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Emigrated From
In Ireland

Settled in IA


Naddy Co. Kilkenny Des Moines Co. Jeanne
Nally / Nelly Co. Galway Palo Alto Co Cathy Joynt Labath
Napier poss Belfast Linn Co Pat A
Nash Co. Tipperary Webster Co Constance Nash Nelson
Navin Co. Mayo Monroe Co Janice Egan
Neese Unknown Boone Co. Cindy Clark
Neil Athy, Co Kildare Pottawattamie Co
Neelings / Neilans Unknown Clayton, Kossuth, Winneshiek Cos. Maudeen
Nelon Unknown Woodbury Co Annette & Virginia Gardner
Nestor poss Co. Galway Palo Alto Co Cathy Joynt Labath
Nestor poss. Co. Limerick Jackson Co Jeff Nestor
Nestor Unknown Jackson Co Julie Nestor
Nettleton Unknown Butler Co Roger Hagarty
Neville North Erie, Tyrone Taylor Co
Nevins Unknown Guthrie & Adair Cos. Cesmos Schertz
Nicholson Galway Allamakee Co Gary Nicholson Key
Nolan Co. Mayo Chickasaw Co Patrick Nolan
Nolan Unknown Johnson Co. Catherine Spliethof
Nolan Unknown Benton Co Marian McQuaid
Nolan Blacklion, Co. Fermanagh Winnishiek Co. Mary Barbara Nolan Franklin
Nolan Co. Tipperary Johnson Co. Patricia Morris
Nolan Co. Westmeath Pocahontas Co. John Murray
Nolan Co. Kilkenny Dubuque Co. David Myers
Noonan Co. Clare Jackson Co David Meloy
Noonan Unknown Humboldt Susan Coleman
Norris Co Cork Linn Co Becky Teubner
Norton Co. Roscommon Mitchell Co Jean-Philippe Chaumont
Nugent Co. Galway Scott Co Sandra Tennyson
Nugent Unknown Pottawattamie Co M Voss
Oakes / Oaks Unknown Clinton Co Maggie Woodhull
Oates Athlone, Roscommon Iowa Co Kay McNally McConkey
O'Boyle Co. Mayo Polk Co. Jeanette O'Boyle
O'Boyle Co. Antrim Buena Vista Deke Hammitt
O'Brien Co. Cork Palo Alto Co Cyndi Hailey
O'Brien Co. Cork   Nancy Frey
O'Brien Co. Meath Jones Co Pat O'Brien
O'Brien Co. Kerry Monroe Co. Marilyn Coleman
O'Brien Ballingarry, Tipperary Clinton Co M.M. Morrow
O'Brien Cashel area, Co. Tipperary Allamakee Co. Peter O'Brien
O'Brien Killernan, Co. Clare Dubuque Co Kevin J. O'Brien
O'Brien Co. Clare Jones Co. Kevin J Obrien
O'Brien O'Brien's Bridge, Co. Clare Allamakee Co. Kelly O'Brien
O'Brien Unknown VanBuren Co Beverly McVey
O'Brien Co. Cork Marshall Co Nader Ghassemi
O'Brien Kilkee, Co. Clare Scott Co
O'Brien Bandon, Co. Cork Webster Co Jim O'Brien
O'Brien Co. Cork Clinton Co. Devery Willis
O'Brien Co. Wicklow Buchanan Co. Bernie O'Brien
O'Brien Unknown Johnson Co Judy Dear
O'Brien Newtownberry, Wexford Fremont Co. Patricia Maher
O'Brien Unknown Adair Co. Barbara Hickey
O'Brien Poss. Co. Kilkenny Clayton Co. Michael F. O'Brien
