No. 80 Range No. 4 East of the 5th Meridian

Bordered on the North by Clinton County, on the South by Lincoln & Princeton Townships, on the East by Princeton Township, on the West by Winfield Township.  

(Although sections in townships read from right to left beginning with 1 to 6 and 7 being directly below 6 and reading then left to right to 12, etc., for the ease of transcription I will begin with 1 from left to right. I have copied, verbatim, all abbreviations, misspellings and mistakes).

Transcribed by Lyn Batdorf


SECTION 1                    SECTION 2                      SECTION 3
E.D. Morey                   J.J. Tomson Est               J.J. Tomson Est
E.D. Robeson

SECTION 4                    SECTION 5                     SECTION 6
J.J. Tomson Est              Henry Neils                   Henry Neils
Jenne Snider                 L.J. McCausland Est           H. Siver
George Spencer               T.W. McCausland               F.J. Murphy
Henry S. Dooley              A.G. Oatmann                  N. Dennis
Henry Neils                                                John Dierick
                                                           J. Russell
                                                           Pat Murphy
                                                           D. Eigenvald
                                                           John DePape
                                                           L.J. McCausland Est.

SECTION 7                    SECTION 8                     SECTION 9
John Nagle                   A.G. Oatmann                  Fred M Paulsen
D. Eigenvald                 Hy Witt                       Wm W. Ransom
Hy Helberg                   Alvina Wolf                   Ferd Wolf
P. Frank                     Ferd Wolf                     A.E. Carroll
Frank Mathews                                              F.J. Lessin
John Decock                                                Wm. D. Smith
R Griebel
John Dierick

SECTION 10                   SECTION 11                    SECTION 12
William M Smith              J.Garlough                    E.D. Morey Est
William D. Smith             S.G. McCausland               E.D. Robeson
Stephen Kirbley              E.D. Morey Est                D.C. McCausland
Jas Ryner                    S. Rasche                     Geo A Carber
Detlef Knuth                                               J. Garlough
S.G. McCausland

SECTION 13                   SECTION 14                    SECTION 15
Geo A. Carber                Mrs. C.V. Yocum               Asmus Wolf
M.H. Henderson               T.W. McCausland               Fred K Henning
H.E. Carber                  Hy Walker                     Wm Korthmann
Michael Connaughey           D.C. McCausland               John Henry Sr.
William Petrie

SECTION 16                   SECTION 17                    SECTION 18
Asmus Wolf                   Henry Kluever                 W.M. Dannett
Henry Kluever                Henry Witt                    Mathew McDonald
Fred Gertz                   W.M. Dannett                  John Kehoe
Ferdinand Rasche             E.S. Warner                   M. McDonald
Lena Zabel                                                 J.C. McDonald
                                                           E.S. Warner

SECTION 19                   SECTION 20                    SECTION 21
William Hennings             E.S. Warner                   J. B. Hughes
M Lillis                     Bridget Doyle                 Thos Lynch
E.S. Warner                  Mary F. Brophy                Lena Zabel
Mary Nagle                   Sam Barr                      J.P. Tiedje
Sam Barr                     1 unreadable                  Chas & Herman Klindt
Edward Brophy                John Magle                    Henry Rasche
Amelia Orndorf               Frank Moore                   Henry Thode
H. Stoltenberg               J.P. Tiedje
                             Ferd Staackmann

SECTION 22                   SECTION 23                    SECTION 24
Mrs. Meta Randolph           Mrs. Matilda Ott              Chris Schmaltz
John Henry Sr.               D.C. McCausland               Mary McBride
Frank Gries                  William Ott                   Eliza Carber
Wm Lessin                    George F. Randolph            Wm. McConnell
                             Hattie A. Garber              Wm. B. Helble
                                                           Leonard Litcher

SECTION 25                   SECTION 26                    SECTION 27
Wm B. Helbe                  John Helble                   Frank Gries
S.J. & B.F. Morris           V.L. Gilje et al              Henry Buttschan
Alex Fletcher                Detlef Holst                  Leonard Litscher
Detlef Holst                 Adolph Hagge                  Henry Topp
                             Hermann Oelrich               Henry Litscher
                             Henry Buttschan
                             Annie Smith

SECTION 28                   SECTION 29                    SECTION 30
Andreas Schwarz              Doris Jarchom                 Edward Brophy
Mary Hancock                 Jochim Pries Est              A. Orndorf
Henry Litscher               Doris Jarchom                 Theresa Baughman
Peter Hansen                 Cath Schmidt                  Samuel Baughman
                             Herman Jarchom                E.F. Doyle
                             Peter Quinn

SECTION 31                   SECTION 32                    SECTION 33
Theopolis Wertz              Peter Quinn                   Roswell Weston
Catherine Schmidt Est        Olaf Olson                    Gus Eckerman
Samuel Baughman              Paul Stubbe                   Peter Wiese
H. Koppenberg                Chris. Westphalen Est         Mathilda Vinall
Fritz Baustian
Fritz Priester

SECTION 34                   SECTION 35                    SECTION 36
Peter Hansen                 Annie Smith                   Detlef Holst
Henry Gude                   Detlef Holst                  Alex Fletcher
Henry Mueller                J.B. Scott                    David Paul
Mathilda Vinall              J.C. Holst                    Amanda Speer
Detlef Bergert               Jas Kilpatrick                William Henry
J.C. Holst                                                 Wm J Speer