Iowa Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-1885

     AYRSHIRE. A recently established postoffice on the D.M. & Ft. D. R.R. in Silver Lake township, Palo Alto county, 130 miles from Des Moines and 12 southwest of Emmetsburgh, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1881. Stage semi-weekly to Sioux Rapids; fare, $2. Population 35. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. James Hall, postmaster.

    EMMETSBURGH. Situated in the central portion of Palo Alto county, of which it is the judicial seat, is a flourishing town on the P. div B., C.R. & N. Ry, at the junction of the C., M. & St. P. Ry (main line and E. div). It contains Methodist, Congregational, Episcopal and Catholic churches, good schools, a steam flouring mill, a handsome court house, 3 hotels, 2 banks, 4 lumber yards, 2 grain elevators, the usual number of professional men, special and general stores, blacksmith shops, etc., and two weekly newspapers, The Palo Alto Reporter and the Pilot. The surrounding country is admirably adapted for farming and stock raising purposes, and the shipments comprise grain, produce, butter and live stock. Exp., Am. and U.S. Tel., W.U. Population 1500. Mail, daily. W.J. Brown, postmaster.

Anderson A A, artist

Crouch Flavel, restaurant

Ammon John, dairy and teacher

Crawley Jeremiah P, restaurant

Anderson J B, nursery

Cullen Katie C, teacher

Atkins Joseph, dray

Darnall Aaron D, lawyer

Atkins Norman J, sec and treas Scottish American Land Co

Darrah Miss Lena, music teacher

Bailey W F, boarding house

Davis Benjamin, agt Gilchrist & Co

Baldwin Miss Emily, music teacher

Dawson Miss Theresa, teacher

Barnhart Wm E, produce and furs

Dimler Eliza, furniture

Bennett & Blanchard (John C Bennett, Nelson C Blanchard) proprs Palo Alto Reporter

Donovan John, saloon

Bergner O E, telegraph opr

Doran John, nursery

Betche Charles, stone mason

Duffy Thomas, meat market

Black Miss Belle, teacher

Eagan Susie, teacher

Blanchard N C, real estate

Eagan Thomas F, general store

Booth Wm H H, county auditor

Ellis George M, Phys and Surgeon

Bostwick & Armstrong (Frank L Bostwick, Anderson J Armstrong), builders

Emmetsburgh Cornet Band, Frank Hubbard leader, Peter O Refsell sec

Brown M L, Banker

Emmetsburgh String Band, F W Wrate leader

Brown & Robins (Michael L Brown, John J Robins), Real Estate, Loans and Abstracts of Titles

Fitzgerald James, drugs and books

Burlingame Daniel W, Clerk District and Circuit Court, Notary Public; Depositions a Specialty

Forrest Mrs Marian A, dressmaker

Butler John N, restaurant

Foy Theresa, teacher

Cady Selden, physician

Frost Bros, milk pedlers

Cahoon Cassius E, lawyer

Gilchrist & Co (J M Gilchrist), grain elevator

Cassidy Patrick O, lawyer

Godden John H, marble worker

Cauley Miss Jennie, milliner

Godfrey Gustav, boarding

Clark A J, carpenter

Graham & Metz (Caius R Graham, Peter Metz) barbers

Clark Justus W, carpenter

Green & Turner (Mrs James Green, Mrs. Sarah C Turner), hair goods

Clark Mrs Justus W, canary birds

Grout Le Roy, Civil Engineer and County Surveyor, 24 Years Experience in Private and Government Surveying and Engineering, Lands Examined, Correct Maps Furnished

Coonan Daniel, general store

Gunsul Justus, livery

Coon Martin F, live stock

Hale Louis, boots and shoes

Coonan & Shea (Martin F Coonan, Robert Shea), druggists

Hammond John, livery

Cottage House, Near B, C R & N Depot, P F  Van Gorden Propr; $1 per Day; Meals 25 Cents; Free 'Bus; Barn in Connection; Transfer to Any Part of the City at Reasonable Rates.

Harrison Thomas W, lawyer

Hart Peter C, station agent

Hartshorn Eldin J, Lawyer, Real Estate, Loans, Collections and Insurance.

Hastings Charles, carpenter


Hayes W H & P C (Wm H and Phillip C) Veterinary Surgeons, Proprs Veterinary, Feed and Sale Stables, Room for 100 Horses. We Positively Refuse to Receive on the Premises Horses Suffering from Contagious Disease

Ormsby Bros & Co (Alvin L and Edwin S Ormsby), Bankers, Real Estate and Abstracts)

Hefley John M, livery

Palo Alto County Agrl Society, Robert Shea pres, John C Bennet sec.

