Scott Co, Iowa City Directories

Directory Entries for Irish in Iowa Researcher Surnames-Scott Co., Iowa

Boyd, Butler, Byrnes, Calderwood, Campbell, Carlin, Coffey, Collins, Copley,
Courtney, Crawford, Delaney, Donohue, Doyle, Duggan, Ennis, Farrell,
Fitzpatrick, Forquer, Gillan / Gillen, Gilroy, Hagarty, Hamilton,
Harrington, Hurley / Hurley, Judge, Kane, Kearney, Kinnavey, Lanagan /
Lanigan, Linehan, McCarthy, McCoy, McDougal, McFarland, McGovern, McGuire,
McKinney, McNally,Miniter, Moore, Mulholland, Nugent, O'Donnell, O'Hern,
Powers, Stapleton, Tague / McTague, Tierney, Walsh, Whalen.

 If you don't see
any listing below for any of the above surnames then there were no entries
for that surname.


Davenport, Rock Island, Moline Directory

Searched Davenport, Scott Co, IA portion only:

Butler, A., carpenter bds New Penn House
Butler, Andrew, drayman h Sixth cor Brady
Butler, Joseph, stage driver, bds Waden House
Butler, Richard F, clerk, bds E.G. Baker

Byrnes, Andrew, laborer, h Perry cor E. Seventh
Byrnes, Martin, laborer h Third btwn Howell & Davie
Byrnes, Michael, laborer, h Third btwn Howell & Davie
Byrnes, Patrick, carpenter, h Gaines btwn Sixth & Seventh
Byrnes, Patrick, fireman, h 120 e Third

Campbell, Alexander, carpenter, Commercial nr Brady, h 60 e Third
Campbell, Charles S, harnessmkr at C.L. Logues
Campbell, Cyrus C, clerk, with N. Kuhnen se Second
Campbell, Frederick, cashier, R E Campbell
Campbell, James J, carpenter, h Main opp Seventh
Campbell, John, laborer h Ninth nr Rock Island
Campbell, Joseph, carpenter h alley btwn Sixth & Seventh nr Main
Campbell, Robert D, bar-keeper, Burtis House
Campbell, Robert E, banker, Davenport Blk bds Le Claire House
Campbell, Sarah S, seamstress, h 128 Brady
Campbell, Thomas C, lawyer, Davenport Block
Campbell, William P, county surveyor, Court House, Brady cor Locust

Collins, Hugh, bricklayer, h w Third nr Davie
Collins, Jeremiah, blacksmith, h w Fourth btw Howell & Davie
Collins, Jesse H, miller, h 36 w Third
Collins, John, furniture, 20 e Front h 120 Main
Collins, Mary, wid Michael h 99 e Second
Collins, Michael, laborer, h 99 e Second
Collins, Patrick, laborer, h 99 e Second
Collins, William S (Collins & Harner) carpenter, Rock Island btw Fourth &
Fifth h same

Crawford, John N (Shymaker & Crawford) 7 w Second h same
Crawford, James, carpenter, h 97 e Second

Delaney, Richard, laborer h w Fifth cor Myrtle
Delaney, Patrick, laborer h Rock Island btw Eighth & Ninth
Delaney, Daniel, h Tenth nr Iowa
Delaney, John, laborer, h Third btw Howell & Davie

Donahoe, Martin, laborer h Ripley btw Eighth & Ninth
Donahue, Martin, (Le Claire Foundry), Scott cor Front h 57 Front

Doyle, Andrew, tailor h 8th btw Brown & Gaines
Doyle, John, laborer, h Le Claire's Reserve
Doyle, Patrick, saloon, 40 Perry
Doyle, Thomas, bds Wm Maher

Ennis, Edgar H, medical student, h 140 Harrison
Ennis, Isaac, boots & shoes, 74 Iowa, h 140 Harrison

Farrell, Patrick, laborer h Third nr Spring E.D.

