JOYNT/JOINT Miscellaneous Records

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Book References

From County and Family Histories, Ohio (FTM cd 450)
Book: History of Sandusky County p. 671 town of Bellevue
"Third, came the English, England born, of whom may be mentioned the Greenslades, the Wills, the Heals, the Fords, the Maynes, the JOINTs, the Radfords...


From Stark County, Ohio Will Abstracts
William Stanton, dated 1-13-1811. Sons: William Stanton, James Stanton, Latham Stanton, Zaccheus Stanton and Aaron Stanton. Daughters: Sarah Gardner, Hephzipbah Holloway and Deborah Stanton. Executors: James Stanton, Zaccheus Stanton, Aaron Stanton, Amos Holloway and Micajah Macy Joynt. Witnesses: William Hamlin, John Hamlin, Timothy Grummell, Ely Johnston and Britain Johnston.

Note: in above Micajah Macy Joynt may mean "..and Micajah Macy, joynt exors.."


KINVARA, Ireland
From Education in Kilmacduagh in the 19th Century
Description of School: Hedge School at Killina, kept by James JOYNT
Sources of support: Payments by the children
Number of children on roll at time of inspection: No list produced
Average daily attendance: about 50
Increasing, stationary, diminishing during last 5 years: Established 12 Jan 1835
Kind of instruction: Reading, writing, arithmetic, catechism


From "The Parish of Kilkeedy" [County Clare, Ireland]

Memories of Tubber and Kilkeedy during the "troubles" by James O'Loughlin, Rockforrest:
"The Volunteers I remember best were .....the JOYNTS...
The troubles talked about here are 1916-1922, the Volunteers were the old I.R.A.


From "Where the Sun Sets. Ballycroy, Belmullet, Kilcommon, & Kiltane, County Mayo" by Father Sean Noone. Erris Publications, Pollathomas, Ballina, County Mayo Ireland: 1991. page 240:

"When Samuel Bournes inherited the property of his father, George Bournes of Moyne in 1832 he ""cleared out"" the group of families at the southern end of the village and ""built a substantial and commodius two storey house with suitable offices and walled garden"". (O.S. Name Books Vol 1 No. 4) He may then have built the pound, which was near the ferry and supervised by a man named JOYNT. At the clearing out, Anthony McGuiness, the spokesman for the evicted families, was given the choice of Lenaveney or Gortacraher and rent free for five years. Both areas were then uncultivated bogland. He accepted Lenaveney. Today most families of Lenaveney are of his lineage." (See Joynt marriage page for Bournes/Joynt marriages)


Windham by Lincoln Volume 1A Modern History of Windham County, Connecticut; A Windham County Treasure Book, Volume 1 Allen B. Lincoln, Editor 1920:
JOYNT, Reverend TÖ..628


HISTORY OF NEW LONDON COUNTY [CT] D. Hamilton Hurd J. W. Lewis & Co., Philadelphia 1882:

The Catholics of Voluntown are few in number and are attended by the resident pastor at Jewett City. Services are held once a fortnight in Union Hall. Rev. Thos. J. JOYNT is now building in that village a neat church, which he ecpects to have completed this fall. The Catholics number about three hundred, and are mostly of French-Canadian extraction.


Taken from The History of Tuscola County, MI, Biographical Sketches and Illustrations, H. R. Page Co., Chicago, 1883.

The fire of 1871 was not nearly so destructive in the town of Novesta, as that of ten years later. Not only were there fewer settlers but the fire does not appear to have been so extensive. The fire was most in the pine and slashings, where dry fuel was found. On the low ground the muck took fire, and burned with a smouldering flame. David M. Houghton was the only person who failed to escape to the river. This was owing to the sickness of his wife. They were supposed to be lost, until the second day after the fire, when friends arrived and assisted in carrying Mrs. Houghton out. Their barn, sleigh, corn, fences, and other property were destroyed; their house escaped.

