Davenport Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Jan 11, 1844
By the Rev. Mr. SMITH on the first inst. Mr. Nelson ROWE,  of Pleasant
Valley, Scott Co, Iowa to Miss Emily ROBINSON of Ill.

At Cincinnati, on Thursday evening 21st ult., Col Samuel W. DAVIES, for many
years Mayor of that city.

Mar 7, 1844
Near Davenport, on the 29th ult by Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. C.W. REYNOLDS,
to Miss R.A. McGREGOR, both of Scott County.

In Burlington on the 27th ult by Rev. J.G. WHITFORD, John JOHNSON, Esq.
Ex-member of the Iowa Legislature to Miss Mary GRIFFEY.

In Iowa City, on the 16th ult., by Rev. Mr. HUMMER, Thomas BAKER, Esq.,
member of the Iowa Legislature to Mrs. Louisa HW. KING.

March 14, 1844
On the 8th ult., by Rev. C.E. BROWN, Mr. Isaac WALTERHOUSE to Miss Elizabeth

On the 11th inst., by the same, Mr. Robert WALTERHOUSE, to Miss Ann LEE, all
of Scott County.

In this place, on last Monday morning, 11th inst., of Inflammation of the
Brain, Mr. Jared N. SNOW, aged about 24 years.

March 21, 1844
In Rockingham on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. Thomas E.
RANDALL, of Center Grove, to Miss Maria J FOSTER of Rockingham.

March 28, 1844
In Cincinnati, on the 4th inst., by Rev. Dr. H. P. GATCHELL, Mr. John W
SHAYS to Miss Susan T., daughter of Thurston CRANE, Esq.

April 4, 1844
In Pleasant Valley, March 27th of Dropsy, George L. ROWE son of Christopher
ROWE, aged 19 years and six months.
In the death of this truly excellent young man his friends has sustained and
irreparable loss.- His kind and friendly disposition, his upright and
virtuous life, enlisted the adiration and commanded the esteem of all who
knew him. He was an affectionate son, a tender brother and an agreeable
associate. He died with a firm faith in the illimitable grace of God, and
the consequent salvation of the whole world. His funeral was attended at the
residence of his father on Friday, the 29th ult. and a discourse delivered
by the Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON

Apr 18, 1844
Married on the 11th ult by the Rev. M. WORTHINGTON, on Credit Island, Mr.
Wm. P. EASLEY to Miss Margaret A. DAVENPORT, both of Scott County.

April 25, 1844
In Warren co. Illinois, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev. John E. MURPHY, Mr.
John M OWENS of Davenport, Iowa to Miss Francis Maria, daughter of Wm.
HOPPER, Esq. of the former place.

May 9, 1844
In this place, on Saturday last, 4th instant, of Consumption, Mr. William
DONALDSON, in the 46th year of his age.

May 26, 1844
In New Orleans from the effects of Apoplexy on the 21st ult. John H
THORINGTON, Esq. Aged about 56 years, a native of Ireland. Mr. T. came to
this country when quite young, and was for fifteen years or more a
successful practioner of law in the State of Alabama, and for the last four
years a citizen of this place, where he has left a large and helpless family
to mourn his loss.

May 30, 1844
In St. Louis, on Sunday evening 19th inst., by Rev. Mr. BOYLE, Mr. Rufus
RICKER, Jr. of Scott Co, Iowa to Miss Catharine B. HIGGINS, of this city.

June 6, 1844
On the 2d instant by the Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. Calvin BURT to Mis
Elizabeth GABBERT.

At the same time, and place, Mr. Daniel BARRIAN to Miss Scelia GABBERT, all
of Scott County.

June 20, 1844
Married at Praire Pomme De Terre, Clinton county, on the 11th inst., by Geo
CHURCHELL, Esq., Mr. Cicero COY of Lyons to Miss Nancy Ann McCRAVY of the
former township.

Near Rock Island, on the 1st inst., Elder Titus GILLETT, aged 62 years and 7

July 10, 1844
On the 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Worthington, Mr. George Shuck to Miss Mary
Vanduzer, both of Scott County.

July 17, 1844
At Camanche, Clinton county, on the 20th day of June, A.D. 1844, by John K
ROOR, Esq. Mr. John REYNOLDS of Whiteside County, Ill, to Miss Lucretia
PRATT, of the same place

On the 22d instant, in the city of Baltimore, Mr. Thomas BARRETT,
Bookbinder, a native of Cincinnati, aged 35.