O'Brien Ballingarry, Co. Limerick Adair Co. Marie O'Brien Schertz
O'Brien / Obrine / Bryan Parish of Danesfort, Kilkenny Allamakee Co. Pat
O'Byrne Co. Dublin Chickasaw Co Tim Daly
O'Callahan Co. Cork Jackson & Clinton Cos. Mary McDonnell Petersen
O'Connell Glanmire & Templemichael Co Cork Cherokee Co April
O'Connell Co Derry Lee Co Lorae Hudson
O'Connell Unknown Greene Co Jeana O'Connell Koster
O'Connor Co. Limerick Polk Co Nancy Baker
O'Connor Co. Limerick Monroe Co.
O'Connor Co. Kerry Dubuque & Cerro Gordo Cos Denise Plunkett
O'Connor Unknown Fayette Co Barbara Bader
O'Connor Co. Londonderry Monroe Co. Marilyn Coleman
O'Connor Co. Roscommon Calhoun Co. Bren
O'Connor Mohill, Co. Leitrim Warren & Pocahontas Cos.
O'Connor Queen's Co Jackson & Palo Alto Cos. Gerri Witte
O'Connor Bantry, Co. Cork Jackson Co Joy O'Connor
O'Connor Unknown Webster Co Jim O'Brien
O'Connor poss. Co Cork Scott Co Laura Heisler
O'Day Co. Clare Bremer & Chickasaw Cos.
O'Donnell unknown Scott Co Pam Donoghue
O'Donnell Abbeyfealle Hill, Co. Limerick Dubuque Co. Billie Jo Read
O'Donnell Co. Clare Scott, Crawford & Cass Cos. Mike Costello
O'Donnell King Co. Jackson Co. William Leppert
O'Donnell Co. Donegal Allamakee Co. Pat Pasmore
O'Farrell Co. Kilkenny Des Moines Co. Jeanne
O'Flaherty Unknown Greene Co. Maureen Day Moore
O'Hern unknown Scott & Clinton Cos. Mikki Judge
O'Hern Co. Cork Dubuque Co
O'Hern / O'Heron / O'Herin Co. Kerry Clinton Co Jack Golden
O'Heron / O'Herron / O'Hearn / O'Hern Co. Limerick Linn Co Tim O'Heron
O'Keefe Feena, Limerick Buena Vista Co Mary E Miller
O'Leary Co. Cork Johnson Co Donna J Balmes
O'Leary Listowel, Co. Kerry Dubuque Co. Karen D Alvarez
O'Leary Killarney, Co. Kerry Clayton Co. Michael O'Leary
O'Loughlin Co. Sligo Des Moines Co. Ria Pallaris
O'Loughlin Ennistimon, Co. Clare Buchanan Co Gerald & Sue O'Loughlin
O'Loughlin / O'Laughlin Kilfenora, Co. Clare Henry Co. Mike O'Laughlin
O'Loughlin / O'Laughlin Unknown Des Moines Co. Mike O'Laughlin
O'Malia Co. Mayo Fayette Co Helen O'Malia
O'Mara Unknown Polk Co Lori McQuiston
O'Meara Unknown Allamakee Co Kathy Maurer
O'Meara Co. Tipperary Clinton Co. Jean Kremer
O'Meara Co. Tipperary Clinton & Crawford Cos. Joann O'Meara
O'Meara Unknown Dubuque Co Colleen Miller Galbreth
O'Neill poss. Co. Clare Webster Co. Bob Bryan
O'Neill poss. Co. Cork Pottawattamie Co. Brian O'Neill
O'Neill Co. Kilkenny Johnson Co. Vincent J. O'Neill
Oneil Co. Armagh Buchanan Co. Irene Myres