The fire of 1881 was much more general and much more destructive, though unattended with loss of life. The following is a list of losses: John Dickerson, house and barn; John Van Kaughnet, House and barn; Archibald McPhee, barn; Charles Curles, hay; William Hartwick, hay; William Marsh, household goods, hay; Edward Deneen, hay and straw; James Abeal, barn, wheat, implements; Roswell Allen, hay; James Bruce, house and barn; James Phillips, house, wheat; W. A. Yorke, house, straw; Edward Balch, house and lumber; Aaron Huffman, house; A. Phillips, house; Archibald McArthur, house and barn; H. B. Hubbard, tools and implements; Orlando Strickland, house; A. G. Houghton, stable, lumber; John Seriver, house, stock; Michael Race, hay; John McLean, barn; Silas Woods, cooper shop, steak, household goods; Warren Barry, household goods; Martin Anthus, house; William H. Brown, hay; M. H. Quick, cut lumber; James Mattoon, house and barn; Daniel McClory, hay; A. R. Thompson, hay; Morrison Jones, two houses, hay; H. C. Downing, house, grain; Ogden Atwell, household goods; Chester Hall, house; James Wilson, saw-mill, tools; William Balch, house, barn, implements; M. Devall, household goods; H. Firman, household goods; Dugald McArthur, house, wheat; Silar Huffman, barn; T. Spenser, barn; H. H. Wilson, barn; S. Slack, barn; Alexander McCullum, stock, implements; John JOYNT, house, barn, hay; S. D. Snyder, house; George Tyler, barn; Patrick Nelson, implements; Adam Parker, fodder; Johnston Elwell, lumber; Reuben Mosher, house, barn, hay, tools; Andrew McTine, Marion Parker, barn; R. H. Lewis, rails; John Blades, barn, straw, hay; William Cooper, hay and lumber; David Harris, barn, hay; George Hanshaw, house, barn, hay, mill damaged. As a general rule, the destruction of building, especially barns implied the loss, also, of contents, and that the crops, whether garnered or in the field, were destroyed, fences burned, valuable standing timber ruined; in short, the shelter and food of family and stock, if any of the latter were left, was swept away.


The following town histories are taken from the 1878 History of Logan County, Illinois.

LATHAM is situated in the southeast corner of the county on the Pekin, Lincoln & Decatur Railroad. It was named in honor of Col. Latham and was laid out on the lands of Edwin A. JOYNT and L. Parrish in November, 1871. The first store in town was built by William Dardin, who has since gone, and the building is now unoccupied.

The second was erected by Frederick JOYNT; the third by Dr. Leathers, now the grocery of Joseph Rue; and the fourth by Henry Metchner. The postmaster was Thomas Hayes. In 1872 an elevator was erected by G. M. Stines & Co. It was burned on the night of October 8, 1875. The next Spring the present elevator was built in its place. The shipments of grain from this point are large, the greater portion of it going to Toledo. In 1875 a two-story schoolhouse was erected which is now occupied. The school is ungraded and under the township control.

The Methodist Church was erected here in the Spring of 1872. The Congregation had been organized in a schoolhouse about a mile west of town. The Baptists were organized in "Two Mile Grove" in the schoolhouse and in the fall of 1872 removed their place of worship to Latham where they erected a church. The oldest settlers in this locality came about 1849. These were Samuel Parrish, who came from Jersey County, and is still living here; Fred. and E. A. JOYNT, the first-named settling in 1849, the second in 1852. Andrew Simpson and Henry Hall were also early settlers. The country about town is quite level and very productive


"The Auckland Fire Brigade 1874-1974."., Auckland Metropolitan Fire Board, Pitt Street, Auckland. Maxwell Printing Co. (NZ) Ltd, New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

.From its modest beginnings in 1902 of six permanent staff and 12 auxillary men, in 1906 the permanent staff doubled and by 1973 had 42 permanent staffand 20 auxillary men. Please contact NZ Fire Brigade Old Boys Association for further information.

JOYNT, A - Winner of six-man five escape drill, 1906 photo


From 'An Affair of Honour - Irish duels and duelists'
Notable Fights
1812, October 7, Mr.O.Joynt killed Mr.P.McKim before a large crowd at Castleconnor, Ballina, Co.Mayo.


The "Search for Missing Friends" is an 8 volume series of Irish Immigrant Advertisements placed in the Boston Pilot Newspaper 1830-1920 -searching for lost friends and relatives:

19th MARCH 1859: Information wanted of MICHAEL HANLEY of the city of LIMERICK - Information will be thankfully received by JOHN JOYNT -No 150 Diamond Harbor - Quebec LOWER CANADA.