Heinman Thomas, carpenter

Palo Alto Pilot, H A Pike propr

Hetizman Mrs. George J, laundry

Palo Alto Reporter, Published by Reporter Co, Bennet & Blanchard Proprietors

Henry Wm G, drugs and express agent

Paulson John C, harness

Higgins James, meat market

Peddie Alexander, commissioner Scottish American Land Co (limited)

Higley Joseph, meat market

Pike Henry A, propr Palo Alto Pilot

Hinkley John H, general store

Pilcher A F, station agt B,C R & N Ry.

Howard Miss Mary, teacher

Pond Lucy S, flour mill

Hubbard Frank, photographer

Powers Henry A, physician

Imry David, carpenter

Powers Miss Nora, teacher

Jenswold John jr, lawyer

Prouty Thomas J, lawyer and justice

Johnson W W & Son (Wm W and Charles H) lumber

Reardon John, tel opr

Joint Michael, teacher

Refsell P O, cash Ormsby Bros & Co

Joyce Mathew, general store

Reporter Co, Publishers Palo Alto Reporter

Joyce Patrick, general store

Roberts Miss Annie L, teacher

Kelley  Miss Gertie, teacher

Robins Wm F, jeweler

Kelley Miss Josie, tchr public school

Rowe J F, gardener

Kelly Bernard E, lawyer

Rowse Edward T, propr Waverly house

Kendall H C, restaurant and boarding

Rutledge Daniel, real estate

Kerwick Michael F, hardware

Ryan P H, lawyer

King J E & Co (James E King, Nathan E Maxon), general store

St James House, N P Wildrick propr

Kirby Wm H, carpenter

Sanders George, dray

Kletzing R A, prin public school

Schirmer Sebastian, soda water mnfr.

Kline Rev C E (Methodist

Schneider Michael, meat market

Koch Nicholas, saloon

Scott James, sorghum mill

Lake Miss Etta, teacher

Scottish American Land Co (limited), Alexander Peddie comnr, Norman J Atkins, sec and treas.

Lane Thomas & Co, clothing

Seely Lafitt, carpenter

Laughlin John T, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Agricultural Implements and Sewing Machines.

Shadbolt H C & Co (Herbert C Shadbolt, H Hoagland), lumber

Lovell Miss Mertie, teacher

Shaw & Jamison (John J Shaw, George W Jamison), hardware

McCarty George B, lawyer

Shea Robert, county treas

McLaughlin Thomas, grocer

Shotall Pierce, saloon

McNally John, city marshal

Skinner R B & Co (Robert B Skinner, Michael L Brown), wagon mnfrs.

McNichols Thomas, brick mnfr

Smith Clinton A, jeweler

Malloy Maggie A, teacher

Smith Rev J J (Catholic)

Martin J L, agt J J Wilson

Soper, Crawford & Carr (Erastus B Soper, Thomas R Crawford, George H Carr), Attorneys-at-Law.

Meehan Katie, teacher

Spencer Rev G M (Congregational)

Messic Charles, carpenter

Stedman Bros (Pratt H and Warren B), harnessmakers

Miller Maggie J, teacher

Steil John, saloon

Mills Miss Carrie, teacher

Stevens W A, carpenter and builder

Moffett Henry P, drugs and books

Taub Abraham, clothing

Mohan Maggie, teacher

Taylor Bros (Charles E and Allen W), blacksmiths

Moncrief Thomas, justice of peace

Taylor & O'Connor (Thomas F Taylor, Thomas O'Connor), lawyers

Moses Wm J, shoemaker

Telephone Exchange, W A Weaver mngr.

Music Hall, Ormsby Bros. proprs.

Nestor Miss Mary E, teacher

Nolan John F, farm impts.

Nolan Patrick, live stock

Nolan Patrick V, sheriff and live stock

North H W, carpenter and builder

Thomas Erastus F, dentist

Tobin James, saloon

Tobin & Neary (Thomas H Tobin, John F Neary), general store

Todd John F, lawyer

Travis Melville, painter

Van Antwerp Rev Archibald L (Episcopal)

Van Gorden Philo F, Propr Cottage House

Walker John L, physician

Walsh Thomas, county recorder

Warnke & Moore (Frank Warnke, Henry Moore), blacksmiths

Waverly House, E T Rowse propr

Weaver W A, books and stationery

Wells A A & Co, well borers

White Mrs J P. dressmaker

White Miss Maggie, teacher and milliner

White Miss Mary, teacher

Wildrick N P, propr St. James House

Wilson John J, lumber and coal

Wrate Frank W, Dealer in Butter, Salt and Butter Tubs.

