Iowa Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-1885

    ALLEN'S GROVE.  A county postoffice in Allen's Grove township, Scott county, 3 miles west of Donahue, the nearest railroad station, and 15 northwest of Davenport, the county seat, the nearest banking point. Settled in 136, it contains a church and school, and ships produce. Stages tri-weekly to Donahue. Mail, tri-weekly. W.B. Stephens, postmaster.

Grell Henry, constable.
Grell James, justice of peace.
Hasenmuler Joseph, shoemaker.
Jenner P F., hotel and saloon.
Stephens W B, General Store.

    AMITY. Also known as Maysville, is a post village in Scott county, 12 miles northwest of Davenport, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point. Settled in 1850. Stages tri-weekly to Davenport; fare, 50 cents. Population, 90. Mail, semi-weekly. Henry Schultz, postmaster.

Amburg Frederick, shoemaker.
Anderson J, shoemaker.
Burmeister Paul, justice of peace.
Hirt G, constable.
Joens Henry, meat market.
Klindt Henry, hotel propr.
Luthje T, hotel propr.
Meyer C, blacksmith
Orth H, wagonmaker.
Runde Ernest, painter.
Schultz Henry, General store.
Will Joachim, carpenter.

    BALLUFF. A recently established postoffice in Scott county.

    BARRWOOD. A discontinued postoffice in Scott county, 14 miles from Davenport, the county seat. Send mail to Long Grove.

    BIG ROCK. A village on the D. line of the C., M. & St. P. Ry, inthe northwest corner of Scott county, 26 miles northwest of Davenport, the county seat, 10 southeast of Lowden, the nearest banking point. It contains Catholic and Congregational churches. Ships grain and produce. Population, 200. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. Don C. Gates, postmaster.

Beers L S, harnessmaker.
Bieman John, wagonmaker.
Bradney J O, railroad and exp agt.
Bragan Rev Father (Catholic)
Cowles G, hotel propr.
Cowles Wm, livery
Gates D, General Store.
Gilman S F & Hammond, grain and elevator.
Graves Rev A (Congregational)
Halgren Peter, lumber.
Kirkpatrick A, carpenter.
Manchester A W, mason.
Mitchell J M, live stock.
Moore Charles, meat market.
Murphy M T, blacksmith
Nagel F, flour mill.
O'Neill Bros, live stock.
Pritchle John, flour mill.
Randall Hanson, blacksmith
Stockdale Guthrie & Co, creamery.
Stratton O M, stone mason
Tedstrom G, boots and shoes.
Wilber Wm, mason.
Wright O E, druggist.

     BLUE GRASS. A village in Blue Grass and Buffalo townships, Scott county, 200 miles from Des Moines, 10 west of Davenport, the county seat and nearest banking point and 5 north of Buffalo, on the C., R.I. & P. Ry, the nearest railroad station. It contains Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian and Baptist churches and ships grain and live stock. Stages, tri-weekly to Davenport and Muscatine; fares 25 and 35 cents respectively. Population, 120. Mail, tri-weekly. Henry Karges, postmaster.

Buchanan J O, tombstone agent.
Campbell S R, hotel propr and harnessmkr.
Claussen G A, brick mnfr.
Gadd B F, physician
Gadd Samuel, cabinetmaker.
Greenwald John, flour mill.
Jost Frederick, wagonmaker.
Karges Henry, General Store.
Klatt A, blacksmith.
Knause Wm, flour and feed.
Langbehn Henry, shoemaker.
Lewis Wm, flour and feed.
Meeke C, blacksmith.
Meynos Herman, hotel propr.
Miller __, hotel propr.
Plett Henry, carpenter.
Porter J R, physician.
Pugh Rev H F (Methodist Episcopal)
Putman Philip, farm impts.
Robinson S A, carpenter.
Shaffer S S, meat market.
Speer D B, nursery.

     BUFFALO. An incorporated town on the Mississippi river and on the S.W. div of the C.R.I. & P. Ry, in Buffalo township, Scott county, 176 miles east of Des Moines and 9 southwest of Davenport, the county seat and nearest banking point. It contains Christian, Episcopal, Methodist and Catholic churches, public schools and a weekly newspaper, the Scott County Blade, is published. Telephone communication with Davenport, Muscatine, etc. Population 500. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. A.H. Dorman, postmaster.

