From the Iowa State Commercial Directory 1938-1939:

Ayrshire. Population 343, Silver Lake township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles southwest of Emmetsburg, M & St. L. railway, leading churches, good school, newspaper, telephones. Western Union Telegraph and Railway Express.

Anglum, J., Meat and Groceries
Ayrshire Creamery Association
Ayrshire Farmers' mutual Telephone Co.
Baxter, Cecil, Filling Station
Bretz, F.C., Road Contractor
Dobson, A., Filling Station
Farmers' Co-Operative Elevator Co., Grain and Coal
Groff, P.L., Filling Station
Gronbeck, E., Blacksmith
Hall, M.G. & Bernice, Restaurant.
Hatch, Mrs. M., Hotel and Restaurant
Haugh, I.M. , Confectionery and Beer
Johnson, O., Garage
Jones, J.W., Hardware and Implements
Kathman, C.J., Billiards and Beer.
Malia, Mrs. M., Drugs
O'Brien, Wm. R. & Son, General Store
Rehm, H., Contractor
Reno, J.J., Plumbing
Ricklefs & Newman, Implements
Royal Lumber Co., Coal and Lumber
Seacat, C.S., General Store
Starkey, W.J., Garage and Filling Station.

Curlew - Population 178, Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles south of Emmettsburg, M. & St. L. Railway, Western Union Telegraph, Railway Express, Baptist and Methodist Episcopal churches, theatre, high school and grade school, five teachers.

Critz & Co., Grain
Easton, Miss E.G., Beer and Restaurant
Hatch, A.A., Hardware, Harness
Hatch, F., Garage
Laurens & Curlew Telephone Co.
Leary, J.A., Auto Repairing
Levins & Easton, Drugs, Sundries
Royal Lumber Company, Lumber , Coal
Seagren, J.A., Blacksmith
Turner, L.E., Meat and Groceries
Whitmer, V.R., Groceries and Meat.

Cylinder-Population 159., Fairfield township, Palo alto county, 7 miles east of Emmetsburg, C.M. St. P. & P. Railway, telegraph, express, bank, high school and grade school employing eight teachers.

Farmers Elevator co., grain and coal
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
Gard Bros., General Store
Gildseth, B.M. General Store
Hays, E.W., Auto Repairing and Mashine Shop
Kleigel & Namer, Billiards and beer
Martini & Sons Oil Co., Gas and Oil
Royal Lumber Co., Coal and Lumber
Stokka, O., Blacksmith
Thompson, N., Restaurant
Wright, N.J., Filling Station

Emmetsburg-Population, 2,865, county seat of Palo Alto county, C.M. St. P. & P. and C.R.I. & P. railways, telegraph and express, fire department, electric lights, theater, bank, library, leading churches, newspaper, commercial club, good schools employing 25 teachers.


Brownlee, R.A. & Sons
Frederickson, Leo D.
Frink, C.M.
Weir Implement Co.


Calentine, Geo.
Clum, Harvey L.
Hamilton & Hamilton


Piper Motor Co.
Storck, C.W.


Bieber, Wm. H.
Hildebrand, A.D.
Hossack, L.C.
Hutton, Roy
Moad, B.G.
Morrison, D.S.


Gommels, Harry
Kushner, Harry
Malmangee, C.H.


Higley, Ethel M.
Kay, Neely


Yeutter, C.E. & Son


Hubbard, H.D.
Smith, Wm. T.


Vaughan, W.H.


Hammes, J.W.
Mulroney, Robert


Bauck Construction Co.
Jeppesen, Melvin
Knight, W. H.
Skow, J.A.


Emmetsburg Farmer's Co-Operative Creamery


Purity Dairy


Crowe Drug Co.
Hughes, Bert
Wolfgang, A.J.


Ryan, F.R.


Critz & Co.
Emmetsburg Grain Co.


Currans & Neibauer


Dakota Improved Seed Co.
Kerber, F.W.
Thyaer, W.A.


Foy, Ed. J.


Grady, James F


Burns, Robert
Crowley, J.L.
Daley, Peter
Doyle & Fitzpatrick
Fordyce, R.
Ganley, T.J.
Graves, J.A.
Johnson, Edward
Jones, C.L.
Mulroney, J.M.
Norvell, H.R.


Jahn Store, Inc.
McDonald, A.R.


Applequist, Carl J.
Barrick, D.D.
Carney, Robert J.
Crouch, Sarah J. Estate
Freeman, W.B.
Gyling, Anna M.
McTigue, Joseph
Nelson, Grant
O'Brien, Joe
Simmons, Chas.
Whipple, Mrs. Leona G.


Kerwick, M.F.
Kunz Harness Shop
Reickard, A.A. Est
Ryan & Severson
Wigdahl Bros, Inc.


Pendarvis, Deane


Brown, Paul S.
Moore, J.H.
Thacker, Mrs. John D.


Haugen, Hans
Hobson, J.I.
Pfiffner, Harry


Interior Lumber Co.
Royal Lumber Co.
Shadbolt & Middleton


Robinson, E.R.


Alm & Heberlain


Golden Monument Co.


Palo Alto Tribune


Farm Bureau Service Co.
Nauss, Carl


Gilchrist, Anna L.
Hastings, F.C.
Reuf, Fred


Branagan, W.T.
Warner & Flood


Emmetsburg Produce Co.


Davis, Art P.
Doerr, J.W.
Fish, H.H.
O'Brien, P.T.
Papadakes Bros.
Price, Wilbur C.
Taylor, C.A.
Trainer, C.E.
Zumach, Arnold


Anderson & Soeth
Halvorson, A.B.
Walton, Lester H.


McCullough, R.E.


Allen, John C.

