From the 1882 Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory:

ALLEN'S GROVE. In Scott county, 3 miles from Donahue, a small settlement on the Davenport line
 C. M. & St. P Ry and 15 northwest of Davenport (c h), its nearest bank location. Produce is
 shipped. Mail semi-weekly. W.B. Stephens, postmaster.

Donahue Wm B, railroad and exp agt.
Grell Emry, constable.
Grell James, justice of peace.
Hasenmier Joseph, shoemaker.
Jenner F, hotel and saloon.
Stephens W B, general store.

From the 1882 Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory:

BLUE GRASS. Situated in the southern part of Scott County, 10 miles from Davenport (c h),
 its banking city, and 6 from Buffalo, its most convenient shipping point, on the Muscatine
 div C. R. I. & P Ry. Population 70. A tri-weekly mail stage runs to Muscatine. Joseph Gadd,

Campbell S R, hotel propr.
Gadd B T, physician.
Gadd Joseph, Books and Stationery.
Greenwalt John, flour mill.
Haskell Rev-(Presbyterian).
Jost Frederick, wagonmaker.
Karges Henry, general store.
Klatt A, blacksmith.
Langbehn Henry, shoemaker.
Meecke C, blacksmith.
Meyhoe Herman, hotel and saloon.
Miller -,hotel and saloon.
Oelchers Wm, shoemaker.
Porter J R, physician.
Pruss E, carpenter.
Speer D B, nursery.
Tull Rev H V (Methodist Episcopal)

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

BUFFALO. A village of 500 inhabitants on the Mississippi River and a station on the Muscatine
 br. C.R.I. & P. Ry in the southwestern part of Scott county, nine miles from Davenport (c.h.)
 which contains its nearest bank , 150 from Des Moines and 70 (air line) from Dubuque. 
It contains several churches, a public school and weeklly newspaper. Tri-weekly mail stages run
 to Blue Grass and Muscatine. Exp. U.S. Tel., W.U. Mail daily. Wm Karges, postmaster.

Aliethuer S.C., physician
Appel, Conrad, general store
Bald, Mrs., stone quarry
Baumgarten, Rev. W.E. (Methodist)
Bohl John, flour and feed
Bronely Capt., ferry boat propr.
Cass H.H. , lumber
De Santo H.H., druggist
DeSteiger Glass Co.
Dorman H & Sons, general store
Hall E., railroad agent
Herbert V., hotel propr.
Herkel S., hotel propr.
Hirsemann C., hotel propr.
Hoffbauer H., brewer
Hoffbaum Hugo, justice of peace
Karges Wm, General Store
Kruse Bros, hardware
Lee Wm, stoneware mnfr.
Mauers Mrs. saloon
Metzger & Friske, building stone
Rowen John, mayor
Vonach Henry, saloon
Wells, G.R., physician
Whisler Rev. J. H. (Christian)

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

ELDRIDGE. Junction on the C. M. & St. P. Ry of the Davenport line and Maquoketa branch of that
 road in Scott County, 11 miles north of Davenport and 38 south of Maquoketa. Hogs, barley,
 wheat, and corn are shipped. Church, Presbyterian. School, public. Population 90. 
Exp. U.S. tel., W.U. Mail daily. J.D. McClarmich, postmaster.

Beocken C, hotel proprietor
Hero C.O. shoemaker
Remmerer Dr C.T., druggist
Rogers John, blacksmith and barbed wire
Sheppard C.E., railroad and express agent
Stephen Still, blacksmith
Van Epe E.R., general store

From 1882 Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory:

DAVENPORT- The city of Davenport is situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River,
 188 miles west of Chicago, Ill., 249 north of St. Louis, Mo., and 174 east of Des Moines.
 It was first laid out in 1836, and the county of Scott, of which it is the judicial seat,
 was organized in 1837. Its growth in population and wealth has been steady and constant from
 the first, and to-day its commercial importance is second to no city in Iowa. Nearly opposite,
 in Illinois, are the cities of Rock Island and Moline, and in the river is situated Rock 
 Island, upon which is located the most extensive government arsenal and armory in the county.
 The three cities and the islands are connected by fine bridges. The C.R.I. & P. Ry, and the
 D line C., M & St P Ry, are the important railway lines which enter the city which with close
 connections with other lines on the opposite side of the river and the great Mississippi
 highway itself, gives it ample shipping facilities to every point of the compass. The sum of
 $66,194 was expended in 1881 upon the maintenance of its public schools. Griswold college
 and several other smaller educational institutions are also well supported. Its academy of
 natural sciences and public library are the pride of the city. Twenty-five churches of various
 denominations are well sustained. The water works system is complete and is supplemented by a
 paid fire department with fire alarm telegraph. About 10 miles of street railways are in
 operation. A telephone exchange connects the three cities of Davenport, Rock Island and Moline
 and several villages within a radius of 15 miles. The leading hotels are the Kimball House and
 the St. James, and there are no better in the west. The Burtis opera house is a fine structure
 with a seating capacity of 1600. There are three daily newspapers and six weekly journals. 
 For healthfulness Davenport ranks first of 60 cities reporting to the National Health Bureau.
 Its death rate for 1881 was 17.2 in 1000 being the lowest on the list. The manufacturing and
 commercial interests of the city are best shown by a brief resume of the statistics compiled
 by the Gazette for the year 1881 as follows: The cut of lumber by its several mills was larger
 than ever known in its history. The sales for the year aggregated a value of $1,280,000 with
 480 men employed. In agricultural implements, the facilities for manufacture have been largely
 increased by extensive additions to buildings and working force and capital, among the most 
 prominent of which are the Eagle Manufacturing Company, the Davenport Plow Company, and J.S. 
 Davis' Sons. The Davenport Pump Co., the Oatmeal mill, and the "Crescent" and "Phoenix" 
 flouring mills have each largely increased their capacity for manufacture. The Glucose Co.
 has made extensive additions to its works, and has now a capacity for consuming 3, 000 bushels
 of corn daily. The Davenport Pottery, a comparatively new enterprise, has doubled its capacity.
 The Davenport Woolen Mills, long suspended, have renewed operations with extensive contracts.
 The manufacture of carriages and wagons, of furniture, confectionery, crackers, cigars, lager
 beer, cordage, etc. has largely increased, and give every evidence of profitable results. 
 Among the new and important enterprises inaugurated during the last six months of the year 
 are the sash and blind factory of George Ott, which employs 20 men, the Groton Manufacturing
 Co. branch house (Messers. Perrigo & Avery and Chas. Perrigo & Co., of Groton, N.Y., 
 proprietors) for the manufacture and sale of threshing machines, agricultural engines, etc.;
 the Davenport Vinegar and Pickling Works; and the Stearns & Smith Paint Company, for the 
 manufacture of mixed paints. Each of the above, except the latter company, have erected
 extensive and substantial structures for the accommodation of their business. Davenport is 
 each year increasing its wholesale and jobbing trade; in 1881 there was $1,742,000 capital 
 invested, the sales amounting to $8,273,500. The number of loaded cars received for the year
 1881 was 15,875. The number forwarded was 17,176. By river the shipments show a total of 
 251,600 packages , consisting of potatoes, onions, grain, flour, oatmeal, etc., in sacks;
 barrels of sugar, vinegar, and oil, pumps, agricultural implements, merchandise, etc, in
 various shapes. A proportionate increase is confidently expected for the future Population,
 23, 570. Exp. U.S. and Am. Tel., W.U., Mail daily.

