Patrons of the Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875 by A.T. Andreas

City of Davenport

Name, Business, Nativity,Came to Iowa

Ackley, John,Attorney at law,Geneva, NY,1855
Andresen, H.H.,Treasurer, German Savings Bank,Holstein, Germany,1855
Atkinson, J.A.,see Jones, Jordan & Co.,Belmont Co., OH,1863
Alston, A.S.,Wholesale Dealer in Millinery,Newark, N.J.,1855
Albrecht,Otto & Co.,Cigar Manufacturers,Established,1854
Aberle, John B.,Baker and Confectioner,Wurtemburg, Germany,1868
Arnold Bros.,Dealers Fancy Goods and Notions,Established,1872
Ashmore, Wm.,Salesman,Suffolk Co., Canada,1868
Aschermann, Conrad,Grocer,Established,1857
Aye, John,Washington Park,Holstein, Germany,1858
Ackley, Wm. A.,Passenger Conductor C.R.I. & P.R.R.,Blair Co., PA,1854
Academy of Immaculate Conception,Sisters of Charity, B.V.M.,Founded,1859
Bills & Block,Attorneys at Law,,
Bills, John C.,see Bills & Block,Wyoming Co., NY,1856
Block, Herman,see Bills & Block,Luxemburg, Germany,1858
Brown & Son,Abstract and Real Estate Office,,
Brown, L.J.,see Brown & Son,Wayne Co., NY,1864
Brown, L.H.,see Brown & Son,St. Joseph Co., IN,1864
Bruning, L.,see Cook, Richman & Bruning,Minden, Prussia,1863
Benson, H.H.,see Rose & Benson,Louisa Co., IA,1839
Babcock & Snider,Insurance Agents,,
Babcock, E.J.,Insurance Agent,Franklin Co., VT,1869
Ballou, George H.,Journalist,Lockport, N.Y.,1858
Berryhill, John H.,President Third St. Railway Co.,Philadelphia, PA ,1864
Brady, Edwin W.,Manufacturer Wooden Shades,Alleghany Co., PA ,1849
Barnard, J.F.,Lumber Dealer,Prince Edward Isle,1866
Beattle, H.P.,Merchant Miller,Detroit, MI,1871
Balch, Frazer & Co.,Dealers Lime, Cement, Coal,,
Balch, George,Dealer Lime, Cement, Coal,Lunenburgh, VT,1857
Balch, F.A.,Dealer Lime, Cement, Coal,Concord, VT,1857
Bell & Kelly,Physicians,,
Bell, J.,Physician,Hamilton Co., OH,1840
Blodgett, J.C.,See Chandler & Blodgett,Gorham, NY,1874
Boles, M.,Undertaker,Beaver Co., PA,1855
Berg, Henry,Gunsmith,Holstein, Germany,1853
Bissell, W.P.,Dealers in hardware,Oneida Co., NY,1866
Binder, Wm.,Saloon Keeper,Wurtemburg, Germany,1853
Bergfeld, Frederick,Saloon Keeper,Prussia,1856
Bartemeier,John,Tailor and Dealer in Clothing,Established,1853
Bank, 1st National,Banking,,
Bank, Davenport National,Banking,,
Bank, Citizens National,Banking,,
Bank, German Savings,Banking,,
Brandt, Henry,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1853
Baustian,W.,Agent for Zeller's Billiard Tables,Established,1867
Boehl, J.C.,Dry Goods and Notions,Holstein, Germany,1857
Borm, H.,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1848
Baderan,Christ,Printer,Holstein, Germany,1868
Buck, L.J.,Drover,Prussia, Germany,1857
Biller, Leonhard,Dealer Dry Goods and Notions,Established,1863
Berwald, John,Dealer Books and Stationery,Davenport, IA,1852
Brown,Campbell & Gould,Attorneys and Counselors at Law,Established,1874
Burr, Joshua,Grocer,Established,1856
Brandes, E.A.,Grocer,Hanover, Germany,1873
Brandt, C.C.F.,Tobacconist,Established,1866
Brown, J.J.,Felt, Pitch, and Gravel Roofing,Morris Co., NJ,1856
Bowling, James M.,Retired,Winchester, VA,1836
Bartemeyer & Son,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Established,1863
Brus, John H.,Proprietor Germania House,Established,1871
Brockmann, John D,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1865
Burmeister, Ernst,Butcher,Holstein, Germany,1867
Bruhn, Wm.,Clerk,Davenport, IA,1856
Bremer, H.,Cooper,Prussia, Germany,1854