Mallard- Population 500. Sourhwest Lake township, Palo Alto county, Emmetsburg 12 miles north, M. & St. L. railway, telegraph and express, four churches, newspaper, theatre, bank, high school and grade school employing ten teachers.

Brownlee, J.E. & Son, Hardware.
Brownlee, R.A. & Sons, Implements
Clifton, Mrs. V., Restaurant
Conway, T.J., Drugs
Draper & Smith, Auto Repairing and Accessories
Hahn, E., Restaurant
Hahn, F., Billiards
Hunt, J.L., Garage
Kolorich, N., Filling Station
Kunz, H & H, Harness Repairing
Landes, N.E., Blacksmith
McElyea, J.H., Filling Station
Mallard Creamery Co.
Mallard Lumber Co.
Mallard Mutual Telephone Co.
Miller, J., Billiards
Morgan, Mrs. O.G., Groceries and Meat
Mulroney Bros., General Store
Nesshoefer, G.W., Blacksmith
O'Brien, Cecil R., Restaurant, Confection
Parker, L., Auto Repairing
Reddel, E.H., General Store
Reinders, T.J., Implements
Ritchart, A.T., Produce
Sands, G.G., Hardware
Steil, R., Filling Station
Stiner & Hahn, General Store
Waggoner, C.K, Groceries and Meat

Rodman-Population 167. Fern Valley Township, Palo Alto County, 13 miles southeast of Emmetsburg, C.R.I. & P. Railway, telegraph and express. Presbyterian church and bank, high and grade schools employing seven teachers.

Ballenbech, Mrs. I.H., General Store.
Cherry, O., Filling Station and Restaurant
Royal Lumber Co., Lumber and Coal
Sweely, A.T., General Store
Turner, J. Jr. , Blacksmith
Van Horn, E.J., Garage
Woodcock, F.A., Restaurant, Beer and Billiards

Ruthven-Population 739, Highland township, Palo Alto County, 11 miles west of Emmetsburg, C.M. St. P & P, and M & St. L. railways, telegraph, express, five churches, bank, newspaper, theater, waterworks, summer resort, high and grade schools employing thirteen teachers.

Alderson, M.B., Service Station and Restaurant
Amick, E., Hardware, Auto Accessories
Anderson, M. , Wagonmaker
Arndt, Mrs. A.W., Clothing and Shoes
Bergs Store, General Store
Bragg, L.A., Printing and Publishing
Brand, E., Filling Station
Burley, Mrs. M., Groceries and Meat
Carter, L.J., Jewelry and Repairing
Drennen, H.K., Groceries and Meat
England, M., Drugs
Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Co.
Farmers Co-Operative Elevator Co., Grain and Coal
Graves, J.A., Filling Station
Hakes, M. & J.R., Wholesale Produce and Groceries
Hanna, I. Mrs., Filling Station
Hastings, J.F., General Store
Henderson, W.P., Bakery
Hermansen & Hovey, General Store
King, A., Autos and Garage
Larson & Cook, Garage
Lee Bros, Restaurant
Lightle, R.W. , Undertaking
Linden, G., Drugs
Logan, T. & Son, Furniture
McAdams, T.A., Cleaning and Pressing
Mason, R., Hardware
Metz, C., Harness and Repairing
Miller, W.O., Electrical Supplies and Radios
Myers, C.G., Jewelry and Radio Repairing
Myers, K.C., Groceries
Nelson, C.B., Blacksmith
Osterhus, J.E., Autos and Garage
Rierson Implement Co.
Rossacker, J., Dairy
Rustan, E., Billiards
Ruthven Co-Operative Oil Co., Wholesale
Ruthven Telephone Co.
Simonson, A., Auto Repairing
Smith, L.C. Restaurant
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., Lumber and Coal
Steffens, F., Filling Station and Restaurant
Stewart, C., Welding
Wigdahl Bros., Hardware
Willis, W.J., Filling Station
From the Iowa State Commercial Directory 1939-1939:

West Bend-Population 634, Palo Alto county, Emmetsburg 15 miles northwest, C.R.I. & P. railway, telegraph and express, four churches, waterworks, bank, newspaper, high and grade schools employing 16 teachers.

Anliker, B.J., Garage
Anliker, E.D., Filling Station
Bauman & Montag, Autos, Garage and Implements
Benninger, Miss A., Restaurant
Dobberstein, Rev. P.M., Restaurant
Dunn, J.E., Autos and Filling Station
Eichler, F.J., Filling Station
Emerson, G.E., Confection
Farmers Creamery Co.
Fleming, F.L., Hardware
Forsythe, R., Billiards, Cleaning and Beer
Freiden, L., Filling Station and Auto Repairing
Fry, H.L., Filling Station
Hakes, M & J R., Wholesale Produce and Groceries
Hanselman & Kisch, Billiards
Hartnett, G., Beer
Jensen & Bolstad, General Store
Kemna, C.J., Filling Station
Koch, F., Printing and Publishing
Ladd, J.R., Blacksmith
McFarland & Walker, General Store
Mantz, H.M. Harness and Shoe Repairing
Mertz Implement Co
Metzger, S., Hatchery
Mikes, A. & Son, Meat
Pertl, Alex, Shoe Repairing
Pertl, A. E., Restaurant
Reinen, L., General Store
Royal Lumber Co., Coal and Lumber
Sauder, H., Service Station
Schafer, L., Jr., Restaurant
Schutter, J., Undertaking and Produce
Sinclair, D., Wholesale Extracts
Stone, W.W., General Repairing
Struthers, T., Filling Station
Vohs & Son, Drugs and Jewelry
West Bend Elevator Co., Grain and Coal
West Iowa Telephone Co.
Wilson, Mrs. W.G., Hardware