"From History of Scott County, Iowa 1882 Chicago: Interstate Publishing Co."

James Ennis, deceased, was born in County Longford, Ireland, June 21, 1800. He grew to manhood in his native country, and was there married to Elizabeth Crawford, of the same place. He followed farming in Ireland until 1840, when he emigrated with his family to America, and landed at Quebec. He was there offered a position as check clerk on board the vessel he came over in, which he accepted. Shortly after he removed with his family to Hamilton, Ontario. He leased a farm about 20 miles from Hamilton, where he resided until 1852, when he came to Scott County, arriving in Davenport on June 9 of that year. He located at once on section 11, Winfield Township, where he bought a farm of 160 acres, and resided until his death, which occurred Oct. 26, 1880, his wife having died about four years prior to that time. Mr. Ennis was highly respected in the community in which he lived, and did much to advance the interests of Scott County. He filled the office of justice of the peace for 20 years. Of his children, Margaret married Michael Cooper, and resides in Butler Township; James is married and lives in Clinton, Iowa; Edward T.; Anna M. married Thos. J. Glynn, and resides in Butler Township, and John married Mary Kehoe, and resides on the old homestead in Winfield Township.


From History of Scott County, Iowa 1882 Chicago: Interstate Publishing Co."

Michael Cooper, son of Leonard and Julia Ann (Elder)Cooper, was born near Ebensberg, Cambria Co., Pa., July 20, 1826. His father was a farmer, and Michael assisted on the farm and attended the district school until April 1, 1839, when his parents and 12 children, in company with another family, started for the Territory of Iowa, and arrived at their destination on April 16 of that year, after a long and wearisome journey, Mr. Leonard Cooper went at once to Long Grove, where his brother-in-law, Charles Elder, resided, having emigrated to Scott County in 1838. The next day the whole party, consisting of 27 persons, followed them. He at once made a claim on section 28, which he purchased when it came into market, and resided upon it until his death, which occurred Oct. 28, 1860. In 1847 the subject of this sketch made a claim, which he afterward entered, of 120 acres in Winfield Township. He built a house on his land, fenced it, and otherwise improved it. On Nov. 14, 1854, he married Margaret, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Crawford) Ennis. She was born Feb. 1, 1834, in County, Langford, Ireland. Their union has been blessed with nine children - James H., born Sept. 15, 1856, died Oct. 11, 1859; Mary E., born Aug. 1, 1857, died Feb. 26, 1871; Augustus C., born May 1, 1859, owns a farm of 160 acres in Ida Co., Iowa; Lillie, born Dec. 28, 1860; Leonard, born May 29, 1863; Minnie L., born July 14, 1865; Lovena M., born Dec. 16, 1867, died Feb. 7, 1870; Thomas A., born June 4, 1871; and Francis J., born March 4, 1875. In 1865 Mr. Cooper disposed of his farm in Winfield Township, and moved upon a farm near Dubuque, Ia., where he resided one year, then returned to Scott County, and settled on his present farm of 135 acres in Butler Township. He held the office of postmaster at Walnut Grove, until the office was moved to Long Grove. He has served his township as sub-director and road supervisor a number of years. Mr. Cooper's brother James went to California in 1859, and nothing has been heard of him for the past 12 years.


From the book "The History of Clinton County Iowa" by L. P. Allen (1879)

REV. JOHN J. O'FARRELL, Pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Charlotte, was born in County Longford, Ireland, in 1846; he received a theological education at All-Hallow's College, Dublin, where he was ordained June 24, 1874; his first pastoral charge was St. Theresa's Church, Jackson Co.; was transferred to his present charge in November, 1877.


From the book "The History of Clinton County Iowa" by L. P. Allen (1879)

JOHN BLESSINTON, Superintendent of Clinton County Poor Farm; P.O. Charlotte; born in County Longford, Ireland, in October, 1825. His parents, John and Margaret Blessington, emigrated to Vermont in June, 1839; they removed to Wisconsin in the spring of 1847; in the fall of that year, he went to Lowell, Mass., where he worked in a woolen factory for eight years; he came to Clinton Co. in 1855, and located in what was then Lyons Township, now Hampshire Township, where he lived till 1863; he then removed to Welton Township and engaged in farming; in 1866, he went to Lyons and engaged in the mercantile business. He was City Marshal of that town for two years; was appointed to present position in February, 1876, succeeding Mr. William Cotton, now deceased. His parents, now dead, came to Clinton Co. in 1851. Mr. Blessington married Mary A. Howley, of Massachusetts, native of Ireland; they have six children -- Mary Ann, now Mrs. Robert Stuart, John Margaret L., Edward J., William H. and Herbert L.; have lost four sons -- Charles F., died in May, 1878, aged 22 years; the others died in infancy.


From the book "The History of Clinton County Iowa" by L. P. Allen (1879)

WILLIAM M. BURKE, farmer, Sec. 27; P.O. De Witt; born in County Longford, Ireland, in May, 1816. He came to New York about 1839; went to Danville, Penn.; in 1846, he went to Louisiana; stayed about one year; then followed steamboating on the Mississippi till 1850. He entered his present farm in 1851; he then returned to St. Louis, where he lived about three years; then returned to his farm, which he has since occupied. He married Bridget Casey, a native of Ireland, then of St. Louis; they have ten children -- James, Mary, William, Peter, Margaret, Kate, Francis P., John J., Agnes and Michael A.; lost two children in infancy. Mr. Burke has 160 acres of land.


Portrait and Biographical Record of Dubuque, Jones and Clayton Counties
Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co., 1894

     REV. MARK COONEY is an able educator and the President of St. Joseph's Catholic College, of Dubuque. A native of the Emerald Isle, he was born in Longford, and in his native land began his education, there attending school until 1883. In that year he crossed the Atlantic to America, making the journey in September, and landing in New York at the close of the same month.  He came at once to Iowa, taking up his residence in Dubuque, and
for one year he served as pastor of the Catholic Church in Farley, Dubuque County.
         On the expiration of that period Father Cooney was appointed a professor in St. Joseph's College, of Dubuque, in which position he served for four years. When that time was passed he was promoted, becoming Vice-president of the college, and in 1890 he was made President, which position he yet fills. This is a school for boys, and under the able management of Rev. Father Cooney it has prospered, being now in a thriving condition. There are at present one hundred and twenty boys in attendance, and they receive thorough training in all departments. In addition to the common and intermediate branches they also teach philosophy and the higher mathematics. Father Cooney is recognized as one of the most energetic and competent educators of the state and is well fitted for the work which he
now has in charge, and St. Joseph's College under his management is meeting with splendid success.

--Contributed by Becky Teubner