Davenport Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Thurs, Sep 9, 1841

On the 22d August, by the Rev. J.W. Gilmore, M. Jonathan Ping, to Miss
Susannah Robertson, daughter of Stephen Robertson, both of Des Moines

In Davenport, on Monday, August 30th a child of Mrs. Beard, teacher at the
Female Seminary in this place.

In Burlington, on 31st August, Mr. Harrison Vance. He came to that place a
short time since and put up at the Steam Boat Hotel, where he was taken sick
and died. He said he came from Cincinnati and that he had left a cousin at
Terre Haute on his way out. He was decently buried by a large number of

At his residence, three miles from Burlington, 28th August, Mr. Absalom
Leffler, aged 43 years. Mr. L. was one of a large family who came to this
Territory in its first settlement.

At his residence, Ludlow Station, near Cincinnati, on Monday, 15th Aug,
James C. Ludlow, Esq.

Suicide-On Saturday evening last Mr Levi Chamberlain, residing near the
mouth of Pine river, Muscatine County, committed suicide by cutting his
throat with a razor, for what reason is left to conjecture.

Thurs., Sep 16, 1841
On Thursday, Sep 9th, by Robert Christie, Esq. Mr. Daniel N Pope of Lee Co
to Miss Mary Hedges of Pleasant Valley. All good Whigs.

In Tameytown, Benton township, Des Moines county, on the 5th inst by John
Burkhart Esq., Mr. Aaron R. Edgington to Miss Martha Edgington.

On the same day by John Burkhart Esq., Mr. Charles H. New to Miss Joan
Frunk, all of Benton Township.

On Friday night , Sept. 11th, in Pleasant Valley, Mr. Leonard Lowery.

At Bloomington, on the 1st inst. of congestive fever, Ellen, daughter of Dr.
B.S. and Theresa L. Olds, aged 4 years 7 months and 4 days.

At Bloomington, on the 3d instant, Josephine, infant daughter of Robert C
and Eliza Kinney.

Thurs., Sep 23, 1841

In Burlington, on Monday evening last, by the Rev. John Bachelder, Mr. David
Wood, of Washington, Ky., to Miss Lucretia Stull, eldest daughter of Hon.
Otho H.W. Stull, Secretary of this Territory.

At Bloomington, on the 12th inst. Lucius Sidney, infant son of Irad C and
Z.M. Day. Aged 10 months and 12 days.

On Wednesday last, at the residence of her husband, two miles east of
Bloomington, Mrs. Margaret, consort of Chas. A Warfield.

Thurs., Sep 30, 1841

In this place, on last evening, by the Rev. J. Alden Woodruff, Mr. Francis B
Evans, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Maria McKown, of Davenport, Iowa.

On the 22inst, by the Rev. Francis A. Chenoweth, Mr. David J. Johnson of
Colchester to Miss Alice Richardson of Muscatine county.

At Dubuque, Iowa on Wednesday 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Carpenter, Mr.
Thomas Hughes, Publisher of the Bloomington Herald, to Miss Louisa C.F.
King, of the former place.

In Davenport on Thursday evening last, the 23d inst., after a short but
severe illness, Mrs. Sarah Ann Bonny, aged about 22 years.

At Bloomington on Sept. 23d, Joseph R. Loveless, Printer, aged 32 years, for
several years a resident of Illinois. He came to this place a few weeks
since, in the last stage of consumption.

In Burlington, on Friday the 17th inst, of fever, Mrs. Jane Morrison,
consort of Wm. C. Morrison, Esq. of this city.

In Burlington, on Saturday last, 11th inst, Mr. Thomas Price.

In the same city, on Friday 16th inst., Mrs. Susannah Price, widow of the

Thursday, Oct 14, 1841

On the 26th inst., by the Rev. H. Johnson, Mr. M. Choate of Iowa City to
Miss Minerva Bell, daughter of Simeon Bell, deceased, formerly of Millbrook,

On the same day, by A. Washburn, Esq., Mr. Job Waltz to Miss Mary Palmer,
both of Bloomington.

In Burlington, on Friday last, Mr. Eli Dogget, formerly of Indiana.

Thursday, Oct 28, 1841

In Burlington, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Fulton, Mr. Arthur
Bridgman, of the firm of Bridgman & Partridge merchants to Mrs. Ann Warwick,
daughter of Col, Wm. R. Ross, late of Virginia.

On Thursday, the 14th inst., at Hudson, by he Rev. J.P. VanHagan, Mr.
William St. John, of Bloomington, to Miss Cornelia VanHagan, of Hudson,
Muscatine Co, Iowa.

In Rock-Island, Ill, on Saturday the 9th inst, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah
Ann Allen, in the 24th year of her age.

In Bloomington, on Tuesday last, of consumption, Mr. O.S. Truesdell, aged 32

In Burlington ,on Thursday the 14th inst., Levina J. daughter of James and
Nancy C. Wells, aged 7 years and 11 months.

In Burlington, on Tuesday the 19th inst., Antoinette, youngest daughter of
Gen. Hight, aged 6 years, of Congestive Fever.

Four miles from the same place, at the house of Mr. Hull, on Thursday the
14th inst., William Dunton, aged 20 years, of Bilious Fever. Formerly from
New York.

On the 14th inst. At Lewsitown, Fulton county, Ill., Edward Glanville,
infant son of John B. and Mary M. Newhall, aged thirteen months.

