1900 A Directory

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 7, 1900

     Your attention is especially called today to this the first installment of names for The Times new City Directory, printed in the paper today.
Your name may not appear therein, but it will come in its proper alphabetical order. Possibly, however, the names of some of your friends
appear today and it would be well to look over the entire list with great care that any errors in names, locations or in any other feature may be reported at once to the Times. Any new comers whose names have been missed should be reported promptly.
     A copy of the Times containing these names will be placed in every home, business block, office room, etc in Davenport, where the Daily Times is read regularly. And any one who shall neglect to note errors and report the same promptly will have no reason to "kick".
     The printing of this book will be commenced very soon, and all corrections must be reported within forty-eight hours from this evening.
Let us add the every subscriber to The Times in the city who will continue the paper for six months will receive a free copy of the directory,
providing they are paid up. And all new subscribers who will subscribe for The Times six months will get a copy. But these matters should be attended to promptly to be sure that enough extra copies may be printed after the first forms are off the press.
     Look over the names and make corrections at once.

Abbott, Miss Carrie H, r 1026 Brady
Abbott, Miss Louisa, r 1520 Ripley
Abbott, Mary E. wid H L, r 27 Ryan block
Abbott, Robert M, wife Caroline, r 1026 Brady
Abbott, Wm, H, r 1520 Ripley
Abel, August, r 1330 w 7th
Abel, Charles, wks Canning Co, r 422 Warren
Abel, Fred, wife Fredericka, saloon, 210 w 2d, r 723 w 6th
Abel, Henry, wife Emma, mngr LeClaire Stone co, 1841 Rockingham rd r 1302 w
ABEL LIME & CEMENT CO H Bremer jr propr, 1841 Rockingham rd
Abel, Mary, wid Henry, r 1330 w 7th
Abeln, Joseph, gardener, r w Locust nr limits
Ablen, Wm, wf Mary T, gardener r w Locust nr limits
Aberle, Andrew, bartndr, r 1225 Hamilton
Aberle, John S, pressman, Wgner & Sons, r 1333 w 4th
Aberle, Miss Josephine L, r 1333 w 4th
Aberle, Martin, wife Catherine, tmstr, r 1225 Hamilton
Aberle, Miss Sarah, wks Boepple Button Co, r 1225 Hamilton
Aberle, Miss Sophia, r 1225 Hamilton
Abney, Emme, wid Frank, r 2001 Eddy
Abney, Wm H, mach opr Metal Wheel Co, r 2001 Eddy
Abrahamson, Charles A, wife Johanna woodwkr, Mason Crrge Wks, r 1923 Iowa
Achterberg, Gustav, wife Augusta, lab r 1940 w 6th
Ackerman, George G, wife Emma E, wks Metal Whlle Co r 822 Judson
Ackermann, Herman wife Anna, lab r 616 w Front
Ackermann, John R, wks Mueller & Sons, r 616 w Front
Ackermann Wm r 616 w Front
Ackley, Mrs. Francis L, r 315 Ripley
Ackley, Milton, wife Mary I, r 1729 Rock Island
Ackley, Layton R, r 310 Ripley
Acme Packet Co, James Osborn agt 113 e Front
Adam, Ernst, wife Eliza, turner, r 1316 w Locust
Adams, Albert, clk Mrs. S H Kendall r 127 1/2 e 3d
Adams, Claude I, printer, 168 Bridge av res same
Adams, Ed. rms 418 Main
Adams Express Co W B Stark agt, 217 Brady
