Newspaper Items 1911

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, Jan 18, 1911

Hugh METZ returned from O'Keene, Oklahoma, last week. He reports that the
cold weather was quite severe in that locality.

Knute IVERSON spent Sunday with his family near Graettinger. He had a busy
week assisting in checking up the county officers.

A.M. FISH left for Beresford, South Dakota, Monday morning to attend the
funeral of one of his sister's children, who died at that place.

Miss Kate MAGUIRE is now attending a business college at Marshalltown. She
spent the fall term at the State Normal school at Cedar Falls.

One of Thos. NALLY's sons is very ill with typhoid-pneumonia at the home of
Mr. KELSH in Nevada township. Dr. HENNESSY reports him in a serious

Charles MAGUIRE left for Omaha Monday. He will travel in South Dakota for
the Cudahy packing house. The Democrat wishes him success in his new

A few days ago Mrs. J.H. HINKLEY lost her nose glasses between her home and
the Congregational church. The finder will please leave at this office or
Mr. HINKLEY's store.

Patrick McNALLY is having his ice house moved from the Milwaukee track to
the rear end of his lunch counter. He will have it filled with ice for use
next summer.

Dr. KULP's picture was given the best position on the front page of Sunday's
Daily Capital. Lafe YOUNG is apparently trying to get on the good side of
our Palo Alto representative.

There will be a basket sociable in the school house in district No. 8 in
Emmetsburg township Friday evening, January 27. All are invited. Miss Essie
SHERLOCK is the teacher.

The corner stone of the new country high school building was laid at
Sterling, Colorado, Friday. It is a large, finely finished structure. Miss
Anna RUTLEDGE is one of the teachers in mathematics.

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. STEINER, Mrs. Mayme MAGUIRE, and Mrs. Jennie ANDERSON, all
of Armstrong, were in Emmetsburg Wednesday attending the STEINER-CONLON

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. SHAUGER went to Sioux Falls Friday.

H.J. SIMONSON and Peter BOYSEN were down from Graettinger Saturday afternoon
on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter JONES have been quite ill during the past ten days and
their son James is also ill.

Miss SMITH, the daughter of Wm SMITH of Great Oak township, went to Chicago
Tuesday of last week.

George HINKLEY returned to Chicago a few days ago. He had been visiting his
parents for several days.

Miss Alice DONOVAN is working in a department store at St. Paul. She is in
the millinery department.

Mrs. C.F. DICKEY arrived from Broadhead, Wisconsin Saturday morning to visit
her son, F.H. DICKEY.

Miss Ruth MORLING recently returned to Evanston, Illinois, to resume her
studies at the university at that place.

S.W. BALLARD and daughter, who had been visiting Emmetsburg friends for
several days, went to Sioux Falls Saturday.

Wm. MILLER returned to Saylor Thursday. He had been visiting his parents in
this city. He is an operator for the Northwestern at that place.

There will be a basket social in District No. 5 in Emmetsburg township
Friday evening, January 20. Miss Nellie MILLEA is teacher. All are invited.

W.W. McKILTRICK, formerly of Humboldt, will be a cripple for life as the
result of an automobile accident which occurred near Linton, North Dakota.

J.H. DOTY of Spencer has been appointed assistant door keeper of the Iowa
house of representatives. Those Spencer fellows usually get a job or tow at
the state house during a meeting of the legislature.

Mr. and Mrs. KITZMAN went to Faribault, Minnesota, the early part of last
week. They will make their future home at that place. Mr. KITZMAN conducted
a steam laundry at this place for several months.

Jack SCOTT has rented the McCARTY building to be vacated by H.J. WILSON and
will conduct a livery business during the coming year. He will put in a full
line of new cars for sale and he will also do a repairing business.

Wm. KELLY, the C.M.& St. P. operator at Clear Lake, who was reported
missing, has been located in Chicago. He had been transferred to McGregor
but he did not like his new location and decided to go elsewhere.

Mrs. E.P. BARRINGER has returned to her home at Ruthven. She recently
underwent a severe surgical operation in St. Joseph's hospital at Sioux
City. Her many friends throughout the county will be pleased to learn of her

Joe ANTELL was at Bode a few evenings ago to witness the TELFORD-HOLDEN
wrestling match.

Mrs. E.P. CONWAY of Gillett Grove was an Emmetsburg visitor several days
during the past week.

Alex EKLUND, who lives on the O.J. GATES farm near Curlew, will have a sale
next Wednesday.

P.H. BACH, who lives three and one half miles northwest of Mallard, will
have a sale tomorrow.

Thos. CLAER will have a sale on his farm a half mile north of Ayrshire
Thursday, January 26.

Dr. HARRIS of Chicago recently assisted Dr. BALDWIN in some surgical work at
the Ruthven hospital.

The old school building and contents at Mallard were sold to various parties
a short time ago for $834.75

Wm. LANCASTER of Whittemore is out soliciting for the St. Paul Dispatch. His
territory is northern Iowa.

Mrs. James MASTERS of Whittemore was a guest at the George SEELEY home
several days during the past week.

Miss Nellie HARTMAN of Fairmont, Minnesota visited at the home of Mr and Mrs
Monroe JOHNSON last week.

J.F. TEMPLE of Reinbeck has bought the Bode Bugle. The former editor, J.C.
BING, has not announced what he intends doing.

Mrs. Gus COX came up from Ft. Dodge Thursday for a visit with her parents,
Mr .and Mrs. O.O. WILLIAMS, and other Emmetsburg relatives.

Dennis McCARTY arrived from North Dakota Friday. He is visiting his mother
and other relatives at Graettinger. He says the winter has not been so
severe at Fargo.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter MASON returned to Dodge Center, Minnesota, Thursday
evening. They had been visiting for a short time with the latter's parents,
Mr and Mrs. J.S. ATKINSON.

The next meeting of the W.A. of Trinity church will be held at the home of
Mrs. A.T. HORTON, assisted by Mrs.  M.A. SCOTT, Wednesday, January 25,
beginning at three o'clock. All are cordially invited.

M.C. PETERSON of Walnut township has rented his farm to Thos. NOTTERSTED of
Forest City and will move to Estherville. He will have a big sale Thursday,
January 26.

Ole T KNUDTSON was over from Cylinder Monday. He has just had his home
connected up with the Cylinder phone exchange. He has never before had a
phone. It is needless to say that he appreciates the advantages it gives

John E BRENNAN left for Algona Saturday evening to spend a few days with his
sister, Mrs. Chris J MILLER. Mr and Mrs. Miller sold their 120 acre farm
last fall for $16,200. Mr .MILLER bought it ten years ago for $3,500. They
are planning on locating elsewhere.

Miss Genevieve GARGEN, who had been visiting during the holidays with her
parents at Flandreau, South Dakota, recently returned to Emmetsburg to
resume her studies at St. Mary's Academy.

Sim STEDMAN was a passenger to Algona yesterday.

The hotel at Ringstead was destroyed by fire a short time ago.

Harlan SOPER attended a bank meeting at Titonka yesterday.

J.P. MAHAN and Martin STYE were down from Graettinger Monday.

O.O. WILLIAMS has not been in the best of health for several weeks. He is
suffering from erysipelas.

Frank METZ was at Ft. Dodge last week to see Company K do up the crack
basket ball team of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. L.P. STILMAN of Dolliver were the guests of Emmetsburg
relatives last week. Mr. STILLMAN still conducts the bank at that place.

Mr. W.D. McEWEN, president of the Rolfe State Savings bank, was married in
Chicago last Wednesday to __WHITE of Rolfe. They will spend a couple of
months in California.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank DORRIS and little boy of Kimball, South Dakota, visited
Emmetsburg relatives and friends for a week or ten days. They were
accompanied home yesterday by Miss ___ MANNING, who will remain with them
for some time.

We notice by the newspapers of Waurika, Oklahoma, that R.J. DOOLEY belongs
to a dramatic company at that place and that he is participating regularly
in the local entertainments. Emmetsburg talent is evidently doing creditable
work in the great southwest.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
25 Jan 1911

Ray JOYNT is quite ill with pneumonia.

Michael NALLY is quite ill with pneumonia.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg,Palo Alto Co, Iowa
8 Mar 1911

Father MARKS left for Early, Sac county, Monday morning to spend a few days
with friends.

KIRBY, JACKMAN & RICHARDSON had a very successful sale of horses in this
city Saturday. They disposed of 21 head. Prices were good.

Thos. J. KIRBY and W.E. JACKMAN left for South Dakota Monday evening to
purchase another carload of horses, which they will sell on the local

T.J. McGOEY has moved onto the F.C. DAVIDSON farm west of Mr. FIFE's.
Patrick O'BRIEN has rented the W.I. BRANAGAN residence vacated by Mr.

The Epworth League and the church choir of the Methodist church were
entertained by Mr. and Mrs. MAYNE last Friday evening. A few delightful
hours were enjoyed by those who were fortunate enough to be present.

Saturday evening about sixty of the neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs.
E.G. HARRISON gave them a pleasant surprise. The evening was most enjoyably
spent and all returned to their homes with many happy memories of the

Joseph M. PLAISTER, manager of the Ft. Dodge phone company, was in
Emmetsburg Monday. He was examining our local exchange and will make a
report to the board of directors regarding the improvements that should be
made and he will also refere to other matters of importance.

The teachers of the primary department of the Congregational Sunday school
will hold a tea at the home of Eliza BRYCE Wednesday afternoon, March 15.
The object of this tea is to raise money for the Easter collection for
missions. Everybody is cordially invited.

Married, at the Methodist parsonage on Monday afternoon, Mr. Thomas OLTESVIG
and Miss Elsie HOPKINS of Ayrshire. The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Herbert CLEGG and was witnessed by Mr. William KIEHL and Misses Ida
VANHORSEN. The Democrat extends congratulations.

Farmer BURNS recently celebrated his 50th birthday. During his career he has
wrestled with 6,000 different men and he is still very clever on the mat. He
does not smoke, chew, drink or swear. He is an exceptionally well preserved
man. How necessary is it for young men to take proper care of their health
and strength.

One of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. DOOLEY's little children has been very ill for
several days.

Mrs. T.F. RUTLEDGE enjoyed a visit from her friend, Miss CARR of Clarion

Mr. and Mrs. Dan O'NEILL and little son spent Sunday with relatives in

Mrs. J.H. KNOBLAUCH was quite ill several days last week but is able to be
about again.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter HOELZNER spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ray CARLISLE of

Supervisor CARTER of West Bend was in Emmetsburg yesterday. He was on his
way to Pocahontas.

Harold BRERTON returned from Chicago Monday. He has been ill and comes home
to recuperate.

J.J. HIGGINS of Great Oak township will have a sale next Wednesday. See his
add elsewhere in this issue.

Mrs. John DINEEN and two little children visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe BIGLEY and
family at Graettinger last week.

Edward McNALLY came down from Worthington, Minnesota, Monday evening to
remain for a few days.

Mrs. Frank FICKEL was over from Spencer Monday. She went to Graettinger in
the afternoon to visit friends.

Lester JACKSON of Toulon, Illinois, who was in Emmetsburg several days last
week, went to Davenport Thursday.

A pocketbook was found near the BURNS bridge a few days ago. The owner can
have same by proving property.

Miss Birdie RYAN is very ill in a hospital in Salt Lake City. She has had to
undergo two trying surgical operations.

H.M. HELGEN left for Jacksonville, Florida last evening to remain for a few
days looking after business interests.

J.W. NEARY was at Whittemore Sunday evening for the first time in several
months. It is needless to say that he had a good time.

The St. Joseph college basketball five defeated the Iowa State Normal team
Wednesday. Joe and Will KERWICK played with the St. Joe's bunch.

Dr. BABCOCK of Rock Island called on John McNAMARA Monday morning between
trains. He was on his way to Charles, Mix county, South Dakota, where he
owns several thousand acres of land.

L.D. MITCHELLTREE of Rodman has moved onto H.M. HELGEN's half section farm
in Twelve Mile Lake township, Emmet county. It is finely improved. Mr.
MITCHELLTREE is regared as a capable, successful farmer.


C.J. SHAUGER has been appointed Rock Island agent at Faribault, Minnesota, a
place of about 9,000. There is no better railway agent in Iowa than Mr.
SHAUGER. He is capable and obliging and our citizens regret very much to
lose him. He will get a nice advance in salary and of course is acting
wisely in accepting. Our business men and other citizens are very anxious to
have Curt W. BECK appointed as his successor. He has been operator at the
Rock Island depot for nearly thirteen years and it is doubtful if there is a
more punctual, obliging, or faithful man in the employ of the company. The
Rock Island could not make a more judicious move locally than to appoint
him. He is very strong with our citizens in general and as agent he would
add greatly to the popularity and strength of the company in this city.
Bert HUGHES Takes a Long Trip

Bert HUGHES left Sunday on a trip through western Canada and along the
Pacific coast. He will visit Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle and
Tacoma. He will spend some time with his brother, E.M. HUGHES at The Dallas,
Oregon. From there he will go to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other
California points. He will return home by way of Ogden, Salt Lake City and
Denver. He will be absent at least a couple of months. He will certainly
have a delightful trip. He has been confined very closely to business for
several years and the change will do him good.
Elected Colonel ORMSBY Vice-President
We notice by the Los Angeles Daily Examiner that more than 80,000 Iowa
people attended the big picnic at Eastlake Park near that city February 22.
Ninety-nine counties were represented. The speakers were distinguished
citizens of our state. The officers of the year are as follows: Honorary
president, ex-Governor H.E. BOIES; active president, P.S. RISHEL; vice
president, E.S. ORMSBY; treasurer, T.H. NICHOLS, who is cashier of the
Southern California Savings Bank; and secretary C.H. PARSONS.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, IA
15 Mar 1911

John O'CONNOR of Graettinger was doing business in Emmetsburg Monday.

Mrs. D. CARROLL Sr. went to Graettinger Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs.

Clint SMITH and Mr. CAMPBELL are planning on opening a second electric
theater in Emmetsburg.

M.J. WRIGHT, who lives near Cylinder, will have a sale next Wednesday. Read
his ad in this issue.

JACKMAN, KIRBY and RICHARDSON will have a sale next Saturday afternoon. Read
their ad in this issue.

Sim R. STEADMAN has resigned as alderman from the Fourth ward. The council
will choose some one to succeed him.

James JOYCE and Arthur JOHNSON left for Des Moines Monday evening to attend
a convention of the threshers of Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. KIRBY of Estherville have been spending several days with
their daughter, Mrs. B.E. KELLY and family.

Supt. Lillie PATTON was at Sioux City last week attending the Northwest Iowa
Teachers' meeting. The gathering was largely attended.

Dr. HARRIS of Chicago who came to perform some operations at the Baldwin
hospital at Ruthven returned Sunday evening.

Attorney Matt JOYCE, who practiced at Missoula, Montana, for several years,
has located at Ft. Dodge. He lived in Emmetsburg when a small boy.

Mr. Theodore ENGLER and Miss May GUNN were married in this city Wednesday,
Mayor DUFFY officiating. The Democrat extends congratulations.

Frank HOGAN, who has been living on the Spoor farm in Ellington, has rented
the old BOTTIMORE place in Great Oak, now the property of J.J. WATSON.

A gentleman named COX, from Johnson county, has moved onto the John WOOLY
farm in Great Oak township. MORRIS Bros. of this city own the place.

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. WILSON and daughter were Emmetsburg visitors Sunday. They
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. BEEBE. Mrs. WILSON was on her way home from

M.S. MAXIM of Lone Tree, Iowa, recently moved onto the James DUNGAN farm in
Great Oak township. The place is a good one and Mr. MAXIM is said to be an
excellent farmer.

A short time ago, Thomas McNALLY of Gary, Indiana, a brother of the several
McNALLY gentlemen in this locality, lost two of his sons. One son, Alex,
died February 26, and another son, Wilie, fell off a truck wagon about the
same time and was killed.

M.J. NOLAN has accepted a position in T.A. BALDWIN's implement

Capt. J.E. WILLIAMS has received orders to have Company K ready to go to
Texas on a day's notice.

Joe KERWICK arrived home from Dubuque last evening. He will play with
Company K tonight.