Fitzpatrick, A, carpenter, h w Third nr Ainsworth
Fitzpatrick, Francis X, carpenter, Carpenters' Alley below Ripley h 114 w
Fitzpatrick, Owen, laborer h Brady nr High
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, carpenter, bds F.X. Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick, William, laborer, h Third btw Myrtle & Vine

Gillen, Michael, laborer, h Le Claire's Reserve
Gillen, Peter, laborer, h Le Claire's Reserve

Hamilton, Robert, painter, h Rock Island above Locust

Judge, Francis, Drayman, h e Front nr Renwick's Mill

Kearney, James, laborer, h r Rock Island nr e Ninth
Kearney, John, laborer h Le Claire's Reserve
Kearney, John, engineer, h r Harrison nr Locust
Kearney, John, laborer, King & Hooper
Kearney, Joseph, clerk (Lillis & Brain) bds John Lillis

Linehan, Mary, h e Seventh nr Rock Island

McCarthy, John, laborer h w Third btw Myrtle & Vine
McCarthy, Michael, laborer h 143 w Third
McCarthy, Thomas, laborer h Third btw Myrtle & Vine
McCarthy, William, laborer h w Fifth btw Marquette & Taylor

McCoy, Henry, saloon, w Front btw Brown & Gaines

McFarland, James, laborer, h E 8th nr Iowa

McGuire, Daniel, mason 24 Iowa
McGuire, Hugh, laborer, h Harrison nr Northern av
McGuire, James, laborer, h 7th btw Myrtle & Vine
McGuire, Patrick, laborer, h e Ninth nr Perry
McGuire, Patrick, saloon, Levee cor Brady h Ninth cor Perry
McGuire, Patrick jr, laborer, h Perry nr e Ninth
McGuire, Patrick M, clerk, h 7th cor Vine
McGuire, Philip, lamplighter, h 9th cor Le Claire

McKinney, Patrick, carpenter, alley btw Sixth & Seventh nr Brady

Miniter, James, farmer, h alley btw Fourth & Fifth

Moore, Daniel, baker, 28 e Front h same
Moore, David, cooper h Cooperstown
Moore, Elizabeth A, miliner, 17 e Second h same
Moore, E.S., painter, Third btw Brady & Perry
Moore, Fanny, wid Jonathan h 17 e Second
Moore, George, engineer, bds 148 Rock Island
Moore, Hazen W (Moore & Garrett) h Eighth btw Main & Brady
Moore, James, baker, h 28 e Front
Moore, James G, bricklayer, h 42 w Front
Moore, Lemuel B, paperhanger, 17 e Second
Moore, Matthew, laborer h Gaines btw Third & Fourth
Moore, Nancy J, wid George W, h Second nr Marquette
Moore, Samuel, cooper, h Cooperstown

O'Donnell, Jeremiah laborer h w Sixth btw Brown & Warren
O'Donnell, James, laborer h Brown btw Front & Second
O'Donnell, Patrick, laborer bds with Michael Collins

O'Hern, Margaret, wid Patrick h Gaines btw Sixth & Seventh

Powers, Charles (Tallman, Powers, McClean) h Le Claire e Ninth
Powers, Horatio N Rev, h 117 Brady
Powers, John, laborer h Gaines btw Third & Fourth
Powers, Michael, laborer, h Third btw Division & Davie

Walsh, Anthony, teacher, bds New York House
Walsh, John, teamster, h w Third btw Myrtle & Vine
Walsh, Patrick, laborer, h 28 Iowa

Coy Twin Cities Directory and Business Mirror 1860
Davenport ,Rock Island, Moline
Davenport: Publishing House of Luse, Lane & Co 1859

Boyd, Robert bds New Pennsylvania House

Butler, Andrew, dray, h n w c Brady & Sixth
Butler, Jseph carp bds n w c Farnam and 8th

Byrnes, Mary, servt, 43 E 5th

Campbell, Alex, carp h n e c Harrison & 13th
Campbell, Augustus, clk 27 Main
Campbell, Franklin, 72 Ripley
Campbell, Mrs. Sarah S, w s Perry b 4th and 5th
Campbell, Robert E, bankr 27 Main bds Burtis House
Campbell, Wm P, county surveyor, office Court House, h s w c Brady & Locust