     CURLEW. A village on the D.M. & Ft. D. Ry and on Beaver creek in Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county, 124 miles northwest of Des Moines, 19 south of Emmetsburgh, the county seat and nearest banking point. Ships grain and flax. Population 75. Tel., W.U. Exp. U.S. Mail daily. Harriet A. Tressler, postmaster.

Easton S A, hotel
Flinn F M, grain and coal
Jones B H, dentist
Keenan & O'Brien, general store.
Mattheson H, saloon
Perry I, justice of peace
Tressler S W, carpenter.

    FERN VALLEY. Palo Alto county. Name changed to Rodman.

    LAKE VIEW. A discontinued postoffice in Palo Alto county, 14 miles southwest of Emmetsburgh, the county seat. Send mail to Ayrshire.

    MALLARD. A village on the D.M. & Ft. D.R.R. in Rush Lake township, Palo Alto county, 120 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 18 of Emmetsburgh, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1882. Ships grain. Population 100. Tel., W.U. Exp. Am. Mail, daily. Wm. Hachenberg, postmaster.

Hachenberg Wm., General Store.
Nickerson S T, tel, railroad and exp agt.

    RODMAN.- A country postoffice on the Des Moines river and on the P. div. B., C.R.& N. Ry in Fern Valley township, Palo Alto county, 130 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 13 southeast of Emmetsburgh, the county seat and nearest banking point. Hay is the principal shipment. Population 17. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Wm. Sloan, postmaster.

Bandy G F, railroad and exp. agt.
McComb Rev. D S (Presbyterian)
Sloan Wm, General Store.

     RUTHVEN. A village on the C. M. & St. P. Ry. and the present northern terminus of the D.M. & Ft. D. Ry, in Highland township, Palo Alto county, 137 miles northwest of Des Moines and 12 west of Emmetsburgh, the county seat. Settled in 1879 it contains Methodist and Christian churches, a bank, etc., and ships grain and livestock. A newspaper, the Free Press, is published weekly. Population 400. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. Thomas B. Stokes, postmaster.

Alger & Constable, grain and coal.
Baldwin Gilbert, physician.
Banfield Stephen, general store.
Barlow W H, carpenter.
Bender Bros, live stock and grain.
Brewer N, builder.
Cauley Jennie, dressmaker.
Constable C. O, railroad agent.
Coonan W H, saloon.
Coonan & Tobin, druggists.
Edwards Frederick, barber.
Fish J, blacksmith.
Free Press, C.M. Whitman, propr.
Gickering & Wilson, wagonmaker.
Goldsworthy J T, Banker.
Groat E.J.. livery.
Hagan S, shoemaker.
Harper E, shoemaker.
Knudson Thomas, blacksmith
McNary John, general store.
McNary Wm furniture
Mickish C J, railroad and express agent.
Miller L A, hotel.
Montgomery R F, coal.
Nolan P J, general store.
Nolan & Ryan, hardware.
Paulson J C, harnessmaker.
Perrine & McCormac, lumber.
Richards Frank, carpenter.
Ruthven Alexander, justice of peace.
Ruthven Bros, live stock and grain.
Ruthven Bros & Co, general store.
Shartle H H, hotel.
Skevington Thomas, general store.
Sporan & Olson, hardware.
Stokes Thomas B, Notary and Collection agent.
Whitman C.M., propr Free Press.
Woolsey Rev. J. W., (Methodist)

    SHERLOCK. A discontinued postoffice in Palo Alto county, 8 miles southwest of Emmetsburgh, the county seat, to which point mail should now be sent.

    WEST BEND. A village on the P. div. B., C.R. & N. Ry, in West Bend township, Palo Alto county, 120 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 18 southeast of Emmetsburgh, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1882. Ships livestock and grain. Stages daily to Rolfe. Population, 200. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Benjamin Franklin, postmaster.

Amos W M, justice of peace.
Amos & Gray, Lumber, Grain, Coal and Live Stock.
Bachman E D, physician.
Bagley E C, hardware
Bellard C H, harnessmaker.
Crisman F M, hotel propr.
Evans Bros, creamery.
Falb R, meat market.
Franklin E, druggist.
Gallagher J G, saloon.
Hampton L H, general store.
Hazen Scott, painter
Hazen S W, wagonmaker.
Hofstetter Lewis, blacksmith.
Jacobs H H, general store.
Johnston James, livery.
McFarland & Son, general store.
Smith E S, railroad and exp agt.
Wickman Fred, saloon.