marriage licenses were issued today to Albert Haltmeyer and Emily Boldt. Bartholome Schwegle and Rosa K. Wampbler; Henry Tiedje and Anna Buebschau; Gotthold Huttitg and Wilhelmine Gerdtz; John Kamp and Lizzie Reimers.

     George R. Park has commenced suit against A.M. Barthel from whom he claims the sum of $177.50. The amount said to be balance due on merchandise furnished Barthel by the plaintiff.

     Marriage licenses have been issued to Gustave Weise and Meta Moeller; John Klehn and Bertha Watger.

     The trial of William McIntosh under indictment for the two burglaries at Louis Hanssen's hardware store was begun this morning. The following jury was impaneled: James Leonard, Robert Pieper, W.F. Newbern, John Doyle, Aug. Belter, Wm. McCarn, Charles Moeller, Juergen Anderson, George B. Yocum, Carl Bartels, Peter Fries and Joe Gimbel. R.E. Cook is defending McIntosh.

     Marriage licenses issued today to Charles H. Ehlers and Matilda Klindt, Charles Burmeister and Alvina Schnaack.

     The case of William McIntosh charged with burglary is still before the district court. The evidence is all in and this afternoon the arguments are being heard.

     J.A. Reilly of  the "German Soldier" company, against whom Gorman and Harrison of the Down's Hotel secured a verdict in Justice LeClaire's court of $18.50, has appealed the case to the district court. The papers in the case were filed this morning.

     A petition was filed Saturday by C.N. Newcomb asking the district court to appoint a receiver for the Davenport Wire Hoop and Basket company. In the petition the plaintiff states that he owns the most of the property possessed by the company, E.B. Hayward, R.E. Lindsay, and O.F. Matieson claiming to own the remainder, and they are named as defendants in the suit. It is alleged by Mr. Newcomb that the defendants have refused to make any settlement of a controversy over their respective interests in the property of the company, and the court is asked to adjust the difficulties. The petition states further that no capital is in sight to operate the plant, enforcing idleness and causing a constantly increasing debt, which is a lien upon the property. Mr. Newcomb claims an indebtedness of him of $169.25, rent and attorney's fees, and says if the plant is not put into operation, the rapidly increasing debt will eat up the property. A judicial decree is asked establishing the interests of the different parties and the appointment of a receiver who will sell the property under orders from the court, and make the following division of the proceeds; First, the payment of the cost of action and receivership; second, the payment of indebtedness which constitutes a lien upon the property; third, the division of the balance to the shareholders as their interests may be decreed by the court.

     A mechanic's lien was filed Saturday by Anton Welzenbach, a carpenter in the employ of Paasch & Lowmuller, claiming a balance due him for labor of $37.50. The lien is against a house built by the firm for P.M. Bosch.

     The case of the city against Charlse Lathe, appealed from Justice LeClaire's court, by the defendant, was dismissed Saturday in the district court, the defendant paying the $25 fine assessed by Justice LeClaire, and the cost of the suit. Mr. Lathe put a ferry in operation between Davenport and Rock Island during the summer, for which he was arrested and fined as stated above.

     The trial of William McIntosh charged with burglary came to an end in the district court Saturday. The case was given to the jury at eleven o'clock Saturday morning and a decision was reached in twenty minutes and a verdict of guilty as charged returned. The crime for which McIntosh will serve time in Anamosa was the burglarizing of Louis Hanssen's hardware store, last fall stealing hundred dollars worth of valuable tools. McIntosh is an old offender and has seen the inside of the penitentiary walls before. Another indictment of a similar nature still hangs over him. R.B. Cook acted as attorney for the defense.

     Suit has been commenced by Joanna Armil against Mary Flynn to secure possession of certain property. It is stated in the petition that for a valuable consideration, she secured a warranty deed for the property last November, but the defendant has refused to give possession. She asks that her claim be established by a decree of the court. She estimates that she has been injured to the extent  of $250.

Davenport Leader; March 19, 1895

     The last will and testament of the late John Friederich Runge, has been filed in the district court. After providing for the payment of debts all of the estate, real and personal is bequeathed to his wife, to have and hold during her life. At her death the estate is to be divided between the children, Maria Thode nee Runge, Charles Runge and Sophia Wendt, nee Runge, share and share alike. Minna Runge, wife of deceased is named as executrix without bond. Henry Wichelman, Claus Runge and Alfred Claussen are signed to the document as witnesses.

     A petition was filed in the district court by Charles Bluhm as plaintiff and Dora Blunk as defendant. Plaintiff alleges that he is a son-in-law of said Dora Blunk who is of unsound mind and not capable of managing her property, and prays that he be appointed guardian and his bond ? by the court.

     The last will and testament of the late Wm. R. Mackay was filed in the district court. The instrument is dated Aug. 7, 1893. After providing for the payment of a mortgage for $100, he bequeaths the balance of $1000 from a life insurance policy to James F. Mackay, Annie Mackay and Robt. Mackay. A $500 paid up policy is also to be divided among those entitled to share therein. In a codicil dated Feb. 5, 1894, everything bequeathed to Annie F. Mackay is revoked, the others to share and share alike.

Davenport Leader; April 4, 1895

     A marriage license was issued to Fred Flindt and Bertha Hass.

     This morning W.D. McBride of Princeton, Iowa, filed a complaint in which he alleges that on Feb. 9, 1889, a case in which he was petitioner and John P. Steffensen was defendant, the court rendered a decree enjoining the said Steffensen from selling or keeping on sale in this county or judicial district intoxicating liquors, further alleges that one June 11 and 14 1894 and on other occasions, the said Steffensen sold and kept for sale, intoxicating liquors and further alleges he has not taken proceedings under chapter 62 of the 25th general assembly of the state of Iowa, being the mulct tax, to bar the proceedings. The complainant asks that a precept be issued to the sheriff of the county, commanding him to bring said Steffensen before the court and show cause why he should not be fined for contempt. Three affidavits are filed in support of the petition showing that Steffensen sold liquor as charged. Judge Brannan issued the precept to the sheriff, to bring before him the defendant to appear April 8th.

     The grand jury made their report today and returned true bills against Charles Cuppy, on two counts. One for highway robbery and one for assault with intent to commit murder. Bond was fixed to the amount of $1,500 in each case. A true bill was also found against J. Lehre and Albert Kuechler, for burglary.

     No bill was found against the chicken thieves, J.D. Peters, R. Lyons and L. Lyons.

     Emma Niemeyer was also granted a divorce from Henry Niemeyer, the grounds being cruel and inhuman treatment and habitual drunkenness.

     Judge Brannan has issued a decree of divorce to Rosa B .Nunn vs. J.I. Nunn, there having been no defense. Mrs. Nunn was also granted the household effects and other prayers of her petition.