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(Palo Alto County)

Populatlon, 400. An incorporated town: on the M. & St. L. R. B... in Silver Lake township, Palo Alto county, 13 miles southwest of Emmetsbnrg, the county seat, and 137 from Des Moines. Has Baptist, Catholic. German Lutheran and Methodist churches,  2 banks and a weekly newspaper, The. Chronicle. 
Tel.. W. U.; Exp., Adams. Telephone connection, C. H. Cookingham. postmaster.

AYRSHIRE CHRONICLE (Weekly), C H Cookingham pubr

Ayrshire Farmers' Elevator Co

Ayrshire Farmers‘ Mutual Telephone

Baxter W W, blacksmith

Carrigan Ed, hotel and billiards

Citizens' Savings Bank (capital $10, 000), J J Watson pres, P O'Grady cashr

Conry M J, grain coal and tile

COOKINGHAM C M, Publr Ayrshire Chronicle and Postmaster

Crosley L M, genl store

Donovan D P, billiards

Fagan Thomas, livery

First National Bank (capital $25, 000), L Brown pres, J M Kelly cashr

Heddinger Rose, confectioner 

Kane M B, turn and Jeweler 

McBride John, hardware

McNally E H, genl store

Malia P E & Co, drugs

Miles E C, restr and confr

Miles F A. meats

Morrison C W, physician

O'Brien W R, genl store

Odd Fellows Theatre, C H Cookingham mngr

O’Grady P, cashr Citizens' Savings Bank

Reno Albert, hardware

Royal Lumber Co, coal and grain

Silver Lake Creamery Co, J J Martin sec

Smith R J. autos and garage

Thompson C, billiards

Thompson Wm.,  harness

Wigen Belle, milliner


Population, 200. On the M. & St. L.Ry., in Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles 8. of Emmetsburg, the Judicial seat. First settled in 1864.Has Baptist and Methodist churches and a bank. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. Telephone connections. Nellie M. Easton, postmaster.

Brechler W J, restaurant

$15,000), Melvin Fisk Pres, D D John
son Vice-Pres, V W Fisk Cashier 

Critz & Co, O B Drown mngr, grain

Cullen John, live stock

Easton Nellie M. postmaster

Easton S A Mrs, hotel

Elder H W, general store

Ferguson C K, r r. exp and tel agt

Fisk Melvin, grain, coal and livery

Fisk V W, cashr Citizens Savings Bank

Graw Jacob, contractor

Griffin Bros. drayage

Hatch A A, hardware

Hulse W P, drugs

Pashong P B, undertaker

Seagren J A, blacksmith

Taylor E W, lumber

Turner L E, meats and poultry

Whitmer A A, general store

Whitmer J A. auto garage


Population. 200. An incorporated town on the C.. M. & St. P. Ry., in Fairfleld township, Palo Alto county, 71 miles from Emmetsburg, the judicial seat. Has a. Methodist Episcopal church, a graded public school and a bank. Exp.. W., & Co. Edwin Benson, postmaster.

