Ayrshire, Iowa



 Organizations and Groups


In 1922, the ladies of Scared Heart Parish of Ayrshire organized the Catholic Ladies Aid Society. In later years the name was changed to Altar Society. In the beginning there were thirteen circles with seven or eight ladies in each circle. Meetings were held to plan spiritual and social activities in the parish. Along with the fun of social activities such as barn dances, ice cream socials, card parties and bazaars, money was raised to help with some of the expenses of furnishing the school, convent and hall.

During the years our young men were in the service of their country, the ladies would fix up a box of homemade candies, cookies, etc. for each one and it was mailed to them near Christmas.

Other activities included quilting, sewing for the missions and gathering clothing for the needy and serving the funeral dinners in our parish.

When we had our parochial school we would set aside a couple of days in the summer to clean the convent, school, hall and kitchen in preparation for the start of another school year.

After the sisters arrived we would have a food shower to help stock the pantry shelves. Many changes have taken place since the beginning. We no longer have our school. We have a new church and hall and we now have four circles in our Altar Society. One is our honor circle which includes members that have served for many years and are now retired. There are about twenty ladies in each of the other three circles.

We have our meetings, serve the funeral dinners and visit the nursing homes, work the snack bar at the Emmetsburg hospital and plan our social activities such as card parties, style shows, Christmas parties, etc. much as the ladies aid did at the start of the Society.




Catholic Ladies Aid Society Circles for 1922


Special Circle of men.

Dennie Martin 1.00
Tom Fagan 1.00
Frank Miles 1.00
Kelley Bros. 1.00
Harry O Grady 1.00
Hagan Bros.  
J.E. Maguire 1.00
James Anglum 1.00
James Donovan  
Dan Nolan 1.00
James Martin  
James Geelan 1.00

Circle I  Mrs. W.O. Smith Ch.

Ladies Aid Society held at the home of Mrs. W.L. O'Brien. Amount collected $18.80

Mrs. Harry Breckwald ok
Mrs. W.O. Smith ok
Mrs. W.L. O'Brien ok
Mrs. Jas. Degnan ok
Mrs. Harry  Degnan ok
Mrs.Leo Fitzpatrick ok
Mrs. Jas. O'Brien ok
Mrs. Joe Kibbie ok

Circle II -- Mrs. D. McNally, Ch.

Mrs. D. McNally 3.00
Mrs. J.M. Ulrich 3.00
Mrs. Saunders 3.00
Mrs. Foy Padden 3.00
Mrs. O. Larson  
Mrs. Jas. Thompson  
John McNally 3.00

Circle III - Mrs. L. Sherlock, Ch.

Mrs. Len Sherlock 3.00
Mrs. Henry Joint 3.00
Mrs. Jno. Joyce 3.00
Mrs. Jno. Ball 3.00
Mrs. Miles Mahan 3.00
Mrs. M. Gingler  
Mrs. Walter Maiden  

Circle IV - Mrs. Thos. Conlon, Ch.

Ladies Aid Society held at the home of Mrs. Thos. Conlon. Amount collected. $15.00

Mrs. M. Kennedy ok
Mrs. Chris Conlon ok
Mrs. Joe Higgins ok
Mrs. Barney Farrell ok
Mrs. Ed Farrell ok
Mrs. Thos. Conlon ok
Mrs. John Higgins ok
Mrs. Geo Terwilliger  
Mrs. Wm. Carnahan  

Circle V - Mrs. O. Hoban, Ch.

Ladies Aid Society held at the home at Mrs. O. Hoban. Amount collected $15.00

Mrs. O. Hoban ok
Mrs. Alvin Johnson ok
Mrs. Jno. Bough ok
Mrs. M. Hoban ok
Mrs. Jno Coakley ok
Mrs. Jno Sherlock ok
Miss Mary Sherlock ok

Circle VI - Mrs. J.M. Kelley, Ch.

Ladies aid Society met at the home of Mrs. J.M. Kelley, Amt collected $28.30

Mrs. J.M. Kelley ok
Mrs. Jack Thompson ok
Mrs. Sam Woods ok
Mrs. J.J. Kahley 3.00
Mrs. Otto Cooklin 3.00
Mrs. Wm. Thomopson 3.00
Mrs. J. McBride 3.00
Mrs. A. Gates 3.00
Mrs. Kate Whalen 3.00
Miss Julia Dailey 3.00

Circle VII - Nellie Easton, Ch.