Bluedoor, C.O.,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1856
Borland, W.C.,Clerk, C.R.I. & P.R.R. Co.,Iowa City, IA,1857
Baker, J.W.H.,Physician & Surgeon,Cheshire Co., NH,1855
Berg, Wm.,Schutzen Park,Holstein, Germany,1865
Chapin, Elias C.,Business Mgr. & Treasurer, Dav. Gazette Co.,Cuyahoga Co., OH,1865
Cook, Richman & Bruning,Attorneys at Law,,
Cook, E.E.,Attorney at Law,Scott Co., IA,1843
Clark, Frank H.,Attorney at Law,Oneida Co., NY,1857
Coffin & Henry,Land Agents,,
Coffeen, Henry,Clerk,Vermillion Co., IN,1848
Chandler & Blodgett,Mnfrs. Pumps and Hand Fire Engines,,
Chandler, Aaron,Mnfr Pumps and Hand Fire Engines,Guernsey Co., OH,1865
Clayton & Sontag,Plumbers and Gas Fitters,Established,1870
Clayton, Robt. C.,Plumber and Gas Fitter,London, England,1870
Carleton & Huckins,Mnfrs. Boots & Shoes,,
Carleton, D.B.,Mnfr. Boots & Shoes,Orange Co., VT,1855
Cutter & Co.,Dealers Dry Goods,,
Cutter, A.F. Jr.,Dealer Dry Goods,Chicago, IL,1865
Cameron, W.S.,Hats, Caps and Latest Styles of Gents Furnishing Goods,Established,1872
Cook, E.B.,Lime and Stone,Davenport, IA ,1848
Camp, J.H.,See Davis & Camp,Durham,CT,1857
Cable, H. & G.W.,Lumber and Coal Dealers,Established,1865
Cable, G.W.,Coal Dealer,Athens Co., OH,1856
Churchill,Daniel,Real Estate Dealer,Otsego Co., NY,1848
Cruys,C.,Shirt Manufacturer,Established,1863
Congdon, R.D.,Attorney at Law,Poughkeepsie,NY,1854
Congrove, Rev. H.,Pastor, St. Marguerites R. Cath. Church,Williamsport,PA,1845
Cook,Ebenezer,Attorney at Law,Whitestown,NY,1835
Cummins, Isaac,Lightning Rod Agent,Delaware Co., PA,1855
Davenport Gazette,Daily and Weekly,Established,1854
Davenport Democrat,Daily and Weekly,Established,1855
Davenport Der Demokrat,Daily and Weekly,Established,1856
Davenport Times,Weekly,Established,1874
Davenport West'n Weekly,Weekly,Established,1871
Davenport, George L.,Retired,Rock Island, IL,1834
Dosh, J.P. and L.P.,Attorneys and Short Hand Reporters,New Scotland, NY,1856
Davenport Business College and Telegraph Institute,Commercial Education,,
Davenport Gas Light Co.,Gas and Coke Mfr.,,
Davis, John S.,Mfr. of Agricultural Implements,Glassborough, NJ,1856
Davis, Lewis H.,Mfr. of Agricultural Implements,Cincinnati, OH,1856
Davis, Frank C.,Mfr. of Agricultural Implements,Davenport, IA,1860
Day, Egbert & Fidlar,Stationery & Blank Book Mfrs.,,
Day, E.A.,Stationery & Blank Book Mfr.,Salem,MA,1865
Davies, J.L. & Son,Lumber Mfrs.,Organized,1851
Davies, L.S.,Lumber Mfr.,Davenport, IA,1842
Ditzen, H.,Druggist and Apothecary,Established,1852
Davenport, Jos. A. & Co.,Wholesale and Retail Dlr. Foreign & Domestic Fruits and Oysters,,
Davies, John Meredith,Agent for Dunn & Co.,Wales, England,1872
Davis & Camp,Props. National Marble Works,Established,1854
Davis, J.W.,National Marble Works,Cadiz, OH,1854
Dietz & Sebellen,Steam Dye and Cleansing Works,Established,1875
Dohrmann, Henry,Dealer Leather and Hides,Established,1862
Donnecke, Wm.,Bakery and Eating Home,Saxony, Germany,1857
Drew, J.L.,Land Commissioner C.R.I. & P.R.R.,,
Davis, Levi,Printer,Montgomery Co., OH,1841
Donahue, M.,LeClaire Iron Works,Glasgow, Scotland,1854
Davenport High School,J.B. Young, Principal,,
Eldridge, C.H.,Prop. Davenport Times,Cincinnati,OH,1836
Eldridge, M.L.,Prop. Davenport Times,Davenport,IA,1845
Eldridge, J.M.,Real Estate Agent,Haddonfield, NJ,1845
England, John,See Vollstedt & England,Holstein, Germany,1861
Egbert, H.,See Day, Egbert & Fidlar,,
Evans, Val,See Mason & Evans,Scarsboro, England,1867
Egbert, Wm. P.,Photographer,Union Co., PA,1850
