From "THE CRYSTAL 1924" Yearbook
West Bend, Ia.

Alumni Directory of West Bend High School


Iva Emerson - William Johnson, Merchant, Plover, Ia.
Olive Dixon - Harvey Thompson, Banker, Burt, Ia.
Raymond Crisman, Rooming House, Cedar Falls, Ia.


Grace Williams - Raymond Crisman, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Ella Dixon - R.N. Ragsdale, Farmer, Decor, California
Cecil Markin - California


Mae Stone - Elmer Drag, Farmer, Oakland, Minn.
Anna Buck - George Spurgan, Oakes, North Dakota
Alex Pertl, Security Ware house, Minneapolis, Minn.
Delbert Isch, Four year course Forestry, Iowa State College.
Charlotte Anderegg - Alex Bonnstetter, West Bend, Ia.
Lillian Balgeman, deceased.


Lottie Anderegg
Leslie Minger, Musician, West Bend, Ia.
Earl Stout, Professor, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Marie Winklepleck - F.C. Black, Ft. Dodge, Ia.
Marvin Cain, Mail Clerk.
Zoe Emerson - George Foley, Businessman, West Bend, Ia.


Marguerite McFarland - Robert Tinsley, Musician, New York City, N.Y.
Walter Williams, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Flossie Stagman, School Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Bessie Spencer - Harry Fields, Clarksville, Ia.
Laura Robinson - Arthur Truvillian, Hardware Store, Grundy Center, Ia.
Tassie McFarland - Alvin Brown, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Beulah Bell - Ernest Dick, Bookkeeper, Perry, Oklahoma
Anna Schmalen - Nick Borman, Farmer, Livermore, Ia.
Harold Krewell
Florence Anderegg - Joe Mikes, Farmer, Fairfax, Minn.


Maytie Eula Doty, West Bend, Ia.
Sadie Minger - Lawrence Moore, Manager of Elevator, Severance, Kansas.
Bernice Wilson - Lloyd Lucksinger, Graettinger, Ia.


Fern Clark - Homer Bardsley, Ames, Ia.
Irvin Dewitt, Drayman, West Bend, Ia.
Hermina Dorweiler - C.S. Foster, Dentist, Newton, Ia.
Louisa Dorweiler - A.O.H. Setzpfandt, Professor, Eagle Grove, Ia.
Lee Jacobs, Chicken Hatchery, Charles City, Ia.
Caroline Bertle - Leo Whitmore, Farmer, Banatia, Ia.


Harold Anderegg, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Hugh Dunn, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Lily De Witt - Leo Mimback, Lumberman, Renwick, Ia.
Susan Fisher - Claude Miller, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Cella Stout - Paul Hughes, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Myrtle Stone - J.M. Buffin, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
John Schurg, Businessman, West Bend, Ia.
Steve Williams, Cornell College, Music, Mount Vernon, Ia.


Viva Jacobs, West Bend, Ia.
Neva Munson - Harry Cunningham, Farmer, Ogden, Ia.
Dorothy Helmke - Farnk Decker, Doctor, Washington, Ia.
Goldie Stagman - Jack Wilson, Railroad, Estherville, Ia.
Williametta Williams - Alfred Brown, Shoe Store, Mason City, Ia.
Grant E Reed, deceased
Albert L Pertle, Doctor, Iowa City, Ia.
Bert Bullock, Des Moines, Ia.
Harry Hoover, FArmer, Webster City, Ia.
Albert Spencer, Street Car Conductor, Denver, Colorado.
Leo Pertl, Security Warehouse, Minneapolis, Minn.
June Miller, Des Moines, Ia.
Victor Reid, Bookkeeper, West Bend, Ia.
Rosetta Williams - Harold Anderegg, West Bend, Ia.


Esther Buttermore, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Walton Fisher, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Fred Leinbach, Farmer, Belmond, Ia.
Nellie Nessen, Telephone Operator, Des Moines, Ia.


Evelyn Anderegg, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, ia.
Guy Banwart, Businessman, West Bend, Ia.
Frank Bonnstetter, Veterinarian, Ames, Ia.
Harold Bonnstetter, Studying Law, Creighton, Omaha, Nebr.
Lydia Frieden, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Frank Jacobs, Bookkeeper, Des Moines, Ia.
Frances Kinkade - Victor Robinson, Painter, West Bend, Ia.
Hugh Kinkade, Auto Factory, Detroit, Michigan.
Melvin McCullogh, Auto Factory, Detroit, Michigan.
Elmer Schneider, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Ray Primasing, Medical School, Creighton, Omaha, Nebr.
Chester Stevens, Merchant, Ft. Dodge, Ia.
Verle Johnston - Ira Wagner, Ft. Dodge, Ia.
Ester Budnick- Burris Miller, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Helen Shipley, Ottosen, Ia.