Adams, Miss Hannah L, r 1829 w 5th
Adams, James A, wks Metal Wheel Co r Rock Island Ill
Adams, James L. wife Eliza, millwright Metal Wheel Co r 1993 Summit av
Adams, John ????, wife Anna, lab r 329 w 5th
Adams, John N, wife Helena, wks Metal Wheel Co r Broadway nr limits
Adams, Joseph, wife Mamie G trav agt Pittsburgh Glass Co r 4 Linden Flats
Adams, Joseph B, wife Clara, foreman C Haskins r 121 w 4th
Adams, Julius H, cigmkr N Kuhnen Co bds 312 Main
Adams, Miss Keturah, dressmkr, r 218 e 12th
Adams, Mary E, wid G R? r ??? Bridge av
Adams, Miss Mary I (or L) (col) janitress r rear 413 Harrison
Adams, Mary P, wid Walker, r ??? College av
Adams, Otto R, wks Economy Rug Co bds 418 Main
Adams, Miss Theresa A (col) r rear 413 Harrison
Adamson, Alex, porter, r 323 e 2d
Ade, Miss Bessie G, r 809 e 14th
Ade, Ernest L, clk Woolen Mills, r 809 e 14th
Ade, Frank T., elect, r 422 e Locust
Ade, Henry W, wife A Irene, r 1328 Fulton av
Ade, Miss Jessie E, r 422 e Locust
Ade, Joseph, wife Sophia F, clk Ry M S, r 809 e 14th
Ade, Miss Laura M, bkpr Republican r 422 e Locust
Ade, Miss Mabel H, r 422 e Locust
Ade, Wm, wife Sarah E, clk Ry M S r 422 e Locust
Adelquist, Frank O, wife Hilma S, trav agt A Steffen r 322 e 8th
Adelman, Thomas E, clk R I & P r 216 e 6th
Adler, Miss M Louise, r 1229 w 7th
Adolphson, Miss Anna L, dressmkr, r 2001 Eddy
Adolphson, Christina, wid John r 2001 Eddy
Adolphson, John H, painter H Lueders r 2001 Eddy
Adrian, Charles J, wife Emma, carp r 1619 w 2d
African Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Levi Christy, pastor, 624 w 4th
Ahlers, John, driver Wanie Bros, r 1542 w 6th
Ahlers, John J, wife Fredericka, baker r 1542 w 6th
Ahlgren, Alfred, wife Mary, lab r 620 Belle av
Ahlgren, Edward, gardener, r 120 Spring
Ahlgren, Leander, lab bds 607 w 2d
Ahrens, A E, wife Maud, salesman, U.N. Roberts Co r 1055 Grand av
Ahrens, Catherine M, wid Detlef, r 218 Marquette
Ahrens, Edward A, wife Elizabeth, r 609 Spring
Ahrens, Edward G, r 809 Perry
Ahrens, Miss Elizabeth V, wks Woolen Mills, r 318 Marquette
Ahrens, Guy T, wife Mary, sec Dav. Steam Heating Co 121 e 3d, r 809 Perry
Ahrens, Miss Helena, r 809 Perry
Ahrens, Henry, wife Julia, tailor W P Winecke, r 1108 w 5th
Ahrens, John, wife Anna, propr Washington Park Garden, 1301 Leonard r same
Ahrens, Juergen, wife Kate, lab, r 1511 w 4th
Ahrens, Louis, lab r ??? w 4th
Ahrens, Mrs. Maria r ?17 Spring
Ahrens, Miss Maude C, r 1055 Grand av
Ahrens, Rudolph, plumber H Dunker & Co r 1301 Leonard
Ainsworth, Charles R vice pres Land & Lumber Co 501 e 3d r Moline, Ill
Akerberg, Olof, wks Knostman & P Furn Co r 709 e 6th
Alberti, Rosa wid Rudolph r 412 w 3d
Albrecht, Anna C, wid Peter, r 1125 w 5th
Albrecht, Christina, wid Karl r 802 w 8th
Albrecht, Edward H, wife Carrie, harness mkr r 509 e 10th
Albrecht, George N, wife Carrie butcher N G Albrecht, r 712 w 3d
Albrecht, John, lab bds 531 w 2d
Albrecht, John H, butcher, N G Albrecht, r 1302 Washington
Albrecht, Lottie C, wid John, r 1311 Gaines
Albrecht, Miss Louise, dom 215 w 4th
Albrecht, Nicholas G, wife Anna (Hentzelmann & Albrecht) and meat mkt 1302
Washington r same
Albrecht, Otto, pres O Albrecht Co 300 w 2d r 613 w 6th