Collins, Bridget, servt, e s Brady b 8th and 9th
Collins, Geo, clk bds J. Collins
Collins, James, brk mkr h e s Oneida n of 3d
Collins, J H carp, h 28 Iowa
Collins, John, furniture, 38 E 2d
Collins, Nancy, servt, Burtis House

Crawford, Ann, servt Le Claire House
Crawford, John N, atty s s 2nd b Brady and Main, bds Burtis House
Crawford, Miss milliner, 100 Brady

Dalaney, Dennis, mach h n s Front ab R R Bridge
Delany, Daniel lab h s s 10th b Iowa and LeClaire
Delaney, Jno. Lab h al b Brady and Perry and Front and 2nd
Delany, Patrick, lab h w s Rock Island b 7th and 8th
Delany, Richard lab h n w c Myrtle and 5th

Donahue, Martin, lab h w s Ripley b 8th and 9th
Donahue, Michael pro LeClaire Foundry, n e Front and Scott, h 57 w Front

Doyle, Jno. Lab h LeClaire's Reserve
Doyle, Mary s s 8th b Gaines and Brown

Farrel, Philip, e s Farnam nr Locust
Farrel, Melissa e s Iowa b 2d and 3d

Fitzpatrick, [no first name listed], carp h n s 3d b Arnsworth and Harris
Fitzpatrick, F.X., carp & bldr 114 W 5th
Fitzpatrick, Mary servt n s 5th b Harrison and Ripley
Fitzpatrick, Peter, carp h n s 3d b Arnsworth and Division

Gillan, ____, LeClaire Reserve
Gillan, Michael, LeClaire Reserve
Gillan, Patrick, lab h LeClaire Reserve
Gillean, Mary, servt, LeClaire House

Hamilton, ____, blksmth w s Farnam b 6th and 7th
Hailton, Chas., Charlotte nr Oneida
Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah, Charlotte nr Oneida
Hamilton, Robt., Rock Island nr Locust

Harrington, D.G., dentist, 61 Brady h w s Ripley nr 3d

Hurley, Thos. Servt Burtis House

Judge, Frank, lab h LeClaire's Reserve

Kane, Mary, servt, Burtis House
Kane, Michael, mach h s s 9th b Perry and Rock Island
Kane, Fritz n s 2d b Harris and Division

Linehan, F.M., printer h n e c Rock Island 7th

McCarthy, Michael lab h 143 Western av

McGuire, Hugh, lab h e s Harrison b 9th and 10th
McGuire, James s s 6th b Warren and Brown
McGuire, Margaret, servt 48 E 6th
McGuire, Patrick, lab h s s 9th b Perry and Rock Island
McGuire, Phillip, lab 48 c 6th and Rock Island

Moore, Daniel, pr Pioneer Bakery 29 E Front
Moore, David r coop h n 8th Burrows add
Moore, Isabella, 62 Ripley
Moore, Chas., Jr., foreman coop shop h n 8th Burrow Add
Moore, Edwin, stone cutter, bds s s 8th b Gaines and Western av
Moore, Edwin S, sign and ornamental painter 9 E 3d, h w s College av c 4th E
Moore, Jas, baker 29 E Front
Moore, Lemuel, paper hanger, h n e c Main and 15th
Moore, Mary, milliner 100 Brady
Moore, Nancy D, Front bel Warren
Moore, Patrick, lab h e s Ripley b 16th and 17th
Moore, Patrick, lab h s s 9th b Perry and Rock Island
Moore, Saml, coop h n 8th, Burrows Add
Moore, Thomas, brk lyr, h s s 8th b Gaines and Western av

O'Donnel, Atty, servt 28 E 3d
O'Donnel, Catharine, servt, 14 E 4th
O'Donnell, Jerry, lab h w s Gaines, b 5th and 6th
O'Donnel, Margaret, servt, 28 E 3d

O'Hern, Kate, servt, s s 12th b Perry and Rock Island

Powers, Charles (Tallman P. & McLean) h n e c LeClaire and 9th
Powers, Kate, servt, Scott House
Powers, Rev. H.N., s s 9th b Perry and Rock Island

Tague, Patrick, LeClaire Reserve

Whalen, John, lab e s Harrison b 9th and 10th

Davenport City Directory for 1863
Power, John C.