Aug 1, 1844.
In this place on Monday, July 29th, Ann Augusta Neilson, only daughter of
David and Lucy S.W. HOGT, aged three years and five months.

In this county on the 22d inst. Of Congestive Fever, James Samuel, son of
Martin W. and Harriet C. SMITH, aged five years and ten days.

Aug 15, 1844
In Rock Island, Ill, on Thursday last, Rev. David WORTHINGTON, of Davenport,
Iowa, to Miss Orena LEE, of the former place.

Near Davenport, Iowa Ter, on the 7th inst, Mrs. Wm. GRAY, late of Glasgow,

Sep 5, 1844.
Ancestry- It is very well observed, that if a person has an indistinct
recollection of his ancestors which he wishes brightened, all that he has to
do is to become a candidate for some office.

Died, Near Buffalo, on the 20th Aug, Mary Ellen, daughter of J.R. and
Leuvicy ROBISON, aged 2 years and nine months.

Sep 12, 1844
On the Waubscpinacon, Scott county, Iowa, on Thursday the 5th inst, after a
painful illness  Mrs. Ann PARKHURST, consort of Sterling PARKHURST, Esq, in
the 63d year of her age.

Near Rockingham on Saturday the 7th inst., Joseph Morton, youngest son of
J.M. and Mary Eliza ROBERTSON, aged six months and 24 days.

Oct 4, 1844
I hereby caution all persons from trusting my wife Margaret SCOTT, otherwise
GRACE, as she refuses to live with me, therefore I shall not be answerable
for any debts contracted by her, after this date.
Robert W. SCOTT, M.D.
Scott County, 26th Sept. 1844

Nov 21, 1844

At his residence in Jackson co, on the 9th ult, Col. Thomas COX, well known
throughout the Territory, and identified with its early settlement. The Col.
Served the public in the Legislature both of Illinois and this territory,
and his sudden death will be greatly lamented by all who knew

Dec 7, 1844
In Rock Island, on Thursday 21st day of Nov by Elder BEARDSLEY, Major Frazer
WILSON to Miss Asenath NORRIS, all of that place.

Dec 12, 1844
On Tuesday morning 3d instant, at Wapello, Louisa county, Iowa, after a
short illness, of Winter Fever and Hemorrhage of the lungs, Samuel Brown
MORGAN, eldest son of David and Rebecca MORGAN, aged 27 years, 8 months and
3 days. The deceased was on his returned from Ohio where he had been on
business, but was met by the ice at Keokuk and was making his way to his
home in this vicinity by land; when he was taken sick and died. He bore his
affliction with christian fortitude. As he lived beloved he died lamented.

In this place on the 3d inst., of Consumption Mrs. McLOSKEY, consort of R.T.
McLOSKEY, in the 24th year of her age, leavign a numerous circle of friends
and adquaintances to mourn her untimely death.

Dec 19th, 1844
Rale Irish- The following is the postscript of Patrick McNoggin's letter to
his frind Michael O'Flanagan in Ireland that some beggarly eastern editor
P.S. I'm done now, Michael, and send this by the good stamer Hibernia, and
hope you'll get it before she gets there. The Yankees  are going to have
another kind of stamer, that aint no stamer at all, but it sends lethers by
thunder and lightning, so Michael, cant I send you a lether before it is
writ, and get an answer before I sind it.

In this county, on Sunday morning last at 4 o'clock, Christiana, wife of
Joseph BUCHWALTER, formerly from Berks county, Pa.

Jan 1, 1845
On Wednesday evening 25th inst., by Rev. HJ.P. GATCHELL, Mr. Rodolphus
BENNETT to Miss Elizabeth OWENS, both of this place.
Boys! Do you hear that!

Jan 9, 1845
On the 29th inst., by John W WILLEY, Esq Mr. Samuel VANNATTA to Miss Barbara
Ann NEWTON, all of Buffalo, Scott County, Iowa.

Jan 16, 1845
In Burlington on the 8th inst. Rev. Samuel PAYNE, of the Presbyterian
Church, aged 38

Jan 30, 1845
On the 30th ult by Rev Geo M HINKLE, Mr Robert S BAKER, to Miss Elizabeth
BURNSIDES, all of this county.