Allamakee & Palo Alto Cos

Kathy Ward

Ormsby Unknown Cerro Gordo Co Barbara Bader
O'Rourke Co. Cork Fayette & Chickasaw Cos.
O'Rourke Co. Tipperary Dubuque & Jackson Cos. Jim Sazevich
O'Scanlon Unknown Cerro Gordo & Worth Cos. Ralph Mower
O'Shea Co. Tipperary Dubuque & Jackson Cos. Jim Sazevich
O'Shea Co. Kerry Van Buren Co. Renee Travis Reilly
O'Toole Co. Wicklow Buchanan Co. Randy McGraw
Page Unknown Marion & Palo Alto Cos. Dorothy
Parker Newry, Co. Down Scott Co Robert Parker
Parks Unknown Wapello Co. Barbara Huggins
Patton Co. Tyrone Delaware Co. Brent Henderson
Patton Unknown Delaware Co Becky Teubner
Patterson Co. Armagh Poweshiek Co Judy & Robert
Paul Co. Derry Washington Co Virginia
Paul Co. Antrim Poweshiek Co. Jan Price
Pauli Unknown Marshall Co Sharyn Streicher
Penney Unknown Jackson Co Beverly Hahesy Hannon
Phelan Mullinavat, Killkenny  Webster Co Susan Fletcher
Phelan Unknown Webster Co Michael Burch
Phelan Unknown Lee Co Patricia Phelan Dailey
Pheney Co. Clare Monroe Co.
Pickens Co. Antrim Warren & Decatur Cos. Frank Moden
Pigott Kilworth, Co. Cork Cherokee Co. James Sparks
Plunkett Co. Roscommon Tama Co. Denise Plunkett
Plunkett Unknown Cedar & Jackson Wanda
Potters / Potter Co.  Fermanagh Taylor Co. Deb Potter Williams
Power Co. Carlow Palo Alto Co.
Power Co. Antrim Madison & Warren Cos. Frank Moden
Powers Co. Cork Webster Co. Monte Leblanc
Powers Co. Waterford Crawford & Dubuque Cos. Audrey Kalen Hartman
Powers Co. Waterford or Tipperary Scott Co James M Linehan
Powers Co. Waterford Crawford & Iowa Cos. Edward Tiernan
Powers Co. Kilkenny Crawford Co.
Powers Unknown Webster Co Jim O'Brien
Powers Unknown Delaware Co. Paul Harper
Pray / Prey Ballymagreehan Co Down Polk Co. Nan Brennan
Qualey Co. Clare Jackson & Dubuque Cos. Patrick Coleman
Quigley Unknown Des Moines Co Patricia Griffiths
Quinlan Co. Tipperary Clinton Co. Jean Kremer
Quinlan Co. Tipperary Hardin Co. Susan
Quinn Unknown Louisa & Taylor Cos. Darlene Scott
Quinn Co. Galway Buchanan Co. Theresa Postel Payne
Quinn Unknown Fremont Co. Patricia Maher
Quirk Moor Abby, Co Tipperary Jones Co Virginia Haynes
Rafferty Unknown Bremer & Palo Alto Cos. Gerry Joyce
Rainbird Co. Fermanagh Delaware Co Becky Teubner
Ralph Co Wexford Chickasaw Co Vern Ralph
Redden Unknown Dubuque Co. Teresa Wilson
Reddin Co. Clare Jones Co. Kevin J Obrien
Redmond Co. Wexford Dubuque, Jackson, Jones Cos. Denise Redmond Smith
Reed Co. Kilkenny Clinton Co James M Linehan
Regan Unknown Iowa Co Patrick Grams
Regan Unknown Bremer Co Valery Wachter
Reilly, Riley Co. Cavan Kossuth Co Audrey Reilly
Reilly, Riley Co. Galway Buena Vista Co Mary E Miller
Riley Co. Cork Warren Co. Frank Moden
Ribby Unknown Tama Co Kevin Ribby
Ridge Co. Galway Des Moines Co. Kate Ridge
Ring Unknown Dubuque Co. William Leppert
Ritchie / Richie Uknown Dubuque Co Kathy McGinty Stoneberg
Roark Unknown Dubuque Co Kathy McGinty Stoneberg
Robinson Co. Fermanagh Delaware Co Beverly Hahesy Hannon
Robinson Co Fermanagh Delaware & Buchanan Cos Becky Teubner
Robinson Co. Down Monroe Co Nettie Mae
Roche Unknown Howard Co Theresa Cooper
Roche Unknown Howard Co. Laurence Connery
Roche / Roach Unknown Jones or Dubuque Cos. Virginia Haynes
Rock Belmullet, Co Mayo Harrison Co Charlie Rock
Rodgers Co. Cavan Linn Co. John G. Henry