Aberle, John B., baker, 1404 W 3d.
Ackley House, Ackley & Cross, proprs. cor 3d & Perry.
Adams, Annie, cigars, 316 Western ave.
Adams & Hayward, staves, etc. cor 3d and Rock Island.
Alberti, R, physician, n e cor Main and 3d.
Albrecht, Nic, meat market, 1449 Leonard
Albrecht Otto & Co, cigars, 306 W 2d
Alexander W R H, lawyer, 116 W 3d.
Altman J S, ice, 1513 Perry.
Amazon Vinegar and Pickling Works, W M Smith mngr, Centennial
American Exp Co, G J Tomlinson agent, 209 Brady.
Anderson Mrs. A C , milliner, 323 Brady
Arnold M, dry goods, 129 W 2d.
Ascherman Mrs. Antoinette, grocer, Harrison
Ascherman H H , Lawyer, n e cor Main and 3 d.
Atkin Mrs. Kate, restaurant, 309 Brady
Atlantic House, Joseph Critz propr; 422 Perry.
Atwood Mrs E L, confectioner, n w cor Brady and 4th
Backer Gustav, saloon 329 w 2d.
Bahns Herman, jeweler, 219 Harrison.
Baker, J N H, physician, s e cor 3d & Brady
Baker R F, physician, Eldridge Block.
Balch E H, coal, 311 Brady.
Balch Frank, coal, cor 4th and LeClaire.
Ballard E S & Co, drugs, 106 W 2d.
Balschmitter, Wm, wagonmkr, Eddy st and Jersey Ridge road.
Bamdinot & Sons, rope factory, 2114 Farnum.
Banderob John, grocer, 923 W 2d.
Banderob & Christiansen, ice, 922 W 2d.
Bartels W, saloon, cor Western ave and 2d.
Bartemeyer & Sons, grocers, 1430 Harrison.
Bartemeier & Geerts, merch tailors, 211 w 2d.
Baule Wm, Saloon, 109 E 3d.
Baumier & Henn, brewers and saloon, 723 Harrison.
Bawden H L, physician, 107 W 3d.
Babensee Charles, cigar mnfr, 1111 W 2d.
Beck Martin, cigar mnfr, 3d bet Scott and Ripley.
Behncke Farnk, grain and farm impts, 209 Harrison.
Behrens H, vet surgeon, 1339 Leonard.
Behrens Peter, dry goods and grocer, 1343 Leonard.
Beiderbecke & Miller, grocers, 109 W 2d.
Bell Chas H, grocer, 1130 Harrison.
Belter Fritz, harnessmkr, 1652 W Locust. 
Benson Bros, lawyers, 209 W 3d.
Benton Charles, livery, cor 3d and Rock Island.
Berg Henry, gusnmith, 230 3d.
Bergert Fritz, livery, 523 W 3d.
Bergfeld Fritz, saloon, 321 W 3d.
Bertram Peter, hay, 2310 Walnut.
Berwald, John, books, 411 w. 2d.
Betz, Phillip, boots and shoes, 1407 Harrison.
Biller L, dry goods, 1114 W 3d/
Billipp Fred, saloon, 301 3d and Rock Island.
Billon A C, jeweler, 410 Brady.
Bills J C & Co, Proprs, Davenport Show Case Manufactory, 484 Brady.
Bills & Black, lawyers, 214 Main.
Birchard W J, lawyer, 205 W 3d.
Bissell W P, hardware, 223 Brady.
Black G W, confectioner, 420 Brady.
Blake O P, ticket broker, 122 W 3d.
Blakemore M G, dentist, s e cor 3d and Perry.
Blume Mrs. Anna, dressmkr, 230 W 3d.
Boeckelmann Gustav, stoves, etc, 1658 W. Locust.
Boles Morse, undertaker, 318 Perry.
Borm Hans, saloon, 412 W 2d.
Bowling Miss M C, millner, 313 Brady
Bracelin P M, physician, 123 W 3d.
Bradley L G, saloon, 326 E 2d.
Brady E W, window shades, 129 E Front
Brammann & Suhr, grocers, 217 Harrison.
Brandenburg Charles, boots and shoes, 312 W 2d.
Brandt Claus, grocer, 880 W 2d.
Brandt Marx, cigar mnfr, 701 W 3d.
Brandt & Techenten, wagonmakers, 816 W 2d.
Braun Anton, grocer, 1850 W 3d.
Braunlich Hugo, music teacher, 782 W 5th.
Bremer Edward, confectioner, 110 W 2d.
Brockett Mrs. P E, dressmaker, 529 Brady.
Brockman John D., grocer, 329 Marquette.
Brockman Charles, cigar mnfr., 430 W 2d.
Brown Isaac, blacksmith, 1235 Harrison.
Brown Lewis J, abstracts and conveyancing, 208 W 3d.
Brown W S, railroad agent, 108 W 2d.
Brown & Campbell, lawyers, 220 Main.
Bruhn Wilhelm, grocer, 1402 Rockingham Road.
Byant & Doe, who boots and showes, 207 Brady.
Buck T S & Co, Rubber Stamp Mnfrs. , s w cor 3d and Perry.
Buck & Morgan Bros., grocers, 322 Brady.
Bulzer Miss Minnie, hair goods, 128 E 3d.
Bunker G K, pat medicines, 628 Main
Bunker H & M, Stair Builders, 219 e 3d.
Burch M W, music teacher, 1939 Main.
Burmeister Ernst, meats, 401 Marquette.
Burrows J M D, produce, 404 Brady.
Busch Wm, drugs, 807 W 2d.
Busenbart Robert, physician, 1323 Ripley.
Busse B A, Straw Hat and Bonnet Bleachery, 324 Brady.
Cable Lumber Co, lumber, Front foot of Spring.
Cameron W S, hats and caps, 127 E 3d.
Cantwell A W, physician, 308 Brady.
Carleton F P, boots and shoes, 110 E 3d.
Carmichael B F, physician, 118 W 3d.
Carmichael J H, drugs, 1436 Brady.
Carstens H L W, flour and feed, 413 W 2d.
Castella Mrs. M C, cigars, 219 Perry
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR, Offices s w cor 2d and Brady.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, George F White Freight and Ticket Agent, Depot cor Front and Harrison
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry, H H Hills Freight and Ticket Agent, depot Farnum and 4th.
Christiansen August, saloon, 502 Myrtle
Citizens National Bank, F H Griggs Pres, Robert Krause, Vice-Pres, E S Carl Chasier, n w cor Main and 2d.
Clarenbach, H E,grocer, 601 Harrison.
Clark E A, drugs, cor Fulton and Esplanade.
Clark E J, flour and feed, 303 E 3d.
Clark Frank H, lawyer, 302 Main.
Clausen F G, architect, 205 W 3d.
Claussen Ernst, lawyer, 232 W 2d.
Claussen John, painter, 906 W 3d.
Claussen Wm, lime,cement,etc., 106 Ripley
Cleland J, dentist, 127 E 3d.
Clougher Mrs, books, 882 Brady
Clow David W, shoemaker, 125 E 3d.
Cochran I L, grocer, Fulton ave.
Cochran M B, physician, s e cor Brady and 3d.
Coffin & Henry, loans, 212 Brady
Cole Mrs. H S, restaurant, 312 Perry.
Collins J B, agt Merchants Despatch Fast Freight Line, 113 E 2d.
Collins & Baker, mnfrs soda water, 432 W 5th.
Colsen N, music teacher, 208 W 6th.
Commercial House, Frank W Watson Propr, Davenport.
Connaughton, see Walter-Connaughton.
Connole Edward P, tinsmith, 406 Brady.
Cook & Dodge, Attorneys-At-Law, 218 Main.
Coon Roswell, Carpenter, Contractor and Builder, 424 E 3d.
Coopers' Union, cor 5th and DeSoto.
Cosgrove & Gaskey, barber, 117 E 2d.
Cope Joseph, saloon, cor Front and Brady.
Cormaughton P Walter, physician, 408 Brady.
Coventry J H, freight agent, 122 W 2d.
Cramer Prof Theo, music teacher, 726 Main.
Crane, James G, insurance, 280 Main.
Crecelius P G, vinegar mnfr, 804 W 4th.
Croak James, boots and shoes, 124 E 3d.
Crowe M V, propr Farmers Home, 113 Brady.
Cruys C, shirt mnfr., 123 Main.
Culver Mrs M W, fancy goods, 315 Brady.
Dahms Adolph, barber, 212 Harrison.
Dahms Gustav, photographer, 218 Brady.
Dalton John, saloon, 416 E 3d.
Danielsen Fritz, grocer, 1618 W 3d.
Darcy Pat, harnessmaker, 122 Brady.
Daum Phillip H, barber, cor 2d and Main.
Davenport Business College, Lillibridge & Valentine Principals, s w cor Brady and 2d.
Davenport Democrat The, P A J Russell editor, 218 Main.
Davenport Gazette, Gazette Co Proprs, cor 3d and Perry.
Davenport Glucose Mnfg Co., P Best Supt., Rockingham Road.
Davenport National Bank, E S Ballord Pres, G E Maxwell Cashr, cor 3d and Brady.
Davenport Oat Meal Co, cor 5th and Iowa.
Davenport Plow Co, mnfrs farm inplts, n w cor 3d and Harrison.
Davenport Pump & Pipe Co, pump mnfrs, Farnum and 3d.
Davenport Savings Bank, Charles E Putnam pres, R Smetham Cashr, s w cor Main and 2d.
Davenport Steam Bakery, Raupke Schmidt and Co proprs, n w cor 4th and Iowa.
Davenport Steam Heating Co, cor 3d and Farnum.
Davis John S Sons, farm implts, cor Front and DuPage.