Barnes F L. general store

Benson Edwin, postmaster

Combs B F, livery

CYLINDER STATE BANK (Capital $25,000), E H Soper Pres, G A Free man Cashier

Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co

Farmers’ Union Society, grain, tile and as t

Freeman George A, State Bank

Gard A H, restaurant and meats

Gray L F, meats

Hubbard Grain Co, F H O'Halloran mngr

Kliegl Joseph, county supervisor

Letson Jay, hardware

Miltved C, furniture

O'Halloran F H, live stock

Royal Lumber Co. C E Myers mngr

Stokka Ole, blacksmith

Streit Fred, billiards

Swensen Eli & Sons ,contractors

Wheeler Bros.  garage

Woodbridge J V, physician



Population, 3,000. The judicial seat of Palo Alto county, is an incorporated city located on the Des Moines river, and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., at the Junction of the C., M. & St. P. Ry. (depots 1/4 mile apart), 148 northwest of Des Moines, near the Des Moines river and adjacent to a beautiful sheet of Water known as Medurn Lake. It is surrounded by a fine farming and stock raising section, and has a $50,000 opera house, $30,000 Court House, $12,000 City Hall, a $30,000 Armory, a $50,000 water works system, a $35,000 sewerage system, an efficient fire department, a $30,000 electric light plant, 4 banks with deposits of over $1,800,000, a $35,000 high school building, 2 ward school buildings, a $10,000 Catholic academy, a $15,000 parochial school, a public library. Masonic, Odd Fellows, G. A. R., K. of P., A. O. H., C. O. F., Red Men, Woodmen, Yeomen and K. of C. lodges, churches of the Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist denominations, a $40,000 brick and tile factory, cement manufacturing plant, a marble factory, which is the largest in Iowa; modern, well-equipped flour mills, grain elevators and 3 weekly newspapers, the Palo Alto Reporter, the Palo Alto Tribune, and the Emmetsburg Democrat, and a Commercial Club. Ships grain, hay, flour, butter, eggs, live stock, produce and manufactured products. Telephone connection. Exp.Wells. Fargo & Co. and American.Tel., W. U. P. H. Donlon, postmaster.

