Ida County Pioneer Record; Ida Grove, Ida, Iowa' July 17, 1952

     Hugh Moffitt and James Irvin left Wednesday by auto for New York City where they will sail aboard the USS United States for England. The ship, the world's largest and fastest, will be making its second trip across the Atlantic.
     The two men will dock at Southhampton along with Moffitt's car which is being sent on the ship. Here, by auto, the men will drive through England and Scotland to Ireland. Both will visit relatives in County Tyrone.
    Moffitt has a sister, aunts and uncles living there while Irivine's brother and other relatives reside in the same county.
    Irvine came to the United States in 1913. This is his first return to Ireland. When he left Ireland he was seven years old.
    Moffitt came to the United States when he was 16. This is his second trip to Ireland. He made the trek five years ago.
    Irvine will return home Oct. 9. Moffitt is scheduled to arrive in the United States Nov. 6