Palo Alto Co, Iowa

If you have any books, cds, or other source of info related to Palo Alto County and are willing to do lookups please let me know.

Volunteer to do Lookups


Marriage Records - Book 1 1860-1883 and Book 2 1883-1889

Death Records - Book 1 1880-1897

Send request to Cathy Joynt Labath. Specify book to be searched and surname.


I have a copy of the History of Graettinger that was published for the Centennial celebration in 1993. It has lots of family names but no index. It also contains the names of graduates from Graettinger School up until 1992. The book is about 350 pages and I can do look-ups as much as is possible without an index.

Send request to: Janet Berkson

My father was pastor of the Rodman and West Bend First Presbyterian Churches from 1945-1949. I have his original MY PASTORAL RECORD book. In it he recorded the names and dates for every baptism, marriage, funeral, and new church membership he performed at the two churches during those years. I will be happy to share the information.

Send request to: Cathy Herpich


Mallard, Iowa 100 Years 1882-1982

I have a copy of this book and will look up names for people. The book has biographical sketches on many families (300 pgs) who settled in and around Mallard.

Send request to: Annette M Krieg


I would be willing to look up for anyone on the USGENWEB page for Palo Alto county in the "WPA Cemetery Listing" which was done in the 1930's for any surnames. The listings are in alphabetical order by surname and lists whatever dates and names were on the tombstone or in the sexton's records. I am afraid this list is incomplete and also does not include any children.

Send request to: Vickie Kesler


"Ruthven, Iowa Centennial 1884-1984"

It has biographies about many of the pioneer families of Ruthven that was orally collected by the writters of the book. They went to the descendants still in the area and got their family inforamtion and as much information about the pioneering families.

Christine Martin


I have a xerox of the entire St. John's Catholic Cemetery in Emmetsburg including index. Happy to look up any families.

Judy Bridges


I'm in possession of the West Bend Township Cemetery deed books and can look up cemetery lot purchases from October 22, 1891 to present.  Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery and Apostolic Christian Cemetery records are with those respective churches.

I'd be willing to do actual gravestone lookups for the following cemeteries in the West Bend area:
    West Bend Township Cemetery
    Riverside Cemetery (West Bend Township)
    Unnamed cemetery in corner of our farm (Sec. 18, West Bend Township)
    Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, West Bend
    Ellington Township Cemetery
    Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery, West Bend, Kossuth County
    Garfield Township Cemetery, Kossuth County

Added Jan 17, 2002:

While downloading a topographic map of our farm and surrounding area I found a name for the very small cemetery in the SW corner of the NW 1/4, Section 18, West Bend Township.  On the map it is identified as Lincoln Cemetery.  There are no records for it other than the gravestones that remain.
I have digital photos of all the stones in Lincoln Cemetery and have begun accumulating photos of stones in West Bend Twp and Ellington Twp cemeteries. They are saved to my computer hard drive so I can e-mail photos requested by others.

Added Aug 11, 2002:

Gravestones at West Bend Twp Cemetery, Lincoln/Old Ellington Twp.
Cemetery, and the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church Cemetery at West
Bend are all photographed as of 8-11-02
...I'll send them as e-mail
attachments to anyone making a request.  There wouldn't be any charge for
that unless they want a print of the stone in which case I'd have to figure
my cost for making and mailing a print.

Don Banwart, West Bend Township Clerk

Palo Alto County Birth Records,  BOOK 1 (1880 - 1897), and BOOK 2 (1898 - 1908).
Send request to Kathleen Puls. Specify book to be searched and surname.

I have the St. Peter and Paul Parish book of West Bend, Iowa 1888-1988.  And am willing to do lookups.  My name is Helen and my e-mail is HelehH58@aol.com