J. PHELPS of Great Oak township has moved onto the Mrs. J.R. CLARKE farm in
Emmetsburg township.

Mrs. E.A. BRANAGAN and Master John returned to Colman, South Dakota,
Wednesday morning.

Local Markets-Hogs $6.25, corn 34 to 36c, oats 23 1/2c, barley 60c, butter
26c, eggs 13c, potatoes 50 to 60c.

Mr. Robert E. ELLIS and Miss Mary VALEZ were married in this city Thursday,
Rev. J.E. BRERETON officiating.

We understand the ARCHER case from Ruthven has been settled. Mrs. ARCHER
will return from California.

Miss Rose McNALLY has for some time been holding a good position in a
wholesale millinery establishment in Sioux Falls. She likes the place.

There was a big prairie fire on Miss SCHROEDER's farm north of Emmetsburg
Monday night. It took hard effort to check it. Several stacks of hay were

The district oratorial contest will be held at Jefferson instead of at
Denison. Denison has a number of cases of scarlet fever. Hence the change.
The date is March 24. Bring home the laurels, Mr. VAN GORDEN. Keep up
Emmetsburg's reputation for winning.

Filo POARCH was at Algona Sunday. His friend BOWYER was defeated for mayor
in the republican city caucus Satruday evening by a vote of three to one, by
Mr. WADSWORTH, the present incumbent. Mr. BOWYER, it seems was anxious to
have all the restaurants closed on Sunday in case he won at the polls. The
Algona people decided that they did not care to carry the Sunday law to this
extreme so they defeated him in the caucus.

Lost Their Infant Boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry KOPEL mourn the loss of their infant boy, aged one month
who died Monday. The funeral was held yesterday. The burial was in St.
John's cemetery. They have the sympathy of their many friends.

A Black Hand Fiend in Emmetsburg.
Ask A.W. WAGNER about the Italian Black Hand fiends. He can tell you a tale
that will make you shudder. Marshals FRIES and DRUMMY can also tell you
about the treacherous assassins.

Result of School Election
The school caucus was held at the Court House Friday evening. There were
less than 50 in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Secretary
ATKINSON. Mayor DUFFY was chosen to preside and L.H. MAYNE was selected as
secretary. The names of P.V. NOLAN, T.J. DAVIDSON, and J.C. BENNET were
placed in nomination for directors. It is understood that Dr. POWERS did not
wish to serve any longer and that P.O. REFSELL could not legally act as
postmaster and director. A formal ballot was taken. P.V. NOLAN received 36
votes, T.C. DAVIDSON 22, and J.C. BENNET 21. Messrs. NOLAN and DAVIDSON were
declared the nominees of the caucus.
The election was held Monday. Only 208 votes were cast. There was no
opposition to the regular nominees. The new board will consist of J.H.
All are intelligent, experienced representative gentlemen.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, 3 May 1911

Clint SMITH spent Sunday at Sibley.

John P. MAHAN was down from Graettinger Friday.

Matt DONOVAN was home from Sanborn Saturday.

Mrs. O'HALLORAN was over from Cylinder Saturday.

J.J. WATSON was a passenger to Peoria Saturday.

Henry SCHMIDT was a visitor from Graettinger Monday.

Mrs. IRELAND and daughter left for Kansas City Saturday.

Melvin SHAUGER spent Sunday with his father at Faribault.

George TELFORD was home from Sioux City the first of the week.

Mrs. Axel ENGER of Bode was an Emmetsburg visitor Saturday.

Mrs. Peter JONES and little boy were passengers to Livermore Saturday.

C.O. HARRISON went to Eagle Grove Monday to attend a shooting tournament.

R.O. CLARK has resigned his position in the Royal Lumber Company's yard in
this city.

Will YOUNG visited his brother Andrew and family at Eagle Grove the last of
the week.

Wm. BAILEY was over from Sheldon Saturday evening for a brief visit with
Emmetsburg friends.

Miss Wilma RICHARDSON was over from Cylinder Saturday visiting her sister,
Miss Pearle.

Saturday while winding his clock, Owen McNULTY fell from the chair on which
he was standing and fractured one or two of his ribs. He has since been a
pretty sore man. He likes to meet his friends as usual,but he does not care
to laugh heartily.

Hugh LAWRENCE, Estherville's leading clothier, was an Emmetsburg visitor
Monday. The writer knew him in Chickasaw county many years ago. We are glad
to know that he has prospered at Estherville.

Mr. Clyde COYLE and Miss Hazel SHONWEILER were married at Algona Saturday by
the father of the groom, Judge COYLE. The bride is a Hartley young lady.

Capt. J.M. BOWYER, superintendent of the U.S. naval academy, will resign.He
is a brother of Mr. BOWYER, who insisted on serving as mayor of Algona after
he was defeated.

John, Phil and Joe O'CONNOR were down from Graettinger Monday shaking hands
with numerous friends.

Will and Robert McNALLY have purchased the lunch room that had been
conducted by their father during the past year.

S.D. BICKFORD was at Harlan, Iowa, Thursday on business. Some farmers had
commenced planting in that section of the state.

James DUNGAN, who has been very ill for some time, is not gaining in
strength. His son and daughter who came from a distance to see him are still

Friday Virgil CROW of Mason City was convicted of assault with intent to
commit murder. He attempted to carve a man named LEONARD last Nov.

Ovedia OLSON of Ottoson was in Emmetsburg Thursday.

Frank KOCH spent Sunday with his parents at Whittemore.

B.R. BURTON of Ruthven was a Ft. Dodge visitor Thursday.

C.K. SHEPHERD of Ottosen did business in Emmetsburg one day last week.

Mr. John P. KRAMER and Miss Anna KROGH were married at Ringsted Wednesday.

W.J. KENNEDY of Ottosen was greeting Emmetsburg friends Tuesday of last

Workingmen are not so scarce as they were a year ago. Farmers are not doing
much tiling this spring.

Rolfe has a number of cases of scarlet fever. Many of the children of that
locality are also down with the measles.

G.M. MILLER & Son of Ringsted have traded their stock of goods for the J.M.
CLEMENSON stock of goods at Badger.

Peter KOCKLER of Algona has been indicted for bootlegging. He skipped to
Story City but was located and brought back.

Bro. CLARK of the Pocahontas Democrat published a 15 column ditch notice
last week. It is no wonder he rides around in an auto.

Karl BUETTNER, the Spirit Lake horse thief, plead guilty last week and was
fined $50 and costs. He was fortunate in escaping a penitentiary sentence.

E.B. SOPER of Woonsocket, South Dakota, will break up considerable of this
land southeast of Emmetsburg this spring. he will sow 200 acres of it to

John O'CONNOR who has charge of the signal station work on the local
division of the Milwaukee system, left for Ireland last week to remain for
three months.

A.M. JOHNSON, Spirit Lake's pioneer and leading merchant, has gone ot Europe
to spend the summer. Mrs. JOHNSON was killed in an auto wreck a year or two

Miss Mabel KERR of Seneca township, Kossuth county, dropped dead Tuesday
evening of last week. She was outside assisting her brother to tie some
horses when the sad affair occurred.

Peter ELBERT and son of Whittemore spent Sunday with Emmetsburg friends.

Mrs. M.E. CONLON of Dubuque visited relatives in this city the first of the

Mr. Hans CHRISTENSEN and Miss Lena HANSEN were married at Ringsted Tuesday
of last week.

Dr. E.F. THOMAS was a passenger from the east Saturday morning. He was
absent several days.

The MOODY 80 acres of land on section 31, Ellington township, was sold a few
days ago to J.B. JOLIFFE for $90 per acre.

The new law affecting the tax on automobiles, of which measure
Representative KULP is the author, will go into effect July 1.

Alfred JAMES of Hardy was in Emmetsburg several days during the past week.
He owns the ORMSBY farm in Vernon township.

A quarter section of land belonging to J.H. CHARLTON, located between
Havelock and Mallard was sold to John KLEIN a few days ago for $90 per acre.

The ladies of the Congregational church will hold a market at Mr. GOWANS'
store next Saturday. A liberal patronage is solicited. Sale will begin at 9

Messrs. GROFF, SANDS, HAHN, HEIDEMAN, Albert STEIL and several others were
up from Mallard Monday. All seemed to have business before the board of

Guy BURNSIDE announces that Hotel Orleans will open next Friday for the
fishing season. He is a genial accommodating landlord. He keeps a splendid

We understand that Prof. WRIGHT of West Bend has been elected principal of
the Buffalo Center schools. He has had charge of the West Bend schools for
several years. Buffalo Center is about the size of West Bend.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. LAFFY of Wilmington, Delaware, wre the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. HESSION of this place the last of the week. They were on their way home
from Deadwood, South Dakota.

Miss Lodema ANDREWS left for Aberdeen, South Dakota, Saturday morning to
make her future home.

Mrs. N.L. NORTON of Laurens was in Emmetsburg last week inspecting the local
Pythian Sisters lodge.

Mrs. J.C. PAULSON and Mr. GUSLAND were at Ruthven Saturday attending the
funeral of Mr. BARGSTROM.

Roy BARTLEMAN went to Estherville Saturday afternoon. He has music classes
at that place and at Terril.

Raymond ROGERS, a Rolfe young man, has been appointed director of Athletics
in Drake university at Des Moines.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan O'NEILL were at Ruthven Saturday attending the funeral of
Mrs. O'NEILL's uncle, Lars BARGSTROM.

Mr and Mrs. HERSON, who live southeast of Emmetsburg, were called to Rolfe
Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. HERSON's grandfather. The old
gentleman was over 80 years of age.

It is claimed that the best way of preserving eggs is to electrocute them
before placing them in storage. Just how the work is done we have not been
informed, but it is doubtless a simple task.

P.J. DUFFY and Frank WARNKE returned from Bantry, North Dakota, Friday
evening. Mr. DUFFY sold Mr. WARNKE a quarter section farm in that locality.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, June 6, 1911


A Few Items Taken From the Files of The Democrat of June 10, 1891

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. L. CONWAY Monday.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ryan June 6.

DOWNS Brothers have just completed a fence around their 1,040 acre pasture
in Nevada township.

Rev. BOWEN, who was pastor of the Congregational church of this place for
some time, will be ordained a minister of the Episcopal church at Ft. Dodge
June 28.

Rev. L.P. McDONALD took his final departure from Emmetsburg last Wednesday.

Chas. FOX of Austin, Minn., has rented the Waverly hotel. He takes
possession July 1.

Rev. M. McNERNEY of Livermore was an Emmetsburg visitor Monday.

L.J. MURPHY has named his hotel the Union House.

M. GOSSMAN is building a new house for Peter REITHER in Call's addition.

Thomas O'TOOLE and mother of Estherville spent the first of the week with
Mr. and Mrs. DEALY.

Attorney Bert ROBERTS has rented an office at Jackson, Minn. He will
practice at that place.

At the annual meeting of the American Investment Company, held Wednesday,
A.L. ORMSBY was elected president and T.R. CRAWFORD vice president.

Frank CALKINS of Ruthven is a candidate for the republican nomination for
state senator in this district.

Thomas O'CONNOR has sold the northeast quarter of the block west of his
residence to Mrs. Catharine O'TOOLE of Estherville. She will build on it and
move to this place.

Dr. CADY died at Senora, California, May 22. He practiced in this city for
many years.

Mrs. Edward McNALLY is very ill.

Judge CARR will deliver the oration at West Bend July 4th.

Mr. SULLIVAN will burn his first kiln of brick this week.

Peter DORIS is home from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

D. KELLY and J. THATCHER of West Bend are in Wisconsin visiting relatives.

A Few Items Taken From the Files of The Democrat of June 17, 1891

Monday the thermometer registered 94 in the shade.

Marriage licenses have been issued to the following parties:
B. ELSENBAST and Verna KREBS of Graettinger, R.M. J. McFARLAND, Jr. and

There will be a racing matinee at the fair grounds Saturday afternoon, June

The republican county convention will be held in this city June 27.

A son was born of Mr. and Mrs. J. MAHAN of Great Oak Wednesday.

E.H. HUBBARD and daughter and James FREEMAN of Ruthven have gone to Montana
where they will make their future home.

There will be a ball at JOYCE's hall July 4.

M.L. BROWN and J.J. WATSON attended the bankers' convention at Sioux City
last week.

The Reporter says that Miss Bessie LARSON of Ruthven will be a candidate for
county superintendent next fall.

Mr. BLAIR has let the contract for his new residence to P.R. WELLS for

Mr. GRIFFIN and daughter and Mrs. Richard WALSH of Red Wing, Minnesota,  are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNALLY.

Mr. and Mrs. David DESHIELDS and family will leave for Texas today where
they will make their future home.

Monday night the SHAW and KENT hardware store was burglarized. A number of
razors, knives and other articles were taken. The cash drawer was also
relieved of $2.50.

Monday night the Walnut creamery was struck by lightning and burned to the

Mrs. Charles McNALLY of Rockwell is visiting Emmetsburg relatives.

Thomas HUFF of High Lake was kicked in the head by a horse a few days ago
and was seriously injured.

A few days ago Mrs. A.J. ARMSTRONG fell into the cellar, breaking a couple
of ribs and otherwise injuring herself.

Mrs. McCLOSKEY of Primghar is visiting Mr. and Mrs. B.E. KELLY of this city.

Mrs. P.C. NOLAN is home from Des Moines where she has been visiting

Mr. FARRELL arrived from Ireland a few days ago to visit with his sons, who
reside in Nevada township.

P. JOYCE will build a store house at the rear of his brick store building.

During Friday night's thunderstorm Edward RYAN and Joseph WALSH of Nevada
township had several head of cattle killed.

Mr. SAWYER, one of the old settlers of Silver Lake township, died a few days

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa
14 Jun 1911

List of Prize Winners from Sunday's Picnic

The soft ball game was won by the Sarsfield team by a score of 7 to 3. Both
teams played well.
Wm. O'BRIEN, Chas. GRACE, John BRENNAN and Andrew GRACE won the men's relay
Vincent HAND was the victor in the free for all running race. Jack BRENNAN
was second.
The running race for boys under twelve was won by James McNALLY. Roy HAND
was a close second.
James FAY carried home the purse for the running race for boys under 16.
Josephine JOYNT, Loretta MARTIN, Monica BRENNAN and Mildred JOYNT won the
relay race for girls under 16 years of age.
Vivian BRENNAN took home the prize for the running race for girls under 12.
Jack BRENNAN won the high jump, Frank MEADE the running jump, and Jack
BRENNAN the standing jump.

A Burglary in Emmetsburg.
Bert HUGHES' drug store was entered by a burglar Sunday night. About $15 was
taken from the cash register. The offender took out a window in the rear end
of the room. So far there has been no arrest.

A Creditable Piano Recital.
The piano recital given at the K. of P. hall Monday evening by the music
pupils of Miss Lottie WALSH, was well attended and the program was very
creditable in every respect. It was well arranged and it was rendered with
pleasing effect. Among those who participated were Muriel and Kathleen
PENDER, Clarence OELFKE, Evelyn KIDDER, Joseph KELLY and Edward MAGUIRE,
Clarence SLATER, Myrtle WAGNER, Elvena and Leland COONAN, Carl SWEELEY,
Marie MURRAY, Arlene SCOTT....

Married at Ruthven Wednesday
Mr. Frank G. SULLIVAN and Miss Mary A. BRENNAN of Ruthven were married at
the Sacred Heart Church at Ruthven Wednesday morning, June 7. Father
SCHAFFER officiating. A wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's
sister, Mrs. E.J. RUDDY. Only the immediate relatives of the contracting
parties were in attendance. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. SULLIVAN left by
auto for Estherville wehre they will make their future home.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John K. BRENNAN, who were for many
years respected residents of Highland township. She resided with her mother
for several years after the latter moved to town. She is in every way a most
deserving young lady and enjoys the respect and the good will fo a wide
circle of friends. The groom resided in Highland township for several years,
but is at present living at Estherville where he is engaged in business. He
is deserving of the general esteem in which he is held. The many friends of
the bride and groom extend hearty congratulations.

Mrs. Horton JACKSON of Oosburg, Wisconsin, was the guest of Monroe JOHNSON
the first of the week.

Sunday night M.V. SCORE of Spirit Lake was struck by an M. & St. L. train at
Forest City, while driving an auto and had one of his shoulders crushed.
Mrs. HUGHITT, who was in the machine with him, escaped.

