1900 U Directory

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 31, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear
in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the
Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening,
as These Names Will go in Book Form Then

Uber, Miss Alma r 214 Iowa
Uber, Mrs Kate, 332 e Front r 214 Iowa
Uchtorff, Miss Anna r 1440 w 6th
Uchtorff, Miss Caroline r 1440 w 6th
Uchtorff, Fred wife Sophie cabinetmkr Keding H & co r 1440 w 6th
Uobe, C August wife Emma wks Glucose Co r 1623 w 7th
Uhde, Miss Fay T r 1520 Brady
Uhde, Herman wife Mary jeweler C Jansen r 1520 Brady
Uhde, Miss Josephine r Dubuque rd nr limits
Uken, Herman wife Helena contr r 1912 Western av
Uken, Miss Lillian C clk N Liepold & Co r 1912 Western av
Ulam, Wm B clk A W Valentine r Rock Island Ill.
Ulbricht, John collr r 1011 w 5th
Ulin, Miss Lottie dom 313 Main
Unangst, Jacob D wife Addie E dentist 22 Whitaker bldg r 19 Walling ct
Underdonk, John E wife Dorothy cash B C R & N r 2114 w 5th
Underdonk, Wm S, wife Eliza freight and ticket agt B C R & N r 28 Petersen blk
Underhill, Mrs J E rest 221 w 3d r 520 w 3d
Underhill, Milo F wife Juliane E mngr Mrs J E Underhill r 520 w 3d
Union Lodge Hall 506 w 2d
Union Pearl Button Co J E Robinson...