R.L. Polk & Co.'s

Iowa State Gazetteer 

Business Directory

1912-1913, Vol. XVI


(Palo Alto County)

Transcribed by a volunteer

AYRSHIRE. Population, 337. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. R. R., in Silver Lake township, Palo Alto county, 13 miles s. w. of Emmetsburg, the county seat, and 137 from Des Moines. Has Baptist, Catholic, German Lutheran and Methodist churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the
Chronicle. Exp., Adams. Tel, W. U. Telephone connection. H. Emrich, postmaster.

Adams Express Co, S Breadsley agent. 
Anglum John, meats and live stock. 
Ayrshire Chronicle, C H Cookingham publr. 
Ayrshire Orchestra, D P Donovan leader. 
Barfoot George, grain and coal.
Boyle Mrs J, restaurant.
Breadsley S, r r, exp and tel agt. 
Citizens' Savings Bank (capital $10,000), J J Watson pres, P O'Grady cashr. 
Cookingham C H, publr Ayrshire Chronicle.
Corley J E, well driller. 
Corrigan Ed, hotel.
Dyer G M, hardware. 
Edwards George, garage.
EMRICH HENRY, Coal, Agricultural Implements and Postmaster. 
Farmers Elevator Co.
First National Bank (capital $25,000), M L Brown pres, J M Kelly cashr.
Frey F, general store. 
Hagan Ed, restaurant.
Kahler F W, carpenter. 
Kahley F G, agt James A Smith. 
Kelley Joseph M, insurance and real estate.
McBride, John, hrdwr.
McElrey K J, butter, eggs and poultry.
McGuire J T, general store.
Malia & Co, drugs. 
Martin J J, furniture.
Morton Elmer E, physician.
O'Connor & O'Brien, general store. 
Rouse G W, harnessmaker.
Silver Lake Creamery Co, J J Martin secretary. 
Smith James A (Osage, Ia), F G Kahley agent, lumber. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, S Breadsley agent.

CURLEW. Population, 161. On the M. & St. L. Ry, in Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county. 12 miles s. of Emmetsburg, the county seat. First settled in 1884. Has Baptist and Methodist churches and a bank. Exp, Adams. Tel., W. U. Telephone connection. H. D. Bennett, postmaster.

Adams Express Co, J W Ferguson agent. 
BENNETT H D, Postmaster. 
Blake E C, mason.
Brumbaugh C L, paper hanger and carp. 
Citizens' Savings Bank (capital $15,000), Melvin Fisk pres, V W Fisk cashier. 
Drown O B, agent Tudeman Elevator Co. 
Fisk & Cullen, live stock. 
Gilbert K M, physician. 
Hunter J P, druggist.
Easton A A, mason. 
Easton Mrs S A, hotel.
Ferguson J W, r r, exp and tel agent.
Finuf A W, creamery. 
Finuf Hardware Co.
Fisk Melvin, grain and coal.
Ford George E, poultry.
Hunter Mrs J P, restaurant. 
Larson C W, creamery.
McBride Charles, drayage.
McBride G P, general store. 
Rush Lake Creamery Co
Taylor E N, lumber. 
Tressler George, carpenter.
Tudeman Elevator Co, O B Brown agent.
Turner L E, meats and poultry. 
Ward H B, painter.
Western Union Telegraph Co, J W Ferguson agent. 
Whitmer A A, general store.

CYLINDER. Population, 129. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Fairfield township, Palo Alto county, 7 miles from Emmetsburg, the Judicial seat. Has a Methodist Episcopal church, a graded public school and a bank. Exp., W., F. & Co. Telephone connection. Alice A. Jones, postmaster.

Anderson A E, blksmith and agrl implts. 
Cody Ole, general store. 
Cylinder Creamery Co, E W Reid mngr.
Cylinder Savings Bank (capital $10,000), E H Soper pres, R M Rutler cashier.
Farmers' Union Society, P F Littleton mngr, grain, tile and salt. 
Gard R A, meats.
Gmelin H, r r, exp and tel agent. 
Hughes G F, general store. 
JONES ALICE A, Postmaster.
Letson Jay, hardware. 
Littleton P F, mayor.
Miltved C, bldr and furn. 
Myers C E, mngr Royal Lumber Co. 
O'Halloran F H, live stock.
Reid E W, mngr Cylinder Creamery Co. 
Reliance Grain Co, T H O'Halloran mngr.
Royal Lumber Co, C E Myers mngr. 
Wells, Fargo & Co Express, R A Gard agent.
Western Union Telegraph Co, H Gmelin agent.
Woodbridge J W, physician. 
Yanke J, livery.

