1900 C Directory

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, March 9, 1900


Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear
in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the
Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening,
as These Names Will go in Book Form Then.

Cabel, Herman, wife Mary, cigmkr, H.P.N. Sauerberg r 830 w 8th
Cable, Austin D, wife Caroline, r 316 w 2d
Cable, George W, jr wife Catherine W, lumber 17 Masonic Temple r 1 Park pl
Cable,  George W, wife Eliza E, pres Cable Lumber Co 17 Masonic Temple r 1219 Brady
Cable, Miss Josephine r 1219 Brady
Cable Lumber Co G W Cable pres E B Hayward vice pres and sec, G.W. Cable jr treas 17 Masonic Temple
Cahall, Charles C wks C R I & P bds Atlantic House.
Cahall, John A, carp bds 425 Brady
Cahill, Miss Annie r 1427 e High
Cahill, Charles painter bds Atlantic House
Cahill, James r 1427 e High
Cahill, James E wife Maggie insp Arsenal r 16 Petersen blk
Cahill, John wks C R I & P r 1427 e High
Cahill, Joseph r 1427 e High
Cahill, Miss Margaret H. tailoress, Orphans' Home, r 1427 e High
Cahill, Miss Mary J r 1427 e High
CAIN (See also KANE)
Cain, Charles (col) wife Martha B janitor Ryan blk r 724 Main
Cain, Michael J wife Mary brakeman r 1108 w 2d
Cain, Mrs. Nellie r 518 Rock Island
Cain, Samuel (col) wife Martha B janitor Ryan blk r 724 Main
Cain, Wm (col) porter W S Holbrook r 510 e 11th
Caldwell, Harry H wife Belle ins agt r 209 Brady
Caldwell, Morris E, wife Louise wks C R I & P r 1509 1/2 Harrison
California Perfume Co Stone & Rice, proprs 44 McManus bldg
Calkins, Dick C horseshoer 219 e 4th r 126 e 4th
Calkins, Jason E, wife George O city editor Democrat r 808 e 10th
Callan, John wife Marie r 506 Brady
Callaway Fred, hostler D B Horne r 225 w 17th
Calsen, Peter, wife Annie farmer r 3 Bloody Hollow
Calvary Baptist Church Rev J W Weddell pastor Perry cor e 14th
Calvin, Frank wks Bett Axle Co r 317 Perry
Cameron, Miss Alice M r 1526 Ripley
Cameron, Miss Bella r 1526 Ripley
Cameron, Bert, wife Louise, painter, r 1531 w 3d
Cameron, Charles F, wife Lillian agt r 623 Kirkwood boul
Cameron, Charles S wife Margaret (J Cameron & Son) 512 Brady r 420 w 16th
Cameron, Edward I, bkpr Federal Life Assn r 1631 Rock Island
Cameron, Jane C R wid James r 1526 Ripley
Cameron, John, wife Isabella (J Cameron & Son) 512 Brady r 420 w 16th
Cameron, John & Son (John and C.S.) wall paper, 512 Brady
Cameron, John L, wife Edith, painter J Cameron & Son r 508 w 17th
Cameron, Mrs. L. Reid, r 1504 Main
Cameron, Miss Marcella M clk The Fair r Rock Island, Ill.
Cameron, Wm S wife Sarah wks Arsenal r 623 Kirkwood boul
Camp, Miss A Gertrude, r 512 e Locust.
Camp, H Frank, bkpr Bosch-Ryan G Co r 512 e Locust
Camp, James H, wife Mary J r 512 e Locust
Camp, Miss Laura M tchr Sch No 4 r 512 e Locust
Camp, Miss Mabel H bkpr Boston Store, r 512 e Locust
Campbell, Albert, mach Metal Wheel Co r Rock Island, Ill.
Campbell, Andrew J eng Dav Paper B & P Factory r 314 w 2d
Campbell, Miss Blanche M bkpr Mosenfelder & K r 1820 Brady
Campbell, Byron B, wife Electca C r Eastern av nw cor High
Campbell, Charles (Drummond Bros & Campbell) 401 Brady r 1634 Rock Island
Campbell, Cyrus C wife Lizzie M r 1820 Brady
Campbell, Harry B, wife Bessie E florist Eastern av nor cor High r same
Campbell, Ida, wid J.T. r 1634 Rock Island
Campbell, John B wife Alice pressman Bett Azle Co r 511 w 4th
Campbell, J Foster, wife Catherine r 711 e 14th
Campbell, Le Roy wife Helen E druggist 641 e 14th r same
Campbell, Miss Marguerite, r 741 e 14th
Campbell, Mary wid John r 1811 w 3d
Campbell, Miss Mary E r 741 e 14th
Campbell, Miss Maud R r 314 w 2d
Campbell, Wm C wks U N Roberts Co rms 109 e 3d
Campbell, Wm H, lawyer, 211 Main r 1820 Brady
Canfield, Lorne H (H A St Onge & Co) r 9 Oak Lane
Cannapal, Frank, brewer Dav Malt Co bds 1356 w 2d
Canniff, Will H wife Anna B acct Marquette 3d Vein Coal Co r 113 e 7th
Cannon, Miss Annie H dom 431 e 3d
Cannon, Hugh cond Tri-City Ry Co r 431 e 3d
Cannon, James J wife Mary A painter Io Tel Co r 730 e 9th
Cantine, Ernst R wife Cecelia tmstr r 1533 Leonard
Cantwell, James Y (L A LeClaire jr & Co) 307 1/2 Brady r 1236 Main
Cantwell, John D r 1236 Main
Cantwell, J S bds 313 w 2d
Cantwell, Mattie D wid A W r 1236 Main
Capehart, Charles C wife Irene steward St. James Hotel, r 3 Lorenzen blk
Caran, Joseph wife Mary K carp r Sourth av nr Orphans home
Cardozo, Rachael, wid Geo r 901 Perry
Cardozo, Miss Sara M r 901 Perry
Carey, Miss Bridget bds ft Fillmore
Carey, Miss Mary bds ft Fillmore
Carl, Ernest S wife Sarah r 126 e 6th
Carley, Cyrus C, r 764 Case
Carley, Eddie C, butcher r 764 Case
Carley, Jesse, lab, r 764 Case
Carley, Miss Rachael A, r 764 Case
Carlin, Miss Agnes L, r 1734 Viola
Carlin, Miss Celestine, clk Boston Store r 1533 Leonard
Carlin, Mrs. Frances E, r 1734 Viola
Carlin, John, wife Nellie lab r 1201 Gaines
Carlin, Miss Mary, r 704 w Locust
Carlin, Patrick lab bds 1005 Gaines
Carlin, Wm A stenog Impl Mnfg Co r Middle Hickory Grove rd
Carlin, Wm P, wife Annie contr r 2140 Grand av
Carlin, Wm R, r 2140 Grand av
Carlsen, Charles M, butcher J Leuschen bds 1628 Washington
Carlsen, Mathias, wife Ingeborg, lab r 1542 Union
Carlsen, Peter , wife Mary J, wks Dav. Ice Co r 314 Warren
Carlson, Albert wife Jennette, cabmkr Dav. Show Case Wks r 738 e 7th
Carlson, Alfred, wks U.N. Roberts Co rms 634 e 6th
Carlson, Miss Amanda, dom 1610 Terrace av
Carlson, Andrew, wife Tillie lab r 2207 Cherry
Carlson, Miss Annie, dom 2313 Brady
Carlson, Carl, wks C R I & P r 2001 Eddy
Carlson, Carl E wife Annie S wks C R I & P r 718 Case
Carlson, Carl L wife Annie T carp r 511 e 6th
Carlson, Carl O wks C R I & P bds 654 Tremont av
Carlson, Charles A wife Hilda painter r 1233 w 7th
Carlson, Miss Christena, dom 121 e 6th
Carlson, C Victor wife Annie tailor A Segelbaum r 2001 Eddy
Carlson, Miss Della, wks St. Katherine's Hall, r same
Carlson, Fred, wife Mary motorman r 1051 w 3rd
Carlson, Miss Minnie dom 1143 Main
Carlson, Swan P wife Louise S lab r 1019 LaFayette
Carlston, Wm clk Mosenfelder & K r 512 e 6th
Carlston, Willard C wife Margaret wks Dav Mnfg Co r 2111 Brown
Carman, Wm, plasterer, rms 7 506 Brady
Carmenitz, Philip wife Lena cigmk Raphael & Co r 323 Gaines
Carmichael, Benj F wife Adelaide R physician 118 e 13th r same
Carmichael, Miss Eula E cash A & P Tea Co r 110 w 13th
Carmichael, John H, wife Jessie B wks Metal Wheel Co r 110 w 13th
Carmichael, Joe E collr Gas Co r 228 e 13th
Carmichael, Joseph E, lawyer, r 13 Petersen blk.
