The following are clippings from The Livermore Gazette, Humboldt Independent, and Estherville Broad Axe which reference Emmetsburg.  
Susan Coleman

October 7, 1882 
 Miss M.A. White left for Emmetsburg, with her millinery goods on the evening train this week Tuesday.

December 15, 1882
 Mrs. Levi Smith of Bode and her daughter, Mrs. A.F. Pricher, of Emmetsburg, started for Newton, Illinois last week to visit relatives.

January 9, 1883
A.S. Hammond spent a few days last week at Emmetsburg, looking after the large tracts of land he has for sale in Palo Alto County.

July 27, 1883
Mr. E.W. Darling, of Emmetsburg, formerly of this place, was visiting his brother-in-law, Jake Hiserodt the first of the week.

February 29, 1884
Father John Smith, from Emmetsburg, was in Livermore Wednesday.

March 7 1884-Estherville Broad Axe Newspaper
Misses Maggie A. and Allie White and Miss Ella Sherman, of Livermore, came from Emmetsburg Monday and visited with their relatives Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dealy, until Wednesday, leaving regrets among old friends that their stay could not be prolonged.

March 14, 1884--News from Bode
William B. Price, who sold his place last fall to Dick Hewitt, has hauled his machinery and other goods to Bode, preparatory to moving to Emmetsburg, where he ahs purchased a large farm.  Sorry to have him leave us.

March 21, 1884--News from Bode
Mr. William B. Price started last Tuesday evening for Emmetsburg, expecting to meet the rest of the family there, they having gone a few days previous.

May 2, 1884
Nick Kiley, main man at the coaler on the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern road, goes to Emmetsburg this week, having been appointed section boss at that place.  Nick is a reliable young man and will discharge his duties faithfully.

September 19, 1884--Humboldt Independent
Hon. Mr. Harrison of Emmetsburg lectured in Humboldt last Wednesday evening.  He was escorted to the hall by the Blaine and Logan marching club.

January 30, 1885--News from Bode
Mr. C.G. Emerson has sold his farm to one Hanson of Emmetsburg, who will move onto the place in the spring.

May 22, 1885
Rev. J.J. Smith, Catholic Priest at Livermore ten years ago, but now at Emmetsburg, was here Saturday.

Mitchell Daily Republican
Mitchell, South Dakota
October 27, 1890

    Miss Hattie Black of Emmettsburg, Iowa, is visiting her sister, Mrs. D.E. Collins.

Mitchell Daily Republican
Mitchell, South Dakota
Jan 21, 1891

Barely Made Their Escape
Emmetsburg, Iowa, Jan. 21- While John O'Connell and family of Walnut township were attending church in this city their house took fire and was totally destroyed. All of the contents also burned. Mr. O'Connell's father and an invalid sister were in the house at the time but had barely time to make their escape. Loss about $1,000.

The Standard
Ogden, Utah
Saturday, September 22, 1894

A Destructive Cyclone
Mason City, Iowa, Sept. 22- A destructive cyclone passed through the north part of this county last night.  Two persons are known to be killed. Mr. and Mrs. Haddon and a little child were blown half a mile and fatally injured. The cyclone passed on to the northwest with Mably and Plymouth in its track.

Iowa Towns Visited.
    At Osage, Iowa, five persons were killed in a cyclone.
    At Whittemore, Iowa, there was much destruction of life and property; also at Algona, Iowa, and east of there.
    Oelwin, Ia., Sept. 22- At Lowther, a town of 100 people, a cyclone destroyed the Chicago and Great Western depot, a grain elevator, store buildings, and dwellings. No further particulars can be learned as all the wires are down.
     Chicago, Sept. 22- Great Western officials have received word from McIntyre, Iowa, of a storm that passed over Riceville, four or five miles distant, doing some damage and then struck the small village of Lowther, destroying every dwelling. The McIntyre agent telegraphs that messengers came into Riceville for physicians to go to New Haven, ten miles distant, where many houses were wrecked.