Feb 6, 1845
In this place on Monday 3d inst, by Rev .Mr. PELAMOURGUES, Mr Walter O'KELLY
to Miss Maria McNAMARA, both of Davenport

Feb 13, 1845
On the 11th inst., by Rev. H.P. GATCHELL, Mr. George BIRCHARD to Miss
Elizabeth STOCKWELL, both of this county.

Feb 20, 1845
In Deep River Conn, Jan 13th by Rev. Lawson MUZZY, Mr. Colman S HUBBARD,
formerly of this town, to Miss Mary P. READ, of Deep River.

Feb 27, 1845
At Marshall, N.Y. on the 12th ult, by Rev. Mr RAYMOND, Mr Strong BURNEL,
formerly of this place, to Miss Jennette P. DICKINSON.

In Johnson county, On Tuesday morning 11th inst Hon. Pleasant HARRIS, aged
about 55 years.
Judge HARRIS was one of he earlies settlers of the county, and was a most
estimable citizen both in public and private life. At an early day he was
appointed Judge of Probate of this county, the duties of which office he
discharged for two years, and subsequently he was a member of the council
from Johnson and Muscatine.-Reporter

Mar 6, 1845
At Tipton, Cedar county, Iowa, on the 17th December, 1844, Sarah, daughter
of John and Esther McPHERSON, aged 8 days. On the 23d of the same month
Matthew, son of John and Esther McPHERSON, aged 14 months and 26 days. On
the 30th of the same month, Esther, wife of John McPHERSON, aged 30 years
and 20 days.

Mar 20, 1845
On Tuesday evening last at the residence of David MORGAN, by Rev. Joseph T.
LEWIS, Mr. Benjamin B WOODWARD to Miss Elizabeth E MORGAN, both of this

Apr 3, 1845
In Davenport on Monday 31st ult by the Rev. Mr. GOLDSMITH, Mr. Alfred C
BILLON of Galena Ill to Miss Sarah daughter of Thos. WOOD Esq of Davenport

On the 1st of April, by Elder DYE, Mr Enos FRENCH to Miss Marilla PALMER,
both of this county.

In Iowa City, on Sunday evening, the 16th ult, after a brief illness, Mr
Bernard MURRAY, formerly of Cincinnati, aged about 76 years.

Apr 10, 1845
On Tuesday Evening, inst. By W. BARROWS, Esq of Rockingham, Mr. Jonathan F
CAMPBELL, of Blue Grass Point, to Dorcas METTEER of the same place.

Apr 24, 1845
Died at his residence near this town on  Thursday evening last of a Cancer,
Ira COOK, Esq, aged 66 years.

May 8, 1845
At Iowa City, on Sunday evening last, by Rev. Jas. L. THOMPSON,  Mr Cyrus
SANDERS to Miss S. Paulina WORDEN, both of that city.

May 29, 1845
On Lords Day, 25th inst at this place by H.P. GATCHEL, Mr Wm GRAY,  late of
Glasgow, Scotland, to Miss Mary WAGGONER, late of Ohio

In this place, on same date, by the Rev. J. LEWIS, Mr Urbin GALLOWAY to Miss
Hannah THORNE.

June 5, 1845

Near this place, on Sunday 25th ult, James Rufus, son of Silas and Susan
GLASPELL, aged 9 months and 14 days.

July 27, 1845
Died on the 12th July inst, at the residence of her son, Lyman EVANS, Esq,
at Linwood, near DeWitt, Clinton Co, Iowa, Mrs. Elizabeth EVANS, aged 92.
Mrs. Evans was a native of Cambridge, Mass and in her younger days was a
spectator and participator in the opening scenes of the Revolution. She
distinctly recollected at her very advanced age, the minutest incidents of
these spirit-stirring days. She heard the thunder of the artillery, as it
rolled peal after peal from Bunker's awful mount. Saw the volumes of smoke
and flame that rose from the devoted village of Charlestown, and shared in
all the intense and painful excitement of the spectators of that sanguinary
conflict. She was a woman of exemplary habits and was highly esteemed by all
who enjoyed the pleasure of her acquaintance and a large circle of friends
and relatives will long cherish the memory of those amiable traits of
character by which she was distinguished.

Sep 4, 1845
In Rockingham, August 27th of Congestion of the Brain, William, son of Hiram
C and Rachel R PIERCE, aged 10 months and 15 days.

Sep 18, 1845
Died on Wednesday the 10th inst, very suddenly near Davenport, Iowa, of
Congestive Fever, Miss Rebecca M WILLIAMS, daughter of Mr. Charles C
WILLIAMS, in the 23d year of her age.