DEPEW. In Independence township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles n. e. of Emmetsburg, the county seat, and 7 from Cylinder, the nearest banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

EMMETSBURG. Population, 2325. The county seat of Palo Alto county, is an incorporated city located on the Des Moines river, and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, at the junction of the C., M. & St. P. Ry. (depots 4 mile apart), 148 miles n. w. of Des Moines. It is surrounded by a fine farming and stockraising section, and has a $50,000 opera house, a $30,000 court house, a $12,000 city hall, a $30,000 armory, a $50,000 water works system, including 8 miles of water mains, a $35,000 sewerage system, an efficient fire department, a $30,000 electric light plant, 3 banks with deposits of over $1,000.000, a $35,000 high school building, 2 primary school buildings, a $10,000 Catholic academy, a public library, Masonic, Odd Fellows, G. A. R., K. of P., A. O. H., C. O. F., Red Men and K. of C. halls, churches of the Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist denominations, a $40,000 brick and tile factory, cement manufacturing plant, a marble factory, which is the largest and best in Iowa; modern, well equipped flour mills, 4 grain elevators. and 3 weekly newspapers, the Palo Alto Reporter, the Palo Alto Tribune, and the Democrat. Ships grain, hay, flour, butter, eggs, live stock, produce, and manufactured products. Telephone connection. Exp, Wells, Fargo & Co. and U. S. Tel., W. U. Peter O. Refsell, postmaster.

