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Pictures from Scrapbook of Lizzie McNally Joynt
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Album was inscribed:
Elizabeth G. McNally
June 1911
From Mr and Mrs. J.B. Doerning

Please let me know if you can identify anyone in the "not identified" photos!---Cathy Joynt Labath


lizzie3.jpg (31575 bytes)

Elizabeth Genevieve "Lizzie" McNally

lizzie2.jpg (28727 bytes)

Elizabeth Genevieve "Lizzie" McNally

burnette.jpg (38935 bytes)

Mary Bernette "Bernette" McNally

edmylestommcnally.jpg (35659 bytes)

Edward, Myles, Thomas McNally

edmcnally2.jpg (28780 bytes)

Edward McNally

veramildredmaurice.jpg (31675 bytes)

Vera, Mildred, Maurice and Duke Brown McNally

cjmcnallymbrennan.jpg (19576 bytes)

Clement Joseph "C.J." McNally

leotahandmildredmcnally.jpg (34212 bytes)

Leota Hand
Mildred McNally

vera.jpg (34350 bytes)

Vera McNally
"Sister Mary Edwardetta"

searchmcnallykelly.jpg (36770 bytes)

Ambrose Search
Maurice McNally
Joseph Kelly

albertabough.jpg (44555 bytes)

Alberta Bough

ambrosesearch.jpg (33576 bytes)

Ambrose Search

jmarydrummy.jpg (41864 bytes)

J. & Mary Drummy

mamieharrington.jpg (24304 bytes)

Mamie Harrington

maryneary.jpg (21533 bytes)

Mary Neary

marywaldronlizziemcnally.jpg (23822 bytes)

Lizzie McNally
Mary Waldron

mildredbernettemarywaldronlizzie.jpg (37785 bytes)

Mildred McNally
Bernette McNally
Mary Waldron
Lizzie McNally

smaclass1913.jpg (34175 bytes)

St. Mary's Academy Graduates-1913
From Top:
Edna Kerwick
Bernette McNally
Veronica Nally
Esther Waldron

cabin.jpg (48514 bytes)

Don't know whose cabin

aohdelegation.jpg (35114 bytes)

A.O.H. and Ladies Auxiliary Delegation to Iowa City, August, 1908

verabernetteambrose.jpg (41982 bytes)

Vera and Bernette McNally and Ambrose Search

francismccormick.jpg (36048 bytes)

Francis McCormick, son of Christopher McCormick and Nellie Griffin

boughduffykane.jpg (39175 bytes)

Mae Bough
Annie Duffy
Alice Kane

charlesjennings.jpg (23416 bytes)

Charles Jennings

catronquinnkane.jpg (48323 bytes)

Sarah Annie McNally Catron, Annie Quinn, Britt Catron, Ed McNally, Idella Quinn, Sarah McNally Kane, John J Kane

mildredmcnally.jpg (38976 bytes)

Mildred McNally

bernetteveramcnally.jpg (38715 bytes)

Bernette & Vera McNally

lizzieflorencebernette.jpg (43214 bytes)

Lizzie McNally
Florence Morrissey
Bernette McNally

girlswithhairdown.jpg (57468 bytes)

Girls Not Identified

unidentified.jpg (51309 bytes)

Persons not identified

unidentified2.jpg (35542 bytes)

Persons not Identified

choirgirls.jpg (51744 bytes)

"Choir Girls at St. Mary's Academy"

unidentified3.jpg (47834 bytes)

Persons not Identified

unidentified4.jpg (41781 bytes)

Persons not Identified
Girl on right looks like she is Bernette McNally

unidentified5.jpg (32139 bytes)

Persons not Identified

unidentifiedboys.jpg (49546 bytes)

Boys not Identified

unidentified6.jpg (47125 bytes)

Unidentified Persons
Girl on Right may be Bernette McNally

unidentified7.jpg (45699 bytes)

Unidentified Persons

girls.jpg (66056 bytes)

Muriel Pender, Bernette McNally, Mildred McNally, Vera McNally, Leota Hand, Ruth Egan


joyntsherlock.jpg (63683 bytes)

Just identified as
"Joynt and Sherlock"


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