1900 I Directory

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 19, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear
in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the
Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening,
as These Names Will go in Book Form Then


Iarchow (See Also Jarchow)
Iarchow, Henry, wife Dorothy r 818 Brown
Iben, Miss Anna, wks F Haak, r 1738 w 5th
Iben, Hugo, wks Metal Wheel Co r 1738 w 5th
Iben, Otto, lab r 1738 w 5th
Iben, Richard, wks Metal Wheel Co. r Fishertown
Ibs, John P, wife Catherine helper Tri-City P & P Co. r 1416 w 4th
Ickes, Lawrence J, clk J K Ickes, r 217 e 6th
Ickes, James K, pawnbroker, 311 Perry r 217 e 6th
Ida Institute, Miss I M Burrows prin. 1035 Brady
Ideal Club, J.F. Weetz, sec. 422 Howell
Ihlefield, Charles F W wife Augusta fireman Glucose Co r 1515 Rockingham rd
Ihms, Carl, wife Augusta tailor, r 1534 w 4th
Ihms, Miss Emma dom 510 w 6th
Ihms, Henry wks Dr G Hoepfner, r 430 1/2 w 3d
Iles, John L, treas Riverside Milling Co 840 e Front r 643 e 13th
Iles, John T, r 643 e 13th
Iless, Henry driver C Ewert r 215 Western av
Ilsemann, Heinrich wife Anna carp Glucose Co r 1537 w 4th
Ilsemann, Miss Minnie r 1537 w 4th
Ilsemann, Miss Tillie, r 1537 w 4th
Immaculate Conception Academy conducted by the Sisters of Charity B.O. M. Main ne cor 8th.
Imming, Benj, clk G H Eckmann r 1503 w 8th
Imming, Herman lab r 1503 w 8th
Imming, Josephine wid Clement r 1503 w 8th
Imhof, Benjamin F wife Nellie A actor r 314 Perry
Immoor, C Henry F wife Johanna E C tailor L H Reick r 632 w 14th
Imperial Tailors The E L Guidner, mngr 326 w 3d
Implement Mnfg Co C I Burt pres A B Frenier sec 4th e of LeClaire
Improved Order of Red Men of Iowa F C Naeve recorder 9 Ryan block
Incze, Nicholas artist rms 318 w Front
Independent Malting Co Ernest Zoller pres August Zoller vice-pres D H Vieths sec and treas 2d nw cor Davie
I O O F Hall, 508 Brady
Industiral Home, Miss Sophie E Toller matron 115 w 6th
Ingebrightsen, Miss Lena dom 321 e 10th
Ingledew, George wife Mary H wkd C R I & P r 404 e 8th
Ingram, Frank, houseman 1745 Grand av
Ingwers, Bol, wife Mary wks Glucose Co r 313 Harrison
Ingwers, Paul, wks Dav Malt Co r 313 Harrison
Ingwersen, Christ wife Helen A wks Gas Co r 815 e Front
Ingwersen, Fritz, wks Glucose Co bds 531 w 2d
Inghelder, John wife Emma r rear 1219 w 2d
Inman, Rubues, wife Josephine lab r Arlington av ne cor Henry
Innes, Miss Amelia E wks Woolen Mills r 646 e 12th
Innes, Geo W painter Red Jacket Mnfg Co r 646 e 12th
Innes, Mary A, wid Geo r 646 e 12th
Inspector of Oils, W R Weir 205 Brady
Interior Decorating Co (T Empfield, D J Morris, D C Morris) Paints, Oils, Wall Paper, Interior Decorators, 508 Harrison
Iowa Broom Corn & Supply House, M G Lee propr 110 e Front
Iowa Business Men's Building & Loan Assn, Nabstedt & Pierce agts, 215 Main
Iowa Catholic Messenger, F B Sharon pub 432 Brady
Iowa Mantle Mnfg Co Herman Barna pres. W C Von Koeckritz vice-pres. Emil Lange sec. J F Bredow treas 322 Harrison
Iowa Mortgage Co. 24 McManus bldg
Iowa National Bank. Charles Beiderbecke pres. A P. Doe vice-pres, Charles Pasche cash W H Crecelius asst cash 302 w 2d
Iowa Plumbing & Heating Co H C Claussen pres W R Johnson sec 411 w 2d
Iowa Produce Co (W F Priebe, F J Simater) 105 e Front and 318 Harrison
Iowa Reform. A Petersen & Bros. pubs, 526 w 2d
Iowa Telephone Co. C E Yost pres C  A Dalzell sec 6th fl McManus bldg
Iowa Telephone Co Exchange L W hatch, mngr 203 1/2 w 2d
Irish, Frank H r 1326 Fulton av
Irish, Miss Gertrude R, r 1326 Fulton av
Irish, Judson E grocer 1328 Fulton av r 1326 Fulton av
Irish, Mary L wid A R r 1326 Fulton av
Irrawadi Canoe Club e Front and gov bridge
Irvine, Miss Betty stenog Prudential Ins Co r Rock Island Ill
Irwin, Edward M wks Newcomb Loom Co r 1695 Fulton av
Isaacson, Miss Lottie M, r 509 Brady
Isenhart, Miss Minnie, milliner Bee Hive, r706 Brady
Isherwood, Mrs. Adeline nurse r 215 e 12th
Isherwood, Thomas G wife Ruby R carp r 215 e 12th
Ita, Sarah wid Jacob clairvoyant r 1522 Brady
Ittenson, Alex wife Mary wks C R I & P r 908 w Front
Ivers, Andrew wks Glucose Co r 2029 w 5th
Ivers, Henry, bell boy Kimball House.
Ivers, Maria, wid Julius r 2029 w 5th
Ivers, Miss Mary wks Dav. P B & P Factory, r 2029 w 5th