Twenty People Killed.
    Omaha, Sept. 22- A special to the Bee from Emmettsburg, Iowa, says twenty people were killed there. A dispatch from Osage puts the number of deaths in that county at ten.

Four Killed, Five Wounded.
    Mason City, Ia., Sept. 22- At 9 o'clock last night a terrible cyclone at North Cerro Gordo destroyed eight farm houses laying everything flat. The dead are: Ellery McKercher, John Patterson, D.T. Haddow, Mrs. D.T. Haddow.
    Fatally wounded, Miss Maggie Baker, Harold McKercher, Alice McKercher, Miss Edith Bently, James O'Neill, Sr.

Great Loss of Life Reported.
    Spencer, Ia., Sept. 22- The Swedish church ten miles southwest of here, was blown to atoms and several farm houses blown down. No lives were lost. In Clay City, at Cylinder, Burt, Forest City, Hanley Junction, and all through the county great loss of life is reported.

Daily Iowa State Press
Iowa City, Iowa

Feb 21, 1899

     Chas Smith of the firm of Smith & Benda of Emmetsburg, is in the city, having accompanied the remains of William Ryan of Cedar Falls who was interred here this morning.

May 26, 1899
     The following lawyers of Iowa will examine the graduating class of the law department on May 31 and June 1 and 2: J.W. Bollinger, Davenport; C.E. Cohoon, Emmetsburg; W.L. Eaton, Osage; F.E. Gill, Sioux City; S.H. Kerr, Rolfe; W.O. Lucas, Winterset; W.C. McArthur, Burlington; G.H. Mayne, Council Bluffs; C.H. Murphy, Davenport; C.L. Powell, Des Moines; H.E. StClair, Spirit Lake; C.G. Saunders, Council Bluffs; H.F. Schultz, Storm Lake; S.G. Van Anken, Des Moines; J.E. Williams, Waterloo.

July 20, 1900
Mr. Van Gorden, of Emmetsburg, representing a large mill in that city, came over to THE PRESS office yesterday with Mr. George Hummer to get a sample of that "German speltz wheat" grown by George Fairall. He said he had heard of, and never seen it, and carried away a handful of heads to show his customers.

Jan 28, 1903
     Miss Ethel Swire will give a card party tomorrow in honor of her guests Miss Grace Jackson of Emmetsburg, Miss Althea Simmons of Cedar Rapids and Miss Sue Knott of Davenport. A month's house party, something of a social novelty here, will follow.

June 25, 1903
     D.J.L. VanGorden of Emmetsburg is in the city. He is visiting Dr. Fitzpatrick and other friends. Dr. VanGorden is a graduate of the College of Medicine, Class of 1901, S.U.I. and has been elected county physician of Palo Alto county. Other evidences of prosperity have come to the deserving young man, in the conduct of a lucrative practice.

Nov 9, 1903
     The marriage of Murray Hoag and Miss Louise Tyson took place last week in Emmetsburg, the bride's home. They will reside in Thief River Falls, Minn., where the groom, not long ago a College of Law man, is practicing. Friends will wish them joy.

Feb 6, 1904
     Joseph K Benda of Emmetsburg is visiting relatives in Iowa City.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa

March 18, 1902

Was Horribly Mutilated.
     Fay Booth, aged 18, whose father lives at Emmetsburg, was struck by a Union Terminal engine at Sioux City. and the engine and three cars passed over his body. His head was ground off, his trunk was mashed to a pulp, then dragged along the tracks and torn into shreds. When collected the remains bore only the sembance [sic] of a human body.

July 16, 1902

Dougherty Items from The World
     Charley Cunningham is working at Emmetsburg.
     Will Kephart, the barber, has moved his family here from Dumont.
     Most of our people are busy pumping water out of their cellars.
     Miss Lena McAloon has gone to New Hampton for a six weeks stay with relatives.
     The Marble Rock Band has been secured to give a free open air concert here Thursday night.
     Ed Wade has gone to St. Louis where he has a position as bookkeeper in a large manufacturing and importing concern.
     J.V. Leydig and his crew of Carpenters are kept busy this summer. He has just contracted a barn 32x44 and one 32x40 for James Galbraith.