Carmichael, Katherine wid Wm E r 228 e 13th
Carmichael, Wm lineman Io Tel Co r 313 1/2 Perry
Carmody, Mary, wid Thomas wks Woolen Mills r 1820 Eddy
Carmody, Thomas wife Mary, wks Woolen Mills r 1820 Eddy
Carney, James H, wife annie wks Metal Wheel Co r 723 e 6th
Carney, Miss Nellie wks St. James Hotel
Carney Wm, molder Metal Wheel Co r 320 e 8th
Carnival City Packet Co W A Blair pres J B Phillips sec M L Marks treas 113 e Front
Caro, John D, wife Christina lab r 1038 w 2d
Carpenter, Alexis C wife Adeline E agt r G Ryan blk
Carpenter, Henry, wife Linnie fireman r 519 w 4th
Carpenter, M M fish 207 e 3d r 12 Petersen blk
Carpenter, Wm A wife Mary M mngr M M Carpenter r 12 Petersen blk
Carr, Miss Bridget, dom 1003 Perry
Carr, David G wife Elizabeth barber 307 Perry r 223 e 6th
Carr, George W lab r ft Fillmore
Carr, George W, wife Augusta wks Metal Wheel Co r 2704 Fair av
Carr, Henry lab r 415 e 10th
Carr, Phillip, wife Annie wks Metal Wheel Co r 415 e 10th
Carrington, Maggie J wid R A r 121 w Locust
Carroll, Albert T., tchr Sch No. 3 r 528 e 8th
Carroll, Alex E, wife Emma J (Carroll Bros) 4 Whitaker bldg. r 902 Harrison
Carroll Bros. (AE, WH and EJ) lawyers, 4 Whitaker Bldg.
Carroll, Catherine wid John, r 912 Perry
Carroll, Edward J., (Carroll Bros), 4 Whitaker bldg. r 902 Harrison
Carroll, Emmett J, clk The Fair, r 528 e 8th
Carroll, Howard A, r 1920 Farnam
Carroll, James, wife Winnie, blksmith Arsenal r 1226 Farnam
Carroll, Jennie wid Wm r 325 Brady
Carroll, John wife Catherine wks Gas Co r 528 e 8th
Carroll, Joseph r 1226 Farnam
Carroll, Miss Kate, r 912 Perry
Carroll, Lawrence, clk C Marinan r 528 e 8th
Carroll, Lawson (col) r 1546 w 8th
Carroll, Miss Mary r 1226 Farnam
Carroll, Thomas wks Metal Wheel Co r 328 Harrison
Carroll, Thomas C, wife Alice E, harnessmkr Arsenal r 1920 Farnam
Carroll, Wm D, r 528 e 8th
Carroll, Wm H, (Carroll Bros) 4 Whitaker bldg r Clinton, Ia.
Carroll, Wm R, wife Anna K, insp r 530 w 15th
Carson, Miss Agnes, wks New Method Laundry, rms 414 Main
Carson, Harry F, wife Mabel V (Carson & Schlegel) 122 w 3d bds Kimball House
Carson, Robert N., wife Cora M, bkpr Bettendorf Metal Wheel Co r 10 Arlington ct.
Carson, Thomas, lab r 1622 Iowa
Carson, Thomas B, wife May L, sec Bettendorf Metal Wheel Co r 709 Perry
Carson & Schlegel (HF Carson Chris W Schlegel) Pianos, Music and Musical Instruments, 122 and 124 w 3d.
Carsten, Henry ins agt, r 910 w 8th
Carstens, Albert, wife Ernie painter, 1011 w 6th r 517 Vine
Carstens, Miss Amelia C, r 517 Vine
Carstens, Andrew F, printer Der Demokrat, r 1131 w 3d
Carstens, Miss Anna, dom 606 w 8th
Carstens, August F, wife Margaret baker M J Eagal Co r 1705 w 8th
Carstens, Broder, wife Christina r 1104 w 5th
Carstens, Miss Cecelia A r 517 Vine
Carstens, Charles, wife Josie V, meat mkt, 125 Mound r 1533 Fulton av
Carstens, Mrs. Christine, r  CC Cook's Home
Carstens, Conrad J, bds Windsor Hotel
Carstens, Miss Freda, dom 423 w 7th
Carstens, Hans C, wife Pauline C F. Shoemkr 1609 Harrison r same
Carstens, Henry, wife Lena carp r 2135 w 3d
Carstens, Herman P A wife Dora physician, 1318 Warren r same
Carstens, Ida, wid George, r 714 w 6th
Carstens, Julius A tmstr r 1131 w 3d
Carstens, Miss Kate, dom 1802 e Front
Carstens, Louis, wife Minnie clk Arsenal r 1224 Farnam
Carstens, Magnus, wife Augusta r 1460 w 6th
Carstens, Marie, wid J C r 1131 w 3d
Carstens, Otto, wks Canning Co r 2135 w 3d
Carstens, Otto F, clk C Kuehl, r 1533 Fulton av
Carstens, Peter, lab bds 531 w 2d
Carstens, Peter, wife Emma, sorter Weyerhaeuser & D r 1844 w 7th
Carstens, Peter, wife Lena watchman Bett Axle Co r 218 Brown
Carstens, Peter J., wife Augusta M, cigmkr C E Flick r 1007 w 5th
Carstensen, Miss Agnes, r 728 Harrison
Carstensen, Andrew J, grocer, 728 Harrison r same
Carstensen, Albert, carp r 2224 Bowditch
Carstensen, Asmus O, wife Frieda M motorman, r 2411 n Tremont av
Carstensen, Hans P, wife Ingeborg, contr r 2224 Bowditch
Carstensen, John C, wife Dora r 2412 Ida av
Carstensen, Peter carp r 2224 Bowditch
Carstensen, August C, wife Emma r 1552 Prairie
Carstensen, Miss Laura H, r 1552 Prairie
Carstensen, Wm, coachman, 14 Oak Lane
Carten, William J., wife Julia lab r 1031 Kent
Carter, Cecil (col) porter E Schmidt, r 320 w 11th
Carter, Frank B., wife Rebecca, mach hand Red Jacket Pump Mnfg Co r 512 w 16th
Carter, Miss Ida E., r 2712 Fair av
Carter, John (col) wife Joanna, r 320 w 11th
Carter, Joseph L, carp r 2712 Fair av
Carter, Roy, student bds 228 e 5th
Carter, Sarah E, wid Charles r 1634 Rock Island
Carter, Miss Susie (col) dom 105 w 2d
Carter, Temperance, wid J.H. r 2712 Fair av
Carter, Theo. W., wife Clara C, trav agt. r 921 w 3d
Carthey, Wm J, wife Nettie L, driver McCosh & Co r 218 w 16th
Cartin, George, peddler, r 526 e 3d
Cartin, Louis, fruit 426 e 3d r same
Cartwright, Catherine wid Thomas r 322 e 4th
Carvill, Michael, r 514 e 9th
Cary, J Galt, bkpr The Times, bds 215 w 4th
Case, Barton S, wife Anna L, tripman C R I & P, r 2020 LeClaire
Case, George  W, boatbldr r ft Taylor
Case, Nancy A, wid Jeremiah, r 607 Farnam
Case, Roy A, dentist 223 brady, r 603 Belle av
Casey, Frank T, wife Etta M, salesman S M Reynolds, r 1319 Fulton av
Casey, Wm J, wife Cora L (Warner & Casey Co) 401 Brady r 738 e 15th
Casper, Miss Katie, wks F Haak, r 1105 w 6th
Casper, Peter, wife Eliza, butcher Mengel Bros, r 1105 w 6th
Cass, Miss Ella J., cigmkr O. Albrecht Co r 1030 Scott
Cass, Honora, wid John, r 1030 Scott
Cass, James E., wife Mary J., stonectr. r 318 w 16th
Cassell, Miss Bessie H., r 620 Iowa
Cassell, Martin H., wife Bessie G. r 620 Iowa
Cassidy, Miss Annie G., dressmkr, r 327 e Locust
Cassidy, Catherine, wid Thomas, r 327 e Locust
Cassidy, Frank B.A., clk E 8 Nichols, r 327 e Locust
Cassidy, Miss Theresa F. r 327 e Locust
Cassin, Henry J (Hamann & Cassin) 43 Whitaker bldg. r 1112 Brown
Cassin, John r 829 w 3d
Casteel, Elizabeth, wid Appleton, r 1736 Arlington av
Casteel, Miss Evangeline Mae,r 1736 Arlington av
Casteel, Miss Helen A, clk Boston Store, r 1736 Arlington av
Castell, Miss Mary E, r 1201 Arlington av
Castor, Benj. F, wife Delia, cond D R I & N W r 207 Brady
Cathcart, Charles W, trav agt McCormick H M Co r St. James Hotel
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, (RC) V. Rev. James Davis, rector, Rev. T.H. Brownrigg asst. 10th ne cor Iowa
Catlin, L E trav agt, r 4 Ryan blk.