Thursday, Nov 4, 1841

On Monday 18th Oct, by R. Christy Esq., Mr. Horatio G. Stone, to Miss Hannah
Van Buskirk, all of Pleasant Valley.

In Township 76 Range 4 West, on the 27th inst, by the Rev. Mr. Kirkpatrick,
Mr. Morton Brown, to Miss Sarah P. Jean, both of that township.

On the 21st inst., by the Rev. A. Turner, Mr. Joseph I. McMaken, of Des
Moines to Miss Parthena Maria Green, of Lee county, Iowa.

On the 12th ult, by John Salladay Esq. Mr. John Vesey to Miss Nancy Ann
McIntier, both of Des Moines county.

On the 1st inst., at Iowa City, by Robert Walker, Esq., Mr. Geo. W. Hawkins
to Miss Elizabeth Hyler.

At Hudson, by the Rev. Mr. Woods, on Thursday evening the 28th inst, Dr.
Henry Murray, of Iowa City to Miss Ellen B. Leffingwell, of Hudson,
Muscatine Co.

In Rock Island, Ill, on Tuesday morning the 25th inst., Mrs. Sarah W.

Thursday, Nov. 11, 1841
In Casey Prairie, on the 27th inst. By John Burkhart, Esq. Mr. John H.
Atchison, to Miss Mary Jane, daughter of John Lotton, Esq, both of Des
Moines county.

On Tuesday the 2d inst., at the house of Robert McIntire, by John Salladay,
Esq., Mr. Gideon Hedges to Miss Mary McIntire, both of Des Moines county.

Thursday, Nov 18, 1841
On Tuesday morning, 9th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Bowman, Mr. Malcolm Murray
Merchant, to Miss Minerva L., youngest daughter of the late Dr. Manson
Catlett-all of Johnson County.

In Bloomington, on Tuesday evening 9th inst., by T.S. Parvin Esq Mr. Conrad
Stake to Miss Catharine Lening, both of that city.

At Hartford, Des Moines county, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. A. Turner of
Denmark, Rev. Reuben Gaylord of the former place to Miss Mary M. Ewlles, of
Wethersfield, Connecticut.

In Buffalo township, Scott county, Iowa, on the 25th Oct., Malinda L. Wood,
daughter of Mr. C. Wood, aged nine months and seventeen days. Disease,
dropsy on the brain.

At New Orleans, of he Yellow Fever, on the 27th of September, Augustus
Kirshbaum, aged 23 years, late of Burlington.

On the 26th ult., after a short but painful illness, Mrs. Sarah S., consort
of Mr. Wm. H. Tuthill, of Tipton, Cedar county-aged 28 years.

In Bloomington, on the morning of the 7th inst., Elizabeth Allison, daughter
of J.A. and H.D. Parvin-aged 4 years and 11 months.

Thursday, Nov. 25, 1841

In this place, on Sunday the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Pelamauges, Mr.
Lucius Moss, to Miss Margaret Lindsay, both of Pleasant Valley, Scott

In Burlington, by Rev. I.J. Stuart, on the 14th inst., Mr. Davis Sharp, to
Miss Elizabeth E. Wishard, of that City.

In this place on Tuesday last, the 23d inst., Edward Fessenden Holbrook,
youngest child of John C. Holbrook, aged 7 years.

Near Davenport, on Saturday 13th inst., of scarlet fever, George Noel, aged
12 years, and on Wednesday the 17th , Augustus, aged 4 years, only children
of Sarah Noel, widow of the late Joseph Noel.

At Burlington, on the 13th inst., Thomas J. Evans, Esq., a distinguished
member of the bar of that city.

At the same place on the 18th inst., of diarrhoea, Mr. William M. Logan in
the 32d year of his age.

Thursday, Dec. 2, 1841
In Schuyler County, Illinois, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Arnold, Mr.
Newton Blair of Des Moines county, Iowa to Miss Clarissa Emily Houston, of
Schuyler Co, Ill.

At Fort Madison, 11th inst. by the Rev. James A Clarke, Hugh T. Reid, Esq.
to Miss Charlotte A. Johnson.

At Grandview Grove Cottage, on the 25th inst. By the Rev. John Libby, Mr.
Isaac Bowen, to Miss Susanna P. Williams, niece of W.B. Snyder, all of
Johnson county.

In Benton township, on Sunday last, by John Salladay ,Esq., Mr. Royal
Cottle, to Miss Sarah Parker,all of Des Moine county.

At Appanoose, Ill, on the 18th inst by the Rev. James Clarke, Mr William G
Albright, Merchant, of Fort Madison to Miss Cynthia White, of Appanoose,

In Blomington, on Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. Stocker, Mr. Hiram Wilson
to Miss Carline Reed, all of that place.

At same place, on the same day, by the same Mr. Joseph Woodworth, of Iowa
City to Miss Esther Bittenbaner, of Salem, Pa.

In Burlington, on Tuesday 23d inst., Louisa Ann, only child of Wm D. and
Sarah McCash, aged 19 months of Scarlet Fever.

In Burlington , on Monday evening last, Wiliam Casey, aged 18 years.

On Friday morning last, in the same City, Ellen, infant daughter of Mr.

In the same city, on Thursday last, Mr. John Willhelm, aged about 30 years.

In the same city, on Wednesday night last, of scarlet fever, in his fourth
year, Wm Stockwell, son of Robert Ralston, Esq.

Thursday, Dec. 16, 1841
In Bloomington, on Thursday, 25th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Stocker, Mr. Hiram
Wilson to Miss Catharine Reed, all of that place.