Poisoned by Drinking Beer.
Waterloo, July 14-Twelve members of the family of Peter Smith, living near Jesup poisoned from drinking beer. All are confined to their bed and some are dangerously sick. Several physicians are working over them.

Jan 28, 1903

-Mrs. F.L. Bostwick left Tuesday noon for Laton, Cal., where she expects to make her future home. Mr. Bostwick and Roy are there. The people of Emmetsburg are sorry to lose the Bostwick family from among them. They have been here a good many years and had identified with so many of the enterprises of Emmetsburg that their removal will be felt. They will be especially missed in church..---Palo Alto Reporter.

Apr 22, 1903

     The marriage of Mathew Steil, of this city, and Miss Katheryn Grady, of Ruthven, was solemnized in the Catholic church at Ruthven on  Tuesday morning, April 14, 1903. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father McCaffery. The bride was attended by Miss Mary Steil and a like service for the groom was performed by James Grady. Immediately after the service a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grady.
     Mr. and Mrs. Steil left that day for Minneapolis and St. Cloud where they will spend a short time. They will then return to Emmetsburg and go to housekeeping in the Darland residence on East Main street.
     Mr. Steil, the groom, is a member of the firm of Steil Bros., of this city, and a young man of much business capacity. He is energetic and bright and is highly respected by all who know him. His bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grady, of Ruthven, and is a young lady of excellent attainments and is universally respected for her womanly qualities.
    The Reporter joins their many friends in extending its hearties congratulations.--Emmetsburg Reporter.

June 24, 1903

     "Man's inhumanity to man" was forcibly illustrated by the management of Wallace Show at Emmetsburg last week. When unloading their cars, one of the men-of-all-work was accidentally killed by the cars running over him. Instead of making arrangements to give the remains a decent burial, the body was left without any care whatever, the management probably supposing that the county would bear the expense. The Palo Alto officials, it appears, did not look at the matter in that light, and instructed County Attorney Davidson to go to Estherville and collect an amount sufficient to pay the expenses. This he proceeded to do, but not until an attachment was sworn out and placed in the hands of the sheriff to serve would the show people pay the bill.

March 23, 1904

-B.E. Kelly received a telegram Wednesday morning, announcing the birth of a girl in the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Lynch at Aberdeen, S.D. This is their first daughter and in consequence they are much pleased over the arrival.-- Emmetsburg Reporter.

November 16, 1904

- John O'Brien went to Emmetsburg today, called there by the illness of his father, Wm. O'Brien.

August 15, 1906

     At the home of his daughter, Mrs. M. Hester, in Emmetsburg, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 8th, 1906, occurred the death of Mr. Wm. O'Brien, at the advanced age of almost 85 years.
     The deceased was born in County Limmerick, Ireland, and came to this country when only nineteen years of age, leaving his parents to make a home for himself in America. He landed in New York City, where he remained until his marriage to Miss Anna Pratt. Immediately after the young people moved to Wisconsin, remaining there for ten years and then coming to Butler county. He lived until about ten years ago, when he went to make his home with his daughter.
     Mr. O'Brien was the father of seven children, three daughters with the wife and mother preceding him to the great beyond. Three daughters and one son survive him: Mrs. Mary Hester, Emmetsburg; Mrs. Libbie Marlow, Allison; Mrs. Nora Laughlin, Pipestone, Minn., and John O'Brien, Greene.
     The remains were brought here Friday afternoon and taken to St. Mary's church, where Father Sheehy conducted impressive services. Interment was made in the Catholic cemetery south of town by the side of his wife.
     The church was well filled with the neighbors and old friends of the deceased and the following intimate friends of the family acted as pallbearers: John Downing, Matt Higgins, M. McEniry, James Grady, B. Ramker and S.A. Clarke.

