Villa Nova Cemetery
Washington Township, Clinton Co, Iowa
Those of Irish Nativity

Last Name First Name DOB DOD Age Nativity Other
Brogan Catherine   2/16/1878 73y Native of Co. Galway, Parish of Balnals wife of Peter
Burke Patrick   11/18/1867 68y, 6m Native of Killmore, Co. Mayo  
Burns Francis   10/8/1875 73y,3m,8d Native of Co Wexford, parish of Newbon  
Cassidy James   1/15/1872 40y,11m,27d Native of Co Monoghan  
Cassidy Michael   10/20/1876 69y Born Co. Monoghan  
Clarke Mary   12/16/1874 56y Native of Co. Mayo wife of Patrick
Cornwall James   7/4/1902 84y Native of Roscommon  
Cornwall Margaret   4/26/1882 50y Native of Co. Mayo wife of James
Cusack Susan   11/21/1892 30y Native of Co. Cavan wife of Michael
Dermody Anna   11/23/1899 64y Born Co. Tipperary wife of Michael
Dermody Michael   2/23/1898 66y Born Co. Tipperary  
Dolan Bridget   4/12/1876   Native of Co. Tyrone wife of Patrick
Dolan Catherine   8/15/1892 62y,4m Native of Co. Mayo wife of John
Dolan James   10/31/1880 58y,5m,3d Native of Co. Mayo  
Dolan John   2/4/1902 85y,10m Native of Co. Mayo  
Farrell George   3/24/1882 8y,10m,15d Born Co. Dublin  
Granney Timothy   10/17/1892 68y Native of Queen's Co  
Judge Bridget   2/10/1894 70y Born Co. Waterford wife of Patrick
Judge Patrick   2/26/1898 88y Born Co. Sligo  
Kiernan Rev. Thomas   9/14/1897 47y Native of Cloone, Co. Gavan  
Lawlor John   2/25/1883 79y,8m Born in Town Orchard, parish of Stradbally, Queen's Co  
Lougherty Catherine   10/12/1881   Native of Co. Tyrone wife of Edward
Lougherty Edward   1/25/1880 74y Native of Co Donegal  
Loughery John 1835 5/25/1900   Born in Co. Donegal  
Mangan Catharine   11/10/1868 74y Native of parish of Mydew, Co. Longford  
Mangan Peter   9/5/1872 59y Native of parish of Mydew, Co. Longford  
McCann Michael   11/26/1894 64y Native of Drumbarrow, Co. West Meath  
McCoy Catherine   2/1/1870 36y,3d Native of Macroom, Co. Cork wife of James
McCoy John   10/17/1871 60y Native of Parish of Cornwell, Co. Donegal  
McDermott Luke   1/25/1878 53y Native of Roscommon  
McLaughlin Michael M   2/6/1870 64y,1d Native of Parish of Resley, Co. Monoghan  
McManus James   9/23/1873 60y Born Co. Fermanagh  
Meehan Arthur 7/22/1826 4/25/1871   Born Co. Monoghan  
Meehan Mary 5/17/1836 1/19/1905   Born Co. Kilkenny wife of Arthur
Mulholland Winifred   2/19/1897 64y Born Co. Galway wife of Patrick
Mullens Margaret   3/30/1864 53y Native of Ireland  
O'Brien William P   12/3/1868 6m,3d Born parish of Enishillon, Co. Fermanagh  
Whelan John 1822 7/01/1902 80y Born Co. Galway  
Winters Henry   11/7/1868 62y Native of Co. Tyrone  

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