The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Jan 21, 1847
On the 7th inst, near Davenport, by the Rev. George D. REA, Mr. William
VANDEVER, editor of the N.W. Advertiser, Rock Island to Miss Jane H, dau of
C.C. WILLIAMS of this county.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Feb 11, 1847
On Tuesday evening last, 9th inst, by Doctor  H. P. GATCHELL, Mr. Alfred H
OWENS of this place to Miss Margarette G  INSLEE, of Waterloo, NY

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Mar 11, 1847
At his residence near Davenport, on Wednesday evening, 3d inst, after a
short illness of Bilious Pneumonia, James GLASPELL, Sen'r. aged 57 years.

Departed this life, on the 23d ult, at his home near Davenport, Mr. William
A BIRD, aged 37 years, formerly of Wilmington, Delaware.

Mar 25, 1847
At the LeClaire House, in this place, on last Monday, 22d inst., of
Consumption, Mr. Enos STEWART, aged about 48 years.

In this place on the 11th inst., Everett EMMONS, youngest son of William and
Belissent FUDGE, aged 15 months and 22 days.

At his residence near Commanche, Clinton Co., on the 23d ult, after a short
illness of Winter Fever, Mr. Samuel G PEOPLES.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Apr 8, 1847
Near Rockingham, on the 4th inst., by Rev. D WORTHINGTON, Mr. Benjamin
WRIGHT to Miss Ann BARRY, both of Scott County.

Apr 15, 1847
In the town of LeClaire, April 7th, by the Rev. C.E. BROWN, Mr A.J. BROWN,
to Miss Paulina ROWE.

On Monday 12th inst. By John ROUZER, Esq Mr. James G McCOY, formerly of
Fayette co Penn to Miss Margaret Jane ALLEN, of Pl. Valley, Scott county.

Apr 22, 1847
On Sunday Evening the 18th, by John ROWZER, Esq Mr John JONSON to Miss Mary
DAVIS both of the town of Davenport.

April 29, 1847
Near Camanche, on the 14th inst., of Bilious Fever, Mr. Loring D PECK, aged
25 years.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

May 13, 1847
Near Parkhurst, on Thursday 6th inst., by Rev. George S. REA, Mr. Joseph COE
to Miss Elizabeth M, daughter of James JACK, all of this county.

By Mr. John ROWSER, Esq on Thursday the 6th of May, Mr. John FRIDAY of
Rockingham township to Mrs. Betsy Ann FOLKAY of Buffalo township, all of
Scott county.

May 20, 1847
In Rock Island co, Thursday evening, 13th inst., by Rev. B.F. Bearbrook, Mr.
Reuben SEARS, Merchant at Prophet's Town only son of the late Rev. R. SEARS
to Miss Cynthia Ann, only daughter of H. GUILD, Esq.

Died in Fairfield, Jefferson co, Iowa, May 6th of the Palsy, Mr. David
HITCHCOCK, in the 75th year of his age.

May 27, 1847
In this town, on Monday morning, 24th inst, Maria H, only child of Mr C.S.
and Mrs. H. WHISTLER, aged 3 years and 4 months.

In this place on Sunday 23d inst., Joseph Ebenezer, son of the Rev. Wm
RUTLEDGE, late of Philadelphia aged 1 year and 2 months.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

June 3, 1847
On Monday, the 31st of May by John Rowser, Esq, Mr. Michael Pace to Mrs.
Margaret Carey, both of Blue Grass settlement in the county of Scott.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

July 1, 1847
In Dubuque on the 11th inst by the Rev. I.I. Stewart, Mr. J.W. Kirtley of
Clinton co. Iowa to Miss Nancy Flaugherty, late of Missouri.

On the 21st ult, at Spencer, Owen co, Ind., Maria, wife of Wm F Evans,
formerly of Cincinnati, and dau. of G. and Anna Maria McKowan of this place,
aged 23 years.

In this town on Wednesday evening June 23d, Abigail Hortencia, only dau. of
Mrs. Abigail A.J. Walker recently of Milton, Wis Ter. Aged 8 months and 18

July 8, 1847
Thurs. evening 1st inst., by Rev. B.F. Brabrook, Mr. Samuel McHose, to Miss
Mary F. Dillon, both of this place.