Rogers Unknown Johnson Co. Ron Rogers
Rogers Unknown Van Buren Co. Beverly Rasmussen
Ronan Unknown Allamakee & Howard Cos. Margaret Merrill
Ronan Co. Cork   Dan Zoll
Ross Co. Fermanagh Plymouth Co
Rourke Unknown Lee Co. Steve Eau Claire
Rowan Unknown Dubuque Co Lois Z
Rowland / Roland Unknown Wapello Co. Alice Myers
Ruane Co. Mayo Blackhawk Co. David B. McGuire
Ruddy Unknown Allamakee Co Michael Ruddy
Russell unknown Johnson & Webster Cos. Joan Rogers
Russell Co. Down Madison Co. Jane Kolar
Russell Co. Clare Scott Co Laura Heisler
Russell / Russel Unknown Johnson Co. Carol Skiles
Ryan unknown Palo Alto Co Cyndi Hailey
Ryan Co. Tipperary Greene Co Joan Nugent
Ryan Co. Limerick Allamakee & Clayton  Cos Kathy Maurer
Ryan poss. Co. Limerick Allamakee Co. Jeannie Hegeman
Ryan Co. Tipperary Clayton Co Shelly McGovern Schmidt
Ryan Co. Meath Pocahontas Co.
Ryan poss. Co. Carlow Jackson, Jones & Guthrie Cos. Virginia Haynes
Ryan Hacketstown, Co. Carlow Muscatine & Scott Cos. Mardella Brown
Ryan Co. Dublin Butler Co Roger Hagarty
Ryan Unknown Webster Co Michael Burch
Ryan Unknown Jones Co. Timothy Ryan
Ryan Unknown Page Co Kim Walker
Ryan Unknown Webster Co Thomas B Burch
Ryan Unknown Jefferson Co. Tom Brown
Ryan Co. Tipperary Dubuque & Jackson Cos. Maurna Complita
Ryan Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary Buchanan Co Karon Kohn Hamilton
Ryan Unknown Jackson Co. Patricia Ryan McEnany
Ryan     Joyce Gill
Sampey Co. Roscommon Lee & Johnson Cos. Barb Januscheitis
Savage Co. Down Dubuque Co Pat Martin
Savage Edendariff, Co Down Clinton Co Susan Gillick
Scanlon Co. Longford Delaware Co Becky Teubner
Scanlon Unknown Johnson Co. Catherine Spliethof
Scott Co. Sligo Greene Co
Scott Co. Tyrone Des Moines Co Shyanne Sullivan
Scott Co Antrim O'Brien Co Ellen Dowell
Seery Co. Westmeath Jones Co Eve Casserly
Shanahan Unknown Des Moines Co Robert E Shanahan
Shanahan Unknown Dubuque & Jackson Cos. F. Donovan
Shanley Poss Co. Antrim Chickasaw Co Diane Sereda
Shanley Co. Cork Iowa & Scott Cos. Margaret
Shannon Unknown Iowa Co Varlyn & Jane Fink
Sharkey St. Johnston, Co. Donegal Calhoun Co. Gayle & Mark
Shea Unknown Cherokee Co Valery Wachter
Shea Co. Kilkenny Clayton Co. Myron L Kelleher
Shea / Shay Unknown Lee Co. Tom Walsh
Sheahan Unknown Scott Co Kathie Snyder
Sheehan Unknown Dubuque Co Pamela Boehr
Sheehan Co. Cork Louisa Co. Donald Osborne
Sheeren Co. Donegal Plymouth Co. Delbert Shearon
Shields Unknown Des Moines Co.
Shields Co Armagh Buchanan Co. Robert Shields
Sheils Co. Donegal Pottawattamie Co Lois Tully-Gerber
Sheridan Ballyclogher, Balla, Mayo Polk Co Mary Sheridan Swatta
Sheridan Co. Meath Iowa Co. Teresa Wilson
Sheridan Ball, Co. Mayo Polk Co. Shirley McGowan
Sheridan Unknown Dubuque & Jones Cos. Marie Hoff
Sherry Unknown Story Co Sharyn Streicher
Shevlin Cos. Mayo & Belfast   Evelyn Clerici
Short Co. Kilkenny Dubuque Co. Glenda Hanson
Silver Co. Waterford Blackhawk Co Joe Searl
Simpson Co. Fermanagh Delaware Co Beverly Hahesy Hannon
Sims poss Co. Tipperary Mitchell Co. Charles Shirley Murphy
Sinnott Co. Wexford Monroe Co. Marilyn Coleman
Slattery Co. Waterford Allamakee Co Thomas C Slattery
Slattery Co. Clare Benton, Webster & Polk Cos. Tom Brown
Sloan Unknown Howard, Fayette & Winnishiek Cos. Lynn Logue
Sloan Co. Antrim Van Buren & Davis Co Margaret Sloan
