Letter listed as below records on permanent file with Iowa Grave Registration Service and requested the Palo Alto County Commission of Veterans Affairs to send copies of records they had on file that were not listed in the letter.


Surname        First Name       Date of Death  Service               Cemetery                     War
Allen          Hiram            6 Apr 1913     Co E 3rd Ohio Cav     Evergreen                    Civil
Anderson       James            10 Dec 1934    Co H 161st Inf        St Jacobs                    World
Andregg        Henry            5 Mar 1918     Co F 133rd US Inf     West Bend                    World
Atkinson       Joseph S         9 Apr 1912     Co H 11th Ill Cav     Evergreen                    Civil
Axleton        Gerhard          8 Oct 1918     Aviation Corps 608    Lutheran                     World
Aylward        Michael          8 Feb 1916     Co E 47th Ill Inf     St Jacobs                    Civil
Baker          Frank            12 Mar 1909    Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Barlow         Wm H             26 Jun 1913    Co K 142nd NY Vol     Crown Hill                   Civil
Batie          Geo Washington   5 Sep 1932     Co D 25th Ohio Inf    Crown Hill                   Civil
Baxter         John T           5 Nov 1931     Co H 161st Inf        Crown Hill                   World
Berg           Arthur Emanuel   18 Feb 1938    11th Tr Bat           Crown Hill                   World
Bleckwenn      Rudolph          2 Sep 1921     Co C OTC              St. John's Lutheran          World
Bleuer         Frederick        29 Jun 1936    Co F 168th Inf        West Bend                    Civil
Bookman        Seymour          16 Oct 1921    3rd Ia Batt           West Bend                    Civil
Booth          Don F            1903           Co A 147th NY Inf     Riverside (Fern Valley)      World
Brown          Asa              9 Jan 1932     Co I 2nd Inf          Evergreen                    World
Bryant         William Payne    3 Oct 1933     Co C 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Burns          Leo Thomas       26 Nov 1928    365th Aerial Corps    St. John's                   World
Cain           Milton           8 Apr 1936     Co B 64th Ill Inf     Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Calkins        Ebenezer D Jr                   Co D 15th Ill Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Carlson        Joseph S         26 Jan 1929    Camp Grant            Evergreen                    World
Carter         Allen Benton     24 Apr 1924    Co A 11th Pa Cav      Riverside (West Bend Twp)    Civil
Case           Horatio Mills    23 Feb 1916    Co F 45th Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Civil
Church         Lyman            12 Dec 1906    Co H 22nd Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Collins        T. Daniel        6 Jan 1921     Co M 8th NY Cav       Valley View                  Civil
Cookingham     Charles          6 Dec 1929     Co F 117th NY Vol     Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Corley         Francis          5 May 1933     Co 221 of W Escort    Calvary (Highland Twp)       World
Crookshank     John             15 Nov 1925    Co F 20th Ia Vol      Highland                     Civil
Crowley        Jeremiah         18 Dec 1928    Co State Guard        Evergreen *                  Indian
Currant        James            17 Apr 1906    Co F 1st Neb Cav      Calvary (Highland Twp)       Civil
Dannewitz      Henry            22 Jun 1934    Co A 127th Ill Inf    Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Demouth        Theo             1927           36th NJ Inf           Evergreen                    Civil
Deneen         John Sarsfield   1 Mar 1932     Co L 23 Engnrs        Evergreen                    World
Dooley         Patrick          30 May 1901    Co K 153rd Inf        Evergreen *                  Civil
Doran          John Sarsfield   23 Aug 1918    Co G 138th Ill Inf    Evergreen                    Civil
Dorweiler      Paul             22 Jun 1927    Co K 17th Mo Inf      West Bend                    Civil
Duncan         C.R.H.           9 Aug 1898     Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Edwards        Edward           8 Jan 1896     Co A 5th Wis Vol      Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Egan           Karl             31 May 1923    Navy-Great Lakes      St. John's                   World
Fehlhauer      John             7 Mar 1912     Co C 1st Ia Inf       St Peters & Pauls            Civil
Fieseler       Joe F            7 Feb 1946     Co K 161st Inf        Crown Hill                   World