December 22, 1909

    The firm of Mayne & Darland, publishers of the Palo Alto Reporter at Emmettsburg, Iowa, have dissolved partnership, as will be seen by the following taken from the Reporter: The firm of Mayne & Darland has been dissolved by mutual consent. H.C. Darland retires form the Reporter after seven years of service on it. He goes to Carrington, N. Dak., where he has purchased a paper and will conduct it. He goes to a good town and should be able to do a prosperous business. He is a splendid workman and this will enable him to be more independent than if he only knew one side of the business. The Reporter will remain in possession of L.H. Mayne. He assumes all debts of the firm and takes all accounts coming to the firm.
August 10, 1910
     Noach Cooper, a young lad who broke out of the Estherville jail, was captured at Emmetsburg.


Apr 26, 1911  
     A late dispatch from Emmetsburg, Iowa, says, here is a record in Iowa, which almost equaled the famous Shrake-Elder-Goff-Spaulding-Gully families of Wyalusing, Wisconsin. In this family six generations were living all the same time and all were females. Baby Gully enjoyed the distinction of being the greatest infant that ever lived in the number of granparents [sic] and she had fifty-eight all living. Grandma Shrake's posterity numbered 167. Now comes an Iowa five generation family, a son being born but a few days ago to Mrs. P. Dugan. This makes the fifth generation in this family.

May 3, 1911
     Ten thousand dollars has been awarded Emmetsburg from the Carnegie library fund for the erection of a public library. The site has been selected and ground leased for 99 years. Work on the building will be commenced within a month.

Waukesha Freeman
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Nov 25, 1915

    John Reinders and wife and J. Seaman and wife and daughter, Clara, left last week for Emmetsburg, Iowa, to attend the silver wedding anniversary of W. Reinders, which was observed at that place.

Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
Dec 22, 1871

     J.J. Reardon, who held a position in Dwyer's store some time ago, but who went east about two years since, was to be seen in this city for a short time on Monday evening. Mr. Reardon has, during his absence mastered the art of telegraphy and expects soon to have a station on a branch of the B.C.R. & N. road near Emmetsburg, Iowa. He is at present breaking between here and Cedar Rapids.

Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
June 19, 1879

-Ole Lee who owns and used to run a blacksmith shop in our midst, returned a few days ago from Emmetsburgh, Iowa, where he has been the past few months. We are glad to see him back, and we understand he will again open his shop for business here.

Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
August 4, 1881

   Wm. Jackson who lives about six miles north of Emmettsburg, Iowa, had just purchased a new reaper and started into a big harvest. He cut once around the field, and started on the second. On looking up he beheld his babe of three years old about two feet in front of the sickle. He stopped his team as quickly as possible but too late. When the team was stopped the child was on the sickle bar, with its legs cut off about two inches above the ankles.

Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
November 28, 1883

Will H. Roper, who has been in charge of Sheriff Sheehan for a week or more on the charge of swindling gave bonds yesterday, was released and returned home to Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
September 3, 1885

Miss Julia Nagle of Chicago, and John Reardon, of Emmetsburg, Iowa, the latter a nephew of D.E. Dwyer, are making the family of Mr. Dwyer a very pleasant visit.

Fort Wayne Daily Gazette
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Apr 5, 1881

     Alexander Peddie of Emmettsburg, Iowa, has purchased 20,000 acres of land in Palo Alto and Emmett counties, Iowa, from the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway company for the Scottish-American land company. This company now owns 100,000 acres.

Steven's Point Gazette
Steven's Point, Wisconsin
July 10, 1895

-Ed Murdock, of Emmetsburg, Iowa, has been spending a few days in this city visiting his boyhood friend, S.C. Wakely. Mr. Murdock was a resident of Stevens Point in the early '60s, leaving here about thirty years ago, and is now the possessor of a fair share of the world's goods. He will remain here until next week. 

Bismark Daily Tribune
Bismark, North Dakota
Sep 29, 1898

     A state bank has been organized at New Rockford with a capital of $6,000. The officers are P.J. Hester of Emmetsburg, Iowa, pres; Joseph Maxwell of New Rockford, vice-pres; E.R. Davidson of New Rockford, cashier. The bank will be opened for business Oct. 15. The bank will be called the State Bank of New Rockford.

