Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler Co, IA
Jan 14, 1902

Dougherty News Gleaned From The World
     Miss Minnie Lockwood spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lockwood. She is a teacher in the public schools at Boone.
     John F. Wade is having a house built on his farm to be occupied by a tenant working on his land. Mr. Wade is also planning on remodeling his country residence and building a large barn.
     Harley Lockwood has returned to his school duties at Fayette.
     McAloon & Reilly have moved into their new store. The postoffice is also moved to their new quarters.
     Miss Bessie Fowler of Greene visited at Sheridan Hanes' last week.
     The Catholic fair at Dougherty opens Monday, Jan. 20, continuing six days. The DeGeorge & Leach orchestra will furnish the music. Of course a big time is assured.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa

Jan 23, 1902

-Rockwell Phonograph: Mayor Dougherty of Dougherty, was a Rockwell visitor last Tuesday. He is one of the "old guard" and known and respected all over this portion of Iowa. Father and Mother Dougherty, after having experiences all of the hardships of pioneer days, are now permitted in the sunset of life to serenely enjoy their remaining years, surrounded by children and life long friends.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
April 1, 1903

News from the Dougherty World.
-The opera house is being fixed up
-Father Sheehy was over from Greene a few days last week.
-Hon. M.J. Wade gave a fine lecture on "The Reign of Law" at the M.E. church Tuesday night.
-Thirteen families have moved from Dougherty during the past three weeks, most of them going to the northwest.
-Walter Mullen has returned to Nora Springs to attend school. He will be one of the pitchers in the seminary team.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
July 29, 1903

News from the Dougherty World.

-Jake Leydig and his carpenters are working near Greene.
-J.C. Jordan has quit his job with Nye Schneider Fowler Co., and after taking a needed rest may engage in the real estate and loan business.
-Walt Mullen has assumed his duties as book-keeper at the First National Bank, taking the place of Fred Christians who has returned to Mason City.
-John Noonan, a Dougherty boy, is meeting with success in base ball circles in North Dakota. He has and is now pitching for a team in that country and he writes friends here he has signed with the team at Wilmont for the season of '04.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
October 21, 1903

News From the Dougherty World

-Edwin Wade, the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Wade, left last night for New York City to try to trace up the members of his family.
-Auctioneer Robert Mullen has four auction sales to cry this week. The auction season is opening up early and they all want "Uncle Robert" to cry their sales for them.
-Barney Grant finished threshing last Tuesday. Oats went about 40 bushels to the acre and barley about 25. Pretty good grain crops for this year, and the grain stacks are dry and nice.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Jan 20, 1904

News From the Dougherty World.

-Miss Rose Reilly of Lawler is a guest of the family of her uncle, Mayo Patrick Reilly, at the City Hotel.
-Joe Cooney bought about a car load of hogs from John F Wade last week which averaged 462 pounds each. They made a handsome car of stock and attracted a good deal of attention at the stock yards here.
-C.C. Wertz left Sunday for different points in Pennsylvania, his native state, for a two weeks' visit with relatives and friends. Mr. Wertz's father is living at Newport, where he will make a visit. He will also visit at Harrisburg and Pittsburg.
-W.J. Chrisitans, Robert Mullen, Peter Gorman and J.J. Beecher attended a directors' meeting of the Aredale Savings Bank at Aredale Tuesday. A.H. Gale of Mason City was re-elected president, W.J. Christians vice president and H.J. Ehlers cashier. Messrs. Mullen, Gorman and Beecher were appointed a committee to examine the books. The affairs of the bank were found to be in excellent shape and the business making a good healthy growth.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
April 26, 1904

News From the Dougherty World.
[Cerro Gordo Co., IA]
Ed Wade has gone to New York City.
   Roy Hamilton has received his new barber furniture and has it in position.
   We are sorry to note Mrs. W. J. Christian's severe illness. She is reported better.
   Ira Ingraham was over from Greene last week and bought nine head of good draft horses.
   A band of a dozen Indians got off the train one day last week and camped on the Coldwater near J.D. Doughterty's place.
   Senator John F. Wade sold to Matt Miller two car loads of extra fine 260-lb hogs Monday, Mr. Miller shipping them to Decker's packing house at Mason City Tuesday.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
September 7, 1904

Dougherty News. [Cerro Gord Co, IA]
    Miss Katie McKenna of Park Rapids, Minn., has been here visiting old time friends.
    H.B. Rosecrans has been out from Marble Rock repapering the Coldwater Baptist church.
    L.E. Fowler has been appointed postmaster in place of his brother, J.W. Fowler, who has resigned.
    Walter Mullen is back to his old position in the First National Bank, after a two months' vacation.
    Joe Sweeney bought a fine young draft team of Carl Noss, paying $362.50. They are black geldings four years old and weigh 3,160.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
March 31, 1909