Davis R S, grocer, 330 E Locust.
Davis & Camp, Proprs National Marble Works, Dealers in Sewer Pipe, Cement and Iron Fence, 224 E 3d.
Davison & Lane, Lawyers, 304 Brady.
Day E A, books, 807 Brady.
Daymude J L, Loans, Real Estate and Collection Agent, 302 Main.
De Battle H L, cigar mnfr, 325 1/2 Brady.
De Battle H L, cigar mnfr, 626 W Front.
Decker W H, maltster, n w cor 4th and Scott.
Delfs G C H, brick yard, 1559 Union.
Delfs Henry, saloon, 214 Harrison.
Der Demokrat, Henry Lischer Propr, 207 W 3d.
Dessaint L C & Sons, hardware, 121 W 2d.
Deutsch Henry, dry goods, 102 2 d.
Dietrich Mrs M, confectioner, 119 W 2d.
Dillig Christian, shoemaker, 706 W 3d.
Dillig Miss L, dressmaker, 706 W 2d.
Dircks Fritz, baker, 802 W 4th.
Dittoe Wm T, lawyer, 108 W 3d.
Dodge N B, boots and shoes, 226 W 3d.
Doennecke Wm, baker, 2132 Eddy.
Donahue M, propr Le Claire Foundry and Machine Shops, cor Front and Scott.
Dott John, intelligence office, 209 Ripley.
Downs & Jennings, school furniture, 4 Burrows Block.
Dun R G & Co, mercantile agency, 111 E 2d.
Durfee C S, jeweler, n w cor 3d and Brady.
Duve H, wagonmaker, 1424 W 2d.
Eads Luther T, real estate, 109 E 3d.
Eagal & Parks,grocers, 235 Brady.
Eagle Mnfg Co, farm implt mnfrs, cor 4th and Farnum.
East Davenport Malt House, Noth & Co Proprs., Front E of Mississippi Ave.
Ebl & Neuman, machinists, 117 Gaines.
Eckhardt D, meats, 422 W 2d.
Eckhardt Julius, meats, 305 Harrison.
Eckman & Westphal, grocers, 803 W 4th.
Eckmann Timothy, grocer, 903 W 3d.
Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, Blank Book Mnfrs, Printers and Book Binders, 819 Brady.
Eggers & Kunkel, hardware, 381 W 2d.
Eklund Gustav, jeweler, 128 W 2d.
Elbert J A, second-hand store, 711 W 2d.
Eldridge J M, Land and Real Estate Agent, 210 Brady.
Eldridge M L, notary, 210 Brady.
Eldridge T F & Bros, confectioners, 188 E 3d.
Ely James, grain, 4 Bazaar Blk.
Emels A J, physician, 126 W 3d.
Emels H A, druggist, cor 3d and Perry.
Emfeldt Henry, meats , cor Locust and Iowa.
Errington George, saloon, 108 Front.
Eseke Bernard, flour, feed and Wholesale Dealer in hay, 829 Harrison.
Evers Fred, barber, 181 E 3d.
Evers Henry, meats, 1004 E 2d.
Evers H F E, stoves, 814 W 2d.
Ewert Ferdinand, ice, 1128 W 2d.
Eyer Peter, plumber, 512 W 2d.
Fabricius Robert, baker, 521 W 4th.
Fahrenkrug F C, paints, s w cor Harrison and 3d.
Farmers Mills, Warnebold & Wettenberg Proprs, Harrison opp 8th.
Fay Edwin, paper warehouse, 119 Brady.
Fazer E G, coal, cor 5th and Brady.
Fedderson Peter, saloon, 1801 Leonard.
Fees C J, saloon, 114 Front.
Ferner Mathias, saloon, 212 Main.
Fick Emil, painter, 618 W 8th.
Ficke C A, lawyer, 212 Main.
Ficke H E, farm implts, 223 Harrison.
Fled Louis, cigar mnfr, 1725 W 3d.
Finger Bernard, justice, cor 3d and Harrison.
First National bank The (Capital $100,000) T T Dow Pres, L Schricker Vice-Pres, John B Fidlar Cashr, s w cor 2d and Main.
Fischer R, cigar mnfr, 1024 W 5th
Fisher Joseph, watchmkr, 309 Harrison.
Fisher Lewis M, lawyer, 214 Brady.
Fleishman Isaac, clothing, 116 E 3d.
Fluke Charles L, printer, 219 E 3d.
Fluke W H & Co, books, 317 Brady.
Flynn Michael, saloon, 504 Le Claire.
Foley John, grocer, 1614 Harrison.
Foline Peter, shoemaker, 117 E 3d.
Fosgate D O, Physician, 309 Brady.
Foster W A , lawyer, 318 Brady.
Fowler J S, farm implts, 116 E Front.
Frahm J B, sew mach, 320 W 3d.
Frahm M, brewer, 518 Harrison.
Frank Mrs A, grocer, 229 Harrison.
Freberg Gustaf, tailor and repair shop, 808 Perry.
French L, physician, 118 E 3d.
Frickel Frederick, barber, 404 W 3d.
Friederichsen Conrad, music teacher, 109 W 6th.
Friedrich Wm, barber, 119 1/2 W 2d.
Fries B M, showmaker, 1521 Harrison.
Fries Bros, blacksmiths, cor Harrison and Locust.
Frink Miss Clara, restaurant, 208 Main.
Fritsch C H, shoemaker, 312 E 2d.
Fritsch & Behm, cigar mnfrs, 1038 W 3d.
Froehlich Julius, confectioner, 210 W 3d.
Froschele Leonard, stoves, 219 W 3d.
Fulton A C, real estate, 316 Perry.
Fulton H C, lawyer, 230 Main.
Gannon & McGuirk, lawyers, s w cor 3d and Brady.
Gardner George, barber, 306 Brady.
Garrett G A, & Co., shoes, 123 W 2d.
Garrett John, shoemaker, 414 E 3d.
Garvey Patrick, saloon, 330 Le Claire.
Gazette Publishing Co, Publrs Davenport Gazette.
German Mutual Fire Insurance Co, M Rohlfs sec, county treasurer's office.
German Savings Bank, H Lische Pres, L Wahle Vice-Pres, H H Andresen Cashr, n w cor Main and 2d.
Gilman S S, grain, 122 W 2d.
Gimbel Joseph, Livery Sale and Boarding Stable, 117 and 119 W 4th.
Gipps, Paul, Clothing and Gents Furnishing Goods, 112 W 2d.
Gitsky G, clothing, 112 W 2d.
Glaspell I S, grocer, 229 E 3d.
Glaspell J M, grocer, 213 E 3d.
Glassmann Wm, saloon, 713 W 3d.
Globe Printing Co, C G Plummer mngr, 216 E 3d.
Goettig Christ, baker, 1101 W 2d.
Goldberg E, pawn broker, 118 Main.
Goldsbury J, real estate and loan agent Goldsbury Block.
Goldschmidt Peter, furniture and undertaker, 420 W 2d.
Goodwin G, painter, 119 1/2 E 3d.
Goos A, grocer, 1401 Harrison.
Goos & Rebner, wood, foot of Main.
Gottsch Max, boots and shoes, 1602 Locust.
Graach N P, Photographer, s e corner Main and 2d.
Grammerstorf, C F, saloon, cor Rock Island and 2 d.
Grant Gough B, Propr St James Hotel.
Grant Wm W, physician, 228 Brady.
Grant & Grant, lawyers, 114 Main.
Green John W, U S Internal Revenue Collector, n e cor 2d and Main.
Green & Peters, Lawyers, Newcomb Block.
Groton Mnfg Co, Perrige & Avery Proprs, cor Centennial and Rockingham Road.
Groves Bros, carpenters, 1213 W 5th.
Gruenau P H, boots and shoes, 408 W 2d.
Gude H, Fine Liquors and Cigars, s w cor 4th and Rock Island.
Gude Max, saloon, 481 W 2d.
Guillot Jules, shoemaker, 416 Perry.
Guldner E L, tailor, 115 E 2d.
Haak F, cigar mnfr, 1112 W 7th.
Haak Louis A, dry goods, 416 E 2d.
Hageboeck Gustav, furniture, 804 W 3d.
Hageboeck John Jr, harnessmkr, 106 E 2d.
Hageman Mrs Johanna, milliner, 621 W 2d.
Haley John, shoemaker, 436 Brady.
Haller F W, meat market, 416 Brady.
Halling P A, merch tailor, 126 E 3d.
Hamann, C H, blacksmith, 419 W 2d.
Hanschild H, saloon, 1138 W 3d.
Hansen Hans, wagonmkr, 809 W 3d.
Hansen Jens, saloon furniture, 1508 W Locust
Hansen Louis, hardware, 218 W 2d.
Harbeck Henry, saloon, 1182 W 2d.
Hard Charles, marble 1550 W 2d.
Hard Mrs C, saloon, 1550 Rockingham Road.
Harding P B, commission merchant, cor 2d and Harrison.
Harrison I W, real estate, 311 Brady.
Harrison J H, drugs, 305 Brady.
Hart John, shoemaker, 123 E 3d.
Hartman John R, Packer of New York and Baltimore oysters, cor 3d and Beaty.
Hartung Henry, saloon, 116 E 3d.
Hartwell & Bemis, insurance agents, 116 W 3d.
Hasler Henry, grocer, 1649 W 3d.
Hass Bros, boots and shoes, 628 W 2d.
Hass F, music teacher, 1312 W 3d.
Hass Henry, grain, 413 W 4th.
Hass H H, boots and shoes, 330 W 2d.
Hass & Brockman, carpenters, 1001 W 3d.
Hass & Orth, meat market, 125 Mound.
Hasse H, saloon, 222 Main.
Hastings, White & Fisher, photographers, 320 Brady.
Haupt John, propr Lindell Hotel, Front
Hayek Thomas, boots and shoes, 219 Harrison.
Hazen E H, Physician and Surgeon, Specialties Eye, Ear, and Throat, Room 1, Forrest Block.