In this place on Thursday, 9th inst., of inflammation of the intestines,
John H. son of Dr. James and Mahala Hall, aged 13 years and 4 months.

Thursday, Dec. 30, 1841
On last evening, the 28th inst., in the vicinity of Davenport, by the Rev.
Mr. Chenoweth, Mr Silas Glaspell, to Miss Susan J. Ricker, both of Scott

On Thursday evening last, in Pleasant Valley, by the Rev. Mr. Chenoweth, Mr.
Henry Fleming to Miss Catharine Hutt, both of Scott county.

In Burlington, on the 21st inst., by H.C. Bennett, Esq., Mr. Henry Winston
to Miss Elizabeth McKee, all of that city.

In Burlington, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. I.I. Stewart, Mr. Henry
Bartruff, to Miss Mary Ellen daughter of Edward Marlow, Esq. of that city.

On the 15th inst., in Des Moine county, by Alexander Gordon Esq, Mr. Absalom
Brooks, to Miss Elizabeth Jane O'Neil, all of that county.

List of Letters remaining in Davenport post office, October 7, 1841 Persons calling for these letters are requested to say they are advertised, otherwise they will not be looked for.

William H Allen

John Boyington, Hawkins Bresee (2),J.C. Breybogle, John H Blair, Mr.Burhans, Isaac Bishop, John Bowman, E Butler

Isaac Clawson, Daniel Charles, Aaron Chamberlin, D Cromelien, Robert Caldon, Mrs. Cunningham

William Droddy (2), Robert Davis, Benjamin Doolittle, Obid Donaldson, William Duffee, A B Davidson, B C Davidson, Thomas Dillon, Peter Dubels (2), John Devise

Charles Elder, James Edgerton

James Fleming, Abraham Folk, William Fudge, E Fisher

Caleb H Gardner, Miss Rhody German, O.A. Gage, Wm C Gage, Reagan & Gilbert, John Guild (3), henry Gaver, Thomas Graybill, John Grammar, J. Grant

Robert Humphrey, Mariah Hutt, Aisa Haile, John Heckson, Andrew Harman, George Hendric, Catherine Hutt, Harly Holcomb, Israel hall

Wm Knight

Wm Luck, John Lewis, Austin lathrop, N Loring, Albert Linde (2), Miss Lawton

Mrs. F Motie, J.N. Matlock

Wm C Noris, John Noel

J Ormand, John Olmstead

Jon W Parker (3), F.J. Parker, William Parker, Wm Phillips, Mr Parker, J. W.Parker (12), Charles Peterson, William Pearsall, E. Powers, J.D. Parker

John A Roper (2), Miss E W Rowe, Richard Randall, Almur Reynolds

Isaac Strout, Isaac N Sawyer, W R Shoemaker, Judge Schnall, Francis Sibbolds, A Stewart

Calvin Thornton, Lewis Trude, Miss M G Tice, John H Tice, H Tuttle, Wm Taylor, Reuben Thompson (2), Alfred Thomas, J H Thorington, J. Toole

Joseph Webb, Daniel Wells, Thomas Williams, Hiram Wilson, Hiram Willey, H.Willock

Thursday, January 6, 1842:

Married on Friday the 24th ult., in Parkhurst precinct by P Barber Esq, Mr Martin Van Duzer to Miss Jane Waterhouse, both of Scott County Thursday, February 3, 1842:

In Davenport married 26th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Pilam Ourgues, Mr. Richard Shields to Miss Sarah McGuire, both of Scott County

Thursday, February 10, 1842:

Married near Parkhurst, Iowa on 24th ult., by the Rev. E Fisher, Mr Riley Wood to Miss __Kelsey, both of Scott County

Thursday, February 17, 1842:

Married in this place on Thursday, 10th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Goldsmith, Mr Casper wolf to Miss Christina Riepling, both of Scott County

Thursday, February 24, 1842:

Married in Pleasant Valley, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. Francis A Chenoweth, Mr Stephen Thompson to Miss Maria Hutt, both of Scott County.

In same place, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Elder Fisher, Mr. Andrew J Hyde to Miss Emma Rowe, both of Scott County.

Thursday, April 14, 1842

Married on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev Mr Z H Goldsmith, James Thorington, Esq. to Miss Mary Parker, both of this place.

On the evening of the 10th, inst., by Reb A B Hitchcock, J Washburn Clark,M.D. to Miss Jane W Fessenden, both of this city.

Thursday, April 21, 1842:

Married in Rockingham on the 12th inst., by the Rev E Meade, Mr Homer S Finley to Miss Eliza Barrows, both of that place

Thursday, May 12, 1842

In Iowa City, on the 4th inst, by the Rev. M. HUMMER, Mr. Robert A. STELLE,
of Dayton, O., to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of E.T. SMITH, Esq. of Muscatine

In same place, on the 5th, by the same, Dr. Isaiah P. HAMILTON to Miss
Elizabeth S. McCONNELL, both of Johnson County.

Near Poweshiek, on Wednesday 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. WEED, Mr Nathan
BROWN to Miss Filinda ODELL, both of Muscatine county.

Thursday, May 26, 1842

In Burlington on Thursday, 12th inst, by the Rev. A.H. LEONARD, Dr John C
CAMPBELL, of Mt Pleasant, to Miss Elizabeth HENDERSON, of Des Moines county.