Miss Nellie Easton 3.00
Mrs. Hugh Smith 3.00
Mrs. Jas. Smith 3.00
Mrs. Richard McCabe 3.00
Mrs. Steve Koppe 3.00
Mrs. Mike Smith 3.00
Mrs. Wm. O'Connor  

Circle VIII - Mrs. P. Molloy, Ch

Mrs. Jno Burns 3.00
Mrs. Jas Hand 3.00
Mrs. Henry Selle 3.00
Mrs. P. Molloy 3.00
Mrs. Joe McNamara 3.00
Mrs. Mike Daily 3.00
Mrs. Thos. Eagan  
Mrs. Jno Gappa 3.00

Circle IX - Mrs. B.L. Maguire, Ch.

Mrs. B.L. Maguire 3.00
Mrs. Hugh Maguire 3.00
Mrs. P. Hogan 3.00
Mrs. Floyd Colwell 3.00
Mrs. Jno Noonan  
Mrs. Frank Corley  
Mrs. Rose Corley  
Mrs. Jas Virgil  

Circle X - Mrs. Jno. Fagan, Ch.

Mrs. Jno. Fagan 3.00
Mrs. M.J. Conry 3.00
Mrs. W.R. O'Brien 3.00
Mrs. Letta Carrigan 3.00
Mrs. E.H. McNally  
Mrs. L. Loomis  
Mrs. Joe Lowry  

Circle XI - Mrs. F. Antoine, Ch.

The circle held a card party and oyster supper at the home of P. Waldron, Dec. 12, 1922. Amt realized was $20.05

Mrs. F. Antoine ok
Mrs. Ed Nolan ok
Mrs. P. Waldron ok
Mrs. Jay Noonan ok
Mrs. Austin Chatfield ok
Mrs. D. Corcoran ok
Mrs. D. Noonan ok

Circle XII - Mrs. D. Donovan, Ch.

Mrs. P.E. Malia 3.00
Mrs. Albert Reno (1923) 3.00
Mrs. Shea 3.00
Mrs. Jno Cookingham  
Mrs. Mart. Thompson  
Mrs. Jack Degnan  
Mrs. Dan Donovan  
Mrs. Joe Reno  

Circle XIII - Mrs. Jno Anglum, Ch.

Mrs. John Anglum  
Mrs. M.B. Kane  
Mrs. Dan O'Brien  
Mrs. Jno Jones  
Mrs. Chas Thompson  
Nellie Brown  
Mrs. Wm Martin  
Mary Traye  




Our Lady Peace Makers started in Sacred Heart Parish in 1972, with Father Apt as Moderator. The members then were Ann Doyle, Rose Smith, Irene Conlon, I.M. Haugh, Bill and Marie Wernimont and Heiko and Mary Beenken.

Our Lady Rosary Makers of Louisville, Kentucky are the suppliers of the wire, beads, crucifixes and tools to make the mission rosaries with. Quarterly reports are mailed to the Our Lady Rosary Makers informing them of how many rosaries have been mailed for mission use and to what missions. On April 4th, 1978, Ann mailed 90 rosaries. The total mission rosaries mailed so far is now 15,994.

One of the favorite missions receiving these rosaries is Father Herman of the Benedictine Mission House, Schuyler, Nebraska. He in turn hands out these rosaries in countries like South Africa, East Africa, Korea, Latin America and many others. Our Lady Peacemakers here in Ayrshire always receive a thank you letter from Father Herman.

The finances to start this project first came from the profit made from making gift rosaries for First Communion, Graduations, and Mother's Day, etc. In May, 1984, the Sacred Heart Altar Society took over this project and they now purchase the rosaries supplies and pay the postage to mail the mission rosaries.

Bill and Marie Wernimont have been a big help to Our Lady Peace Makers by making gift rosaries out of peach pits, apricot pits, horse chestnuts, seeds and a plant called Jobs Tears, that grows in the garden and produces beautiful rosaries. The peach and apricot pits have to have a hole drilled in the center to put the wire in and this is where Bill is a big help.

Each pastor since Father Apt has been the Moderator for this very worthwhile project.


Benefit Society Reception Held for New Members

1947  - The Catholic Benefit Society held a reception for new members April 18 at Sacred Heart gym.

The afternoon was spent in playing cards. High score bridge prize was won by Mrs. Mae Hoben; high score canasta by Mercedes Baker; high score five hundred by Mr. A.J. Gilman. A door price was given which was won by Mrs. Harley Baker.

After the afternoon of cards a lunch was prepared and served by the officers who were Mrs. Emil Klepper, president; Mrs. R.J. Brink, vice-president; Mrs. V.F. Stork, secretary and treasurer.