Heeschen D, tailor, 115 W 2d.
Heldt & Janss, ice, 1401 Rockingham Road.
Helmbeck F, painter, 230 W 6th.
Heinfurter Samuel, clothing, 115 E 3d.
Heinz Fred, Lawyer and Notary Public, 202 W 2d.
Heinze B, grocer, 1130 W 5th.
Helbig Otto, meats, cor 4th and Iowa.
Heller Lorenz P, grocer, 1116 W 2d.
Helmick John M, lawyer, 306 Brady.
Hender Walter, stoves, 219 Brady.
Henley H M, lawyer, 205 Main.
Henry Howard J, lawyer 212 Brady.
Herman & Bro, cigars, 206 E 2d.
Heyenberger George, carriagemkr, 311 E 3d.
Hibbard L, propr Davenport House, Front.
Hill Charles, furniture, 319 W 2d.
Hill John, livery, 209 W 3d.
Hill John, Propr Turner Hall, s w cor 3d and Scott.
Hiltman Joseph, baker, 1516 W Locust.
Hincher Rudolph, saloon, 122 Main.
Hinrichs G H, crockery, 114 E 3d.
Hinrichsen George, barber, 1118 W 3d.
Hinrichsen John, barber, 311 Harrison.
Hipwell C G, oysters, etc, 430 Brady.
Hirschl & Preston, lawyers, 105 E 3d.
Hoehn John H, grocer, 630 W 8th.
Hoelmer H, saloon, 1050 W 2d.
Hoepfner G, physician, 521 W 6th
Hoffmann J V, grocer, 510 W 2d.
Holbrook W S, 2d hand goods, 105 E 2d.
Hood M J, newsdealer, cor 3d and Perry.
Horstmann Wm, blacksmith, 716 W 3d.
Horton A F, cigars 111 E 3d.
Howard House, Smith & Williams Proprs, cor 3d and Perry.
Howe S M, cigars, 304 Brady.
Hubbell G E, lawyer, cor 3d and Brady.
Huggins & Francis, commission, 104 E Front.
Hunting S F, music teacher, 1208 Harrison.
Huot Victor, carpenter, cor 4th and LeClaire
Hurlburt Fred R, Steam Dye Works, 325 Brady.
Hyers S A, sew mach, 309 Brady.
Hynes Michael, contractor, 405 E 2d.
Irish George H, grocer, 1502 Brady.
Jacobsen P N, cigar mnfr, 1663 W Locust.
Jacker Herman, cigarmkr, 22 Brady.
Jaeger J H, grocer, 1221 W 3d.
Janssen J F, cabinetmaker, 209 Perry.
Jasper Claus J, saloon, 701 W 4th.
Jay R, veterinary surgeon, 323 W 3d.
Jensen H C F, lawyer, 205 Ripley.
Jensen Wm, saloon, 607 W 4th.
Jess Johann, cigar mnfr, 807 W 4th.
Jipp Christ, grocer, 732 Gaines.
Joers Henry, grocer, 904 W 2d.
Johannsen J C, grocer, 612 W 3d.
Johannsen & Kroger, blacksmiths, cor Locust and Sycamore.
Johnson Robert, grain, 3 Bazaar Block.
Jones E, grocer, 422 Brady.
Jones S R, coffees,etc, 110 E Front.
Jordan John, tailor, 113 E 3d.
Jordan J B, shoemaker, 117 W 2d.
Jubler John, saloon, 709 W 2d.
Kahl John, blacksmith, 918 W 3d.
Kahles Adolph, saloon, 2024 W Front.
Karwath Henry, shoemkr, 1212 Harrison.
Kaufmann F, harnessmkr, 324 W 2d.
Kayser M F, painter, 310 Perry.
Keagle S E, lawyer, 307 Brady.
Keiner John E, saloon, 318 Warren.
Kellogg Maud, cigars, 120 E 5th.
Kelly Walter, grocer, 330 E 2d.
Kelly & Martin, wines and liquors, 107 Front.
Kemmerer T H, grocer, 1822 Harrison.
Kent C H, land and loan agent, 116 W 3d.
Keppy H, meat market, 1327 Harrison.
Kerker H W & G W, grocers, 207 W 3d.
Keystone Wringer Co, L T Palmer Manager, 119 Main.
Kimball House, H Burtis Propr, cor 4th and Perry.
Kindle Joseph, grocer, 817 W 2d.
King James R, house furnisher, 221 Perry.
Kircher Tillie, jeweler, 301 Brady.
Kistenmacher Clara, music teacher, Main.
Kleinhessling & Berninger, grocers, Marquette.
Kloppenburg P, shoemkr, 1634 W Locust.
Kloppenburg Peter, general store, 1634 W Locust.
Knapper & Maple, blacksmiths, ?? Rock Island.
Knostman & Petersen, furniture, 1401 Front.
Koch Chris, saloon, 1124 W 2d.
Koch J F, drugs, 1501 Harrison.
Koch Peter T, drugs, 418 W 2d.
Koehler & Lange, brewery, 101 Mound.
Koell Lewis, grocer, 225 Harrison.
Koenig P & E, milliners, 318 W 2d.
Koester Nicholas, stoves, 1413 W 3d.
Kohra henry, pork packer, 1343 W 2d.
Koos H C, shoemaker, 617 W 2d.
Koos, H C, dry goods, 619 W 2d.
Koos John, shoemaker, 2212 Eddy.
Korn Henry, baker, 317 Harrison.
Krabbenhoeft J H, furniture, 527 W 3d.
Krach & Wohlenberg, grain, 701 W 2d.
Kracke Frank, grocer, 2424 Eddy.
Krambeck Nicholaus, tailor, 1326 W 3d.
Krause Robert, clothing, 127 E 3d.
Kruger & Hennessey, livery, 313 W 3d.
Kruse & Petersen, dry goods, 310 W 3d.
Kuehl & Beckmann, grocers, cor Mound and Eddy.
Kuhnen Nicholas, cigar nmfr, cor Perry and 2d.
Kulp Wm O, dentist, 114 W 3d.
Kulp W O, florist, 113 W 3d.
Kuntze A, physician, 601 W 2d.
Kurmeier & Rascher, stoves, 224 W 2d.
Kurop & Petersen, blacksmiths, 732 W 3d.
Lafrenz C H, grocer, 901 W 4th.
Lafrenz Julia, milliner, 423 2d
Lage & Co, brewery, 1285 W 5th.
Lake Mrs Emma, cigars, 202 E 2d.
Lambert & Hurto, grocers, 401 Brady.
Lamp Peter & Co, iron and steel, 216 W 3d.
Lane A H, dentist, 225 Brady.
Lauman C M, lawyer, 214 Main.
Laux Val, grocer, 1101 W 6th.
Lawer P J, grocer, 1302 Harrison.
Lawer & Son, livery, 316 E 3d.
Lawerence Edward, physician, 413 W 16th
Lawry J R, railroad agent, s w cor Brady and 2d.
LeClaire Bros, livery, 121 E 3d.
Leemhuls Bernhardt, baker, 805 W 2d.
Lehrkind Julius, brewer, 1227 W 2d.
Leib Henry F, nasal douche mnfrs, cor 4th and Brady.
Leisner Josias, brocer, 831 W 3d.
Lelander Charles, saloon, 419 E 2d.
Lenz J M, photographer, 880 Brady.
Lerch A J & Bro, stoves, 118 W 3d.
Lerchen H, druggist, 1121 Brady.
Lichtenstein E A, grocer, 1819 Brady.
Lillibridge & Valentine, Principals Davenport Business College, n w cor Brady and 2d.
Lillie John, grocer, 428 Brady.
Lillzer Mrs R, saloon, Rock Island.
Lindblom Andrew, merchant tailor, 125 E 3d.
Lindsay & Cameron, plumbers, 117 W 3d.
Lindsay & Phelps, lumber, cor LeClaire and 3d.
Lindwald Charles, wood, 418 E 4th.
Loewenstein L, clothing, cor Main and 2d,
Lorenzen Jens, crockery, 228 W 3d.
Lorton & Bro, sale stable, 311 E 3d.
Lovell J S, photographer, 728 E 18th
Lund Gustav, druggist, 510 Harrison.
Lynam Andrew, 2d-hand goods, 814 Perry.
Lyter John M, grocer, 881 Brady.
McBride P J, grocer, 222 E 3d.
McCabe & Converse, notions, 125 W 2d.
McClelland T W & Co, sash, doors and blinds, 808 Main.
McCortney James, physician, 411 Brady.
McCowen Miss Jennie, physician, 408 Brady.
McCrellias Riter, horseshoer, 818 E 3d.
McCullough Thomas & Son, tailors, 818 Brady.
McDaneld D H & Co, hides, 401 E 2d.
McGinsley Mrs Dr J C, Vapor and Turkish Baths, 508 Brady.
McGruth Dennis, grocer, 1128 W 3d.
McGuinness J J, saloon, 117 Brady.
McHart J C, real estate and loan agent, 208 W 3d (Culter's Block), upstairs.
McIntyre James, carriages, 815 Rock Island.
McManus J, grocer, 1688 Ripley.
McPike Henry, news depot, 412 Brady.
Maass Herman, livery, Commercial Alley.
Maehr Frank & Son, painters, 929 W 5th.
Mahlen Peter, meats, 225 E 4th.
Mahncke John, baker, 1527 Harrison.
Malaach Gottlieb, baker, 1047 W 3d.
Malchan Hermann, cooper, 529 Harrison.
Mallory Luke, saloon, 817 E Front.
Marckley W H, 2d hand goods, 434 Brady.
Marinan Cornelius, grocer, 430 E 3d.
Marinan James, blacksmith, 1701 W 2d.
Marinan P M, saloon, 320 LeClaire.
Martens Henry, bookbinder, 219 W 3d.
Martin, Murphy & Lynch, lawyers, 111 E 2d.
Martin & Co, commission, 317 Perry.
Marvin George R, laundry, 222 Brady.
Mason James B, drugs, 308 Brady.
Mast Augustus F, cigars, 222 Brady.
Mathiessen Mathias, flour and feed, 813 W 2d.
Matlock H H, mngr Western Telephone Co, 108 1/2 W 2d.
Matthey Carl, physician, 226 W 2d.
Matthews John C & Bro, soap mnfrs, Rockingham Road.