Yesterday, at Grant's Grove in this county, of Consumption, Eliza, wife of
Jas. GRANT Esq., and daughter of __ HUBBARD, Esq. of Chicago, aged 21 years.

In this place on Tuesday morning last, William H., child of Alexander H and

In Burlington, on the 19th inst. Mr John GARRIGUES, Recorder of Des Moines

Thurs, June 9, 1842

In this place on Thursday night last, the 2d inst., of scarlet fever, George
W., eldest son of Nathaniel and Eliza Ann SQUIRES, aged 6 years and 5

Thursday, June 23, 1842
At Augusta on Sunday evening 5th inst. By Parnell VEACH, Esq. Mr William
DAWSON to Miss Elizabeth MARTIN, all of Des Moines co.

At Hope Farm, Louisa county, on the 7th inst. By the Rev. A.L. LEARNED, Mr.
Jos B. NICHOLLS to Mrs. Ellen J. ISETT.

Thursday, June 30, 1842
On the 15th inst by H. ROBB, Esq., in Tippecanoe township, Henry county,
Iowa, Mr. Samuel BELL, to Miss Luisiana C.A. GILLENWATERS.

In Burlington on 18th inst. By Rev. IlI. STEWART, Mr. Robert G. ANDERSON to
Miss Hannah MORGAN, both of that city.

Thursday, July 7, 1842
In Burlington, on the 25th inst, by Rev. I.I. STEWART, Mr. Philander A
GOODRICH to Miss Elizabeth ASHMORE, both of that city.

In Iowa City, on 28th ult. James W. STONE to Miss Elizabeth BROWN, both of
Johnson co.

In Bloomington, on the 27th ult, Frances A. , consort of John B. RUSSELL,
editor of the Herald, aged 21 years.

Near Parkhurst, on Sunday the 10th inst. by Parge BARBER, Mr. Anthony
PHILLIPS of Boone Co, Illinois, to Mrs. Sarah PAST of Scott county, Iowa.

In Bloomington, on 30th ult. By Robert STUART, Esq., Mr. George G. SPURGEON
of Cedar county to Miss Margaret HATTEN of Muscatine Co.

Death by lightning- We regret exceedingly to learn that the lady of Col.
SHUFFLETON, of Fairfield, Jefferson county, Iowa, was killed on Tuesday of
last week by lightning. She was a lady of excellent worth, beloved and
respected by all who enjoyed her acquaintance.-Ter. Gaz.

Thursday, July 21, 1842
In Davenport, on Wednesday evening, 13th inst., Augusta M., youngest child
of John H. and Emma THORINGTON, aged 6 mos.

Thursday, July 28, 1842
In Iowa City, on the 16th inst., Mr. James M. HAWKINS, Post Master, in that
place, aged 24 years.

Accidental death- Mr. Anson COWLES, a citizen of Linn county, came to a
sudden and affecting death on Thursday the 30th ult., while on a hunting
expedition many miles remote from the settlement of the whites, from the
fall of a tree by which his skull was so fractured that he survived but a
few hours. Mr. COWLES was about 35 years of age, one of the earlies settlers
of the county, and the original proprietor of the town of Ivanhoe. He was
acquainted with the classics, and at one time a teacher in Jefferson
College, Miss.

Thursday, Aug 4, 1842

On the 28th ult. By the Rev. Z.H. GOLDSMITH, Mr. Stephen S. BLACKMAN to Miss
Martha WORK, both of Pleasant Valley.

In this county, on the 26th ult. of Inflammation of the Brain, Rosella,
daughter of Michael and Flora BALDWIN, aged 7 years.

Died in the 37th year of her age, at Harmonsburgh, Crawford county, Pa., on
Saturday the 21st day of May., A.D. 1842, Catherine Ann, daughter of Col.
William and Elizabeth SHULL, and wife of M.N BOSWORTH, formerly of Lowville,
N.Y., late of Davenport, Iowa.
She died among strangers;and of her numerous relatives nad friends left to
lament her loss, none were present during her sickness and death except her
husband; who tenders his sincere thanks for the marked kindness and sympathy
of strangers, manifested towards so worthy an object as the deceased.
She died as she had long lived, a brilliant example of redeeming grace; and
a faithful witness of the truth and efficacy of the blessed religion of
Christ, as revealed to man in the Word of God.
Her last words were "come Lord Jesus, come quickly and rescue my spirit.".
Requiescat in pace.

Thursday, Aug 18, 1842
On the 11th inst., at Yellow Springs, by Rev. A.L. RANKIN, Mr. Samuel A.
HALL of Iowa City to Miss Catherine J. RANKIN of that place.

In Keosauqua, on 2d inst., Mr. John BRAKEMAN of Burlington to Miss Malissa
BARNES of former place.

On 11th inst., by the Rev. Bishop FULTON, Mr. Samuel STEPHENS to Miss
Narcissa Jane DELASHMUTT, both of Des Moines county.

In Burlington, on 6th inst., Mrs. Pamela F. COOK, in the 45th year of her
In same place, on 13th inst., Miss Margaret JOHNSON, aged 32 years.

Thursday, Sep 1, 1842
In Pleasant Valley on Tuesday evening, Roxy HEDGES of Bilious Fever, wife of
Thos. HEDGES. Aged 20 years.

Thursday, Sep 24, 1842
On the 12th inst, in Bloomington, by T.S. PARVIN, Esq. Mr. Adolph F.
HOFFMEYER to Miss Catharine FRYBERGER, both of that place.
On 14th inst., in same place, by the Rev. Mr. STOCKER, Mr. George W. MARTIN
to Miss Mary Ann MAGOON, both of that place.