Cattell, Archibald, wife Elizabeth, r 415 Kirkwood boul.
Catterall, Albert B, wife Eleanor, mngr A & P Tea Co r 229 e Locust
Caulfield, Miss Rose, nurse Mercy Hospital
Causby, Miss Ida, wks Woolen Mills, r 547 Bridge av
Causby, Miss Martha H. wks Crescent M Co r 547 Bridge av
Causby, Thomas W, wife Emma H, timekpr Metal Wheel Co r 547 Bridge av
Cavagnaro Building 306-308 Brady
Cavagnaro, Charles G, wife rose, r 108 w 6th
Cavagnaro, Miss Mary, clk S D Ryder & Co r 108 w 6th
Cavanaugh, John, wife Ann, r 438 e 3d
Cavanaugh, John E, r 704 Farnam
Cavanaugh, John, wife Mary, molder Metal Wheel Co r 622 e 4th
Cavanaugh, Mary, wid Patrick r 704 Farnam
Cavill, Michael, r 514 e 9th
Cawiezel, Julius, molder Metal Wheel Co bds 412 e 4th
Cawley, Elizabeth, wid James H. r 562 Esplanade av
Cawley, James H., wks Knostman & P Furn Co r 515 Esplanade av
Cawley, Joseph, wife Elizabeth, mason r 515 Esplanade av
Central M E Church, Rev. W.F. Barclay pastor, 825 Brady
Central Park, Lombard to Park lane and Brady to Harrison
Cepikan, Frank, wife Kate, lab r 2013 Fulton av
Cessna, Charles C, r 404 Brady
Cessna, Lucy E, wid Douglas r 404 Brady
Ceurvorst, Clement J, wife Mary J, clk Petersen's Sons, r 1121 w 14th
Ceurvorst, Miss Coletta, clk The Fair r 1121 w 14th
Challberg, Charles J, wife Elizabeth bartndr J Traeger, r 211 e 2d
Chamberlain, Wright, wife Abbie F, clk Smith Bros & Burdick Co r 1736 Grand av
Chamberlin, Frank W, (Chamberlin, Kindt & Co) 415 Perry r Burlington, Ia.
Chamberlin, Kindt & Co. (F W Chamberlin C T Kindt) proprs Burtis Opera House and paste mnfrs, 415 Perry
Chamberlin, Lucy A, wid L ? r 906 Perry
Chamberlin, Wm M, wife Nellie C, lawyer, 9 Dittoe Bldg, r 906 Perry
Chambers, Mrs. Allie E, stenog R Krause Co bds 627 Gaines
Chambers, George, r 2214 Farnam
Chambers, John wife Kate, lab r 14 317 Perry
Chambers, John C, wife Srah, wks S M Reynolds & Co r 2214 Farnam
Chambers, Mrs. Laura, dressmkr r 422 w 2d
Chambers, L.S. lineman Io Tel Co bds 212 Scott
Chambers, Mrs. May, photog r 425 w 2d
Chambers, Miss Nellie M, r 2214 Farnam
Chambers, Miss Ray, r 626 Perry
Chambers, Sarah, wid Francis r 2214 Farnam
Chambers, Walter, wife Virginia (Egbert Fidlar & Chambers) 118 e 4th r 626 Perry
Chambers, Will J, printer Egbert F & C r 626 Perry
Chandler, Jackson A., watchman C R I & P r 902 w Locust
Chandler, Miss Jennie clk Boston Store, r Rock Island Ill.
Channels, Miss Marie, bds 320 e Front
Channon, James wks Arsenal bds 646 e 12th
Chapman, B W, carp bds 212 Scott
Chapman, George broommkr Lee B & D Co rms 720 w Front
Chapman, Geo E, eng impl Mnfg Co bds 168 Bridge av
Chapman, Milan E wife Lizzie A agt Warner & Casey Co r 739 e 15th
Chapman, Thomas A wife Nellie E, clk Peto-Steffen Co r 1003 w 14th
Charvat, Leon O, wife Clara, bartndr r 209 Rock Island
Chase, Chas V, wife Lillian E druggist, 1119 Brady, r 12 Walling ct
Cheek, John F, wife Matilda T, clerk district court, 2d fl court house, r 914 Farnam
Cheetham, Miss Edith A, wis Woolen Mills, rms 523 Brady
Cheetham, Mrs Jane rms 523 Brady
Cheetham, Miss Sadie A wks Woolen Mills rms 523 Brady
Cheney, Albert C, clk H.H. Cheney, rms 330 Harrison
Cheney, Henry H, wife Rose, rest 131 e 3d r same
Chenoweth, Miss Alice E, r 1426 Brady
Chenoweth, Jefferson H. wife Anna F bkpr Excelsior Mnfg Co r Lincoln av nr Hancock av
Chenoweth Wm S, wife Caroline W r 1426 Brady
Chesterfield, George W (col) wife Amanda, lab r 624 e High
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R R freight and ticket office W Freeman agt, 108 w 3d frt depot 5 Brady
C B & Q R R Transfer and Express Co, C N Petersen mngr, 223 e 2d
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry, J S Bowdoin gen agt 303 Brady, passenger depot ft Main frt office at Front bet Harrison & Ripley, round house ft Ripley
Chicago, Peoria & Western Ry L H Brandt agt Rockingham rd sw cor Division
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry, gen offices and pass station, 421 Perry, frt house Farnam cor 4th laundry 311 e 4th dining car dept 426 Rock Island shops LeClaire and n Depot
Chidister, Miss Edith tchr Orphan's Home, r same
Ching, Fong wks Sam Lee, r 514 w 2d
Chipping, Miss Julia, cigmkr rms 703 Harrison
Chittick, Miss Dorothy, r 1122 Ripley
Chittick, J Ryamond, clk r 1122 Ripley
Chittick, Wm F, wife Minnie trav agt r 1122 Ripley
Chrissinger, Irvin B, bds 313 w 2d
Christ Church 2201 w 3d
Christdorf, Catherine M, wid B.C. r 1706 Marquette
Christdorf, George T, r 1706 Marquette
Christenia, Miss Cora (col) r 320 w 11th
Christenia, James C (col) wife Jennie C, coachman r 636 Laurel
Christensen, Christian P, wife Elena, dirver Schick's Exp, r 1850 Spruce
Christensen, Hans M, wife Caroline dirver C Thompson r 556 Mississippi av
Christensen, Harry, wks N Kuhnen Co r 822 w 5th
Christensen, Miss Helen C., r 1850 Spruce
Christensen, Jacob, lab bds 731 w 2d
Christensen, James C, wife Anna, cooper, r 1428 Sturdevant
Christensen, Niels, wife Mary, tailor J McCullough's Sons r 1310 w Locust
Christensen, Miss Selma r 822 w 5th
Christian Chapel Church Rev C C Davis, pastor 1501 LeClaire
Christiansen, Broder, wife Angel, cigmkr r 1543 Leonard
Christiansen, Miss Helen, dom 216 1/2 w 2d
Christiansen, Jeppe, bds 213 Brown
Christiansen, John P, wife Rose, contr r 617 Eastern av
Christiansen, Miss Kate, seamstress J. Koch, r 2310 Bowditch
Christiansen, Lars, wife Christiana, lab r 1330 Mitchell
Christiansen, Magdaline,wid Charles r 119 Warren
Christiansen, Miss Mary wks Dav Pearl B Co r 1543 Leonard
Christiansen, Nels, wife Alma carp r 2310 Bowditch
Christiansen, Thomas wife Anna painter 1500 w 4th r same
Christianson, Miss Edith, r 808 Judson
Christianson, Miss Lena, dom 431 w 3d
Christianson, L Peter, wife Helen lab r 808 Judson