The theme was carried out in the colors of green and gold. Each had individual trays with nut cups, napkins and placemats in gold or green.

After the lunch a short business meeting was held. It was decided to hold a meeting once a month with each member serving on a committee. Committee heads were chosen and their committees.

Next meeting will be held May 9 with Committee No. 1 entertaining. Mrs. Bridget Mcguire is chairman of the committee.

New members are as follows; Mrs. Wiler Wernimont; Mrs. Gene Reiter, Mrs. Gene Herbers, Mrs. William Brodersen, Mrs. Kenneth Stangl, Mrs. James Noonan, Ms. Philip Fogarty, Mrs. Leon Nees, Mrs. Heiko Beenken, Mrs. Leo Ahlers, Mrs. William Jones, Mrs Franklin Hersom, Mrs. Cletus Hoerchler, Mrs. Lawrence Heisman, Mrs. Stanley Pfeifer, Mrs. Lester Wolterman, Mrs. Henry Climie, Miss Mercedes Baker, Mrs. A.J. Gilman, Mrs. Edward Joyce, Mrs. John Haywood, Jr., Mrs. Lois Mcguire, Mrs. Bernard Bowman, Mrs. Lawrence Willeman, Mrs. Joseph Yender and Miss Helen Kibbie.



The Legion of Mary is the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. It exists in all five continents, it has more yellow, black and red members than white. It is the only lay organization active in China today.

The Legion of Mary is for the glorification of God through the sanctification of its members by prayer and active cooperation with the Bishop and Pastor in serving the people of God through home visitations and other good works. The first most basic principle of the Legion is the unity of the diversity of the Mystical body of Christ. The second principle is the spiritual motherhood of Mary. The third principle is that the Apostolate require a combination of work and prayer. The fourth principle is always to remain under the spiritual guidance and direction of the local pastor or his delegates.

The Legion of Mary was started in Dublin, Ireland. The first enrollment of Legionaries took place in Myra House on September 7, 1921, on the eve of the Feast of Our Lady's Nativity. Brother Frank Duff was well known for his work with the Legion, also Edel Quinn.

The Legion of Mary has been active in Ayrshire since Nov 20, 1972, under the guidance of Father Apt and a few ladies. Meetings were held weekly and Legion work was started. The Legion has been active ever since. Our main work is visiting the sick and shut-ins. Our Lady of the Presentation meets weekly in Sacred Heart for prayer and spiritual guidance. We also belong to Our Lady of the Spirit Curia of Estherville, Iowa, and meet once a month. The Legion of Mary keeps a booth at the Spencer Fair, where we give Catholic literature and rosaries to all who are interested. The Ayrshire Praesida has four active members and twenty--one Auxiliary members. Auxiliary members are important to us for we rely on their prayers.

The active members are Ann Doyle, President, Eileen Moodie, Secretary, Rose Smith, Treasurer and Mary Wernimont, Vice-President. Father Weimer is Spiritual Director.


The ladies of Sacred Heart Parish of Ayrshire have been active in the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women since it's beginning in 1956. It was the wish of the Most Reverend Bishop Joseph Mueller that the women's organization in each parish become a member of the Council of Catholic Women.

The CCD are representative of all the women who faithfully and firmly present Christ and His truths to families, parishes, and communities. They are consistent with basic, fundamental beliefs on the dignity of human life, family life, peace and justice as taught by the Catholic Church.

"Our Lady of Good Counsel" is the patroness of the CCW and they place all their work and effort into the loving care of Mary, Our Lady of Peace.

The dues are one dollar per member - for that dollar, the members receive many spiritual benefits, including a Mass each month.

The Parish Representatives from each parish is the voting delegate at all conventions. Through the years, we've had many ladies hold the office of parish representative. At the present time the vice-president of our Altar Society is the parish representative; the chairladies assume the offices of the various commission heads.

The Sioux City Diocese is composed of six deaneries. Our parish is located in the Notheast Deanery. There are 21 parishes in our deanery. We have had two ladies from our parish serve as Deanery President - Mrs. Dorothy (Joe) Kliegl, presently living in Emmetsburg, was one of the first Deanery Presidents; Mrs. Bonnie (Bob) Wuebker, from Ayrshire, is presently the president of the Northeast Deanery.

We have had three ladies hold other Deanery offices - Mrs. Jeanne Higgins Stillman, Emmetsburg, was Public Relations; Mrs. Shirley (Bill) Fisher, Windom, Minnesota, was Secretary and International Affairs; Mrs. Bonnie (Bob) Wuebker has also held the offices of Family Affairs, CYO, and Treasurer.