Eggers & Kunkel,Dealers in Hardware,Established,1856
Eckhardt, D.,Butcher,Established,1864
Eckhardt, Charles,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1851
Eckerman, E.A.,House & Sign Painter,Established,1863
Emeis & Co.,Dealers Drugs and Chemicals,Established,1873
Eckhardt & Co.,Butchers,Holstein, Germany,1871
Eddy, S.M.,Cooper,Rutland, VT,1859
Ely, David H.,Telegraph Operator,Palmyra, NY,1853
Eldridge, D.C.,Insurance Broker,Gloucester Co., NJ,1835
Fisher, J.B.,State Agent of Protection Life Ins. Co.,Lorain Co., OH,1872
Foster, W.A.,Attorney and Counsellor at Law,Scott Co., IA,1842
French, L.,Physician and Surgeon,Broome Co., NY,1861
Fidlar, W.F.,See Day, Egbert & Fidlar,Licking Co., OH,1859
Frahm, Matthias,Brewer,Holstein, Germany,1848
Finch, A.J.,Farmer,Davenport, IA,1837
Froeschle, Leonhard,Dealer Stoves and Tinware,Wurtemburg, Germany,1863
Fisher, S.A.,See Hastings, White and Fisher,Halifax, Nova Scotia,1854
Fry, James,Tailor and Cutter,Wellington, England,1873
Flexner, L. ,Artist,Vienna, Austria,1871
Forrest, John,Retired,Herkimer Co., NY,1837
Fox, Harry,Conductor C.R.I. & P.R.R.,Berks Co., PA,1869
Fries, R.M.,Shoemaker,Prussia, Germany,1869
Fries, Caspar,Wagon Mfr. and Blacksmith,Prussia, Germany,1862
Foderberg, J.G.,Dlr Paints, Oils, Doors, Sash and Blinds,Holstein, Germany,1854
Fejervary, Nicholas,Capitalist,Hungary,1853
Fulton, A.C.,Capitalist,Chester Co., PA,1842
Fisher & Hebert,Livery and Sale Stable,Established,1849
Green & Peters,Attorneys at Law,,
Green, J.W.,Attorney at Law,Vernon, IN,1853
Grant & Smith,Attorneys at Law,,
Grant, James,Attorney at Law,Halifax Co., NC,1838
Griggs, F.H.,President Citizens National Bank,Boston, MA,1855
Goldsbury, James,Land and Loan Agent,Warwick, MA,1858
Gilruth, T.W.,Attorney at Law,Columbus, OH,1851
Graham, Watson,Dealer Coal and Lime,New Lisbon, OH,1854
Graham & Miner,Wholesale and Retail Grocers,,
Graham, Robert,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Ireland,1869
Greenbaum, E.,Wholesale Dealer in Notions,Westphalia, Prussia,1874
Goetz, Hermann,Dlr. and Mfr. Stoves and Tinware,Established,1854
Goldschmidt,P,Undertaker and Dlr. and Mfr Furniture,Established,1855
Grapengeter, Theo H.,Cigar Maker,Oldenburg, Germany,1853
Gabbert, Wm. H.,Attorney and County Clerk,Scott Co., IA,1849
Goettig,Christ,Baker and Confectioner,Hesse, Germany,1864
Goos, Hans,Dealer Sand and Cord Wood,Holstein, Germany,1854
Gaffney, P.,House Painter,Ireland,1855
Good, Geo. F.,Gen'l Agt. Phoenix Mut'l Life Ins. Co.,Established,1851
Griswold College,Founded by Bishop Lee,,1858
Gannon, M.V.,Attorney at Law,Dublin, Ireland,1867
Garrett, Hugh,Boot and Shoe Mfr. and Dlr.,Isle of Man,1857
Grabbe and Temme,Imps. and Mfr. of Human Hair Goods,Established,1854
Gifford, Ira M.,Commission Merchant,New York,1853
Hetzel, George D.,Real Estate Agent,Wheeling, WV,1851
Hetzel and Schnitzer,Real Estate Agents,,
Hartwell, D.H.,State Agent Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. of Iowa,Saratoga Co., NY,1862
Hazen, E.H.,Physician, Eye and Ear Specialty,Elyria, OH,1867
Hornby, John,See Price and Hornby,England,1850
Harding, P.B.,Commission Merchant,Holstein, Germany,1850
Harrison & Holman,Druggists,,
Harrison, J.H.,Druggist,Carrollton, KY,1867
Holman, R.B.,Druggist,Webster, MA,1867
Huckins, G.W.,See Carleton and Huckins,Stafford Co., NH,1865
Hender, W.,See Washburn & Hender,Yorkshire, England,1857
Hastings, White and Fisher,Photographers and Dealers in Picture Frames,,