In this place on the 15th inst., Miss Ruann FRIZZELL, aged 28 years.
In Bloomington, on the 10th, Mr. John CONKLIN, aged about 28 years.
In Burlington, on the 15th, Mr Lysander C. JINKS,aged about 23 years.

Thursday, Sep 29, 1842
In Burlinton, on the 15th inst., by Rev. J.G. WHITFORD, Mr. Samuel
HUTCHINSON to Miss Elizabeth DOWNING, both of that place.
In Bloomington, on 16th inst., by A. WASHBURN, Mr. Charles NEWMAN to Miss
Catharine WILL, both of that county.
In same place on 21st inst., by J.A. McCORMICK, Esq. Mr. Harvey LILLY to _
Waty HARRINGTON-further deponent saith not.

In this place on last Saturday morning of bilious fever, Miss Sarah S.
BENNETT, only daughter of R. BENNETT, Esq., aged about 13 years.

Died in Pleasant Valley, on Saturday last of the Dropsy, Mrs. Sally BLACKMAN
wife of Ebenezer BLACKMAN, aged 56 years.

Thursday, Oct 13, 1842
In Bloomington, on 2d inst., by the Rev J.P. VAN HAGEN, Mr. Abiel L. HEALY
to Miss Mary ADAMS, both of that county.
In Cincinnati, on the 27th ult., by Rev. J. BLANCHARD, Mr. John DARLING to
Miss Cynthia A. GILLETT, both of that city.

In Bloomington, on 4th inst., Miss Christine SOUR, aged about 24, a native
of Germany, her parents residing in this county.
In Iowa City on 29th ult., Mr. Thomas LLOYD, Printer.

Thursday, Oct. 20, 1842
In this place, yesterday 19th inst., Mr. John MORLAND, aged about 26 years.
His funeral will take place this afternoon at 1 o'clock, from the residence
of Mr. Geo. ZEIGLER.

On Thursday morning last, after a painful illness of 8 weeks, Frederick
Augustus, son of John SHAYS, Esq., aged 15 years.

Two miles west of Davenport, on the night of same day, Mr. John McGREGOR,
aged about 63 years.

Thursday, Nov. 3, 1842
On Wednesday evening, Oct. 26th, by Rev. Z.H. GOLDSMITH, John P COOK, Esq.
to Miss Eliza A. ROWE, daughter of Christopher ROWE, Esq., of this county.
The above notice was attended by the usual complements, for which the happy
pair have our kindest wishes; may they live a thousand years and their
shadows never grow less.

On the 23d ult., one mile north of Davenport, Mary, child of Thomas and Ann
O'KELLY, aged 2 months.

Thursday, Nov. 10, 1842
On Thursday last, November 3d, by Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. G.J. HYDE to
Miss Julia A. ROWE, both of Scott county.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1842
In this place, on the 14th inst., by J. THORINGTON, Esq., Mr. Horace BABBITT
to Miss Mary CRAWFORD, both of this county.

In Bloomington, on 31st ult., by Rev. Mr. GOLDSMITH, Co Charles MATTOON to
Miss Lucia Ann HUMPHREYS , both of that place.
In same place on same day, by Rev. Mr. STOCKER, Mr. Norman S. DUNBAR to Miss
Amanda ROACH, both of that place.

Thursday, Nov 24, 1842
On the 6th inst., by Robert WALKER, Esq., Mr. Henry WELSH to Miss Laura
WALKER, both of Johnson county.
In Burlington, by Rev. John BACHELDER, Mr. Francis BRIDGMAN to Miss Mercie
STULL, daughter of the Secretary of Iowa Territory.

In Iowa City, on the 16th inst., of congestive fever, Miss Beta Altavela
WINCHESTER, aged 16 years.

Thursday, Dec 1, 1842
In Henry county, on 17th inst., by Rev. A. Evans, Mr. John CABLE of Des
Moines county to Miss Mary Ann CORNELIUS, of Henry county.
In St. Louis, on 17th ult., by Rev. P. MINDARD, James M. MORGAN Esq. Senior
editor of the Burlington (Iowa) Gazette, to Anna M, daughter of Col P. MAURO
of that city.

Thursday, Dec 8, 1842
In Bloomington on Sunday evening last, by Arthur WASHBURN ,Esq., Mr.
Philemon W. HAMILTON to Miss Catharine DEETZ, all of that place.
In the same place, on Monday last, by the Rev. Mr. FISHER, Mr Albert L.
BEATTY, to Miss Jane M., daughter of Henry SUMMERS, Esq. all of that place.
In the same place, on last evening, by the Rev. Mr. STOCKER, Mr. Benj. D.
HOWLAND, to Miss Emiline FISH, all of that place.
In the same place on the same evening ,by T.S. PARVIN, Esq. Mr. Henry STAHL
to Miss Margaret LEHNING, all of that place.

At Keokuk on the 16th Nov, Francis La BUSSIER in the 40th year of his age of
Consumption. He was employed as Clerk in the American Fur Company for many
At Portage des Sioux, Mo., on the 10th Nov. of Consumption, Mrs. Catharine
La CROY, daughter of E. BIEUVENUE of that place.