26TH MARCH 1859: Of WILLIAM - JAMES - and CHRISTOPHER JOYNT -parish of BARLEYSTEEN -co LIMERICK.    WILLIAM sailed from LIVERPOOL about 14 years ago -  his age was about 16 years -  when last heard from he was in NEW ORLEANS.  When last heard from JAMES he was at J.B.MATHEW
HAMILTON'S NEW YORK.- that is the direction that he went.  There has been no account of CHRISTOPHER -  Any information will be thankfully received by their brother HUGH JOYNT - MIDDLEPORT P.O. SCHUYLKILL co -Penn.

2ND AUGUST 1873: Of JOHN JOINT - a native of IRELAND -  when last heard from - three years ago -  he was in HOPEFIELD ARK.   Information of him will be received by his mother MARY JOINT -WHEELING - WEST Va.

Irish Families in Australia and New Zealand 1788-1979," Coffey &
Morgan, Victoria, Australia: 1978 (publisher not given).

John William JOYNT MA, born Dec. 1852 Co. Wicklow. Ed Kilkenny College and
TCD, graduating 1877 with high academical [sic] distinction. Arr. NZ 1886.
Principal Nelson College 1889-1898. Registrar, University of NZ 1899.

 From the book "The Irish in Argentina" by Thomas Murray:

Michael RYAN, born in Co. Limerick in 1808, dead on August 27th. 1870.
Married with Jane O'DONNELL JOYNT, Irish. They had one daughter.

The following is an 1895 biography of Henry Clay Shufelt, husband of Alice
JOYNT and Lydia Marsh:

"Henry C. Shufelt, residing on a farm in section 18, Winnebago City
township, Faribault county, is one of the representative pioneers of
southern Minnesota. Mr. Shufelt was born in Vermont, November 10, 1831, son
of George and Alvira (Glover) Shufelt, who were of Holland descent. About
1854 his parents left the Green Mountain State and took up their abode in
Winnebago County, Wisconsin, where they passed the residue of their lives
and died. Hency C. was reared on a farm in his native state and received his
education in the common schools of the neighborhood in which he lived. After
his marriage, which event occurred in 1852, he settled down on a farm in
Vermont, and continued to reside there for two years. He then sought a home
in the West. For six years he was engaged in farming in Winnebago County,
Wisconsin, and at the end of that time came from there to Minnesota, first
settling in Rice county, and two years later coming to Faribault county and
locating upon the land he still owns and occupies. He secured title to this
farm under the homestead act; and here for thirty-five years he has lived
and prospered. He now has a beautiful home, shaded by trees of his own
planting, his farm is well improved with good barns, fences, grove, etc.,
and an air of general thrift prevails. August 28, 1852, at Enosburg,
Vermont, Mr. Shufelt married Miss Alice JOYNT, a native of county Limerick,
Ireland. She came to America when twelve years of age, in company with an
aunt, and afterward was joined by her mother and sisters. For some years she
lived with an uncle and aunt in New Jersey, where she received a fair
education. Mr. and Mrs. Shufelt have had five children, only one of whom,
William Henry, is living. He was married July 1, 1892, to Miss Delia
Bartholomew, a native of Marquette county, Wisconsin, and a daughter of
Dexter and Ellen (Jones) Bartholomew, the former a native of Jefferson
county, New York, and the latter of Wales. Some years ago her parents
settled in Blue Earth county, Minnesota, and there, November 26, 1893, her
father died. Her mother is still a resident of that county. Politically, Mr.
H. C. Shufelt has been a Republican since the organization of that party. He
has held the office of Supervisor in his township and has also filled other
local offices. December 14, 1863, he enlisted in Company H, Second Minnesota
Cavalry, and served during the Indian troubles, being on duty until November
20, 1865, when he was discharged on account of disability. He is a member of
James Clabaugh Post, No., 54, G. A. R. During the Indian troubles, while her
husband was absent from home, Mrs. Shufelt and her nine-year-old son
remained alone, and were here at the time the Root family were massacred by
the Indians, seven miles north of her shanty. Many were the hardships and
trials she endured in the early years of their residence on the frontier,
but she proved herself equal to every emergency. For the past fourteen years
she has been an invalid, and the same courage and Christian fortitude that
sustained her in early life now help her to bear up under affliction. She is
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church."