July 29, 1847
In this town, Saturday, 24th inst of Cholera Infantum, Ann Eliza, dau of
W.S. Collins, aged 10 months and 17 days.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Aug 5, 1847
In this town, Friday 30th inst., Mr. Rufus Ricker, aged 56 years.

Aug 19, 1847
In this place, on Sunday, 8th inst., Anna W. only child of Charles and
Oriana W Lesslie, aged 11 months and 7 days.

August 26, 1847

In this place on the 18th inst., by John Rowser, Esq. Mr. Frederick MARESON
to Miss Catherine YAACKS, both of the Dukedom of Holstein and Kingdom of

On Rock Island on Monday morning 23 inst., Mrs. Margaret DAVENPORT, widow of
the late Colonel George DAVENPORT, aged 78 years.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Sep 2, 1847

On the 24th ult., Eliza Ann, only daughter of Andrew and Mary Ann DOYLE,
aged 10 months and 21 days.

On the 25th ult., Frank, youngest child of H.B. and Eliza B. FINLEY, aged 22

Supposed Loss of Emigrants

The St. Joseph's Herald of the 27th ult., gives a list of persons supposed
to have been murdered by the Indians in Oregon among whom we find the
following: Mr. Tucker and 7 person of Rock Island, Ill.; Job and Jonathan
Parr and families of eleven persons of Lee co., Iowa; Mr. McCracken & family
of five persons from Wapello co., Iowa; Wm. Daniels and four persons of
Jefferson co., Iowa; and Mr. Bothe and six persons of Lee co., Iowa. We
trust that they may yet all arrive at their place of destination.

Sep 9, 1847

In Little's Grove, August 24, Francis LITTLE, son of Samuel and Salome
LITTLE, aged 5 years and 5 months.

In this vicinity on the 27th ult., Camilea, youngest daughter of James and
Sarah McMANUS, aged 2 years, 10 months and 4 days.

Sep. 16, 1847

In this place on Thursday 7th inst., Edwin Oscar, youngest son of Daniel and
Ellen B. MOORE, aged 1 year, 3 months and 1 day.

Sep. 23, 1847

In this place on Friday last, the 17th inst., Charles Cleland, youngest son
of Gilbert and Ann Marie McKOWN, aged 5 years and 8 months.

In Rockingham, on Monday last, 20th inst., Adrian Hubbard, youngest child of
Adrian H. and Harriet DAVENPORT, aged 8 months and 1 day.

Near Davenport on Friday evening last, Jesse N REED, son of Jesse P and Mary
REED, aged 1 year and 28 days.

In this place on Thursday last, by John Rowser, Esq., Mr. Terey M. TAYLOR of
Rock Island co., Ill. to Miss Lydia C. FRY of Pleasant Valley, Scott co.

Sep. 30, 1847

In this place on Tuesday, 28th inst., of inflammation of the throat, Thomas
Vincent, son of Thomas V. and Emily A. BLACKMORE, aged 2 years, 10 months
and 9 days.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Oct 7, 1847
In this place on Monday last, 4th inst., after 10 days illness, contracted
on the American Bottoms, Mr. David HAGE, age 39 years.

In the town of Le Claire, Scott co., on Tuesday last, 5th inst., by Elder
James Brownlie, Mr. Isaac S.GLASPELL to Miss Melissa E. LYTER, both of this

In this place on Saturday evening, 2nd inst., by John Rowser, Esq., Mr.
Ambrose SLOPER to Miss Caroline E. SQUIRE.

In Rockingham on the 30th ult., by the Rev. William Simpson, Mr. Robert S.
DYAS of Jackson co. to Miss Martha VANHORN, of Davenport.

At Fort Atkinson, Iowa, on the 9th ult., Joseph T. FALES, Esq., Auditor of
State, to Mrs. LOCKWOOD, Teacher in the Indian department among the

Oct. 14, 1897
In this town on Saturday night, 9th inst., after a sickness of six days,
Lucreita Anna, daughter of Mr. W. and Mrs. S. CROSSON, aged 7 years and 9

On the 5th of October, 1847, at her father's residence in Scott Co, Iowa,
Lucinda HUTT, daughter of John and Agness HUTT, in the twenty-third year of
her age.