Butler, Andrew, drayman, h n w c 6th and Brady

Campbell, Alex, carp h n e c 13th and Harrison
Campbell, Augustus, bookkeeper H B Evans & Co bds LeClaire House
Campbell & Bills (T.C.C. & J.C.B.) attorneys, Farrand's Block, e s Brady bet 2d and 3d
Campbell, T.C. (Campbell & Bills) bds Burtis House
Campbell, Wm P, county surveyor, office Court House, h s w c Locust and Brady

Carlin, Elizabeth, wid Michael h e s Brady bet Locust and 17th
Carlin, Thomas lab h w s Gaines bet 10th and 11th

Collins, Chester W, harnessmkr, bds w s Rock Island bet 4th and 5th
Collins, George, 19th Ill Inf, bds James W. Collins
Collins, James W, works Collins & Skeel, h s s 4th bel R.R. Bridge
Collins, Jeremiah, moulder, h s s 4th bl Division
Collins, Jesse, carp h n s 2d bet Iowa and Rock Island
Collins, John (Collins & Skeel), h n s 5th bet Harrison and Main
Collins, John Jr bds James W.Collins
Collins, John Webster, Inspector of Weights and Measures, office City Hall, h e s Perry bt 12th and 13th
Collins & Skeel (John C and Albert S) manufacturers and dealers in furniture and chairs, factory n e c 3d and Farnam wareroom s s 2d bet Perry and R Island Collins, Thomas, lab h s w c Front and LeClaire
Collins, Wm Alonzo, engineer bds Jas. W. Collins
Collins, William S h w s Rock Island bt 4th and 5th

Courtney, Sarah, wid James P h n s 5th bet Brady and Perry

Crawford, J.B. green grocer e s Brady bt 2d and 3d h same
Crawford, John N, atty s w c 3d and Main h w s Brady bet 12th and 13th

Delaney, Dennis, h Patch
Delany, Dennis, mach bds s s 6th bet Iowa and LeClaire
Delaney, Patrick lab h w s Rock Island bet 7th and 8th

Donahue, John (McCosh & Donahue) bds John Drew
Donahue, Michael, pro LeClaire Foundry and Machine Shop, manufacturer of
threshing machines, separators, horse powers, &c, n e c Front and Scott, h n
s Front bt Scott and Ripley.

Dugan, Murty, lab h n s alley bet 8th and 9th and Rock Island and Iowa.

Ennis, B.J. shoemaker, bds with J.H. Ennis
Ennis, J.H., shoemaker, h e s Harrison bt 5th and 6th
Ennis, W.H., drug clerk bds wit hJ.H. Ennis

Farrell, Philip, lab h s s Locust bet College and Bridge Avs, E.D.

Fitzpatrick, Cornelius, h Patch
Fitzpatrick, Francis, stone cutter, h n s 4th e of Farnam
Fitzpatrick, Francis, carp h s s Locust e of Washington

Gillan, Michael, h Patch
Gillan, Parick, works J.L. Davies, h n s 9th bet Harrison and Ripley
Gillin, Michael, lab h e s College Av E.D.

Hamilton, Charles E h e s Gaines n of Locust
Hamilton, Frank, h s s Pleasant bt Perry and Brady
Hamilton, Sarah, widow James h n s Lafayette Place, Churchill's add.

Harrington, John, h e s Dubuque road n of Locust

Kane, John L, clerk bds Burtis House
Kane, Michael, mach h alley bt 8th and 9th and R. Island and Perry
Kane, Thomas lab h e s Eastern av n of 3d, E.D.