Algona Auto Machine Co, C C Wilson, mngr.
Allen John, well driller. 
Ashley Walter H, vet surg. 
BAKER GEORGE H, Sec Union Mutual Fire Insurance Assn of Iowa. 
Barnes Mattie A, lunch room. 
Bauck L H, cement sidewalks. 
Beckman & Schroeder (Henry C Beckman, Benjamin F Schroeder), live stock breeders and grain. 
Beebe Hiram W, clothing. 
Benda Joseph K, general store. 
Bennett John, apiarist.
Berger Charles J, grocer. 
Boblit Wm H, live stock. 
Brady Michael L, mngr Postoffice Pharmacy.
Branagan Wm I, publr Emmetsburg Democrat. 
Brown Land & Loan Co, M L Brown pres, Edward McNally sec.
Burt Edward, florist.
Carmody Nellie, milliner.
Carpenter Edward, painter.
Casey John, tailor. 
Cooke Harry H, painter. 
Coonon Martin F, horse breeder.
Cretzmeyer Frank X, physician.
Crose T L & J P (Thompson L and Jean P), dry goods. 
Crouch Mrs S J, restaurant.
DAVIDSON & BURT (Freeman C Davidson, Alfred J. Burt), Attorneys and Counselors at Law.
Dick-Peddie Wm, real estate.
Donovan Wm D, harness.
Dooley John, bridge builder. 
Drybread & Joyce (George W Drybread, Joseph P Joyce), clothing.
Duhig Charles, real estate.
Emmetsburg Auto and Gas Engine Co, John Scott, mngr. 
Emmetsburg Butter, Egg & Poultry Co (E J Scott).
Emmetsburg Coal and Supply Co, Chas E Taylor mngr, lumber.
Emmetsburg Creamery Co, L H Stuehmer sec. 
Emmetsburg Democrat (weekly), W I Branagan publr. 
Emmetsburg Electric Light, Heat and Power Co (John and James McNamara).
Emmetsburg Ice Cream & Bottling Wks (P J Clasen). 
Emmetsburg Library Assn, Miss Appleby supt.
Emmetsburg National Bank (cap $50, 000), M L Brown pres, George E Pearsall vice-pres, W J Brown cashr. 
Emmetsburg Telephone Co, W I Branagan sec. 
Emmetsburg Water Works (city owner) Jacob Ruble supt.
Farmers' Mutual Ins Assn, E P McEvoy sec. 
Farmers' Savings Bank (cap $25,000), D A Johnson pres, J W Neary cashr. 
First National Bank (cap $80,000), E B Soper pres, Robert Laughlin cashr.
FISH & NELSON (A M Fish, Chris Nelson), Proprs Palo Alto Auto Company. 
Foy & Wilcox (Edward J Foy, David M Wilcox), furniture and undertakers. 
Freeman Frank, grocer and shoes.
Fries Jens, restaurant.
Frost Wm W, live stock.
Gibson John S, agrl implts.
Glenn David H, optician.
Godden & Ballard (John H Godden, Samuel W Ballard), marble works.
Gowans James, general store. 
Gylling Mrs Peter F, general store.
Hennessy James, physician.
Henry Wm G, agt US Express Co. 
Higgins Edward J, drugs. 
Higley E B Co, Wm Ruthven agt, poultry.
Hobson Joseph I, jeweler. 
Hoffman & Hasse, laundry.
Hughes Bert, drugs. 
Inter State Land & Loan Co (S D Bickford, H P Johnston).
Iowa Realty Co (T J and J A Duffy). 
Irving & Brisbois, genl store.
Jennings James P, livery. 
Jennings Patrick J, well driller. 
Jeppenson James, mason. 
Johnson Caroline M, photographer.
Relly & Fisher (Daniel Kelly, Wm J Fisher), lawyers.
Jones & Jackman, meats. 
Joyce Thomas F, harnessmaker.
Kerwick Michael F, hardware.
Ketchen Robert, carpenter. 
Kidder Richard E, dentist.
Knoblauch Julius H, general store.
Krieger Wm T, grocer. 
Laughlin Wm J, meats.
LINDERMAN WALTER L (Member Abstracters' Association of Iowa), Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate, Loans. Abstracts and Lands.
Losey Wm E, agt C, M & St P Ry. 
MCCARTY & MCCARTY (George B and Dwight G), Attorneys-at-Law. Real Estate and Loans. 
McClure & Harris, proprs Waverly Hotel.
McCrum Marion, shoes. 
McDonald John J, carpenter.
McEvoy Edwin P, insurance.
McGruder Francis M, dentist.
McNally Bros, restaurant. 
McNally John, auctioneer.
Maloy Mrs J H, baker. 
Marks Herman, pianos.
Mayne & Ritts, publrs Palo Alto Reporter.
Mead Frank M, carpenter.
Menzies John, real estate and lawyer. 
Metz Frank, bill poster.
Middleton W G, mngr H C Shadboldt Est.
Miner Rodert F, livery.
Moran Charles F, furn and undertaker. 
Morling E A & W H, lawyers.
Morris Bros (John O and Wm F) bakers. 
Moses Wm J, shoes.
Myers Frank, carpenter.
Nelson Ole, general store. 
Northwestern Tile & Clay Products Co, E A Morling pres, E B Persons sec.
O'Brien Peter, grocer. 
O'Brien Thomas A, physician.
O'Connor Thomas, lawyer.
Ormsby A Scott, real est and insurance. 
Palo Alto Co Agricultural and Racing Association.
PALO ALTO AUTO COMPANY, Fish & Nelson Proprs. 
Palo Alto Reporter (weekly), Mayne & Ritts publrs. 
Palo Alto Telephone Co, John Menzies mngr.
Palo Alto Tribune, Tribune Pub Co publrs.
Peddie Alex, real estate and loans. 
Pender & Steil, real estate. 
Phelps Wm H, flour and feed.
Postel Edward, furniture.
Postoffice Pharmacy, M L Brady mngr. 
Powers Henry A, physician.
Rasmussen James, mason. 
Refsell Peter O, postmaster.
Reihsen Ludwig, meats. 
Reilly Patrick F, grocer.
Richardson Wm C, livery.
Royal Lumber Co, Martin Ausland mngr, lumber and coal.
St James Hotel, Dan T O'Neill propr.
St Mary's Academy, in charge of Sisters of Charity. 
Sanders Eldon, cafe.
Saunders W E G, real estate.
Schooley James E, real estate.
Scott Mrs Maggie A, milliner. 
Seely George, carpenter.
Shadbolt H C (estate), Walter G Middleton mngr, lumber.
Soper & Soper (Erastus B and Emmet. H), lawyers.
Stedman P H & Co, harnessmakers. 
Steuhmer Louis R, real estate.
Stratemeyer R H & Co (Realto H Stratemeyer), drugs.
Theile Alvin A, dentist. 
Theile & Oelfeke (Arthur R Theile, Henry G E Oelfeke), flour mill. 
Thomann Mrs Carrie, laundry.
Thomas E S, dentist. 
Tyle & Pfiffner, jewelers.
Tribune Publishing Co, John P Kirby pres, Anna Donovan sec and treas, publrs Palo Alto Tribune.
UNION MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE ASSN OF IOWA, J S Backus Pres, Levi Lewis Vice-Pres, George H Baker Sec, Alexander Ruthven Treas. 
Van Gorden Jesse L, physician. 
Vaughan Wm H, tailor. 
Wagner Arthur W, real estate. 
Walker John L, physician.
Waverly Hotel, McClure and Harris proprs.
Wiltse Frank L, notions.
Young Thomas, carpenter.
Zahrndt, Joynt & Co, hardware.