In this place on Thursday last, Mr. Timothy DILLON, aged 67 years. He was a
native of Ireland, but emigated at an early age to New York. In 1839 he
removed to this place, and here lived until the morning above named, when he
departed for a fairer clime.
Mr. DILLON was a good citizen, an affectionate relative, and a consistent
christian. For more than forty years he was a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, and amid all the vicissitudes of life, he maintained his
integrity. His last illness was painful, but he bore it with christian
fortitude; he knew that God was thus loosening the ropes, and taking up the
stakes of his earthly tabernacle, in order to his removal an eternal home.
His friends have to mourn over this work of the Destroyer, but they may not
"mourn as those without hope."
His fight is fought, his faith has reached the end, firm to Heaven's his
glance, his heart ascend, There with the judge he saw his crown remain, and
if to live was Christ, to die was gain.

In Lyons, Clinton county, Iowa, Sept  11th, of Summer Complaint, Melville
McDough, only son of Daniel and Frances HESS, aged 15 months and 21 days.

At Dubuque on Thursday night last, after a short illness, Samuel R MURRAY,
Esq, of Camanche, Clinton county, aged about 32 years.

Oct 9, 1845
Last Thursday morning, Charles, an interesting little son of Mr. Wm. INSLEE,
of this place, aged about 2 years, met his death in a manner most
distressing. While at play he fell backwards in to a kettle of hot water and
although medical aid was immediately summoned, he died from the effects of
the scalding within the twenty-four hours.

We sincerely regret to hear of the death of Mr. Asahel HUBBARD, one of the
Commissioners of this county. He died in Mahaska county far from his friends
and relatives. His death occurred about three weeks since. One by one the
aged drop from around us, as time scatters, "the flowers of the church-yard"
upon heads, heedless as young.

In Mahaska county, Iowa Territory, on the 18th ult, Mr. Asahel HUBBARD, aged
59 years. He was one of the oldest and most respected citizens of this
county and at the time of his death one of the Board of Commissioners.

In this place on Friday morning last, Charles youngest son of Winser and
Abigail GUNN, aged 2 years and 2 months.

Oct 16, 1845
At Center Grove, on he 24th of September, Miss Hannah E FOSTER, aged sixteen
years 4 months and 8 days, in the joyful hope of meeting her friends in the
everlasting haven of repose.

Oct 23, 1845
In Rockingham Soctt co, Iowa, on the 28th ult, Mr. Louis SAVAR, aged about
65 years. He was a Frenchman, a native of Quebec, Canada, and emigrated to
the United States in 1815.

In this place on Saturday evening last, of Bilious Fever and Jaundice, Mr.
Paul LANGDON, aged 53 years.

Oct 30, 1845
On Thursday, the 23d inst, by the Rev. R.W. FRENCH, Mr Anthony A McLOSKEY,
of Davenport, Iowa to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Robert POLOCK of North
Henderson, Ill.

On the same day, by the same, Mr. David BROWNLEE, of Mercer county, Ill to
Miss Margaret, daughter of Mr. Rob't POLLOCK, of North Henderson Ill.

Nov 20, 1845
In Rock Island, Ill, on Wednesday, 12th inst, Mr. Miles W CONWAY, associate
editor of the North Western Advertiser, aged about 21 years. His noble
qualities endeared him to all- his talents would soon have won him
admiration- but Death who "loves a shining mark' claimed him as his own.

Nov 27, 1845
In Rock Island, Monday Evening, 24th inst., by Rev. B.F. BRABROOK, Rev. E.S.
BYRON of Dubuque to Miss Juliette SMITH, of R.I.

Dec 4, 1845
In Pleasant Valley, on the 17th ult, after a short illness, of Water on the
Brain, Edward L, son of Andrew J and Emma M HYDE, aged 1 year and 14 days.

Dec 11, 1845
In Walnut Grove, Scott county, on Wednesday 26th ult, Mr. Jacob HELLER, aged
63 years and 5 months.

At the same place on Thursday 27th ult, of Consumption, Mr. Asahel BALDWIN.

Dec 18, 1845
On the 14th inst, by James BROWNLEE, Mr. Hiram MARTON to Miss Margaret Jane

Jan 1, 1846
In Pleasant Valley, Dec 27th of Inflammation of the Lungs, Elizabeth,
daughter of Stephen S and Martha E BLACKMAN, aged two years and 6 months.