Hastings, F.S.,Photographer and Dealer in Picture Frames,Mendon, MA,1872
Hill, Charles,Mfr. and Dlr. in Furniture,Established,1854
Hill & Wunder,Props. of Turner Halle,,
Hill, John,Prop. of Turner Halle,Prussia, Germany,1854
Hill & Witt,Soda Water Mfr.,,
Haase & Bielefeldt,Imps. and Dlrs. Wines and Liquors,Established,1867
Hasse, C.F.,Imp and Dlr. Wines and Liquors,Holstein, Germany,1869
Haase, A.,Restaurant and Billard Hall,Established,1869
Humphrey, J.J.,Proprietor Scott House,Established,1854
Hincher, Rudolph,Restaurant and Billard Hall,Established,1854
Hansen, Charles,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1867
Hasler, Henry,Grocer,Established,1857
Haak, L.A.,Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods,Established,1862
Hinrichs, G.H.,Bookkeeper,Oldenburg, Germany,1871
Hewitt, Wm. H.,Dry Goods Dealer,Shawneetown, IL,1852
Hanemann, Henry,Drover,Davenport, IA,1850
Hanemann, Louis,Drover,Davenport, IA,1854
Haas, Christ,Butcher,Wurtemburg, Germany,1866
Hastings, George E.,Dearler Gents' Furnishing Goods,Established,1874
Hazelton, Wm.,Dealer Books and Stationery,New York City,1848
Hagarty, Patrick J,Grocer,Dublin, Ireland,1859
Hageboeck, A.,Lithographer, Engraver,Printer & Pub'r,Established,1860
Haneman, Werner & Co.,Hardware Dealers,Established,1870
Haneman, C.J.,Hardware Dealer,Holstein, Germany,1859
Hall, Israel,Retired,Halifax, VT,1839
Hass, Heinrich,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1861
Heitmann, Claus,Drover,Holstein, Germany,1864
Housman, H.J.,Grocer,Gelderland, Holland,1857
Hosford & Nutting,Hardware Dealers,Established,1870
Hosford, E.C.,Hardware Dealer,Jefferson Co., NY,1856
Henry, J. Howard,Attorney and Land Agent,Peekskill, NY,1855
Holmquest & Lindblom,Merchant Tailors,Established,1871
Jones, Jordan & Co.,Props. Steam Spice Mills and Chemical Works and Jobbers in Teas and Fancy Grocers,,
Jones, S.R.,See Jones, Jordan & Co.,Manchester, England,1856
Jordan, N.,See Jones, Jordan & Co.,Duchess Co., NY,
Jenne, E.S. & Co.,Sample Room,Established,1872
Johannsen, John C.,Grocer ,Holstein, Germany,1863
Jacker, H.,Dlr. and Mfr. Cigars,Established,1865
Jipp, H.H.C.,Grocer and Beer Bottler,Holstein, Germany,1857
Jacobsen, Peter N.,N.W.D. Turner Halle,Holstein, Germany,1857
Jaeger, J.H.,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1856
Kirk and Son,Planing Mill, Sash, Door & Blind Mfrs.,,
Kirk, Franklin,See Kirk and Son,Butler Co., PA,1856
Kirk, Franklin Jr.,See Kirk and Son,Butler Co., PA,1856
Kaufmann, J.,J.P. and Police Magistrate,Baden, Germany,1855
Kent, Charles H.,Land Agent,Cheshire Co., NH,1857
Koehler and Lange,Brewers,,
Koehler, Henry,Brewer,Germany,1852
Krause & Co.,Wholesale Dealers in Clothing and Piece Goods,,
Krause, R.,See Krause and Co.,Brunswick, Germany,1852
Kelly, F.W.,See Bell & Kelly,Derby Line, VT,1874
Kehoe & Carhart,Dealers Dry Goods,,
Kehoe, Thomas,Dealer Dry Goods,Ireland,1860
Koester, G.A.,Grain and Produce Dealer,Prussia,1850
Kohrs, Henry,Pork Packer,Holstein, Germany,1854
Kerker, H.W. & G.W.,Grocers,Established,1867
Krabbenhoft, J.H.,Undertaker and Furniture Dealer,Established,1871
Koester, John,Hotel,Established,1856
Korn, H.,Baker,Prussia,1864
Klinefelter, Wm.,Clifton House,Established,1873
Koell, Louis,Dealer Groceries, Poultry, etc.,Established,1871
Kelly, John F.,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Established,1867
Kelly, Walter O.,Grocer,Kilkenny, Ireland,1840
Knapp, J.W.,Butcher,Essex Co., NY,1852
Kuhlcke, A. & Bro.,Dealer Stoves and Tinware,Established,1870