FAIRVILLE. Population, 25. In Fairfield township, Palo Alto county, 13 miles n. e. of Emmetsburg, the judicial seat, 8 from Cylinder and 7 1/2 from Fenton, both of which latter places afford banking and shipping facilities. Has rural delivery from Cylinder.

Fairville Creamery Co. 
Grinnells G W, genl store.

FALLOW. A discontinued postoffice in Lost Island township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles n. w. of Emmetsburg, the county seat, and 6 from Graettinger, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery. 

Hemingsen A, general store.
Lost Island Creamery Co. 
Sando E G, general store.

GRAETTINGER. Population, 556. On the C., R. I. & P. Ry., and on the west fork of the Des Moines river, in Walnut township, Palo Alto county, 10 miles n. w. of Emmetsburg, its county seat, and 160 miles n. w. of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Methodist, Norwegian and Lutheran churches, excellent educational advantages, water works, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Times. Ships grain and live stock. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Christian Jenson, postmaster.

AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK (Capital $10,000), J A Spies Pres, J B Lambe Cashier.
Axelton Madel T, hides and furs.
Baumgartner Emil A, harnessmkr.
Bigley Joseph, live stock. 
Cameron Delbert W, ins and mayor. 
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co, R Nelson mngr.
Farmers' Co-operative Store.
Farmers' Grain Co, V L O'Connor sec, Arthur Kenchen mngr.
First National Bank (capital $25,000), M L Brown pres, C S George cashier. 
Foster Wm C, drayage.
Gammon James H, lumber.
George Clarence S, insurance.
George Ernest S, nursery. 
Graettinger Gas Plant (city owner), Wm Blum supt.
Graettinger Telephone Co, J A Spies pres, J Graettinger sec.
Graettinger Tile Works, F Spies sec. 
Graettinger Times, E B Merriman publr. 
Graettinger Water Works (city owner), Wm Blum supt. 
Harrison H G, hardware.
Hession P J, physician. 
JENSON CHRIS, Hardware, Plumber, Tinner and Postmaster. 
Johnson Albert J, agri implts and poultry. 
Masters Bros, livery.
Merriman E B. publr Graettinger Times.
Merriman Mrs Nettle Q, milliner. 
Mitchell Edward J, general store.
Nane Thorleif T, physician.
Olson & Christopherson, carpenters.
Osher Burt T, dentist. 
Osher Herman N, genl store.
Palo Alto Telephone Co, E M Thompson manager.
Paulsen John, jeweler,
Paulsen Peter J, furniture.
Peterson C C, restaurant.
Pierson C K, ins and real est. 
St John Grain Co, John Graettinger mngr.
Sevold Henry O, restaurant. 
Shaver A H, tailor.
Spies Bros (Carl and Fred) meats.
Spies Jacob A, loans,
Tolberson Peter, carpenter.
Vannoy C A, r r, exp and tel agt. 
US Express Co, C A Vannoy agt.
Western Union Telegraph Co, C A Vannoy agt.
Wildey H Leslie, general store.
Windsor Hotel.

