From a Glimpse of Iowa in 1846

by J B Newhall:Burlington, Iowa, 1846.


Mercantile Houses.

Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.-Burrows and Prettyman, Inslee
& Owens, H. Price, C.S. Whilsler, Fulton & Co., G.L. Davenport & Co., L.A.
Macklot, G. McKnown.

Druggists. - B. Sanford, Charles Leslie.

Lawyers.- J. Grant, E. Cook, G.C.R. Mitchell, J. Thorington.

Doctors.-J.M. Witherward, J. Price, E.S. Burrows.

Principal Mechanics.-J. & S.P. Jenny, J. Hall, W.S. Collins, S.F. Whiting,
J.L. Davis.

Jewelry.-R.A. Linebaugh

Blacksmiths.-J. Lewis, Jno. Becktel.

Cabinet Making and Furniture.-J. Pope., S. Schoofield.

Harness Maker.-S. Lindley

Printing Office.-Davenport Gazette, published every Thursday; Alfred
Sanders, editor.

Postmaster.-John Forrest.

Congregationalist; Pastor, Rev. E. Adams.
Methodist; Pastor Rev. J. Brooks.
Episcopal; Pastor Rev. Mr. Goldsmith
Baptist; Pastor Rev. B.F. Brabrook.
Presbyterian; Pastor Rev. Mr. ----
Catholic; Pastor Rev. Mr. Pelamorquer.
Disciples; Pastor Rev. J. Rumbold.

Schools.-Among the principal schools are those kept by J. Thorington, Esq.,
Miss Mary A. Bergin, and Mrs. Bryson. The Congregationalist Society is about
erecting an institution of higher learning in Davenport.

An extensive steam mill is in progress of erection by Mr. Fulton.