Miss TIBLER, who has been trimming for the Misses MAGUIRE of Ayrshire for
some time, came to Emmetsburg yesterday and took the train for Rodman where
she will visit a sister for a few days before returning to her home at

Mr. SAUNDERS informs us that his two sons Gorden and Stuart, who are
attending Upper Canada College at Toronto, will bring home eight athletic
medals awarded by that institution. The Emmetsburg boys are natural
athletes. Give them a fair show and they will make use of their
opportunities. Congratulations, boys.

He Visited Five States

Myles McNally Tells Our Reporter About His Interesting Trip

Myles McNally, who returned home last week, reports a most delightful trip. He spent several weeks at Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Later he visited his brother Thomas at Gary, Indiana. He stopped with relatives in Chicago and came home by way of Milwaukee and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

He reports winter wheat good in northern Missouri, but corn seemed late. In Illinois, crop conditions were about the same as they were in Missouri. Small grain looked well. The season seemed rather dry in most places.

He found Gary Indiana a humming place of 20,000. It has the largest iron mills in the world. It is the best lighted city that he ever saw. He thinks it will be a place of 200,000 within a very few years. It has splendid buildings and is up to date in every respect. Several suburban towns are being taken into the city limits of Gary. It is only 32 miles from Chicago. It has a deep harbor and docks that would do credit to a large city. Mr. McNally's nephews and another party recently bought a tract of land adjoining Gary for $72,000. They are making a fortune on it.

While at Milwaukee Mr. McNally was invited out to dinner one evening by Prof. M.G. Rohan, who conducts several classes in languages in Marquette university. During the evening they visited some of the high class amusements in the city where they enjoyed musical selections that would stir the heart of any Hibernian. Mr. McNally feels deeply indebted to Prof. Rohan for his genuine Celtic hospitality. Martin, son of M.F. Brennan, of this place, has a good position in one of the best business houses in Milwaukee. He also did much to make Mr. McNally's stay in the city enjoyable.

At Oconomowoc, Mr McNally visited numerous relatives and enjoyed a few days' outing. Crops look fairly well in Wisconsin, though they are not so far advanced as they are in Iowa. From Clear Lake to Emmetsburg corn and small grain make a better showing than they do in any place that he saw on his journey through five states.

The A.O.H. of Emmetsburg Observe 25th Anniversary of Organization

     The observance of the 25th anniversary of the organization of the Emmetsburg division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians was decidedly creditable and it proved enjoyable to all despite the fact that a high, disagreeable wind prevailed during the greater part of the day.
    At 8 a.m. most of the members attended mass in a body at Assumption church. Soon after they repaired to the W.E. Jackman grove on the east banks of Medium lake, one of the most picturesque and favorably located picnic grounds in northern Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Jackman treated the Hibernians, their ladies and their guests with every courtesy and spared no effort to make the environments agreeable.
     At noon about 600 sat down on the green sward and enjoyed a basket dinner. The committee had prepared an abundance of lemonade and ice cream, which were free to all during the noon hour and until evening. Cigars were later distributed to the gentlemen and candy to the ladies, boys and girls. Preparations had been made for launching, but the lake was too rough.
     At one o'clock the speaking program was commenced. State Secretary P.H. Donlon presided. The band played a couple of patriotic strains, after which the Very Rev. J.J. Smith was introduced. He congratulated the Hibernians on the great work they had done throughout the world and especially in Emmetsburg during the past 25 years. He referred at length to the struggle of the Irish parliamentary party to secure Home Rule for Ireland and he appealed to those present to contribute towards the worthy cause. He headed the list with $10. A paper was circulated and a large amount was contributed. It will be forwarded at once to John Redmond. Father Smith has given special attention to the Irish question for many years and he has stored up a valuable fund of information on the subject. His remarks were filled with interesting and instructive facts and he spoke with a fervor that impressed seriously all who heard him. One of the ardent hopes of his declining years is to see Ireland win Home Rule.
     President T.J. Duffy of the local division of the order was next introduced. He spoke briefly and creditably concerning the history of the order in Emmetsburg. We publish his remarks elsewhere in this issue.
     A.E. Walsh and Fred B. Sharon, the brilliant and scholarly editor of the Iowa Catholic Messenger, came all the way from Davenport to participate in the exercises. Both are eloquent orators. Mr. Walsh followed President Duffy in a short address that would thrill the heart of any body of Irishmen and Irish Americans. His remarks were confined to the significance of the day's observance. The excellence of his subject matter, his clearness and earnestness of expression, and his readiness, force and grace of delivery soon won him the undivided attention of his hearers. His patriotic utterances reached responsive chords in the hearts of more than 600 listeners, all of whom will be eager to hear him on some future occasion.
     The next speaker was Mr. Sharon. He is always a much sought orator at Hibernian and Catholic gatherings. We have heard him on many occasions, but it is doubtful if he ever spoke with more fervor than he did on Sunday. He reviewed at length the history of Hibernianism, its trials and achievements, showing what the members of the organization had done for the preservation of the faith of the Irish people during the dark days when the infamous penal code sought to destroy religion in Erin. Mr. Sharon is a gentleman of pleasing address, is at all times earnest, and makes utterance count. It is difficult to hold the attention of an out door audience on an occasion of this kind, but it is doubtful if Mr. Sharon had a single unappreciative listener. All present were enthusiastic in their praise of his effort, several critics pronouncing it one of exceptional merit.
     During the remainder of the afternoon various games and amusements were enjoyed. The results of some of the contests are given elsewhere in this issue. All in attendance returned to their homes feeling that, despite the inclement weather, they had spent one of the most enjoyable days of their lives.

President T.J. Duffy's Address.

     Rev. Fathers, Worthy State Officers, and Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Auxiliary:
     We meet today to observe, in a befitting manner, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization of Division No. 1 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Palo Alto county. Twenty-five years ago today this division was instituted in the Chapel of the Assumption church by Michael Roland, a patriotic Irishman from Ottumwa, Iowa. We regret very much that Mr. Roland did not survive to commemorate this important event with us. He was called to his eternal home a few years ago. We shall always remember him with feelings of genuine pride for what he did for us and with sincere gratitude for his zeal for many years following his visit to Emmetsburg in behalf of the welfare of our division.
     Our organization commenced with a charter membership of 20. By the end of six months we had nearly 100. Of the charter members only four survive- Thomas O'Connor, Myles McNally, W.I. Branagan, and T.J. Duffy. J.L. Martin is living but is not a member of our organization at the present time.
     The officers of our division at the time of its organization were as follows: County delegate, Patrick Joyce; president, Robert Shea; vice-president, W.I. Branagan; corresponding secretary, J.F. Neary; treasurer, T.J. Duffy; standing committee-Dr. Wm. McDonnelly; J.F. Neary, E.F. Jones, P.J. Nolan, and Thos. O'Connor. You will notice from the list of officers that only four are living.
     The presidents of our division since its organization have been as follows: Robert Shea, P.F. Kennan, Patrick Joyce, W.I. Branagan and T.J. Duffy. Mr. Shea and Mr. Branagan each served ten years. The county delegates in succession have been Patrick Joyce, T.J. Duffy, Robt. Shea, E.J. McEvoy, and Myles McNally. There have been a great many changes in the other officers of the organization. It will not be necessary to give a list of them at the present time.
     Of the present membership not more than seven or eight are of Irish birth. This shows you how rapidly the old people are passing away. Fully 130 of our members are young men who are proud of their ancestry and the achievements they have made the Celts known and respected during the past 2,000 years. Our organization has done a great deal during the past quarter of a century to encourage Catholic faith and practice in our country and through this section of Iowa. It has kept warm in the hearts of our people that splendid patriotic spirit which has characterized the Irish race for so many centuries. We have every reason to believe that our division will continue to grow and flourish and perpetuate in our community the traditions, the practices, the proverbial hospitality and the undying devotion to faith and country that are so noticeable wherever Irish influence is felt.
     The members of our division have been active in city, county, district and state affairs. They have served as state officers of our organization and as such they have acquitted themselves with ability and credit as Hibernians. It is necessary to mention only the names of the late John F. Neary and our present zealous state secretary, P.H. Donlon, to convince our hearers of this fact.
     During the past quarter of a century we have maintained our own land in our community, have organized and encouraged strong and successful literary organizations, have made the observance of St. Patrick's day one of special interest to the people of this section of Iowa, have won recognition at our state and national conventions, have encouraged the study of Irish history in St. Mary's academy, and have annually awarded a gold medal for proficiency in Christian doctrine in this well known and successful institution. We have held creditable annual picnics for several years, affording our young people, both boys and girls, as well as our older members, an opportunity an opportunity for wholesome and elevating recreation, and we have at all times given special attention to the intellectual spirit and moral advancement of our people.
     Permit me to say, in closing, that I think this is the first Catholic organization that was formed within the present diocese of Sioux City. It may not have achieved all that it might have accomplished, but it has given to the public a record of which none of our members need ever feel ashamed. We have every reason to believe that it will continue to grow in membership, in influence, and in unceasing loyalty to the great principals that are so dear to the members of our organization and our race.


Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
21 June 1911

Monday was very warm. The thermometer registered 96 in the shade in this

It is predicted by some that automobiles will be cheaper next season than
they are this year.

George SAUNDERS is home from Cornell university and Ewart has also returned
from the Chicago university.

Thos. CONLON came down from Estherville on Sunday's Special to see the base
ball game and to spend a couple of hours with his parents.

A letter from H.B. CASSIDY of Wilbeaux, Montana, says that prospects for a
bumper crop in eastern Montana are very encouraging.

Mr. and Mrs. George B. ACERS of Portage, Wisconsin, are guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W.E.G. SAUNDERS. Mr. ACERS is a brother of Mrs. SAUNDERS.

Mrs. Bernard BRADLEY,who had been visiting Emmetsburg and Cylinder relatives
for several days, returned to Graettinger Monday. She is looking fairly
well, but is not hearty.

Mr. BESTELEHNER came over from Whittemore Wednesday in his auto to attend
the game between Mason City and Emmetsburg. He brought a large delegation
with him. The Whittemore people patronized the game very liberally.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt KILROY were up from Mason City Sunday. Mr. KILROY returned
in the evening but Mrs. KILROY remained for a couple of days to visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. CONLON.

J.P. SULLIVAN of Great Falls, Montana, visited at the T. SULLIVAN home at
Graettinger last week. He was on his way home from Fort Dodge where he had
been called to attend the funeral of his brother.

Carl HELGEN, brother of H.M. HELGEN, of this place, graduated from St.
Olaf's college at Northfield, Minnesota, last Wednesday. Many Emmetsburg
friends extend hearty congratulations and wish him success through life.

Charles DUHIGG and J.S. MARTIN were at Armstrong Friday. They report that
J.F. O'NEILL has the finest corn that they saw on their trip. His crops are
all good. he had evidently been working hard since he left Emmetsburg last

The Whittemore Champion says that John McCORMICK of Rodman is 86 years of
age and that on last Wednesday he indulged in a six mile walk. He was
superintendent in this county 53 or 54 years. All the old settlers will be
glad to learn he is still bright and vigorous.

Miss Kate CROWLEY was a passenger to Ruthven Thursday morning.

Mrs. Dr. POWERS visited her sister, Mrs. MIX, at Cedar Falls last week.

Charles JACKMAN of Waterloo visited relatives in Emmetsburg last week.

A.P. MEYERS arrived home from Sioux City a few days ago with a fine new

Mrs. Fred McCARTY left for the lakes today. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. and Fred
went yesterday.

P.S. BROWN will leave today on a business trip through Idago, Oregon and

Henry KNEER is at Whittemore this week working on the construction of the
water works system.

Fred PREUS, who lost $1,800 at a wedding near Algona a short time ago has
recovered that amount.

Mr.and Mrs. Robert WILSON left for Sac county Wednesday to visit relatives.
Mrs. WILSON formerly lived there.

Mr. J.N. HANSON and Miss Sophia NIELSEN were married at Ringsted last
Wednesday, Rev. BERG officiating.

T.S. SULLIVAN who had been visiting his parents at Graettinger, returned to
Minot, North Dakota Wednesday.

L.E. FECKNER, the manger of the Farmers' store at Graettinger, was at Sioux
City last week purchasing new goods.

Banker FRYE of Rodman and Bankers CARMODY and CULLEN of Whittemore attended
the state bankers' meeting at Mason City last week.

D.G. McCARTY is at Buffalo, New York, attending the National convention of
the Woodmen. He is one of the delegates from there.

Mrs. Wm. COAKLEY and Mrs. CREED went to Des Moines Thursday to visit
relatives and friends. Mr. COAKLEY accompanied them as far as Ruthven.

Edward McNALLY bought a dandy Hupmobile auto last week for hte Brown Land
and Loan company. He will find it very convenient in his business.

Miss Josie GUERDET returned to Minneapolis Wednesday after a brief visit
with her parents in Walnut township. She has a position as a stenographer in
that city.

Ed HALL has not forgotten about the pleasures of his youthful days. He came
in from Vernon Sunday to see what was transpiring on the baseball diamond.

The shooting tournament of the Emmetsburg Gun club will be held at the
Middleton park next Friday afternoon. It promises to be very interesting.
The membership is about 25.

The Dispatch reports that Mr. and Mrs. Ole JUSTESON and Mrs. John LARSEN of
Ringsted left Monday of last week for Denmark where they will spend some
time with relatives.

Miss Lena LARSEN, of the West Bend Journal, was an Emmetsburg visitor
Saturday. Seh was accompanied by her friend, Miss Ida PETERSON, of Lake
Mills, who has been visiting her.

Miss NEVIN of New York is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Ellen CARMODY.

The sign on the new Majestic theater is a dandy. Mr. CARPENTER painted it.

W.J. YOUNG arrived home from La Porte City where he spent a month.

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. BRADY weent to Sioux City yesterday to attend the Elk's

Mrs. J.M. MAHAN is enjoyning a visit from her sister, Mrs. McDONALD, who
lives at St. Paul.

Mrs. Thos. CARMODY and children of Whittemore visited Emmetsburg relatives

Adjourned meeting of the A.O.H. this evening. All members are requested to
be present.

Misses Jennie AGNEW and Crin HUGHES went to Minneapolis Monday to visit for
a couple of days.

W.G. MIDDLETON is at Ada, Minnesota, this week looking after his farm
interests at that place.

Joe and Will KERWICK are home from St. Joseph's college to remain during the
summer vacation.

Miss Edna DICKASON recently returned from Dubuque where she had been
attending St. Vincent academy.

Miss MEANS left for Kentland, Indiana, Monday evening to remain for some
time visiting relatives.

J.K. BENDA is having a big special sale this week. Read his double page ad
published elsewhere in this issue.

Father JUNGBLUT came up from Wesley Thursday to attend the St. Mary Academy
commencement exercises.

Miss Edna GUSLAND returned from Ruthven last week where she had been serving
as a nurse in the Baldwin hospital.

Miss BLEY, a daughter of Mrs. Paul BLEY of Rush Lake township, recently
returned from Des Moines where she had been in the M.E. hospital for some

We are having very dry warm weather. Small grain and meadows are suffering.
We need rain badly. Corn is holding its own. The outlook is not encouraging.

Colonel and Mrs. SMITH were over from Ayrshire last evening. Though small
grain is looking bad, the Colonel is looking well. He favored us with a
pleasant call.

Mrs. Catherine CONLON recently returned from West Union where she had been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. STEINER. She is again comfortably located in the
fourth ward.

Miss Grace CUMMINGS, of Des Moines who had been spending a week at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. John GALLEGER, went to the lakes Tuesday morning. She was
accompanied by Miss Millie GALLEGER.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa
Wednesday, June 21, 1911

The St. Mary Academy Commencement Exercises Held Thursday Evening

The annual commencement exercises of St. Mary Academy, which were held at
The Iowa Thursday evening were among the most entertaining and edifying that
have ever been witnessed in Emmetsburg. The class day exercises were held
Friday, June 2. A report of same was published in teh Democrat of June 7.
They were very creditable.