Christianson, Peter, wks Crescent M Co r 808 Judson
Christianson, Hans, driver bds 631 w 2d
Christy, Rev. Levi E (col) wife Susie A, pastor African M E ch r 709 w 4th
Christy, Nancy wid Joseph, r 327 e 15th
Christy, Wm P, wife Thora V clk ? B. Wiley r 327 e 15th
Chubbuck, Olive H, wid Morris dressmkr r 718 Main
Church, George, lineman Io Tel Co bds Atlantic Hotel
Church, Miss Mae, tchr High sch r 319 Kirkwood boul
Churchill, Daniel, wife Mary E r 1038 Charlotte
Churchill, James J wife Elizabeth trimmer Petersen's Sons r 207 e 10th
Cinadr, Frank J, wife Carrie B lab r 506 Mississippi av
Cinadr, Joseph, r 510 Mississippi av
Cinadr, Miss Mary E r 510 Mississipp av
Cinadr, Peter, wife Katherine r 510 Mississippi av
Citizen's National Bank F H Griggs pres Aug A Balluff cash 2d nw cor Main
City Assessor J Blerring, 2d fl City Hall
City Attorney G W Scott 3d fl City Hall
City Bill Posting Co C T Kindt mngr 415 Perry
City Cemetery, J H Ehlers sexton ,Rockingham rd se cor Division
City Clerk A J Smith 2d fl City Hall
City Electrician A G Goldschmidt, 3d fl City Hall
City Engineer, Thomas Murray 2d fl City Hall
City Hall 4th ne cor Harrison
City Laundry Mrs. B. Fink & Co proprs 2028 e Front and 312 Perry
City Malt House, Dav. Malting Co proprs 520 Harrison
City Scavenger, John High 2d fl City Hall
City Treasurer, Charles J Hagemann 2d fl City Hall
City and County Directory Times Co pubs W H McCoy, compiler Times bldg
Claes, Joseph, wife Ann I. wks Metal Wheel Co r 1413 Leonard
Claeys, Julius, wife Mary, molder Dav. F. & M. Co r 2107 w 5th
Clair, Gustav A wife Anna M. wks Lindsay & Phelps Co r 200? Eddy
Claire, Richard helper C R I & P r 118 Iowa
Clancy, George J, wks Glass Co r 1411 w 7th
Clancy, James, wife Anna r 1411 w 7th
Clancy, James T. wks Crescent M Co r 1411 w 7th
Clancy, Wm J, wks Impl Mnfg Co r 1411 w 7th
Clapp, Archie B, r 1913 LeClaire
Clapp, Charles F, wife Eliza A r 1931 LeClaire
Clarey, Michael lab r 402 e 12th
Clark, Albert wife Lizzie lab r 310 Gaines
Clark, Charles C, wife Jennie F porter Van Patten & Marks r 741 Kirkwood boul
Clark, Charles R wife Lillie clk Boston Store, r 407 w 2d
Clark, Miss Cora M r 1219 Tremont av
Clark, Miss Dora M r 328 e Front
Clark, D Willis, wife Ida M switchman C R I & P r 710 e 6th
Clark, Miss Ella I, tchr r 1219 Tremont av
Clark, Miss Ella M r 1702 Arlington av
Clark, Fred A clk A Steffen r 310 Gaines
Clark, Geo H wks C R I & P r 1219 Tremont av
Clark, Guy R wife Mary B route agt U S Exp Co r 424 e 15th
Clark, Henry L, wife Agnes carp r ft Taylor
Clark, John H wife Luella elect r 215 1/2 Iowa
Clark, Joseph wife Eva mach hand Red Jacket Mnfg Co r 515 e 6th
Clark, Joseph H, wife Jennie E mach C R I & P r 1219 Tremont
Clark, J Frank wife May sec Marquette Third Vein Coal Co r 1702 Arlington av
Clark, J Harvey ,wks Crystal Ice Co r 409 Western av
Clark, J H wks St James Hotel
Clark, Miss Kathleen B tchr Sch No 6 r 1615 Iowa
Clark, Miss Maggie dom 1125 Rock Island
Clark, Mrs. Manda r 112 Iowa
Clark, Mary A wid Tomas r 512 e 10th
Clark Norman B lab r ft Taylor
Clark, Robert E candy mkr r 1219 Tremont av
Clark, Romine W wife Ellen contr r 1615 Iowa
Clark, Sarah wid Hiram r 309 Mississippi av
Clark, Thomas A wife Mary A carp r 323 Davie
Clasen, Herman wife Annie C lab r 1920 Eddy
Clasen, John C B wife Dorothea, bkpr Bett Axle Cor 425 w 16th
Claus Groth Hall, C M Kuehl lessee 1226 w 3d
Clausen, Charles E, bartndr C M Kuehl, r 1228 w 3d
Clausen, Ernst r 1228 w 3d
Clausen, Fred G, wife Johanna (Clausen & Burrows) 205 w 3d r 624 w 6th
Clausen, Hans, wife Lena, r 1340 Leonard
Clausen, Hans S, wife helen, bartndr Dav Turner Hall Club r 1131 w 6th
Clausen, Junclaus, wife Marie, r 1326 w 3d
Clausen, Miss Olga H, r 624 w 6th
Clausen, Otto, clk Petersen's Sons, r 1131 w 6th
Clausen, Otto, wife Evelyn mngr H F Brammer Mnfg Co 1441 Rockingham rd r 620 Pine
Clausen, Rudolph J r 624 w 6th
Clausen, Wm wife Carrie, hostler H Korn & Sons r 223 Brown
Clausen Wm, wife Lena lab r 1813 w 5th
Clausen & Burrows (F G Clausen, P T Burrows) architects 205 w 3d
Claussen, Albert E, lab r 2114 w 5th
Claussen, Alfred wife Sophia lawyer 304 w 2d r 423 w 7th
Claussen, Miss Alvina, dom 902 Farnam
Claussen, Anna C wid Peter r 2019 w 5th
Claussen, Miss Annie M wks R Krause Co r 1416 w 3d
Claussen, August E, wife Sophia M , wks Glucose C r 1326 w 3d
Claussen, Charles lab r 216 Ainsworth
Claussen, Claudine wid Ernst r 839 Brady
Claussen, Fred D wife Margaret, watchman Mueller & Sons r rear 818 Brown
Claussen, Miss Freda r 839 Brady
Claussen, Fritz H, wife Catherine painter r 228 Rockingham
Claussen, Gustave, wife Louise grocer 1740 w 8th r same
Claussen, Hans J wife Antes r 1340 Leonard
Claussen, Harry mach opr Metal Wheeel Co r 1416 w 3d
Claussen, Henry wks Woolen Mills r 1618 Leonard
Claussen, Henry C wife Elizabeth pres Iowa Plumbing & Heating co 411 w 2d r 2019 w 5th
Claussen, Herman clk Roddewig -Schmidt r 829 Brady
Claussen, Herman, wife Margaret, eng Tri-City Roller Mills r 1416 w 3d
Claussen Herman wks Central Park bds Park lane nr Brady
Claussen, Herman wks Metal Wheel Co bds 431 w 2d
Claussen, Jacob J ,wife Margaret lab r 612 w Front
Claussen, Julius wife Sophia lab r Fishertown
Claussen, Miss Lena r 1340 Leonard
Claussen, Miss Margaret r 2215 w 2d
Claussen, Miss Mary r 1618 Leonard
Claussen, Max, wife Margaret lab r 1618 Leonard
Claussen, Miss Pauline clk W Claussen r 2215 w 2d
Claussen, Wm wks Lee B & D Co r 216 Ainsworth
Claussen, Wm wife Bertha lime and cement 102 Ripley r 2215 w 2d
Claussen, Wm F., wife Minnie lab r 1826 Spruce
Claussen, Wm H, wife Amelia W coal 436 DeSoto r 1205 w 6th
Claycomb, Samuel r 408 Main
Clayton, Ambrose wife Carrie plumber R C Clayton r 128 Rusholme
Clayton, Miss Dora E clk T Richter & Sons r Moline Ill.