Deming Headlight
Deming, New Mexico
Jan 3, 1913

    Peter Daley and W.D. Donovan, of Emmetsburg, Iowa, arrived in Deming yesterday bringing two cars of dairy cows, of which mention is made in another column. Mr. Daley recently bought some land in Iowa from H.H. Jacobs at $80 per acre and inside of two months sold it again for $96.

Deming Headlight
Deming, New Mexico
Jan 18, 1918

     Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Godden and their daughter, Miss Marjorie Godden, arrived here Saturday to visit their sons, Sgt. W.H. Godden and John H. Godden of the 109th ammunition train and Harold Godden, of the 2nd Iowa band. Their home is Emmetsburg, Iowa, and they have been close friends of H.H. Jacobs and of Fred Sherman for many years. Mr. and Mrs. Godden and their daughter are staying at home of Mrs. Elsie Fergusson during their stay in the city.

Deming Headlight
Deming, New Mexico
July 19, 1918

    Sgt. William H. Godden of the 109th ammunition train and Miss Margaret Guerdette of Crookston, Minns. were married at the Catholic rectory on Friday by Rev. J.M. Carnet, pastor of the Church of the Holy Family. Sergeant Godden came here with the Iowa regiment form his home at Emmetsburg, where he was engaged as superintendent of several large farming properties, and he is now mess sergeant of his organization. He and his bride are spending a brief honeymoon at the H.H. Jacobs ranch west of town. Mr. Jacobs is another Emmetsburger and is an old friend of the Godden family.


Sheboygan Press
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Feb 22, 1916

[By Associated Press]
Emmetsburg, Iowa, Feb. 22- The Rev. M.H. Case, former pastor of the Congregational church here, is dead at his home today, a suicide by shooting. Yesterday he told a friend he wanted to see the village undertaker. When the undertaker arrived he found the minister dead.

Sheboygan Press
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
April 23, 1918

     Miss Margaret Scheehan, Calumet, Michigan, and William Sherman Deneen, Emmetsburg, Iowa, were quietly united in marriage at 8 a.m. today in the St. Clements church, the Rev. Francis Murphy performing the ceremony. The groom is the local representative of the International Correspondence School. He and his bride are making their home at 624 New York avenue.

Decatur Herald
Decatur, Illinois
Feb 20, 1903

High Priced Stallion
Emmettsburg, Iowa, Feb. 19- W.E. Crowder and Co., of Laurens, Iowa, have purchased the imported Percheron stallion Organiste for $5,500, the highest price ever paid by an American for a draft stallion.

Decatur Daily Review
Decatur, Illinois
Nov 12, 1920

    Argenta, Nov. 12- The funeral of Mrs. Samuel Ferris was held Wednesday morning in the United Brethren church, conducted by the pastor. Burial was in Friends Creek cemetery.
     Mrs. Ferris died last Saturday at her home near Emmetsburg, Iowa, aged seventy-eight. She was a native of Switzerland, and came to this country when nine years old. She spent most of her life near Argenta. She leaves her husband and nine children.

Helena Independent
Helena, Montana
July 20, 1925


    Emmetsburg, Iowa, July 19-(By Associated Press)- Madame Garcia, crystal gazer, who is credited with the predictions of President Harding's election and death, as well as the recent southern California earthquake, guessed wrong when she set Friday and Saturday as the date for the destruction of Emmetsburg, Iowa. The town is still here tonight.
     A number of families left there homes over the two day period and numerous farmers are said to have refused to come here to trade yesterday, but aside from the loss to business men, and some evidence of jumpiness on the part of nervous citizens, nothing has happened.
     The prediction, said to have originated in Washington, was published here by a local newspaper last week.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
October 9, 1925


    Emmettsburgh, Ia., Oct 9 - Dennis Shea, aged 72, committed suicide by hanging late Thursday evening at his home here. His act is attributed to ill health.