Knell, C.C.,Furniture Dlr. and Mfr. Knell's Reclining Chair,Switzerland, Germany,1868
Keiser, B.,Farmer,Holland, Germany,1868
Kulp, John H.,Physician and Surgeon,Summit Co., OH,1869
Kruse & Petersen,Dealers Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.,Established ,1872
Kahlar, Nicholas,Employee C.R.I. and P.R.R.,Holstein, Germany,1856
Fisher, H.,Proprietor Der Demokrat,Bavaria, Germany,1856
Lillibridge, D.R.,Prop. Davenport Business College,Tolland Co., CT,1868
Lamp, Claus P.,Iron Dealer,Holstein, Germany,1848
Lange, Rudolph,Brewer,Germany,1852
Langfeldt, Adolph,Mgr. Gen'l European Pass and Exchange Office,Holstein, Germany,1859
Lerch, A.J. & Bro,Dlrs. in Stoves & House Furn'g Goods,,
Lerch, A.J.,See Lerch, A.J. and Bro,Mendon, Germany,1865
Lerch, F.W.,See Lerch, A.J. and Bro.,Mendon, Germany,1865
Lorton Bros.,Livery Stable,,
Lorton, Steven,Livery Stable,Green Co., IL,1851
Lorton, Geo.,Livery Stable,Green Co., IL,1851
Lorton, W.,Livery Stable,Green Co., IL,1851
Leonard, Harvey,Brick Maker,Warren Co., OH,1837
Lamp, Hans A.,Carpenter,Holstein, Germany,1851
Lafrenz, Claus H.,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1856
Lillis, John,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Clare, Ireland,1851
Lyter, John M.,Retired,Pike Co., MO,1837
Like and Riffle,Groceries and Meat Market,Established,1875
Like, Charles,Groceries and Meat Market,Troy, NY,1864
Leemhuis, Bernhard,Baker and Confectioner,Prussia, Germany,1856
Lembrecht, Christ,Wagon Mfr.,Holstein, Germany,1857
LeClaire, Antoine,Retired,St. Joseph Co., MI,1833
Leslie, Charles,Retired,Dundee, Scotland,1839
Lowry, Robert,Farmer and ex-State Senator,Blair Co., PA,1853
Lowry, J.R.,Clerk C.R.I. and P.R.R. Co.,Blair Co., PA,1853
Lee, M.G.,Dealer Brooms and Broom Care,New York,1866
Littig, P. & Bro.,Proprietors Eagle Brewery,Established,1858
Lund & Pauli,Druggists,Established,1874
Marsh, H. Clark,Mecanical Supt. of Dav. Gazette Co.,Tompkins Co., NY,1872
Mitchell, N.S.,Attorney at Law,Davenport, IA,1853
Myton, W.S.,Attorney at Law,Hunginton Co., PA,1864
Martin & Murphy,Attorneys at Law,,
Martin, H.M.,Attorney at Law,Seneca Co., OH,1856
Murphy, J.H.,Attorney at Law,Boston, MA,1858
Mickel, Reuben,General Insurance and Loan Agent,Otsego Co., NY,1855
Moore & Oliver,Book Publishers,,
Moore, Daniel,Book Publisher,Leicester, England,1835
Maxwell, A.S.,Physician,Tuscarawas Co., OH,1855
Montague, A.J.,Proprietor Davenport Business College,Jackson Co., IA,1845
Myers, R.D.,Dentist,Jefferson Co., OH,1853
Morton, W.M.,County Superintendent of Schools,Mercer Co., PA,1854
Morgan, J.B.,Dentist,Erie Co., PA,1845
McClelland & Co.,Mfrs. of Sash, Doors, Blinds,,
McClelland, T.W.,Mfr. of Sash, Doors, Blinds,Pittsburgh, PA,1853
McClelland, G.P.,Mfr. of Sash, Doors, Blinds,Pittsburgh, PA,1867
Mason & Evans,Carriage Mfrs.,,
Mason, J.L.,Carriage Mfr. ,Bowmanville, Canada,1865
Miner, A.M.,Dentist,Cayuga Co., NY,1865
Meichert, John,Proprietor Merchant Hotel,Holstein, Germany,1854
Miner, L.B.,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Tompkins Co., NY,1864
Moritz, A.,Wholesale and Retail Clothier,Prussia,1867
Messer, Henry,Plumber,Scotland,1871
Morris, J.S. & Co.,Dry Goods Dealers,Established,1864
Morris, J.S.,Dry Goods Dealer,Channels Islands,1864
Muhs, J.S.,Tailor and Clothier,Established,1866
Meisner, J.H. & Co.,Dealers Dry Goods and Notions,Established,1870
Miller, J.C.,Planing Mill and Sawyer,Toronto, Canada,1868
Mack, E.H. & Co.,Wholesale and Retail Hardware Dealers,Established,1863
