From the Emmetsburg Democrat 5 Feb 1908:

Many Marriages in 1890

Names and Dates of Marriages Seventeen Years Ago


George Emerson and Nellie Garthwaite, January 1

John J Mahan and Julia Doran, January 14

James McCarty and Ellen Meehan, January 7

Michael P Carriagan and Mary Maguire, January 13

Samuel E Ayers and Jessie L Black, January 14

Walter A Num and Annie Volt, January 18

William Muir and Mary Lummery, January 29

John P Mahan and Rosa Bradley, February 18

Henry F.S. Johnston and Miss Barstow, February 11

John J Reardon and Alice White, February 15

John McMahon and Esther Guerdet, February 18

Fred Ebert and Rosa Mary Mills, February 24

Andrew F Nelson and hilda Pearson, February 27

Christian Hanson and Lulu S Paulson, March 6

Endre E Worland and Laura Thoreson, March 7

Irvin Knox and Ida Morris, March 16

Charles J Hahn and Mary Buchacker, February 19

N.C. Bleckwenn and Minnie Sudermeyer, January 29

Leonard M. Sprout and Jennie Durant, March 17.

Joseph Schenk and Emma A Keepers, March 29

Jens Thompson and Christina Marie Larson, April 4

John Conlon and Mary Brennan, April 27

L.D. Mitcheltree and Amanda E. Campbell, April 14

Clarence E. Wilcox and Clara Lindermood, April 15

Vel Crane and Dairie Wheaton, April 10

Patrick Eagan and Mary Jane Clear, April 21

M. Anderson and Annie Jacobsen, April 19

Adam Bevard and Jessie G???rd, April 28

Phillip Cullen and Kate Conlon, May 12

Lewis Larsen and Dora Hughes, April 30

C J Anderson and Sophia Carlson, May 2

C.T. Elson and Mary Toner, May 6

P F Littleton and Elizabeth Bradley, June 2

Chas. A Robinson and Sylvia R. Dean, May 18

W.W. Frost and Inez C Randall, May 18

E.W. Haynes and Laura E. Joenks, May 18

John Gleason and Maggie Donlon, June 16

Matthew LeClair and Mary Angeline, June 20

Alexander Pertl and Rosa Kling, June 20

J.D. Chum and Corine Oleson, June 28

Hans H. Hilton and Emma Anderson, July 10

W.H. Walters and Elizabeth Harrison, July 11

Edgar Ayers and Ida Lanyer, July 23

Henry C. Fullison and Ana Marie Jenson, July 30

Jacob J Halm and Rosa Hough, September 1

Martin L. Smith and Bertha C. Johnson, September 7

James Donovan and Maggie Sherlock, September 7

George J Consigny and Murtie Ormsbee, September 11

Louis Kriete and Helena Dickinson, September 11

Geo E Wells and Lizzie E Hughes, September 18

Frederick W. Bratmiller and Anna Kahley, October 20

Fred Fen and Gertie Kelly, September 27

C.E. Grover and Flora Newville, September 30

Ole Benson and Sarah Jackson, October 1

Wm Mueller and Julia L Davis, October 15

Joseph Root and Elizabeth Martin, October 10

Sebert Jeswold and Tillie Gothampson, October 11

Wm Ruthven and Rosa Foster, October 14

John M Schuler and Maggie A Lodes, October 20

Peter H Hand and Nora Murray, November 5

Joseph H. Christy and Aura E Sterner, October 19

M R Carlson and Marinda Smith, October 27

A H Bickford and Maggie Kinney, October 24

Alfred T Henderson and Eva L Bevins, November 16

James A Upwood and Jennie B Nicholas, October 26

Conrad Nelson and Bertha Oleson, October 29

Wm P Kinne and Nellie L Knight, November 5

Wm Reinders and Lizzie M Namer, November 17

B W Pilkington and Ida W Crowder, November 12

Peter Waldron and Alice Maguire, November 17

Fred Miller and Barbara Domek, November 19

Henry Kinne and Alvita N Crowder, November 18

William A Kellum and Cora Kelly, November 18

Bryan L Maguire and Ellen E Kelly, November 18

Thomas C Wright and Nancy Inman, November 19

Frank D Lacey and Jessie R Scoular, November 23 (or may be 28)

Andrew Peter Christensen and Anna Marie Gaard, November 22

Thomas McBride and Lizzie Steil, November 26.

James Knoer and Mary A Mulroney, November 27

Pat Neary and Rosa Dooley, November 27

Isaac H Knoel and Rosa Powers, December 1

Fred Finch and Jennie Mary Rice?, December 1

Richard P Stoneman and Laura S McCune, December 1

Isom? Morris and Lena Kipp, December 23

Theodore Wm Bleckwenn and Louise Theresa Epple, December 19

Matthew Kelroy and Mary Teresa Junes, January 7

Frank H Daire and S D Bowden, December 24

Thos E Kent and Sadie E Shartle, December 25

Stephen Brown and Bernie Woolie, December 25

Harry Cutting and Matilda Num, December 24

H.T. Reese and Martha Houghstein, December 23

C E Richardson and Emma E Hopkins, December 31