Albert & Lim, laundry
Allen John, well driller
Ashley Walter H, vet surgeon
BAKER GEORGE H, Sec Union Mutual
Fire Insurance Assn of Iowa
Balgeman Leo W, insurance
Barnes Martha, hotel
Bauck L. H., cement sidewalks
Beckman & Schroeder (H. C. Beckman,
B F Schroeder), live stock, implts and grain
Bennett John, apiarist
Berger Charles J, general store
Berkler & McNulty (W H Berkler, C H McNulty), drainage contrs
Bickford S. D, real estate
Branagan Wm I, publr Emmetsburg Democrat
Brennan's Orchestra, Frank Brennan leader
Brown Land & Loan Co., M. L. Brown pres, Edward McNally sec, abstracters, real estate and insurance
Building & Loan Assn., Ed McNally pres, D. L. Johnson Sec
Burnette A S, automobiles
Casey John. tailor
CEDAR RAPIDS BUSINESS COLLEGE (Cedar Rapids), A N Palmer Pres, W C Henning Principal 
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry, CW Beck agt
Commercial Bank (capital $25,000), W E G Saunders pres, George E. Saunders cashr
Cretzmeyer Frank X. physician
Crose J P Mrs, dry goods
Crouch S J Mrs, restaurant
Davidson & Burt (FC Davidson, A J Burt), lawyers
Deneen J. J., county supervisor
Dick-Peddie Wm, real estate
DONLON P H, Postmaster
Donovan Anna, publr Palo Alto Tribune
Donovan Wm D, livery
Dooley John, bridge builder
Driggs I, D, furn and undertaker
Drummy John, grocer -
Drybread, Neary & Nolan (G. W. Drybread. R J Neary, J. F. Nolan), clothing
Duhig Charles, real estate
Eagan W. F., county auditor
Eaton F. L., billiards
Emmetsburg Auto Co. (John Fordyce)
Emmetsburg Coal and Supply Co., C E Taylor mngr, lumber
Emmetsburg Commercial Club, Harry Pfiffner pres, James Fay sec
Emmetsburg Creamery Co, L H Stuehmer SOC 
Emmetsburg Democrat (weekly), W I Branagan publr
Emmetsburg Electric Light, Heat and Power Co (John and James McNamara)
Emmetsburg Farmers Co-operative Co,J J Hand pres. S D Bicktord sec,grain. coal and implements
Emmetsburg Hide & Fur Co (Sam Rozen)
Emmetsburg Ice Cream & Bottling Works (P J Clasen)
Emmetsburg National Bank (capital.$50,000). W I Branagan pres, J H Wilson cashr
Emmetsburg Public Library, Mrs Lillian Appleby librarian
Emmetsburg Seed Co, H M Helgen pres. A T Horton sec and mngr
Emmetsburg Telephone Co. W I Branagan SEC
Emmetsburg Water Works, Jacob Ruble supt
Farmers’ Mutual George Down sec
Farmers' Trust & Savings Bank (capital $25,000), E A Johnson pres, J W Neary cashr
First National Bank (capital $80,000), E B Soper pres, Robert Laughlin cahr
Fisher W J, lawyer
Foy & Wilcox (E J Foy and D M Wilcox). furniture and undertakers
France Bert L, county agricultural agt
Freeman & Young (W B Freeman, W J Young). general store
Fries Jens, restaurant
Gilchrist F W, plumber
Godden & Ballard (John H Godden, Samuel W Ballard). marble works
Gowans James, general store
Gusland L O, plumber
Gylling Peter F Mrs, general store
Hand F E, grocer
Hands Celia, general store
Helgen H M Land Co (Henry H Helgen)
Hennessy James, physician and county coroner
Higgins Edward J, drugs
Hobson Joseph I, jeweler
Home Oil Co, Henry Hilton agt
Hughes Bert, drugs
Iowa Realty Co (E T and J A Duffy)
Iowa Theatre, C C Quinn prop
Jackson J W. sheriff -
Janssen M J, chiropodist
Jennings James J. contractor
Jennings Patrick, well borer
Johnson Caroline M. photographer
Johnson H E. agt Am Exp Co
Johnson H P, real estate
Jones & Jackman (P E Jones, P C Jackman). meats
Joyce Thomas F. harnessmaker
Kane Gene, billiards
Keith & Son ( FL and Fay), restaurant
Kelly Daniel. lawyer
Kerwick Michael F, hardware
Kirby P J, live stock
Knoblauch Julius H, general store
Kraft-Beebe Co (George and Charles Kraft, E M Beebe). clothing
Krieger Wm T, grocer
Kulp D E. real estate
Linderman  Walter L. lawyer, real est and abstracts
Losey  Wm E. agt C. M & St P Ry
Loughlin & Clair (Wm Loughlin, Patrick Clair). live stock
McCAR'l‘Y & McCAR'l‘Y (George B and Dwight G), Lawyers, Real Estate and Loans 
McCarty & Reichard. harness
McCrum Marion ,shoes
McElroy K J, produce
McKercher Bros (Duncan and W D), general store
Martin T R. county engineer
Medium Lake Improvement Co, Harlan Soper sec
Menzies John, county attorney
Metz Frank. bill poster
Miller W W, billiards
Morling E A & W H, lawyers
Moses R W, vulcanizer
Motor Inn Co, E C Dickinson pres, C C Wilson treas and genl mngr
Mulroney & Coonan (Robert Mulroney, T J Coonan), clothing and shoes
Murphy J C, dentist
Neary J W, cashr Farmers' Trust & Savings Bank
Nelson Oscar, general store
O’Brien Peter, grocer
O'Connor Thomas, lawyer
Olson L C, repair shop
Opera House Music Co (Herman Marks)
Ormsby A Scott, real est and insurance
Oscherby Burnett, drayage
PALO ALTO COUNTY ABSTRACT CO, T L Watson Propr, H P Richardson Mngr, Abstracts of Title to All Lands and Lots in Palo Alto County
Palo Alto Co Agricultural and Racing Assn
Palo Alto Co Chautauqua Assn
Palo Alto Reporter (weekly), L H Mayne publr
Palo Alto Tribune (weekly). Anna Don ovan publr
Papadakes Bros (Charles and John), confectioners
Peterson A N, blacksmith
Postel Edward, furniture
Potter & Potter (L R and L D), vet surgeons
Powers Henry A, physician
Quaker Oats Co, B F Bradley mngr, grain elevator
Richardson Bros, W C Richardson mngr, automobiles and horse dlrs
RICHARDSON H PEARLE, County Recorder and Mngr Palo Alto County Abstract Co
Robinson M M Mrs, milliner
Royal Lumber Co. Martin mngr, lumber and coal
Ruehle Wm, wagonmaker
Rutledge T F, city clerk
Ryan Margaret, county supt of schools
St Mary's Academy, in charge of Sisters' of Charity
Saunders George E, cashr Commercial Bank
Saunders W E G, real estate
Schooley James E, real estate
Scott Harry, chiropractor
Scott L C, dentist
Scott M A Mrs, milliner
Shadbolt & Middleton (Mrs H C Shadbolt W G Middleton), lumber and cos
Sherlock J B. real est and ins
Skowbo M. flour. feed and produce
Smith L D. county treasurer
Sodergren V A, plumber
Soper & Soper (E B and E H), lawyers
Standard Oil Co, 0 G Golden mngr
Stedman P H & Co. harnessmakers
Steuhmer Louis B, real estate
Taylor C A. baker
Theile Alvin A, dentist Saylor Supply Co, general store
Thompson E. M., clerk of court Wagner Grain Co., H A Decker agt
Thyle & Pfiffner (C O Thyle, Harry Piffner), jewelers 
UNION MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE ASSN OF Iowa. P J Shaw Pres, W B Linn V-Pres, George H. Baker Sec, Alexander Ruthven Treas 
Vaughan Wm H. tailor 
Walker John L. physician
Watson J J, real estate 
WATSON T L., Propr Palo Alto County Abstract Co 
Waverly Hotel, S Varco propr 
Wells Addison, drayage 
Wells E M, battery service 
Western Union Tel Co., Ethel Brown mngr
Wilson  F L, notions 
Wilson J H, cashr Emmetsburg Natl Bank 
Wilson Storage Battery, F. V. Wilson mngr 
Wiltse Frank L, notions 
Winders & Alen (J A Winders, E. A Alen), meats 
Wolfgang A J, drugs 
Woman's Civic Improvement Assn., Mrs W G Saunders pres 
Yeutter C E, baker 
Zahrandt PJ, hardware 