Clayton, Joseph T, wife Emily janitor 1st Nat Bank r 930 Harrison
Clayton, Robert C plumbing insp 2d fl City Hall and plumber 511 Brady r 128 Rusholme
Cleary, Michael r 402 e 12th
Cleaves, Miss Ella Confectioner 530 Brady r 1014 Charlotte
Cleaves, Miss jennie Sc Tchr High Sch r 1014 Charlotte
Cleland, John, wife Eliza J, physician 220 w 3d r same
Clement, Mary A wid James H r 1327 Arlington av
Clement, Wm B r 1327 Arlington av
Clemment, John, barber r 720 w 3d
Clemmons, Miss Maude r 226 e Front
Clemo, Elizabeth, wid Wm r 6 Walling Ct
Clemons, Charles W, wife Susan A r 617 Kirkwood boul
Clemons, Howard B wife Helen brakeman r 521 w 15th
Clendenen Dancing Academy, Prof F L Clendenen propr 520 Brady
Clendenen, F Leslie wife Lena E propr Clendenen Dancing Academy r 1060 Tremont av
Clerk District Court, J F Cheek 2d fl Court House
Cleveland, Miss Hattie (col) r 312 w 10th
Cleveland, Jane (col) wid Barney r 312 w 10th
Cleveland, Mary D wid B A r 415 e Locust
Cleverstone, Wm E wife Minnie carp 1814 Summit av
Clifford, Herbert, broommkr Lee B & D Co rms 720 w Front
Clifford, Nora E wid Patrick r 1036 w 3d
Cline, Charles E wife Nellie mach Arsenal r 2324 Hancock av
Clinton Co .Advertiser, Fay Bros Pubs 230 Main
Clooney, George E, clk J E Irish r 503 Esplanade av
Clooney, G John barber 503 Esplanade av r same
Clooney, Margaret wid Dennis r 503 Esplanade av
Cloquet Lumber Co, Fred Weyerhaeuser pres J B Phelps vice-pres Uriah Roraback sec J E Lynds treas, 501 e 3d
Clough, Aaron S, wife Lura E, r 414 1/2 w 3d
Clough, Clyde M (H C and C M Clough) 321 e 2d r same
Clough, Henry C, wife Tenia H (H C and C M Clough) 321 e 2d r 318 e 2d
Clough, H C and C M rest, 321 e 2d
Clow, David W, gardener, r Farnam n w cor Central av
Clubine, Margaret wid Henry C r 2014 Farnam
Coates, Benj F rms 313 Rock Island
Coates, Mrs. Eliza M bdg h r 210 e 2d
Coates, Fred M r 210 e 2d
Coates, Miss Isabella F r 210 e 2d
Coates, John B, wife Lizzie, switchman C R I & P r ?934 Main
Coates, Pearl W wife Helen M tmstr r 1524 w 3d
Coburn, Matthew B., wife Julia, blksmith, 1818 Rockingham rd r Howell nr Bowditch
Cochran, Robert S, livery, 427 Brady r Downs Hotel
Cochrane, Miss Belle, tel opr Io Tel Co r 102 w Locust
Cockrell, Mrs. Dorcas, clk N. Liepold & Co r Rock Island, Ill.
Cody, John, wife Margaret baggage agt C P I & P r 1229 Farnam
Cody, Michrol, Flagman C R I & P r 1229 Farnam
Coen, Bridget, wid Patrick r 1209 Gaines
Coen, Charles E, wife Ellen L, contr 309 Division r same
Coen, Miss Mary E, laundress Orphans' Home, r 1209 Gaines
Coffey, Miss Adeline, r 1320 w 6th
Coffey, Miss Elizabeth r 1329 w 6th
Coffield, Bernard, wife Ellen lab r 924 Eastern av
Coffield, Harry J wks Knostman & P co r 924 Eastern av
Coffield, Miss Hattie r 824 Eastern av
Coffield, Hugh, r 924 Eastern av
Cogan, Miss Kate, dom 430 e 7th
Cogan, Mary, wid Wm S, r 810 Swits
Cogan, Wm painter Bett Axle Co r 810 Swits
Coggeshall, Miss Anna E, r 1022 w 2d
Coggeshall, Miss Bertha r 1022 w 2d
Coggeshall, Miss Blanche S, r 1023 w 2d
Coggeshall, Carrie wid G.P. r 1022 w 2d
Coggeshall, Irvin H, wks Metal Wheel Co r 1022 w 2d
Cohrt, Edward G clk The Hub rms 414 1/2 w 3d
Cohrt, Hans, wife Anna, lab, r Indian rd nr Bismarck
Cohrt, Miss Maggie, wks R Krause Co r Indian rd nr Bismarck
Coin, Nicholas, clk Dav Fruit Co r 332 Brady
Colby, Walter W wife Zenana A con Tri-City Ry Co r 321 e Locust
Cole, Benj E, trav agt Egbert F & C r Independence, Ia.
Cole, Cary O, wife Mary E mach Arsenal r 402 e 8th
Cole, Catherine wid H S furn rms 114 1/2 e 3d r same
Cole, Clark L trav agt Egbert F & C r Independence, Ia.
Cole, Edson C, bkpr Swift & Co rms 304 w 3d
Cole, Fred W, cond. Tri-City Ry Co rms 622 Main
Cole, Lee E, wife Edna A, bkpr Water Co rms 224 e 14th
Cole, Miss Levy B, clk Petersen's Sons r 402 e 8th
Cole, Miss Myrtle B, r 402 e 8th
Coleman, Charles M wife Mollie A trav agt r 1604 Arlington av
Coleman, Frances M wid Andrew, r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Coleman, Geo E, lab r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Coleman, James E D. wife Tillie D eng r 2201 w 2d
Coleman, John H.S. wife Ada H, ins agt r 428 Bridge av
Coleman, J Howard, r 428 Bridge av
Coleman, Miss Mary E, stenog Ely & Bush, r 428 Ridge av
Coleman, Miss Mattie L, r 428 Bridge av
Coleman, Samuel (col) wife Lucy, fireman People's Light Co r 527 Bridge av
Coleman, Samuel S, lab r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Coleman, Vandell L lab r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Collisky, Andrew wks Tri-City Carriage Wks, bds 228 e 5th
COD Steam Dye Works, Levy & Regnier props, 319 Brady
COD Steam Laundry, C Crays & Son, proprs, 114 e 3d
Collier, George R, wife Jemima, butcher Tri-City P & P Co r 1450 w 4th
Colligan, Miss Mary C stenog Lee B & D Co r Rock Island, Ill.
Colligan, P J mach C R I & P r Rock Island, Ill.
Colllins, Annie E, wid Thomas r 624 Iowa
Collins, Anthony, lab r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Austin, glazier, r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Edward, wife Mary, carp r Central av nr Farnam
Collins, Edward, wife Ella, Managing Editor The Times, r 1318 w 6th
Collins, Eliza, wid John r 1050 w 3d
Collins, George, r 1050 w 3d
Collins, Harry, wife Helen eng r 1720 Farnam
Collins, Miss Jennie bkpr Roddewig Schmidt r 602 w 16th
Collins, James R, tmstr r 541 Bridge av
Collins, John r 1811 w 3d
Collins, John jr r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Julia C wid Robert B r ne cor Central av
Collins, Miss Kate dressmkr r Farnam ne cor Central av
Collins, Miss Lillian r 541 Bridge av
Collins, Miss Mabel, dressmakr, r Farnam ne cor Central av
Collins, Margaret wid Anthony r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Miss Mary r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Mary wid W H r 822 e 10th
Collins, Miss Nettie A, r Farnam ne cor Central av
Collins, Richard, wife Minnie lab r 1050 w 3d
Collins, Sarah F, wid J R, r 541 Bridge av
Collins, Thomas, wife Catherine wks J N Reimers Prtg Co r 220 Ripley
Collins, Thomas printer Egbert F & C r 1811 w 3d
Collins, Wm B wife Elizabeth r 602 w 16th
Collins, Wm T carp r Farnam ne cor Central av
Colson, John A foreman Bett Axle Co r Moline, Ill.
