McMurray, James. Locomotive Fireman. 617 S. Central, Burlington. Born 15 Aug. 1885 in Newton Hamilton, Ireland. Came on Columbia from Londonderry, Ireland to N.Y., N.Y. 5 Oct 1905. Filed 20 June 1910.

Alcorn, James. Boilermaker. 803 Jefferson, Burlington. Born 1 Oct 1882 Bunbeg, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Came on Astoria from Londonderry, Ireland to N.Y., N.Y. 3 Jul 1905. Filed 31 Oct 1910.

Quinn, Henry. Coachman. White Street, Burlington. Born 12 Nov. 1881 in Drumcar, Clough, Co. Down, Ireland. Came on Secelleian from Londonderry, Ireland to Boston, Mass. 20 Apr 1906. Filed 4 Dec 1911.

Fennell, Thomas. Carpenter 2019 S. Central. Burlington. Born 28 Dec 1864 in Athlone, Roscommon, Ireland. Came on ? from Queenstown to N.Y., N.Y. in 1872. Filed 9 Jan 1913.

Shortal, Martin. Farming. Washington Township, Des Moines Co. Born 18 June 1891, Shamsall, Whitehall, Kilkerry [Kerry or Kilkenny?] Co, Ireland. Came on Teutonic from Queenstown to N.Y., N.Y. 15 Sep 1906.

Grace, Mary Gabriel. 929 N. 5th. Born 2 Dec 1887 in Dublin, Ireland. Came on Carolina from Londonderry to N.Y., N.Y. 6 Dec 1909. Unmarried. Field 6 Nov 1918. Came on Caledonia from Londonderry to N.Y., N.Y.. Filed 5 Jan 1927.

Watt, Mary Jane. Registered Nurse- Burlington Hospital. Born 7 Mar 1888 in County Tyrone, Ireland. Came on Caledonia from Londonderry to N.Y. 12 Apr 1913. Unmarried. Filed 1 Oct 1923.

Smith, Ellen McMahon. Housemaid. 705 N. 5th. Born 25 Nov 1885 in Moher, Ballyduff, Co. Cavan. Came on Companis from Queenstown to N.Y. 23 May 1903. Unmarried. Filed 19 Mar 1925.

Richmond, Henry. Millwright. 1911 Delmar. Born 20 Sept 1888 in Belfast, Ireland. Came on bridge from Niagra Falls, Canada to N.Y. 19 Oct 1922. Wife Ellen born Belfast. Filed 3 Apr 1924.

Murdock, Joseph Thomas. Button Worker. 2145 S. 10th. Born 17 Dec 1895 in Dungonley, Yanth?, Ireland. Came on Carmonia from Great Britain to N.Y. 25 Feb 1920. Wife Agnes S born New York City. Filed 28 Dec 1926.

Murdock, George Samuel Walter Edward. Motor Mechanic. 2145 S. 10th. Born 27 Mar 1906 in Dangoolery, Co. Louch, Ireland. Came on Adriatic from Liverpool, England to N.Y. 22 Nov 1926. Unmarried. Filed 4 Jan 1927.



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