Thursday evening's program was without question one of the best ever given
under the auspices of the institution. It did not contain a single weak

"The Grown Upl Land," by 40 or more little girls, was as humorous as it was
novel. The many present laughed often and heartily during the presentation
of this most enjoyable number. The flower song and garland drill, which
followed would please any audience. It was given by the girls of he
intermediate grades. "Born, Crucified, Risen," with the invisible choir, was
very impressive. It brought serious thoughts to the minds of all who
witnessed it. The girls of the first and second year High School course
participated in this edifying number. The musical recitation, "How the Gates
Came Ajar," and the semi-chorus, "Sing to me Ever," followed. Both were
selections that would satisfy all lovers of music. The "Weaving of the Stars
and Stripes" was one of the best numbers ever seen on an Emmetsburg stage.
It was given by the members of the senior and junior grades. The entrance
march, song of greeting, closing hymn, and the violin selection, the last by
Miss Ruth Marion O'Reilly and Mary Loretta O'Brien, wre in keeping with the
general excellence of the evening's exercises.

At the close honors were conferred as follows by Very Rev. J.J. Smith, V.S.:
Diploma for completion of Academic courseconferred on Julia Dorothea
Crowley, Nellie Frances Crowley, Gail Josephine Egan, Helen Agnes Galleger,
Elizabeth Genevieve McNally, Josephine Morrissey, Catherine Veronica
Mulroney and Mary Anna Waldron.

Diploma for completion of Academic coure conferred on Alice Mary Donahue,
Ethel Agnes Doyle, Ruth Mary Egan, Lewine Gertrude Hand, Marjorie Veronica
Higgins, Catherine Margaret Kirby, Anna Loretta Mahan, Eileen Angelita
McBride, Agnes Gertrude McCarty, Irene McGuire, Thomas Franklin Mead, Isabel
Monica Murphy, Mary Elizabeth Steil.

Gold medal for Christian doctrine, presented by the A.O.H., merited by
Elizabeth Genevieve McNally.

Gold medal for Algebra, presented by the very Rev. J.J. Smith, V.F., merited
by Elizabeth McNally, Gail Egan, Julia Crowley, Catherine Mulroney, Nellie
Crowley, Mary Waldron, Mary Neary and Mary Dunnigan. Drawn by Nellie Frances

Gold medal for highest four years' record in department and application,
graduating class, presented by the Knights of Columbus, merited by Catherine
Veronica Mulroney.

Gold medal presented by the Knights of Columbus for highest record in
deportment and application, grammar grades, merited by Vera McNally, Leo
McEvoy, Catherine McEvoy, Genevieve Joynt, Mildred McNally, Veronica
Morrissey, Cecilia Agnew, Elizabeth Miller, Bessie Donahue, Florence Kelly,
Howard Steil, Harold Agnew, Joseph Foy, John Collins, Thomas Brady, Thomas
Miller, Russell Hennessy, henry Leo Kneer, Irene Carney, Helen Myers, Mary
Bradley, Bernice McDonald, Margaret Ruddy, Catherine Miller,Kathleen Deneen,
Carena Steil, Mary Hand, Gertrude Fisher, Grace Fisher, Irene Dunphy, Alice
Flynn, Cyrilla Flood, and Lucile Steil. Drawn by Alice Flynn.

Premium for english composition, senior and junior classes merited by Gail
Josephine Egan.

Premium for english composition, first and second year high school classes
merited by Pearl Newhall and Edna Kerwick. Drawn by Edna Victorine Kerwick.

Certificate of graduation in Palmer method of penmanship awarded by the A.N.
Palmer Co., Cedar Rapids, to Mary Rose Carmody, Julia Dorothea Crowley, Mary
Agnes Dunnigan, Gail Josephine Egan, Helen Agnes Galleger, Edna Victorine
Kerwick, Anna Loretta Mahan, Mary Bernette McNally, Josephine Morrisey,
Catherine Veronica Mulroney, Veronica Nally, Pearl Alice Newhall, Mary
Loretta O'Brien, Marie Edwardine Sherlock, and Mary Agnes Waldron.

Lost Their Little Child
Mr and Mrs. Sherman McAllister's youngest child, aged one year, died
Wednesday and was buried in Evergreen cemetery Thursday. It was a victim of
infantile paralysis. The parents have the sympathy of their many friends in
their sorrow.

Mr. Clausen of this place is making a splendid quality of ice cream. If you
have not tried it, do so. He is a gentleman with whom it is a pleasure to do
business. He is well deserving of the patronage and the encouragement of our

He Stole The Preacher's Pants
Friday night a fellow from some point in North Dakota, who gives his name as
Wm. Kelly, broke into the residence of J.E. Brereton, while the latter was
attending the tabernacle, and stole his trousers and also a rifle and a pair
of trousers belonging to his son. The next morning he went about town
wearing the pastor's trousers. He sold the rifle for $3. It was worth about
$10. He was caught near the Rock Island water tank by Marshall Drummy. He
was arraigned before Mayor Duffy and was held to await the action of the
grand jury. He does not act like a criminal. He claims that drinking was
responsible for his downfall.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
28 June 1911

Mr. and Mrs. CRANE, who had been visiting their daughter, Mrs. BROWNLEE of
Mallard, returned to their home in Wisconsin Tuesday.

Wednesday evening we enjoyed a delightful ride to Graettinger with Edward
McNALLY in his dandy new auto. P.H. DONLON, W.J. BROWN and Clem McNALLY went
with us on the trip. Mr. McNALLY first begun to use his auto six days
before. He handled it like a veteran, making the trip each way in 40

The Graettinger people had a good time at their Woodman picnic. C.E. COHOON
delivered an address and there were various amusements during the afternoon.
Graettinger and Ringsted played an eighteen inning game of baseball.
Graettinger won by a score of 4 to 3.

Mr. Martin B. KANE and Miss Katherine McGOWAN were united in marriage at
Sacred Heart church at Ayrshire Monday morning, Father CARROLL officiating.
Miss Katherine HIGGINS was bridesmaid and Mr. Thomas FAGAN was best man. The
wedding dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. HIGGINS in Great
Oak township. Only a few relatives and friends were in attendance. Mr. and
Mrs. KANE left on the evening passenger for the lakes where they will spend
several days. On their return they will commence housekeeping at their home
in Ayrshire. The bride is a sister of Mrs. J.J. HIGGINS. She made her home
at Dyersville, this state, until a few years ago. Of late she has been
living with Mr. and Mrs. HIGGINS. She is a most estimable lady and will be
an active and influential factor in the social and religious life of
Ayrshire. Mr. KANE is widely known as one of the substantial and worthy
citizens of that place. His many friends in this locality join with the
Democrat in wishing him and his bride health and happiness.

Why work for others when with our proposition you can earn from six to ten
dollars a day. The harvest is on for agenst (either sex) selling our
invention. For particulars write, Geo. FINN Co., Sioux City, Iowa.
For Sale, Trade, or Rent.
I will sell, trade, or rent my house and half block in the north part of
Emmetsburg. Has fair improvements. I have good household furniture and would
sell same with house. Will be willing to accept part cash and give time on
balance in case of sale. I will be glad to consider any offer for a sale or
trade. T.H. TAYLOR.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
12 July 1911

Auditor J. MARTIN left Wednesday morning for Excelsior Springs wehre he
intends remaining for about ten days for his health.

At the annual meeting of the Emmetsburg school board, J.S. ATKINSON was
re-elected secretary. He has held the position for a great many years.

Miss Jennie KELLY arrived from Seattle Friday evening to spend her vacation
with her parents and brother. She teaches in the schools of that city.

Patrick CARROLL returned from North Dakota a few days ago where he had been
for a short time. He found crop conditions in that state very satisfactory.

Wednesday afternoon, while working in his garden, L.W. NEUDECK, who lived a
short distance west of Ft. Dodge, was struck by lightning and was killed

Leo SHEA went to Northfield, Minnesota, the first of the week. He intends to
remain for some time. His brother went to  that place some time ago where he
secured a good position.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard JONES of Mason City spent Sunday with Mr. JONES'
parents in this city. They report that the season has been fully as dry in
that locality as it has been in Palo Alto.

Father LYNCH was able the last of the week to take a ride out in an auto. We
are pleased to report that he is improving rapidly. He had a severe trial of
it during the long spell of warm weather.

Patrick O'BRIEN has 45 acres of exceptionally good flax on his farm in Great
Oak township. It is about eighteen inches high and it promises to yield
well. He has another piece of 12 acres that will not amount to much.

Misses Julia and Christine MURPHY arrived home from Woonsocket, South Dakota
last week, where they had been teaching school for some time. Crop
conditions are better in that section than in some other parts of the state.

H.H. JACOBS  and Patrick O'BRIEN were Armstrong visitors Saturday. Mr.
O'BRIEN says that crops look better in that locality than they do in this
vicinity. Armstrong has probably had a few showers that did not extend this
far south.

Mr. and Mrs. M. CONLON returned from the Twin Cities last week. They will
soon be comfortably located on their new farm in Great Oak township.  There
was a big celebration in Minneapolis while they were there. It was largely
attended and proved to be very interesting as well as enjoyable gathering.

Mrs. Matt RYAN went to Rochester, Minnesota, Wednesday to attend the funeral
of her niece's husband, who was killed by lightning at that place.

The attorney general has decided that the owner of a gun cannot carry it
across a field without a license even though he has no intention of using

The new launch bought some time ago by Wm. BRAGG is one of the best on
Medium lake. It is also the fastest launch on the lake. It has a seating
capacity of about a dozen.

Elmer MYHRE was an Emmetsburg visitor Sunday evening. He likes his position
at Bancroft and intends to remain. He was at Livermore for a short time
after leaving Emmetsburg.

Miss SMITH of Herman, Minnesota, who had been visiting her brother, T.J., at
Ayrshire for some time, went to Graettinger Monday to remain a few days at
the hoem of her brother, J.W. SMITH.

The Royal Lumber company recently bought the yard at Melvin, Osceola county,
on which Mr. AUSLAND was figuring soem time ago. It will most likely in time
be consolidated with the company's other yard at that place.

John CASEY is said to be the potato king of Emmetsburg. he has a large patch
in the north part of town. The yield is large and the quality is excellent.
Mr. CASEY says it takes a genuine Irishman to grow potatoes when conditions
are not favorable. The Democrat hopes he will make a mint of money out of
his productive potato patch.

Mrs. Wm. RUTHVEN,who has been quite ill during the protracted spell of warm
weather, is able to attend to her duties as usual.

Mrs. S. MEEK and Mrs. J.R. LOOMIS of Silver Lake township are visiting
relatives at White Earth, North Dakota. We glean from the Chronicle.

Miss Rose McNALLY returned from Dell Rapids, South Dakota, a short time ago.
She spent the spring at that place and Sioux Falls.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael SCHULLER of Mallard mourn the death of their infant
son, who passed away a few days ago. The have the sympathy of their many
friends in their sorrow.

The Ladies' Aid society of the M.E. church will serve a tea at the home of
Mrs. James SLATER Wednesday afternoon July 19 at supper time. A 15c supper
will be served to all who attend.

Miss Ruth EGAN has gone to Colman, South Dakota, to spend some time at the
E.A. BRANAGAN home. She was accompanied by Wm. BRANAGAN. He returned home
Saturday evening.

David FAGAN of Brooklyn, Iowa, attended the Fourth of July celebration in
Emmetsburg. He had been visiting relatives at Ayrshire and came over to
greet numerous friends in this locality.

Mrs. and Mrs. Geo. BAKER and Herbert are at Templar Point this week
attending the annual conclave of the Knights Templars. Next week they will
go to their cottage on West Okoboji to remain during the summer months.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. KENT and sone Karl arrived from Oakland, California to
remain for some time. Miss Phyllis, who had been visiting friends at West
Union, came a few days before they reached here. Mr. KENT says that corn is
not so good in Nebraska as it is in this locality, but oats seem to be some
better. He came from Omaha to Clarion during the night and did not get a
chance to observe the crops southwest of here. He has a pretty good opinion
of the Chinaman in California but he has not had much time for the Jap.
Oakland is a prosperous, substantial place. Mr. and Mrs. T.D. McLAUGHLIN
still reside there.

Mrs. CREED was an Algona visitor Monday evening.

Mrs. T.R. MARTIN and children went to Spirit Lake Saturday to remain a few

Mrs. Thos. SHEA and Mrs. J.J. MARTIN of Ayrshire were Emmetsburg visitors

Thos. McBRIDE is suffering from a badly inflammed eye. He may have to
consult a specialist.

A marriage license was issued Wednesday to Mr. Henry F. LANGERMAN and Miss

Mrs. Arthur KETCHEN and children of Peoria, Illinois, arrived Sunday evening
to spend a few days with Emmetsburg friends.

Mrs. and Mrs. Andrew YOUNG, who came up from Eagles Grove to spend the
Fourth with relatives, returned home Saturday.

John P. BIGLEY was a Dickens visitor Sunday. Mr. BIGLEY has special
interests at that place and he takes a run over every few Sundays to see if
they are safe.

Miss Margaret McCORMICK completed her term of school in Ellington township a
short time ago. Monday morning she enrolled in the Emmetsburg summer school.

The Democrat is pleased to learn that Mrs. M.T. WASHINGTON, of Ruthven, who
recently returned from St. Joseph's hospital at Kansas City, where she
underwent an operation, is doing nicely.

Father MURPHY, who has charge of the new Catholic church at Terrace park,
near Okoboji, was an Emmetsburg visitor Saturday. He is a brother of Father
MURPHY, who was formerly assistant pastor at Assumption parish.

Miss Margaret RYAN arrived home Saturday. She spent some time with friends
at Flandreau, South Dakota. From there she went to Newcastle, Nebraska,to
visit Mrs. MILLER. The condition of crops in Nebraska is better than in
Iowa. At Flandreau they are about the same as they are in this locality.

Clyde SULT of Marmarth, South Dakota, was a guest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J.G. McNAMARA of this city several days during the past week. He
reports that there has been an abundance of rain near Marmarth during the
past few weeks. He returned home Sunday morning.

E. J. SPROUT was down from Terril the Fourth.

M.L. BROWN attended a bank meeting at West Bend today.

Supervisor KIRBY was at Rolfe the first of the week on business.

Miss Minnie FICKEL of Spencer visited Emmetsburg friends yesterday.

T.C. EGAN was a visitor to Perkins county, South Dakota, last week.

Miss WALKER of Chicago is visiting her aunt, Mrs. H.P. JOHNSON, of this

E.P. CONWAY of Gilette Grove visited his mother and sister in this city on
the Fourth.

Local Markets:-Hogs $8.25, oats 38, corn 48c, butter 20c, eggs 1lc, new
potatoes $2.50.

Mrs. and Mrs. Geo. WILLIAMS of Cedar Rapids have been visiting local
relatives during the past week.

Genial J.J. RYAN came over from Spencer and spent the Fourth with his many
Emmetsburg friends.

C.J. McNALLY has gone to Murrill, Iowa, to work for a clothing firm. He was
in the employ of the company a year ago.

Miss Katie McGUIRE arrived home yesterday. She has been attending a business
college at Marshalltown. During the past ten days she visited friends at
Cedar Falls.

Will DONOVAN had horse sales at Ft. Dodge, Humboldt, Plover and Mallard
during the past week. Western horses are, he says, 30 per cent lower than
they were a year ago.

W.J. TYSON was at Ottoson Wednesday. He reports that there was a good shower
in that locality during the afternoon. While there he sold a $300 monument
to Mr. CLAVE, the banker.
An Excellent Pitcher Secured.
"Doc" SPILLANE, the best pitcher in the South Dakota league, has been hired
for the season by Manager FISHER of the local K.C. team. He lives at
Aberdeen. He will pitch for the Emmetsburg boys at Estherville tomorrow.
Miss DONAHUE of Estherville Dead.
Miss Mary Ann DONAHUE of Estherville, sister of the late Edward DONAHUE,
died at Estherville Monday night. Her mother and one sister, Mrs. BROWN,
survive her. She was a niece of the late Wm. MAHER. The funeral will be held
tomorrow. The burial will be in St. John's cemetery at this place.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wed., Aug 9, 1911

Mrs. Z.F. Dickinson of Osgood is visiting her son, Harry, of Moline,

Miss Ella Maher of Ruthven is visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Myles
McNally of this place.