Fiscus         David W          2 Jul 1913     Co G 46th Ill Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Fitzgerald     Francis B        20 Aug 1903    Co G 101st Ill Inf    Crown Hill                   Civil
Franklin       Benjamin         1 Mar 1920     Co A 33rd Wis Inf     Valley View                  Civil
Fries          Geo              1903           Co B 37th Ohio Inf    St. Marys                    Civil
Gabrielson     Gabriel Marcus   20 Jul 1923    Co D 307 Engnrs       Lutheran                     World
Garthwaite     Benjamin         27 Oct 1930    Co H 43rd Wis Vol     West Bend                    Civil
Goeders        Edward           Oct 1939       Co H 34th Inf         St. John's                   World
Gohr           Howard           15 Jun 1931    Quarter M Corps       St. John's Lutheran          World
Grafe          John Geo         17 Oct 1918    Co 4 13th Rep         Rush Lake                    World
Gross          Dwight Edward    24 Jan 1934    Evac Hosp 33          Rush Lake                    World
Grout          Charles F        14 Sep 1898    Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Hagan          Felix Henry      1 Nov 1918     Co E 34th Inf         Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Hallowell      James            23 Oct 1907    Co I 92nd Ill Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Hamilton       Geo M            17 Sep 1907    Co E 1st Wis Cav      Crown Hill                   Civil
Hamilton       Geo W            4 Sep 1904     Co I 22nd Ia Inf      Crown Hill                   Civil
Hamrey         Arthur A         22 Apr 1919    Co K 87th Inf         Evergreen                    World
Harrison       Francis Levi     24 Jan 1888    Co E 10th Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Harrison       Wm Merikel       13 May 1906    Co E 10th Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Hayes          Marshall         16 Oct 1911    Co K 12th W Va Inf    West Bend                    Civil
Heddinger      Alva Leroy       5 Feb 1924     2nd Class Navy        Evergreen                    World
Heffley        John M           8 Aug 1894     Co I 32nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Civil
Hendrickson    Benjamin         8 Apr 1899     Co A 189th Ohio Vo    Crown Hill                   Civil
Heng           Jasper           4 Jul 1933     Co K 118th Inf        St. Luke's Lutheran          World
Henry          William G        10 Jun 1923    Co E 115th Ill Inf    Evergreen                    Civil
Hilton         Raymond Alfred   9 Nov 1932     Co M 655th Dem Grp    Evergreen                    World
Hinton         Simeon S         22 Jun 1925    Co E 2nd Ia Inf       West Bend                    Civil
Hough          William          8 Aug 1921     Co A 58th Ill Inf     Rush Lake                    Civil
Hovey          John W           15 Jun 1916    Co M 1st Wis H Art    Crown Hill                   Civil
Howe           Frank O          7 Oct 1878     Co B 15th Ill Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Jackman        P R              3 Nov 1927     Co A Capt Ingham      Evergreen *                  Civil
Jackson        Josiah B         9 Jan 1939     Co I 96th Ill Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Johnson        Even             1 Nov 1910     Co K 46th Wis Inf     Lost Island Lutheran         Civil
Jones          Franklin         3 Aug 1935     Co K 49th Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Jones          Willliam         22 Apr 1912    Co C 12th Ill Cav     West Bend                    Civil
Jorgensen      Henry W          8 Aug 1922     37th Inf              St Pauls                     World
Joyce          Edward           3 Feb 1893     Co A/L 10th Ky Cav    St. John's                   Civil
Kahn           Everett E        1929           Co E 429 Mt Sup       Evergreen                    World
Kane           John J           1 Mar 1926     Co I/F 17th Wis Inf   St. John's                   Civil
Karsh          Michael          1898           Co K 21st Ia Inf      West Bend                    Civil
Keane          Patrick          27 Nov 1907    Co D 11th Mass Inf    St Jacobs                    Civil
Kelley         Jeremiah         7 Jun 1914     Co F 16th Wis Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Kelly          Daniel Earl      19 Sep 1932    Co I 2nd Wis Cav      West Bend                    Civil
King           J Edward         1904           Co K 52nd Ia Bd       Evergreen                    Spanish
King           Cyrus Van C      4 Apr 1918     Co F 351st Inf        Rush Lake                    World
Kinne          Isaac            17 Jan 1902    Co H 7th Wis Vol      Rush Lake                    Civil
Lackor         Wm S             29 Jul 1912    Co A 8th Inf          Crown Hill                   Civil