MALLARD. Population, 331. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry., in Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county, 12 miles south of Emmetsburg, the County seat. Has Catholic, German Lutheran, Latter Day Saints and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams.  A. C. Sands, post master.

Anglum W J, live stock. 
Barrett W H, drugs.
Beatty E D, phys and surgeon. 
Brownlee Auto Co.
Brownlee O A, hdware and agrl implts. 
Bucliecker Wm, restaurant.
Catholic Academy. 
De Wolf & Wells, elevator.
Duffey Philip, livery. 
Ellis S A, harness.
Farmers' Elevator Co. 
Hahn C J, hay dealer.
Hotel Mallard.
Howell C C, contractor. 
Keeney George H, physician.
Kreig Charles, automobiles.
Kunz L A, furniture and harness.
Mallard Butter and Cheese Assn. 
Mallard Lumber Co. L. C Hahn mngr. 
Mallard Savings Bank (capital $10,000), H B Richards pres, J W Johnson cashier.
Mulroney Bros, general store. 
Randall A H, mayor.
Richards H B, opera house and real est.
SANDS A C, Stationery, School Supplies and Postmaster.
Sand C H, carpenter. 
Sands G G, hardware.
Schuller Wm, general store.
Steil Hay Co. 
Steiner & Hahn, general store.
Waggoner C K, confectioner. 
Wemholzer A, mason.

RUTHVEN. Population, 655. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. and M. & St. L. Rys. (depots 250 yards apart), in Palo Alto county, 11 miles w. of Emmetsburg, the judicial seat, 138 from Des Moines, and 2 miles s. of Lost Island Lake, a summer resort. It has 5 churches, water works, a public school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Free Press and Appeal. Ships grain, hay and live stock. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. Miss M. A. Phoenix, postmaster.

Adams Express Co, E R Jefford agt. 
American Colonization Co, E P Barringer mngr.
Anderson Edwin, real estate.
Anderson John H, drugs and books. 
Anderson Magnus, wagonmaker.
Baldwin Hospital, Gilbert Baldwin phys and propr.
Barlow W H, carpenter. 
Barringer Emmett P, real estate.
Batie George W, painter. 
Berg & Brennan (John A Berg, Thomas J Brennan), genl store. 
Bliss J Alden, dentist.
Cedar Rapids Oil Co, G Osterson mngr.
Chaffee George, real estate and ins. 
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, C H Slagle agt.
City Dray Line, G Osterson mngr. 
Clesle August, live stock.
Curran Thomas, hardware.
Dean S J & Son, meats.
Dewey M H, mayor. 
De Wolf & Wells Co (Spencer), R J Hughes agt, grain and coal.
Donlan Mary, propr Kennedy House.
Donlan Mary E, milliner.
Eaton Robert, livery.
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co, E C Yocum.
Farmers Incorporated Co-operative Society, Alexander Ruthven pres, E J Ruddy mngr, grain and coal.
FARMERS' SAVINGS BANK (Capital $20,000), E P Barringer Pres, John H Bale Cashier.
First National Bank (cap $25,000), L Brown pres, J Harry Thatcher cashr.
Floete Lumber Co (Spencer), G A Appleman mngr, lumber and coal.
Free Press and Appeal, L L Johnson publr.
Gates D E, cement walk mnfr. 
Goard O C, general store.
Hagedon Albert H, poultry and ice. 
Hastings J F, general store.
Helgen Ole O, grain elevator. 
Hubbard Rex C, restaurant.
Hughes Walter J, auto livery. 
Huston H M, physician.
Jeffries A W, real est, loans and ins. 
Johndahl John E, carpenter. 
Johnson Leroy L, publr Free Press and Appeal.
Kennedy House, Mary Donlan propr. 
Linden Drug Co, John E Peter propr. 
Logan Thomas, furn and undertaker.
Ludwig T M, restaurant.
McDonald George W, general store. 
McNary John, general store.
Metz Charles, harnessmaker. 
Miller Amos J, mason.
Miller W O, painter and paperhanger. 
Minneapolis & St Louis Ry, E R Jeffords agent.
Mittlander J C, meats. 
Monsell C W, propr New Light House.
Myers Clyde G, Jeweler and news. 
New Opera House, Alex Ruthven mngr.
Nolan George, squab farm.
Nolan Joseph, squab farm. 
North Iowa Lumber Co, P Fred Mortensen mngr. 
Osterhus J E, automobiles.
Park Hotel, A C Christman propr. 
Reely John F, shoes.
Rossiter Jesse, carpenter. 
Royal Tea Co, J P Johnson propr. 
Ruthven Alexander, lumber.
Ruthven Telephone Exchange, C G Myer sec.
Ruthven Water Works (city owned).
Ryder F E, implts and coal. 
Sandvik Hannah, milliner.
Shartle Harry E, auctioneer
Slagle Charles H, agt CM & St P Ry.
Stanton T M, livery.
Summon A, coal, grain and implts. 
Thatcher J Harry, cashier First Natl Bank, real estate, ins and loans. 
Thayler De Forrest F, broom mnfr.
Wagner E L & Co, hardware. 
Wells, Fargo & Co Express, Charles H Slagle agt.