Appel Conrad, general store
Bald Mrs, stone quarry.   
Bohl John, flour and feed.
Cass H H, lumber and tile factory
Steiger Glass Co.
Dorman A H, Groceries and Hardware
Dorman H J C, dry goods, boots and shoes.
Folsom E A, railroad and express agent.
Heckle Mrs. S, hotel propr.
Herbert V, hotel and grocer
Hoffbauer H, brewer.
Hoffbaum Hugo, justice of peace. *[Should read Hoffbauer]
Knehaus Rev J H (German Methodist)
Lee Wm, stoneware mnfr.
Mauers Mrs., saloon.
Mess Ernst, blacksmith
Metzger & Frike, building stone.
Murer Bros., builders
Reinbrecht Philip, wagonmaker
Stollenberg J, blacksmith.
Webster Wm, insurance agent.
Wells Dr George R, Mayor
Whisler Rev J H (Christian)

     DAVENPORT.  A thriving city in Scott county, on the west bank of the Mississippi river, 250 miles north of St. Louis, Mo., and 175 east of Des Moines. It is the second largest city in the State, and in commercial importance ranks second to none. Its shipping facilities,which are excellent, consist of the C., R.I. & P. Ry and C., M. & St. P. Ry, which have depots here, and the C., B. & Q., the Rock Island & Mercer County, and the Rock Island & Peoria Rys, all receive and deliver freight and passengers in this city. During 7 months in the year a large portion of the shipments to and from Davenport are made by way of the river, there being 2 daily lines of steamers between St. Louis and St. Paul, besides several steamers engaged in the local traffic. Opposite Davenport and tributary to it are the cities of Rock Island, with 13,000 inhabitants, and Moline, the largest manufacturing town in the west; and 3 miles south is Milan, another manufacturing place. These four cities combined and virtually forming only one settlement aggregate nearly 60,000 inhabitants. The city has a very large jobbing trade, and manufactures are numerous. There are 5 saw mills, cutting on an average 1,000,000 feet per day, agricultural implement works, glucose factories, foundries and machine shops, cigar factories, boiler works, box factories, 5 breweries, a number of brick yards, candy and cracker factories, a grain elevator, 8 flour mills, 2 horse collar factories, lumber yards, show case, churn, ladder, furniture, window shade, and sash, door and blind factories, plow works, a rope walk, oatmeal and woolen mills, a pottery, a pump and pipe factory, Oscillator thresher factory, marble works, a paper box factory, a piano factory, soap and lard oil factories, spice mills, carriage and wagon works, a washing machine factory, and many more too numerous to mention in the brief space allowed for this sketch, but of which a detailed and complete account will be found in the subjoined list of names. By the especial effort of the citizens of Davenport, an appropriation has been secured for the survey of a canal from Hennepin, Ill., to the mouth of the Rock river, or some other eligible point on the Mississippi river. Davenport has for years had the well deserved reputation of having the best schools in the State. The high and training schools are attended by a number of pupils from other places. The public schools comprise 10 grammar schools, a high school and a training school, and besides these there are quite a number of private schools among others the Griswold College and the Academy of the Immaculate Conception, the latter a ladies' boarding school of the highest rank. The Academy of Sciences and the public library, both established and maintained by the liberality of citizens are model institutions of their kind, the former has a most complete collection of relics of the mound builders, and numbers among its corresponding members some of the most eminent scientists of the day. The churches are numerous and comprise all the principal religious denominations. There are 6 first-class hotels and numerous smaller ones, 3 national and 2 savings banks with an aggregate capital and surplus of $1,000,000 and the learned professions and various branches of commerce are well represented. The Central Union Telephone Company with headquarters at Davenport now embraces all towns within the radius of 75 miles and the company is in a flourishing condition. The following papers are published and keep the citizens informed on all current topics of interest. The Democrat (daily, weekly, and Sunday), the Gazette, (daily and weekly), the Herald (weekly), the Demokrat (German, daily, semi-weekly and weekly), the Iowa Messenger (weekly), the Northwestern News( weekly), the Familien Journal, the Sternen Banner, and several monthly publications. Davenport is growing steadily; handsome brick blocks and private residences are going up in all parts of the town, and the value of real estate is increasing rapidly. The rate of taxation is lower here than in any other city of 10,000 inhabitants in Iowa, which fact should induce those seeking a location for new enterprises to choose Davenport. The city, covering nearly 5 square miles is traversed in every direction by street cars, enabling business men to reach their stores and offices quickly from any part of the town. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. and Am. Population, 26,000. Mail, daily. Edward Russell, postmaster.