Population, 900 Settled in 1880. On the C., R. I. & P. Ry., and on the west fork of the Des Moines river in Walnut township, Palo Alto county, 10 miles nw. of Emmetsburg, its judicial seat, and 160 miles s. w. of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran churches, excellent educational advantages. water works, gas plant, creamery, tile works, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Times. Ships grain and live stock. Exp, Am. Tel., W. U. E. J. Mitchell, postmater.

Andrews R W. drugs

Axelton Kup-Kan Mfg Co, oil cans

Axelton Madel T, hides and furs

Bartleman Bros, billiards

Baumgartner Emil A. harnessmaker

Bigley Joseph, live stock and hotel

Cameron Delbert W, insurance

Christensen Louis, racket store

Collins T D, drugs

Ellis J B, restaurant

Farmer' Co-operative Creamery Co,Wm Matters mngr

Farmers' Grain Co, V L O'Connor mngr

Farmers & Merchants Bank, Vincent Kelly cashr

First National Bank (capital $26,000).M L Brown pres, John O Jackson cash

Foster Wm C, drayage

Gammon James H, lumber

George Ernest S, nursery

Graettinger Gas Plant (city owner)

Graettinger Telephone Co, J A Spies pres, J Graettinger sec

Graettinger Tile Works, Fred Spies sec

Graettinger Times, John S Sullivan publr

Graettinger Water Works (city owner)