At Dubuque, Iowa, Mary Frances REILLY, aged about 20 years. She was on of
the fine Sisters of Charity who came to Iowa in the spring of 1843

Jan 8, 1846
On New Year's eve, by Elder James BROWNLEE, Mr. Enos GLASPELL to Miss Rhoda
M. PEARCE, both of this place.

On the 4th inst., near Rockingham, by W. BARROWS, Esq., George RINGLESSY to
Miss Salena TRUDEAU, both of Scott Co.

In Iowa City, on the evening of the 31st ult, Hon Joseph M ROBERTSON, a
member of the House of Representative from this county, aged 38 years.

Jan 15, 1845
On the 4th inst, by Elder James BROWNLEE, Mr Ellis WING to Miss Minerva D
MARTON, both of this county.

Feb 5, 1846
On Tuesday  27th ult by the Rev. A PELAMOURGUES, Mr David V WILSON of
Dubuque to Miss Mathilda Ann LONG of this place.

Feb 12, 1846
In this place on the 24th ult, by Rev. A PELAMOURGUES, Mr John LITTIG to
Miss Margaret STAVOR, both of Davenport.

On the 1st ult, by Rev. John DOWREY, Mr Robert T McLOSKEY, of Davenport,
Iowa to Miss Margaret SMITH of Ohio co, Ind.

Feb 19, 1846
In this place on Tuesday morning, 17th inst, Mary Josephine, infant daughter
of David and Lucy G W HOGE, aged 4 months and 22 days. Her funeral will be
attended on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

In Rockingham, 9th inst., Theodore- son of Mr A and Mrs E PERRIN aged 12

March 5, 1846
In this place, on the 25th ult, Eleanor Eudorah, infant daughter of Israel
and Rachael HALL, aged 5 weeks and 2 days.

March  12, 1846
At Centre Grove, 2d inst, Elizabeth T. daughter of Richard H and Almira M
RANDALL, aged seven weeks.

March 19, 1846
In this town, Tuesday A.M., 17th inst by Rev. B.F. BRABROOK,  Mr. Thomas
HUBBARD, Senr to Mrs. Lucy HIRES, both of Scott Co

In Galena on 8th inst, by the Rev. James DU PUI, W.E. THOMAS, Editor of the
Galena Gazette, to Miss Jane H. EAMES, formerly of Wells River, Wis.

In Burlington on 7th inst, of consumption, Rev. Horace HUTCHINSON, late
Pastor of the Congregational Church in that place, aged 29 years.

A Murderer Convicted
McCAULEY, who was tried for the murder of KAUFFMAN, at the recent term of
the Dictrict Court in Van Buren county, was convicted and has been sentenced
to be hung on the 4th day of the ensuing month, April. We trust this will be
the last person who ever will be hung within the limits of Iowa.

April 2, 1846
Died, of chronic affection of he brain, at the residence of her brother,
James THORINGTON, Esq, on the 1st inst. at past 1 o'clock, A.M. Isabella,
daughter of John H. and Emma THORINGTON, formerly of this place, aged 12
years 3 months and 15 days.
She died resigned and in peace after a lingering and painful affliction of
five weeks, though sensible of her situation, death had no terror for her
youthful mind.
Funeral to take place to-day, (Thursday) at 2 o'clock from the Catholic

In St. Louis, on the 3d ult, at the residence of his mother, Harry, son of
John H, and Emma THORINGTON, aged 2 years and 10 months.

April 9, 1846
At LeClaire, in this county, on Saturday 28th ult, Mr. Charles AMES, aged
about 38 years. Mr. A was formerly from Vermont, from whence he removed in
1829. He was a man of sound judgment, upright, honorable and generally

April 16, 1846
On the 7th inst by Willard BARROWS, Esq, Mr. John WATTS to Miss Elizabeth
Ann, daughter of Mr. Christopher RINGLESBY, both of Scott County.

Apr 23, 1846
On last Thursday, 16th ult, by Elder James BROWNLEE, Mr Samuel ALVORD to
Miss Christiana BROWNLEE, both of Long Grove, in this county.

In Bloomington, I.T [Iowa Territory], on Wednesday of last week, Capt.,
James PARMER, aged 49 years.

Apr 30, 1846
On the -th inst. By Elder James BROWNLEE, Mr. William SEYMOUR of Clinton
county to Miss Sarah SEYMOUR of Scott County.