Kearney, John, mach h e s Ripley bt 17th and 18th

McFarland, James h n s 8th bt Iowa and LeClaire
McFarland, William, h n s 8th bt Iowa and LeClaire

McGuire, James, h n s 6th bt Warren and Brown
McGuire, John USA, h bt 7th and 8th and Perry and Rock Island
McGuire, John W, trader h w s Harrison bt 14th and 15th
McGuire, R, lab h e s Harrison bt 9th and 10th
McGuire, Patrick, lab h s s 9th bt Perry and Rock Island
McGuire, Patrick lab h e s Farnam n of High

McKinney James mourlder h s w c 4th and Farnam
McKinney, Patrick carp h s s 8th bet LeClaire & Farnam

Moore, Adrian, wagon maker h s s 7th bt Main and Brady
Moore, Charles D, cooper h n  s telegraph road ab Border
Moore, Charles S, cooper h n s telegraph road ab Border
Moore, Daniel, pioneer bakery, n s Front bet Perry and Rock Island, same
Moore, E.S., painter w s Brady bt 2d and 3d
Moore, Edwin R, marble cutter, h w s Ainsworth bet 2d and 3d
Moore, Hns, lab h bt Brown and Warren and 9th and 10th
Moore, Jennette, wid John W h w s Brown bt 4th and 5th
Moore, Lemuel B, painter bds n s 15th bt Brady and Main
Moore, Matthew, h n s 8th bt Brown and Warren
Moore, Mira S, wid William h w s Ainsworth bl 3d
Moore, Mrs.___ h n w c 5th and Brown
Moore, Patrick lab h e s Ripley bt 17th and 18th
Moore, Samuel D, cooper h n s telegraph road ab Borderf
Moore, Thomas S, bricklayer h w s Ainsworth bl 3d
Moore, William D, h w s Main bt 3d and 4th

O'Donnel, Daniel h Patch
O'Donnel, Robert, lab, h Patch

Powers, A.H. wid Chas bds Mrs. Albert Judd
Powers, John teamster h s s 5th w of DeSoto
Powers, John lab h s e c Main and High
Powers, Mrs. Mary h n s Front bet Iowa and Rock Island
Powers, Michael, lab h n s 4th ab Cedar
Powers, Rev. H.N. rector St. Luke's Church, Episcopal h s w c Main and 10th

Stapleton, Patrick, h Patch

Walsh, Edmond, (Myer and Walsh) h e s Perry bet 3d and 4th

Whalen, John lab h e s Farnam bet Lowell and High
Whalen, John, h n s Lowell e of Farnam

Davenport City Directory of 1866
A.G. Smallfield and Ludwig Bruning; PublishingHouse of Luse & Griggs, 1866

Campbell, Thos. P, w s Harrison bt Twelfth and Thirteenth
Campbell, W P, county surveyor w s Brady bt Locust and Clay
Campbell, E (wid) n e cor Thirtenth and Harrison
Campbell, E J, bookkeeper bds Scott House
Campbell, E J, traveling agent bds LeClaire House
Campbell, J C clerk bds W P Campbell

Carlin, L (widow)  w s Main bt Sicth and Seventh

Coffey, Scott, painter w s Iowa bt Third and Fourth

Collins, Michael laborer s s Second bt Iowa and LeClaire
Collins, Thos, laborer s w cor Second and LeClaire
Collins, John Webb, deputy recorder bds W. Arrison
Collins, Elisa, wash woman, n s Third bl Division
Collins, C.W. saddler, w s Brady bt Front and second bds W S C
Collins, W S, city scales, s w cor Front and Brady h w s Rock Island bt Fourth and Fifth
Collins, A, saloon, w s Brady bt Front and second
Collins, Jeremiah, n s Sixth bl DeSort

Crawford, John N Hubbell & C h n w cor Twelfth and Perry
Crawford, Wm farmer s s Third bl Warren

Delany, John lab n s Second bt Rock Island and Iowa
Delany, Patr, lab w s Rock Island bt Seventh and Eighth

Donahue, M, propr LeClaire foundry and machine shop h n s Front bt Ripley and Scott
Donahue, John marble cutter n e cor Thirteenth and Ripley
Donahue, Martin, lab e s Ripley bt Eighth and Ninth