Albrecht, Paul F, tailor C Schake r 802 w 8th
Albrecht, Paul R, wife Jessie woodwkr, r 1412 w 8th
Albrecht, Richard E, foreman DAv Pearl B Co rms 724 w 2d
Albrecht, Wm H, wife Catherine collr C B & Q r 1634 w 2d
Alday, Edward W, wife Amanda carp r 1219 w 2d
Alday, Wm, wife Minnie, carp r 1433 Harrison
Alden, Frank C, wife Mary B, r 414 e 14th
Alden, Harry F, r 414 e 14th
Alemannia Hotel, Fred Martens, propr 130 w Front
Alex, Anna C, wid A H r 1525 w 3d
Alex, Miss Clara, wks Dav Vinegar Wks, r 1525 w 3d
Alex, Gustav G, wife Maggie, fire department r 1409 w Locust
Alex, Miss Hattie, r 1525 w 3d
Alex, Herman E, wife Mary E, molder Arsenal r Pleasant nr Jersey Ridge rd
Alex, Miss Millie r 1525 w 3d
Alex, Walter G lab r 1525 w 3d
Alexander, John H wife Elizabeth r 302 Kirkwood boul
Alexander Mining & Milling Co Robert Kranse pres A W Vander Veer sec C N
Voss treas 35 Masonic temple
Alford, Frank H r 740 e 13th
Alford, Henry wife Mary r 740 e 13th
Alford, Wm D r 740 e 13th
Alger, James L, wife Alice S blksmth C R I & P r 1608 Bridge av
Alger, John, wife Margaret wks U N Roberts Co r 723 Harrison
Alger, Miss Mamie r 523 Harrison
Allaert, Adolph wks Dav F & M Co bds 503 w 2d
Allen, Arthur C wife Ellen E carp T W McClelland Co r 1216 Gaines
Allen, Augustus E, wife Harriet E...
Allen, Charles H, wife Anna R ,photog 404 Brady r 2203 Brady
Allen, Christopher C (col) lab r 2101 Main
Allen, Clay (col) wife Lillie, porter, r 2101 Main
Allen, Miss Cora P, r 417 e 10th
Allen, Miss Edith L, dress mkr, r 417 e 10th
Allen, E Roscoe, helper Mason Crrge Wks, r 1216 Gaines
Allen, Frank P, clk D R I & N W r 1622 Iowa
Allen, Henry wife Henrietta M, wks Bett Axle Co r 804 w 3d
Allen, Henry C (col) wife Olive D wks J S Wylie r 2011 Iowa
Allen, James, wife Elizabeth, r 115 Harrison
Allen, James B trav agt Martin-Woods Co r Rock Island Ill
Allen, James W, wife Jessie wks Bett Axle Co r 1133 w 6th
Allen, John, mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 2119 Eddy
Allen, Joseph E, wife Minnie prin Sch No 12 r 1034 w 2d
Allen, Mrs Juniata, r 2110 Eddy
Allen, Miss Lena, wks N Kuhnen, r 1613 Main
Allen, Miss Mable O (col), r 2011 Iowa
Allen, Miss Mary E, dressmkr, r 1345 Union
Allen, Mary E, wid Thomas r 1847 w 3d
Allen, Miss Nellie D, clerk H N St Onge & Co r 417 e 10th
Allen, Sarah (col) wid Clay r 2101 Main
Allen, Wm L, wife Alice V P, physician 16 Whitaker bldg r 11 Oak Lane
Allen, Wm P. (col) porter r 2101 Main
Allen, Wm W., wife Ida C, carp r 1613 Main
Allison, John , wife Ida S lineman C R I & P r 728 e 6th
Allison, Miss Mary, dom 1404 Brady
Allison, Robert G, wife Elizabeth, custodian Dav Outing Club r 2118 Scott
Alm, Andrew A, wife Johanna, shoemkr 224 Perry r 738 e 7th
Altman, James S, wife Mary F, justice 417 1/2 w 4th r 1513 Perry
Altman, Joseph, wife Minnie G, contr rear 719 Christie r same
Altman, Wm H, wife Olga L, clk C R I & P r 128 Kirkwood boul
Amann, Miss Bertha, wks P.N. Jacobsen jr r 1535 Eutaw
Amann, John, wife Mary, wks Kohrs Pkg Co r 1535 Eutaw
Amazon Pickling and Vinegar Works, F.W. Smith pres and treas. B.A. Raphael vice-pres and sec ft Centennial