Thursday, Dec 15, 1842
On Wednesday Evening Dec 14th by the Rev. Mr. GOLDSMITH, Charles WESTON Esq
to Miss Louisa, daughter of John N. MACKLOT, Esq of this place.
At Fairfield, on 1st inst., by D.M. LYONS Esq. Col Samuel SHUFFLETON to Miss
Naoma JONES, both of Fairfield
In Burlington, on 4th inst., by J.R. FAYERWEATHER Esq., Mr. Paschall TAYLOR
to Miss Mary H. INGHAM.
In Mount Pleasant, on 5th inst., by Rev. Mr. GAYLORD, Mr. George W. JONES to
Miss Eveline A. SHELTON, both of that place.

Near Burlington, on 4th inst., James M. MORRIS, an old and highly esteemed

Thursday, Dec 22, 1842
At Albany, Whitesides county, Ill, by the Rev. S. SLOCUMB, Samuel R. MURRAY,
Esq. of Cumanche [sic], Iowa, to Miss Mary N. WINANS, of the former place.

At Glendare, Scott county, on the 20th inst, of Consumption, Mr. James
WAGGONER, aged 32 years late of Cincinnati.

Thursday, Jan 5, 1843
In this place, on the 3d inst., by J. THORINGTON, Esq., Mr. Seneca SMITH of
Jackson county to Miss Mary, daughter of Mr. W.F. RANDOLPH of this county.
In Bloomington, on 24th ult., by Rev. S. SHERWELL, Henry FELKNER, Esq.
Member of the House of Representatives to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Mr
Enoch LEWIS of Muscatine county.
In Iowa City, on 27th ult., by the Rev. Mr. THOMPSON, Hon. Francis SPRINGER,
Member of the Council to Miss Nancy, daughter of John M. COLMAN, Esq., of
that city.

In Iowa City, on the 21st ult., Rev. Moses T. JOHNSON, Pastor of the
Methodist Protestant Church, at that city.

Thursday, Jan 19, 1843
In this place on the 16th inst., by James THORINGTON, Esq. Mr. William CRANK
of the Steamer Jasper to Miss Rebecca daughter of John BARNHART of
We acknowledge the gingerbread, and wish them the customary happiness, &c.

At Portage des Sioux, Mo. On the 9th inst. Mr. Joseph Le BEAU to Miss Mary
DOPHIN, both of that place.

Thursday, Feb 2, 1843
On Thursday 19th inst., in Henry county, by the Rev. John SHEPPERD, Mr.
Felix COOLEY of Des Moines county to Miss Sarah M., daughter of Mr. Benjamin
WROTH of Henry county.

In Mount Pleasant, Henry county, Iowa on Thursday morning last., Mrs. Mary
H. wife of the Rev. I.I. STEWART,  of the Rock River American Conference of
the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Thursday, March 2, 1843
In Louisa county, on 23d ult., by Rev. Mr. STOCKER, Mr. Thomas T. ISRAEL, of
Bloomington to Miss Martha Jane LOWTHER of that county.

Thursday, March 9, 1843
In this place on Monday last, 6th inst., Mrs. Susanna WOOD, consort of
Thomas WOOD, Esq., in the 50th year of her age.

Thursday, Mar 16, 1843
In Henry county on the 26th ult., by Rev. Mr. CHAPIN, Mr. Wiliam BENHAM to
Miss Amanda ROGERS of Hamilton, Madison co, New York.
In Bloomington, on the 23d by N.H. BRANDENBERG, Esq, Mr. Reeves EDGINTON to
Miss Rachel SIMPSON, both of Muscatine county.

In this place on the 3d inst., after a short illness which she bore with
Christian patience, Mrs. Ruth TRUCKS, aged 83 years.

Thursday, Mar 23, 1843
In Davenport, on the 16th inst., by Rev. D. WORTHINGTON, Mr. Stephen LINDLEY
to Miss Eliza SHAW, both of this place.
In Burlington, on 14th inst., by the Rev. J.G. WHITFORD, Mr. Johnson DILLMAN
to Miss Mary E. ANDERSON, both of that city.
In Columbus City, on 28th ult., by Rev. James THOMPSON, Morgan RENO, Esq.,
of Iowa City to Miss Margaret A. HAMMER of former place.

In Rockingham on the 16th inst., Sarah A, wife of Rev. D.B. NICHOLS, in the
22d year of her age.
At Hartford, Des Moines county, Jan 24th of Typhus fever, Louisa HITCHCOCK,
aged 15 years. Also, at Brighton, Washington county, Feb. 5th of the same,
Fidelia REED, wife of Ellridge REED, and sister of Louisa HITCHCOCK, aged 19

Thursday, March 30, 1843
The 16th inst., by Rev. C.E. BROWN, Mr. Jacob ROWE to Miss Mary P OWENS of
Scott county.

Near Davenport on the 15th inst. Edith wife of Edward RICKER of winter
For nearly twelve months she has evinced an attachment to the cause of
Christ, and during her sickness, which she bore with christian fortitude, a
calm resignation, exhorting thse around her to be ready for the great change
for which she flet herself prepared, especially her husband, with whom she
had been united but for the short space of three and a half months.
Evincing the uncertainty of all earthly happiness. Her funeral on the 16th
was attended by many friends. Sermon by Rev. Mr. WOODRUFF.

April 13, 1843
Near Burlington on the 29th ult., by Rev. Mr. WHITFORD, Mr. Samuel HIGGINS
to Miss Mathilda HATCHER
In Iowa City, on 30th ult. By Rev. George B. BOWMAN, Mr. William McFARLAND
of Jones Co to Miss Rosanna V. McLAUGHLIN of that city.
In  same, on 2d inst., by Rev. Jas. THOMPSON, Rev. George B.  BOWMAN to Miss
Margaret Jane HILL.