Dougherty News From the World. [Cerro Gordo Co, IA]
    Ed Hanley is working in the Sheffield cement plant.
    Father E.J. Dougherty was down from Mason City last week.
    Jas. Conwell is at home from Chicago where he has been at work.
    Chas. Morris has shipped three car loads of cattle from Aredale last week.
    Charley Wertz is having his building remodeled into a residence property.
    Miss Merle Clifton is teaching the spring term at the Wade school house.
    Attorney P.J. Dougherty was called to Northwood in the McNamara murder trial.
    J.W. Fowler has let the contract for his new blacksmith shop to the Sheffield Cement Co. The building will be 24x42 and built of cement blocks.
    Election passed off very quietly. In all 32 votes were cast as follows: Mayor, R. Lalor; Treasurer, Joe Martinek; Assessor, J.M. Mullen; Councilmen: Jas. Dougherty, J.M. Brady and John Lipps.
John H. McBride, 76 years old, died in Des Moines, Saturday. Mr. McBride was the inventor of the first three wheel riding plow, in 1875. He never realized much of his invention as the J.I. Case and Moline Plow Company took up his discoveries, added some to them and beat him out with their money at the end of a long drawn out law suit. At the time of his death he was busy organizing a company to push another invention.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Aug 11,1909

Dougherty News from The World.
The Dougherty Concert Band has been organized. Ray Doore is manager.
    Thirty people from Dougherty were at Nora Springs last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. J.V. Kelly.
    Father Ed Dougherty went to Chicago last week to attend the national convention of temperance societies.
    The Ideal Cafe has been purchased by George Brady and sister. They took it over from W.J. Christians last week.
    On last Thursday evening a number of Miss Kate Rooney's friends treated her to a genuine surprise party. She left the next day for an extended visit in Des Moines.
    Walter Mullen laid down the pen and took up the binder whip last week. On account of the difficulty of securing help, U.G. Brough, who is running the Mullen farm west of Sheffield would have been "up against it" had it not been for Walt who left the bank at Aredale and went out to work on the farm. Though not accustomed to hard work for several years Walt stuck to it day after day and now the big field of oats is in the shock. There's nothing lazy about Walt, and he can be depended upon every time when a good man is in demand.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
September 1, 1909

Dougherty News

    Tom Conwell has gone to Eakelson, N.Dak. to work during the fall.
    Phillip Siepel is taking a vacation from his labors in the T.C. Ryan pharmacy.
    Miss Pearl Lipps has gone to Cedar Falls where she will attend the State Teachers College.
    J.C. Jordan is putting on all kinds of style with a new Maxwell automobile he has just purchased.
    Fred Christians, Jim Brady, Pat Moran, Miss Rose Dougherty, Peter Gorman and others attended the funeral of P.J. Clarke at Greene last Thursday.
    The Dougherty public school building is being painted inside and out, preparatory to the opening of school this fall. Miss Sadie McGee will teach the school.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
September 22, 1909

Dougherty News from the World

    Miss Rose Rooney is attending school at the Toland's Business University in Mason City.
    Thos. Conners went to Wheaton, Minnesota, Tuesday to look after threshing the crops on his farm near that place.
    Hon. Daniel Dougherty and wife went to Mason City, Wednesday, for a couple of days visit with their son, Rev. E.J. Dougherty.
    Sister Baptiste of St. Catherine's home in Milwaukee, Wis., arrived here Monday for a two or three weeks visit at the home of her brother, Jas. Rooney.
    John Deardorff went over to Marble Rock the first of the week and bought the Ramp Bowers bay team that took both first and second premium at the Nashua fair last week.
    J.V. Kelly, who is now a railroad mail clerk, running between Cedar Rapids and Carroll, spent the first of the week visiting here. We miss Johnnie in Dougherty, but are glad to know that he is pleased with his new position.
    J.M. Brady and wife and little son are home from an outing and visit at Buffalo, Ia., on the Mississippi river. Jim tells us that the fishing was good and that their stay on the banks of the Father of Waters was a very pleasant one.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
September 29, 1909

Dougherty News from the World

    The news of the death of John McGee is reported from Rockwell. He was 85 years old.
    Miss Rosa Campbell of Waukon arrived Saturday and will teach in the Sandridge district.
    Charley Mullen, who has been playing ball with Portland, Oregon, will arrive home Friday night.
    Claude Martin of Larchwood was a visitor at the home of his uncle, C.C. Wertz at this place the latter part of last week. On Sunday he was accompanied to Greene by Miss Maude Wertz, for a visit with their grandmother.


