1900 Y-Z Directory

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 22, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear
in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the
Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening,
as These Names Will go in Book Form Then.


Yaggy, Lewis J, wife Ada M, bkpr 1st Nat Bank r 619 e 15th
Yancey, John W, tmstr Orphan's Home r same
Yann, Simon wife Mary saloon 305 e 2d r same
Yenn, Joseph wife Sina cigmkr r 327 w 2d
Yeonard, Cora wks St. James Hotel
Yerbury, Walter propr Rock Island Steam Dye Works 2108 3d av Rock Island, Ill.
Yetchkoe, Otto M wife Jessie E cond r 518 w 9th
Yetter, Franklin B wife Anna bkpr Sieg iron Co r 219 1/2 w 4th
Yetter, Fred M wife Cora E stenog Sieg Iron Co r 715 w 4th
Yingling, Harry P. framemkr J White Art Co rms 207 Brady
Yocum, Miss Bertha bds 227 w 14th
Yocum, Emma L wid G.B. r 1216 Perry
Yonkey, August wife Amelia wks Arsenal r 1105 w 5th
Yonkey, Frank wife Rose R wks U.N.Roberts Co r 601 w 9th
York, Marion wife Jennie tmstr r 616 e 4th
Yost, Casper E pres Io. Tel Co. 6th fl McManus bldg r Omaha, Neb.
Young, Mrs. Adelia A dressmkr r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Miss A Blanche stenog Carroll Bros r 1318 Gaines
Young, Miss Bessie B clk S D Rider & Co r 1318 Gaines
Young, Charles F wife Mabel T music tchr r 2104 Brady
Young, David wife Elizabeth r 1318 Gaines
Young, Edward wks Canning Co r 1937 w 4th
Young, Miss Fannie M r 1015 e Locust
Young, George H wife Mary L tents 223 e 4th r same
Young, Harry C wife Annie plasterer r 1627 Iowa
Young, Jacob W wife Minnie L fireman r 26 Putnam bldg
Young, Miss Jessie M clk C K Berg r 1318 Gaines
Young, John B wife Betsey A supt of schools 602 Main r 427 e 14th
Young, J Charles wife Mary C supt r 2005 Farnam
Young Men's Christian Assn Frank Nadler pres C A Dalzell vice-pres, A D Salee sec H H Vogt treas 407 Brady
Y M C A Building 407 Brady
Young, Nellie wid C T r 213 1/2 Perry
Young, Miss Olive S r 1318 Gaines
Young, Miss Ruth tel opr Io. Tel Co r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Wm. canmkr bds 1844 Bowditch
Young, Wm wife Fannie driver Standard Oil Co r 634 Sylvan av
Young, Wm wife Emma foreman Canning Co r 1937 w 4th
Young, Wm A wife Adelia A mach r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Wm F driver The Fair bds 1228 Brady
Youngermann, August watchmkr H Reis r 217 e 6th
Youngren, Charles wife Winnie car repr C R I & P r 1914 Eddy
Younkin, Edmund F wife Ollivette B porter r 641 e 6th
Younkin, Mrs. Katherine dressmkr r 641 e 6th


