1857 Marriages
St. Anthony's Parish

7 Jan        Thomas Burns, Roscommon Ireland of Thomas & Catherine
                Mary Doolan, Ireland of Patrick & Ellen.
                Wit: Daniel Killion,  Ellen Leonard

7 Jan        Michael Blake, Clare Ireland of Patrick & Mary
                Ellen Keating, Clare of Thomas & Catherine
                Wit: Michael Keating, Margaret Gorman

13 Jan        Martin Nedremont, Clare Ireland of Patrick & Mary
                Margaret Morning, Clare, of Joseph & Bridget
                Wit: Michael Garvin, Mary Morning.

15 Jan        Louis Schuk, Wurtemburg of Christoph & Magdalena
                Eliz. Gayman, ? of Joseph & Elizabeth Gayman
                Wit: ?, Mary Gustland

19 Jan        Simon Sexton, Clare Ireland, of James & June
                 Mary Mongovin, Clare Ireland, of John & Bridget
                Wit: John Sexton, Winfred Considine

21 Jan        Patrick Kevilaghan, Leitrim Ireland, of James & Ann
                Margaret Dorsey, Kilkenny, Ireland of Daniel & Ann
                Wit: John Brennan, Mary Collins

The following marriages are too faded to read, but I can read the surnames written in the margins.
Maher to Ryan
Cane to Costello
Lacy to Tullivan
McManus to McCormick

27 Apr    K. Berigan, Kilkenny, Ireland of Michael & Bridget
                J. Kennedy, Kildare, Ireland of Andrew & Catherine
                Wit: James Garvin, Ellen Fitzgerald
                Dispensation for 3rd degree consanguinity.

28 Apr    Jacob Benedict Showalter of John & Mary Ann
                Ellen Gartland of Thomas & Elizabeth

More faded entries follow:
McKinney to Welch
Leary to Collins
Harnes to O'Mara
Keene to Ro??iny
Carrisel to Willy

7 Jun        John Lillis, Clare Ireland of Martin & Mary
                Bridget Grace, Kilkenny Ireland of Thomas & Margaret
                Wit: James Cannon, Mary Costello

14 Jun      Adam Ulmer of Christ & Maria
                Mary Petina Nott, widow of Matthias Henry Nott
                Wit: Jacob Shafer, Maria Anna Heimburger

15 Jun        Patrick Gorman, Clare Ireland of Thomas & Mary
                Catherine M'Nulty, Derry Ireland of John & Margaret
                Wit: Thoams Griffin, Nancy Gorman

15 Jun        Joseph Horning, Bavaria of Joseph & Anna
                Mary Vesty, Gallon, Switzerland of George & Mary
                Wit: Gaynard and Barbara Wachter

15 Jun        Jacob Birch, Hessia of John & Elizabeth
                Catherine B. Jacob, Hessia of George & Barbara
                Wit: Andrew and Francisca Abt

22 Jun        Thomas M'Mahon, Clare Ireland of Michael & Mary
                Johanna Hassid, Clare Ireland of Thomas & Mary
                Wit: Thomas Burns, Mary Divine

22 Jun        Maurice Rufsell, Clare Ireland of Simon & Johanna
                Bridget Bradley, Clare Ireland of Michael & Catherine
                Wit: Thomas Deloughrey, Bridget Devine

23 Jun        John Sinters, Coursin of Francis & Elizabeth
                Cheranna Misch, Kalich? of Michael & Anna Maria
                Wit: Peter Tak, Catherine Misch

23 Jun        John Green, King's Co Ireland of John & Margaret
                   Mary Higgins, Galway Ireland of John & Mary
                Wit: William Birmingham, Mary Carroll

25 Jun        James Burke, Galway Ireland of Richard & Margaret
                Bridget Toole, Galway Ireland of Timothy & Ellen
                Wit: Michael Jennings, Ellen Toole

6 Jul            Thomas Burns, Clare Ireland of Martin & Margaret
                Mary Daveen, Clare Ireland of John & Mary
                Wit: Patrick Deloughrey, Mary Hassid

14 Jul        John Powers, Tipperary Ireland of Michael & Ellen
                Bridget Whelan of Queen's Ireland of James & Catherine
                Wit: John O'Hern, Ellen Powers

18 Jul        Jeremiah Bishop, Ohio of Mathias & Catherine
                Mary Whitty, Wexford Ireland of Patrick & Mary
                John Welsh, Catherine O'Connor

30 Jul        John Fenney, Sligo Ireland of Wm & Margaret
                Ann M'Garthy, Leitrim Ireland of Michael & Bridget
                Wit: Patrick Gillin, Ann Tobin

8 Aug        Michael Meagher, Tipperary Ireland of John & Elizabeth
                Johanna Foley, Carlow Ireland of Patrick & Elizabeth
                Wit: Michael Foley, Catherine Martin

17 Aug        Roger Martin, Clare Ireland of Thomas & Ellen
                Mary Mead, Clare Ireland of Michael & Winny
                Wit: Michael Barry, Ann Brown

24 Aug        Simon Talty, Clare Ireland of Michael & Catherine
                Johanna Garash, Clare Ireland of Austin & Johanna
                Wit: Thomas McMahon, Mary Talty

24 Aug        John Conner, Queen's Ireland of John & Ellen
                Bridget Maher, King's Ireland of James & Margaret
                Wit: Murty Conner, Catherine Bunfield

31 Aug        Michael Reagan, King's Ireland of Thomas & Mary
                Mary Farrell, Longford Ireland of Michael & Julia
                Wit: Bernard Kelly, Ann McGahan

7 Sep            Samuel Maple, Ohio of Aaron & Susan (not Catholic)
                Mary Ann Brennan, Kerry Ireland of Thomas & Mary
                Wit: W.?. Glean, Mary Hickey

5 Oct        Michael Martin, Louth? Ireland of James & Fanny
                Elizabeth Duffy, Roscommon Ireland of Andrew & Mary
                Wit: Patrick Byrne, Mary Duffy

26 Oct        John McCarthy, Clare Ireland of Thomas & Bridget
                Ellen Fitzgerald, Waterford Ireland of Thomas & Mary
                Wit: Daniel McGrath, Mary Hassid

26 Oct        John Dolan, Leitrim Ireland of Bernard & Ellen
                Mary O'Donnell, Limerick Ireland of Patrick & Honor
                Wit: John Shea, Bridget Doherty

23 Nov    John Reagan, Mayo Ireland of John & Bridget
                Julia Hogan, Clare Ireland of Patrick & Catherine
                Wit: Michael M'Dermott, Margaret O'Donnell

24 Nov    Patrick Pelly, Galway Ireland of James & Bridget
                Ellen Tomy, Wicklow Ireland of James & Mary
                Wit: Daniel M'Kinney, Matilda Kelley

25 Nov    Michael Keating, Clare Ireland of Barney & Bridget
                Margaret Gorman, Clare Ireland of Thomas & Johanna
                Wit: Barney Keating, Mary Ann Slattery