Iowa Recorder

Greene, Butler, Iowa
Aug 21, 1912

From the World

-Raymond and Gerald Breene went to Farley Monday for a visit with relatives.
-Joe Dougherty came down from Mason City Friday for a visit with home folks.
-Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Doore of Greene spent Sunday here with their son R.L. Doore and family.
-Miss Agnes Dougherty of Minneapolis arrived here Wednesday for a visit with home folks.
-Miss Ada Blake visited for a few days this week with her brother, Clifford, at Mason City.
-Miss Jennie Conners went to Mason City Monday for a few days' visit with her sister Miss Molly.
-Will Hicks went to Mason City the first of the week where he has secured a position as chauffeur for the J.W. Keerl family.
-Miss Ada Gannon of Davenport arrived here Monday evening and is busy organizing a ladies' auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
-Robert Mullen sold 160 acres of good farm land located four miles northeast of Dougherty last Friday to A.W. Youst who lives on the Rholing farm. Mr. Mullen received $85 per acre for the land.
-Last Monday evening during the big storm, the large barn, 48x70 ft., on the old Hanchett farm owned by Perry and Jones, was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. The cupola was struck and the fire started in the hay mow where there was about 18 tons of hay. Three head of cattle were also lost. A large granary was also burned. The loss was about $3500 which was partially covered by insurance.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Sep 22, 1915


     Mrs. Charles Dougherty and daughter, Mrs. Vern Riggins, drove over to Rockwell Thursday to visit Mrs. Mike McDonough who has been ill.
     Hugh Dougherty and daughter Grace returned Thursday to their home in Minot, North Dakota, after a months' visit with relatives.
     Attorney Joseph Campbell and family motored over from Charles City Friday for a short visit with relatives.
     Mrs. James O'Connor and daughter Irene and Gladys, returned home Saturday evening from a week's visit with relatives at Dubuque and Clinton.
     A few of the Dougherty people who were in attendance at the lawn social Sunday afternoon and evening at the Dan O'Connor home in Carterville were Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Kelsh, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lalor and family, Mr and Mrs. William Reed and family, Misses Sadie and Alice Magee, Hannah, Ella and Mary Beecher, Lewine McLaughlin, Petranelle Madden, Williamette Brady, Mamie Cunningham, Katherine Geary, Ella Barnrick, Loretta nad Lenore Dougherty, Anna Conwell, Allie McGee, Anna Zweck, Margaret Boyle, Gertrude Breslin, Mayme Hogan, Messrs. J.J. Will and James Beecher and James McManus, Everett and Peter and John Dougherty, John and Daniel McLaughlin, Leo Geary, Leo Danehy, Ben Barr, R.A. Lowrie, John and Francis Madden, C.C. Wertz, Frank Huss, Ed Sweney, Jim Mullen, Hugh O'Donnell, Thomas Dolan, James and Wade Clark, Ralph and Walter Hogan, and Dr. Barragy. Coffee and sandwiches as well as ice cream and cake were served. A ball game in the after noon between the Dougherty Cubs and Carterville was one of the attractions. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves in spite of the chilly weather.
    Mrs. Nelson of Minneapolis is visiting at the home of her brother, O.H. Calahan.
     Mrs. Fred Calahan and son, P.H., departed Thursday morning for Minneapolis for a visit with relatives and to attend the Minnesota state fair.
     A number from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Thomas Hanley at Greene last week.
     Mrs. J.F. Wade of Des Moines visited the first of the week here with relatives.
     Mr and Mrs. Mike Murphy and son Emmet, Mrs. Mary Hogan and Miss Bridget Murphy motored to Ackley Thursday for a visit with relatives and to attend the annual Sauer Kraut festival.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Wednesday, October 19, 1938

By Vera Dougherty
Give your news to her

O'Connor-Breen Nuptials
     Miss Clarice O'Connor of Lawler, daughter of Mrs. Agnes O'Connor became
the bride of Dr. Gerald Breen, son of Mrs. Ella Breen, of Dougherty,
Saturday morning at 7:30 at Mount Carmel church, the Rev. John O'Donnell
officiating. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, E.L. O'Connor of
Sioux City and was met at the altar by Dr. Breen. The bride was attired in a
white satin dress and wore a white veil and carried a bouquet of white
Gladiolus and a blue rosary. Her sister Katherine, of Minneapolis, was her
attendant and wore aqua blue satin dress and carried a colonial bouquet.
     The best man was Francis Breen of Mason City, bother of the bridegroom.
Jerry Jenkins, aged 3, niece of the bride, acted as the flower girl and wore
a yellow gown and train. The ring bearer, was Jimmie Jenkens, 5 years old,
nephew of the bride, and was attired in a tuxedo.
     After the wedding ceremony a reception was given for twenty-five guests
and immediate relatives at the O'Connor residence, after which the bridal
party departed for New York and other eastern points. Ushers were Leo
O'Connor, brother of the bride and Jimmie O'Connor of Sioux City.
     Out of town guests who attended were Mr. and Mrs. C. Jenkins of St.
Paul and Mrs. Ella Breen and Raymond and Connor of Dougherty, Miss Mabel
Breen of Des Moines, Francis and Margaret of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs.
E.L. O'Connor of Sioux City.

     - Robert Murphy and Lawrence Mullen spent Sunday at Farley visiting Sister Anticitus.
     - Frank Kelly of Mason City is spending a few days here with his brothers, Vincent and Mike.
     - Hollis Merrick, who is attending Iowa State college spent the weekend with his parents.
     - Albert Rusing of Waterloo and John Conway spent a few days duck hunting at Graettinger.
     - John Conners returned to his home Saturday after spending the summer months at Minot, S.D., and Duluth, Minn.