Larson         Martin L         18 Apr 1927    Co F 116th Engnrs     Crown Hill                   World
Laughlin       Lott             6 Apr 1916     Co A Captain Ingham   St. John's                   Indian
Littleton      Francis E        19 Jan 1935    162nd D Brig          St. John's                   World
Loomis         Xexophon         25 Feb 1894    Co B 2nd Wis Cav      Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Lynch          Barney Shields   8 Feb 1938     Navy U S S Ohio       Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    World
Lyon           Thomas J         26 Jan 1916    Co E 13th Wis Vol     Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Lyons          William J        5 Sep 1881     Co D 50th Wis Inf     Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Martin         John             9 Feb 1925     Co D 52nd Wis Inf     St. John's                   Civil
Maxon          Nathan E         11 May 1904    Co E 52nd Inf         Evergreen                    Civil
Mayne          Lewis H          3 Apr 1935     Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
McCoy          John             3 Feb 1897     147th NY Inf          Evergreen *                  Civil
McCreary       Lee James        8 Apr 1918     Co M 133rd Inf        West Bend                    Civil
McCullah       James            21 Jul 1920    Co K 1st L Art        Highland                     Civil
McFarland      Mentor           17 Aug 1922    Co I 110th Inf        West Bend                    Civil
McNally        Miles            16 Jan 1929    Co D 17th Wis reg     Evergreen *                  Civil
McNary         Wm               8 Jul 1915     Co C 44th Ia Inf      Crown Hill                   Civil
McNett         Nelson           13 Jul 1891    Co G 35th NY Vol      Crown Hill                   Civil
McTigue        Geo Wayne        18 May 1924    Cas Det 19 163rd D B  St. John's                   World
Merklin        Louis Nicholas   10 May 1918    Co B 42nd Bn 20th EngnSt Jacobs                    World
Moncrief       Thomas           23 Dec 1895    Co F 146th Ill Reg    Evergreen                    Civil
Moore          Joseph           14 Mar 1863    Co H 27th Ia Inf      Crown Hill                   Civil
Morris         David H          21 Apr 1900    Co H 1st H Art        Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Mulroney       Eugene           7 May 1936     153 Ambulance         St. John's                   World
Mulroney       Joseph T         23 Dec 1906    Co A NB Brig          St. John's                   Civil
Mulroney       Keiran           22 Jun 1901    Co A NB Brig          St. John's                   Civil
Mulry          Wm               1885           Co E 6th Ill Cav      St. John's                   Civil
Murphy         Daniel Earl      8 Nov 1936     88th Inf              St. John's                   World
Murray         Louis Patrick    19 Dec 1945    Naval                 Calvary (Highland Twp)       World
Neff           Joseph V                        Co E 9th Art NY       Crown Hill                   Civil
Nelson         Nels             12 May 1933    Co F 12th US Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Nelson         Johnnie          7 Aug 1918     Co F 350th Inf        St Pauls                     World
Noble          Chipman D        29 Dec 1892    Co H 3rd Wis Inf      Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Nowland        John             19 Nov 1905    Co C 52nd Ia Inf      St. John's                   Indian
O'Brien        Thomas Joseph    17 Oct 1918    Co A 104th Inf        Evergreen *                  World
O'Brien        Wm Eugene        7 Aug 1933     Bat B 5th Reg         St. John's                   World
Oliver         James K                         Co D 7th Ia Inf       Crown Hill                   Civil
Ormsby         Alvin L          22 May 1900    Co L 1st Mich Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Overton        Francis          21 Feb 1911    Co A 58th Ill Vol     St. Marys                    Civil
Peck           Daniel S         24 Apr 1923    Co L 21st Pa Cav      West Bend                    Civil
Peden          Alexander R      15 Jan 1927    Co B 24th Ia Inf      Rush Lake                    Civil
Phoenix        James R          27 May 1929    Co E 28th Wis Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Powers         Wm D             16 Mar 1912    Co I 32nd Ia Inf      Riverside (West Bend Twp)    Civil
Randall        David L          26 Jan 1927    Co K 10th Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Rea            Ted M            15 July 1918   Co M 7th Inf          Evergreen                    World
