VFW Auxiliary; Little Red Book of Household Hints; Palo Alto Co, IA;
probably from around 1930s

COLDS: When taking a fresh cold, take a hot foot bath for 20 minutes, wrap
in a warmed blanket and go to bed. Drink hot lemonade or milk and stay in
bed. Soda water taken as soon as cold is felt coming on will often prevent
cold. Keep the bowels open.

Take 1 drop of camphor every hour or 2 to 3 drops when you first feel cold
coming on.

When your head feels stuffy, stand straight, take a long breath and then
stoop over and touch your toes with your hands. Repeat several times and
your head will be clear.

Mix thoroughly 2 level tablespoons sweet oil or lard, 1 teaspoon each
turpentine and camphor, 1/2 teaspoon each quinine and kerosene. Heat, rub on
throat and chest at night for a cold.

Shave 1 ounce camphor very thin in 4 ounces of olive oil. Apply warm on
chest and throat for a cold.

Hoarseness or sore throat: 3 or 4 drops of camphor in 1/3 glass water, take
a swallow of it often. Or steep a pint of strong sage tea, add 1 teaspoon
powdered alum and sweeten to taste with honey. Gargle often during the day
and before retiring.

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