Oct. 28, 1847
On Thursday evening, 19th inst., by Rev. B.F. Brabrook, David K. CRIPPEN to
Miss Elizabeth GUY, both of this place.

In Davenport, on Sunday, the 24th day of October, by John Rowser, Esq., Mr.
Erastus BABBITT, to Miss Lydia HADLOCK, both of R.I., Ill.

In this place on the 11th inst., by the Rev. Goldsmith, Mr. John R. CORKER
to Miss Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Marcus B. OSBORN, all of R.I.

Near Farmington, Van Buren co., on the 30th ult., Mr. Isaac MASON, a soldier
of the revolution, aged 83 to Mrs. Margaret WHITE, aged 75.

On the 20th inst., at the residence of A. Le Claire, Esq., of bilious fever,
Miss Felicite LE CLAIRE, aged 33 years, 10 months, 23 days.

Near Rockingham, Saturday evening., 23rd inst., Osker Camillus, only child
of Mr. Louis and Mrs. Sarah A. GIBERSON, aged 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.

In Little's Grove, 23d inst., Mrs. Elizabeth LITTLE, aged 23 years.

Near Davenport, 10th September, Miss Mary THOMAS, aged 22; Also 11th October
Mr. David THOMAS, aged 56.

In this town, 26th Sept., Mrs. Eleanor Susanna, wife of Mr. William
VANACKEN, aged 24; Also 28th Sept., Louisa Jane, child of Mr. V. aged 9

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Nov 4, 1847
In this place, on Thursday morning last, Oct. 28th after an illness of one
week, Miss Sophia S, daughter of Samuel H and Eliza B Fisher, aged 20 years.

In Rock Island, on 26th ult George, only child of Isaac and Sophia Sailor,
aged 15 mos.

The Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Dec 2, 1847

Sunday, November the 6th, in the Methodist Church at Parkhurst, by Rev. Wm.

In this place on the 14th inst., Mr. LEONARD T. JENNEY, aged 27 years.

In Rockingham, Nov. 8th after a sickness of two weeks, Mrs. ELIZABETH, wife
of Mr. JOHN WILLIS, aged 44 years.
Mrs. W. was a native of Pa., but until '39, when with her companion she
removed to Iowa , she had resided most of the time in Zanesville, Ohio.

Miss SOPHIA S. FISHER, whose death we were called to mourn a few days since,
was born in the city of Philadelphia, removed to this place in the year
1840, where she has since resided up to the time of her death, except during
a few months prior to last spring, which she spent in her native city. She
grew up among us from childhood, and her lovely, kind and amiable
disposition endeared her to every one who knew her. By nature frank, open
hearted, generous and possessed of the kindliest feeling of human nature,
none knew her but to love her and it may safely be asserted taht she had not
an enemy in the wide world.

Departed this life on the 14th Nov. ult., at the residence of his father in
Scott Co, Iowa, Mr. JNO. ?. JACK, in the 24th year of his age. The deceased
had been for the last six years of his life a consistent member of the
Presbyterian Church and at the time when arrested by disease- was pursuing a
course of liberal education at Washington College, Ia., with a view to the
office of the Gospel Ministry. But it has pleased the head of the Church
suddenly to remove him from his service on earth to a higher reward in
Heaven.- During a rapid decline of six months continuance he frequently
expressed his entire acquiescence in the soverign will of God- and "that he
had nothing to fear either from death or hell." His end was peaceful and his
numerous surviving friends have the satisfaction to know that he left them
in full assurance of a blessed immortality.

Dec 9, 1847
On Tuesday morning 7th inst 3 /12 miles N.E. from Davenport ELIZABETH,
oldest daughter of Kensal and Hannah READING aged 4 years, 6 months and 6

Dec 30, 1847
In this place on Wednesday the 22d of December, by John Rowser, Esq Mr.
CULLEN C. CHAMBERLAIN  to Miss MARY ANN TUCKER, both of Muscatine County.