Taken from the Emmetsburg Democrat, Thursday, January 9, 1936:

 Picture of the Emmetsburg Irish Players of 1908

 Submitted by Kathleen Frailey Puls


Front Row:  Michael Miller.  Center Row, left to right:  Ed McEvoy, Atty M. J. Brennan, John Nolan.  Back Row, left to right:  Clem McNally, Anna Drummy, T. C. Nolan, Margaret McNally, Eugene Clennon, Margaret Wells.
(Picture loaned through Courtesy of Mrs. Alice Currans, City.)
  On March 17, 1908, the Irish players of Emmetsburg presented their annual St. Patrick's  Day play with an Irish drama entitled "Shamrock & Rose".  This production marked the near end of the annual Irish affair which was one of the outstanding annual events in earlier Palo Alto county history.  Speaking of the merits of the production and the ability of the various members of the cast, the Democrat issued on March 25 of the same year, had the following to say:
   "E. C. Clennon made a good appearance as John Desmond".  John Nolan as "Squire Desmond" acted very cleverly.  E. J. McEvoy as "Lieutenant Doughlas" was equal to his part.  M. J. Brennan  made an ideal "Captain  Beck" the villian.  Clem McNally as "Shaun Carey" was remarkably clever and kept the audience in an uproar.  T. C. Nolan ws clever in the comedy part of "Barney O'Grady".  Michael Miller as "Thornton" did all that his character required.  Anna Drummy, (now Mrs. Fred McCarty), portrayed the heroine, "Rose Fitzgerald" in a splendid manner while Miss Margaret McNally, (Mrs. J. J. Clennon), showed dramatic talent as, "Nano Desmond".  Margaret Wells, as "Ileen O'Rourke", was lively and ready and played the part with a real Irish brogue.  Speciality numbers during during the intermissions were presented by Margaret McNally, Ethel Doyle, E. C. CLennon, Hugh Meade, Lewis Riehsen, C. J. Berger, Ruth O'Reilly and Michael Miller.
  The annual St. Patrick's day play was usually greeted by a large audience both afternoon and evening. The players were generally directed by local teachers.  They could always be depended upon to handle the presentation in an admirable manner.
   C. J. McNally is at present a moving picture chain owner with headquarters at Sumner.  Mrs. McCarty is well known locally as is T. C. Nolan and John Nolan.  Eugene Clennon is a lawyer in New York City.  M. J. Brennan is an attorney in Milwaukee, and Michael Miller is a retired naval electrician now residing in San Diego, California.  E. J. McEvoy was former clerk of courts of Kossuth county and passed away about a year ago.  Mrs. J. J. Clennon is at present residing at Sioux Falls and Margaret Wells now Mrs. Purser, lives in Chicago.  She and her husband write for a large publishing company.

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