Abbott L L & Son (Lewis L and Delancy N Abbott), Revere House, 3d and Perry
Abel Henry, poormaster, County bldg.
Aberle John B, baker, 1404 W 2d.
Ackley House, C B Cross Propr, cor 3d and Perry.
Adams Mnfg Co (Charles F Adams, Detroit Mich, propr, Louis T Palmer manager), clothes wringers, 119 Main.
Adams & Hayward (Walker Adams, Eugene B Hayward), staves, cor 3d and Rock Island.
Adamson Andrew, saloon, 326 E 2d
Ahrens John, saloon, 432 W 2d
Alberti Rudolph, phys, cor 3d and Main
Albrecht Otto & Co (Otto Albrecht, Frank J Raible), Cigar Mnfrs, 306 W 2d.
Alexander Wm R H, lawyer, 203 w 3d.
Amazon Vinegar and Pickling Works, Wm M Smith Pres, Treas and Mngr, Benjamin A Raphael Sec, Vinegar Mnfrs and Bottling Pickles, West Davenport.
Amercian Express Co; G J Tomlinson agt, 209 Brady.
Anderson Mrs A C, milliner, 323 Brady.
Arnheim Adolph, grocer, cor 6th and Harrison.
Arnold Morris, Cloaks, Dry Goods and Ladies' Furnishings, 129 W 2d and 125 and 127 Main.
Arsenal Brewery, Koehler & Lange proprs, cor E Front and Mound.
Ascherman Antoinette, General Groceries, Wines and Liquors, 1502 and 1504 Harrison.
Atlantic House, John Critz propr, 422 Perry.
Atwood Wm S, saloon, 120 E 3d.
Aye John, saloon, 731 w 2d.
Bahns Herman, jeweler, 219 Harrison.
Bailey Bruno, chief dispatcher C, R I & P Ry
Bailey & Taylor (S Evalene Bailey, Ellen A Taylor), physicians, 303 Perry.
Baker James, hog breeder, 2 miles n.
Baker John W H, physician, s e cor 3d and Brady
Baker Robert F, physician, s w cor 3d and Perry.
Ballord E S & Co (E S and John W Ballord), druggists, 106 W 2d.
Barr Israel, cattle breeder, 2 miles n.
Barris Willis H, prof of church history, Griswold college.
Bartels Wm, saloon, 531 w 2d.
Bartemeyer Frederick H, grover, 1430 Harrison.
Bartemeier & Geerts (John Bartemeier, Anthony Geerts), clothing, 211 W 2d.
Bauderob John, grocer, 922 W 2d
Baule Wm, saloon, 109 E 3d
Baumgarten W F & Co (Wm F Baumgarten, Fred C Fahrenkrug), shoes 266 W 3d
Baurose Louis, fancy goods, 732 W 2d.
Bawden Henry L, physician, 107 W 3d.
Beck Martin, cigar mnfr, 3d nr Ripley
Becker Gustav, saloon, 329 W 2d
Beem Charles P, broommaker, 111 Brady
Behncke & Like (Frank A Behncke, Martin Like), farm impts, 605 Harrison
Beiderbecke & Miller (Charles Beiderbecke, Frank H Miller), wh grocers, 109 W 2d
Bell Charles H, grocer, 1130 Harrison
Benson Bros (Henry H and Erastus A), lawyers, 209 W 3d
Benton R & Son (Charles H and Richard), livery, cor 3d and Rock Island
Berg Henry, gunsmith, 230 W 3d
Bergert Fritz, livery, 525 W 2d
Bergfeld Fritz, saloon, 321 W 2d
Berwald & Frisius (John Berwald, Adolph Frisius), fancy goods, 214 W 2d
Betz Philip, shoemaker, 1403 Harrison
Biller Leonhard, dry goods, 1114 W 3d
Billion Alfred C, jeweler, 410 Brady
Billion Miss S, music teacher, 1303 Brady
Billipps Frederick, saloon, 301 E 3d
Bills J C & Co (John C Bills) Show Case Mnfrs, 434 Brady
Bills & Block (John C Bills, Herman Block), lawyers, 214 Main
Birchard W J, county clerk, County bldg.
Bissell Wm P, hardware, 223 Brady
Black George W, confectioner, 420 Brady
Blake Orrin P, ticket broker, 112 W 2d
Blakemore M G, dentist, 3d and Pearl.
Boies Morse, undertaker, 318 Perry
Bowling Miss Mary C, milliner, 313 Brady
Boyd George M, lawyer, 214 Brady
Boyle Peter A, lawyer, 218 Main
Boyschou Christian, Billiard Hall and Sample Room, 108 E 2d
Bracelin Patrick M, physician, 428 Brady
Brady Edwin W, window shades, 120 E Front
Brammann & Suhr (Jacob Brammann, Henry Suhr), grocers, 217 Harrison
Brammer H F & Co (Henry F Brammer, E Hugo Schmidt), Mnfrs and Dlrs in Washing Machines and Churns, 317 to 321
Brandenburg Charles, shoes, 312 W 2d
Brandt Christian, blacksmith, 808 W 2d
Brandt Wm, meats, 602 W 4th
Brandt & Techenten (Christian Brandt, Frederick Techenten), wagonmakers, 816 W 2d
Brannan John P, confectioner, cor 4th and Iowa
Braun Carl, dentist, 332 W 3d
Braunlich Henry U, physician, 1116 W 3d
Braunlich Henry W, phys, 732 W 5th
Braunlich Hugo, music teacher, 732 W 5th
Bremer Edward, confectioner, 110 W 2d
Bremer Henry, cooper, 1302 W 3d
Brockett Mrs Phoebe, dressmkr, 529 Brady
Brockmann Charles, cigars, 410  W 2d
Brockman John D, grocer, 329 Marquette
Bronner & Wernentin (John Bronner, Fritz Werentin), books, 328 W 2d
Brown Lewis J, abstracts, 213 W 2d
Brown & Smith (Leander R Brown, Dwight E Smith) dentists, 225 Brady
Brugge John, saloon, 419 W 4th
Brugge & Hansen (John Brugge, Claus Hansen), cigar mnfrs, 417 W 4th
Bruhn Fritz, barber, 404 W 2d
Brunswick & Balke Co, Philip Leonardy mngr, billiard and pool tables, 309 W 2d
Bryant & Doe (Seth P Bryant, Alonzo P Doe), whol boots and shoes, 207 Brady
Bryson Alonzo & Son (Alonzo and Elmer), flour and feed, cor 4th and Iowa.
Buck Miles, barber, 436 Brady
Buck & Morgan Bros (James K Buck, Philip and Edwin T Morgan), grocers, 322 Brady
Bulzer Miss Minnie, hair goods, 128 E 3d
Bunker H & M (Henry and Melville), stair builders, 219 E 3d
Burchill Robert, painter, 310 Perry
Burleigh & Robirds (Charles B Burleigh, Victoria Robirds), hair goods, 107 Main
Burmeister Christian, meats, 1354 W 3d
Burtis Howard, propr Kimball House, cor 4th and Perry
Burtis Opera House, Howard Burtis propr, Albert L Skeels mngr, cor 4th and Perry
Burton B B, civil engineer C, R I & P Ry
Busch Wm, druggist, 307 W 2d
Busse Frank A, bleacher, 324 Brady
Cable Lumber Co (capital stock, $100,000; surplus, $35,000), George W Cable pres and treas, James A Freeman sec, E Front and Spring
Cain Mrs Harriet, artist, 503 Brady
Cameron John & Son, (John and Charles S), wall paper, 512 Brady
Cameron Wm S, hats and caps, 127 E 3d
Cantwell Alonzo W, physician, 308 Brady
Carleton Frank P, shoes, 110 E 3d.