American Lung Mnfg Co, George Mengel pres John Berwald sec rear 1535 Rockingham rd office 19 Masonic temple
American Express Co, W.C. Morgan agt 212 Brady
American Extract Co, Schirmer & Ovens proprs 321 Harrison
American Preservers Co. F.T. Blunck treas 68 McManus bldg
American Surety Co T A Murphy local secy 49 Whitaker bldg
Ames, Amos W, wife Julia, wks Woolen Mills, r 1410 n Market
Ames, Miss Annie E, seamstress Mrs. F. Henry, r 1712 Summit av
Ames, Miss Bessie P, r 325 e 12th
Ames Bros, (B D and F D) mngrs Home Savings Bank & Trust Co 43 Schmidt bldg
Ames, Burton D, wife Mary E (Ames Bros) 43 Schmit bldg r 325 e 12th
Ames, Emma, wid D D r 325 e 12th
Ames, Fred D, (Ames Bros) 43 Schmidt bldg r 325 e 12th
Ames, Miss Grace M, music tchr r 325 e 12th
Ames, Miss Rebecca, wks Crook Bros bds 619 Iowa
Ames, Lieut Thales L, ordinance dept r R I arsenal
Ames, Walter W, r 325 e 12th
Amos, Miss Anne E, dressmkr, r 1712 Summit av
Amos, Fred A, wife Louie Hineman Postal Tel Co r 1712 Summit av
AOH club, 19? Brady
Andersen, Christian, wife Mary, pattern mkr r 725 w 3d
Andersen, Hans, wife Sophie, painter r 207 Warren
Andersen, Miss Hilda, dom 1030 e 15th
Andersen, Miss Hilda, dom 229 College av
Andersen, Miss Mary, dom 510 e 8th
Anderson, Alex L, circulator Democrat and (H J Toher & Co) 109 Main bds 430 Kirkwood boul.
Anderson, Andrew, wife Matilde, lab r 648 Belle av
Anderson, Benj, wife Mary E, r 2010 Bridge av
Anderson, Carl A, wife May agt r 116 w Front
Anderson, Caroline E, wid Franklin r 1416 Farnam
Anderson, Charles lab rms 2?? e 2d
Anderson, Charles A, wife Christine
Anderson, Miss Cornelia V, tchr Sch No 11 r 130 w 15th
Anderson, Edward, trav agt, rms 430 1/2 w 3d
Anderson, Edward G, r 2032 Eddy
Anderson, Elizabeth, wid A C millinery 323 Brady r same
Anderson, Miss Ella V, r 707 Christie
Anderson, Emanuel, (col) bellboy St.James Hotel
Anderson, Miss Emily, cook Windsor Hotel
Anderson, Miss Emma dom 827 e 10th
Anderson, Miss Emma M., clk Newcomb Loom Co r 2017 e Locust
Anderson, Francis H, wife Dorothea mch opr Metal Wheel Co r 707 Christie
Anderson, Fred E, phisician 214 1/2 Brady r 130 w 12th
Anderson, Miss Hannah, dom 1530 Perry
Anderson, Hans N, wife Anna M, wks Dav Pearl B Co r 1510 Gaines
Anderson, James, r 143 Bridge av
Anderson, James, wife Catherine, lab r 321 w Pleasant
Anderson, Jane, wid C V r 130 w 13th
Anderson, John, gardener, r 331 Mississippi av
Anderson, John, bds 416 Western av
Anderson, John bds 712 w 2d
Anderson, John (col) wife Mary E, wks W M Reese r 1?06 South
Anderson, John A, tailor bds Atlantic Hotel
Anderson, John T, supt DAv F & M co r 304 w 3d
Anderson, Miss Josephine, cook Windsor Hotel
Anderson, Miss Mary, dressmkr r 413 e 6th (or 8th)
Anderson, Miss Mary E (col) bds 1806 North
Anderson, Miss Matilda, dom 1012 Perry
Anderson, Osburn J, wife Kate, trimmer Mason Crrge Wks, r Rock Island Ill
Anderson, Oscar, wife Revida, tailor A Segelbaum r 1526 Marquette
Anderson, Samuel, tailor A Porath r 120 w Front
Anderson, Samuel (col) porter St. James Hotel
Anderson, Stephen B, wife Anna, ret 207 Brady r 17 Pitfoe bldg
Anderson, Swan G, wife Cahtarine r 1421 Bridge av