WEST BEND. Population, 679. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Palo Alto county, 16 miles s. e. of Emmetsburg, the county seat, 72 from Iowa Falls and 168 from Cedar Rapids. It has Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic church organizations, an $8,000 school house, water works, 2 banks, a weekly newspaper, the Journal, etc. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U.  J. B. Martin, postmaster.

Bishop Albert H, physician.
Border Joseph M, insurance. 
Cuplin Pascal P, drugs.
Dording Bros (Nicholas and Felix), carpenter.
Dorweiler Joseph, genl store and mnfr cement blocks.
Emerson George, restaurant.
Falb Rudolph, dairy.
Frye A L, insurance. 
Green A W, dentist.
Henry Bros (John L and George E), lumber and coal. 
Iowa-Canadian Land Co, Edward Kunz pres, B F McFarland sec.
Ivey George A, hay dealer.
Johnson Henry, painter. 
Klinger F E, general store. 
Kohler & De Sart (L J Kohler, Ralph De Sart), hardware.
Kollasch & Wilson, restaurant. 
Kongsback Jacob C, hay dealer.
Kruger Karl, grain and fuel. 
Kulp David E, dentist.
Kuyper A E & Co, farm implts. 
Lambert Lumber Co, F J McCafferty mngr.
Larsen & Larsen (Thomas and Lena), publrs West Bend Journal. 
Leibsohm Charles, general store. 
McFarland & Son (Richard, M J and Benjamin F), general store.
Mantz Edward, horse breeder,
Mantz Herbert M, harnessmaker. 
Martin James B, postmaster. 
Mertz Sisters, milliners.
Mikes Bros (Joseph and Adolph), meats.
Miller Charles C, jeweler. 
Miller Welt, lawyer.
Pauley & Williams (John K Pauley, Thos Williams), masons.
Phillips J N, live stock. 
Reed A B, livery.
Reed W E, grain and coal. 
Reid & Balgeman, agrl implts. 
Schreiber George G, live stock, poultry and eggs.
Schreiber O A, r r, exp and tel agt. 
Schulenburg George, well driller and horse breeder.
Union Hotel. 
Union State Bank (capital $45,000), Edward F Bartlett pres, J M Border cashier.
Vance Wm, painter. 
West Bend Co-operative Creamery Co, A L Frye sec. 
West Bend Cornet Band, Elmore Minger manager. 
West Bend Opera House Co (capital $4,000), J M Border pres, B F McFarland treas, proprs.
WEST BEND SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), M L Brown Pres, A L Frye Cashier.
West Bend Telephone Co, J M Border pres, F E Border sec and treas. 
West Bend Water Works (city owner), W T Phillips mngr.
Western Electric Telephone System.
White & Son, drayage.
Wilderman A E, bowling alley. 
Wilson Wm G, hardware.