LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa
City Directory 1882-1883
Those of Irish Nativity

(This is not a complete transcription of this directory for Irish born)

ADAMS, Thomas from Ireland; laborer; boards LeMars House

BOGAN, Miss Mary from Ireland; bds SW cor 4th & Madison sts

BOGAN, Miss Nellie from Ireland; bds SW cor 4th & Madison sts

CARNEY, Mike from Ireland; wks Cadwells Livery Stable bds City Hotel

CUNNINGHAM, Barney from Ireland; farmer; bds Dubuque House

DOYLE, Miss Fannie from Ireland; ser; wks Albion hotel

DOYLE, Miss Maggie from Ireland; wks Albion hotel

EGAN, Peter from Ireland; Street commissioner; res NW cor Broadway & Greeley

FITZGERALD, Morris from Ireland wks RR bds Western Hotel

FLYNN, M from Ireland; lab; bds NS 6th bet Clark & Eagle sts.

HADDEN, David from Ireland; clk A Sartori, bds ws Clark bet 5th and 6th sts

HADDEN, George from Ireland; banker; res ne cor 4th & Cedar sts

HAYES, Patrick from Ireland; Lab; WS Franklin bet 5th and 6th sts

HOLDEN, John from Ireland; RR Supervisor res WS Washington st bet 4th and 5th sts.

HURLEY, Miss Sarah from Ireland; wks Steam laundry bds ES Clark bet Tremont & Washington sts

LONG, Robert from Ireland; Steward Club Rooms; bds NS 6th between Clark and Eagle


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