Anderson, Theodore, r 2219 e Locust
Anderson, Wm broommkr Lee B & D Co bds Windsor Hotel
Anderson, Wm, molder, Metal Wheel Co bds 415 e 4th
Anderson, Wm, tailor r 615 e 7th
Anderson, Wm E, wife Kate M, ins agt r 10 Putnam bldg
Andreas, Miss Elizabeth W, r 166 Bridge av
Andresen, Andrew, wife Sophia, driver Crystal Ice Co r 903 w 4th
Andresen, Miss Augusta J, tchr Sch No 10 r 519 Myrtle
Andresen, Miss Dora, clk W C Bolte r 519 Myrtle
Andresen, George r 903 w 4th
Andresen, George, wife Augusta, saloon, 217 Harrison r same
Andresen, Hans, wife Lena K, blksmth, Tri-City Ry Co r 1605 w 4th
Andresen, H H, wife Mary E, pres German Savings Bank, 204 w 2d, r 726 w 6th
Andresen, Jens, wife Helen, jeweler, 328 w 2d, r 519 Myrtle
Andresen, H.H., wife Mary E, pres German Savings Bank, 204 w 2d, r 726 w 6th
Andresen, Jens C, wife Augusta L, carp r 1419 Marquette
Andresen, Lorenz F, wife Kate M, clk C F Ranzow & Son, r 321 Gaines
Andresen, Miss Louise, r 726 w 6th
Andresen, Louise M, wid L M r 706 Western av
Andresen, Richard asst cash German Sav Bank and sec German Trust Co 204 w 2d
r 726 w 6th
Andresen, Thos, wife Anna, r 1301 Harrison
Andresen, Wm, watch mkr J Andresen r 519 Myrtle
Andress, Daniel F, wife Stella A, tmstr r 2219 e Locust
Andress, Roderick L, wife Minnie, wks Metal Wheel Co r 2018 e Locust
Andress, Miss Zulia, r 1728 Fulton av
Andrews, Agnes, wid Ira r 832 e 15th
Andrews, Miss Cornelia A, r 410 e High
Andrews, Miss Elizabeth L, r 410 e High
Andrews, Emeline S, wid Joseph r 410 e High
Andrews, Frank D, wife Alice F, trav agt Van Patten  & Marks r 103 e 4th
Andrews, Howard R, clk Rascher S & R Howe Co r 410 e High
Andrews, Joseph, trav agt Van Patten & Marks r 410 e High
Andrews, Mrs. Louisa, wks C C Cook's Home
Andrews, Miss Lulu, r 832 e 15th
Andrews, Warren H, r 410 e High
Angier, Harry W, clk Amazon Vinegar Wks, r 1902 Bowditch
Angst, Adolph, wife Mry E, mason r 1115 w 4th
Angst, Anna, wid Hartman, r 1102 w 2d
Angst, George, painter 1102 w 2d
Angstrom, Chas J, clk Apdoe & Co bds 1429 w 4th
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n depot 302 w Front
Anken, David, wife Lena r 512 w 3d
Anken, [cannot read rest of line]
Ankerson, Mrs. Helen, tchr Sch No 6 r Blackhawk
Ankerson, Miss Helene, tchr Sch No 7, r Blackhawk
Ankerson, Paul, wife Minnie trav agt r 2041 w 2d
Annable, Albert, wks Arsenal r 503 e 9th
Annable, John, wife Rachel, r 503 e 9th
Annis, Peter, broommkr, Lee B & D co bds Walker House
Anson, Miss Gladys, wks S B Anderson r 19 Putnam bldg
Anthony, Charles D,clk C R I & P r 102 w Locust
Anthony, Fred J, driver DAv Produce Co r 711 Belle av
Anthony, John C, wife Anna, carp A Steckel & Son, r 711 Belle av
Anthony, Miss Tillie, dom Locust bet Grand av and Farnum
Anthony, Wm H, wife Isabella, grocer, 102 w Locust r same
Antrim, Emma S, wid Elias r 2006 Farnam
Appel, Louis M, clk The Why, r 403 Brady
Applewhite, Lydia, wid H M r 106 e Pleasant
Archer, Elizabeth (col) wid Thomas r 724 Main
Arey Wm G, solcr Times Directory rms 431 w 3d
Armil, George F, wife Josephine, carrier PO r 504 w 17th
Armil, Henry B, wife Eva r 506 Harrison
Armil, Jesse L, wife Johanna, dairy Gaines nr city limits.