Columbia Hall, H J Hansen propr Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Columbia Sick Relief Society, J N Haesel pres, Adolph Lepper sec Wm Bischoff treas 1848 w 3d
Columbian Hall, 105 e 3d
Colvey, Miss Clara M tailoress r 732 w 3d
Colvey, George wks Lee B & D Co r 722 w 3d
Colvey, Louis, mach opr Lee B & D Co r 722 w 3d
Colvey, Miss Margaret C r 722 w 3d
Comet, Solomon, wife Sarah r 412 Brown
Company B, 50th Reg. I N G Armory Hall
Compke, Charles lab r 414 e 3d
Compton, Belle, wid John F, dressmkr 118 e 11th r same
Compton, Mrs. Cora r 1111 Brady
Comstock, Miss Emma nurse St. Luke's Hospital
Comstock, Nat rms 212 e 2d
Conant, Rachael, wid Jesse, r 523 w 16th
Conant, Thomas G, wife Laura R, mach Arsenal r 523 w 16th
Conboy, Miss Celia, bdg h, 421 e 4th r same
Concannon, Edward wife Mary E lab r 619 Belle av
Condon, John C wife Margaret pressman Bett Axle Co r 1327 w 6th
Condon, Wm wife Pricilla A fireman Buck & Co r Rock Island Ill.
Congregation B'Nai Israel, 412 Ripley
Conklin, Frank wife Josephine wks Stearns Paint Co r 1207 w 2d
Conklin, George wife Mary r 1612 Brady
Conklin, John wife Elizabeth saloon 1513 Harrison r same
Conklin, John W r 1514 Harrison
Conklin, Miss Loretta L r 1518 Harrison
Conklin, Miss Mamie C r 1513 Harrison
Conlen, James H gen roadmaster C R I & P r C, 604 Brady
Conley, Leslie r 1518 Perry
Conley, Robert clk H Beesley, r 209 Iowa
Conley, R T, wife Anna, mngr Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co r 1518 Perry
Con-Naughton P Walter, wife Elizabeth A physician 403 Brady r same
Con-Naughton's Dr Health Institute 403 Brady
Connell, Miss Agnes M, clk Boston Store, r 1128 Scott
Connell, Miss Annie cig packer Ford Hask bds 714 w 3d
Connell, Frank wife Mary D lab r 818 w 4th
Connell, Geo V driver r 1128 Scott
Connell, Mrs. Lida M r 409 e 9th
Connell, Mrs Mary D dressmkr r 818 w 4th
Connelly, Catherine wis Timothy 1017 w 5th
Connelly, James M wife Mary capt police r 1910 w 3d
Connelly, John wks Canning Co r 324 e 3d
Connelly, Miss Mae E dressmaker r 1530 Ripley
Connelly, Patrick wife Ellen J contr r 307 e 10th
Connelly, Thomas lab r 602 n Depot
Conner, Miss Annie E bkpr Boston Store, r 214 e 12th
Conner, James S wife Henrietta ins agt 503 Brady r 314 e 12th

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Friday, March 10, 1900

Conner, Thomas H. wife Mary, supt. Stuhr-Grain Co. r 826 Swits
Connole, Edward P., wife Mary E. tinsmith, 414 Brady, r 930 Le Claire
Connole, Geo A, wife Minnie lab r 228 w 13th
Connole, Wm H, police r 930 LeClaire
Connolley, Mrs. Margaret r 218 e 9th
Connolley, Robert, r 218 e 9th
Connors, Edward, porter Atlantic Hotel
Conover, Mrs. Ida V, r C C Cook's Home
Conrad, Anna, wid Lorenz r rear 1026 w 3d
Conrad, Herman, student bds 212 Scott
Conrad, Mrs. Mattie M, rest 114 w Front r same
Conradt, John wks Metal Wheel Co bds 422 Warren
Contadt, Robert carp rms 502 w 2d
Conry, Bartley, wife Mary J, r 514 w 17th
Contine, Miss Josie dom 9 Oak lane
Conway, Miss Agnes H, matron Orphan's Home, r 1515 e High
Conway, Miss Anna g, dressmkr r 1739 w 4th
Conway, Catherine, wid John r 1515 e High
Conway, Miss Kate C wks Woolen Mills r 1515 e High
Conway, James L wife Josie, carp r 2030 Main
Conway, John, flagman, r 1739 w 4th
Conway, Mary wid Martin r 750 Case
Conway, Miss Minnie E r 1739 w 4th
Conway, Wm wife Elizabeth wks Weyerhaeuser & D, r 750 Case
Conwell, Hugh, stage mngr Hobson Theatre, r 906 Rock Island
Conwell, James, wife Clara train disp D R I & N W r E 414 e 6th
Conwell, Miss Katherine L, dressmkr, rm P Ryan blk r 906 Rock Island
Conwell, Robert wife Sarah lab r 906 Rock Island
Cook, Miss Agnes M, wks F Haak, r 815 w 8th
Cook, Amanda M wid E E R Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Cook, Miss Ben Etta, r 326 e 15th
Cook, Miss Carrie M, 1220 Brady
Cook, Chapel F W Garstang supt 3d sw cor Oak
Cook, Charles H, mach Dav F & M Co r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Cook, Charles M, wife Mary fire dept, r 1320 w 3d
Cook, Mrs. Christiana, r 830 w 2d
Cook, Edward E wife Ellen (Cook & Dodge), 218 Main and pres Tri City Ry Co 224 e 2d r 128 w 6th
Cook, Miss Elizabeth M r 708 Brady
Cook, Ernest A, wife Mary r 1306 w Locust
Cook, E Bayley, wife Sophia, weigher Perry se cor 2d r 708 Brady
Cook, Fred student A W Elmer r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Cook, George mach Bett Axle Co bds 228 e 5th
Cook, Henry wife Mary wks Metal Wheel Co r Locust nw cor Marquette
Cook, James P, wife May r 1716 w 2d
Cook, John, driver Dav Furn & Cpt Co r 409 w 3d
Cook, John F, bkpr Tri-City Ry Co bds 828 Brady
Cook, Miss Laura, r 1220 Brady
Cook, Mrs, Mary r 326 e 15th
Cook, Myrtle C wid Ruel B r 738 Kirkwood boul
Cook, Nancy J, wid Geo nurse r 2118 Fulton av
Cook, Sylvanus D wife Alice B r 1220 Brady
Cook, Wallace L r 1220 Brady
Cook, Wm D, wife Bertha, boilermaker, Dav Boiler Wks r 314 1/2 e 3d
Cook, Wm L, mach Dav F & M Co r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Cook & Dodge (E E Cook F L Dodge) lawyers, 218 Main
Cook's CC Home for the Friendless. Miss E L Meacham, matron, Bowditch cor Rockingham
Cooking School, Miss B Morgan tchr, Main nw cor 6th
Cooney, James M, wife Bertha, wks Dav. Water Co, r 1615 Marquette
Coons, Elijah, T., wife Catherine wks Martin Woods Co r 829 w 3d
Coons, James B, wife Frances A, eng Rothschild Grain Co, r 1805 w 2d
Coop, Wm. wife Mary bds 709 Marquette
Cooper, Mrs. Annie r 508 Kirkwood boul
Cooper, Charles T, wife Katherine L, lawyer 3 Dittoe Bldg r 1620 Iowa
Cooper, Francis A, lawyer, 3 Dittoe bldg, r 508 Kirkwood boul
Cooper, Miss Lulu, dom 1315 Clay
Cooper, Miss M Melissa, r 508 Kirkwood boul
Cooper, Perry wife Mary R, painter r 22 Putnam bldg
Cooper, Raphael, wife Celina r 2103 Harrison
Cooper, Miss Theresa E, r 2103 Harrison
Cooper, Wm wife Mary A painter r 512 e High
Cooper, William A student r 508 Kirkwood boul
Coopers' Union Gustave Krohn pres Charles Hachez sec Ludwig Hohnsbehn rreas and mngr rear 1302 w 5th
Copley, Fannie wid Henry r 317 e Locust
Copp, Daniel E wife Mary, horseshoer PJ McNerney r 326 w High
Cora Lee Roy Bldg, Brady nw cor 6th
Corbin, Alex D (col) wife Rose E calciminer, r 331 w 10th
Cordts, Miss Clara clk Petersen's Sons, bds 1343 w 3d
Corkins, John bds 313 w 2d
Corley, Miss Rachael, r C C Cook's Home
Cornels, Augusta, wid W A r 1707 w 2d
Cornelssen, Gustav F ,wife Emma vice-pres. Hinrichs Crockery Co r 310 e 10th
Corner, Miss Annie L, r 1031 Brady
Corner, Wm J, wife Lina H, trav agt Roddewig-Schmidt r 1031 Brady
Cornwall, James S, printer Egbert F & C r 1025 w 3d
Cornwall, James S, jr wife Henrietta horseshoer B H Leese r 1213 w 3d