October 12, 1895, James Jemison Hartman, a farmer in Winnebago City Twp,
Faribault Co., MN, died at age 34 of what was thought to be typhoid. At his
death, he left Lydia (Marsh) age 28 and five children. On June 9, 1900,
Lydia married the above then widower Henry C. Shufelt, producing a daughter
Laurel. Lydia died in 1905 from what was thought to be dropsy (congestive
heart failure) at a young 38. She is buried in Basey Cemetary next to James.
Laurel and her stepbrother Jay Clarion Hartman were taken in by Loren Elmer
Hartman a farmer in the area.

Land Entries

1882 - Michigan
JOYNT, Thomas Homestead entry signed Mar 20, 1882 -80 acres at land office in Reed City


1862-1908 Denver Land Office Records
JOYNT, Sydney
Register of Homestead Entries 5 vols.
BLANDM:6; TWP:3N; Range: 50W; Denver , Colorado
Timber Culture Act
BLANDM:6; TWP: 3N; Range: 50W; Denver, Colorado


South Dakota Land Patents Data Base 1890 & 1895

JOYNT, Henry at 5th Principal Meridian (Eastern Iowa); 119N; 066W;035:160: public land sales; PATENT 3853 ; 12/06/1890
JOYNT, Joseph P at 5th Principal Meridian (Eastern Iowa); 119 N; 066 W; 034;160;public land sales; PATENT 5363; 06/17/1895


Ireland Landowners 1876


Name: JOYNT, Andrew
Address: Knockmore, Ballina
Extent: 80 A, 3 R, 10 P
Valuation: 10 pounds, 11 s

Name: JOYNT, Henry
Address: Ballina
Extent: 4331 A, 3 R, 0 P
Valuation: 1617 pounds, 10 s

Name: JOYNT, James
Address: Bellmullet
Extent: 86 A, 1 R, 3 P
Valuation: 13 pounds, 6 s

Name: JOYNT, James
Address: Carrowhead, Killala
Extent: 20 A, 2 R, 30 P
Valuation: 9 pounds, 13 s

Name: JOYNT, Bridget
Address: Ballinbobaum Twonland (Streamstown?) near Crossmolina
Exent: 78 A in 1819.


Name: JOYNT, William Lane
Address: The Grange, Raheny, Co. Dublin
Extent: 1057 A, 1 R, 10 P
Valuation: 415 pounds, 15 s


Name: JOYNT, William Lane
Address: Raheny, Co. Dublin
Extent: 1042 A, 0 R, 50 P
Valuation: 710 pounds, 0 s


Name: JOINT, Charles
Address: Forth Commons, Murrintown
Extent: 4 A 0 R 10 P
Valuation: 2 pounds, 0 s

Tax and Voter Lists

1793 New Jersey Tax Lists (1772-1822)
JOINT, Charles


1866 Registered Voters of Gold Hill, Nevada. 10/20/1866 (Newspaper 10/25/1866)
JOYNT, Michael


1891 Tennessee Voters List
JOYNT, William
County: Davidson 18 ward
page 27 (

1891 Tennessee Voters List
JOYNT, James
County: Davidson 18 ward
page 27 (

Taxpayers of 1880 from History of Pembroke, N.H. 1730-1895 In Two Volumes; Volume I - Historical; Author : Rev. N.F. Carter. Rep. Press Assoc.; Concord, N.H. 1895 page 200:

Richard JOYNT pd 1.07


Town of Perth, Lanark Co, Canada Voter's List 1898
JOYNT, Charles
Brock St Lot Pt4, Polling Subdivision E11, #86 on roll, Juror, Married w/ family and tenant, carpenter


Smith Falls [Lucknow, Canada] Voterís List 1933:

JOYNT, Christena -Aberdeen, 146 051 - HW mf mw SF
JOYNT, Emily  - Lavinia, 153-4, pt 041 -- t w SF
JOYNT, Hilda - Ann, 76 101 - HW mf mw SF
JOYNT, John - Daniel, 96 111 - La mf m SF La=Laborer
JOYNT, John  - Lombard, 153 041  -  ID j o m SF ID=Ice Dealer
JOYNT, Pearl  - Lombard, 153 041 -  HW o mw SF
JOYNT, Simeral -  Abbott, 250-1 052 -  Ret own m 15 Ret=retired
JOYNT, Simeral  - Princess, 16-7 082  - Fa own m 15 Fa=farmer
JOYNT, Susanna -  Daniel, 96 111 -  HW o mw SF
JOYNT, Thomas -  Ann, 76 101 - CPR t m SF CPR=CPR employee
JOYNT, Wesley Aberdeen, 146 051 Ct j o m SF ct=Carter


Town of Perth, Lanark Co, Canada Voter's List
JOYNT, Charles
Grant St, Lot 59n, Polling Subdiv. E041, juror, owns house, clerk
Grant St, Lot 59n, Polling Subdiv EO41, Married female no children



Naturalization Records

1880 Tuscola County, Michigan
JOYNT, Christopher 15 Mar 1880
from Naturalization records 1870-1880

Minnesota Naturalization Records Index
JOYNT, Henry at Olmstead
reel 1, code 2, Volume A, page 570



Pulaski County, Virginia Births, 1853-93

Surname Given Name Birth Date Race Sex Father's Name Mother's Name Notes Page #

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, and Death Indes.

Name: Alma JOINT
Birth Date: 02 Sep 1889
County: Keno
Reel: 0094
Record: 000025

From St. Michaels Church Ardnaree[Ballina].

Bapt. March [4th?], 1841, Born March 1841, Edward, son of Andrew and Margaret
Joynt of A[R?]innegy, hard to read. Andrew listed as farmer. Townland was prob. near Carrowmore sl. sw of Ballina.

Well, the third line above Andrew and
Margaret Joynt in the church bapt register is the baptismal record of Lewis
and Mary Atkinson for their son Charles. Charles was born the 20th of Dec.
1840 and bapt. in 1841. The father was listed as a gentleman and the place
where they lived appears to be Tallymount.

From: Bud Burge <>



Religious Census of 1766-Limerick Diocese Bundle 78, Parliamentary
Returns re. Religion in Records Office, Dublin
No. 952 (23-No. 13) A List of the Protestants in the Parish and Union of

Parish of Rathkeale: Protestants:
William JOYNT



Irish Flax Growers List, 1796
All of the following were from County Mayo, Ireland

Henry Joynt
W George Joynt
Michael Joynt
Dudley Joynt
John Joynt
Robert Joynt


From Quebec Microfilm reel M344/1; Burial records for immigrants at Grosse Isle of the Reverend Arthur Condon, Travelling Missionary of the Church of England.

JOINT, George, passenger on the ship "Blanche" died June 20, 1853 and was buried the next day.



Griffith's Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864


County: Mayo

Parish: Doonfeeny
Location: Ballinglen
JOYNT, Andrew
JOYNT, Edward
JOYNT, Henry

Parish: Kilmore
Location: Tallagh
JOYNT, Andrew
JOYNT, James
JOYNT, Thomas

Parish: Kilmoremoy
Location: Ballina
JOYNT, Anthony
JOYNT, Eleanor
JOYNT, Henry
JOYNT, James

Parish: Kilmoremoy
Location: Coolcran
JOYNT, James

Parish: Templemurry
Location: Tooreen
JOYNT, Christopher

Parish: Crossmolina
Location: Crossmolina
JOYNT, Eliza
JOYNT, William

Parish: Crossmolina
Location: Knockglen
JOYNT, Rep. Henry

Parish: Crossmolina
Location: Lecarrow
JOYNT, William

Parish: Templemore
Location: Cloonconlan
JOYNT, Henry

Parish: Templemore
Location: Derreenyanimna
JOYNT, Henry

Parish: Templemore
Location: Gurraunard
JOYNT, Henry

Parish: Templemore
Location: Knockshanbally
JOYNT, Henry

Parish: Ardagh
Location: Nure
JOYNT, James

Parish: Killala
Location: Croghan
JOYNT, James

Parish: Killala
Location: Ross (Bourke)
JOYNT, James

Parish: Rathreagh
Location: Atticloghy
JOYNT, James


County Clare

Parish: Kiltenanlea
Location: Nure
JOYNT, Gilbert

Parish: Kiltenanlea
Location: Oakfield
JOYNT, James

Parish: St. Patrick's
Location: Reanabrone
JOYNT, James


County Sligo

Parish: Kilmoremoy
Location: Ardnaree
JOYNT, Henry


County Antrim

Parish: Racavan
Location: Broughshane Upper
JOYNT, James

Parish: Shankill
Location: Dock Townparks Corporation Street, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Talbot Street
JOYNT, James
JOYNT, Robert