Martin, N.C.,Wholsale and Retail Hardware Dealer,Seneca Co., OH,1861
Martins, H.B.,Carpenter,Holstein, Germany,1867
Millar, S. Ralph,Student,Warren Co., VA,1857
Meisner, A.,Druggist,Holstein, Germany,1869
Meyer, C.P.,Dealer Boots and Shoes,Holstein, Germany,1865
Moeller, H.F.,Cigar Boxes and Moulds,Established,1869
Matthews, J.C. & Bro.,Mfrs. Soaps, Candles and Lard Oil,Established,1855
Mickley, Albert,Contractor and Carpenter,Prussia, Germany,1853
Martin, Chas. D.,Wholesale and Retail Grocer,Davenport, IA,1848
Munro. Robert,Carriage Manufacturer,Established,1854
McGuiness, Jno. J,Merchant's Lunch,Established,1871
Murray, Thomas,City Engineer and County Surveyor,Scotland,1854
Martin & Co.,Commission Merchants,Established,1870
Martin, H.B.,Commission Merchant,Center Co., PA,1870
Marvin, Geo. R,Shirt Mfr. and Steam Laundry,Established,1871
McCosh & Donahue,Davenport Marble Works,Established,1860
McCosh & Donahue,Wholesale Dealers Cement & Lime,Established,1867
Miller, Severin,Machine Shop,Coblenz, Germany,1850
Maus, Victor,Grocer,Davenport, IA,1858
Martens & Kruse,Grocers,Established,1874
Mumm, Juergan,Capitalist,Holstein,Germany,1856
Meier, Chas,Grocer,Mecklenberg, Germany,1856
Malsak, Gottlieb,Baker,Wurtemburg, Germany,1852
May, J.W.,Pennsylvania House,Davenport, IA,1852
Middleton, W.D.,Physician and Surgeon,Scotland,1855
Noth, G. & Sons,Brewers,,
Noth, George,Brewer,Baden, Germany,1869
Noth, John,Brewer,Baden, Germany,1869
Noth, Henry,Brewer,Baden, Germany,1869
Neidig, E.F.,Trader,Cleveland, OH,1859
Niermann, Anthony,Pastor R.C. Church,Prussia,1858
Newcomb, Daniel T.,Retired,Rensselear Co., NY,1837
Oliver, Frank W.,Book Publisher,Lynn, MA,1857
Ochs, John & Son,Land Agents,,
Ochs, John,Land Agent,Wurtemburg, Germany,1854
Ochs, Lewis A.,Land Agent,Wurtemburg, Germany,1854
Otto, Charles A.,Mechanic,Saxony, Germany,1857
Ott, Geo.,Wholesale Dlr. Sash, Doors, Blinds,Established,1856
Osborn, Allison,Dealer Lightning Rods,Hartford Co., Conn.,1868
Potter, Waldo,Editor Gazette,Saratoga, NY,1871
Peters, B.,Attorney at Law,Holstein, Germany,1852
Putnam & Rogers,Attorneys at Law,,
Putnam, C.E.,Attorney at Law,Saratoga, NY,1854
Playter, H.F.,Law Clerk,Utrecht, Holland,1873
Price & Hornby,Proprietors Steam Gang Mill,,
Price, W.H.,Proprietor Steam Gang Mill,Davenport, IA,1847
Price, R.S.,See Krause & Co.,Baltimore Co., MD,1851
Petersen, J.H.C.,Whle & Ret. Dlr. Dry Goods & Notions,Germany,1860
Prien, F.J.,Grocer,Established,1853
Parkhurst, L.,Farmer & Deputy Co. Treasurer,Ontario Co., NY,1836
Priester, Fer'd,Saloon Keeper,Germany,1854
Plath & Warnken,Dealers Toys and Fancy Goods,Established,1866
Plath, Ed,Dealer Toys and Fancy Goods,Holstein, Germany,1856
Parker, Jonathan P.,Retired,Clarendon, VT,1842
Paustian, Christ,Carpenter,Holstein, Germany,1854
Pool, R.W.,Commercial Salesman,Green Co., PA,1867
Parry, C.C.,Naturalist,Gloucestershire, England,1846
Richardson, D.N.,Prop. Davenport Democrat,Orange Co., VT,1854
Richardson, J.J.,Prop. Davenport Democrat,Orange Co., VT,1859
Rogers, J.N.,Attorney at Law,New York City,1857
Richman, J.S.,See Cook, Richman & Bruning,Perry Co., OH,1839
Richman, E.F.,See Cook, Richman & Bruning,Muscatine Co., IA,1845
Rose & Linsley,Attorneys at Law,,
Rose, Roderick,Attorney at Law and Mayor,Smith's Falls, Ontario,1858
Roberts, S.,Manager Western Weekly,Wales, England,1865
Russell, Edward,Postmaster,London, England,1848
Russell, James,Master Mechanic D. & St. P.R.R.,Arbroath, Scotland,1857