Doyle, Patr, lab w s Rock Island bt Seventh and Eighth

Dugan, Martz, lab w s Iowa bt Eighth and Ninth

Ennis, I H shoemaker n s Third bt Perry and Rock Island, e s Harrison bt Fifth and Sixth

Gillan, Patr, engineer n s Ninth bt Harrison and Ripley
Gillen, Patr lab s s Tenth bt LeClaire and Farnam
Gillen, Owen lab w of Farnam bt Ninth and Tenth
Gillen, M lab College av
Gillen, Michael Front ab R R Bridge

Hamilton, Sarah wid h Lafayette Place, E D

Harrington, John lab e s Brady near city limits
Harrington, Mich marble polisher e s Farnam near Fulton st
Harrington, J, teamster n s Third bt Taylor and Fillmore

Kane, Thos lab n w cor Fourteenth and Harrison
Kane, J C bds Burtis House
Kane, Jas lab s s Third bel Warren

Kearny, John machinist s s Ripley bt Eighteenth and Nineteenth

McCarthy, Wm lab n s Sixth bel Fillmore
McCarthy Dan, e s Main bt Fifth and Sixth
Mccarthy, John e s Main bt Fifth and Sixth
McCarthy, Mrs. Bridget s w cor Second and Iowa

McGuire, J W w s Harrison bt Fouirteenth and Fifteenth
McGuire, B widow s e cor Ninth bt Perry and Rock Island
McGuire Pat lab s s Ninth bt Perry and Rock Island

McKinney, Mrs. Catharine, s s Eighth bt LeClaire and Farnam

Moore, S C cooper n s Telegraph r ab Border
Moore, M, lab n s Fifth near Marquette
Moore, E S painter e s Brady bt Second and Third
Moore, Chas, cooper n s Telegraph r ab Border
Moore, James F, plasterer s s Main near Mound, E D
Moore, Edwin R, stone Cutter s s Eighth nr Western av
Moore, G W bds Burtis House
Moore, N D widow s s Fourth bt Harrison and Main
Moore, John, clerk express office s w cor Main and fourth
Moore, Samuel cooper n s Telegrah r ab Border
Moore, Mrs. S n s Fifth bt Harrison and Ripley
Moore, Pat, lab e s Ripley bt Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Moore, D, baker no 25 Front t Perry and Rock Island h same
Moore, Robert, bds D Moore
Moore, Hans,lab w s Western av bt Eighth and Ninth

O'Donnell, Robert lab s e cor Twelfth and Iowa

Powers, John, teamster n w cor Sixth and Fillmore
Powers, J, lab s s Fourth ab Cedar
Powers, Mich lab n s Fourth bel Davie
Powers, H N (prof Griswold College) h s w cor Tenth and Main
Powers, Mrs. A H widow no 2 Clinton Place on Brady
Powers, John lab s s Locust bt Washington and Mitchell

Walsh, Frank, bds J A Davenport

Whalon, John lab e s Ripley bt Eighteenth and Locust
Whalon, Dan cooper bds John Powers
Whalon, Mich lab bds John Powers

Davenport City Directory
O.E. Root
Luse & Griggs, Davenport

Butler, Andrew, drayman res Sixth n w cor Brady

Byrne, Thomas, laborer bds Mississippi House

Campbell, Charles E res Eleventh ns 1 w Iowa
Campbell, Charles E res Eleventh ns 1 w Iowa
Campbell, F W clerk coal officew, R R e Farnam res Fourth nw cor Perry
Campbell, G T stair builder Commercial Alley e Perry res Fifth sw cor Davie
Campbell, James physician res Ripley es 2 s Fifteenth
Campbell, Joseph carp Main ws 2 n 3d res 5th sw cor Davie
Campbell, J C ice cram sloon Brady sw cor Locust
Campbell, J C clerk 8 W Second, res Brady ws 2 s Locust
Campbell, J D (Thompson & Co) res Eleventh ns 1w Iowa
Campbell, Mary e Mrs boarding house Sixth sw cor Perry
Campbell, T P, attorney, res Eleventh ns 1 w Iowa
Campbell, W P civil engineer res Brady ws 2 s Locust