Cornwall, Lawrence wife Emma r 1049 w 3d
Corrigan, Thomas bds 318 w 2d
Corry, Harry mach Arsenal r 804 e Locust
Corry, John (Corry & Wernentin) 219 w 4th r 804 e Locust
Corry, Louis L, elect r 804 e Locust
Corry, Miss Margaret L, r 1023 Charlotte
Corry, Miss May M r 804 e Locust
Corry, Miss Sadie r 804 e Locust
Corry, Wm steamftr Corry & W r 804 e Locust
Corry & Wernentin (John Corry, Fred Wernentin, jr) plumbers, 219 w 4th
Corsiglia, Antonio, wks Crescent M Co r 512 e 6th
Corsiglia, Louis, wife Louisa, foreman Crescent M Co, r 512 e 6th
Corsiglia, Theresa wid Joseph r 512 e 6th
Cosgrove, Charles H, janitor Y.M.C.A. r 711 w 4th
Cosgrove, Right Rev. Henry, bishop Diocese of Davenport r 630 e 7th
Cosgrove, Henry J, r 756 Mississippi av
Cosgrove, John T, wife Mary A wks Arsenal r 631 e 12th
Cosgrove, Maggie M, wid Peter J, r 207 Brady
Cosgrove, Maria F, wid James r 755 Mississippi av
Cosgrove, Miss Mary C, r 756 Mississippi av
Cosgrove, Miss Mary L, r 631 e 12th
Cosgrove, Peter, printer bds 126 e 4th
Cosgrove, Samuel motorman Tri-City Ry Co bds Hotel Downs
Coss, Elmer D, r 716 w 3d
Coss, Fred C clk The Fair r 716 w 3d
Coss, Miss Katherine, r 716 w 3d
Cossman, Miss Mary G, wks Union Button Co r 2220 Eddy
Costello, Miss Anastasia M r 1229 Harrison
Costello, Bernard, wife Mary E switchman C R I & P r 1926 Ripley
Costello, Miss Delia W r 1132 Marquette
Costello, Francis F rms 219 e 4th
Costello, James r 512 e 9th
Costello, James painter r 916 w 5th
Costello, James J, wife Cecelia M lab r 751 Esplanade av
Costello, John, barber S Doell, r 1132 Marquette
Costello, John wks Metal Wheel Co r 1219 1/2 w 2d
Costello, John jr, wks Metal Wheel Co rms 219 e 4th
Costello, Margaret wid Thomas r 916 w 5th
Costello, Mary E wid Daniel r 1132 Marquette
Costello, Miss May F r 1920 Ripley
Costello, Michael lab r 1819 w 4th
Costello, Patrick wife Mary, stonectr r 1819 w 4th
Costello, Stephen T, wife Barbara, painter r 1228 Harrison
Costello, Stephen T, jr painter r 1228 Harrison
Costigan, John, wife Sadie fire dept r 216 Gaines
Costigan, Miss Nellie laundress Buck & Co r 846 Case
Costo, Bartisti, Wife Seraphina, peddler r 422 e 3d
Costo, Charles lunch wagon r rear 428 e 4th
Costo, Miss Mary C r rear 423 e 4th
Cotant, John B mach bds 516 w 11th
Cotterall, Abraham wife Margaret lab r 1739 w 3d
Cotton, Richard L, student heinz & fisher rms 104 1/2 w 4th
Cotttrell, Geo, wife Louise, switchman C P & W r 1724 w 3d
Cottrell, Henry wife Catherine M D. switchman C R I & P r Fishertown
Cottrell, Miss Lizzie G. clk bds 1520 Main
Cottrell, Miss Mary A, r 1724 w 3d
Coughlin, Bridget, wid Michael, r 653 Sylvan av
Coughlin, John, molder Metal Wheel Co r 653 Sylvan av
Coughlin, Miss Minnie r 653 Sylvan av
Coulson, Charles H. wife Vivian, clk Boston Store, r 305 e 14th
Coulson, Hervey C, tel opr, C M & St P, bds 216 e 6th
Council Chamber, 3d fl City Hall
County Attorney, Julius Lischer, 24 McManus bldg.
County Auditor, H.F. Jarchow, 2d fl Court House
County Board of Supervisors, T.W. McCausland, chariman, 2d fl Court House
County Clerk, J. F. Cheek, 2d fl Court House
County Coroner, Dr. Fred Lambach, 17 Petersen blk
County Court House, 4th ne cor Scott
County Jail, 5th bet Ripley and Scott
County Overseer of Poor, G.F. Knostman, ground fl Court House
County Physician, E.S. Bowman, ground fl Court House
County Recorder, L. Bryson, 2d fl Court House
County Sheriff, E.G McArthur, 2d fl Court House
County Supt of Schools, A A Miller, ground fl Court House
County Surveyor, Thomas Murray, 2d fl City Hall
County Treasurer, P W McManus, 2d fl Court House
Court Reporter Miss Flora Haddix, 3d fl Court House
Courtney, Miss Agnes C, wks R Krause Co r 1232 Farnam
Courtney, Miss Clara L, clk S D Ryder & Co r 1232 Farnam
Courtney, James T, wks F Haak r 1232 Farnam
Courtney, Miss Mary, r 1232 Farnam
Courtney, Mrs. Mary C r 1232 Farnam
Cowdery, Walter M, wife Florence E, painter r 2402 Arlington Av
Cox, Mrs. Annie A, tchr embroidery 515 Brady r same
Cox, Miss A Adeline, lino opr The Republican, r 730 Brown
Cox, Miss Elizabeth r 1330 Perry
Cox, Hannah wid Wm r 730 Brown
Cox, James K, stonectr Dav. Stone Co bds 313 w 2d
Cox, James wife Minnie D, city mngr A Bergman Co r 730 Brown
Cox, John H, wife Annie A, wks Arsenal r 315 Brady
Cox, Mrs. Rebecca r 2033 Farnam
Cox, Robert A stonectr Dav. Stone Co bds 313 w 2d
Coxon, Thomas wife Emma trav agt, r 2 Douglas ct
Coy, Miss Louise J, matron Orphans' Home, r same
Coyne, Charles R wife Emma E contr r 606 n Depot
Coyne, Miss Jennie E ckl Petersen's Sons r 606 n Depot
Coyne, Wm. J, fireman C R I & P r 606 n Depot
Craft, Eugene, painter rms 610 n Depot
Craig, Charles E,wife Kittie M wks D B Horne r 308 Scott
Craig, E Challen wife Lillian, chf clk Io Tel Co r 23 Oak Lane
Craig, Miss Margaret, tchr Ida Institute, r 1624 Iowa
Craig, Walter F, wife Susie B wks Arsenal r 3d fl Franklin bldg
Craig, Wm janitor Burtis opera house, bds Walker House
Cram, Clara W wid C W r 107 Rusholme
Cramer (See also Kramer)
Cramer, Adam W, wife Eliza J, fireman Gas Co r 412 w 2d
Cramer, Miss Cora E r 1023 e 14th
Cramer, Miss Elise, r 726 Main
Cramer, Mrs Zerilda E r 224 e 14th
Crandall, Eliza wid J. W. music tchr r 1209 Harrison
Crane, Miss Clara L, nurse r 13 Franklin bldg
Crane, James G, wife Mary A ins agt, 207 Brady r 1207 Rock Island
Crane, Mrs. Lizzie clk Boston Store r 1925 Iowa
Crans, Adolphus W wife Ellen M trav agt r 1707 Grand av
Crans, Garnett W, r 1707 Grand av
Crans, Norman W r 1707 Grand av
Crapo, Charles H, r 229 Bridge av
Crawford, Frank G., trav agt r 1919 Perry
Crawford, Geo., blksmith, r rear 213 e 9th
Crawford, Ira upholstr, r rear 213 e 9th
Crawford, Jennings P, wife Anna S, physician, 59 Whitaker bldg r 627 e 15th
Crawford, L Thomas wife Anna painter Mason Crrge Wks, r rear 213 e 9th
Creamer, George M wife Annie lab r ft Fillmore
Crecelius, George P r 1419 w 3d
Crecelius Wm H wife Ivah M asst cash Io Nat Bank r 317 w 13th
Crescent Macaroni Co J S Loose pres, Oswald Schmidt sec and treas, Iowa se cor 5th
Cress, Bert printer S Gorman & Son r 16 Putnam bldg
Creswell, Miss M Grace, tchr Sch No 7 r 2216 w 4th
Creswell, Robert W ckl A J Smith & Son r 2216 w 4th
Creswell, Sidney r 215 e 12th
Creswell, Wm J wife Mary C r 2216 w 4th
Creswell, Wm R helper Arsenal r 2216 w 4th
Crimp, Thomas wife Lydia M bds 1055 Grand av
Crippen, Miss Clara C wks Egbert F & C r 120 Western av
Crippen, Julia A wid D K nurse r 120 Western av
Croak, Mrs. Bridget M shoes 218 Brady r 914 Perry
Croak, Miss Mary G, r 914 Perry
Crockett, Thomas wife Mary, car repr C M & St P r 803 w 3d
Cromer, Frank, wks Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Wks, r Rock Island Ill.