Grand Opera. House

Hession P J, physician

Jackman John, meats

Jensen Bros. livery

Jensen Charles, hardware, plumber and tinner

Jensen & Bolstand, gen store

Johnson Albert J, agrl implts and poultry

Johnson P L & Co, gen store

Kelly Vincent, cash Farmers & Merchants Bank

Knutson & Bolsted, millinery

Lambe J Breal, real est and loans

Lindsay L, veterinary surgeon

McCAR'I‘Y P J, Real Estate and Justice of the Peace

Naae Thorleit T, physician

Osher Herman N, general store

Paulsen John, shoes and moving pictures

Paulsen Peter J, furn and undertaker

Paulsen & Jensen. autos

Petersen Harvey, meats

Petersen L T. live stock

Petersen P F, pumps

Peterson John. wagonmaker

Quaker Oats Co, J M Herberger mngr

Reidy M J, dentist

Royal Lumber Co

Spies Jacob A, loans

Stanley C, r r. exp and tel agt

Sullivan John J, publr and printer

Wagner John P. restaurant

Weighman F B, restaurant

Weinholzer Michael, jeweler

Westergard Hans. county supervisor

Wildey H Leslie, general store

Windsor Hotel

p. 683

Population, 600. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry., in South Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county. 12 miles south of Emmetsburg, the Judicial seat. , Has Catholic, German Lutheran, Latter Day Saints and Methodist Episcopal churches, a newspaper, the Independent, and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp, Adams. George H. Wasson, postmaster.

Anglum W J. live stock

Beatty E D, phys and surgeon

Brownlee Auto C0

Brownlee R A, hardware and agricultural implements

Buchacker Wm, livery

Cawman C J & Co, drugs

Ellis S A, harness

Farmers’ Elevator Co

First National Bank (capital, $25,000), J P Mulroney pres, J W Johnson cash

Hahn C J, hay dealer

Hotel Mallard

Johnson F V, r r, exp and tel agt

Johnson J W, cash First Natl Bank

Keeney George H, physician

Kreig & Draper Auto Co

Mallard Butter and Cheese Assn

MALLARD INDEPENDENT, George H Wasson Publisher

Mallard Lumber Co, L C Hahn mngr

Mallard Opera House, Wm Buchacker mngr

Mulroney Bros, general store

Neely Percy, restaurant

Sands G G. hardware

Schuller Wm, general store

Steil A H, grain elevator

Steil Hay Co

Steiner Albert. county supervisor

Steiner & Hahn. general store

Waggoner C K, meats

WASSON GEO H, Postmaster and Publisher Mallard Independent


Population, 150. Settled in 1885. On the Des Moines river, and on the C.,R. I. 8: P. Ry., In Fern Valley township, Palo Alto county, 9 1/2 miles southeast of Emmetsburg. the judicial seat. Has Methodist and Presbyterian churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. G. S. Shriner, postmaster.

Bank of Rodman (M L Brown & Co)

Brown M L & Co (M L Brown). Proprs Bank of Rodman

Hilborn H, r r. exp and tel agt

Johnson C J, cashr Bank of Rodman

McKowen Charles, livery

Peterson T. general store

Peterson N J, hotel

Rodman Co-operative Creamery, Elmer Gustafson mngr

Royal Lumber Co, Lloyd Martin mngr

SHRINER & JOHNSON, General Store

Turner Joseph, agrl implements

Turner & Frye Elevator Co, grain elevator

West Bend Telephone Co. G S Shriner mngr

Western Electric Telephone Co (Mason City), Shriner & Johnson mngrs


Population, 800. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. and M. & St. L. Rys. (depots 250 yards apart), in Palo Alto county, 11 1/2 miles west of Emmetsburg, the judicial seat, 138 from Des Moines, and 2 miles south of Lost Island Lake, a summer resort. It has 5 churches, water works, a public school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp, Adams and W., F. & Co. Ella C, Nolan. postmaster.