Carlin, Hugh res Marquette ws 5 s Locust

Coffee, David, steamboat cook, bds Second ns 2 w Rock Island
Coffey, Ellen, Mrs res front ns 5 e Gaines
Coffey, Thomas bds Mississippi House

Collins, Anthony carp Main ws 2 n 3d res 3d ne cor Davie
Collins, A S Mrs res Park se cor Main
Collins, Eliza Mrs res Third ne cor Davie
Collins, Eliza, Mrs. Res Third ne cor Green
Collins, E A res Sixth ne cor LeClaire
Collins, Hugh plasterer, res Third ne cor Davie
Collins, J, moulder Scott ne cor Front res 6th ns 4 e Hennepin
Collins, John, laborer res Third ne cor Davie
Collins, J.H. carpenter res Second ns 3 w Iowa
Collins, Michael res Secfond se cor Iowa
Collins, Thomas laborer res Second ss 3 e Iowa
Collins, William foreman Second ns 4 e Brown res 134 Brady
Collins, William, bridge car;penter bds Pennsylvania House
Collins, W S scales Brady sw cor Fron res n city via Grove

Courtney, Nicholas brakeman R R bds Perry es 4 n Fifth

Crawford, I N carp Main ws 2 n 3d bds 5th ns 3 e Brady
Crawford, J W paint shop Fifteenth se cor Harrison res Main sw cor Fifteenth
Crawford, Jhon N attorney and counselor at law, 44 Brady, res Brady nw cor Clay
Crawford, J B res Front ns 3 w Rock Island
Crawford, J R trav agt 43 Perry bds Third nw cor Bady
Crawford, WB, hostler, 4th nw cor Iowa, bds Penn. House.

Delaney, J P, policeman res second ns 4 w Iowa in rear
Delany, Dennis, machinist R R shop res 6th ss 3 w LeClaire
Delany, Michael, laborer res Rock Island ws 1 s Eighth

Donahue, John (McCosh & D) res farnam ws 1 n Locust
Donahue, M, propr LeClaire foundry and machine shop , and manufacturer of threshing machines, spearators, horse powers, steam engines, mill gearing &c, Scott ne cor Front res Front ns 2 e Scott
Donahue, Martin, laborer res Ripley es 1 n Eighth

Doyle, Patrick teamster res Iowa ws 3 s Locust
Doyle, Thomas carriage maker, Third ns 4 e Harrison bds Main ws 2 n Sixth

Dugan, Murty, laborer res alley n Eighth ns 1 w Iowa
Dugan, Thomas laborer res Brady es 2 n Fourth
Duggan, Thomas brick layer res Fifth ss 3 w Warren

Ennis, I H boot mfr 3d ns 4 e Perry res Harrison es 2 s 6th
Ennis, J B shoemkr 3d ns 4 e Perry res Harrison es 2 s 6th

Farrell, B teamstr, Front ss 1 e Col Av res Locust ss 1 w E av
Farrell, George P, carpet weaver, Harrison ne cor 9th res same
Farrell, Philip laborer res Locust ss 1 w Eastern Avenue

Fitzpatrick, Francis marble cutter res Fourth ns 7 e Farnam

Gillen, Martin laborer res Front ss 6 e Railroad bridge
Gillen, Michael lab Island res College Avenue es 3 n Fulton
Gillen, Peter, laborer Island res Tenth ss 2 w Farnam

Hamilton, Charles, painter res Harrison ws 4 n Fourteenth
Hamilton, C E painter Fifteenth se cor Harrison res Harrison ws 4 n Fourteenth
Hamilton, J A pastor Edwd's Cong. Church res Brady es 2 s 11th
Hamilton,William sawyer res Front ss 1 e saw mill e bridge

Harrington, Jeremiah laborer res Third ns 3 w Taylor
Harrington, John mrbl plshr 43 Perry res Brady es 3 n 4th rear
Harrington, Michael marble polisher Third ns 4 w Rock Island res Farnam es 2 n Henry

Kane, Michael machst Scott ne cr Front res 9th ss 3 w Rock I
Kane, Thomas saloon 6 W Front, res same

Kearney, John mchst Scott ne cor Front res ripley es 1 s Seventh

Kinnavay, Patrick lab mill, Front e bdg res Swits ss 1 e Ren.