Sisters Mary Fabia and Mary Eugenis of Chicago are visiting their father,
Owen McNulty, and other local relatives.

Mrs. Douglass, Mrs. Knoblauch's sister, returned to Sioux Falls yesterday
accompanied by her sister, Miss Grace McCormick.

Miss Agnes Rutledge accompanied her cousin, Miss Kate Donovan of Ayrshire to
Rochester Minnesota, Tuesday of last week. The latter went to consult Dr.

Fred Seiler of Algona claims that he and his agents have sold 67 autos in
Kossuth county since Jan. 1. The price of the machine is $810. Hence the
total sales would aggregate $54,270.

Peter Hoelzner is enjoying a visit from his mother who lives in Minneapolis.

Art Crouch of Lyons, has been visiting his parents in this city during the
past week.

Miss Margaret Walsh is home from Austin, Minnesota, visiting relatives. She
will remain for six weeks.

W.T. Kreiger has bought the Wm. Muir residence. It will make him a fine
home. He will not get possession until March 1. Mr and Mrs Muir intend
moving onto their farm in Independence township.

C.J. Berger is having a cement walk placed from his residence property to
the main walk.

A.G. Kellogg sold his 10 acre fruit farm near Pocahontas to John Vader for

Postmaster J.B. Martin of West Bend, left for Seattle Monday to visit his
son Clifford.

Chris Conlon reports that his little son, who was so badly injured a short
time ago, is much better.

The C.J. Berger store front and the one just south of it have been neatly
painted, adding much to their appearance.

Mrs. E.H. Merriman of Graettinger spent Wednesday evening with her parents,
Mr and Mrs E.E. Hughes of this place.

Miss Mary Kane, well known to many of our citizens, died at her home in
Algona Sunday. She was a sister of Dr. Kane. She was an exceptionally
deserving young lady.

Mrs. A.J. Wolfgang underwent a surgical operation in St. Joseph's hospital
at Kansas City a few days ago. We are pleased to report that she is getting
along nicely.

Mrs. Bernard Petersen, of Teril, is a guest at the home of her sister-in-law
Mrs. Chris Conlon.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wed., Aug 16, 1911

The Misses CLARE were Ruthven visitors Sunday.

Wm. BAILEY was down from Sheldon Thursday greeting relatives and friends.

Hank WAGNER was up from Des Moines Thursday visiting his brother A.W. of
this place.

Dr. and Mrs. D.E. COLLINS of Marshalltown were Emmetsburg visitors several
days last week.

Peter HOELZNER arrived home from Yankton, South Dakota, Sunday evening where
he had been on a business trip.

Misses Florence and Beatrice BLACKMAR returned to Iowa City last week after
a brief visit with their friends in this city.

Mrs. Alice BAILEY and Elizabeth LEE of LeMars spent Monday and Tuesday of
last week with Miss Maud ST. JOHN of this place.

Misses Mildred SCOTT and Daisy DICK-PEDDIE were the guests of the Misses
GIBSON at the lakes several days during the last week.

Dr. and Mrs. R.C. MOLLISON of Story City were in Emmetsburg a couple of days
last week. They came to see local relatives and friends.

Mr and Mrs. Michael JOYNT went to Ruthven Sunday to attend Father James
NOLAN's first high mass. They were old friends of his parents.

Mrs. Henry HUGHES was a Yankton visitor last week. She was accompanied on
the trip by her father, Mr. FLANNAGAN, who lives near Sioux Rapids.

Wm. MAYNE and Mrs. Esther CARUTH, who had been visiting their brother in
this city, went to Ledyard Tuesday of last week to see another brother, who
resides in that vicinity.

Mr and Mrs. Henry DORWEILER came up from West Bend Sunday to be present at
Father Edward MAYNARD's first mass. They knew him as a small boy in their
home community.

James P. JONES was quite ill the first of the week.

Frank SULLIVAN was down from Graettinger Sunday.

John MONCRIEF, Jr. returned from Omaha, Nebraska, last week.

Mrs. John BARNES was at Wallingford last week visiting her father.

Mr and Mrs. Wm. TWIGG were calling on friends at Plover last week.

Mrs. E.E. RYAN of Des Moines recently visited relatives in this county.

John WEGENER and Theo. BLECKWENN of Fairville are visiting friends in

Miss Alice NOLAN will return to Lewiston, Idaho, this week to continue

R.M. JOHNSON of Ruthven visited his brother, Harold JOHNSON, of Fort Dodge

Supt. Lillie PATTON went to Steven's Point last Wednesday evening to enjoy a
week's rest.

Mr and Mrs. Edward McNALLY, Miss Katherine CROWLEY and Miss KANE were
Ruthven visitors Sunday.

We are pleased to report that Mrs. John JOYNT, Sr.,who was very ill for some
time, is much better.

The Guild Tea will be at Mrs. A.T. HORTON's on Thursday, Aug. 17th, assisted
by Mrs. Edith SMITH. All are invited.

There were 10,000 people in Fort Dodge Friday to see Buffalo Bill. It is
estimated that the visitors spent $20,000 with the Fort Dodge merchants.

Mr. HOSKINS has opened his restaurant in the building south of C.J.
BERGER's. He has a very neat place. He asks his many friends to call and see

A.J. WOLFGANG returned from Kansas City Wednesday morning. Mrs. WOLFGANG and
Miss Gracie are doing nicely. They will not be home for some time.

DOUGLASS went to Algona Wednesday to visit relatives for a few days.

The Free Press says that Miss Helen Buehah MANTOR, formerly of Ruthven, was
married at Spokane, Washington, June 25 to Martin V. MELLEN of Bonners

Miss OLIVER of Ruthven was in Emmetsburg yesterday.

Miss Alice NOLAN was at Estherville last week visiting friends.

H.J. PFIFFNER was a passenger to Sioux City Monday morning.

Frank KNEER and son William were at Albert Lea last week.

Fox hunters are active west of Ruthven and are quite successful.

Earl WILCOX was over from Ruthven Tuesday evening of last week.

Mrs. CROSE went to Okoboji Monday to enjoy a few days with friends.

Mrs. BEAN of Joliet, Illinois, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Martin CLENNON.

Mr. BENSON, brother of J.B. BENSON, went to DeKalb , Illinois, Saturday.

Mr. Thomas SELLE of Des Moines was the guest of local relations last week.

F.FREEMAN went to Excelsior Springs Thursday to remain for some time for the
benefit of his health.

Mrs. Dr. BLISS of Ruthven visited Emmetsburg friends last week. She returned
home Wednesday.

Miss Kate HAHN, of Hebron, Indiana, recently visited her brother, Mr.
HENZEL, of Fairfield township.

J.F. WAIT, son of David WAIT, will ship his threshing machine to western
Canada where he will use it during the fall.

Peter MULRONEY came up from Mallard Saturday evening to see his father. The
latter is quite weak but is better.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles DUNCAN intend going to Rochester, New York, Saturday to
attend the national G.A.R. encampment.

Messrs. W.P. REINDERS, SHULLER, and several others came up from Mallard to
attend the Assumption church picnic.

Mr and Mrs. M.L. BROWN and Mr and Mrs. Earl BROWN were at Ruthven Tuesday
attending the funeral of Mrs. Harold BARRINGER.

J.B. BENSON shipped his household goods to Hinkley, Minnesota, Sunday. He
and family will make their future home at that place.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Palo Alto Co, Iowa
23 Aug 1911

M.L. BRADY was a Spencer visitor Wednesday.

O.L. BECK was an Emmetsburg visitor Sunday.

Miss McCORMICK was a passenger to Chicago Thursday.

Lester JACKSON returned to Toulon, Illinois, Thursday.

Miss Gail EGAN spent Sunday with Ruthven relatives.

Richard BEEBE was a passenger to Livermore Thursday.

Miss Kittie WELLS returned to Mason City Saturday evening.

Miss Josie SHERLOCK returned home from Keokuk Thursday.

Miss Lena SCHENDEL visited friends at Whittemore over Sunday.

Mr. ALLEN is building a large silo on his farm west of the river.

Miss Julia DALY of Ayrshire is visiting at the J.S. MARTIN home.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred WARD intend moving to Oregon in a short time.

P.F. REILLY accompanied Father MAYNARD to Ft. Dodge Monday.

Mrs. CROSE went to Chicago Thursday to buy her fall stock of millinery.

Mrs. ZAHRNDT recently enjoyed a visit from her sister from State Center.

A son was born ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank BRADY, Monday, August 14.

Mr. JEPPESON and Peter PETERSON were passengers to Ottosen Monday morning.

A.T. HORTON was called to Nashua Wednesday by the dangerous illness of his

Miss Mary DUFFY returned to LeMars last evening. She came to attend the
wedding of her sister.

George HINKLEY arrived home from Kansas the last of the week to visit his
parents for a short time.

Editor LARSEN of West Bend was in Emmetsburg Monday holding a consultation
with Bro. MAYNE.

J.H. KELLY returned home from Washington the last of the week. Congress will
adjourn this week.

Misses Jennie KELLY and Anna RUTLEDGE were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
HIGGINS of Whittemore the last of the week.

Local markets-Corn 54 to 53c, hogs $6.75,oats 34c,barley 77 to 95c, wheat 76
to 81c, butter 23c, eggs 13c, potatoes 90c to $1.00.

Miss Mildred POWERS left for Salt Lake City Monday evening. She will teach
in the high school of that place during the coming year.

Miss Rose McNALLY has secured a position as trimmer in the DAVIDSON
department store at Sioux City. She left for that place Tuesday of last

Mr. Charles F. MORAN and Miss Katherine DUFFY

Mr. Charles F. MORAN and Miss Katherine DUFFY were united in marriage at
Assumption church Tuesday morning, Very Rev. J.J. SMITH officiating. Miss
Mary DUFFY was bridesmaid and mr. John P. BIGLEY was best man. The wedding
dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr.and Mrs. T. J.
DUFFY. Only a few relatives and friends were in attendance. Mr. and Mrs.
MORAN left yesterday on an extended wedding trip.
On their return they will commence housekeeping in the residence at present
occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Fred WARD, where they will in a short time, be at
home to their many friends.
The bride is well known to our many readers, having lived in Emmetsburg
since childhood. She graduated from St. Mary academy a number of years ago
and later attended the Iowa State Normal school, since which time she has
been regularly employed in our local public schools. It is doubtful if any
other northern Iowa teacher has ever done better primary work than has Miss
DUFFY. She was also for several years employed in institutes and summer
schools in this and various other Iowa cities, winning high recognition as a
leader in her favorite line of work. no young lady stands higher than she
does among her friends and associates. All are pleased to know that she is
to remain in Emmetsburg.
Mr. MORAN has been engaged in the furniture and undertaking business in this
city for a number of years. He has been decidedly successful and has won
rank among the experienced and substantial dealers of our community. He is
genial and judicious and has a wide circle of friends who have only the most
sincere good wishes for his future welfare. The Democrat wishes Mr. and Mrs.
MORAN health and happiness.

Mr. Albert C. HAUSER of Libby, Montana, and Mrs. Mamie E. HUBBARD, of
Ruthven, were united in marriage by Mayor DUFFY Wednesday, August 16. They
will make their future home at Libby.


The marriage of Miss Laura S. HENDRICKSON and Mr. Oscar CHRISTENSON took
place at the Danish Lutheran church yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev.
SIMONSEN officiating. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Florence
HENDRICKSON, and Mr. Theodore OLESON acted as best man. The bride was
attired in a pretty slate colored gown and the groom wore the usual black.
They left the same evening for Plover where they will make their future
home. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.I. HENDRICKSON of this city
and is a young lady of pleasing appearance. The young man whom she has
chosen for a companion is a stranger to us but we understand he is honest
and industrious. The Times extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
CHRISTENSON.---Graettinger Times.
Friday, Roy PENDERSON, of Spencer had his right eye knocked out by a burr
flying off an emery wheel on which he was polishing a plow. The eye ball was
entirely destroyed.

Buying Voting Machines
While in session a few days ago the board of supervisors of Franklin county
bought $15,000 worth of voting machines. A number of Iowa counties have
bought them during the past year. Palo Alto will continue to use the old

An Abundance of Fruit
Fruit is plentiful and cheap. Friday while at Sioux City we were told that
there were 75 cars of peaches and pears standing on teh side tracks at that
place and that there was little demand for them in the local markets. Our
home apple and plum trees are heavily loaded.

Can See the Aeroplanes
The Wright Bros. aeroplanes that are to make the flights from the race track
at the state fair will be housed during the forenoon in a large tent east of
the amphitheater and men will be present to explain the machines. All the
details can be seen by the visitors to the fair.

Martin CLENNON Buys More Land
Martin CLENNON was at West Bend Wednesday. While there he bought an
excellent 80 acre tract adjoining his quarter section farm for $55 per acre.
He says he wound not take less than $100 per acre for it now, as it can be
handled nicely in connection with his other place which has become quite
Teacher's Institute
A List of Those Who Are in Attendance.

The Teacher's Institute convened Monday morning in the High School building
and will be in session during the week. Owing to the fact that a great
number of the teachers and prospective teachers attended school in different
places during the summer, the number enrolled, which is 130 at the close of
the first day, is not so large as it was last year.
Supt. E.C. MEREDITH of Boone is in charge of the work in Geography and
History. His efforts indicate careful preparation. What he says and does
Supt. McCORMICK has Arithmetic, Didactics, School Management, and Music. His
work is equal to any ever presented, along the lines mentioned in any
Miss Josephine PATTON has charge of the classes in English. Her methods and
her zeal will prove very helpful to the teachers.
Prof. Arthur McMURRAY of Ames has an hour each morning during which he gives
lectures and practical documents on "How to Teach Reading in the Public
School." His work is of a very practical nature and the teacher, following
his line of instruction will certainly bring an inspiration into the school
room that will have a marked effect on Reading in our schools. A feature of
Mr. MacMURRAY's [transcriber note: surname spelled differently in article]
work is his recital each afternoon on the leading authors.
Supt. Lillie PATTON is giving close attention to the exercises in general
and feels well pleased with the results that have been thus far achieved.
The following are the names of those in attendance:
Eleanor CARMICHAEL, Genevieve CARNEY, Mary MEYERS, Genevieve DONAHUE, Ray
CARMICHAEL, Alice E CARNEY, Catherine MULRONEY, Marie SHERLOCK, Elizabethe
O'ROURKE, Edna I DICKISON, Mayme RYAN, Alice O'BRIEN, Belle SHEA, Nellie
Nellie BRENNAN, Gracia VOHS, Etta J. O'NEILL, Sylvia M. RAGEDON, Nellie
Charlotte SALVEN, Lily HILTON, Lida LeCLAIR, Sara LYNCH, Anna I. ANDERSON, E
Norman NORLAND, Irene HOOVER, Nellie MILLER, Anna MOREY, Ella DONAHUE, Grace
BLUNT, Elizabeth WIGEN, Nellie SAMMIN, Blanche DOWNS, Anna DONAHUE, Lizzie
WHITE, Julia MURPHY, Adah HOVEY, Rosella DONAHUE, May NEEDHAM, Gertrude
DONAHUE, Cassie SHEA, Ella BERGUM (or BERGUN), Lucina HAND, Gunda GARO,
Hanna HENNINGSEN, Florence MORISSEY, Addie HOWARD, Bertha GARO, Maude
CHURCH, Margaret YOUNG, Jennie AGNEW, Rose MEYERS, Annie BOHLS, Josephine
Pearl JOHNSON, Mabel WAGNER, Bessie KANE, Lilian O'NEILL, Annie MAGUIRE,
Bessie WHITE, Ethel GAYLORD, Ethel KIBBY, Essie WHIRRY, Martina McNARY,
Katherine WARREN, Margaret McCORMICK, Lilian ZEIDLER, Nellie SAMMIN, Sydney
SMITH, Margaret REDMOND, Mary V. SULLIVAN, Theresa M'TGOMERY [Note:
O'BRIEN, Jennie REED, Marguerite HAGENS, Elva BIRKLAND, Mildred MAHAN, Emma
Mae DODGE, Nelle MARTIN, Theresa CARRIGAN, Josephine SHERLOCK, Christine

     Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. F.H. O'Halloran spent Sunday at Arnold's Park and Spirit Lake.
     Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes drove to Emmetsburg Saturday.
     Mrs. Frank Demouth was over from Emmetsburg recently visiting her mother, Mrs. Frank Jones.
     C.E. Meyers went to the lakes Thursday and will spend a few days at Terrace Park. Mrs. Meyers has been there for some time.
     Mrs. Wm. Crampton and children were over from Emmetsburg visiting at the Durant home last week.
     Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Butler went to Estherville Sunday to spend the day with relatives.
     Reuben Gard was an Emmetsburg visitor Saturday.
     Miss Esther Kydd returned to her home at Cedar Rapids Thursday after a month's visit at the Butler home.
     Mrs. Chas. McArty was an Emmetsburg visitor Friday.
     A.E. Anderson, F.H. O'Halloran, Clarence Demouth, Art Dowd and John Goeders went to Humboldt Thursday in Mr. Anderson's auto to see Frank Gotch in his training quarters.
     Rev. F.C. Taylor of Algona will conduct the morning service in the M.E. church Sunday.
     Frank Kelly came over from Emmetsburg Monday and will be depot agent here during the absence of Harry Gmelin.
     Harry Gmelin has taken a three months' lay off and will visit his parents in Canada.
     Miss Dora Knuth was an Emmetsburg visitor Saturday.

