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James A. Ward and Mattie Fish Ward
wedding pix around 1900.  Married and lived in Mallard IA.

Submitted by Lee Ann Kierstead


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The three adults have been identified as (L - R) Mattie Mae Buchanan daughter of man in middle James Smith b. 11-6-1878 d. 11-5-1916 and lady on right Lillian (nee Buchanan) Smith/Peterson b. 4-25-1883 d.3-29-1956.  If anyone can identify the children please contact.

Submitted by: Kevin and Laurie Swearingen

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MATTIE MAE BUCHANAN was born 5 JAN 1884 in Kentucky, and died 1OCT1938 in Belvidere, Illinois.  She married ALBERT KARL FRIEDRICK MAX HEUER 28 SEP 1904 in Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa.  He was born 27 SEP 1880 Pommen, Germany, and died 4 JAN 1971 in Belvidere, Illinois. 


Submitted by: Kevin and Laurie Swearingen

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Looking family members who can name this family.  BUCHANAN/SMITH/PETERSON

Submitted by: Kevin and Laurie Swearingen

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James Austin Ward (on the left) that is in the wedding pix of James and Mattie Ward.  The guy on the right, according to my Mom, who is now gone, was the "Sheriff of Mallard".

Submitted by Lee Ann Kierstead


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Hildred Brown
as a child.  The photo was taken in Emmetsburg.  Hildred was born in Palo Alto in January of 1907 to Joseph William "Will" Brown and his wife Fanny Allen Brown.  They moved to Ayrshire from Sac County, Iowa around 1905, but had left by 1910.  They lived in Ayrshire with their two daughters, Lettie and Hildred,and Fanny's father, Horace B. Allen.  Will Brown owned a store in Ayrshire.

Submitted by Veneta R Mill

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Elizabeth "Bess" Kane 1889
5th child of Martin Kane and Elizabeth Stanton

Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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4 Kane Children c. 1888
Children of Martin Kane and Elizabeth Stanton.
Oldest Mary Ellen, John, Charles seated Elizabeth.  These pictures were taken in Oconomowoc, Wi. before the family moved to Ayrshire.

Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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John Kane
 c. 1910-1920
2nd Child of Martin Kane and Elizabeth Stanton.

Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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Martin B. Kane & Catherine McGowan Kane
Kane Furniture Store
Main St., Ayrshire, Iowa

Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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Vincent Joseph Kane
 B: 8 Sep 1892 Ayrshire
 D: 27 Aug 1917 Dennison, Ia.

Twin of my Grandmother

Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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Veronica Madonna Kane (Trusty)
B: 8 Sep 1892 Ayrshire D:28 Apr 1980 Rockford, Il. / and Vincent Joseph Kane
 Approx. 1899.
Submitted by Michelle Meyers

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Vince Kane (seated) and his brother, Charles Kane.
 The picture was taken approx 1915.

Submitted by Michelle Meyers


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Edward Mahan and his wife, Margaret Laughlin Mahan. 

These are my husbands (Joe's) Great grandparents.

Submitted by Jodi Mahan

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Father J.J. Smith
Niece, Margaret Smith Eaton and Nephew, Patrick Smith. 

Margaret was the wife of Thomas Eaton of Emmetsburg, Iowa. The picture was recently given to me by the youngest daughter of Patrick Smith, the brother of Margaret Smith. He is the young boy in the picture. Patrick was born in 1879 and was sent to Iowa at a very young age. He made his first communion in Iowa with Fr. Smith. So I figure that the picture is probably from about 1888. My grandmother was the sister of both these children.

Submitted by Rosemarie Hyland


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Mollie Lowery & James P. Conway
Wedding Photo
 Married October 27, 1891.

Seated - Mary Ann (Mollie) Lowery and James P. Conway. Standing - Witnesses James McEvoy and Margaret Pendergast Jackman. 

Submitted by Marilyn Mugan Holmes

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Ann Brennan & Thomas Patrick Mugan
Wedding Photo

Married Dec. 30, 1867 at the Catholic Church in Boone, Iowa.

Submitted by Marilyn Mugan Holmes

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Mary Jane Kane Bradley
Edward Joseph Bradley

Submitted by Cathy Joynt Labath

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Elizabeth Jennings Hand (1862-1911)
 wife of Thomas D. Hand (1854-1900)

Submitted by Bonnie Hand

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John F. Hand (1884-1955) and Kathryn Higgins Hand (1886-1969). 

John is the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Jennings Hand.  Katie is the daughter of John J. and Mary Jane McGowan Higgins.

Submitted by Bonnie Hand


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John J. Higgins (1858-1922) and Mary Jane McGowan (1864-1919).

On the back of the photo it says John and Polly Higgins wedding photo.

Submitted by Bonnie Hand