Armil, Robert T, wife Annie M, driver J L Armil, r Gaines, nr city limits
Armil, Wm wife Sarah, r 509 w Locust
Armitage, henry wife Ellen, r 804 Case
Armory Hall, 120 w 5th
Armour Packing Co. J M Neal mngr 103 Perry
Armstrong, John, wks Mueller & Sons r 2007 Gaines
Armstrong, Mrs Mary, r 2007 Gaines
Armstrong, Miss Nora, nurse Orphans' Home
Arnold, Charles H, wife Margaret, stone ctr r 314 w 9th
Arnold, Edward S, auctioneer, 314 Brady r 332 Brady
Arnold, Fanny  wid Charles cigmkr r 813 e 10th
Arnold, Geroge, r 814 w 9th
Arnold, Geo W, timekpr C R I & P r Moline, Ill.
Arnold, Roy, lab r rear 720 Main
Arnold, Solomon, r 221 e 14th
Arnould, Alphonse A, wife Libbie, vice pres Tri-City Construction Co 35
Masonic Temple r 917 Iowa
Arnould, Joseph P, wife Mary, carp r 413 w 7th
Arnould, Julius J, patternmkr Metal Wheel Co r 625 e 12th
Arnould, Miss Lillie A, r 625 e 12th
Arnould, Louis F, wife Clothilda, r 929 Iowa
Arp, Adolph, wife Margaret, supt Central Pk, r Park lane nr Brady
Arp, Miss Caroline dom 1356 w 2d
Arp, Claus, wife Agnes, lab r 1838 w 5th
Arp, Claus, wife Dora, r 1404 Marquette
Arp, Miss Dela, r 1404 Marquette
Arp, Ernst C, wife Catherine M, (Schnoor & Arp) 2230 Eddy, r 613 Belle av
Arp, Ferdinand A, wife Theresa wks Tri-City P & P Co r Lincoln av nr Rockingham rd
Arp, Henry, wife Mary C, r 616 Belle av
Arp, Henry A, wife Clara (Arp & Noth) 44 Schmidt bldg r 1030 w 9th
Arp, Henry C, wife Dora foreman P J Stelting Co r 1433 Leonard
Arp, Herman r 1433 Leonard
Arp, Herman J, wks Glucose Co r 1838 w 5th
Arp, James, wife Abel, lab r 2118 Eddy
Arp, Miss Josephine r 1433 Leonard
Arp, Julius, wife Margaret (Hohnsbeen & Arp) 2002 w 4th r same
Arp, J Herman wife Fredericka, meat mkt, 330 e Locust r same
Arp, Miss Laura, dom 532 w 7th
Arp, Miss Laura r 1338 Leonard
Arp, Lena, wid August r 1459 w 7th
Arp, Lizzie, wid Hans r 1344 Leonard
Arp, Louis, mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 1459 w 7th
Arp, Miss Meta, dom 1663 w Locust
Arp, Miss Mina, r 1338 Leonard
Arp, Miss Minnie clk Boston Store, r 501 w 14th
Arp, Miss Minnie W, tchr r 1433 Leonard
Arp, Miss Minnie,  wks Woolen Mills, r 2118 Eddy
Arp, Otto, clk F Reining, r 1433 Leonard
Arp, Peter, wife Mina r 510 w 11th
Arp, Rudolph W, wks U N Roberts Co, r 1344 Leonard
Arp, Wm, wife Lena, lab r 1338 Leonard
Arp & Noth, (H A Arp, A J Noth) lawyers, 44 Schmidt bldg
Arps, Charles L, wks Glucose Co r 1431 w 4th
Arps, John H, wife Kate, wks Glucose Co r 1431 w 4th
Arps, Margaret, wid Hans, r 1608 Union
Arrington, Frank T, wife Sarah E, harnessmkr, r 526 College av
Arrington, Olen R, r 526 College av
Arsenal Malt House, Dav. Malting Co, pronrs 101 Mound
Arrington, Miss Olga F, r 526 College av
Artz, Miss Frances G, waitress r 829 Ripley
Artz, O. Allen, wife Anna, mach Arsenal, r 1205 w 2d
Arvidson, Axel, painter rms 313 Ripley