Parish: Carnmoney
Location: White House
JOYNT, Robert


County Dublin

Parish: St James
Location: Kilmainham


County Limerick

Parish: Limerick, St. Mary's
Location: Englishtown, Sir Harry's Mall
JOYNT, William


County Galway

Parish: Beagh
Location: Ashfield-Desmesne
JOINT, David

Parish: Ballynakill
Location: Conicar
JOYNT, Richard

Parish: Abbeyknockmoy
Location: Ballynakilla
JOINT, Patrick



Lucknow  [CANADA] Public Library

Library in the Carnegie Hall Since 1910

The present Town Hall, construction of which was aided materially by a donation of $7,500 from millionaire Andrew Carnegie, on the stipulation that a Carnegie Library be embodied in the building and that it receive an annual municipal grant.

Negotiations for this assistance from Mr. Carnegie were commenced in 1906 but it was not till 1910 that the building became a reality and was opened and dedicated during the reeveship of John JOYNT. In his dedicatory remarks at the opening of the Town Hall, on June 6th, 1910 Mr. Joynt said; And now ladies and gentlemen, by virtue of the authority and conferred in me by the ratepayers of the village of Lucknow, I hereby officially and finally declare open and dedicated for civil, moral and educational purposes, the Town Hall and Public Library, hoping that wisdom, harmony and justice shall prevail in all deliberations held within its walls, that the influence of the good books which it contains shall go forth more and more to be the betterment itself shall stand through long years to come, a monument to him whose liberality rendered it possible and to those whose public spirit carried it to its completion.


From PERSI- IWFH Isle of Wight Family History Society Journal 50:Aug 1998
JOYNT, Wm Census Stray record 1891, England



From Ennis Chronicle, Mon. 16 Nov. 1795:
married last Saturday, Mr. William JOINT of Limerick to Miss Hehir dau. of Mr. Tim HEHIR of that city, excise officer.

From the Limerick Chronicle, Wednesday, 13 October 1813:
To Andrew Watson, Esq, Alderman:

We the undersigned Inhabitants of the Parish of St. John, beg leave in our own name and in the name of the other inhabitants of this Parish, to tender to you our warmest Thanks for the manner in which you exercised the high duties of your office, while Chief Magistrate of this City. When we consider this activity, the impartial dispensation of justice, the kindness to the Poor of every persuasion, the attention to the different Charitable Establishments, and the inflexible integrity which uniformly marked your conduct during the period of your Mayoralty, we cannot refrain from expressing the sentiments we feel toward you (and in common with all our fellow Citizens) of Respect, Gratitude and Affection.

.......William JOYNT, John O.D. JOYNT....

From Limerick Chronicle 19 Mar 1853:
Cess-payers appointed by the Grand Jury in Clare, Barony of Lower Tulla-Gilbert JOINT

From Clare Journal, 1898 April 18:
List of cesspayers appointed by the Grand Jury of Spring Assises 1898...Barony of Lower Tulla:...William JOYNT, Islandregan


From Clare Champion Dec 20, 1910:
Funeral of Mrs. Glynn, Kilrush (Jane JOYNT Glynn dau. of William Joynt and Arabella Lane-see Descendants of William Joynt, Sheriff of Limerick)
Chief Mourners...Robert Lane Joynt J.P., Richard Lane Joynt M.D. (nephews)


From Clare Champion Sept 10, 1932:
Death of Mr. William JOYNT GLYNN his residence, Pella House, Kilrush on 1st Sept..was senior partner in M.Glynn & Sons... He was also Chairman of Shannon Steamship Co., Ltd. He had been a D.L. and J.P. for the county before the Treaty. The Chief Mourners were: W.H.Glynn, M.D. Glynn, G.C. Glynn, N.G. Glynn (sons); Mrs. R. Counihan, Miss J. Glynn (daughters); C.E. Glynn (brother); Miss Glynn, Mrs. De Courcy, Mrs. Ryan (sisters); ...A. Lane JOYNT, Miss Lane JOYNT
(Catholic ceremony)


JOYNT, Fred H. Manlius [NY, Ononda Co]. "Fred Joints, who made his home with Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Norton, enlisting a few years ago for service in the Philippines, writes from France, that he has been promoted to major," The Fayetteville Bulletin, 1/25/1918.