Anderson Edwin, real estate 

Anderson John H, drugs and books

Anderson Magnus, wagonmaker 

Archer E L, implements

Baldwin Hospital, Gilbert Baldwin phys  and propr

Bale John H, cashr Farmers' Savings Bank

Barringer Emmett P, real estate

Berg & Brennan (John A Berg, Thomas J Brennan), general store

Bowers H J, poultry

Curran Thomas, hardware

Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co

Farmers' Incorporated Co-operative Society, grain and coal

FARMERS' SAVINGS BANK (Capital $20,000). E P Barringer Pres, John H Bale Cashier

First National Bank (capital $25,000), M L Brown pres, J Harry Thatcher cashr

Fitzgerald F M, general store

Foy I J, publr Free Press and Appeal

Free Press and Appeal, I J Foy publr

Gaard O C. general store

Gates D E. cement walks

Hageden Roy, produce

Handke Fred, carpet weaver

Harris W R, automobiles

Hastings J F, general store

Helgen O O, grain elevator

Hughes George L, general store

Hughes R J, implements

Hughes Walter J, auto livery

Huston H M, physician

Jeffries A W, real estate and insurance

Johnson J P, clothing

Kennedy House. Mary E Donlan propr

Larsen F H, moving pictures

Larsen & Spencer, hotel and restr

Linden Drug Co. John E Peter propr

Logan Thomas, turn and undertkr

Metz Charles, harnessmaker

Minor J L, dentist

Monselle C W, restaurant

Myers Clyde G. jeweler and notions

Nielsen Chris, billiards

NOLAN ELLA C, Postmaster

Osterhus J E. automobiles

Osterson G W, livery

Park Hotel

Paulson Samuel, harness

Rhinehart Rosacker 8: Co, live stock

Robdahl Ella, milliner

Royal Lumber Co

Ruthven Telephone Exchange

Ruthven Water Works (city owned)

Shartle Harry E. auctioneer

Sorenson M H, meats

Stanton M T, livery

Thatcher J Harry, real estate, ins and loans

Thayler DeForest F, broom mnfr

Wilson Grain Co


Population. 800. An incorporated town on the C.. R. I. & P. Ry.. in Palo Alto county. 16 miles southeast of Emmetsburg. the county seat. 72 from Iowa Falls and 168 from Cedar Rapids. It has Catholic. Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian church organizations. an $80,000 consolidated school. water works. 2 banks. a Weekly newspaper, the Journal. etc. Exp, Am. Tel.. W. U.  T. J. McCaffrey. postmaster.

Banwart Wm R. general store

Bishop Albert H. physician

Border Fred E. insurance

 Brockschmidt Frank, baker

Colgan & Graham. garage

Cuplin Pascal P, drugs

Dewitt P J. drayage

Ditch Lee. livery

Dorweiler Joseph. general store & mnfr cement blocks

Emerson George. restaurant

Falb Noah. publr West Bend Journal

Fall A. J. blacksmith

Farmers Elevator Co, E L Haynes mngr

Frye. A L. insurance

Green A W. dentist

Hanes & Seiverson. lumber and coal

Iowa-Canadian Land Co. Edward Kunz pres. B F McFarland sec

lvey George A. hay dealer

Kohler & Kohler. plumbers

Kongsback Jacob C. hay dealer

Kruger Karl. grain and fuel

Lambert Lumber Co

Lang Wm G. blacksmith

Lawrence & Moore. clothing

Lockwnod Frank. r r. exp and tel agt

McCaffrey T J. Postmaster

McFarland Benjamin F. general store

Mantz Edward. horse breeder

Mantz Herbert M. harnessmaker

Mikes Bros (Joseph and Adolph). meats

Miller Charles C. jeweler

Miller Welt. lawyer

Post & Mantz. grocer and dry goods

Reid J L & Son. agrl implements

Rice G L. dentist

Rising E R. moving pictures

Schreiber George G, live stock. poultry and eggs

Schutter Jerry. furniture and undertkr

Sweeney Frank. drayage

Union Hotel J W Uncles propr

Union State Bank (capital $45000). Edward F Bartlett pres, Fred E Border cashr

West Bend Co-operative Creamery Co, A L Frye sec

West Bend Cornet Band

West Bend Electric Light Plant. C A Larson mngr

West Bend Journal. Noah Falb publr

W'est Bend Opera. House Co (capital $4.000). Mrs. J M Border pres. B F McFarland treas, proprs West Bend Opera House

West Bend Savings Bank (capital $15,000). M L Brown pres. A L Frye cashr

West Bend Telephone Co. W H Daubindick

West Bend Water Works (city owners). George Bell mngr

Western Electric Telephone System

White & Son. drayage

Wilson John N. restaurant

Wilson Wm G. hardware

Windsor Hotel. Mrs M  Schulenberg propr

Wisdom Mabel. milliner