Arzberger, Miss Margaret, wks Dav H & P Co r 1635 w 3d
Arzberger Wm, wife Caroline, weaver r 1635 w 3d
Asbahr, George, r 1016 LaFayette
Asbahr, Hans, wife Amanda, carver Bunker & Marks, r 1010 LaFayette
Asbahr, Miss Minnie E, r 1016 LaFayette
Aschermann, Albert wife Alleda trav agt r 802 e 15th
Aschermann, August r 1602 Harrison
Aschermann Bros. (Fred Aschermann) grocers, 1602 Harrison
Aschermann, Chas, clk Aschermann Bros, r 1602 Harrison
Aschermann, Ferd (Aschermann Bros) 1602 Harrison, r same
Aschermann, Henry H, r 1602 Harrison
Aschermann, Miss Louisa M, r 1602 Harrison
Asfaig, Nicholas, wife Amanda r 208 Taylor
Ashby, John (col) wife Flroa, lab r 310 LeClaire
Ashby, John T, wife Julia M, wks Arsenal, r 521 LeClaire
Ashen, Mrs. May A, wks Linde & D Shoe Co r 320 w High
Ashton, George W  rms 1331 Carey av
Askren, John H, wife Phena, tmstr r 1224 Harrison
Asmus, Dora, wid Frederick, r 1426 w 3d
Asmus, Mrs. Eliza, janitress Free German School r rear 221 Western av
Asmus, John, wife Eliza r rear 221 Western av
Asmussen, Harold, wife Edith, gardener r Center nr Indian rd
Asmussen, Matilda, wid Fred, r Center nr Indian rd
Asplund, Annie wid Peter r 212 Iowa
Asplund, L Elmer, wife Carrie E, clk C R I & P r 706 Case
Asplund, Miss Signe M, clk P J Darcy r 212 Iowa
Ast, Joseph, wife Viena, lab r Indian rd nr Hickory
Aster, Marie wid Charles r 522 Vine
Atchison, J Bert, wife Lena, carp Impl Mnfg Co r 624 Vine
Atkinson, Arthur, wife Elizabeth W, dentist, 35 McManus bldg r 328 Mississippi av
Atkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth W, vice pres Dav Library Assn, r 328 Mississippi av
Atkinson, Thomas, wife Annie, police, r 1310 Harrison
Atkinson, Wm, wife Annie, trav agt, Amazon Vinegar wks, r 1510 Rock Island
Atlantic Hotel, J C Finley propr 422 Perry
Atwill, Mrs. Alice D, music tchr 116 w 2d r 530 Brady
Atwill, Miss Maud, r 530 Brady
Auer, Arthur F, wks C R I & P bds 427 e 6th
Auerochs, Fannie, wid Louie, cig mkr, r 926 Le Page
Auerochs, George, clk F Dadler Co r 926 Le Page
Auerochs, Miss Sylvia, r 926 Le Page
Auerochs, Wm, wife Mary r 211 Harris.
Aufderheide, Benj F, wife Adele dept mngr A Steffen r ??? w 8th
August, Paul, wife Dora, horseshoer, 1649 w Loucust r same
Austin, Miss Cora A, 822 w Locust
Austin, George F, switchman C M & St P r 822 w Locust
Austin, James (col) bartndr W S Ransom r 311 e 2d
Austin, John, wife Agnes E, bkpr Armour Packing Co r 1638 Le Claire
Austin, Lawrence C, flagman C M & St P r 822 w Locust
Austin, Miss Nellie M, r 822 w Locust
Axtman, Louise, wid A F r 1204 Scott
Avery, Thomas, ins agt, rms 228 e 3d
Aydiette W Hardin, wife Annie R, trav agt r 3 Arlington ct
Aye, Anna, wid John r 614 w Front
Aye, John, wife Louise, lab r 614 w Front
Aye, Peter F, wife Addie J, wks Amazon Vinegar Wks, r 802 w 17th
Ayers, Susanna, wid J F,  r 207 w 6th