1880 Mortality Schedule- Palo Alto County, Iowa

                                     Marital           Father     Mother   Month of                                         yrs   Attending
F #Last Name   First Name  AgeSexColoStatusPOB         POB        POB      Death   Occupation       Cause of Death          residePhysician

Village of Emmetsburg, Freedom and Walnut Townships

33 Tilford     William F   1  m  w   s     Iowa        Iowa       New York Aug                      Cholera Infantum              G. M. Ellis
62 Robins      Mary F      2  f  w   s     Iowa        N.Y.       N.Y.     Aug                      Acute Dysentery               Drs. Whitney& Rogers
75 Scott       Louisa E    1  f  w   s     Iowa        Holland    Ohio     Aug                      Acute Dysentery               J.J. Whitney
76 Grout       Herbert F   1/1m  w   s     Iowa        N.Y.       N.Y.     May                      Metastatic Abscess            J.J. Whitney
124Harrison    William     67 m  w   m     England     England    England  March   Farmer           *** Pneumonia           3     J.J. Whitney
193Hammond     Baby        1/3f  w   s     Iowa        Wis        Ind      June                     Cyanosis                      J.J. Whitney
196Fahy        Thomas      21 m  w   s     Wis         Ireland    Pa       Jany    Farmer           Drowned                 11    Henry Perkins
   Shea        John        19 m  w   s     Wis         Ireland    Ireland  Sept    Laborer on farm  Gunshot wound in brain  6

Line No 7. Team became unmanageable and ran away and was thrown from a wagon striking with his head in a very small stream of water wagon box falling on top of him with the above result.
Line No.1. The physician in attendance on No. 1 not at home
John Shea died instantly. This party was shot with a revolver in the hands of a young man.("Didn't know it was loaded")

   Lost Island Township

20 Gunderson   Gunder       36m  w   m     Norway      Norway     Norway   Feb     Farmer           Concussion of brain     6     J.J. Whitney
27 Norris      Nap          40m  w   m     Norway      Norway     Norway   Oct     Farmer           Unknown                 6     None

Line No. 2. The above party was at election and was furnished to much whiskey and got so drunk that he could not be led away to a house and was left liing on the prairie to sober up
and when they came back to him in an hour or two he was dead.

11 Joyce       Mary        1  f  w   s     Iowa        Ireland    Mich     Feb                      Cerebro-Spinal fever    1     Henry Perkins
19 Moore       Sebian      72 m  w   m     New York    Holland    Holland  May     Laborer          Apoplexy                8     J.J. Whitney
71 Nolan       Sarah       21/f  w   s     Iowa        Ireland    Ireland  Sept                     Acute Diarrohea         21/30 J.J. Whitney
71 Nolan       Charles     21/m  w   s     Iowa        Ireland    Ireland  Sept                     Acute Diarrohea         21/30 J.J. Whitney

   Rush Lake Twp

8  Herman      Jacob       55 m  w   m     Austria     Austria    Austria  June    Farming          Cholera Morbus          15    Whitney, J.J.
   Herman      Lena        2  f  w   s     Iowa        Austria    Austria  July    At Home          Cholera Infantum        2
P.RSt. John    Mrs. Eva    22 f  w   m                                             Farmer's wife    Puepent Convulsions           Silden Cady

   Fern Valley

   Infant                  1/5m  w         Iowa        Norway     Wis      March                    Deformity                     None
108Fenn        Ethel         9f  w         Iowa        England    New York March                    Bronchitis                    J.J. Whitney
   Mellin      Clarence    6/1m  w         Iowa        Wis        Wis      June                     Inflammation of bowels  6/12  G.M. Ellis