McCarthy, John swyr Scott nw cor Front res Division nw cor 4th
McCarthy, William laborer res Sixth ns 2 w Hennepin

McCoy, Michael painter, 5th ss 3 w Brady res al n 6th ss 3 e Main
McCoy, Michael painter res DePage ws 1 s Fourth
McCoy, William, fireman railroad, bds Iowa ws 2 s Third

McFarland, James sr res Eighth ns 4 e Iowa
McFarland, James jr laborer res Eighth ns 4 e Iowa
McFarland, William, express driver res Ninth ss 2 w LeClaire

McGovern, M groceries 91 Brady res Main ws 3 n Fourth

McGuire, Frank laborer bds Fourth ns 1 e Farnam
McGuire, Hugh laborer res alley w Harrison ws 1 n Tenth
McGuire, James res Sixth nw cor Brown
McGuire, Michael laborer res al n Second ss 1 e Rock Island
McGuire, Patrick, res Ninth ss 4 w Rock Island
McGuire, P M gturner 3d ne cor Farnam res 4th ne cor Howell
McGuire, J W, patent righ agent res Secoond ns 6 e Perry

McKinney, James engineer railroad bds Pennsylvania House
McKinney, James W engineer R R res Sixth ss 4 w LeClaire
McKinney, Parick, carpenter res al n Ninth ns 1 e Leclaire

McNally, Francis, laborer res Brady es 3 n Fourth

McTaig, Michael res Third ss 3 e Rock Island
McTaig, Patrick, lab mill Main e Mound res Union es 2 n 3d

Minniter, Patrick laborer Island bds Fourth ns 3 e Farnam

Moore, A.F., Mrs. res Fifth ns 3 e Brady
Moore, C.D., cooper, Marq ws n 8th res Taney ne cor Border
Moore, C.E. baker, 12 E Third res same
Moore, D, propr Pioneer Bakery 12 E Third res same
Moore, E.S. painter 9 W Furth res Main ws cor Seventh
Moore, J.W.,clerk res Brady es 2 n Locust
Moore, L.B., paper hanger res Elm ns 2 e Main
Moore, Matthew, lab mill Front e bdg res Harrison ws 5 n 14th
Moore, Patrick, eng Farnam ws n 3d res Ripley es 3 s 17th
Moore, R.P. baker 12 E Third res same
Moore, Samuel, teamster, res Marshal ss 5 w Hennepin
Moore, Susan, res Fifth ns 2 e Ripley
Moore, W.D. res Brady ne cor Pleasant
Moore, W.F., sawyer Main e Mound res Main ss 2 e Christie
Moore, W.M. saloon Front ns 1 e railroad bridge res same

O'Donnell, James res Tird ne cor Taylor
O'Donnell Robert helper RR shop res Iowa se cor twelfth
O'Donnell, Jeremiah laborer Island res Seventh ns 3 w DeSoto

Powers, Charles Mrs res Ninth ns 4 w Rock Island
Powers, H N Episcopal minister res Perry es 4 n Ninth
Powers, John, teamster res Hennepin nw cor Sixth
Powers, Matthew, laborer res Marquette ws 2 s Locust
Powers, John laborer rs Locust ss 2 e Eola

Stapleton, Daniel, laborer railroad res Ninth ns 2 e Perry
Stapleton, George sawyer Main e Mound bds Main ns 3 e Mnd.

Tague, James, lab Main nw cor Front res 7th ns 3 e DeSoto

Tierney, Daniel tailor 13 E Third res Harrison es 3 n Ninth

Walsh, Frank clerk 13 Brady bds Pennsylvania House
Walsh, Mary Mrs res Ninth ns 2 e Iowa
Walsh, Thomas printer 55 Perry bds Iowa es 2 n Second

Whalon, William lath sawyer res Hennepin nw cor Sixth
Whalon, Michael swyr 2d ss 5 w Mill res 6th nw cor Hennepin

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