Small Co Down Dubuque Co The Munleys
Smith Co. Cavan Butler Co Joe Kenney
Smith Co. Cavan Monroe Co. Marilyn Coleman
Smith Co. Cavan Dubuque & Jones Cos. Patrick Coleman
Smith Kells, Co. Meath Palo Alto Co? Rosemarie Hyland
Smith Unknown Lucas & Poweshiek Cos. Nan Seals
Smith Co. Meath Jones & Jackson Cos. Maurna Complita
Smith Queen's Co. Dubuque Co.
Smith Unknown Greene Co. Maureen Day Moore
Smith / Smyth Jordon Town, Co Antrim Crawford Co Betty Ann Schenk
Spelman / Spellman Co. Mayo Woodbury Co Diane Stern
Spencer Unknown Lee Co. Tom Walsh
Stanton Co. Cork or Kerry Chickasaw Co Karon Kohn Hamilton
Stapleton Unknown Scott Co Donna
Stapleton Co. Clare Scott Co Tom Stapleton
Stone Unknown Allamakee Co. Jim & Rhonda Toteff
Strain Co. Armagh Washington Co Virginia
Sullivan Unknown Monroe Co. Marilyn Coleman
Sullivan Co. Tipperary Clinton & Palo Alto Cos. Dawn Ford
Sullivan Co. Cork Chickasaw Co Judith Strobel
Sullivan Co. Cork Dubuque Co Patrick Sullivan
Sullivan Unknown Des Moines Co Shyanne Sullivan
Sullivan Unknown Wapello Co. Beverly Kelly
Sullivan Unknown Monroe Co Janice Egan
Sullivan Co Clare Dubuque Co Benay Nelson
Summers Co. Limerick Dubuque & Delaware Cos. Scott Mahoney
Swift Unknown Dubuque Co Margie Duncan
Swindle, Swindell, Swindal Co Fermanagh Delaware Co Becky Teubner
Switzer poss Rathkeale, Limerick Franklin Co Wanda Spainhower
Switzer Cos. Limerick & Wexford Van Buren Co. Nita Drummond Cragg
Tackaberry Co. Wexford Van Buren Co. Nita Drummond Cragg
Talbot Co Tyrone Scott Co John McCoy
Taggart Co Armagh Black Hawk Co Andy Schrag
Tague / McTague Co. Leitrim Scott Co David Tague
Tagney Co Kerry
Tanian / Tannian / Tinnian Kileenadeema Parish, County Galway Clinton & Scott Cos. William Bonville
Tarpy Co. Mayo Buchanan Co. Randy McGraw
Taylor Unknown Appanoose Co Sheryl Sloan
Taylor Moyasta, Co Clare Dubuque Co Bridget E. Kluesner
Taylor St. Johnston, Co. Donegal Calhoun Co. Gayle & Mark
Tee Unknown Des Moines Co Shyanne Sullivan
Thiesan Unknown Dubuque Co Kathy McGinty Stoneberg
Thompson Co. Monaghan Des Moines Co Debbie Koch
Thornton Co. Louth Jackson & Dubuque Cos. Patrick Coleman
Tierney Co. Tipperary Clinton & Crawford Cos. Joann O'Meara
Tierney Unknown Scott & Des Moines Cos. TysonFamily
Tierney Co. Tipperary Iowa Co. Rosemary Dalton
Tiernan Co. Galway Crawford & Iowa Cos. Edward Tiernan
Tiernan Co. Galway Crawford & Iowa Cos. Audrey Kalen Hartman
Tigue Co. Mayo Keokuk Co. John Tigue
Timmons Co. Leitrim or Meath Wayne Co. Kay Timmons
Timothy Cos. Roscommon & Galway Scott Co. Chris Hunter
Todd Co. Armagh Howard & Winnishied Cos Jean Taylor
Togher / Toher Co. Meath Cedar & Scott Cos. Bernie O'Brien
Toomey Co. Cork Fayette Co. Paul Corkery
Torpey Co. Clare Unknown Marcia Talbott
Tracy Unknown Adair Co. Kathy Sedler
Travers / Travis Co. Meath Wapello Co. Marion E Travis
Treanor / Trainor / Trenor/ Trainer Co. Down Dubuque & Jackson Cos. Ellen Elliott
Tuite Co. Kilkenny Lee Co. Maryann Marke
Tully Co. Meath Louisa & Des Moines Cos. Linda Grennan
Turner Unknown Jackson & Jones Cos. Patrick Turner
Twohig Co. Cork Butler Co. Don England
Tynan Co. Roscommon Scott Co Christine Murcia
Tynan Poss. Co. Carlow Floyd Co. Steve Tynan
Upton Co. Kerry Clayton Co. Myron L Kelleher
Valentine Unknown Bremer Co Greta Thompson