April 20, 1843
On the 9th inst., at De Witt, Clinton County, by Rev. T.P. EMERSON, the Rev.
Oliver EMERSON to Miss Eliza F. BEDFORD both of that place.

On the 8th inst., in Iowa City, by Rev. Israel L. CLARKE, Daniel A SHAFFER,
Esq. To Miss Harriet A. FROST

At LeClaire, Scott county, on the 15th inst. Of Teething, Martin W., son of
Martin W. and Harriet C. SMITH, aged 11 months and 3 weeks.

In Bloomington, on the 12th inst., after an illness of but two days and a
half, of Congestive fever, Eliza OLCOTT, second daughter of Gen. VER PLANCK
and Jane Maria VAN ANTWERP, aged 6 years.

April 27, 1843
On the 6th inst. at Mt Pleasant, Mr. Andrew F. SIMONS to Miss Maria GRAHAM,
both of Henry Co.
On same day, at same place, Mr. Henry R. ANDERSON to Miss Jane M'CORD, both
of that place.
On 12th inst., in Burlington, Mr. W.S. TOWNSEND to Miss Charlotta REID.
On 13th , in same city, Mr. J.W. GARDNER to Miss Rebecca RICHARDSON.
On same day, in same city, Mr. Nathaniel BROWN to Miss Agnes THOMPSON.
On same day, in Washington, Morgan HART, Esq. To Miss Julia F. ASHBY.
On 15th, in Iowa City, Mr. John A STREET to Mrs. Huldah STREET, both of that
[The latter couple is one of the nineteen that were divorced last winter, by
the log-rolling system.]

May 11, 1843
On the 4th inst., by the Rev. D. WORTHINGTON, Mr. William HARMAN, to Miss
Nancy BLACKMAN, both of that place.
On Sunday, the 7th inst. At the Catholic Church by the Rev. A. PELAMOURGES,
Mr. Hugh C. GILDEA, of Iowa City, to Miss Mary C. LONG, of this place.

May 25, 1843
In Bloomington, on 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. STOCKER, Theodore S. PARVIN,
Esq. To Miss Agnes McCULLY, both of that place.

June 29, 1843
On Saturday Evening last, June 24th, 1843, in this place, by the Rev. Mr.
GOLDSMITH, Captain Benj. F. WOOD, to Miss Amanda R. WILLIAMS

Aug 3, 1843
On the 19th ult. By Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. Stephen SCHOOLFIELD, to Miss
Parthenia A. PLUMMER, both of this place.

In this place on Friday last, 28th ult. Edwin K. son of Alfred and M.
Antoinette SANDERS, aged 4 months and 22 days.

Aug 10, 1843
In this place on the 3d inst. By Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. William CALDER to
Miss Annet READ, both of Walnut Grove, Scott Co.

Aug 24, 1843

In Rockingham, on the 20th inst., by the Rev. Mr. WORTHINGTON, Mr. Hiram C.
PIERCE to Miss Rachel R. PERIN, both of that place.

Near Rockingham, on Wednesday 16th inst., Phebe M. PEARCE, aged 17 years, 5
months and 21 days.

Sep 14, 1843
Yesterday morning, three miles north of Davenport, Levina ELDRIDGE, wife of
William ELDRIDGE, aged 23 years. Her funeral will take place to-day at 10 o'
clk A.M.

In this place on the 9th inst., David Timothy, aged 1 year and 10 days, only
son of William S. and Eliza COLLINS.

Sep 28, 1843
At Rochester, Cedar County, on the 14th inst. Gen Harman VAN ANTWERP, aged
about 28 yrs, Gen. V.A. was a native of the state of N. York, came to this
territory about 5 years ago, and shortly afterwards located in Cedar county.
In 1840, he was chosen a Representative from that district to the
Legislature, in which body he distinguished himself as a talented and
influential member.

Oct 5, 1843
In Burlington, on 28th ult., by Rev. Mr. WHITFORD, Mr. Henry W. STARR to
Miss Sarah Marion PEASLEY, both of that city.

In same city, on same day, by O.COCK, Esq., Mr. P.L. CROSSMAN to Miss
Elizabeth A. JONES.

Yesterday morning, Marie Antoinette, daughter of D.C. and Rebecca E.
ELDRIDGE, aged 3 years and 8 months.
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral
this morning at 10 o'clock.

Oct 12, 1843
In this place after a long and distressing illness, Mrs. Olivia, wife of Mr.
Strong BURNELL, aged 33. The deceased was a worthy member of the
Congregational Church in this place since its formation. As a wife and
mother she was faithful and affectionate, as a friend, kind and true, always
ready to sympathize with the needy and distressed. During a protracted
illness about eight months since, which she bore with christian resignation,
she was very happy in the prospect of death. Though she unexpectedly
recovered, yet she ever after felt, and in a happy degree acted as though
she was near the grave. During her last sickness she manifested an humble
submission to the will of God, and of ten joined in the sentiment while at
her request was sung the sweet hymn,
Jersusalem my happy home;
A few hours before she died after breathing out a humble fervent prayer, she
expressed a perfect willingness to go and be with Christ and left her
friends the pleasing reflection that their loss is her infinite gain.