Matthes John C & Bro, Mnfrs Soaps, Lard Oil, Machine Oil, Miners Oil and Dealers in Grease, Tallow and Bones, Rockingham Road nr Glucose Works.
Maus N, grocer, 713 W 2d.
Maxwell & Bowman, physician, 214 Brady.
Maxwell & Richards, drugs, 212 Brady.
Meier Charles, grocer, 1319 W 3d.
Meier Charles H, insurance, 228 W 2d.
Meier Frank, saloon, 1223 W 2d.
Melkeley Albert, carp, 314 W 5th.
Meisner A, drugs, 1116 W 3d.
Meichert Fred, grain, 709 Harrison.
Meichert Fred, farm implts, Harrison and 6th.
Meichert John, saloon, cor 2d and Harrison.
Merseback Mrs C, dressmkr, 211 Ripley.
Meyer Ferdinand, baker, 426 E 3d.
Meyer Karl, saloon, 217 W 3d.
Miclot Mrs Julia, confectioner, 418 Perry.
Middleton W D, physician, 112 E 3d.
Mierendorff L, saloon, 225 1/2 W 2d.
Miller John F, saloon, 712 W 2d.
Miller J M, cooper, 942 Marquette.
Miller J R, saloon, 811 Perry.
Miller R T, grocer, 301 Perry.
Miller & Co, photographers, 225 Brady.
Miner A M, dentist, 307 Brady.
Miner L B, grocer, 216 E 9th.
Mitchell Nat S, lawyer, 214 Main.
Mitchell R C, saloon, 213 Brady.
Mitchell S L, carpenter, 119 E 3d.
Mittelbuscher Henry, grocer, 221 W 3d.
Mixter C K & Co, commission, 101 E 3d.
Moeller Fred, saloon, 734 Harison.
Moeller Henry F, Mnfr Cigar Boxes and cigar Moulds, cor 5th and Western Ave.
Moetzel N, physician, 512 W 5th.
Mohr Mrs C, grocer, 1019 W 3d.
Mohr Martin, saloon, cor 5th and Brady.
Montague A J, real estate, cor Perry and 3d.
Moore Mrs M B, fancy goods, 121 Main.
Morgan & McCandless, dentists, Library Building.
Moritz A, clothing, 105 W 2d.
Mossman & Vollmer, Printers, s w cor 3d and Perry.
Mueller Anthony H, merch tailor, 206 W 2d.
Mueller Steffen, grocer, 2202 Eddy.
Muhs H F, tailor, 826 W 2d.
Mullen Wm, sewing mach, 826 Brady.
Munro Robert, blacksmith and carriages, 210 W Front.
Munson J, physician, 324 Brady.
Murry James, painter, 115 E 3d.
Murry Patrick, saloon, 106 Front.
Myers R D, dentist, 106 1/2 E 2d.
Nabstedt J, watches, 901 W 2d.
Naeckel Charles, wall paper, 405 W 2d.
Nagel Henry, harnessmkr, 424 W 2d.
Nash Daniel B, lawyer, 211 Main.
Nash P, blacksmith, Commercial Alley.
Navon John, grocer, 813 E Front.
Neufeld Conrad, confectioner, etc, 214 W 2d.
Nevins Bros & Co, monuments, s e cor 4th and Perry.
Newbern John F, jeweler, 315 Brady.
Newcomb House, Grant & Cassell Proprs, cor Main and Brady.
Oakes Miss Mary, dressmkr, 428 Brady.
Ochs John & Sons, real estate, s w cor Harrison and 2d.
Ohlquist & Silberstine, saloon, 408 E 2d.
Oldendorf Henry, furniture, 1024 W 2d.
Oldhansen J J, physician, cor 6th and Scott.
Oldsen Henry, grocer, 507 Warren.
Oliver E A ,florist, Gaines and northern city limits.
Olshausen John J, physician, 527 Scott.
O'Mears Patrick L, lawyer, 214 Brady.
Orr Margaret, dressmkr, 486 Brady.
Osborne James, commission, 1 Burrows Block.
Ott George, sash, doors and blinds, Front.
Ott Wilhelm, grocer, 1462 Rockingham Road.
Otten Joseph, brick mnfr, 1428 Sturdevant.
Paige, Dixon, & Co, lumber, 2 w of Mill.
Palmer L T, mngr Keystone Wringer Co, 119 Main.
Parcell & Skinner, dressmks, Library Bldg.
Parker Samuel, auctioneer, 429 E 6th.
Parkhurst M R, gen store, 128 Mound.
Parmele F M, dentist, 106 1/2 E 2d.
Parr S S, editor and prpr The Sunday Afternoon People, s e cor 3d and Perry.
Partnar Mrs Mary, restaurant, 119 E 3d.
Pastel Fritz, saloon, 427 W 2d.
Paulsen P J, grocer, 218 W 2d.
Peck Thomas, restaurant, 420 Perry.
Peck Washington F, physician, 110 E 3d.
Pegelow Emil, baker, 1230 W 5th.
Perrige & Avery, proprs Groton Mnfr Co.
Perry George, shoemaker, 222 Brady.
Pester Edwin, wood, 1320 2d ave.
Peters Herm, baker, 1703 W 3d.
Peters Herman, barber, 227 W 2d.
Petersen J H C & Sons, dry goods, 217 W 2d.
Petersen John N, saloon, 303 W 3d.
Peterson Alfred, saloon, 331 E 3d.
Peterson Alfred, saloon, cor 3d and Iowa.
Peterson L W, carpets, etc. 212 W 2d.
Peto F E, shoemaker, 225 W 2d.
Phillips Monroe, wood, 1602 W 2d.
Phoenix Mill Co, cor Western ave and Front.
Pioneer Relief Association of America, Henry Egbert pres, H C Wales sec, W 3d.
Plambeck & Meisner, insurance, 203 W 3d.
Pohlmann H B, brick mnfr, 13th e of Marquette.
Pool Robert W, saloon, 121 Brady.
Porter Mrs M W, physician, 1111 Brady.
Porter Robert, livery, 115 E 4th.
Porter & Mathews, lawyers, s w cor 3d and Brady.
Powers John, barber, E 3d.
Pratt W W, restaurant, 113 E 2d.
Preston C H, physician, 217 Brady.
Prien F J, saloon, 506 W 2d.
Priess & Reis, coopers, 719 W 3d.
Priester Rudolph, cigar mnfr, 403 W 2d.
Pringle Robert, baker, 112 E 3d.
Pumplin Wm, blacksmith, 2230 E Eddy.
Putnam & Rogers, lawyers, 209 Main.
Quickenstedt Fritz, saloon, s e cor Scott and 3d.
Raabe F T, physician, 1415 Union.
Rachow Charles, barber, 516 W 2d.
Rachow W, barber, 1353 W 3d.
Racquet Phillip, propr Washington House, 116 Front.
Randall Ben, blacksmith, 212 Perry.
Ranzaw & Haller, pork packers, 1336 W 2d.
Ranzow Charles F & Sons, paints and oils, 526 W 3d.
Raphael Jacob H, 2d-hand store, 620 Harrison.
Rasmussen J T, stoves, 1110 W 3d.
Rath John, meats, 1460 W 3d.
Read George F, livery, hack and sale stable, 317 Perry.
Redman & Herd, barbers, 214 E 4th.
Regenmitter Diedrick, dealer in loose and baled hay and straw, cor Front and Perry.
Regnitter Gerhard, hay, 802 W 5th.
Rehling Louis, painter, 307 Warren.
Reid J A ,physician, 806 Brady.
Reid J L, stoves, 305 Perry.
Reimers & Brauch, stoves, 305 Perry.
Reining F, grocer, 1302 Mitchell.
Reis Henry, jeweler, 208 W 2d.
Renwich, Shaw, & Crossett, planing mill, 906 E Front.
Reser Philip, saloon, 2218 Eddy.
Reupke Christian, tailor, 410 W 2d.
Richman E F, lawyer, 302 Main.
Richman J Scott, lawyer, 302 Main.
Richter T & Co, hats and caps, 828 W 2d.
Rieck & Balte, tailors, 228 W 2d.
Riepe Adelbert, drugs, cor 2d and Ripley.
Rigby E T, dentist, cor 2d and Brady.
Rishew W N, saloon, 108 E 2d.
Rober Ferdinand, saloon, 827 4th
Robesch E D & Co, meats, 426 Brady.
Roebuck Mrs Mary, 2d-hand store, 111 W 3d.
Rohan Miss M A, dressmaker, 816 E 2d.
Rohwedder & Steffen, tailors, 428 W 2d.
Rolff Edward J, lands, 118 W 3d.
Rosche F, shoemaker, 225 E 3d.
Rose Roderick, lawyer, 806 Brady.
Rose J W, architect and superintendent of Buildings, Eldridge Block.
Rothschild Isaac, clothing, 102 W 2d.
Rowe John, plumbers', steam, and gas fitters materials, 216 and 218 E 3d.
Ruch B, brick mnfr, Gaines n of 9th.
Ruch Henry, brick mnfr, Border and Leonard.
Ruch John, pork packer, 2d W Fillmore.
Rueffel Fred, meats, 1528 Harrison.
Ruendle Aug, physician, 725 W 2d.
Ruge Ernst, saloon, 115 Division.
Ruge Henry, saloon, 628 W 2d.
Ruge Henry, saloon, Harrison.
Ruggles J W, Pianos, Organs and sewing Machines, 311 Brady.
Ruhl Fred, grocer, 1141 W 6th.
Ruhl Lucas, grain, 3 Bazar Block.
Rutherford & Linn, brokers, 101 E 2d.
Ryan Edward, hats and caps, s e cor Main and 2d.
St James Hotel, G B Grant Propr.
St Louis House, H H Steffen propr, 402 W 2d.
St Paul House, John Barofsky propr, cor Mound and Eddy.
Salzmann Mrs L R, cigar mnfr, 1012 W 3d.
Saturday Afternoon People, S S Parr Editor and Propr, s e cor 3d and Perry.
Schaefer C W, grocer, cor 4th and Harrison.