Riches, Chas. W.,Teacher,Davenport, IA,1853
Renwick, Wm.,Steam Gang Saw and Planing Mill,Liverpool, England,1846
Ryan, M.,Painter,Tipperary, Ireland,1859
Rolff, August,Land Agent,Holstein, Germany,1854
Ruch, John,Pork Packer,Pittsburgh, PA,1856
Rieck, Bolte & Co.,Mfrs. & Dlrs. in Gents' and Boys' Cloth'g,Established,1874
Ruhstadt, S. & Co.,Wholesale Dealer in Notions,,
Ruhstadt, L.,Wholesale Dealer in Notions,Westphalia, Prussia,1874
Rothchild, E. & Bros.,Wholesale and Retail Clothiers,,
Rothchild E.,Wholesale and Retail Clothier,Nordstetten, Germany,1858
Rothchild, Isaac,Wholesale and Retail Clothier,Nordstetten, Germany,1862
Rothchild, Max,Wholesale and Retail Clothier,Nordstetten, Germany,1864
Reupke & Schwarting,Millers and Mfrs. of Plain and Fancy Crackers,,
Ruepke, Charles H.,Miller and Mfr. of Plain and Fancy Crackers,Hanover, Germany,1858
Rammelsberg & Priester,Mfrs. and Dlrs in Tobacco,,
Rammelsberg, H.,Mfr. and Dlr in Tobacco,Holstein, Germany,1861
Richter, T.,Mfr of Fine Furs,Established,1854
Reimers & Branch,Dlrs in Stoves & House Furn'g Goods,Established,1866
Robeson, W.P.,Teacher,Scott Co., IA,1854
Ranzow, Chas. F. & Son,Dlr Sash, Doors, Blinds, Paints & Oils,Established,1850
Roddewig, Fer'd,Imp. and Jobber Wines and Liquors,Established,1855
Rohlfs, M.J.,Farmer and County Treasurer,Holstein, Germany,1847
Robison, J.H.P.,Attorney and Counsellor at Law,Scott Co., IA,1845
Regennitter, D., Jr.,Cigar Manufacturer,Established,1868
Rasmussen, M.C.,Scandinavian House,Denmark,1865
Ritter, Wilhelm,St. Paul House,Hanover, Germany,1857
Rath, Henry,Teamster,Holstein, Germany,1857
Ruhl, Fred,Grocer,Prussia, Germany,1847
Renwick, James,Retired,Lanarkshire, Scotland,1846
Shelley, D.B.,Notary Public and Conveyancer,Oneida Co., NY,1855
Stewart & White,Attorneys at Law,,
Stewart, J.W.,Attorney at Law,Danbury, CT,1853
Smith, S.F.,Attorney at Law,Boston, MA,1858
Smith, Otto,Attorney at Law,Kiel, Prussia,1854
Smith, A. I.,Gen'l Agent Charter Oak Life Ins. Co.,Madison Co., NY,1855
Schmidt, Hugo,Cashier Citizens National Bank,Prussia,1854
Sherman, Ward B.,Mgr. Iowa Dept. Life Assoc. of America,Phelps, NY,1845
Schutt & Wales,Insurance and Loan Agents,,
Schutt, Julius,Insurance and Loan Agent,Germany,1854
Schnitger, Gustavus,Real Estate Agent,Prussia, Germany,1851
Snider, W.H.,Insurance Agent,Brockville, Canada,1874
Smith, Robert W.,Conductor C.R.I. and P.R.R.,Lanark Co., Prov. Ont.,1853
Scott, Wellington,Lumber Manufacturer,Licking Co., OH,1853
Stephenson, D.L.,Clerk,Greenville, PA,1857
Stewart, Charles,Dry Goods Dealer,Orange Co.,NY,1856
Schwarting, Bernhard,See Reupke and Schwarting,Hanover, Germany,1864
Streeper, C.S.,Dry Goods Dealer,Established,1863
Sellen, J.M.,Dlr. and Mfr. Boots and Shoes,Established,1855
Sieg & Williams,Dlr. Iron and Wagon Material,Established,1869
Schmidt, C. & Sons,Wholesale Dlrs. Saddlery and Hardware,Established,1852
Simon, M.C.,Wholesale and Retail Dlrs.  in European and Domestic Delicacies,Established,1874
Sontag, Henry,Plumber and Gas Fitter,Bavaria, Germany,1866
Schroeder, Henry,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1857
Schroeder & Brandt,Grocers,Established,1868
Stoecks, F.,Dealer Boots and Shoes,Established,1868
Schricker & Mueller,Steam Saw and Planing Mill,Established,1851
Struve, J.D.,Butcher,Holstein, Germany,1864
Schricker, J.G.,Manufacturer of Candles,Bavaria, Germany,1854
Schaefer, J.C.H.,Saloon Keeper,Prussia, Germany,1857
Sauer, Christian,Butcher,Holstein, Germany,1865