Marion Spencer, Teacher, Mission Work, Cawood, Kentucky
Doris Stout - Henry Simmons, Barber, West Bend, Ia.
Charles Ross, Clerk, Des Moines, Ia.
Andy Miller, School Veterinarian, Manhattan, Kansas
Sylvia Kongsback, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Mary June McFarland, School Music, Minneapolis, Minn.
Lillie Pertle, Seaman Paper Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
Hazel Maxwell, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.


Ella Banwart, West Bend, Ia.
Bessie Boyle - Harry Holsclaw, Marshalltown, Ia.
Helen Chukker, Office work, Minneapolis, Minn
Alice Fogarty, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Sophia Isch - Walter Alburn, Mail Carrier, West Bend, Ia.
Bernice Ivey, deceased.
Clemence Ludwig, Electrical Engineer, Ames, Ia.
Truman McCullough, Ford Factory, Detroit, Mich.
Frank Mikes, College, Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Irvin Morey, Des Moines, Ia.
Isabell Ross, Teacher, Sibley, Ia.
Harry Schneider, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Mae Schulenberg, Nurse, Rochester, Minn.
Ellis Shellmyer, West Bend, Ia.
Bessie Sloan, West Bend, Ia.
Orlie Stagman, West Bend, Ia.
Verne Tansey, Teacher, Allison, Ia.


Elsie Baas, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Eline Ivey, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Ia.
Jean Robinson - Marion Law, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Ethel Schrieber, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Ia.
Elizabeth Williams - Ralph Sloan, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Marjorie Kilbourne, West Bend, Ia.
Augusta Buttermore, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Priscilla Isch - Otto Kitzman, Minister, Elbon, Sash, Canada
Ralph Sloan, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.


Ed Nessen, West Bend, Ia.
Ray Miller, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Al Montag, Ames College, Ames, Ia.
Bernice Reed, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Ia.
Ruth Stevens, West Bend, Ia.
Wilda Nylen, West Bend, Ia.
Golda Sloan, West Bend, Ia.
Freda Helmke, Drake College, Des Moines, Ia.
Dorothy Pertl - Harry Lund, Farmer, Otteson, Ia.
Florence Broadwell, West Bend, Ia.
Clinton Watson, Farmer, West Bend, Ia.
Elizabeth Nessen, Telephone Operator, West Bend, Ia.
Katherine Murray, Ft. Dodge, Ia.
Mildred Spencer, Teacher, West Bend, Ia.
Leona Primasing, Nurse, Omaha, Nebr.
Hulda Schneider, West Bend, Ia.
Nevuis Cuplin, West Bend, Ia.
John Walker, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Kenneth Brough, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Ia.

Freshman Class Characteristics

NAME Present Occupation Ambition 20 Years Hence
:Lucille Balgeman Reading deep literature written by Horatio Alger, Jr. To be an opera star Will be Pres. of the Ladies' Aid
Leo Frieden Start forward on the Freshie basketball team To be a preacher Will be a cowpuncher
Ellen Collins Reading books on "How to Make Love" To be a great mathematician Will be an old maid
William Dorweiler Talking loudly To step out Will be a barber
Hildred Edgington Making eyes at a certain Sophomore To be a second Paderewiski
Helen Frye Breaking men's hearts To be a movie star Will be washing her husband's shirts
Ralph Wickman Eating candy in Ag. class To be a second Rudolph Valentino Will be a Prof.
Arnold Maxwell Playing baseball To be a star baseman and home run king Will be an auctioneer
Henry Harms Walking in his sleep To be a cowboy Will be teaching at the Center School house
Paul Robinson Bumming To go to college Still there
Lillian Habeger Laughing at Wendell To be a Doctor Will be singing in the church Choir
Selma Baas Vamping all the boys in school To marry a Junior Still hoping
Neva Sloan Trying to capture Bill(s) hart (Billsheart) To be a vamp Will be a stenographer
Leo Mersch Studying Ag. To be a ball player Will be an acrobat
Wendell Kisch Looking wise To be President of the united States - Toothpick Co. Will be running a Ford
Marien Jensen Popping gum You'd be surprised Will be a Senatress
Gertrude Jennings Writing notes To gain fame Will be a good swimmer