Schaefer Henry, saloon, 1053 W 3d.
Schake Charles, tailor, 316 W 2d.
Scharnweber Aug, carpenter, 328 W 3d.
Schauder Louis, saloon, 126 Front.
Schibler Casper, baker, 415 W 2d.
Schlapf Phillip, saloon, cor 2d and Perry.
Schlapkohl Ferdinand, grocer, 421 W 2d.
Schlegel Edward, physician, 704 W 6th.
Schlegel Gustavus, drugs, 220 W 2d.
Schlegel Louis, bookbinder, 1034 W 6th.
Schlichting Julius, saloon, cor Grove and High.
Schmidt George M, shoes, 301 W 2d.
Schmidt John, meats, 220 E 3d.
Schmidt W  O, lawyer, cor harrison and 3d.
Schnoor Claus, furniture, 314 Warren.
Schricker & Mueller, saw-mill, cor 2d and Scott.
Schroder H F G, harnessmkr, 802 W 2d.
Schroder & Brandt, grocers, 1402 W 3d.
Schruber Mrs Julia, dressmkr, 1418 W 3d.
Schruber Julius, painter, 310 Western Ave.
Schueler S J, photographer, 307 W 2d.
Schuett John H, grocer, 332 W 2d.
Schultz John F, 2d hand store, 216 E 3d.
Schultz Philip, barber, 214 E 2d.
Schulz Albert, saloon, 207 Harrison.
Schumacher Leo, grocer, 210 Harrison.
Schutt Julius, real estate, 104 E 3d.
Schweizer Herman jr, grocer, 822 E 2d.
Schwentser & Bartels, painters, 911 W 3d.
Schwizer Herman sr, grocer, 4th.
Seafus John, saloon, 804 E 3d.
Sebelien Aug, propr Iowa State Steam Dye and Cleansing Works, 228 Perry.
Severance J J, dentist, 104 E 3d.
Shado George, blacksmith, 302 E 3d.
Shanley Patrick, saloon, 110 Front.
Shaughnessy Pat, grocer, 712 Harrison.
Shaughnessy Thos, grocer, 629 Harrison.
Shelly D B, loan agent, 209 W 3d.
Shoening Henry jr, saloon, 212 Front.
Shoening Henry, propr Perry House, 120 Front.
Shorey J G, pump mnfr, 1802 Harrison.
Shouse H C, physician, 1504 Brady.
Sickels & Preston, hardware, 121 W 3d.
Sieg & Williams, hardware, s e cor 3d and Main.
Siems John, undertaker, 810 W 3d.
Sievert John, saloon, 701 W 3d.
Silberstein J H, furrier, 1204 W 5th.
Simmons Wallace, saloon, 502 LeClaire.
Simpson R M, real estate and loans, 203 W 3d.
Sing Wah, laundry, 309 Perry.
Smith J P & Co, grocers, 116 Perry.
Smith John L, propr Metropolitan House, cor Main and Front.
Smith Otto, lawyer, 202 W 2d.
Smith Samuel F, broker, 221 Brady.
Smith T J, saloon, 126 E 5th.
Smith Wm M, mnfr vinegar pickles, pigs feet and sauer kraut, factory on Rockingham road.
Smith W S, contractor for all kinds of painting, paper hanging, graining, etc, 408 Brady.
Smith & McCullough, furniture, 114 E 2d.
Smith & Sterns Paint Co, paint mnfrs, 114 Perry.
Smith & Williams, proprs Howard House, cor 3d and Perry.
Snider & Miles, insurance, 122 W 2d.
Snyder M D, lawyer, 116 W 3d.
Sohn M, gents furn goods, 115 W 2d.
Sountag Henry, plumber, 227 Harrison.
Spalding Bros, junk, 106 E Front.
Speed A J, blacksmith, 218 W 3d.
Stearns & Smith Paint Co, 122 E Front.
Steffen August, dry goods, 226 W 2d.
Steffen Charles, coopers stock, 522 W 2d.
Stetting & Strohkarck, carpenters, 513 Marquette.
Stender H, saloon, 728 W Front.
Stender J, stoves, 426 W 2d.
Sternberg Wm, machinist, 1642 W Locust.
Stevenson James, carpenter, 614 Brady.
Stevenson & Carnahan, drugs, 329 Brady.
Stewart W H, dry goods, 221 Brady.
Stewart W M, photographer, 708 Harrison.
Stewart & White, lawyers, s w cor 2d and Brady.
Stoetteran & Kuchel, coopers, 1321 W 3d.
Stolley C, tailor, 114 E 3d.
Stone G A, stoves, etc, 324 Brady.
Stowell J R, saloon, Front.
Strassen Frederick, wagonmkr, 1432 W 3d.
Strathmein & Lembrecht, blacksmiths, 822 W 2d.
Strike D W, painter, 223 E 3d.
Struck Henry C & Son, hardware, 309 W 2d.
Struve J D, meats, 902 W 2d.
Stuehmer Louis, barber, 508 Harrison.
Stuhr Wm, saloon, 315 Harrison.
Sturm Christ, saloon, 629 W 2d.
Stuyvesant M S, lawyer, 7 Cutter Block
Sullivan L M, agent Great Western, Despatch Fast Freight Line, 217 Brady.
Swan Otto, saloon, 210 Iowa.
Swanson H, saloon, 302 E 2d.
Tanner Sam, saloon, 210 Main.
Taylor B F, fruits, 210 Brady.
Techentin & Hoyer, harnessmakers, 308 W 2d.
Temple John T, florist, 2201 Brady.
Thede C, shoemaker, 124 Harrison.
Thee & Tams, meats, 602 W 3d.
Thode Henry, saloon, 327 W 2d.
Thompson Wm, grocer, 405 Brady.
Thompson & Bahls, tailors, 118 E 3d.
Thompson & Carmichael, books, s w cor 3d and Brady.
Thompson & French, lawyers, 209 Main.
Thorning & Eckhardt, meats, 305 Harrison.
Thuenen Henry, blacksmith, cor Front and Mound.
Tiedemann & Bro, painters, 115 W 3d.
Tillenburg H, saloon, 417 W 2d.
Timm Christ, saloon, 902 W 2d.
Toerring Christian, dry goods, 216 W 2d.
Tomson J J, physician, 114 E 3d.
Traeger Joseph, propr Pennsylvania House, 402 E 3d.
Turner John, carp, 1515 W 3d.
Ulbricht Charles, Toys, Confectionery, Fancy Cake Bakery, Fruits, etc, 222 W 2d.
United States Express Co, A H Trotter agent, 217 Brady.
Van Patten & Marks, grocer, 119 E 2d.
Vogt Fred, saloon, cor Brady and Lombard.
Volkland Otto, Restaurant and Oyster House, 502 W 2d
Vollstedt & England, farm implts, 311 W 2d.
Von Doehren Gustav, grocer, 802 W 3d.
Voss Herman, saloon, 409 W 2d.
Wadsworth W C & Co, dry goods, 109 E 3d.
Wagner H L, printer, 219 W 3d.
Wahlig Christopher, harnessmkr, 114 Main.
Wallace J A, music teacher, 1712 Iowa
Wallner R F E, propr Meichert's Hotel, 315 W 2d.
Walter-Connaughton Dr P, Physician and Catarrh Specialist, 403 Broadway.
Warley H A, physician, 421 Brady.
Warriner W C, shoes, 214 Brady.
Warwick & Sons, barbers, 132 E 3d.
Waterman & Boyle, lawyers, 218 Main.
Waters M R, sew mach, 321 Brady.
Watkins & Smith, pottery, cor 7th and Harrison.
Watson Frank W, propr Commercial House, 303 Perry.
Webb W H & C T, crockery and glassware, 118 W 2d.
Weisse John, saloon, 127 Mound.
Weller John, coal and wood, 308 E 3d.
Wendt Herny, cigar mnfr, 416 Vine.
Wendt & Koll, saloon, 202 E 2d.
Wents John, saloon, 1402 W 3d.
Western House, Peter Rath propr, n e cor 2d and Scott.
West Davenport Furniture Co, cor 6th and Warren.
Westphal John C, florist, 328 E 2d.
Wheeler & Stewart, grain, 224 Front.
Wheeler L, mngr W U Tel Co, s w cor Brady and 2d.
Whitaker Charles, lawyer, 1st National Bank Bldg.
Whitaker J H, carp, 1012 E Front.
Wicklund P, billiard saloon, Best of F C Liquors, 103 E 2d.
Widigen J, saloon, 310 E 2d.
Wiese Fritz, livery, 114 Harrison.
Wiley W B, grocer, 330 15th.
Wilhelm Robert, cigar mnfr, 910 W 8th.
Wilkinson Jennie, cigars, Brady.
Williams P W, carp, Commercial Alley.
Willmaser Francis, watches, 406 W 2d.
Willrodt & Klahn, books, 328 W 2d.
Wilson W H, lawyer, 102 E 3d.
Windel Fred, tailor, 103 E 2d.
Winecke & Perry, tailors, 224 Brady.
Winge & Finke, lawyers, Newcomb Block
Winter E, Winter's Mills, 117 Harrison.
Wirtel J W, trunk mnfr, 220 Brady.
Witt H A, bottler, 308 W Front.
Witt & Martzahn, meats, 1702 W 3d.
Wittig C M, blacksmith, 315 Main.
Woeber Bros, carriagemakers, 221 W 3d.
Worley Charles H, flour and feed, Brady.
Wreidt Eggert, stoves, 824 W 2d.
Wright Thomas, vet surgeon, 111 Main.
Wulf Claus, grocer, 830 W 4th.
Wulf Ferdinand, grocer, 1323 W 4th.
Wunder & Meinert, grocers, 532 W 3d.
Young Men's Christian Association, A L Mossman pres, C D Glass sec, cor 4th and Brady.
Young W E, gunsmith, 117 Main.
Zarrahn F, shoemaker, 1301 W 3d.
Zimmerman John, piano mnfr, 120 Main.
Zoeckler John L, pork packer, 1337 W 2d.

