Cemetery location data provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates. The coordinates are entered into the Microsoft MapPoint online mapping site to generate cemetery maps. The maps give turn by turn driving directions; and allow the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc.

 Created for IAGenWeb courtesy of Rich Lowe Jr.


Cemetery & Transcription Latitude Longitude Location
Calvary Cemetery 43.039N 94.861W View Map
Calvary Cemetery 43.131N 94.887W View Map
City Cemetery 43.255N 94.772W View Map
Crown Hill Cemetery 43.133N 94.888W View Map
Ellington Cemetery 42.938N 94.624W View Map
Evergreen Cemetery 43.095N 94.680W View Map
Highland Cemetery 43.150N 94.858W View Map
Lincoln Cemetery 42.960N 94.560W View Map
Lost Island Lutheran Cemetery 43.198N 94.838W View Map
Lutheran Cemetery 43.170N 94.508W View Map
Riverside Cemetery 43.020N 94.521W View Map
Riverside Cemetery 42.951N 94.512W View Map
Rush Lake Cemetery 42.950N 94.738W View Map
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 43.255N 94.771W View Map
Saint Johns Cemetery 43.091N 94.680W View Map
Saint Johns Cemetery 43.126N 94.501W View Map
Saint Lukes Cemetery 43.155N 94.472W View Map
Saint Marys Cemetery 42.956N 94.697W View Map
Saint Pauls Cemetery 43.186N 94.787W View Map
Silver Lake Cemetery 43.039N 94.860W View Map
Valley View Cemetery 43.243N 94.721W View Map
Vernon Township Cemetery 43.184N 94.619W View Map
West Bend Cemetery 42.959N 94.455W View Map