Refsell        Peter O          19 Apr 1930    Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Rehm           Homer Charles    23 Oct 1918    Co 59 15th Bn         Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    World
Rogers         A John           26 Jan 1899    Co B 52nd NY Vol      Evergreen                    Civil
Rogers         Patrick          21 Jul 1923    Co G 32nd Ill Inf     St. John's                   Civil
Rowe           James Franklin   20 Dec 1905    Co B 17th Mich Vol    Evergreen                    Civil
Sands          Charles Earl     30 Apr 1937    D Brig 10th Batt      St. Marys                    World
Schellenberg   Carl Nans        8 May 1926     Co G 38th Inf         West Bend                    Civil
Scott          Jacob            10 Feb 1923    12th Wis Inf          Evergreen                    Civil
Seeley         Bert W           14 Aug 1918    Co D 140th Inf        Evergreen                    World
Shea           James W          30 Apr 1895    Co B 39th Ill Inf     Evergreen *                  Civil
Simmons        Arthur C         12 Jul 1937    Camp Jackson SC       West Bend                    World
Slater         Thomas           16 Jan 1916    Co K 12th Wis Reg     Evergreen                    Civil
Sloan          David L                         Co K 1st Wis H Art    Riverside (Fern Valley)      Civil
Smiehowes      Andrew J         20 Dec 1921    313th Inf             St Peters & Pauls            World
Smith          Silas W          7 Mar 1918     Co B 47th Wis Inf     Evergreen                    Civil
Soper          Erastus Burr     2 Mar 1917     Co D 12th Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Civil
Spaulding      James            2 Jan 1916     Co E 105th Ill Inf    Highland                     Civil
Sprout         Cummings N       4 Feb 1905     Co D 18th Reg         Evergreen                    Civil
Starr          David L          12 Jan 1929    Co E 31st Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Civil
Steele         Wm M             18 Mar 1896    Co A 144th Ill Inf    Evergreen                    Civil
Stillman       Linus P          11 Apr 1887    co F 6th Ia Cav       Evergreen                    Civil
Summerville    David W          1922           Co H 7th Ohio Vol     Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil
Sweely         Adrian           22 Aug 1945    Co Med Det 360th Inf  Riverside (Fern Valley)      World
Teel           Geo W            7 Jan 1900     Co A 6th Ia Inf       Crown Hill                   Civil
Thatcher       Julius           17 Jan 1925    Co F 16th Wis Reg     West Bend                    Civil
Thayer         DeForis          20 Mar 1920    Co B 7th Ia Inf       Crown Hill                   Civil
Thayer         Willard E        25 Feb 1907    Co B 7th Ia Inf       Crown Hill                   Civil
Thelie         Richard Eugene   3 Oct 1935     Co K 52nd Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Spanish
Van Kirk       John                            Co D 36th Wis INf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Walker         Ralph Edwin      3 Nov 1926     163rd D Brig          Evergreen                    World
Walsh          John Patrick     4 Oct 1918     Co B 26th Bm          Calvary (Highland Twp)       World
Walsh          Leo A            4 Oct 1918     Co A 7th Bn 163rd D B St. John's                   World
Walz           Willie Theodore  5 Apr 1918     Co M 349th Inf        St. John's Lutheran          World
Washington     Thomas Lee       26 Sep 1918    Navy                  Calvary (Highland Twp)       World
Weber          Nicholas                        Co F 37th Ia Inf      Calvary (Highland Twp)       Civil
White          Augustus         11 Aug 1917    Co H 10th Wis Reg     West Bend                    Civil
Whitford       Chas M           29 Dec 1927    Co A 47th Ia Inf      Crown Hill                   Civil
Wigdahl        Almer Berger     26 Apr 1924    Med Det 339th F Art   Crown Hill                   World
Williams       Orville O        25 Oct 1920    Bugler 2rd Ia Art     Rush Lake                    Civil
Wilson         John             25 Dec 1903    Co H 15th Ia Inf      Evergreen                    Civil
Wilson         John Henry       9 Feb 1927     Medical Corps         West Bend                    World
Woodcock       Loren Richard    21 Dec 1924    Co E 169th NY Inf     Crown Hill                   Civil
Woodcock       Stephen          5 Nov 1890     Co E 169th NY Vol     Rush Lake                    Civil
Wooley         John E           11 Oct 1906    Co I 15th Penn Vol    Calvary (Silver Lake Twp)    Civil

Cemetery entries marked * thus are incorrect. All should have been listed as  St. John's Cemetery.