     Miss Torpy of Ayrshire visited her brother here Tuesday of last week.
     Lybilla and Phyllis Richards went to Spencer Monday to visit friends and returned home Friday.
     Joe Seager of Bancroft is visiting his brothers John and sister, Mrs. Jake Grethen for the past week.
     Mr. Byank of Ayrshire who is working in the Chronicle office came down to Mallard Sunday on his motorcycle.
     Mr. and Mrs. A. Rhodes spent a few days last week with relatives at Algona.
     Mr. and Mrs. Singleton came home from Dakota where they had spent a month with their son Bert. They enjoyed themselves and are feeling well after their trip. Bert has a large crop. Potatoes are very good there and are selling for 50 cents a bushel.
     Sam Dow of Waterloo spent last week with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Dow.
     Floyd Groves is now working for Bert Nye in the place of Frank Hilton who has gone to Washington to remain.
     Martin Gehrt is being visited by his two brothers and their wives one brother is from Illinois and the other from Pomeroy. The three brothers are enjoying their visit.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg,Palo Alto Co, Iowa
6 Sep 1911

Miss Minerva HAAG, who had been visiting Mrs. Walter G. MIDDLETON, returned
to Chicago Monday.

Thursday evening a number of young people enjoyed a pleasant time at the
home of Mrs. GOSSMAN. All report a delightful time.

Frank DOMEK will ship his household goods and livestock from Cylinder today
to Kalispel, Montana. All wish him success in his new home.

Mrs. J.H. KNOBLAUCH and Miss Grace McCORMICK arrived home from Chicago
Monday. Mrs. McCORMICK will go from Chicago to Pasadena, California.

Chris KNUDTSEN, who lives on the Wm. MUIR farm in Fairfield township, went
to western Canada last week to see about purchasing some land.

Mr. and Mrs. A. STONE and daughters will soon move to Duluth. They have
rented their home to Albert JENNETT. T.J. CLASON will move into the
residence to be vacated by Mr. JENNETT.

C.E. COHOON was at Ada, Minnesota, last week. He owns a fine half section of
land in that locality, but it is not under cultivation. His only regret is
that it was not broken up and sown to flax this year.

Miss STAMBACH of Ayrshire recently visited friends at Rock Rapids. She came
to Emmetsburg Monday and spent the day at the Mr. and Mrs. John McNALLY
home. In the evening she left for Mason City to accept a position in a
millinery store.

Editor J.H. LIGHTER came up from Rolfe yesterday. He had business with the
board of supervisors. He tells us that he will raise 500 bushels of potatoes
this year. We hope he met Emmetsburg's agricultural editor, Mr. MAYNE, while
he was in town.

Mrs. W.I. BRANAGAN spent Friday and Saturday at Colman, South Dakota. She
was accompanied home by Miss Ruth EGAN, who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
E.A. BRANAGAN for a couple of months. Corn is pretty fair near Colman but
small grain is not very good. People are farily well satisfied with their
crops considering the dry season they have had.

Father McNERNEY arrived home from his Eastern trip Wednesday. He was
accompanied by his niece, Miss Cecilia QUINN. He visited Philadelphia,
Atlantic City, New York and other points. He thinks that Atlantic City is
the most successful summer resort in the world. Though a place of only
40,000, as many as 400,000 often visit it. There are accommodations for all
at prices that vary according to the service desired. The city is only four
feet above the ocean level. The bathing beach is sandy and extends for a
distance of twelve miles. Father McNERNEY says that Atlantic City is one of
the most orderly places that he ever visited.

A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. KEENAN is quite ill with diphtheria at the
house of Mrs. MURRAY, who lives in the Third ward.

Miss Ruth REILLY returned home from Mitchell, South Dakota, Saturday
evening. She had been visiting relatives in that city for several days.

The Farmer BURNS base ball team defeated the K.C. team at Ft. Dodge Saturday
by a score of 3 to 0. The Ft. Dodgers must be pretty slow.

Mrs. Julia FOY was a Wesley visitor Thursday. She was surprised to find teh
interior of Father JUNGBLUT's church so artistically decorated.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob WINEGARDEN went to Pocahontas Wednesday to visit
relatives. Mr. WINEGARDEN has returned home. Mrs. WINEGARDEN will remain for
some time.

Monday afternoon a partition in the J.A. DUFFY residence caught fire, but no
damage was done. The fire company was called out. Mr. and Mrs. DUFFY were
absent at Graettinger at the time.

Mrs. Monroe JOHNSON was at Spencer Saturday visiting her mother. She reports
that Dr. J.C. COLLISTER, who was seriously injured in an auto accident a
short time ago, is able to attend to his patients again.

John McCORMICK came up from Rodman Friday evening and spent the night with
J.P. CROWLEY. He intended going to Estherville Saturday but finally decided
he would not take the trip alone.

Sister Mary Placentia, well known to many of our readers, who has been in
the Sacred Heart Academy at Ft. Dodge for some time, will have charge of the
conservatory of music in the Visitation Academy in East Des Moines during
the coming year.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. MARTIN came over from Ayrshire Sunday to attend the
funeral of Wm. SHEA. Mrs. MARTIN recently consulted Drs. MAYO of Rochester,
Minnesota, but they told her that it would be necessary for her to undergo
an operation. However, she will take treatment from them.

Attorney Thomas F. SHEA arrived from Deer Lodge, Montana, Saturday evening
to attend the funeral of his father. He reports times good in Montana. The
west seems to agree with him. A new girl arrived at his home two days before
he left. Hence he found it difficult to get away. He will start for home

E.J. McEVOY, who was at Colfax last week, reports that he met quite a number
of Palo Alto people there. Among those whom he remembers are Phillip
O'CONNOR and two daughters, Mrs. John MAHAN, Mrs. Edward THOMPSON, and Mrs.
Clara THOMPSON, all of Graettinger, Mr. SPAULDING and Mr. KELLY of Ruthven,
and Mr. and Mrs. Archie JOHNSON of Curlew.

Joseph MARTINI is at the Twin Cities this week.

A.A. BRIGGS is taking in the Minnesota fair this week.

Jay McDONALD of Marshalltown is visiting local friends.

Mrs. Frank MEAD went to Sanborn Thursday to visit friends.

Michael DAILY and John BURNS are attending the Minnesota fair.

Roy BARTLEMAN visited his parents north of Estherville over Sunday.

Father SWEENEY of Sheldon has been appointed assistant pastor at Boone.

Oscar CROWLEY went to Chicago Saturday to see the big wrestling match.

Fred SPIES of Graettinger was looking after some business matters in this
City yesterfay.

T.J. MILLER left for the Twin Cities last evening to enjoy the Minnesota
fair for a few days.

John WAGNER of Fairfield township left for the Twin Cities Thursday to take
in the Minnesota fair.

Dennis and Phil KIRBY left for Minneapolis last evening. From there Dennis
will return to Aberdeen.

Mr. and Miss CANAHAN, who live north of Emmetsburg, are attending the
Minnesota fair this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry HUGHES returned from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Saturday. They
had been spending some time with relatives at that place.

Wednesday evening a number of young ladies attended a party at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WALSH. All enjoyed the gathering very much.

Mr. BOODY of Iowa Falls, a brother of the Dr. BOODY of West Bend, was the
guest of Dr. VAN GORDEN of this place Friday. Mr .BOODY and C.R. VAN GORDEN
are both traveling solicitors for the same firm.

Wm. WARD and son Morgan took an auto trip to Arnolds Park Friday to see Mrs.
C.J. MIKESH, who has been very ill at that place. Last week physicians from
Cedar Rapids and Sioux City were called to her bedside.

Abandoned His Property.
J.E. HENG, who lived on the S.L. IVERSON farm near Osgood, left all his
grain, machinery and live stock on the farm and moved to Eagle Grove about
ten days ago. He had considerable means when he came here two years ago but
he paid high prices for all that he bought and as he had a light crop this
year, he could not sell his personal property and come out even. hence his
reason for leaving the place. He seemed an honest fellow. Mr. IVERSON will
sell the property at public auction next Wednesday.

Recalled Pioneer Days
Lot LAUGHLIN and J.P. CROWLEY Attended Ft. Defiance Exercises.

Lot LAUGHLIN and J.P. CROWLEY were at Estherville Friday attending the
unveiling of the Ft. Defiance monument. There was a large attendance. The
exercises were of patriotic and pleasing character. Harvey INGHAM, editor of
the Register and Leader, delivered a very interesting address on the battles
among the Indians for supremacy in northern Iowa and the subsequent struggle
between the Indians and the white settlers. His father, Capt. W.H. INGHAM,
of Algona, who is now 84 years of age, was present and delivered an address
on Saturday. Captain INGHAM was in command of the Border Brigade in 1862 and
1863. There were 45 men under him and they idolized him. Most of them were
from this and neighboring counties. There were six from Palo Alto: Lot
Fayette CARTER. Only the first named three are living. Their work was to
protect the frontier settlements from the Indians, the New Ulm massacre
having occurred about that time. Posts were established every few miles from
St. Paul to Sioux City. The Iowa posts were supported by the state. Each man
who owned a horse drew $28.50 per month. Messrs. LAUGHLIN, CROWLEY, and
JACKMAN often tell about interesting incidents that occurred while they were
on duty. Only ten or twelve of the 45 who served were present at Friday's
exercises. Most of the others are dead. The older and better developed the
country becomes the more interesting is the history of the frontier

Emmetsburg Democrat 11 Oct 1911
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa

Topics of a Week

John Daily was an Ayrshire visitor Sunday.

Charles Duhigg was at Ayrshire Sunday.

J.F. Nolan of Ruthven spent Monday in Emmetsburg.

M.E. Cullen was an east bound passenger Monday evening.

Miss Martha Schendel and little niece spent Sunday at Whittemore.

John Montgomery and D.W. Cameron were down from Graettinger Monday.

J.H. Knoblauch went to Chicago Sunday evening to buy his winter stock of

We understand that James McCoy has bought a new bus and will conduct a second line in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Duhigg will move into their new home today. Mr. and Mrs.Hinkley will occupy the E.G. Kelly residence.

Richard Kinsley was home from South Dakota over Sunday. He has been running an auto garage in that state for several months.

L.H. Mayne was called to Topeka, Kansas the first of the week on account of the serious illness of his mother-in-law, Mrs. J.M. Vandervort.

Mr. and Mrs. P.V. Nolan returned from South Dakota Friday evening. They report fair corn and late flax in the section that they visited. Pastures are excellent in that locality and cattle and horses looking well.

Col. E.D. Smith, the well known auctioneer, attended the N.A. Lind Shorthorn sale at Rolfe Friday. Mr. Lind sold 40 cows and hefers at an average of $150 per head and four bulls at an average of $126 per head.

Three Calhoun county children died of infantile paralysis Friday. There are also a number of cases of disease near Marshalltown. So far this season the dreaded ailment has not had many victims here in northern Iowa.

One of our readers thinks that were farmers to burn off their meadows early next May, they would destroy most of the grasshopper eggs. Others say that the freezing of the wet ground will fix the eggs. We hope so.

Go to the Congregational Church today (Wednesday) noon for your dinner. It will consist of fried chicken, all the vegetables that are to be had with their usual accompaniments, ending with two kinds of pie-all for 25c

Wednesday O.J. Healy and Gus Maugloe of Mason City had a fight. John Wilcox, who witnessed the encounter, struck Healy in the head with a spade and nearly killed him. The injured man is not likely to recover.

At Mason City people are fined $10.85 for "hanging lamps" on one another. Mayor Duffy occasionally imposes penalties on people for certain offenses, but they are not locally known as "lamp hangers". It seems we are not up to date in localism.

Father Mullally of Chicago, the well known Paulist was the guest of Father McNerney Monday. He had just closed a mission at Spencer. We understand that his health is poor and that he will be forced to take a rest. He is a brilliant, zealous priest.

The Algona Advance says that Judge Quarton recently shipped three of his Guernsey heifers to Wisconsin. He is gaining quite a reputation as a fancy cattle breeder, he has during the past few years given a great deal of
attention to dairying.

Mrs. Mary E. Joyce returned from Lansing Monday.

Grant Smith was a business visitor from Terril Monday.

Frank Koch was an over Sunday visitor at Whittemore.

W.S. Palmer has gone to Osakis, Minnesota on a land deal.

Miss Catherine Corcoran spent Sunday with friends at Ruthven.

E.R. Sanders was down from Osakis, Minnesota last week on business.

M.L. Brown is enlarging the residence just west of the E.G. Kelly home.

James Francis O'Donnell, monologue actor, at The Iowa Wednesday evening, October 18.

C.G. Wenning and Arthur Swessinger of Mallard were Emmetsburg visitors yesterday.

There was a frost Saturday night. In some places it froze ice. All vegetation was out of the way.

Henry Agnew and family have moved into the McLaughlin residence vacated by Thos. O'Connor.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara yesterday. The Democrat extends congratulations.

Dennis Kirby arrived home from Aberdeen, South Dakota last evening to attend the marriage of his brother.

L.P.C. Larson was down from Graettinger Monday. He left for Chamberlain, South Dakota in the evening.

The annual meeting of the teachers of Palo Alto County will be held in the high school building Saturday, October 21.

Hugh Meehan returned home Monday. His Claitwood won the 2:35 pace at Darlington, Wisconsin, Friday in 2:16

Mr. McNamara is now giving our citizens all night light service. We hope he may soon be able to give day service.

The play "The Cow and the Moon" will not appear at The Iowa as advertised last week. The company canceled their date here.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Mr. John B. Casey and Miss Flossie Minerva Goodrich and to Mr. John J. Gappa and Miss Sarah Miller.

Ole Williams was over from Ruthven yesterday on business. He has not yet definitely decided regarding the taking of his contemplated Mexican trip.

Mrs. Monroe Johnson, Miss Kennedy of Estherville, and Misses Mary Donovan and Alice Brennan of this city spent the past couple of days with relatives and friends in the Twin Cities.

A.A. Drohman, who has decided to move to Canada, will hold a public auction on his farm four miles south and one mile east of Ringsted Thursday, October 12.

Yesterday W.D. Donovan closed a deal for the purchase of the harness stock, recently owned by John J. Gappa. He will close out his stock.

Word has reached this office that Father Charles is conducting a very successful mission at the Graettinger Catholic church. He is eloquent, pious, and zealous. Those who attend his missions are always highly impressed with his efforts.