From the 1882 Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory:

DIXON. Is situated in the northwest part of Scott county, on the D. line C.M. & St. P. Ry, 20
 miles from Davenport (c h). It is of recent growth, contains a church, free school, and 500
 Inhabitants. Exports, hogs, cattle and grain. Exp. U.S. Tel. W.U. Mail, daily. W.H. Hickson,

Binford E, druggist.
Burow M, shoemaker.
Carter, Sanders & Co, live stock.
Claussen John, meat market
Cook S R ,physician.
Crassen Thomas, saloon.
Doney T, blacksmith.
Entlish D F, druggist.
Flick H J, railroad and express agent.
Grace Wm, physician.
Henrickson John, saloon.
Hickson W H, General Store.
Huss F, wagonmaker.
Jacobs George, constable.
Jarchow H, general store.
Jurghen J, saloon.
Kessler J B, physician.
King George, justice of peace.
Linderman C, carpenter.
Linderman H. carpenter.
Price F S, plasterer.
Quistorf F A, justice of peace.
Reed W  F, lumber.
Sanders J R, farm implts.
Sede & Dammann, grain.
Thede & Dammann, furniture.
Truax J J, furniture.
Van Buskirk Wm, hotel propr.
Yale George, farm implts.

From the 1882 Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory:

DONAHUE. A station on the D. line of C.M. & St. P. ry in Scott county, 6 miles n of Eldridge
 Junction, and 16 1/2 north of Davenport (c h). Ships grain and livestock. Population 50. Exp.
 U.S. Tel. W.U. Mail, daily. Clifton Curtis, postmaster.