Schlapkohl, Fer'd ,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1853
Schumacher, H.H.,Dealer Hay and Wood,Prussia, Germany,1852
Swindle, Robert J.,Retired,Fermangh Co., Ireland,1850
Scott, Wm. A.,Restaurant,Pittsburgh, PA,1853
Schmidt, John B.,Butcher ,Wurtemburg, Germany,1857
Schumacher, J.G.,Merchant Tailor,New Orleans,1868
Shields, Joseph,Proprietor Davenport Woolen Mills,Established,1862
Schauder, Louis,Perry House,Established,1871
Schumacher, Leo,Confectioner,Switzerland,1855
Stolting & Lembrecht,Wagon Manufacturers,Established,1855
Stolting, Christ,Wagon Manufacturer,Prussia, Germany,1845
Schueler, John,Photographer,Prussia, Germany,1854
Senn, Alois,Saloon Keeper,Switzerland,1867
Thode, Henry,Wholesale Dlr. Liquors and Wines,Holstein, Germany,1852
Tay, W.H.,Mfr. Paper Boxes,Woburn, MA,1856
Trede, John,Proprietor Western House,Holstein, Germany,1854
Tiedemann, Theodore,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1851
Thompson & Risley,Grocers,Established,1860
Thomspon, John W.,Attorney at Law,Huntington Co., PA,1855
Tichenor, John D.,Letter Carrier,New Orleans, LA,1841
Timpe, August,President 1st National Bank,Blair Co., PA,1856
Uhde, Wm. & Son,Jewelers and Watch Makers,,
Uhde, Wm.,Jeweler and Watch Maker,Gaslar, Germany,1864
Ulmer, Geo.,Bookkeeper,Switzerland,1870
Vollstedt & England,Dlrs. Grain and Agricultural Implements,,
Vollstedt, F.,Dlr Grain and Agricultural Implements,Holstein, Germany,1849
Voss, Heman,Wholesale Liquor Dealer,Established,1871
White, Wm. K,Attorney at Law,Saratoga, NY,1868
Wales, H.C.,Insurance and Loan Agent,St. Andrew, Canada E.,1865
Woodward, B.B.,President Davenport National Bank,Wayne Co., NY,1842
Watkins, Chas. H.,Retired,New York City,1855
Woeber, G. & Bros.,Carriage Manufacturers,,
Woeber, G.,Carriage Manufacturer,Bavaria, Germany,1853
Woeber, A.,Carriage Manufacturer,Bavaria, Germany,1853
Woeber, Adam,Carriage Manufacturer,Bavaria, Germany,1853
Woodmansee, Ross,Secretary Gas Co.,Cincinnati, OH,1872
Weston, L.W.,Dealer Boots and Shoes,Ulster Co., NY,1873
Wallace, J.C.,Music Dealer,Guernsey Co., OH,1857
Washburn & Hender,Dealers in Stoves and House Furnishing Goods,Established,1857
Washburn, D.,Dealer in Stoves and House Furnishing Goods,Dutchess Co., NY,1856
White, Jarvis,See Hastings, White and Fisher,Whiting, VT,1874
Willmaser, F.,Jeweler and Watch Maker,Germany,1865
Wiedemann, M.,Dealer Dry Goods and Notions,Established,1874
Wunder, Fred,Proprietor, Turner Halle,Holstein, Germany,1865
Witt, Heming,Soda Water Manufacturer,Holstein, Germany,1865
Wilson, A.D.,Clerk,Westmoreland, England,1847
Wittig, Chas. M.,Wagon Mfr. and General Blacksmith,Established,1856
White, Edward,Saloon Keeper,Holstein, Germany,1869
Wulff, Claus,Grocer,Holstein, Germany,1847
Wriedt, E.F.,Stoves and Tinware,Holstein, Germany,1861
Wells, Ott & Tufts,Gen'l Agents N.Y. Life Ins. Co.,,
Wagener, J.M.,Manufacturer of Confectionery,Montgomery Co., OH,1873
Wagner,A.,Wholesale Cigar Mfr.,Established,1870
Wiegand, Y.,Baker,Prussia, Germany,1874
Weiss, F.,Wholesale and Retail Dlr. in Paints, Oils, Frames, Etc.,Holstein, Germany,1851
Wolff, Henry C.,Proprietor Brick Yard,Prussia, Germany,1856
Wheeler, A.,Retired,Dutchess Co., NY,1856
Young, D.T.,Mfr. Carriages and Spring Wagon,Philadelphia, PA,1855
Zimmerman, H.,Real Estate Dlr. and Auctioneer,Prussia, Germany,1850
Zoeckler, John L.,Pork Packer,Wheeling, VA.,1864
Zimmerman, J.,Mfr. First Class Piano Fortes,Established,1854
Zurborg, Henry,Grocer,Hanover, Germany,1864