About twenty of the Knights of Columbus of this city went to Ayrshire yesterday to attend the funeral of Thos. Claer. In all there were fully 50 members of the order present. They headed the procession from the residence
to the church and from the church to the cemetery.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
1 Nov 1911


Mary HIGGINS...Ringsted
Anna HALSTEAD...Ringsted
Lily HANSON...Ringsted
Bessie WHITE...Cylinder
Irene HOOVER...Fenton
Carrie HEATER...Fenton
Nellie BRENNAN...Fenton
Theresa CARRIGAN...Cylinder
Grace DUNNING...Cylinder

Helen BLAIR...Graettinger
Katie SHERLOCK...Graettinger
Josephine MORISSEY...Graettinger
Etta Mae GIDDINGS...Osgood
Sarah WALSH...Emmetsburg
Mamie STEIL...Emmetsburg
Gracis VOHS...Emmetsburg
Mamie RYAN...Emmetsburg
Cassie SHEA...Cylinder

Sidney HOWARD...Graettinger
Addie HOWARD...Graettinger
Georgia PURINTON...Osgood
Eva Mae BOUGH...Osgood
Alice JACKMAN...Emmetsburg
Margaret REDMOND...Graettinger
Mamie McCARTY...Graettinger

Lost Island
Mayme SULLIVAN...Graettinger
Lida LeCLAIR...Graettinger
Emma L RIERSON...Graettinger
Mr. Frances HARRIS...Terril
Cora NYBORG...Ruthven
Ida MERKLIN...Graettinger
Emma HENNINGSEN...Emmetsburg
Anna O. THORSON...Ruthven
Mabel SIMINGTON...Ruthven

Grace BLUNT...Ruthven
Jennie REED...Ruthven
Mabel HUGHES...Ruthven
Anna I ANDERSON...Ruthven
Katherine FOLEY...Ruthven
Helen FOLEY...Ruthven
Josephine SHERLOCK...Ruthven
Maude CHURCH...Ruthven

Nellie MILLEA...Emmetsburg
Ella DONAHUE...Emmetsburg
Anna DONAHUE...Emmetsburg
Hanna HENNINGSEN...Emmetsburg
Lily HILTON...Emmetsburg
Eva C. MURPHY...Emmetsburg.

Florence MORRISSEY...Emmetsburg
P. J. WALSH...Emmetsburg
Etta O'NEIL...Emmetsburg
Laura ILLINGWORTH...Emmetsburg
Eva RANDALL...Emmetsburg
Ethel GAYLORD...Cylinder
Anna PETERSON...Emmetsburg

Sophia NYBERG...Cylinder
E Norman NORLAND...Cylinder
Belle SHEA...Cylinder
Constance MEYERS...Cylinder
Anna BAHLS...Cylinder
Nellie CROWLEY...Whittemore
Nettie SAMMIN...Cylinder
Lila MacALLISTER...Cylinder

Fern Valley
Jane HIGGINS...Whittemore
Nellie FORD...Rodman
Martini McNARY...Rodman
Genevieve CARNEY...Rodman
Sylvia HAGADEN...Rodman
Venita BROWN...Rodman

Josephine STIEL...Rodman
Elizabeth McNALLY...Rodman
Alice CARNEY...Emmetsburg
Nellie MARTIN...Emmetsburg
Dorothy MEYERS...Emmetsburg
Delia DENEEN...Mallard
Catherine MULRONEY...West Bend

Great Oak
May HANIFAN...Emmetsburg
Margaret YOUNG...Emmetsburg
Alberta BOUGH...Emmetsburg
Mame GUIDER (or GULDER)... Emmetsburg
Alice O'BRIEN...Emmetsburg
Winifred GRADY...Emmetsburg
Lizzie WHITE...Emmetsburg
Marie KOHL...Emmetsburg
Mary WALDRON...Emmetsburg

Silver Lake
Rose DONAHOE...Ayrshire
Gertrude DONAHOE...Ayrshire
Marguerite HAGANS...Ruthven
Ethel KAHLEY...Ruthven
Nellie EASTON...Curlew
Mary WALSH...Ayrshire
Lucina HAND...Ayrshire

Maude DEGNAN...Curlew
Alice MAGUIRE...Curlew
Alta RUNYAN...Laurens
Ada HOVEY...Laurens
Marie SHERLOCK...Laurens
Myrtle MILLS...Marathon
Clare SANDERSON...Ayrshire
Elizabeth WIGEN...Ayrshire

Rush Lake
Mame NALLY...Curlew
Sophia SCHULLER...Curlew
Ray CARMICHAEL...Mallard
Eleanor CARMICHAEL...mallard
Pearl JOHNSON...Curlew
Mame CLARK...Curlew

Ethel HAHN...Mallard
Lillian ZEIDLER...Mallard
Ethel KIBBY...Mallard
Nellie GALLEGER...Mallard
Mary G MEYERS...Mallard
Ina JOLLIFFE...Rolfe
Margaret McCORMICK...Mallard
Rose MEYERS...Mallard
Christine MURPHY...West Bend

West Bend
Alma MOREY...West Bend
Anna MOREY...West Bend
Julia MURPHY...West Bend
Mrs. Nellie CAIN...West Bend
Nora PHILLIPS...West Bend
Gladys VANDECAR...Rolfe

Emmetsburg Independent District
J.R. McCOMB, superintendent
Lolo OLIVER, principal
Rebecca JONES
J REDMOND, manual training
Margaret RYAN, 8th grade
Nelle LAUGHLIN, 7th grade
Elizabeth FLOOD, 6th grade
Elizabeth KENNEDY, 5th grade
Margaret APPELBY, 4th grade
Olive HAYMAN, 3rd grade
Essie WHIRRY, 2nd grade
Catherine CROWLEY, 1st grade
Sarah CROWLEY, 1st grade
Vera RUTLEDGE, 1st grade
Grace BEEBE, kindergarten
Vera Inez GRIZELL, domestic science
Helen ROBERTS, drawing and music supervisor

West Bend
Clyde McFARLIN, Supt.
Jennie JOHNSON, Prin.
Cordelia WALLACE, 8th and 7th
Vera KINGERY, 6th and 5th
Laura AGNEW, 4th and 3rd
Emma CRISMAN, 2nd and 1st
Lottie WALSH, drawing and music supervisor

Edna OLIVER, Prin.
Leona BALE, 7th and 8th
Olive RUSK, 6th and 5th
Nellie SAMMIN, 4th and 3rd
Gunda GARO, 2nd
Emma Leora HOLT, 1st

Cora E. DILL, Prin.
Cynthia CAMERON, 7th and 8th
Coar CHRISTOPHER, 6th, 5th and 4th
Ruth MITCHELL, 1st, 2nd and 3rd

H.J. O'NEIL, Prin.
Bessie KANE


Charlotte SALVEN, Prin.
Jennie AGNEW

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
8 Nov 1911

A Few Items Taken From the Files of The Democrat of November 4, 1891

Cornelius DWYER died Tuesday morning.

Mrs. H. CONROY is visiting friends in Chicago.

A Catholic school has been opened at Bancroft.

Maurice HERLEY died at St. Paul a few days ago.

James HIGGINS was a Dubuque visitor last week.

A K. of P. lodge will soon be instituted at Ruthven.

McALLISTER Brothers have a hog that weighs 750 pounds.

Mrs. W.J. STICKNEY is enjoying a visit from her sister.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jake KNOER this morning.

George DOWNS' land case has finally been decided against him.

Will AMBLY has accepted a position in the Innis barber shop.

Mm [maybe should be Wm?] MORRIS is arranging to move to Clinton, Iowa in

A daughter was born to Mrs. and Mrs. P. McNALLY Monday.

Jack INGALLS returned from Fort Dodge Wednesday afternoon.

H.H. HEAD will build a large implement house at West Bend.

W.E. DUNKLEBERGER made a business trip to Nevada, Iowa, last week.

Frank CONOVER has bought the Fred EDWARDS barber shop at Ruthven.

J.W. HINCHON is one of the stock holders of the new bank at Algona.

W.J. STICKNEY has resigned as night operator at the Burlington depot.

Fred ILLINGWORTH has moved onto the John DOOLEY farm south of town.

William JACKMAN recently sold his farm to a party from Carroll county.

James GOWANS is moving his stock of goods into his new store building.

Mrs. E.R. McCALLISTER left for Augusta, Illinois, yesterday to visit

Charles SMITH has purchased the STURTEVANT house in the northwest part of

Mrs. Esther RIDLEY of Estherville fell a few days ago and broke several of
her ribs.

J.M. FARLEY has the foundation laid for a large new store building at

N. BREWER of Ruthven will go to Austin, Minnesota, to open a new meat

John MIHLFREAD of Wisconsin is visiting his brother Joseph, who lives near

Mrs. ZECH and daughter Minnie of Mallard went to Chicago last week to visit

MAXON & CARMICHAEL are moving into their new store room in the McCormick

A marriage license has been issued to L.G. REIGARD and Miss Mae WHISTLER of
West Bend.

Mr. Thomas NALLY and Miss Nancy COLLINS were married at Assumption church
Monday morning.

Mr. Alfred MONZEKKA and Miss Bertha WILLENDORF were married in this city
Friday by Squire HEFLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. AYERS little boy had a narrow escape Friday from being drowned
in J.S. ATKINSON's well.

Mr. Daniel MURPHY and Miss Ellen DONAHUE were married at the Catholic church
in this city Monday morning.

Al STRATTON, aged 16, was accidentally covered up in a straw stack near
Curlew last Saturday and was smothered to death.

Andrew BROWN has sold both of his farms near West Bend. He received $18 per
acre for one and $22.50 per acre for the other.

T.T. SHAULL intends moving his family to Curlew this week. He will open a
general store in the Sam EASTON building at that place.

Mr. H.J. SIMONSON and Miss Mary JORGENSEN of Lost Island township were
married at the M.E. parsonage Tuesday evening, November 3.

A few days ago E.E. HUGHES had a team stolen from his barn. They were
finally located at Madison, Wisconsin. Matt LITTLETON went to that place
last night to bring them back.

[End of News of Twenty Years Ago and start of Current news]

Knew Him at Jones County.
Mr. and Mrs. D.W. SUMMERVILLE were at Emmetsburg Sunday to view the remains
of C.E. COHOON. Mr. COHOON boarded with them when he was a young man
teaching school in Jones county.

Attorney at law
Office in front corner over Emmetsburg National Bank
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Law, Loand, Land, Collections
Wills and other papers drawn. Abstracts made and examined. Perfecting title
a specialty.
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Successor to Dr. CHRISTOPHER
Office Phone 367 Residence Phone 26
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Collections, Settlement of Estates, Examining, Perfecting and Quieting Land
Titles a Specialty
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Attorneys at Law
Estates Settled and Other Legal Business Given Prompt Attention. Titles
Examined. Money to Loan at a per cent. Rooms 5-6 Operal House Blk.
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Attorneys at Law
Examination of Land Titles a Specialty. Loans and Insurance.
Ofice over Farmers Savings Bank
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Attorneys at Law
Practice in State and Federal Courts
Office on second floor of Hinkley Block. Phone No. 8
Emmetsburg, Iowa
 Justice of the Peace
Real Estate, Loans, Abstracts and Insurance
Office over D.H. GLENN's.
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Physician and Surgeon
All calls promptly attended to day or night. Office phone 114. House phone
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
X-Ray Work
Office and residence on Broadway, opposite M.E. church. Tele No. 95.
All calls promptly answered day or night.
Glasses fitted.
Phone 328 Emmetsburg, Iowa
Physician, Surgeon, Accoucheur
All Calls, City or Country, Promptly Made
Telephone: Office 173, Residence 110
Office in Brown-Kerwick Block
Phone 231 Emmetsburg, Iowa
Gas Administered. Painless Extraction. Twenty Years Experience in
Office in Knoblauch Block.
Extraction Painless, using local anaesthetic. No after effects.
Office in Opera House Block.
Phone 125 Emmetsburg, Iowa
Have had many years experience
Terms reasonable
R.2 Ringsted-Iowa
Melvin FISK
Special attention given to farm and live stock sales.
Curlew, Iowa
Farm and Live Stock Sales
Ayrshire, Iowa

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, Nov. 1, 1911

A Few Items Taken From The Files of the Democrat of October 28, 1891

D.W. BURLINGAME is quite ill at Tipton.

Mrs. VANDERYITE of Curlew died last Friday night.

A. LARSON has bought the T. KINKADE meat market at Mallard.

Wm. KELLY of Booth Township has sold his farm to John LEE.

Friday Bert KINGSLEY was called to attend the funeral of his mother.

J.S. ROBINSON has withdrawn as an independent candidate for sheriff.

Dr. BALDWIN has 16 cases of typhoid fever at Ruthven. He has had 36.

John McGRATH of Wyoming territory is visiting his mother north of town.

A large addition to the Ayrshire school house will commence at once.

A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs. Joseph MIHLFREAD of Mallard, Sunday,
October 25.

Phil DUFFY has the material on the ground and will erect a new livery barn
at Mallard.

J.J. McGRATH will have a public sale on his farm north of Emmetsburg,
Saturday, November 7.

Mr. and Mrs. W.I. BRANAGAN's little daughter Geretta died Sunday morning
aged nine months.

Mr. J.P. CONWAY and Miss Mary LOWRY were married at Assumption church
Tuesday morning.

Six horses have been stolen from farmers between Bancroft and Emmetsburg
during the past ten days.

John HERLEY died at Spencer Tuesday evening of last week. He formerly lived
in Emmetsburg township.

Charles HAHN of Mallard has built a new barn. Mr. JUNE of the same
neighborhood has also built a barn.

Mr. Dennis McSWEENEY and Miss Mary J. MAHER were married at Assumption
church Tuesday morning.

Mrs. T.M. DANIELS died at her home at West Bend last Thursday evening. She
leaves a husband and three small children.

P.J. NOLAN has rented the old post office building at Ruthven to Miss Mary
GORMAN who will occupy it as a millinery store.

Friday morning Sister Mary Angelica died at St. Mary's Academy. She came
from Kansas City two weeks ago for the benefit of her health.

A large number from this city accompanied by the Juneville band went to West
Bend Wednesday evening to attend the Governor BOLES meeting.

Marriage licenses have been issued to C.T. ALLEN and Miss Mary A HEMSTREAT,
C.A. WENNEL and Miss Ida ROSS, Andrew BENSON and Miss Ida NEWMAN.

J.R. SOVEREIGN, commissioner of labor statistics for Iowa, will address the
citizens of West Bend next Thursday evening on the political issues of the

Word reaches this city from Fort Dodge that Miss Ella FOLEY, who was primary
teacher in our public schools for some time, is to be married this week to a
prominent merchant of that place. We have not learned his name.

Friday morning a young man named WARD of Spencer went to O'NEILL &
BRANAGAN's livery barn and hired a team to drive seven miles in the country.
He went as far as Welcome, Minnesota, where he tried to dispose of the
horses and buggy, but he was unable to do so. He then placed the team in a
barn at that place and skipped. Mr. BRANAGAN was notified by the Welcome
livery man that the team was there. He left at once for Welcome and drove
them home. Young WARD, it seems, had been working at the Early hotel at
Spencer. He stole $50 from the till before coming to Emmetsburg.

Notice of Appointment.
Notice of the appointment of Executrix
State of Iowa, Palo Alto County, SS.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed and
qualified as executrix of the estate of George H BEACH, late of Palo Alto
county, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against said
estate will file them, with the Clerk of the District Court, as provided by
law, duly authenticated, for allowance.
Executrix of said Estate.
Dated October 13, 1911.
Notice of Appointment.
Notice of the appointment of D.A. JOHNSON administator of the estate of Geo.
A SCHULTZ, deceased.
State of Iowa, Palo Alto County, SS.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed and
qualified as administrator of the estate of George A SCHULTZ, late of Palo
Alto county, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against
said estate will file them, with the Clerk of the District Court, as
provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance.
Administrator of said Estate
Dated October 11, 1911
Notice of Appointment.
Notice of the appointment of John GOVIG as administator of the estate of
Lars GOVIG, deceased.
State of Iowa, Palo Alto County, SS.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed and
qualified as executor of the estate of Lars GOVIG, late of Palo Alto county,
deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against said
estate will file them, with the Clerk of the District Court, as provided by
law, duly authenticated, for allowance.
Executor of said Estate
Dated October 12, 1911
Notice of Proof of Will
State of Iowa, Palo Alto County, S.S.
To all whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given that an instrument in
writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Thomas CLAER,
deceased, was this day produced, and read by the undersigned, and that I
have fixed Tuesday, the 5th day of December, 1911, as the day for hearing
proof in relation thereto.
Witness my official signature, with the seal of said court hereto affixed,
this 20th day of October, 1911.
Clerk District Court.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me
from the Clerk of the District Court of Palo Alto County, Iowa, on a
judgment contained in said court on the 10th day of October, A.D., 1911, in
favor of First National Bank of McGregor, Iowa, as plaintiff, and against
B.F. MINER and Mabyl MINER, as defendants, for the sum of thirteen hundred
fifty nine and 20-100 dollars debt, and costs taxed at sixty-four and 75-100
dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following real estate as
the property of said defendant, to-wit: Lot one, two, seven and eight, all
in block nine, BURNHAM's addition to Emmetsburg, Iowa, except that part of
said lots seven and eight sold and deeded to Burlington, Cedar Rapids &
Northern Railway Company, and will offer the same for sale the higest
bidder, for cash in hand, on the 18th day of November A.D., 1911, in front
of the door of the court house, in Emmetsburg, Iowa, between the hours of
9:00 o'clock a.m. and 4:00 o'clock p.m. of said day, sale to commence at
2:00 o'clock p.m. of said day, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said debt
with interests and costs.
Dated Emmetsburg, Iowa, October 17th, 1911.
Sheriff of Palo Alto County, Iowa
By W.P. McNALLY, Deputy.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1911

F.H. O'HALLORAN has returned from West Union where he had been attending the
funeral of his mother.