Cronin, Mrs. Mary wks F Haak r Rock Island Ill.
Cronin, Michael J wife Ellen tel opr C R I & P r 816 De Soto
Cronin, Michael, wifeKate r 1606 w 3d
Cronin, Wm M wife Kate E foreman Tri-City P & P Co r Dixwell nr Rockingham
Crook Bros. (Lester J and Rollan W) proprs People's Steam Laundry 125 e 3d
Crook, Jacob I wife Fannie solcr Crook Bros, r 211 e 10th
Crook, John C wife Jennie V mngr U S Exp Co r 1207 Grand av
Crook, Lester J, wife Catherine C (Crook Bros) 125 e 3d r same
Crook, Roland W wife Dorothy M (Crook Bors) 125 e 3d r 115 e 3d
Cropp, Miss Ruth E wks St. Katharine's hall, r same
Cross, Thomas F, wife Etta carp r 1621 Iowa
Crosset, Edward C r 309 Mississippi av
Crosset, Edward S wife Harmony C lumber r 309 Mississippi av
Crotzer, Caleb, furn rms, 509 Brady r same
Crouch, Albert W, r 427 e 14th
Crouch, Fred A, wife Julia B., bkpr Walsh Construction Co. r 427 e 14th
Crouch, Miss Mary, clk N. Liepold & Co, r Downs Hotel.
Croul, Miss Alice L, tchr Sch No. 8 r 132 w 14th
Croul, Miss Helen, stenog. Io Tel Co r 132 w 14th
Croul, Lucy A, wid J. P?r, r 132 w 14th
Crowley, Miss Agnes M, wks Woolen Mills r 547 Mississippi av
Crowley, Mrs. Anna J r 547 Mississippi av
Crowley, James F, mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 547 Mississippi av
Crowley, John wife Inez, wks F Haak r 1356 w Locust
Crowley, John W, wife Augusta, supt Flick & Johnson, Const Co r 1928 Ripley
Crowley, Morris, lab r 1720 Marquette
Crowley, Wm clk Peterson's Sons, r 547 Mississippi av
Crull, Clifton G., student, bds 621 LeClaire
Crull, Eugene S., salesman bds 621 LeClaire
Crull, Roy, wife Nettie, tmstr Martin-Woods Co. r 1048 Arlington av
Crull, Wm, carp r 929 LePage
Crumpton, Calvin A, wks Impl Mnfg Co r 1048 Arlington av
Crumpton, Miss Edna M, wks Crescent M Co r 1048 Arlington av
Crumpton, Elizabeth A wid W D r 1024 Farnam
Crumpton, John N wife Louise blksmith C R I & P r 1048 Arlington av
Crusen, Wm M r 213 Rock Island
Cruys, Charles wife Eliza (C Cruys & Son) 114 w 3d r 122 w 6th
Cruys, Charles jr, wife Adelia I, (C Cruys & Son) 114 w 3d r same
Cruys C & Son (Charles and Charles jr) proprs C O D Steam Laundry, 114 w 3d
Cruys, George W, wife Hannah K, eng C O D Steam Lndry, r 910 Warren
Cruys, Henry R clk C O D Steam Lndry, r 114 w 3d
Crystal Ice Co 5th av cor Western av
Cuddy, Eliza, wid John r 630 e 7th
Cuddy, Miss Margaret, r 630 e 7th
Cuddy, Miss Mary A r 1031 Le Claire
Culbertson, Wm F, r Fejervary Home
Cullins, Jennie M wid Charles r 914 LeClaire
Culton, Wm, wife Kate r 2122 Main
Cumberland Gun Club, Wm Brehmer pres., Ignatz Schmidt sec, 818 w 3d
Cummings, Frank J wife Clarissa driver, r 32 Putnam bldg
Cummings, Geo A wife Sether cond r 519 w 13th
Cummings, Joel J wife Mary J express, r 535 Bridge av
Cummings, Joseph A wife Mary carp r 1023 Scott
Cundiff, Edward, wife Kate, painter, r 524 n Depot
Cundiff, Wm J ,wife Margaret A wks U N Roberts Co r rear 108 w 6th
Cunningham, Eli J wife Myrtle r 612 w 16th
Cunningham, Fred J, clk German Savings Bank r Rock Island Ill.
Cunningham, George D r 414 e 8th
Cunningham, John W switchman r 414 e 8th
Cunningham, Margaret, wid John r 414 e 8th
Cunningham, Miss Susan rms 214 w 6th
Cunningham, Thomas lab bds 427 e 6th
Cunningham, Thomas S, wife Dorothy fire dept r 1218 Harrison
Curley, Frank H wife Mary r 804 w Front
Curley, James wks Crescent M Co r 2129 Farnam
Curley, Miss Mary wks Reimers & F Co r 2129 Farnam
Curley, Miss Mary R milliner, r 1427 Ripley
Curley, Michael J wife Kate A express, r 1427 Ripley
Curley, Patrick wife Margaret flagman r 2129 Farnam
Curnyn, Miss Harriet A stenog, Becker & Thuenen, r Rock Island Ill.
Curran, Michael, r 750 Case
Currey, Thomas, wife Helen tmstr r 1314 w 3d
Currey, Daniel, cigmkr r 1314 w 3d
Curtis, Abram, wife Mary L, r 733 e 13th
Curtis, Dennis D wife Emma r 410 w 16th
Curtis, **** bds Windsor Hotel
Curtis, Katherine B, wid Leander r 1227 Arlington av
Curtis, Martin wife Bertha wks F Haak r rear 1229 w 7th
Curtis, Robert C, r 1214 Arlington av
Curtis, Miss Rose E r 1223 Tremont av
Curtis, Miss Stella M r 740 e 15th
Cutler, Miss Emma, dom 420 College av
Cutler, Fred M, mngr Wycoff Seamans & Benedict 128 e 3d r 339 e 6th
Cutter, Amos F wife Lydia M real est 39 McManus bdg & vice pres Dav. Steam Heating Co r 10 Oak Lane
Cutter Block, Brady ne cor 2d
Cyphers, Eugene L, wife kate undertaker M V Boies Co r 421 Brady