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    ELDRIDGE. A village at the junction of the D. line and M. branch of the C.M. & St. P. Ry, in Sheridan township, Scott county, 1? miles north of Davenport, the county seat and nearest banking point. It has a Presbyterian church and public
school. Ships grain and live stock. Population, 110. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. E.V. Van Eps, postmaster.

Boecken C, hotel.
Calkins R M, railroad and express agent.
McDowell & Quinn, meat market.
Merriott J H, painter.
Remmerer Dr. C.T., druggist.
Ross J.W., barbed wire.
Sweis Henry, blacksmith.
Thompson J.C., saloon.
Van Eps E V., General Store.

     LONG GROVE. A village on the M. br. C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Winfield township, Scott county, 170 miles east of Des Moines, and 12 north of Davenport, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1836, it contains a Christian church, and ships grain and live stock. Population, 150. Tel., W. U., Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. S.D. Richardson, postmaster.

Ahrens Henry, shoemaker.
Bluhm Charles F, saloon.
Brownlee Bros., live stock.
Heyden Theodore, saloon.
Martindale Thomas, blacksmith.
Owen W E. railroad and express agt.
Peterson Daniel, blacksmith
Richardson O W & Co., General Store.
Skinin John, horse dealer.
Williamson A, justice of peace.

    WOLCOTT. A village on the C., R.I. & P. Ry, in Blue Grass township, Scott county, 168 miles east of Des Moines, and 12 northwest of Davenport, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1854. Ships grain, live stock, produce, etc. Telephone communication. Population, 350. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. B. Schwarting, postmaster.

Benewitz & Co., general store and ins.
Bock H, harnessmaker.
Buenning Henry, blacksmith.
Burtscher J, wagonmaker.
Guremnaer H, hotel.
Hintz L, general store.
Ihms Claus, carpet weaver.
Koehnke Theodore, harnessmaker.
Kroeger John, shoemaker.
Mann W.J., wagonmaker.
Nielson Claus, brick and stone mason.
Peek G E, railroad and express agent.
Peters Henry, saloon.
Pruemmer H, telephone office.
Ruye C, shoemaker.
Schrerber H, notary and book agent.
Schwarting B, Flour Mill.
Sindt H.H, hotel.
Stockdale & Dietz, grain.
Stoekel Martin, brick and stone mason.
Strubin & Popp, carpenters.
Weihmann C, saloon.
Werner A, blacksmith.