Vern COOK was a passenger to Ruthven Monday evening.

Miss Susie GOEDERS returned from Algona Thursday evening.

Mrs. Len SPROUT and daughter Verna spent Saturday at Emmetsburg.

Mrs. J.P. DAVIDSON returned Saturday evening from a visit with Fort Dodge

Mr and Mrs. Henry DeWITT were at West Bend Saturday to attend the funeral of
Mrs. DeWITT's father.

E.W. REID was a business visitor at Spencer Monday.

A.E. ANDERSON returned Sunday morning from Fort Dodge wrhe he had been
serving as a federal juror.

Mrs. E.W. REID and Mrs. A.A. JONES were Emmetsburg visitors Monday.

Mrs. H.L. BLAIR was an Emmetsburg visitor Thursday.

Mrs. Ralph BUTLER entertained the Thimble club Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Thomas CULLEN returned Tuesday from a two week's visit with relatives
at Luverne, Minnesota.

Miss Hattie JONES returned Friday evening from a visit with Milford

Master Franklin O'HALLORAN celebrated his ninth birthday Friday by inviting
a number of his little boy friends to spend a few hours after school with
him. Refreshments were served and a jolly time was spent.

The Ladies' Aid of the M.E. church will serve a Thanksgiving dinner in the
hall on Thursday. If you wish a first class dinner do not miss it.

Mrs. A.E. ANDERSON spent Saturday at Emmetsburg.

George KLEIGL has been on the sick list the past week.

Mr and Mrs. Ralph R. BLAIR and baby are visiting the MINGER family.

Mr. LARSON of the Journal was at Emmetsburg Monday morning.

There is a new boy at the home of Mr and Mrs. Otto SCHREIBER. Otto says that
in a short time the SCHREIBERs will take the place of the MILLERs as the
first family in town.

Joe DORWEILER is bending every effort to get the dirt moved for his new
brick building before the ground freezes too hard for such work.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
Wednesday, Nov 29, 1911

F.H. O'Halloran has returned from West Union where he had been attending the
funeral of his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeWitt were at West Bend Saturday to attend the funeral
of Mrs. DeWitt's fatehr.

A.E. Anderson returned Sunday morning from Fort Dodge where he had been
serving as a federal juror.

Mrs. Ralph Butler entertained the Thimble Club Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Thomas Cullen returned Tuesday from a two weeks'  visit with relatives
at Luverne, Minnesota.

Master Franklin O'Halloran celebrated his ninth birthday Friday by inviting
a number of his little boy friends to spend a few hours after school with
him. Refreshments were served and a jolly time was spent.

George Kliegl has been on the sick list this past week.

Mrs. Jones and son of Dickens came over Saturday morning for a visit at the
Tom Horan home.

Mrs. William Currans returned Saturday morning from Emmetsburg where she had
been to see her father who is very ill.

Miss Anna O'Brien returned to her home at Moorland recently after a visit
with her sister in this city.

Mr and Mrs Joseph Fleming arrived in this city Sunday from Chicago for a
visit with relatives.

Mr. Green is improving his residence property and will move into town in the
near future and enjoy a well earned rest from farming.

Mr and Mrs Jones and son left Monday night for Ohio where they will spend
Thanksgiving with relatives.

Mrs. Fred Hahn and sister, Jennie Groff, went to Rolfe Monday.

Dr. Beatty returned from Canada Thursday.

A band was organized here Friday night. It consists of 20 members. A Mr.
Kenneman of Gowrie, who has been instructor of orchestras for the past 30
years, has been engaged.

Mrs. Robert Wessar, who underwent an operation at Rochester, is getting
along nicely. Her many friends will be pleased to hear this.

A donation party was given at the home of Mrs. A Peden Thursday for the
benefit of the M.E. minister.

Rev. Father Neppel went to Dubuque Monday for the purpose of getting Sisters
in the school the coming year.

Frank Lodes bought the H. Fortney pool hall and barber shop Thursday. The
former will take possession December 1. Mr. Fortney intends moving his
family to California in the spring.

Vance & Lodes recently sold the Starr & Richardson 80 acre farm, located
near Mr. Beiderbeck's, to Charles Moon, of Dubuque.

Mr and Mrs John Dow, whose birthdays were Monday, were surprised with a
postal card shower by their many friends.

There is a new boy at the home of Mr and Mrs Otto Schreiber. Otto says that
in a short time the Schreibers will take the place of the Miller's as the
first family in town.

Joe Dorwieler is bending every effort to get the dirt moved for his new
brick building before the ground freezes too hard for such work.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa
13 Dec 1911

Father BOOKMAN recently received word from New York city that his son George
R. BOOKMAN, who is well known to most of the old settlers in this vicinity,
was critically ill. He has typhoid fever and pneumonia. Tuesday afternoon Al
BOOKMAN came over from Pocahontas and left for New York to see his brother.
He is with him at present. The family received a telegram from Al Friday
saying that George had not received any backset and that there were fair
hopes for his recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. FREDERICKS, recently of Oregon, are visiting at the HABAGER
home. Mr. FREDERICKS is thinking seriously of locating in Iowa. He sold his
fruit ranch in Oregon.

George J. SCHREIBER is again in his old place in the McFarland store.

J.E. STONE is expecting his daughter Evangeline home this week for her
Christmas vacation. She is attending Morningside collecge at Sioux City.

The regular election of the A.F. and A.M. was held Tuesday evening of last
week. The following officers were elected: Elmer MINGER, W.M., A.L. FRYE,
S.W., Henry DUNN, J.W., W.W. CRIPPEN, secretary, B.F. McFARLAND, treasurer.

Wm. PHILLIPS is attending to his duties again as marshal. He has had a lay
off for five weeks on account of sickness.

Otto SCHREIBER took his little boy to Vinton last week to visit his
grandparents until Christmas.

Saturday night's rain did considerable damage to Mr. DORWEILER's basement.
Part of the wall of earth caved in before the stone work could be done.

Mrs. Lizzie RYAN of Emmetsburg is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N.

J.N. PHILLIPS is home this week.

Attorney Welt MILLER was at Emmetsburg several days last week attending

Elmer SPROUT returned from Estherville Friday wehre he had been working in a
department store for the last year.

Mrs. Alma SPROUT went to Emmetsburg Sunday evening.

Sidney HIGLEY and Miss Leona BRADLEY were up from Mason City Saturday
visiting at the Joe YANKE home.

Herman ISCH returned from Kalispel, Montana, last week.

Just as we go to press we are informed by Richard AYLWARD that Mrs. Law
ALCORN of Graettinger died Monday afternoon. She had been ill for several
months. She leaves a husband and one child. She was a comparatively young
woman. Further particulars next week.

Just as we go to press, Richard AYLWARD informs us that Mrs. Daniel LARSON
[sic] died at her home several miles northwest of this city Monday night at
twelve o'clock. She leaves a child about two weeks old. Mr. and Mrs. LARSEN
were married last February. Particulars next week.

The Evening Wisconsin of Milwaukee chooses M.J. BRENNAN as a member of an
all-star western football team composed of players from Michigan, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Iowa, Chicago,and Marquette university teams. This is giving him
first rank as a football player. Emmetsburg talent is widely recognized.
Please copy, Algona papers.

J.A. SPIES returned from Clinton Monday.

M.J. TINDAL and family have gone to Rock Island to visit relatives.

T.W. MILLEA and wife were guests at the home of Patrick McCARTY Sunday.

T.O. SANDO was down from Wallingford Friday looking after business matters.

The funeral of Eugene CULLEN, who died in Colorado City, occurred here
Sunday. He was a young man of good character and his death is universally

Miss Louise GUERDET died last Sunday at the home of her mother at Brookings,
South Dakota. The remains arrived in this city last evening and were taken
to the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. BRANAGAN. The funeral will take place
today. Services will be held at Assumption church at 10 a.m. The burial will
be in St. John's cemetery. Particulars will be given in our next issue.

Remember the Thomas CLAER estate sale tomorrow. Free lunch at noon.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co, Iowa
30 Aug 1911

Frank GOTCH will leave Humboldt for Chicago this evening to meet George
HACKENSCHMIDT. The wrestling contest will take place Monday.

Sister Mary Emilita arrived from Ft. Dodge Saturday to visit her parents and
other relatives. She will be remembered as Miss Genevieve BRENNAN.

A. LUDINGTON returned to Gilmore City yesterday. He had been spending three
weeks at the LUDINGTON and WINEGARDEN homes in this vicinity.

The vaudeville acts that have been put on at the Majestic theater for
several weeks are very good. Mr. AYERS is enjoying a substantial patronage.

T.A. BALDWIN, Harry FAIN, M.J. ROSE, and "Judge" WHITTAKER left for Des
Moines Monday evening, over the Rock Island, to attend the state fair.

James McDONALD was up from Marshalltown last week visiting numerous friends.
He and his brother are well pleased with their position at that place.

Joe and Miss Nell M. KERWICK and their mother went to Sioux City Monday to
remain for a short time. Mrs. KERWICK will consult Dr. JEPPESON again before
returning home.

The Emmetsburg schools will open next Monday. The first boy who attempts
anything course or rough in hazing should be brought before Mayor DUFFY and
fined. The Algona people treat their hazers in this way.

Monday evening we enjoyed a pleasant call from W.C. SUNDERMEYER, editor of
the Rake Register. He was on his way home from Hartley. He had not been in
Emmetsburg before for several years. Though he is a diligent worker, he is
looking hearty.

The Iowa Falls Sentinel says that Bert CUPLIN and wife returned to North
Dakota yesterday. Mr. CUPLIN will look after threshing on his land near
Portal, while Mr. CUPLIN visits at Sawyer. Mr. CUPLIN expects to engage in
the drug business at Portal some time this fall.. Mr. and Mrs. CUPLIN
formerly lived at West Bend.

Miss Mabel SIMONSON was at Minneapolis last week.

Mrs. Joe MARTINI was a passenger to Ayrshire yesterday.

Father SWEENEY of Sheldon was an Emmetsburg visitor Monday.

Miss Ruth REILLY was a passenger to Mitchell, South Dakota, yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WALDRON went to Ayrshire Tuesday to visit relatives.

Misses Agatha HAND and Veronica JENNINGS returned to Sioux City Tuesday.

Miss Mary WALDRON of Ayrshire visited Emmetsburg friends the last of the

Mrs. CHADWICK of Fostoria was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. BALDWIN of this
city over Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. JACKSON of Mt. Pleasant are visiting their numerous friends in
this city. Both are looking hearty.

Mrs. Dan O'BRIEN of Booth township is enjoying a visit from her mother Mrs.
GRIFFIN, of Goodhue, Minnesota.

Rev. CLEGG and E.B. SOPER were at Wesley yesterday attending the district
M.E. conference. Both were on the program.

Mrs. Thos JENNINGS, Mrs. Frank MURRAY, Francis MURRAY, and Miss Loretta
HILDEBRAND returned to Sioux City Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. CONLON were called home from Dubuque Sunday morning by the
serious illness of Mr. CONLON's father.

Mr. and Mrs. George OSGERBY went to Madrid, Iowa, yesterday to visit their
son. They will go from there to Des Moines to take in the state fair.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Lutheran church will hold a market next
Saturday at Mrs. GYLLING's store. All kinds of baked goods will be on sale.

D.E. CLYDE, dean of the Normal department of the Highland Park Normal
school, addressed the teachers' institute Friday morning. All present were
highly pleased with his remarks.

Saturday evening in a moving picture theater at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, a
film exploded and started a blaze. In the jam to get out 25 people lost
their lives and 60 were injured.

Misses Alice and Catherine KANE went to Marengo Wednesday evening to visit
their sister who resides at that place. From there they will go to Davenport
to take courses as nurses.

Saturday Angelo LOVELLO, an Italian, married Miss Mabel COCHRAN at Fort
Dodge, but after the ceremony was performed she refused to go with him. Soon
after she left for Omaha. The following day the irate husband applied for a

Mrs. Fred WARD was a Green visitor Sunday.

Miss Cora THEILE teturned from Sibley Thursday.

Two of Loren WRIGHT's children, near Cylinder, are reported very ill.

Miss Constance MYERS of Cylinder visited Emmetsburg friends yesterday.

Raymond BECK of Waterstown, South Dakota, is visiting Emmetsburg relatives.

Miss Mary LAUGHLIN will return to Sterling, Colorado Friday to resume

Mrs. Dan DONAHUE, who has been very ill for several weeks, is able to be out

Harry O'NEILL is at Spirit Lake this week. He furnishes supplies for
teachers' institutes.

Miss Mabel CARR and sister of Redfield, South Dakota, are visiting T.F.

Miss Jennie KELLY left for Seattle Saturday where she will teach again
during the coming year.

Miss Nellie MILLEA has gone to St. Paul to visit her cousin, Miss Rowena
STEELE, for a few days.

Mrs. Fred McCARTY was a Mason City visitor Sunday. Mr. McCARTY has been
there for some time.

Father McNALLY of Morris, Iowa, will umpire the base ball games in this city
today and tomorrow between Emmetsburg and Hull. He was quite a player before
he was ordained.

Miss Gertrude JOYNT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. JOYNT, has gone to Des
Moines to enter Mercy hospital. She intends to become a professional nurse.
She is a very deserving young lady.

Drs. Robert JOYNT of Le Mars and Michael of Marcus arrived in an auto Sunday
morning and remained with their parents, brothers and sisters until Monday.
Their brother Bert returned with them to remain until he leaves for Iowa
City to resume his studies.

Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa
6 Dec 1911

He Made Brilliant Record in Marquette Notre Dame Football Game

     Thanksgiving day M.J. Brennan, son of Mr and Mrs. M.F. Brennan of
Emmetsburg was one of the stars in the Marquette Notre Dame football game
played at Milwaukee. Neither side scored. Four times during the past five
years have those teams played a scoreless tie. Once they played a 5 to 5
game. Last year Mr. Brennan was given credit for the most effective work on
the Marquette eleven, humiliating the Notre Dame manager who refused to give
him a place on his team the year before. Last Thursday he was also picked as
one of the most successful players as extracts from the Chicago and
Milwaukee papers show. The Milwaukee Free Press says:
     "Although every man on the Marquette squad played a splendid game
worthy of particular mention, the work of Shaller, Capnell and Brennan stood
out brilliantly. To brennan belongs the lion's share of the honors. Time and
again he shot down the field, downing in his tracks the man who received the
ball. He displayed football brains at all times and he was a big factor in
breaking up the visitors' formations."
     The Inter Ocean of Chicago says:
     "Capnell, Schaller, Brennan and Hanley of Marquette formed the quartet
that shared most of the honors of the day, but there was not a weak spot on
teh marquette side of the field. Brennan was always able to get the Notre
Dame player who would receive the Marquette spirals."
     Mr. Brennan' brother, James Brennan, was also a football star. He won
for Stanford university a few years ago in one of the most hotly contested
games ever played on the Pacific coast.
     Mr. and Mrs. Brennan have reason to be proud of the athletic ability of
their sons. We wish to remind the people of Algona that this is the kind of
material Emmetsburg produces.