At his residence in this place, on the 2d instant, at 7 o'clock P.M., Asa
GREEN, Esq., formerly of Brattleborough, Vermont, in his 58th year after an
illness of somewhat more than three weeks. His illness he bore with
Christian meekness and patience; and when in the course of it, alarming
symptoms developed themselves, his self-possession and composure remained
undisturbed. He constantly professed his sole reliance to be, on the merits
of Christ his Savior- his sole wish to be, that he might glorify God either
by his life, or his death, as He might see fit to appoint- and all his
desire, that God would dispose of him according to his good pleasure. He
died in peace and almost without a struggle.

Bishop Hughes says he is glad to escape from the wretchedness and want and
physical suffering which surrounded him every where in Ireland. He adds,
"that it is not only beggars who are poor and destitute; those who would
fain gain something by work can hardly do so. Look at yon old woman sitting
down in the market place of town; she has come five miles on foot with her
produce for sale, and what is it? Two eggs! On my credit; two eggs and
nothing in the world beside; perhaps she will get two pennies (four cents)
and wend her way five miles home to her hut, to wait till her single hen
shall lay more."
What unmitigated wretchedness! No wonder that the Irish who reach this
country and find shelter in a log cabin, and enough to eat, coarse though it
may be, and clothing sufficient, though homely in its texture,
enthusiastically call this a blessed country.

The subscriber wishes to buy a quantity of good clean Beeswax for which he
will pay twenty-five cents per pound in Goods at as fair prices as any
person in this county- likewise Dry Hides at Seven Cents per pound, Spring
and Winter Wheat in good Merchantable order. I want to buy 200 Bushels of
Good Clean White Oats to be delivered on or before the 22d of this month.
Gilbert McKOWN.
Davenport, Oct. 12, 1843

The Market price in cash will be paid for Pork this season by the subscriber
in Davenport.
Davenport, Oct 12, 1843

By virtue of the above Ordinance, I will in front of my Office in the town
of Davenport on the 19th inst., commencing at the hour of 2 o'clock, P.M.,
proceed to sell the lots in the "Davenport Cemetery," (each lot being a rod
square), agreeably to the provisions of said Ordinance.
Terms, cash or town orders.
A plat of the ground may be seen at my office.
Mayor of Davenport.
Davenport, Oct. 5th 1843

Oct 19, 1843
In Pleasant Valley, on the 5th inst., Mary Emeline, only daughter of L.A.
and Lucinda JONES, aged 7 months and 25 days.

Oct 26, 1843
In Farmington, Van Buren county, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Mr. HAWK, Mr.
If all the wonders which transpire
Were stretched on a cloth or muslin,
None would raise our wonder higher,
Than a Crow turned to a Goslin';
And after all we need not talk,
For nothing did this but a Hawk.

On the 19th inst., Charles Henry, son of Strong BURNELL, aged 7 months and 4

Nov 9, 1843
On the 4th inst., at the residence of J. THORINGTON, Esq., by the Rev. A.B.
HITCHCOCK, Mr. Andrew W GRIFFITH, to Miss Caroline THORINGTON, both of this

Last evening at half past 9 o'clock, of Consumption, after an illness of 10
months, Mrs. Lucinda BENNETT, wife of Rodolphus BENNETT, and daughter of the
late Dea. John HOLBROOK of Brattleboro' Vermont, aged 43 years.
The funeral will be attended at the house on Friday 2 o'clock, P.M.

Nov 16, 1843
At Camanche, on Saturday, Oct 21st, after a short and painful illness,
George MOBBS, aged 28 years and 10 months.

Nov 23, 1843
Near Davenport, on Thursday evening, 16th inst., by John FORREST, Esq., Mr.
Samuel A LEONARD to Miss Malvina C. FRANKS.

In this place on last Friday, 17th inst., of Consumption Mr. John M.
EMERSON, aged 33 years.

Near Warsaw, on the 19th of Oct, of Chills and fever, Jonathan TODD, in the
47th year of his age.

Also, on the 24th of Oct., of the same disease, Timothy TODD, in the 19th
year of his age.

Also on the _ of Sept, of the same disease, John TODD, in the 17th year of
his age.

Also, on the 27th of Oct., of the same disease, William TODD, in the 15th
year of his age.

While in Illinois, a few weeks since, we visited the above named family. At
that time they had buried one son, another was lying a corpse in the same
room wehre the fatehr and eldest son lay sick. The most perfect resignation
reigned throughout the family. It was a christian family and instead of
giving themselves up to grief, the mother and eldest daughter were
ministering to the wants of the sick, while the three younger members of the
family were making themselves useful about the house. Mr. TODD , was brother
to the Rev. John TODD, of Pittsfield Mass, the well known author of the
Student's Manual and other useful works.-Ed. Hawkeye.

Nov 30, 1843
On the 24th inst. Mary Letitia, oldest child of John L. and Margaret DAVIES,
aged 2 years, 8 months and 7 days.

Dec 7, 1843
Yesterday, the 6th inst., by Rev. C.E. BROWN, Mr A SAWYER and Miss M.
FLEMING, both of Davenport.

Near Davenport, on the 30th ult, by Rev. E. MEAD, Mr. John JAMES, to Miss
Harriet RICKER, both of this county.

On the 15th ult., at Red Oak Grove, Cedar co. by the same, Mr. Elzy CAREL to
Miss Sarah DALLAS.

Dec 17, 1843
[Should be labeled 14th? instead]
On Tuesday last, 12th inst., John Edward, son of James and Ellen TELFAIR,
aged 3 years, 4 months and 18 days.
Funeral this day at 2 o'clock P.M.