Blythe Wm, general store.
Brooks Earl, railroad agent.
Curtis Clifton, General Store.
Curtis P, grain.
Evers John, saloon.
Knutzen Wm, blacksmith.
Maw S, constable.
Miller P B, blacksmith.
Weary J, live stock.

From the 1882 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory:

LE CLAIRE. On the Mississippi river in Scott county, opposite Port Byron, Ill., its shipping point by rail
 on the R. & S. div. C.M. & St P. Ry. Steamboats also carry a large amount of freight to and from this point.
 There are here 4 churches, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Christian., also a graded school of 4
 departments with 5 teachers. Limie and building stone comprise the chief shipments. Population, 1, 060.
 Steamboats daily to Davenport; round trip 75c. Mail, daily. D.V. Dawley, postmaster.

Arnold John W, jeweler.
Barter Henry L, publr LeClaire Pilot.
Becker Wm, general store.
Black Wm J, livery.
Blackburn Thomas, blacksmith.
Buckman John W, jsutice of peace.
Burd Richard, hotel propr.
Carr David, barber.
Clark C L, lime.
Coates Rev R W (Meth. Episcopal).
Davenport James H, grocer.
Davenport John, saloon.
Davison A N, agent Keokuk Northern Line Packet Co.
De Armond J A, physician.
Disney Charles P, coal and lumber.
Disney Mrs Mary E, millner.
Dodds Thomas J, harnessmaker.
Dorrence Delos, grease.
Edwards R A, wagonmaker.
Gamble James, physician.
Graham Charles F, shoemaker.
Headley Walter P, general store.
Henderson George W, saloon.
Hessman C J, saloon.
Holsapper E T, hotel propr.
Johnson J D, lawyer.
Kattenbracker Charles, machinist.
Kyler & Jones, live stock.
Laycock Wm, justice of peace.
McCoffey & Disney, coal.
McCoy John H, hardware.
Martindale Rev J P (Christian).
Meyer Frederick, grocer.
Newton John & Son, blacksmiths.
Pireny H L, physicians.
Rathman Andrew, saloon.
Rathman Ernst, meat market.
Schworm F P, grocer.
Schworm Louis & Sons, boots and shoes.
Smith & Scandrett, flour mill.
Stone Andrew, meat market.
Strobeen H, saw-mill.
Twiesel Max, tailor.
Van Duzer James, confectioner.
Van Hine __, boat builder.
Van Sant J W & Son, boats.
Whitaker Wm H, druggist.
Wrage Henry, boots and shoes.
?aber Joseph, grocer.
?aber Wm, harnessmaker.

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

LONG GROVE. A small station on the M. br. C.M & St. P. Ry, in Scott county, 14 miles north of
 Davenport (c h) Ships produce. Exp., U.S. Tel. W.U. Mail daily. S.D. Richardson, postmaster.

Ahrens  Henry, shoemaker.
Bluhm  Charles F., constable
Brennen  P.F., justice of peace
Brownlee Bros, live stock
Grieve  James, horse dealer
grieve, Wm. horse dealer
Jeons Henry, saloon
McManus Michal L., general store
Martindale Thomas, blacksmith
Richardson O.W., general store
Skinin John, horse dealer
Strevell D.E., railroad and express agent.

From the Iowa State Gazeterr and Business Directory 1882

MOUNT JOY. A station on the D. line C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Scott county., 8 miles north
 of Davenport (c.h.) Population 75. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. Peter Wiese, postmaster.

Bock  John, wagonmaker
Clausen Mar, carpenter
Hebst Fred, blacksmith
Horst Henry, carpenter
Kroeger Theo, shoemaker
Kuntyen Henry, wagonmaker
Reimer Aug, painter
Richter Aug, physician
Schnack John, wagonmaker
Wiese Peter, Hotel Propr.
Witmack John, blacksmith

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882

PRINCETON. On the west bank of the Mississippi river, in Scott county, 20 miles northeast of
 Davenport (c. h.) and  1 1/2 west of Cordova, Ill., on the R & S. div C.M. & St. P. Ry. Its
 shipping point by rail. It has 2 churches, a free school, and ships grain, hogs, and cattle.
 Population 600. Mail daily. J.B. Parcell, postmaster.

Arnheim A., saloon
Bartsch F., boots and shoes
Bryson Levy, grain
Conser H., grain
Culbertson D.H. grain and live stock
Darrah J.E., druggist
Dennis J.D., general store
Hull & Phillips, wagonmakers
Kittle D.A., physician
Knox John, physician
Knox Samuel, physician
McBride Rev. J.B. (Presbyterian)
McCausland J.C., grain and live stock
Parcell J.B., justice of peace
Pope R.H., grain
Rich Charles, grain
Schloeffel _, hotel propr.
Schmalz C., general store
Suiter James W., flour mill
Williams S., blacksmith
Winer John, photographer

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

PLEASANT VALLEY. Lies on the west bank of the Mississippi river, in Scott County, 9 miles
 northeast of Davenport (c.h.), its shipping station. Shipments, wheat, corn, onions and stock.
 Population, 200. Stages to LeClaire and Davenport: fares, 35c. and 50c. Mail daily. J. Monroe,

Allen Alfred, live stock
Dixon & Davis, live stock
Elmers August, hotel proprietor
Gibson James H., blacksmith
Kyler Samuel, live stock
Miller David, saloon
Monroe J, General Store
Schumacher Christian, general store
Smith J.S., physician

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

PLAINVIEW. The location of 4 families in Scott County, 15 1/2 miles northwest of Davenport
 (c.h.) and 5 south of Dixon, the nearest station on the Davenport line-C., M. & St. P. Ry.
 Mail semi-weekly. Charles Schmidt, postmaster.

Schmidt Charles, Saloon
Strahtmaun Hans, general store
Thode Peter, blacksmith

From the Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1882:

WOLCOTT. A station on the I. div. C.R.I. & P. Ry, in Scott county, 12 miles west of  Davenport
 (c.h.) It has a church and public school. Ships grain, livestock and country produce.
 Population 300. Exp. U.S. Tel., W.U. Mail daily. B. Schwarting, postmaster.

Barther J., wagonmaker
Benewitz & Co., general store and insurance
Bock H., harnessmaker
Gruemmer H., hotel propr
Hintz L, general store
Jensen John, tailor
Kaldash M, blacksmith
Koehnke Theodore, harnessmaker
Mann W.J., wagonmaker
Peck G.E., railroad and express agent
Peters Henry, saloon
Schwarting B., flour mill
Sindt H.H., hotel propr.
Stockdale & Dietz, grain
Strubin & Popp, carpenters
Stutzer Charles, blacksmith
Welhmann C., saloon
Werner A., blacksmith
Wunrath W., tinsmith