Name appears as a blue star on the Manlius service flag, The Fayetteville Bulletin, 10/11/1918.


Copyright © 1996 The Ottawa Citizen :

"Pharmacy, shops apartments lost, 10 homeless

By Don Campbell
Citizen police writer

As Dalton JOYNT stood across the street from the remains of the building he loved, friends arrived to offer condolences, much as they would to someone who had just lost an old friend or a member of the family. And while firefighters continued to pour water on the stubborn blaze, the 81-year-old couldn't avoid a flood of memories about the building and the pharmacy that had carried the JOYNT family name since the 1920s at the corner of Holland and Wellington streets. The fire early Tuesday left 10 people homeless, destroyed four businesses and caused $1 million in damage. It also burned part of Dalton Joynt's past. Investigators believe the fire started in the basement of the three-storey structure. It was first noticed by a tenant in an upstairs apartment who smelled smoke shortly after 1 a.m. Within minutes, flames reached the roof and tenants were barely able to escape in the clothes they wore. "My father used two horses to help scoop out the lot to build the building," Joynt recalled Tuesday as he watched the fire. "That was in 1924. We grew up on Hilson (Avenue) and we used to go back and forth to here on the streetcar. "This is really sad. At one time, I lived right up there," he said, pointing to the apartment directly above the pharmacy. "To this day, I've still got my medicine there." In the early years, the drug store carried the family names of Southwell, then Garrison and finally Nichol, before the Joynts decided to operate it themselves. Joynt and his brother, Walter, bought it from their parents in 1939 and ran it for the next 34 years, continuing to operate the business after they sold the building in 1971. In 1973, the brothers turned the business over to a niece, who kept it in the family for another 17 years. Though she sold out in 1990, the business's name remained the same - almost. "I will always think of it as Joynt's Drug Store," said Joynt. "Not (Joynt's) Pharmacy." Those without a place to live include Shaunna and Lionel Bernier, who celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary Monday. They moved into a third-floor apartment on Oct. 1 and lost everything, including their wedding pictures and presents. Lionel Bernier is on a disability pension and Shaunna has shared custody of a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Lionel said they had just received Christmas presents from his mother in Pembroke. And the couple had no insurance. "Insurance is not one of the first things you think of," Shaunna said. "We were hoping to clear up our wedding expenses first.""






Place: St. John NB
JOINT, Elizabeth; age 24
JOINT, Fanny; age 22
JOINT, Maria; age 26
(Source: FTM cd 354)

Place: Pennsylvania
(Source: FTM cd 354)

Place: Uncertain
JOINT, Harry; age 30
(Source: FTM cd 354)

CD 357
Irish to America, 1846-1865

Joynt, Ann Age : 55
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Jan. 1, 1855
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Female
Occupation : Widow
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : Empire State
Manifest ID Number : 900793
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Joynt, Henry Age : 15
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Oct. 14, 1858
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Engineer
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : Indian Empire
Manifest ID Number : 901342
Port of Embarkation : Galway
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Joynt, John Age : 21
Country of Origin : England
Date of Arrival : Jun. 24, 1863
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Labourer
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : America
Manifest ID Number : 901945
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Joynt, Michael Age : 25
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Feb. 16, 1852
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Labourer
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : Isaac Webb
Manifest ID Number : 900014
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Joynt, Owen Age : 23
Country of Origin : USA
Date of Arrival : Jul. 17, 1848
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Mechanic
Port of Debarkation : Boston
Ship's Name : Halifax
Manifest ID Number : 13256
Port of Embarkation : Halifax
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage

Joynt, Susan Age : 18
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Jul. 7, 1865
Final Destination : New York
Gender : Female
Occupation : Servant
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : Atmosphere
Manifest ID Number : 902236
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage


Year: 1832
Record Source:   Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book
Reel: H-962
Volume: 46
Item: 98
Comments: Sent to Kingston


Governor General's Office
Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book: return of poor and destitute
immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, forwarded and relieved
by the Montreal Emigrant Society from 12 May to 5 November 1832 Gives names
of heads of families, number in each family, occupation, from what city or
county, where sent in Ontario or Quebec.
National Archives of Canada reference: RG 7 G 18, vol. 46, pp. 1-99,
microfilm reel H-962.