May 14, 1846
Near Davenport, on last Saturday morning, Rhoda M, wife of Enos GLASPELL,
aged 25 years and 6 months.
Four months since, full of life and hope, she connected herself in marriage
but how soon, alas! Has death, that "rude monitor which flatters not,"
severed the ties and left her partner to mourn her early departure. Mrs. G.
was an amiable and pious woman and for several years had been an exemplary
member of the Disciples Church in this place. She has left a large circle of
friends to mourn her loss.

May 21, 1846
On Thursday, May 21st, by Elder James BROWNLIE, Mr. James Anthony to Miss
Mary Ann BURNHAM, both of this county.

July 2, 1846
On Sunday evening, the 28th ult at 11 o'clock, Mrs. Adeline, wife of Jas.
GRANT, esq. Aged 24 years.

Aug 6, 1846
On Friday, the 24th inst, at Allen's Grove, in this county, of Bilious
Fever, Mr. John DUNN, aged 56 years.

At Fitchville, Ohio on 20th ult, Clara Isabella, daughter of Wm M and Achsia
DALZELL, aged 10 months and 3 days.

In Centre Grove, Muscatine county on Thursday last, John FOSTER, son of T.E.
and Maria J RANDALL, aged 19 months.

In this town on Saturday night last John Sabin, infant son of A. PRESCOTT
and T.F.C. PRESCOTT, aged 4 weeks.

Sep 3, 1846
At Spring Rock in this County on Wednesday morning the 26th inst, after a
short illness, Rhoda, wife of Francis PARKER and daughter of the late Col
Moses CHAPLIN of Clarendon Vt. Aged 54 years.

Sep 10, 1846
On the 27th Aug near Rockingham by W. BARROWS, Esq, Mr. James BROWN to Miss
Lowis CLARK, all of Scott co., Iowa

In this place on last Friday, 4th inst at 1 o'clock A.M. Mrs Catharine wife
of S.P. JENNEY, aged 27 years.

Sep 24, 1846
In Iowa City, on the 14th inst, Rev. Ward TALBOT, Professor of Languages in
Iowa City University, aged 38 years.

Oct 8, 1846
In this place on Monday evening last, 5th inst., after an illness of three
days of Congestive Fever, Mrs. Eliza, wife of W.M.S. COLLINS, aged 22 years
7 months.

Oct 15, 1846
In Rock Island, on the 4th inst, of Chills and Fever, Franklin Dwight, son
of Chauncey and Susannah WOOD, aged about 4 years.

Oct 29, 1846
At Long Grove, on the 23d inst, by Rev. Mr RAY, Mr. David HARDIE, farmer, to
Crawford, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John ROBERTSON, farmer,
Ashyards, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Nov 12, 1846
In this place, on the 29th ult, after an illness of 5 days, Mrs. Malvina C,
wife of Samuel LEONARD, in the 21st years of her age.

In Cincinnati, on the 27th ult, of Consumption, in the 22d year of her age,
Mrs. Martha J., wife of Rev. Joseph T. LEWIS, Pastor of the Ebenezer Chapel,
of the M.E. Church in that city.

Dec 3, 1846
In this Town, Tuesday morning, 1st inst, after a protracted illness, which
she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mrs. Maria, wife of Mr.
Abijah SAWYER, Aged 25 years.

Dec 31, 1846
On the 15 inst, in Buffalo Township by Rev D. WORTHINGTON, Mr Nathan
BLACKMAN to Miss Eliza Jane McBRIDE.

Also by the same, in Rockingham Township on the 20th ult, Mr. Seymour AYERS
to Miss Elizabeth KERSHAW all of Scott County.

     At Centreville, Scott county on the 17th inst, of Typhus Fever, Huldah, wife
of Samuel SLOPER, in the 57th year of her age. Her last sickness was very
short, she was taken on the morning of the 16th at 6 o'clock and died the
next day at 10 o'clock She was insensible in two hours after she was taken
and remained so with the exception of a few minutes at intervals until she
     Mrs. SLOPER was the mother of 17 children, 15 of whom are now living, and
grandmother of 38, 30 of whom are living. Her children and grandchilden are
all living in this State and most of them in this county, in the above named
place, seven miles north of Davenport.
     Mrs. SLOPER was a member of the Disciples Church and was beloved by all who
knew her. She was a kind and dutiful wife, and a tender and affectionate
mother. She is lamented by her friends and has left her husband and children
to mourn their irreparable loss.