Zabel, Charles F, wife Bertha r 1450 Franklin
Zabel, Miss Ella, r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Miss Emma r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Julius wks Glucose Co r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Rudolph J wife Agnes F clk E Plath r 722 w 15th
Zabel, Wm blksmith Bett Axle Co bds 212 Scott
Zantow, Wm F wife Annie lab r 826 Swits
Zarnt, Charles wife Doris r 727 w 11th
Zarnt, Charles jr wks Bett Axle Co r 727 w 11th
Zarnt, Fred wife Caroline r 1547 w 6th
Zarnt, Louis wks Canning Co r 1547 w 6th
Zarnt, Wm wks F Haak r 1547 w 6th
Zarnt, Wm R carp r 727 w 11th
Zeeb, Miss Meta wks Dav Pearl B Co r 1318 w 2d
Zeeb, Miss Anna L wks N Kuhnen Co r 1318 w 3d
Zeeb, V George wife Fredericka tailor W F Winecke r 1318 w 2d
Zeman, Alfred A clk r 544 Mississippi av
Zeman, Miss Anna wkd F Haak r 1345 w 4th
Zeman, Annie wid John r 1915 Fulton av
Zeman, Anthony wife Mary shoemkr J Rose r 2208 Eddy
Zeman, Edward J packer A & P Tea Co r 1348 w 4th
Zeman, Francis clk J Rose r 2208 Eddy
Zeman, Joseph lab r 1915 Fulton av
Zeman, Joseph A wife Catherine bicycle repr J W Buck r 427 e 7th
Zeman, Mary wid John r 1348 w 4th
Zeman, Matilda wid F A r 544 Mississippi av
Zeman, Sarah wid Charles r 534 Jersey Ridge rd
Zensen, Mathias wife Anna r 1117 Brown
Zentner, Karl F meatmkt 1651 w 3d r same
Zernichel, Miss Augusta dom 603 w 8th
Zeuch, Herman J wife Adelaide S. salesman Van Patten & Marks r 126 Denison av
Zeurher, Miss Annie dom 822 e 13th
Ziebarth, Carl J L wife Dora wks Dav Malt Co r 1318 w 2d
Ziebarth, Charles wife Caroline fisherman r 910 w Front
Ziebarth, Charles jr mach Bett Axle Co r 910 w Front
Ziemer, Miss mattie E matron Orphans' Home r same
Zierke, Richard wife Alma driver Schick's Exp r 109 Main
Zilske, Miss Martha A clk Petersen's Sons r 2020 Faxon
Zilske, Robert wks Canning Co r 2020 Faxon
Zimmer, Albert clk H Peetz r Rock Island Ill.
Zimmer, John P, tailor, 126 Main r 206 w 5th
Zimmerman, Charles pressman S Corman & Son bds 322 Fillmore
Zimmerman, Charles H wife Victoria, bicycle repr H A Zimmerman r Rock Island, Ill.
Zimmerman, Edward S wife Luella cond Tri-City H. Co r 522 w 3d
Zimmerman, Emma wid John r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, Frank, upholstr r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, H A wife Mina Hardware Bicycles and General Repairing 124 e 3d r 1009 Charlotte
Zimmerman, Wm F piano tuner r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, Mrs Laura tchr Sch No 8 r 408 w 5th
Zindel, Jacob novelties rms 101 e 2d
Zindel, Miss Julia dressmkr r 214 e 6th
Zinger, Anton wife Caroline driver r 1114 w 7th
Zinger, George wife Minnie dairy r Rockingham rd nr Bismark
Zinger, Josephine wid Joseph r 1201 w 2d
Zittel, J M foreman N Kuhnen Co bds Downs Hotel
Zoeckler, Charles F wife Adelaide mngr J L Zoeckler r 1337 w 2d
Zoeckler, John H wife Caroline supt J L Zoeckler r 1337 w 2d
Zoeckler, John L wife Anna pork packer rear 1337 w 2d r 600 w 8th
Zoller, Amelia wid Ernest r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zoller, August wife Louisa, vice-pres Ind Malting Co 2d nw cor DAvie r 1908 Bowditch
Zoller, Charles wife Bertha solcr Ind Malting Co r 2004 w 2d
Zoller, Ernst, pres Ind Malting Co 2d nw cor Davie r 1742 w 2d
Zoller, Fred, clk Tri-City Ry Co r 1742 w 2d
Zornig, Jacob wife Lena wks Glucose Co r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zornig, John, wife Sophia marble ctr Schricker-Rodler Co r 1750 w 6th
Zornig, Miss Minnie r Blackhawk
Zornig, Wm stonectr r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zost, Joseph wife Laura welldriller r 2237 w 2d
Zschlesche, August furrier T Richter & Sons r 1025 w 9th
Zuber, Miss Louise wks R Krause Co r 130 Mound
Zuber, Ura harness mnfr 130 Mound r same
Zuchantke, Adolph wks Christian Mueller & Sons r rear 624 w Front
Zuisuf, Henry bds 408 Western av
Zwicker, Miss Bertha music tchr r 1011 e Locust
Zwicker, Elnora wid Charles r 1011 e Locust
Zwicker, Miss Rosa dressmkr r 1011 e Locust