Michael JOYNT
Year: 1832
Record Source:   Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book
Reel: H-962
Volume: 46
Item: 917
Comments: Sent to Prescott


Governor General's Office
Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book: return of poor and destitute
immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, forwarded and relieved
by the Montreal Emigrant Society from 12 May to 5 November 1832 Gives names
of heads of families, number in each family, occupation, from what city or
county, where sent in Ontario or Quebec.
National Archives of Canada reference: RG 7 G 18, vol. 46, pp. 1-99,
microfilm reel H-962.




From "If Walls Could Talk. The Limerick Athenaeum. The story of an Irish Theatre since 1852" Research and Text: James A McMahon. Produced by Seamus Flynn.

"The words of William Lane JOYNT, Maurice Lenihan and John Francis Maguire sear with pain when they speak of the Famine. They recorded the unimaginable; their rage burns through the ages with anger and guilt familiar only to those who witness such catastrophes. In November 29, 1853, LANE-JOYNT while fund-raising for the Athenaeum said: "The disastrous calamities of the last eleven years...the destruction of the poor man's food...the pestilence that walked by night...the arrow that flew by noon day...the countless hosts who were hurried into untimely graves...the exodus that drained the country of its hardiest children...all these are passing out of remembrance.""


Article on Grange House, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin, Ireland: (Copied off line and URL can't be found again now!):

"Recent Times.
In the mid-19th century, a family called Lane Joynt was in residence at the Grange House in Baldoyle. The Lane Joints hailed from Ballyvaughan Co., Clare and were a well known family of the time, having various residence about Dublin. They did particularly well for themselves in the professions, one being a solicitor in practice on St. Stephens Green and it is on record that a William Lane Joynt was Lord Mayor of Dublin for the term 1866 to 1867......."

"Grange House.
The spacious hallway of this building was well-lined with full book shelves, more than likely a legacy of the LANE JOYNTS.Two peculiarly shaped rooms that ran off a dining room and a bedroom were thought to have been powder closets. In the large kitchen was a large flagstone floor. The kitchen had one unusual door which seemed to lead for some unexplained reason to nowhere. It wa only later when one of the LANE JOYNTS returned to the house to attend a furniture auction that Mrs. Kelly discovered that this was a bricked up entrance to a tunnel which is supposed to have run from Grange Abbey to St. Doulaghs church at Ballygriffin."


Social Security Records


Eugene Paul Joynt
617 Palm Scranton, PA
Employer: Anthracite Bridge Co 300 Genet
Age: 40 Dob: 06-28-1896 Place of birth: Scranton, Pa
Father: Thomas Joynt
Mother: Katherine Carr
Male, White
Signed: Dec 8, 1936

Henry Patrack  (could be Patrask) Joynt
1408 Hill Ave, Wilkinsburc, Pena
Employer: None
Age: 39 Dob: March 13, 1900 Place of birth: Penna, Pgh Pa
Father: John J Joynt
Mother: Anna Doulty
Male, White
Signed: Sep. 19, 1939

Albert Simpson Joynt
7908 Lloyd Ave Swissvale, Penna
Employer: Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa.
Age: 48 Dob: 08-25-1888 Place of birth: Bradford McKean Co, Penna
Father: Fredrick Christopher Joynt
Mother: Sarah Katherine Stroup
Male, White
Signed: Nov. 27, 1936

Name: Charles Edward Joynt
Street: 2743 Eyre Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Business/Employed: Link-Belt Company 2045 W. Hunting Park Ave Phila. Pa
Age Last Birthday: 21 yrs
DOB: 6/10/1915 POB: Philadelphia, Penna.
Father: James Joseph Joynt
Mother: Anna Cecelia Mulhern
Male, White
Filed: Dec. 1, 1936


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