Ida Co



Co. Fermanagh

Delaware & Linn Cos Becky Teubner

Ballygonny, Co. Tyrone

Hardin Co.

Mari Modlin



Allamakee & Palo Alto Cos

Kathy Ward


Co Mayo

Dubuque Co Bridget E. Kleusner

Ballyhaunis, Co, Mayo

Warren & Madison Cos. Mike Waldron
Wall Co. Tipperary Johnson Co Joan Rogers
Wall Co. Dublin Butler Co Roger Hagarty
Wallace Co. Cork Jackson Co Maryanne Foucault
Wallace Co Leitrim Monroe Co Karen Roberts
Walsh, Welsh Unknown Howard Co Patricia Connor Coogan
Walsh Co. Kilkenny Winneshiek Co Tim Daly
Walsh, Welsh Co. Kilkenny Palo Alto Co Cathy Joynt Labath
Walsh, Welsh Unknown Clinton Co. Devery Willis
Walsh Co. Tipperary Scott & Clinton Cos. Michael J Kearney
Walsh Tooraneena, Co. Waterford Monore Co Mikki
Walsh Co. Kilkenny Allamakee Co Judy Kelly Fausch
Ward Unknown Clinton Co Cynthia Cavanaugh Salvador
Ward Co. Leitrim Allamakee Co Mary Ann
Ward Co. Monaghan Delaware Co Karen Foley
Ward Unknown Delaware & Jones Cos. Dennis Ward
Ward Marhin, Co Kerry Black Hawk Co Helen M Ashe
Ward Unknown Buchanan Co. Darwin Ward
Watson Belfast Warren Co. Catherine Stout
Watson Unknown Johnson co.
Webster Co. Armagh Howard & Winnishied Cos Jean Taylor
Welch Unknown Des Moines Co Patricia Griffiths
Welch Unknown Des Moines Co Shyanne Sullivan
Welch Unknown Delaware Co Lillian Heeren
Welch / Welsh  Unknown Johnson Co. Carol Skiles
Welsh King's Co Clinton Co James M Linehan
Whalen Queen's Co Scott Co James M Linehan
Whalen Unknown Winneshiek Co Eileen Poole
Whalen York, Co Wexford Boone Co. Cindy Clark
White Co. Down Dubuque Co Mary Fell
Whiting Unknown Fremont Co
Philippe Rochefort
Wilkinson Co. Donegal Tama Co Sandy
Willard Unknown Wapello Co. John Realph
Williams Unknown Clinton Co Delores Jean
Wilson Co. Down Monroe Co Nettie Mae
Wilson Unknown Cedar & Jackson Wanda
Wilson Co. Antrim Chickasaw Co.
Young Dungannon?, Co. Tyrone Clinton & Tama Cos. Jean Roen